Foster to Adoption: Popenberg Family

Today we are happy to feature a side to adoption we haven’t shared yet, and that is Adoption through Foster Care! Thank you to the Popenbergs for sharing so much great information with us on this! “Foster care and adoption were always something in the back of my mind from a very early age. My family was like that, we took in kids and family members all the time. In 2007, newly married and recently transplanted to Columbus, OH, I happened upon a presentation at the State House put on by Franklin County Children Services. Grabbing some pamphlets I took … Read more

Adoption Story: Lynch Family

Welcome to our 3rd Annual Adoption Week! You can read all about how this week came to be with Jenna’s very personal connection to adoption right here, and we’re so excited and touched to be able to share more stories. To kick it off a sweet story from the Lynch Family! “I will always remember where I was the moment I got the call—in the Panera Bread parking lot. I heard our adoption counselor on the other end saying she was going to call my husband, Josh, and we would be on a three-way conversation. I knew what was about to happen, … Read more

persil stain tips!

We are dedicating this week to Spring Cleaning! It is partially selfish, as we’ve all had tasks we’ve needed an excuse to tackle, and we hope the things we’ve found will help you in your Spring Cleaning endeavors, too! As always, you readers are always full of knowledge and ideas and we can’t wait to hear what works for you! First, up stubborn stains. We all have those clothing piles of pieces we aren’t ready to toss out, but don’t look their best, right? Persil reached out letting  us know that they were dead serious about stain removal an keeping clothing … Read more

books, baby!

It is the season for the book and three of our favorite bloggers and real life friends have released awesome page-turners, respectively. First, up Gabrielle of Design Mom! Her book also named Design Mom is filled to the brim with inspiring images and practical advice on living with kids. It’s a must for any parent who ever wondered how to combine their love of interior design with the functionality and usability we need with small kids. Excitingly, we are joining up on Gabrielle’s book tour in SLC in two Saturdays on April 11th from 2-3:30 pm at the Deseret Book on Fort … Read more

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sleeping with a bump!

Brought to you by Mattress Firm. Getting a good night’s sleep while pregnant can be such a bust, we’ve all experienced the tossing and turning, the long awaited deep sleep just to be awoken to head to the bathroom, trying to roll over without pulling a muscle. Mattress Firm feels our pains and they have put together several prize packs to help anyone who is #SleepingWithaBump! Did you know that you should be replacing your mattress every 8 years? Time’s up for pretty much all of us! To enter to win one of three prize packs, all you have to do … Read more