FRYday : Emily

I peeked back into the archives and realized I haven’t written a FRYday post since November! How did that happen? I’m feeling rusty, but let’s dive right in, shall we? Late last year, about the time we took a FRYday Holiday hiatus, I found myself back in therapy after several years. It’s funny because when I say that word, I can tell almost immediately who’s a fellow therapy-goer and who’s not. The Goer is like “That’s great! How is it going?” and the Non-Goer kind of winces and pulls in air through their teeth, ”Ssss. Are you okay?” I forget that it’s not a part … Read more

FRYday : Nicole

Hello! I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months reflecting on family. Family is my favorite thing on the earth. In my world, family isn’t just blood. Of course, my children own the largest portion of my heart, but when I speak of family, that is inclusive of so many friends. Family has kept me afloat these last few years. I think I forget that other people around me have any kind of trials of their own, because they seem like such rockstars and they support me through some of the bumpiest roads. I have a mom, … Read more

Children’s Dental Health Month

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? This month has been so crazy we weren’t able to touch on it like we’d like, but maybe better late than never? Thanks to Firefly kid’s dental products for educating us on this important topic! Dental Disease is the #1 illness for children missing school in the US. Isn’t that crazy? Here’s some things we’ve learned about it all: Did you know the bacteria that causes cavities is contagious? When we’re born we do NOT carry this bacteria, but it is passed to us. It can be passed by sharing drinks, … Read more

Home to Their Holidays, a recap.

Whew, what a week it has been! We have been so blown away by your participation in our awesome giveaways, read every comment chiming in and lending support to our new baby advice bloggers, and spent hours on the phone with our host server every time they couldn’t seem to keep up with our growing pains! We’re so sorry for the countless times the site was down this past weekend. We think we’ve solved the riddle, and will be watching diligently to make sure it’s taken care of. One thing we’re reminded of daily, we have the best readers! You … Read more

New Mom Advice : The Shine Project

We’re so grateful and humbled to end our week of new baby, new mama stories with Ashley’s. Ashley is the founder of the Shine Project, a blog, a shop, and a charity set up to benefit at-risk youth. They do service projects every other week with inner-city kids, and any money they raise goes back to fund those future leaders’ college funds. On top of that, Ashley is a new mother, in a very special way. We hope Ashley’s words serve as a reminder of all the wonderful ways we find ourselves as mothers in this life. “Our story is different than … Read more