Hoping to Adopt: Kate and Landon

Dear Birth Mom, I’ve thought about this letter for what feels like forever. This whole thing: adoption, a baby, you, are on my mind often and words can’t really express how deep and intricate my feelings are, but I’m going to try. I can’t imagine being where you are, this choice you’re making is heavy and real. I hope and pray that you’ll find calm and comfort, I know that even when you do, this will still be really hard. I have wanted to be a mother my whole life, really. The heartache I’ve felt losing pregnancies and trying again … Read more

International Adoption: The Zaruba Family

So much has happened in a year. Last September my husband and I boarded a plan to Uganda, Africa. We had no idea how HUGE our lives were about to change…I had been dreaming of being a mom since I was about ten years old. I knew I was born to do this mom thing. So, as soon as my husband and I got married in 2011 we immediately began trying to get pregnant. Right before this I had donated eggs to a couple that were unable to conceive. This consisted of six months of hormone shots and ultrasounds and … Read more

An Adoption Story: The Ebersole Tribe

An adoption story with an adoptee birth mother, adoptee adoptive mother, and of course one beautiful adopted baby that will knock your socks off… Ebersole Tribe… what is that? Your husband is an all-American boy, you are Asian adoptee… what makes you tribal? Let me explain. Before my husband and I were even married we knew we’d adopt. I grew up in a white family and never lacked any confidence in being Asian, chosen and loved. My parents adopted me first and then went on to have biological children. When Danny and I were married, everyone started asking me if … Read more

Adoption: a word of advice

This submission is a little bit of a hoping to adopt story, and a little bit of a success story. Rachel is in the process of adopting a child in Ethiopia and shares a bit about what not to say to someone going through this process. The other day, I had a pregnant friend tell me that I was doing it the easy way in referring to adoption. I know she wasn’t meaning to at all, but this truly hurt my feelings because she clearly doesn’t understand what I am facing. I simply said, ” I don’t know about that”, … Read more

Hoping to Adopt: Abby and Micah

My husband Micah and I met in January 2002 when we both were working for the same company.  We didn’t realize it at the time, but we had so much in common.  We both attended the same high school, although Micah had graduated years before me.  We grew up nearly 2 miles from each other, and we both attended the same church.  There was an instant connection between us and our friendship began to grow.  Looking back at that point in our lives, it was great that we had the opportunity to become such good friends because that has carried … Read more