st. patrick’s day treats

St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas

Listen up! Next gas station run grab yourself some Xtreme Sour Airhead Ropes! Take them out of the package to get a little bit crusty. Then you’ll be all set for a slew of festive St. Patrick’s Day treats. With a little toothpick action you’ve got yourself a rainbow on whatever your kids are eating. Toast? Check. A cup of water? Check. A chocolate filled sno-ball? Why not. (Rainbow paper is from Thimblepress!) This smoothie is something my dad used to make me and it’s so yummy! You just need club soda, vanilla ice cream and sherbet. Lime for St. … Read more

spring reset

This time last year I was so frustrated that my body just wasn’t bouncing back with my 3rd pregnancy like it had in the past. I felt so gross and tired and just not myself.  I did an eating plan called Get Fit 21 and it was the trick I needed. Inches + pounds melted off and I felt AMAZING! I am hypoglycemic and for my whole life the way I ate was putting such a damper on the way I felt. Energy levels, moods, headaches, etc. So I was shocked to find out that a low glycemic diet offered … Read more

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new year, new baby: feeding

Today’s theme for New Year New Baby is all about feeding! I’m doing a cool giveaway on Instagram with Infantino and wanted to recap some awesome posts for whatever path you take with your baby! What to feed YOURSELF the first 40 Days + Great Meals to Bring to New Moms Best of Breastfeeding. And tips from a Lactation Specialist. Best of Bottle-feeding. And several Moms Share Why They Chose to Bottlefeed, including me! Baby Food Recipes  // Baby Led Weaning // Tips for Traveling

new pantry rules

Sponsored by Rubbermaid, as always all thoughts are my own! Find more posts and ideas like these on their site! A quick refresher: the town we are moving to has no stoplights, gas stations, or stores of any kind! So once we move this summer, quick trips to the store aren’t going be so quick anymore. Now we’re only looking at about 20 minutes to the store so nothing TOO crazy but I am actually super excited at the prospect! To ease myself into this new life since so much will be changing so quickly, I have been focusing on … Read more