dessert tacos!

By Emily. Taco night is a family favorite of mine since I was a little girl, and my mom would always save a few extra tortillas at the end to fry up and dust with cinnamon and sugar for dessert. It is something that I’ve carried to my own family, so when Old El Paso shared their new Mini Soft Tortilla Taco Boats with us and invited us to try them out for our next taco night, I knew I wanted to create a few for dessert!  Here’s how you’ll do it: Heat up a saucepan with vegetable oil – … Read more

The Inspiralizer

By Jenna. I recently found a girl after my own heart named Ali and she’s basically dedicated her life to spiralizing. What is that and is it even a word? Not sure but it’s a game changer, especially in healthy eating. So while you may be still pining after your white buttery noodles… you can have zoodles that come in a close second! I make these with my marinara sauce & freaking good meat balls: Directions: whisk one egg then add 1 lb organic ground beef, 1 teaspoon crushed garlic, 1 teaspoon paprika, 1/2 small onion minced, s and p and … Read more

Pasta Revisited

By Jenna. I am Italian so pasta is my LIFE. But, I’m also not naturally thin, so pasta is my nemesis. It’s the worst!! I’ve been trying to come up with a cleaned up alternative that I actually can get behind and finally came up with it after a few new product finds. This post isn’t in the least bit sponsored, I just want to share with you how to make a clean pasta that the whole family will enjoy! I typically like to make my own marinara sauce but now that White Linen Marinara Sauce is in my life there’s … Read more

Mint + Lime Ranch Slaw

We were invited to participate in the Hidden Valley® Challenge aimed at creating a unique and new recipe with these classic American flavors, and all our kids LOVE their classic Original Ranch® flavor, so we knew it would be a piece of cake. We decided to take a twist on our favorite taco condiment, Cilantro-Lime Ranch Dressing & turn it in to a slaw that would make even our kiddos drool over cabbage. Our local store was out of Cilantro so we improvised with Mint and it blew our minds! Here is what you need: 1 Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Dips Mix, 1 Purple & Green … Read more

rock the lunchbox


You all know how much pride we take in a healthy packable lunch with today being the first day of school for many of our Small Fries we wanted to share a few more brands to help you not just make the grade, but Rock the Lunchbox!   Here’s how we’re using these four brands to create healthy options for Back to School! And luckily they have a whole site of additional ideas and coupons for you to grab, here! You can also submit your own lunch ideas on their site.Get healthy proteins and lots of Omegas for brainpower with … Read more