Sweet Victory

Has it really been six weeks? We’ve learned so much working with Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target™ products and tackled some gaps in our quest for feeding our family in a healthy way. For our last day of the challenge, we got together (ALL of us, in person! Yay for Jenna being back in town!) to chat about our successes and reward ourselves for a job well done. We’ve each shared our thoughts and also, we whipped up a few healthy smoothies for the occasion, so read on for the recipes! NICOLE: “Last night at about 10:00 p.m., I had … Read more

Back to Packing Lunches

By Emily. My goal for this six week long challenge with Made to Matter, Handpicked by TargetTM was to get a handle on our on-the-go lunches. The challenge was perfectly timed now that the new school year is on my heels and I can’t stress it enough—attaining this goal was ALL about prep. I stocked my pantry with good, clean snacks that I can grab in a rush, stash in my purse or even leave in a box in the trunk to help me get a head start! Then, once a week I started taking a little chunk of time to … Read more

frozen yogurt dots 2.0

Yogurt Dots

This Fall marks two years since we posted Frozen Yogurt Dots! That post went absolutely viral and is still one of our most popular posts all this time later. We made one grave mistake though, and that was to use artificial food coloring! We were reminded again and again (got a comment last week even) of the ill-effects of using artificial colors in cooking. We thought it was about time that we re-made this recipe with the suggestions we were offered by so many of you! So here we go, one more time! All-natural frozen yogurt dots! We used India … Read more

Dinner Winner

By Jenna. I’ve been loving our partnership with Target because after taking on clean eating, I’ve spent WAY more time in their grocery department then I ever have before. With Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target™‘s launch, I love that I can buy my regular fresh fruits and vegetables and then also have lots of healthy pre-made options to bring it all together! I suddenly feel like Target really is my one stop shop for all my family’s needs. Which has aided me so much in my goal this summer of spending more focused time with my family, and less time … Read more

Manic Morning

Manic Morning

By Nicole. Hi. I’m that mom that stops for donuts for breakfast on our way to school. Every morning. We don’t feel that bad about it either ;). Actually, I have a lot of mom guilt when it comes to the way I feed my kids. I’m recently divorced and and find eating out so much easier than cooking a meal for one adult (myself) and two kiddos who more than likely won’t eat it. So, eating out seems like the best option. Our trouble is we eat out the fast food way. Even for breakfast. That’s where Made To … Read more