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By Emily. If you’re like me, it’s right around this time of year that you start to let your guard down when it comes to illness. The more warm days I see the more comfortable I get. Surely we’re almost out of the woods for cold and flu season, right? Wrong, Emily. Wrong. So this year I am staying diligent until the very bitter end. July. Just kidding, but here are our Small Fry favorites (we also polled our Facebook friends, see the comments here!) for getting us through those heartbreaking days of extra cuddles and extra bowls and sheets. What we … Read more

make ahead morning

Make Ahead Banana Oatmeal Bars

We have an awesome guest post from Amy of Yummy Toddler Food, here to help bring some peace back to your mornings without sacrificing the healthfulness: Kid-Friendly Banana Bread Oatmeal Bars! My two year old is a total morning person. She’s usually up way before the sun and comes into my room to wake me up with a gentle tap and a “Mama, I’m awake.” At 5 am, I’m not always at my best, but I gather my energy, give her a good morning hug, and make myself a cup of tea. We read books, play tea party, and sometimes … Read more

munchkin at heart [food]


Photos by Lindsey Orton. We were so lucky to have the amazing private chef Aubrey Niccoli (@aubreyniccoli) and her husband Marco Niccoli (@marconiccoli), President of Catering Operations for Prime Restaurant Group executing our theme with their incredible food. The food was out of this world and so we knew we wanted to highlight it all on its own. You can see the rest of the party here, but to summarize, we picked the theme “Kid at Heart” for our Alt Summit Dinner with Munchkin and knew we wanted the food to be our childhood favorites but elevated the way only the … Read more

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favorite teethers

  Next up on our Small Fry favorites list is teethers! This might not be used right away for your new baby, but having them on hand is always nice when they start sucking on their hands, your nose, your shoulder etc. Here are our picks: 1. Zoli Baby Bunny – textured easy to grab and latex free! // 2. This banana doubles as a tooth/gum brush and is so bright and fun! // 3. Nautical never gets old and we love all the colors in this set! // 4. Sophie, of course! // 5. An “I Love You” teether … Read more

cranberry bundt cake

We shared this tasty and super easy recipe over at I Heart Naptime but we had to share it here as well for those of you looking for an easy, last-minute, festive dessert! We also wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, we hope it’s wonderful! We’ll be back here next week, we miss you already. Now, back to the recipe! First you’ll need to start by taking 1/2 cup of fresh cranberries and cooking them down over a medium-low heat.  Add 2 Tablespoons of sugar and watch as the natural juices will release and the berries will cook … Read more