Heart-Shaped Pitas with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

We have a gorgeous easy recipe just in time for Valentine’s Day! Our kids love hummus so we’re excited to see how to make it at home! Welcome, Oh So Delicioso! “Hi Small Fry readers! Aubrey here from Oh So Delicioso. We are a cooking lifestyle blog sharing recipes, cooking tips, holiday fun and generally foodie love. Yet somehow one of our love/hate relationships with holidays is the food…baked goods, sweet treats and sugary drink! So good right?! But oh my, so not healthy. We are all about having a happy medium with food. Enjoying a sweet treat here and … Read more

Red Velvet Valentine’s Krispies

red velvet valentine rice kris pies

We have a resident Red Velvet fiend by the name of Jenna, so when we spotted a recipe from Real Mom Kitchen for Red Velvet Rice Krispie treats, this DIY was born! Make a festive treat for your kids, write a little love note and attach for class Valentine’s, or eat it straight out of the pot, we don’t mind! Here’s how you’ll do it: 1. In a large sauce pan, melt the butter over medium low heat. 2. Add marshmallows. Stir until marshmallows are melted and combined well with the butter. Whisk in 3/4ths a cup of the cake mix. 3. Add … Read more

naturebox giveaway! [closed]

Congratulations to Meaghan for winning this giveaway! We have an awesome giveaway and a 50% off discount today sponsored by Naturebox! We’ve been Naturebox fans for more than a year now and to celebrate these healthy snack habits we are giving away a free YEAR of Naturebox subscriptions to one lucky reader!   Here’s an example of what might come to your home for your Naturebox order (Fuji apple slices not pictured, as they were already eaten in about ten seconds): They send the perfect mix of savory and sweet options. All can be eaten straight out of the bag … Read more

kid cleanse

get kid's eating healthy with a kid cleanse

We weren’t sure it could be done, but Jenna found a way! She held a kid-friendly cleanse at her house after Christmas to detox some of that unavoidable Holiday sugar intake. Here’s what she did: “After Christmas I remember looking at my husband and saying ‘What is wrong with our kids!?!’ They weren’t sleeping well and they were EXTRA whiny and irritable. I was so frustrated with their behavior and kept racking my brain to think what it could be. Was it the presents, the traveling, the endless activity? Perhaps, but those factors had died down and the whining continued … Read more

snacks & bags

fun & unique lunch bags for kids!

We may all have different resolutions and goals for this year, but one each of us can all agree on is eating and snacking healthier. It seems that we do pretty good at our homes, but it’s hardest when we’re out and about, is it that way for you too? Drive-thrus are so convenient, inexpensive and reliable. We know our kids will eat a chicken nugget, but that bowl of lentil soup? That’s a gamble. So, we’re making a goal as a team that instead of swinging through the drive-thru, we’ll stock up our kids’ favorite healthier snacks beforehand! The … Read more