Manic Morning

Manic Morning

By Nicole. Hi. I’m that mom that stops for donuts for breakfast on our way to school. Every morning. We don’t feel that bad about it either ;). Actually, I have a lot of mom guilt when it comes to the way I feed my kids. I’m recently divorced and and find eating out so much easier than cooking a meal for one adult (myself) and two kiddos who more than likely won’t eat it. So, eating out seems like the best option. Our trouble is we eat out the fast food way. Even for breakfast. That’s where Made To … Read more

Rethink, Restock

We’re back with our second assignment for the Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target™ six week challenge! For this week, Target sent us into their store to stock on options that are a little better for us. We all made picks based on our goals we made last week (see the post here!) and using the Made to Matter section made it all such a breeze. Jenna who is our resident label translator found so many awesome options to incorporate to help us reach our goals all day long! We snagged something for every meal and in between. Here are … Read more

Pantry Talk with Phil

We have such an amazing six weeks ahead of us and we’re so excited to share all about it! Just yesterday, Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target™ launched — it’s a collection of products: grocery, beauty and for home that they sell in their stores and online! All focused on healthier, more eco-friendly options for your family. The list of products is extensive and growing all the time, they are making it so easy! To help kick off this new venture, we are joining their charge to make healthier eating choices over on their Made Real & Tasty food section. To … Read more

Meg’s Cookie & a Father’s Day Gift

I had a neighbor a couple years ago who made THE BEST chocolate chip cookies out there. I know I know there’s a lot of people on pinterest claiming to have the ultimate recipe…but Meg’s takes the cake. I basically have asked her one hundred times to let me share it and she finally succumbed, I think to get me to stop texting her about it. Pestering does work my friends! I’ve listed the recipe below as well as included a fun little free download for your Father’s Day! Meg’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (if you don’t eat the half the dough then … Read more

time to eat!

Calling all Boon lovers! The Boon FLAIR high chair just launched in 8 different colors combinations exclusively on! We took it for a whirl snacking on our favorite shelf-stable goods from Thrive! Ready to check it all out? We picked the white base chair – which is all one piece. Super easy to clean and there’s a button at the base so you can easily use your foot to raise or lower depending on what surface you’re eating together at (just like a salon chair!) Then we picked a coordinating color – orange! There are lots of colors to choose … Read more