4 greek yogurt dips for parties

4 Greek Yogurt Dips for Parties

This post is sponsored by Dannon. All thoughts and opinions are my own. By now you’ve probably caught on to my hostessing M.O.: let them do it! I love having something interactive for guests to do and that usually involves the food. Making their own drink, choosing what goes on their kebab, or in today’s case making their own dip for crudite or fruit! The Dannon® Greek Yogurt line Oikos® (grab a coupon here!) has a huge selection of yogurt flavors, including their Triple Zero line (zero added sugar, zero artificial sweeteners, 0% fat) so guests can gauge how they want to … Read more

starting with soil

Whole Kids Foundation - Whole Foods Market

Did you know Whole Foods has a non profit organization called Whole Kids Foundation? Their mission is to help kids eat better and enjoy it! Like so many things in life, we fear what we don’t know or understand. And if you’ve seen my Cal stare down a forkful of broccoli, fear is exactly what he’s feeling. Ha! I love that they created this app “Starting With Soil” to help educate us all on growing our own food. They also have a Book Club that lists great books, activities, vocabulary and more to further you’re education opportunties. See more on … Read more

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6th Birthday Cake

I bought this pan months ago thinking I would have our local bakery whip something up for me, but then it turns out that’s a health code violation SO I had to make the cake. In my heart of hearts I am the type of mother who makes from scratch cakes and kills it, so why not start now? This cake was delicious, its SO thick and dense but somehow lighter than air. Like almost a pound cake but so yummy. Its that buttermilk and 5 eggs no doubt. I used this recipe and followed it to a T making … Read more

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trader joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning

I asked Insta Stories (@smallfryblog) what I should use this seasoning for and laughed pretty hard when most of the responses were “When you find out tell me, I haven’t even opened mine!” I got lots of good ones and here are the top 10! The seasoning is garlic salt, dried onion, sesame seed and other goodness and it is such a good flavor. That sesame adds a little smokiness and it truly can be swapped out anytime you’d use salt in your savory meals. Maybe even on watermelon, although I haven’t tried it yet. And yes, its bomb on … Read more

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