City Kid Party

Our girl Mari Spiker (@marispiker) is living the NYC dream with her husband and two kids on the Upper West Side – follow her and be prepared to drool! She threw THE most darling party for her 4 year old Will (hi Nora and Will!!) and we begged her to let us post it. It’s our lucky day!! City Kid PartyReady to check it out?

Invitations:City Kid PartyMari is a stylist and made this incredible cardboard city scape with boxes and spray paint, so you’re on your own for that amazingness, but she’s sharing all her purchasable sources with us too, which is so kind!City Kid BirthdayThe backdrop banner and poster design are by @laurenashleyclementswill Turns 4-10This custom Pi√Īata by @tinipinatas:City Kid PartyThey had such a quintessential City Kid Party with pretzels and graphic lettering everywhere you turn. Face Painting which always reminds me of You’ve Got Mail. ūüėČ She did such a good job creating a theme simply by compounding elements of ABCs throughout! Details like the most mini ABC Sprinkles for the cake found here:City Kid BirthdayThe cutest Letter Sandwiches using these cookie cutters:City Kid BirthdayThis ABC Chalk she bagged up as favors from Etsy Shop LSCreationStation:City Kid PartyABC cookies found at Trader Joe’sScreen Shot 2017-06-15 at 8.31.52 AMThiBe sure and follow her on Instagram @marispiker¬†and check out her site here. If you have any questions for her she can be reached at¬†¬†¬†She has even more info and images from the party from her blog post here as well.


gift guide: first birthday

Raleigh’s first birthday is on SAT-UR-DAY! Just wipe me up off the floor cause I can’t get up. It hurts, but it is also such a freaking pleasure to celebrate him so I’ll be alright. He has been nothing but joy the last 12 months and I will give him all the things to help lessen my heartache at how fast he’s grown. Time is a thief! But here are some amazing options for a first birthday gift! Something to help develop those fine and gross motor skills. Music and bath time fun. Next steps in feeding time. And books galore!¬†first birthday ideasTOUCH & FEEL BOOKS

TouchThinkLearn¬†series is incredible! Grab Opposites // Shapes // Animals // Numbers¬†// This Touch and Feel ABC book by Petit Collage is a must! // I have yet to find a milestone book that I can keep up on, its so challneging for me! ¬†But a letter? I can write a letter! This is so cute and I had to show it close-up so you can see just howwww cute. It comes with stickers and everything. // If you’re gonna teach colors do it with the Pantone pros! Comes with six board books and their epic graphic talents. // This unfolding counting book via Petit Collage is so darling and they gradually get bigger as you go along! // Paris via Shapes. We’ll never get over you, Paris.Letters to Baby


Training Cup from Skip Hop that is no spill, easy to use and of course transitions right to a regular cup. // We met the EZPZ team a few years ago at the ABC Expo and they had so much freaking energy and passion for this mat. So happy to see it doing so well and well-loved and reviewed. It doesn’t budge and its all one piece so they can’t throw it when they’re “all done.”


Pull and Go Monkey Submarine¬†// Skip Hop’s Waterfall Rinser has a forehead flap to keep water out of their eyes. GENIUS! // Make it rain with this pretty cloud!¬†// Another fountain option in a darling bee form.


Three melody makers that are perfect for those 1 year old hands to grip. // I love that this is a music activity center with a few options. No need to pull out the box o’ instruments!


This modern little shape sorting house is so cute! // Kid O kills it in the modern toy arena. Love this three size stacker.¬†// These Alphabet blocks are some of the prettiest blocks Ive seen and I’ve seen my fair share! // Trains are a must for boys or girls and this circus set just happens to be the most darling. // A modern bunny stacker that has so many cute possibilities! //¬†This fox stacker has such a refreshing color palette. If you’re over primary colors or need a more muted tone for your nursery, try this one! // Looping stacker set but again in that awesome color palette! // Cute woodland creature animals that wobble to help with that hand eye coordination!


I like that this Fox ride-on turns to give them a little bit more to work on then a standard straight line ride-on // This Vespa look alike ride-on kills me. // Pull toys are pretty much the cutest for new toddlers. Theres a million cute options but we love this doggy¬†and this elephant.¬†// We’re always digging Nutcase Helmets for boys of course but how amazing is this floral?!¬†// A bike seat for all your adventures together and of course for that floral helmet! This one is top rated, light weight and grows as tall as you need it to!

Modern Pokemon Birthday

By Emily.

Hayes is going strong with his love for Pokemon! To put it nicely, it’s not my favorite thing. So this theme was a stretch but thanks to Zurchers Party Store I was able to find so many great options to make it a little bit more minimal and graphically pleasing.¬†Modern Pokemon PartyIt was a beautiful day so we did Pokemon Training outside. It was basically teams and relay races. We did one legged races like Spoink, crab walks like Kraby, Running sumo squats like Jigglypuff and they learned to trap their Pokemon by running with a balloon and then sitting on it to pop. We got creative, and as I said, I don’t know much about Pokemon so I got a lot of looks from these kids. They were onto my ignorance.Modern Pokemon PartySo after the relays we had them come in for pizza and Pika-Juice. This free printable kills me and you can find it here.Modern Pokemon PartyAfter eating we had them make their own favor bags. I have found that I can never fully plan for favor bags. I either have way too much or not enough and it stresses me out! So this year I had enough of these favor kits from Zurchers on hand to ensure every kid got plenty, but then once everyone arrived I did quick math and figured out just how many items they could pick. Then they walked the table and picked their very favorite 5 items!Modern Pokemon PartyI had enough of these paper bags as well but they were in colors and prints that I like every day so I can reuse the extras! Red, red stripe, yellow.Make Your Own Party Favor Bar | Pokemon Party I loved the look of these Pokeball honeycomb decor! We just strung them to the ceiling and alternated lengths and depths. Super easy!Modern Pokemon PartyThey also have great Mylar Pokeballs and Pikachu, which we used to show the guests where to come and now are constant sources of entertainment for baby Raleigh!Modern Pokemon Party

Pokeball Orbz Balloons // Pikachu Pajamas


Pokeball Orbz Balloons // Rubber Pokemon Bracelets // Honeycomb Pokeballs // Mega Party Favor Bag Mix // Pikachu Mylar Balloon // Yellow Forks // Red Tablecloth // Paper Gift Bags

Follow the Rainbow Party

St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday and according to Pinterest, we’re thinking parents are really racking their brains for how to make this holiday fun and festive. Our St. Patrick’s day ideas of the past are some of our highest pinned posts, ever! [Lucky Popcorn, I’m So Lucky To Be Your Mom Scavenger Hunt & Printable, Lucky Charms Garland]

So today, we know you’ll love this fresh take on St. Patty’s. We love that The Revelry Co. focused on the rainbow theme and finding the leprechaun. Its so bright and fun and opens up a whole new world of ideas! Check it out:

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party As the kids come to play they will find rainbow clues throughout the venue (or field in this case.) It leads them to this extra special rainbow and green feast which is filled with party supplies and yummy treats!St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party Rainbow confetti. Rainbow jello with whipped cream, green snacks and drinks. 1489125341317

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party Popcorn with skittles! We made a similar one with gold coins and M&Ms here if you like those flavors!1488872726225Isn’t this all so cute? It feels totally doable with this wider color palette. Smart ladies!St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party The Revelry Co. shares lots more Pop-up Play Date ideas like these on their site, here!St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party

Good luck this Friday, mamas!!St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Party SHOP THE POST

everything is Prime eligible, because we’re as last minute as anybody!!

Rainbow Plates

Confetti Poppers

Confetti Poppers Printable

Wooden Utensils

 Leprechaun Hats

Rainbow Garland (this striped one is so cute too!)


Small Fry Films: Sunny Turns Five

By Nicole.

To know Sunny is to love Sunny. He is a joy and light in everyone’s life and I want to be¬†sure he always knows that. His energy is high, his ideas are wild, and often it gets him into a mess. I find my patience is short with him at times, but I’m learning more everyday how to embrace the wildness inside him.

This year for his birthday I wanted to make him something extra special. I want him to always know how much people love and adore him, which is what inspired this video. I love that he will always be able to look back, see who his friends were when he was five years old, and hear all of the reasons he is loved. I want to make this a birthday tradition for Sunny and for Dash as they grow. And so, here we present the first birthday video for Mr. Finn Sunny The Great.

We love you so much Sunny, Happy Birthday!



By Emily.

The First Annual #hiphipbooray was a success and Nicole and I might sleep for weeks. We haven’t thrown an open party for kids since our last Road Rally, before Jenna moved! We had forgotten just how much fun and chaotic these types of events can be. We loved watching all your kiddos have so much fun and hope it was fun for you, too!

Here’s a recap of the event!#hiphipboorayMany hands made light work this time and having our favorite local brands sponsoring booths was so nice. They all did such a killer job. And of course the beautiful venue, White Shanty for hosting us all!

Fawn Design had Pumpkin Putt Putt Golf:#hiphipboorayJune & January had the most darling Temporary Tattoo Parlor set-up. Complete with tattoo chair and neon lights. Delicious cookies and paper dolls too!#hiphipboorayLittle Sapling Toys had ghost bowling and gave out their amazing wooden toys to trick or treaters. #hiphipboorayMer Mag hand painted these photo-ops and she nailed it as usual:#hiphipbooray#hiphipboorayGathre had their mats on hand for Halloween Twister and other fun games!#hiphipbooray


Freshly Picked brought the Smilebooth, find your photo here!14956639_1122560294464438_6428753155637045303_nBijou Market (coming Nov. 18th!) had a Vampire (cake) Bite Walk courtesy of Sweet Tooth Fairy:#hiphipbooray

#hiphipboorayRaising Wild had a Donuts on a String (best party game ever.)#hiphipboorayChatbooks had Bobbing For Apples:#hiphipbooray

Caravan Shoppe brought all their best Halloween printables, make your own monsters and huge coloring sheets! We especially love their Thanksiving line, you need this! Easy thankful tree to add to each day!draw-together-thankful-tree

And Mt. Vista Catering was on hand with wood-fired pizzas and drinks!#hiphipbooray

That’s a wrap! We hope to be able to do this party again next year, so be sure and stay tuned for the next #hiphipbooray!! AND, there’s MORE photos! Find all Freshly Picked’s Smilebooth Set here, and more party-goers photos via our Facebook Photo Album here!


Fawn Design makes the most amazing backpacks for fashionable mamas. Pockets for everything and it’s a cult classic where we live, grab one!

June & January makes the best basics for kids, bright colors, spot on palettes and easy designs.

Little Sapling Toys makes the most beautiful handmade toys!

Mer Mag is an artist and illustrator and craft genius.

Gathre makes amazing bonded leather mats for the beach, park, play time. They’re wonderful and easiest upkeep.

Freshly Picked¬†baby moccs, best of the best, only thing that touches our baby’s feet. Ya know.

Bijou Market is a local handmade and vintage boutique that runs three times a year. Coming 11.18-19!

Raising Wild makes functional and trendy swim wear for women and kids! Just on Shark Tank and some of our best friends.

Chatbooks needs no introduction. We use them excessively for printing our own Instagram feeds and it truly doesn’t get easier.

Caravan Shoppe makes holiday celebrating SO much easier. We love their printables and use them all year round to for shoots and our own personal use.

¬†Mt. Vista Catering makes the best food around. They deliver in Utah County for 4 or more people so we’ve been known to have meals delivered to our play dates and park time. Everything is delicious and its so affordable!



We’re SO excited to announce our FIRST (we hope the first of many) ANNUAL


A¬†family-friendly Halloween Party, Monday October 31st from 4-7 pm! We will be partying at White Shanty (still time to enter their killer giveaway here!) in Provo, UT so LOCALS this is for you!! In addition to White Shanty we’re teaming up with these awesome locals shops:


Provo Family Halloween Party

We wanted with all our hearts for it to be free, but it became to hard to plan without any concrete numbers of guests so we’ll be selling tickets for $3 at the door and we have limited tickets so once they’re gone, we won’t be allowing anymore in. (We’ll be sure to post online if we sell out, but we don’t anticipate we will, as we said just needed a number to plan on!)

The $3 ticket will be for any kiddo who wants to participate in the fun and games!¬†In addition to the games, we’ll have giveaways, dancing, a Smilebooth!, other photo-ops, a costume parade, food, and lots more. Something fun and safe for your fam to do before heading out to trick-or-treat or in place of trick-or-treating if you have little ones with early bedtimes!

You can buy your ticket at the door or if you want to make sure you have a spot, you can pay for your tickets here! Just put the names of the kids tickets’ your purchasing for in the “special instructions” and we’ll have your tickets reserved at the entrance for you!



Jedi Training Birthday Party

By Nicole.

Dash was turned 7 this year! I cannot believe it. The sweet boy is such a brave and strong soul. He has been the man of the house and everyday I cannot believe what a solid rockstar he is. He deserved something extra special this year for his birthday.

Dash is a Star Wars fan, as most 7 year old boys are. We decided together that his party would have a Star Wars theme. But what he didn’t know, that as each guest arrived I planned to dress them as Jedi, present them a light saber, and that a few short minutes later they would all be in Jedi Training.Jedi Training PartyJedi Training PartyTwo adult Jedi arrived and taught them some key moves, before Darth Vader himself arrived. Dash hadn’t the slightest idea that Darth would be making an appearance. Along with a Storm Trooper Sidekick. We had Star Wars music playing the background and adults were getting super into it.Jedi Training PartyThe party was such a magical night, I wanted to recreate it for photos in the studio. Thanks for the support of our favorite party store Zurchers, we were able to bring all the magic to life!Jedi Training Party



To recreate this at home you can find all the adult costumes at Zurchers and we made Jedi vests out of felt yardage and twine!

unicorn party!

We have the most magical birthday party – Saylor’s 6th! – to share with you all today from Lottie of Grit + Gold! Lottie is a Wedding Planner and it shows with this gorgeous scene! What we love the most is that the elements are totally doable and she generously shares all her sources at the bottom of the post!

Invitations! Beautiful lettering and a unicorn mask to set some excitement for the theme!Unicorn PartyDecor!¬†How about this drop dead gorgeous balloon swag!?¬†Unicorn PartyUnicorn PartyThe Tablescape!¬†Filled with beautiful flowers, happy party hats, and coordinating place settings.Unicorn PartyThe Sweets!¬†What is a fanciful party theme without some whimsical desserts? Like this cakeUnicorn PartyUnicorn and Rainbow cookies!Unicorn PartyAnd last but not least, an activity that will have every guest a-talkin’ for weeks!

AN ACTUAL UNICORN! ūüėČ Do you think Saylor was excited or what?Unicorn PartyUnicorn PartySuch a pretty party, right? Here are the sources below!


Planning + Floral | Grit + Gold || Photography | Matt + Julie Weddings || Unicorn Rides | A One of a Kind  Pony Party || Table and Chair Rentals | Taylors FW || Cake | Loft22 Cakes || Cookies | J Raes ||  Invites | Pear Tree Greetings || Calligraphy | Pretty Post Calligraphy || Party Plates and Accessories | Oh Joy + Paperchase |

yoobi [giveaway!]

We’ve got such a fun giveaway today with Yoobi¬†where you can enter to create your own dream backpack pencil case! Our kids love these little cases and you can customize your own for a chance to win! NCC_5955To enter the giveaway you’ll go to this site to print your own design sheet¬†(they already have some pretty cute ones here!). Our kids had a ball creating their own! Once yours is ready post it with the¬†#myyoobipencilcase hash tag and tagging @yoobi so they can see!Yoobi GiveawayWe LOVE Yoobi so much, not only are their supplies super fun and modern but they give back equally to schools in need right here in the United States. Yoobi Giveaway


1) Print the coloring sheet here

2) Follow the steps on the coloring sheet

3) Submit your artwork on Facebook or Instagram, tagging @Yoobi and using the hashtag #myyoobipencilcase

Today is officially our last back to school day for our big boys. All three in all day school, geez! Fingers crossed today goes smoothly, but so far we’re really just super grateful for good teachers. They spend more time with our kids during the week than we do, and that is an overwhelming thought. We love companies like Yoobi that help take some of the pressure off teachers to do what they do best, teach! Not stress about supplies and stocking their classroom. Catch the rest of the party after the jump! Continue reading yoobi [giveaway!]