land of nod trunk show

Last week we had the amazing opportunity of co-hosting a nationwide trunk show for Land of Nod with our friend and Interior Designer, Kirsten of 6th Street Design School! Eight parties in eight other cities took place the very same evening, and we loved being able to participate and create our own party at The Awful Waffle. Land of Nod has treated us so well this last year and we were beyond grateful to work them in person this time! Would you care to see some of our photographer Lindsey Orton’s pictures of the night? Don’t be too sad if you … Read more

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Happy Halloween!

From Small Fry to you, we hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween! Via our Costume Parade two years ago! See the rest of our Halloween posts here.

Small Fry Spooky Songs

Halloween is almost here! The excitement is building, the non-stop requests to try on (sleep in?) costumes has begun, has it at your homes as well? We found ourselves needing a good playlist to accompany pumpkin carving, cookie baking, and the costume parties lining up. Here’s a little compliation of some of our favorite classics and unexpected new favorites. All more silly than spooky, but sure to get you in the Halloween spirit! This playlist can be found on our Spotify profile (type spotify:user:smallfryblog into Spotify’s search bar) along with some of our other playlists we’ve created in the past. A … Read more

favorite’s favorite pt.2 [closed!]

Congratulations to Kymberlee for winning this giveaway! Are you guys ready for Part Two of our birthday giveaway featuring our Favorite’s Favorites? We think you’ll like it, see what’s up for grabs and don’t forget to enter yesterday’s giveaway, too! Jill Nystul // @jillsgoodthings We got incredibly lucky to spend several months under Jill’s mighty wing as we launched this blog. Jill of One Good Thing by Jillee is a phenomenon to say the least, with several million readers and an archive that would make Martha Stewart feel inadequate. Jill is the hardest working blogger in the biz and we’ve learned so … Read more

favorite’s favorite pt.1 [closed!]

Congratulations to Maria Elena for winning this giveaway! Welcome back to Small Fry’s First Birthday Week! Let’s start this party the best way we know how: giving away some free stuff! When we talk about the best parts of this job, it is people, not things or events, that come to mind. So many wonderful influencers, mentors, inspirations, friends, creators and business owners have made this first year so amazing! We asked a few of them to share their favorite must-haves with us so that we could in turn together give them to you.  Check back tomorrow to enter Part … Read more