honest dinner for alt summit

Honest + Small Fry Dinner

Photography by Becky Kimball. We’re excited to share some captures from co-hosting an opening night dinner with our friends at the Honest Company for Alt Summit’s inaugural Summer session in Salt Lake City last week! We created this party theme based on all the things we love about Honest and their products. Natural, healthful, conscious, and beautiful. We also selected the farm-to-table restaurant Pago knowing they were the perfect fit for Honest’s credo. Here’s what we came up with! We were set on the idea of dining outside, it being the first chance for Alt SLC attendees to do so … Read more

spider-man party

Yarn Web Game | Spiderman Party

Today we have a whole party focused on our favorite Superhero, Spider-Man! From the decor, to the activities, to the party attire, it’s all for Spidey and our boys couldn’t have been more excited. The best part about this party is that everything was found at Target and put together in only a couple hours! Here’s how we did it: DECOR: For stress-free parties we love to have just one festive party table. Instead of worrying about decking every hall and nook and cranny with your party theme, a party table adds just enough festivity and is so much easier … Read more

The Perfect Easter Basket

Today we’ve got all the best tips and Easter basket basics from Kim at Kensington Way! How beautiful are all of these baskets? Who knew grass was key, and we absolutely love the ceramic crate idea! Welcome, Kim! “My favorite family traditions have always been centered around holidays. For Easter, I loved dyeing eggs with my family, wearing a new dress to church on Easter Sunday and running around the yard looking for candy-filled eggs. Now that I am a mom, I am excited to continue these types of traditions with my own kids. Our son Benjamin is only 15 months … Read more

Land of Nod Easter Party [pt. 2]

Photos by Ashlee Raubach Welcome back to part two of our Easter Party with The Land of Nod and Oh So Delicioso! Today is all about the food. All recipes are available over on Oh So Delicioso, but we wanted to share the highlights. As we said yesterday, we used Land of Nod’s Deluxe Easter Party Kit and it instantly added so much color and whimsy to the fun lunch spread! Blueberry, Lemon and Mint water put in awesome easter egg cups! All you do is drill a hole and stick the straw in — DIY right here. Bunny cups for … Read more

Easter with Land of Nod [pt. 1]

Photography by Ashlee Raubach.  We are so thrilled it’s April, its such a wonderful month of new beginnings, fresh starts, sunshine and flowers, and favorite holidays. What’s not to like? To kick off this month of endless possibilities, we wanted to share our latest endeavor with the Land of Nod! An Easter themed beach party! When you have the most amazing scenery, the Oh So Delicioso girls on food, and Land of Nod’s Easter party suite, your Easter Party can be a snap, too! When Land of Nod sent over their Easter Party suite, we about died of cuteness. Chicken … Read more