ikea hack : dress-up rack

Dress-ups (excuse us, ahem, Super Suits) are in full swing around here most everyday and we’ve found that keeping them all in a big bin usually means that they all end up all over the floor! Trying to find the matching mask, belt, can be tricky. So, here’s a quick Ikea Hack upgrade to keep everything organized and turn their favorite pastime into a little shrine! All you need is this “Grundtal” Towel Rail from Ikea. It has two bars so you could also use the top as storage for bigger pieces. We love the clean look of everything hanging, as shown. … Read more

Kiwi Crate

This post is brought to you by Kiwi Crate! Save 25% off your first month using “SF25.” We have found that even with closets full of craft supplies (a sure sign of running a kid’s blog!) we rarely pull out supplies just for the sake of crafting with our kids. Without a specific craft in mind, getting it all out to make a huge mess without a plan is usually a recipe for hours of clean-up. We have come to really value and love the art of a curated activity. Where you have everything you need and nothing you don’t … Read more

Lego Art

Our boys are now in the Lego phase of life, and those bright fun little blocks have inspired a few projects as of late. Starting with this Initial Art! It’s the perfect at home art project that packs a lot of punch for their bedside table, or gallery wall in their rooms. Here’s how you can make one in a matter of minutes! All you need is your favorite color palette of legos (this one  is a great starter set!), a shadow-box style frame (or you can also remove the glass off of a regular frame, too!) and a hot glue gun. … Read more

fun cleaning jobs for kids

What age do you finally decide your kids are ready for more responsibility at home? It seems that at about four years old, they become really interested in acquiring new toys, special treats from the ice cream truck, etc. Which might also be the perfect time to implement small and easy jobs – not to take advantage of their wants and whims – but to instill a sense of privilege and earning special non-everyday things. One thing we’ve noticed a hundred times over, and lots of times on accident, is that kids find these types of jobs really fun. They’ll … Read more

morning routine printable

Morning Routine Chart - Free Printable by Melanie Burk

School is starting in just a couple weeks for all of us and the distant memories of rushed mornings are all flooding back. We’ve found that our kids do better when they have a visual understanding of what tasks are at hand. Melanie Burk of the amazing Caravan Shoppe created this awesome hand-illustrated chart to help make mornings run a little bit more smoothly! Download below, but first check out this cuteness! We always love black and white, but you could easily print each element on a different colored paper. Once it’s printed and cut out have your local print shop … Read more