Toy Talk continues with our second Toy Review. Today, Dash and Ozzy will review Magnetic. This Construction toy is best for ages 5+, and enjoyed but kiddos up to age, well, adult! I loved playing it along with them. To see how it works, watch the review below!  Enjoy Magnetic!

Spring Break at Home

By Emily. Spring Break is just around the corner for us and in Utah it’s a good 9 days long! Today’s post is in case you can’t skip town this year, we’ve been there and it can get tough. But with a little preparation you can have an amazing Spring Break at home! Here’s some favorites: Zoku Molds — Mini perfect for baby and Original Size. These are so clever well thought out. We’ve tried loads of at-home popsicle kits and this is by far the easiest to use. The Mini version is perfect for baby. You’ve for sure earned something … Read more

Lighting Series Day 1: Living Room + Kitchen

Hey pals, Nicole here. I wanted to touch on something that I believe in, wholeheartedly. LIGHT FIXTURES! When people visit my house, they often ask about the light fixtures. I think too often that is something that is overlooked when decorating. You have a gorgeous room with a boob light on the ceiling! You know the ones, we thought they would go out with the 90’s, but they didn’t. They are still coming standard in new homes. Well guess what, it’s an easy and inexpensive fix, and a perfect way to wow the guests and update each room in your … Read more

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Air Dry DIY

By Emily in partnership with Maytag. At our house, we air-dry a huge amount of clothing!  If I am not on top of the laundry the state of the laundry room gets out of hand pretty quickly. Clothing draped on every surface and then I really can’t stand to be in there, which doesn’t help matters! I am always looking for more space effective ways to air-dry for the five of us now, when I finally gave up and made my own system. And since it installs right over your washer and dryer into the ceiling, it hardly takes up any … Read more