#framefarme: ali express

Ali Express Faucet - $90

If you’ve been around for awhile you know we purchased a lot of of our home stuff via Ali Express. Ali Express is a branch of Ali Baba which is basically a direct link to shop in China. They cut out the middle man and you buy right from them, saving a TON of money. I know people have fears and worries about factory conditions, quality etc. Ali Express is like Amazon in the sense that Ali represents thousands of smaller companies. Lots of which show you pictures of their factories right in their shop home page. There are reviews … Read more

wallsburg VI

Frame Home Tour

Have you ever heard the saying “Write from your scars, not your wounds”? The last few weeks was all so fresh with the move I just found myself with nothing to say. Not that I have any wounds from this experience, but you get the idea. So, I have just taken my sweet time! To experience it all just for me, just with the fam, and let all the feelings move through me. You better believe I still RAN outside to get a pic of this sunset though. I am starting to feel things become more settled (school helped SO much!), … Read more

DIY Reading Fort

$1 off coupon | Dollar General Deals

This post is sponsored by Kellogg’s. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Currently my boys share a room and both of them have been known to yell to the other “I just need some space!” so I knew it was time to create another option for them if they need to get some alone time in! A good ol’ sheet fort on my bed (since I’m never in there until way past their bedtime anyway) is just what they doctor ordered. We’ve had an ongoing incentive at our house that they can earn different rewards for every book that … Read more

Quiet Time Tackle Box

Quiet Time Box DIY

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BackToSchoolGoals18 #CollectiveBias Currently trying to figure out where the boys are going to school this next year.  There is a great charter school that I would drive them to that spends half the day outside gardening, skiing, etc. Or their zoned public school as well! In our new town the bus comes right to our cul-de-sac to take them to the public school a couple cities over. I haven’t confirmed, but I think the bus ride is pretty long, maybe 30-40 minutes each way? … Read more

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modern backed barstools

I’ve got a tall order for my ideal barstools: High back — kids fall off, and they’re not that comfortable Minimal design — more nooks and crannies = more spots to clean No stainless steel or other high shine metals — so hard to keep looking nice with all the smudges! No upholstery — ruined in 60 seconds over here No faux leather cushions — I can’t vouch for the molded leather, but faux leather cushions wear horribly! Not necessary but definitely a bonus: swivel! $100-$200 each.  Here are 32 options that were considered. That plaid upholstery made the cut … Read more

modern dining chairs under $100

Put a tiny house update on Insta Stories today, but not gonna lie I am feeling so panicked about finishing. Is this normal? I just see so much work left lots of which is solely on him. Keeping this between us since (not like its hard he doesn’t read the blog and isn’t on social media. Ha!) I am preaching to the pastor putting that pressure on Russ, and he is still confident in his timelin, luckily! He really always pulls through so, just trying to find my zen and calm the frick down! Ha. You can go catch those … Read more

modern swivel chairs

Modern Swivel Chairs Under500

We’ve started ordering furniture for the house and I thought it would be fun (maybe helpful to some?) if I shared the process here! I’ve heard lots of good advice on furnishing a new house, but here’s why I can’t really take any of that advice, ha! The company we worked with on our floors, Marazzi, have been so amazing and generous  AND PATIENT with us and they’re shooting film and video in our house at the end of the Summer. For marketing materials etc, which we are totally happy to do! That means that I don’t have time to … Read more

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modern father’s day ideas

Modern Father's Day Ideas

10 Rad Ideas for Father’ Day from around the web! Printable Cards via Damask Love A printed picture wall fit for a king. (From the archives!) Turn a paper plate into the Best Dad Award with this printable! Printable you can color any which way!Toolbox Printable Dad’s Emergency StashTreat label printable with a killer recipe, too!These papers you have the kids fill out or answer are one of my favorite things to get on Mother’s Day so going to do these for sure for Father’s Day I love that she thought of grandpa too! Find them here. Tiny Me has a printable … Read more

summer morning routine printable!

Summer Morning Routine Printable

Viewing on a MOBILE device? Click HERE to get the direct download! This one has come highly requested and I think, thanks to Kinzie (@kinzco), we really delivered for you guys today! On this, the last day of school (for my kids) I give you the Summer Morning Routine! Kinzie of Kinz.co – amazing graphic designer, branding genius, all around babe created today’s printable to accompany this system and I’ll give all the details for those who want to know or you can just download that sucker and get started at the bottom of this post! There is a blank version or … Read more

mine + ours: books #9

MINE: Circe: I feel like this word is cheesy, but I really was dazzled by this book. Ha! It was so beautifully written! I don’t know a ton about Greek Mythology so I wasn’t sure I’d even care about this story, but I was totally enthralled by it. And my friends who do know a lot about it said it stayed true to all the stories and characters, so I felt like I learned a lot about the subject too! I listened to it and was obsessed with the narrator, but there are pros to reading it. Right off the … Read more

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