swivel chairs under $500

Backstory on this space is in this post but to summarize — the living room layout was tricky because of the TV placement, the fireplace, and the width of the room. But I apparently I forgot chairs can swivel because when it was suggested it basically solved all my problems. A SWIVEL! I can create the conversational feel with the furniture layout, but if people want to watch TV they can easily do that, too. So the swivel chairs will have their backs facing the TV and the couch will end before the fireplace begins, keeping everything open but also anchored … Read more

on-the-go faves

Even though I am a planner at heart, Summer is full of spontaneous fun for us. Lots of last minute plans and blocks of time opening up when naps go ary, I just like to be well prepared for any fun event if we’re out and about or need to split quickly, so I try to keep the car well stocked. But let it be said I don’t have a huge trunk, so as much as I’d love to get the wagon on this list, these are things I can fit and carry myself! Ready? On-the-go faves! Kindhood Towel. I … Read more

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hair how to: knotted pony tail

Photos by Shanoah Lauren. Next up in our Hair How To series with Salon K + @salonk_ is this super modern take on your every day pony tail! Easy but packs a punch! We have @emilysbrady and her daughter Perry as our models (and her twins!!) Styled by @karissadoeshair, the owner! Leaving the side pieces out create a pony with the back section of hair. Take the side pieces and wrap one side over the other and pull down. Take those tails and secure tightly with an elastic. Pin any pieces down that stick out. Hairspray any pieces for a sleek look! … Read more

best of: cold + sinus

Poor Cal has had the worst sinus issues this week and I’ve been pulling out all the stops. He’s gotten better with each day so I didn’t worry about getting an antibiotic but here’s what I used to help things move along! Children’s ACF (Acute Cold + Flu) by Buried Treasure. I’ve sworn by this stuff for years but only recently found the kid’s formula. It tastes so much better but still has all the immune support you need, like elderberry, echinacea, vitamin C etc. I put this in my kids smoothies all year round to build their immune system … Read more