bunny sneakers DIY

Bunny Shoes DIY

Got an Easter hunt to get to this week? Here’s a super fast (removable!) DIY to bunn-ify a simple pair of sneakers. Here’s how you’ll do it: Grab a scrap of white fabric. The duck cloth we used for the Miffy Tote works great and stands up all on it’s own! Cut it out into two tear drop shapes for the ears (we did 4 inch long and 2 inch wide). Then cut out a piece of gray felt about half the size, and the same shape, leaving a 1/2 inch white outline around the ear. Then with a hot … Read more

Giant Popsicle Props

Oversized Foam Popsicle Prop

Photos by Jylare. This craft is so easy it almost doesn’t even warrant it’s own post, but our launch party post was getting a little too packed! For our Summer-themed launch party with Albion Fit we quickly whipped up these oversized popsicles for the photobooth and they were a hit! If you’re interested here’s how we did it: To make these all you need are: Colorful foam sheets (we got the thicker of the two versions for this DIY), scissors, tongue depressors (found at the craft store) and hot glue! All you do is stack two identical colored foam sheets … Read more

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miffy inspired easter tote

Photos by Dear Lizzy. First things first, for those of you who have already seen the awesome blog, Everything Emily’s Miffy Treat bag, we are aware and we have been in contact with her about our twin posts. When we spotted her project online, our own Emily about died. Having been working on this post pretty much simultaneously, and completely unbeknownst to one another, we can now say whole-heartedly: blogging inception is real! Now for the post: One thing we’ve noticed the last couple years watching the boys hunt for Easter eggs is that they run around like maniacs collecting … Read more

DIY Lightning Bolt T-shirt

Lightning Bolt Shirt DIY

Photos by Jylare. We have a couple boys around here that are really fixated on certain things. Scratch that, all the boys. We all know Dash’s love for superheroes. The Rammell Brothers have really taken to Legos as of late, and Hayes won’t wear anything but the color red. For his birthday he asked for red pants, red shirts, red belts, red socks etc. etc. Boys sure are loyal! So, we’ve really loved being able to whip up quick DIYs for their clothes for when these passions strike. Here’s a super quick DIY to dress up their favorite color, to … Read more

DIY tea party set

Today marks our third color challenge with our favorite Vintage Revivals and crew! You can find our hot pink post here, and the gold challenge here, but today is all about purple! From the Orchid color of the year pick by Pantone, to the hot Spring hue of lilac, purple is having its moment for sure! How about a sweet dotted tea party set DIY? And a steal at less than $10! Here’s how we did it: First, grab a set of espresso cups from Ikea. They’re the perfect size for tiny hands, and $1.50 for a cup and plate. … Read more