monster puppets

You parents of school-kids, do you participate in their classrooms? We hear the PTA is no joke! We love being able to observe or join our boys anytime their being creative, so volunteering for their art time at school is right up our alley. This craft is a perfect project to bring for a big classroom. The supplies are super inexpensive and the kids love it! Here’s how you can recreate it at your own schools! You can purchase these Craft Foam Sheets at any craft store, then grab a bag of tongue depressors (popsicle sticks are a little too thin … Read more

BFF tee

BFF t-shirt

What would we do without our besties? (Is that word still cool? We’re rolling with it.) We are so beyond grateful for the good kids that our boys get to spend time with everyday. Whether it’s in our neighborhoods, at school, or a playdate, good friendship is such a key factor in a happy upbringing. When we were littler going into Claire’s a picking the perfect best friend necklace was basically a rite of passage for all best friends everywhere, so how about something for boys and girls? Here’s how you’ll do it: First, grab Freezer paper! Fold it in half … Read more

modern mudroom

Modern Mudroom

This post is brought to you by Valspar® Reserve™ exclusively at Lowe’s, find a store near you here. We’re back with the big reveal of our Modern Mudroom challenge! We wanted to create a space that functioned like a mudroom, but made only with paint. Each child has a “color” and inside that color is their space to hold coats, backpacks, homework, artwork and whatever else they need to grab on their way in or out the door. We painted matching stools for not only seating, but for a little easy shelf space! Check out this film made with Jenner Brown of Lumineux … Read more

modern mudroom: before

We have a super fun project in partnership with Valspar® Reserve™ paint to share over the next couple days! To fully appreciate the improvements made, we had to share the “before” situation. Unless you are one of the lucky ones with a mudroom designed and built into your home, you might share our same problem! When we tumble back into our homes after a long day, there is a definite spot where our belongings collect. Where papers and backpacks, shoes and socks all get dropped. We challenged ourselves to come up with a better plan using only paint as our tool. We flipped … Read more

ikea hack: book rack

After last week’s Ikea Hack we heard from a couple of people that they needed a better option for storing books. We all nodded along vigorously because it has proven challenging to keep our books looking neat and tidy, too! They usually end up in small stacks on the ledge in front of the bookshelf waiting to be filed back away. Luckily, Nicole had already solved this riddle with another genius Ikea Hack – their Spontan magazine racks! You can buy them in silver online, or white in stores. Or spray paint your silver ones white if you’re not near … Read more