Vase DIY

  Sponsored by Hint, get 20% off using SMALLFRY20 on their site here: drinkhint.com. Promo details at the bottom of this post!In my efforts to lose the last of my (now one year old) baby weight I’ve been kicking any thing and everything that might stand in my way, including carbonation for the last few weeks. (Lost 3 inches on my waist so far!) Upping my water intake proves to be challenging, but Hint to the rescue!Hint water is 100% natural, with no sugar or preservatives. It’s essentially water, with a Hint of flavor. Diet sweeteners give me a major … Read more

Crib Times Up

From what we hear, A LOT of you Small Fry readers are in the same phase with your little ones. That phase when they try to climb out of their cribs, scaring you silly. As much as we wish those crib years would last, our little ones all want a big kid bed eventually. And unfortunately, this always happens sooner than we’d like! Whether you are ready for one step up into a toddler bed, or ready to skip that and jump right into a twin bed, we have some of our favorites from the web right here for you. Oeuf … Read more

Recent Home Decor GEMS

As you know, Home Decor is something that is a passion here at Small Fry, and we have some real good finds this last while, and we realized we haven’t shared many of them! Here are some of Nicole’s favorite recent purchases. Enjoy! Butterfly Chair // Alexander McQueen Coffee Table Book // Living with Color Book // Platform Bed // Flatweave Rug // Hollow Out Chair // Cowhide Rug // Bench // The Finer Things Coffee Table Book 

nursery + decor shop directory

It’s here! We’ve been promising this post for a long time and we’re finally hitting publish! I am sure there are thousands if not tens of thousands of amazing baby shops and brands around, but here are brands we have used or worked with and can vouch for! Of course we’d love to add to the list so be sure and chime in in the comments if we forgot someone great! If I could tell you to start anywhere I would say LAND OF NOD or FAWN SHOPPE. Both brands do an amazing job of curating long time favorites and up … Read more