DIY wall hanging

By Emily. I think texture is my favorite thing to play with when decorating, especially with art and wall decor! I love seeing all the macrame wall hangings around, but knowing how quickly I get sick of home decor, I wanted to give it a whirl myself. So, here she is and here’s how I did it… [Loom Goods pillow] First, pick color scheme. I know cream is the norm, but I love a good pop of color! I have lots of oranges and pinks throughout my family room from this art piece from Karen Kimmel and my framed marbled papers … Read more

Family Chores with Cottonelle

By Nicole:   When Cottonelle reached out with the chance to talk about organization and team work in the home, we jumped on the opportunity. First, because of course we love the brand. Isn’t it the truth that some toilet paper brands REALLY are better than others? YES. Take it from us moms that wipe little bums for a living (wink. but sort of not wink) In my house, chores haven’t necessarily been implemented quite yet. Dash is 5 and Sunny is 3 and the only way I can get the dudes to help me is with a bribe. Well, … Read more

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fall-ify your house

I know you’ve already heard this from me, but Fall is in the air! Say goodbye to summer, and hello to September 1st! While we’re at it let’s cozy up your living space for the cooler weather that is approaching! It’s simple, with a few swap outs, your space will feel Fall ready. It doesn’t take much!  We teamed up with Maids.Com to show you how I do it each year, ready? First. Spring cleaning is NOT just for spring. I like to deep clean and de-clutter before all new seasons. Especially fall. We seem to acquire a lot of junk … Read more

confetti art

By Emily. My 5 year old Hayes is “project” obsessed. He loves working on things together whether it’s making cookies, folding towels, or art projects. It brings him so much joy I am always brainstorming fun and easy projects he can handle and we can tackle together. Cal usually ends up joining too, and I feel like the best mom in the world for a few minutes. Here’s an easy one we whipped up recently, confetti art! Here’s what you’ll do: First, you can always buy circular tissue confetti online. As usual I didn’t plan ahead so we ended up … Read more

the nighttime struggle

By Emily. I mentioned a few FRYdays ago that my boys are now sharing a room and bunk bed. For the most part it is going pretty well, but some nights actually getting them to sleep goes over about as well as a pregnant pole vaulter. Summer isn’t helping with it’s erratic bedtimes and incessant popsicle consumption and with school on our heels I am revisiting all I know about a bedtime routine. Here are some things I’ve picked up that are at least creating the illusion of control! Nightlights. water bottles, calming tunes and one accessory that I’m certain will save … Read more