Feed Me! Valentine’s Box

By Emily. Oh man, we’ve been laughing about this DIY since it was hatched. Hayes loves to be creative with me and plan out projects. We were talking about what kind of Valentine’s Box he’d want for his party at school and he worked this one out pretty much all on his own. It’s totally whacky maybe even a titch disturbing, but he and Cal are both so proud and can’t wait to show their friends, so really what more needs to be said? They can’t all be perfectly beautiful, sometimes they gotta be weird, too. So, with that, we … Read more

amazon, baby!

Our affinity for Amazon (Prime specifically) knows no bounds, and they have so many wonderful programs running to make your transition with a new baby even easier. Discounts on essentials like diapers using Amazon Mom, their new Dash Button – running out of wipes? Click the button and they’ll send it right out. So awesome. As we figure out what our new babies prefers we are constantly making trips to the store, which can be heartbreaking when you’re recovering, they’re sleeping, you have kids to tend to. We come to rely heavily on that quick shipping option! Here’s some of … Read more

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new year, new baby: organization

We’re back with our annual New Year, New Baby Week! A week of posts and giveaways dedicated to all you new mamas and your babies. Before we jump in here’s all you need to know about years passed. Since we’ve covered lots of ground, here’s what you might’ve missed. Fellow parents share their best advice*, birth stories (Little Green Notebook’s will blow your mind!), and insight from all sorts of things. Tips on breastfeeding and support for bottle-feeding. What it feels like to have Post-Partum Depression, how to start exercising again. and our favorite online friends share what they DIDN’T expect … Read more

oversized abstract art DIY

Oversized Abstract Art DIY

You guys already know about Nicole’s year of art projects, here’s our collective favorite so far and it took 5 minutes. Truly. Here’s how you can do it at home… Your only investment is going to be the oversized canvas. You can buy this size at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon and it’s totally reasonable! Or if you need it in a pinch a 35×47 size here for $57. Here’s when it gets really simple … Just grab a bucket of your favorite color paint and the small paint rollers like this. Fill up your roller as haphazardly as you … Read more

candy free valentine’s cards

Since we always find ourselves scrambling for a Valentine’s day card for our kids, we’re getting ahead of the game this year! We’ll be sharing our own DIYs throughout the rest of the month, but we had to share these amazing printables from around the web! Our kids love getting trinkets and toys as much if not more than the candy so here’s a head start with ideas we love! Even better, nearly all include a free printable to make your life extra simple! We love this DIY idea for cards and decor! Tape on a festive trinket of your … Read more