From hero capes to princess crowns to digging for fossils, Seedling has your kids’ interests covered! We have had so much fun with our kids working on our projects, and you know who else loved them? DAD! Sometimes when dad finally gets home from work, or has a free Saturday, it’s hard to work up the energy to plan an activity fit for him and the little ones. Well, we found the perfect fix-it for those days. We are so excited to share some of our favorites with you!Seedling is a flawlessly designed brand, originally out of New Zealand, that has encouraging … Read more

Cricket’s Circle

One of our most common questions via email is from expectant parents and they all ask the same thing: “What do I register for?” We’ve heard it from new and veteran moms and to be honest we wonder it, too! With so many new and long standing companies creating  innovative products, keeping up with it all can be daunting! We’re teaming up with Cricket’s Circle today to share our must have registry list! Did you know that there are SIXTY-EIGHT popular baby bottles on the market today? 68. Cricket’s Circle narrows each registry item to a top three popular choices … Read more

lost tooth favorites

It officially happened, our first Small Fry, Quinn, lost his first tooth. Make way for the awkwardly large adult teeth! With lost teeth on our minds we’ve been browsing the web for what traditions we want to accompany this milestone with our kids. Here’s what we found!The Tooth Fairy Door — How amazing are these tiny doors?  Spotted on Jaimee Rose, where she bought doll house sized doors and accessories and created a way for the Tooth Fairy to get into the house to swap a tooth for a present.  A second tradition we love is having the kids write letters … Read more

the laundress

This post is brought to you by the Laundress. Get 20% off 3 or more products with “SMALLFRY20″ at check-out! After we did a whole week devoted to Spring Cleaning we heard from lots of you that you hadn’t quite yet found your cleaning routine as far as products go. Usually whatever grabbed your interest at the cleaning aisle is what came home with you. We have totally been in that boat and it has only been since Small Fry times that we’ve all settled on our own favorite products. We’ve got another gorgeous product idea for you today and … Read more

yard organization

By Emily. For our last day of Spring Cleaning Week we are heading outside! We teamed up with Lifetime Products to take control of my overflowing garage and the answer was simple, time for a shed! The situation at my house is this: my husband is not only a contractor (tools everywhere you look) but he’s also a hobbyist mechanic and a sports lover. Our boys have bikes and scooters and toys and then we have those little things called cars to think about, too. We have amassed a ton of stuff and here was our answer.. Ride-on toys, sports stuff … Read more