winter water factory [giveaway!]

Winter Water Factory is here today with a fun giveaway to get you all set up for Summer! They make the most fun prints and the epitome of awesome play clothes. Every piece is simple and sturdy but also bright and fun! Here’s our boys rocking their Winter Water Factory around town these days: At the park and at Cubby’s in Ropes & Anchors, shopping with mom in Outer Space and touring the new Natural Curiosity Museum in Construction Electric Blue. And here are some of our favorites from their Spring/Summer line: Are you ready to win? Enter below and you’ll … Read more

glasses for kids [giveaway!]

Jonas Paul Eyewear

Brought to you by Jonas Paul Eyewear. Jonas Paul Eyewear makes the most darling spectacles and shades for children and we’ll be giving away a frame of your choice to TWO winners! But first, we couldn’t share Jonas Paul’s story without sharing a little bit about the company’s namesake, little Jonas himself: Story Behind Jonas Paul Eyewear from sprout: visual storytelling on Vimeo. These specs are stylish and sturdy and the passion and heart behind the company, two parents, is what made us fall in love with these little frames.  Since our boys don’t wear glasses (yet!) we wanted to … Read more

Albion + Small Fry Launch [giveaway!]

Small Fry for Albion Fit Swim Suit

We’re so pumped to finally be sharing our swimsuit line with Albion Fit today! The suits have been out for a week or so now and we’ve been itching to share all about the party and these awesome suits! We loved being able to share the evening with our lovely friends Brooke and Summer of the Girls With Glasses, who also had a line launch! We celebrated all things Summer, with giant popsicles for our photobooth props (DIY below!) and a Summer themed swag bag. [Brooke, Jenna, Summer, Emily, Liz the Owner of Albion Fit, and Nicole] We were able … Read more

bunny roundup

It may very well be the year of the Bunny. Bunny is the new cloud. Maybe that’s a little drastic, but we’ve definitely caught the bunny bug and found it in the most darling places:   1. Bunny PJs for her // 2. A bunny ear wearing Bully tee // 3. The softest cuddle bunny // 4.  A very hoppy Summer dress // 5. You can take this all the way to your bunny bank. // 6. A blouse version of that crazy cute bunny dress. // 7. A bunny pacifier, what will they think of next?! //8.  A classic as … Read more

FRYday : Emily


Nicole, our eternal optimist, is exempt from this but Jenna and I often joke that our Frydays are a touch depressing. When you are given one shot a month to analyze your feelings about the previous few weeks, it seems the failures and the road-bumps are the most vivid memories. Jenna asked on Facebook (you can still weigh in here!) what other topics you’d like to hear from us, and so many great suggestions were sent in. One reader asked what swim-suits we are buying for our kids and ourselves and so I took the liberty to take a break … Read more