FRYday: Emily

Now that we’ve split up our Frydays I feel like I haven’t chatted with you all in so long! I have so much on my mind so let’s get to it: WEARING: I have been such a baby about getting back to exercising. I know myself and if I go to a class I am gonna go all out and I won’t be able to walk for a week after. So, I’m trying SO hard to ease myself into it. Like 10 push ups a or walking hills with Raleigh strapped in this Linen Ergo. Loving these killer Pureboost Adidas, there’s … Read more

roco suits

One thing we get asked frequently is where to find suits for our boys! Whether its fora  special occasion, church, family pictures, there is nothing cuter than a tiny guy in a suit! Anytime we see cute brands we like to share and this UK brand Roco has such a great variety! First, they ship in these tiny garment bags. So cute! And now behold Hayes and Dash. They were being so cute, all we had to do was snap some pictures. Dash is wearing the black three piece suit. It comes with a vest, white shirt, jacket, pants, tie … Read more

vision council

In preparation for back-to-school season we’ve covered hearing safety and today we’re teaming up with The Vision Council and Eyecessorize to talk about vision safety and trends! If you’ve ever wondered if your kiddo might have vision issues they shared this list to help spot warning signs: [Polaroid Aviators] Squinting, closing or covering one eye One or both eyes turning in or out Constantly holding materials close to the face Repeatedly rubbing eyes Continued redness or tearing Family history of vision problems Tilting their head Difficulty keeping their place while reading or skipping lines Frequent headaches, watery eyes or dry … Read more

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puro sound labs

We heard some crazy sad stats from Puro Sound Labs and had to share today! 1 in 5 teens in the U.S. has Noise Induced Hearing Loss! Teen hearing loss up to 30% since mid 90’s 50% of people worldwide between 12-35 yrs old are at risk of NIHL due to increase use of portable audio devices (1.1 Billion people) And all of this is 100% preventable! When Puro Sound Labs shared this info we started panicking, because our kids are getting to the age where they want to wear headphones. Before this we probably would’ve grabbed the nearest ear buds but … Read more

fall transitions

This post is brought to you by Zappos. This month with Zappos we are sharing Fall Transition pieces. We love easy purchases that help update our existing wardrobes for a new season! Here’s what we picked, keep reading to get the scoop!NICOLE: It might sound like a silly transition but walk with me… Summertime I wear the largest sunglasses possible. We’re all worried about wrinkles, right? I feel a little bit more protected from that harsh sun with that extra coverage. As soon as it starts to cool down and the sun isn’t so strong, I pull my more minimal … Read more

Mama & Little

Mama & Little is a brand filled with darling jewelry for Mama that is safe for her Little. All their pieces are silicone and easy on teething gums and their signature cording makes sure your hair doesn’t get stuck in the necklace. Genius! We styled our favorite piece “The Teresa” from their line for day time, night time and everything in between. DAYTIME: What is going to happen to the off-shoulder trend when it gets cold? We don’t want to find out, we’ll cling to this as long as possible. We love it with overalls because it sort of offsets the … Read more

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#nsale – Men’s!

You thought we forgot you guys? Never. Here’s our favorites from the men’s section: And the sale goes live for everyone tomorrow so catch our favorites from the whole week here in case you missed it! GIRLS // BOYS // WOMEN //  WOMEN ACTIVE // HOME // BABY + GEAR  

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Nordstrom Sale – Boys!

Back at the Nordstrom Sale again an this time we’re sharing our picks for BOYS! We’ve broken it down to back to school pieces that you’ll both love and as well as special occasion items. BACK TO SCHOOL Fall favorites, great fitting pants, all the best shoes (Freshly Picked moccs $40?!) your guy will walk the halls in style with any of these deals! SPECIAL OCCASION They have three amazing winter boot options. SOREL $35 off! // HUNTER $40 off! // BOGS $30 off Winter Coats at a discount you know you’ll need eventually, so grab now! // A friend told us she buys … Read more

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Nordstrom Sale – Women’s Picks

Now, we’re certain you could find a blog or two that has highlighted all the best deals from the Nordstrom Sale – so instead of doing that we’re going to pare it way down and just show you what we would (and did, bye bye paycheck!) actually spend our money on. Investment pieces all the way down to killer deals, the common thread is that we love it. ACCESSORIES We’re loving all the bucket bags, beautiful watches, amazing deals on Marc Jacobs sets, and of course hats galore for Fall! Oh and don’t forget the belt that every Kardashian/Jenner has been … Read more

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We had a couple really cool days here in Utah and it got us so excited for Fall! We love Summer of course, but needing to wrap up in a blanket does have its charms, too! Today we are sharing a new-to-us company, Humbleweave, that makes the most amazing knit blankets for babies on up! They’re offering 10% off all products all week long 13th-18th, just enter SMALLFRY10 at check-out! You can see how thick they are from these photos, but the best part is they are so soft as well! Check out our favorites for baby and home! This … Read more