one lucky roundup

st. patricks day for kids

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful weekend, we’re thrilled to gain an hour of sunlight, although we’re definitely not going to be on time anywhere today. To help ease us all into a new week, here are some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day finds across the web. 1. Cozy striped pajamas via JCrew. // 2. A gorgeous and colorful rainbow flip book via Target. // 3. A sweet dream-filled tee from Peek Kids. // 4. A lucky charm to send with your little one everywhere they go. // 5. Pot of Gold moccasins via Freshly Picked … Read more

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Everyday Mamattire

Everyday Look | Small Fry

We sent Emily over to Say Yes to share her favorite everyday “Momiform” or Mamattire as we’ve coined it here on Small Fry, as well as her thoughts on style as a mom.  Check out the post, but first, hear all about Jenna and Nicole’s looks as well! It’s funny how the three of us shop at pretty much the same stores, even buying a lot of the same pieces, but we put them together so differently. We all have our own voice and that translates into our everyday attire as well as what we feel comfortable in day-to-day. JENNA: I … Read more

love day duds

valentine love duds

We think we found the sweet spot, close enough to the actual holiday that retailers have already started discounting, but far enough away to still get it shipped to your house in time. 5-7 Business days is usually safe, right? Here are 14 of our favorite Love Day Duds from around the web, and even better, most are general enough to wear all year ’round! 14 for the 14th, you might say. (1.) Love Wink T-shirt from Po.P $28 (2.) A light up Valentine’s Day card via Louis B $7.95. Literally, it lights up! 3. Mini Boden Striped jumper $34 4. I Love My Mommy tee $8.00 (5.) Neff Flava … Read more

kira kids

kira kids clothing

If you’ve seen any of the Small Fry boys around town you already know Kira Kids has become a fan favorite around here! They sent us a care package to check out months ago, but literally every time we got together to shoot our posts, everyone’s shirts were in the wash. They’ve been worn and re-worn, slept, played, and truly lived-in. The tees and sweatshirts are made out of super soft cotton, and the graphics are perfect and here’s why…  Kira Kids has bridged the gap between what we as parents like to put on our kids, and what our … Read more

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Small Fry Films ♡ JCPenney

Are you on-board the JCPenney love train? Their brand revamp a few years ago has converted us and we were so excited to work with them with their exclusive Joe Fresh collaboration! For the longest time JCP felt like our little secret, but the more we share “Oh it’s from JCPenney!” the more we realize, everyone thinks it’s their little secret, too! Here is a little stop motion created by Jessica Peterson (she shot over 400 stills to get thirty seconds!) The back story with this film is so sweet. These two have been inseparable best friends since they were tiny! Their moms brought … Read more

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