Small Fry Films ♡ JCPenney

Are you on-board the JCPenney love train? Their brand revamp a few years ago has converted us and we were so excited to work with them with their exclusive Joe Fresh collaboration! For the longest time JCP felt like our little secret, but the more we share “Oh it’s from JCPenney!” the more we realize, everyone thinks it’s their little secret, too! Here is a little stop motion created by Jessica Peterson (she shot over 400 stills to get thirty seconds!) The back story with this film is so sweet. These two have been inseparable best friends since they were tiny! Their moms brought … Read more

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mad for plaid

When we asked everyone via our Facebook page what you’d like to see more of, fashion and style was the most popular answer! We love it too, so we totally get it. After 30+ posts in our Head to Toe series, our boys are, understandably, over modeling. So, we’re excited about our fashion round-ups this year, having more flexibility to add girl’s clothes, and the boys excited about the break! We’ll be picking from our favorite trends, upcoming holidays and special occasions, and of course, if you ever have a concept you’re in the mood for, just let us know! … Read more

bergies, go sockless!

Can we get real for a minute? Boys can be smelly. There we said it. Parents of boys know that one specific odor after they’ve played outside, the mixture of metal and sweat, (are you nodding along?) Some boys are more so than others, that we can confirm now each having two of them. Even our best smelling boys have that one pair of shoes that we’d sooner throw out then experience again, so when we got an email from Bergies, today’s sponsor, we were instantly intrigued. After trying them out we were even more excited, because they work! They … Read more

bundle up gear

bundle up gear for kids

As we mentioned Monday, we have a couple more months of Winter, so we’re still looking  for cute finds to bulk up the kids’ Winter wear wardrobe. With some awesome post-Holiday sales, we’re even buying for next year! Here’s some cold weather gear that’s caught our eye in every price range for boys and girls. FOR BOYS: 1. Quinn has this leather and camo coat and it is so awesome in person! // CAROUSEL NY 50% off [$76] 2. Felt-lined Sorels, because Sorels.  // JCREW [$75] 3. Snowsuits are so underrated! There’s now way snow is getting in anywhere on … Read more

happy christmas, small fries!

The best day of the year is here! The anticipation is always better than the actual event, don’t you think? Our boys could not be more excited and they’ve been so good this year, it’s going to be so fun watching all the surprises unfold! We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year, we’ll be back January 1st with a whole new year of adventure. We wanted to leave you with a few lines from a favorite Christmas song, which wraps up how we feel about the reason for this season and makes a cry … Read more