play it safe

As you all heard last weekend I took my boys to Old Navy‘s Play it Safe event in tandem with their huge kids + baby sale! As hard as I try to impress safety on my kids hearing it from firefighters, police offers, doctors and nurses has a little bit better effect. šŸ˜‰ Just wanted to share a bit from our experience if you’d like to see! Old Navy brought in experts from so many incredible fields to teach the little ones (and parents too!) Like a local nutritionist to share how to be healthy and healthy snacks to enjoy. … Read more

jojo maman bebe

It has been raining on and off here for three days straight and is giving us major United Kingdom vibes. In the spirit of making this much needed rain work for our kiddos we wanted to share our favorites from UK based Jojo Maman Bebe! Perfect classic pieces that will stand the test of time. And now they have a site for US shoppers! If you’re like us and need major inclement weather friendly pieces they have such a great collection of outwear and accessories! Wouldn’t be UK inspired without wellies! Perfect classics for a great price. // Happy mittens … Read more

case for the waist

By Emily. I was getting dressed one day this Summer and realized how many tops I had accumulated that were just a little too cropped after laundering. Where I would have to tug and pull and not life my arms for any reason or my stomach was out. That alone was reason enough to find a everyday high-waisted denim. Something I could wear with any shoe and basically take over my standard skinny pair and work well with all these shrunken tops! H&M DarkĀ // BlackĀ // FlareĀ // MadewellĀ // CofH Grey DistressedĀ // Topshop I have and love high waisted flares, but they … Read more

forever white

By Nicole. Sheets, comforters, towels, underwear. At our house, it’s all white. On top of which, 75 percent of my wardrobe is white! It’s a bad, bad habit. One of the things readers ask most about is how do I maintain them all! Keeping all of these bright whites – bright white – becameĀ even more of a challenge when my family began to grow, and babies started to help me get things messy. I found that throwing out my whites wasn’t going to work for me. I love them too much! So instead, I started to explore laundry detergents.Using certain … Read more

fall hats!

By Nicole. Yes, I’m still talking about my love for fall fashion. And I’m no where near through. I wear hats all year long, to block my face from the sun in the summer, to keep my head warm in the winter, but in the fall, it’s mostly just because I love a good fall hat! Here are my favorites that I have purchased for this fall for me, and for my kids. Note, these kids hats are totally unisex! JUST as cute on the little girls as the boys. And if you are with me, doing the kids hair … Read more