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Appaman Washable Suit

Photos by Lindsey Orton. Holiday Best is perhaps our favorite topic to research for Threads. Seeing our boys all dressed up in their suits and ties, or their cozy sweaters and slacks, nothing is cuter. We’ve found suit shopping for little guys goes two ways: cheap, itchy, piling fabric that wears well once, or expensive high quality dry-clean only fabric that makes it hard to purchase knowing it will be too short and too small in a matter of months. Even still we tend to lean toward the higher-end selection knowing that big brothers have little brothers, and little brothers … Read more

holiday gift guide: for mom

We love putting these together for everyone on our list, but sometimes mama’s gotta get a little something-something, too! Here’s our picks: 1. There is something so nostalgic about rose, it’s a scent we attribute to our grandmothers, but when we found this Olivine Love + Roses body mist and read all the benefits, we see why our Grandmas made rose a part of their beauty routines. This is hydrating, anti-aging, a mood lifter, and so many other things. Read all about it here. 2. Williams-Sonoma’s GoldTouch line is so gorgeous. Gold bake ware! Not only is it gold, but … Read more

shine on

We love Crazy 8’s new campaign, Shine On, which is all about celebrating individuality and what makes our kids special. They asked us to share the one word we’d describe our big boys and some outfits that help them be comfortable in their own skin, and here’s what we picked! QUINN: Maybe the best word to describe this kid is ADVENTUROUS. He loves the thrill of life. Whether it’s finding the best shrimp taco, riding the fastest roller coaster or swimming in the ocean searching for sea creatures, he’s always happily looking for the next fun thing to do! Being … Read more

holiday gift guide: for dad

Are you all shopped out yet? We hope our gift guides and collections for the biggest shopping weekend of the year were helpful! We still have a couple gift guides to go and next up might be the hardest on our list: for daddy-o! All the men in our life are the types that if they need something, or want something they will usually just buy it. So once the Holidays come around we have to listen extra carefully for something special that they might like. Here are 9 picks that fit the bill! 1. Man Cans are so clever with … Read more

online gift swap

The season of gift-giving is upon us and we are so excited to be partnering with Zappos, who as far as we’re concerned has perfected the art. We have vivid memories of ordering from their site even in high school (eons ago!) and them being the absolute trailblazers in speedy shipping and easy returns. Their site has expanded so much since then, and it’s so much more than shoes! We love their gift guides this year to help us hone in on just what we’re looking for quickly.They gave us the opportunity to do an online gift swap where we … Read more

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