nena & co. giveaway! [closed]

Congratulations to Kimberly for winning this giveaway! A few weeks ago we had sponsor Alejandra from Nena & Co. over so she could show us her line of repurposed leather bags and share her love story for Guatemala. These experiences are such a blessing for us because we learn so much, it opens our world view, and we create new relationships we might never of have the chance to. We interviewed Ale and here’s what she had to say about how she has bridged her roots and heritage with her modern-day fashion-forward business. 1. Tell us about Guatemala! “For me, … Read more

happy thanksgiving!

It’s finally here! The most anticipated meal of the year. We are all hardcore traditionalists when it comes to Thanksgiving, yet we each celebrate very differently. For Nicole’s family it’s Sunday best, formal china, and a kid’s table. For Emily, each person contributes a dish, but the meal is comprised of recipes from her Great Grandmother and to stray from them is strictly prohibited. For Jenna her mom makes the meal with the help of her kids at her sides and it’s the one day a year her dad doesn’t wear a suit and tie. Football is on the TV … Read more

no sew leather upgrades

With leather being such a huge trend this Fall, we have been excited to incorporate it into our kids’ wardrobes! Our local leather supply store has two huge scrap bins and they sell  any of the hides, finishes, and weights at $10 per pound. With small details like these, you’re only going to spend about $5 total! We tried out four easy no-sew leather upgrades to add a little something extra to our favorite Fall staples: LEATHER EPAULETTES // Adding a simple strip of brown leather to the shoulder seam of your favorite denim, plaid, or flannel top makes it feel … Read more

sage & harper

Today is the day! The collaboration we hinted at last week is finally live and for sale starting today on Brickyard Buffalo! and we’re so excited to share the details. Ali Fenlon, the designer and seamstress behind Sage & Harper has been sending a portion of her shop’s proceeds for quite awhile to Pound the Pavement for Parenthood (a charity that sponsors couples struggling with funding their adoption or In Vitro treatments) the amount of good that both of these groups are doing is so inspiring and we feel so blessed to be able to jump on the bandwagon with … Read more

lily jade giveaway [closed!]

Congratulations to Michelle Redd for winning this giveaway! Today we have a giveaway (and 20% code!) from one of our sponsors, Lily Jade! Lily Jade makes the most gorgeous bags for moms. Each of the styles has the included “baby bag” organizer which includes sixteen functional pockets and an easy-to-clean, detachable inner, you can use your bag for baby, then simply slip out the insert with its contents, to become a beautiful tote for Mom’s independent days out alone. No unzipping required. Genius, right? We had local friend and blogger, Stacey style the gorgeous leather Caroline bag for three occasions, to … Read more