dusen dusen

Just wanted to share this shop that brings me endless inspiration and happiness. Started in 2010 by Ellen Dusen who resides in Brooklyn, NY, every bed set up makes me swoon. For how much time we spend in our beds, I think this is one area that deserves a little splurge! Way to go Dusen Dusen. Check out their clothing line, too!

weekend deals

Man, I can’t quite get myself back into the swing of things after the shooting in Vegas this week! Anyone else feeling totally out of it? I figured the best way to help me snap of out this funk is to just take a step back into my normal direction. Here’s some (perhaps superfluous) sales I spotted this week as shopping always cheers me up. 😉 SALES! Jcrew has 40% off some new arrivals! For those who asked about my lightweight rainboots last week – they’re included! (The one below that says a picture should be there X) Grab your … Read more

trend watch: track pants

I don’t know if this trend was big in the Spring, I didn’t notice if it was, but I sure am noticing it now! Whether it’s a casual track pant or a formal tuxedo pant or something in between, this pant is so fun for Fall! So here’s 9 ways I spotted and loved it.I loved this outfit so much I had to recreate it. That doesn’t happen often for me, I am usually trying to make it my own. But this one was too good:Pretty blatant copyage here, yeah? Rue Collective // Gucci Sweatshirt Girl // Ray Dennis // … Read more

happy mail!

Sponsored by FabFitFun – get $10 off with “SMALLFRY” here! FabFitFun sent this fun box last week and I took the last bit to try everything out and share my thoughts for today’s post! Their Fall box retails for over $350 but you can get it for $49.99 + my $10 off coupon. So $40 for ALL of DIS, ready?  Mer Sea Scarf – no lie this is the softest material I have ever felt. This is a GIANT cozy scarf that also doubles as a cuddle buddy for your bed or a blanket or pillow for a flight. (Retails … Read more