forever white

By Nicole. Sheets, comforters, towels, underwear. At our house, it’s all white. On top of which, 75 percent of my wardrobe is white! It’s a bad, bad habit. One of the things readers ask most about is how do I maintain them all! Keeping all of these bright whites – bright white – became even more of a challenge when my family began to grow, and babies started to help me get things messy. I found that throwing out my whites wasn’t going to work for me. I love them too much! So instead, I started to explore laundry detergents.Using certain … Read more

fall hats!

By Nicole. Yes, I’m still talking about my love for fall fashion. And I’m no where near through. I wear hats all year long, to block my face from the sun in the summer, to keep my head warm in the winter, but in the fall, it’s mostly just because I love a good fall hat! Here are my favorites that I have purchased for this fall for me, and for my kids. Note, these kids hats are totally unisex! JUST as cute on the little girls as the boys. And if you are with me, doing the kids hair … Read more

sandal transitions

By Nicole. The second I feel fall in the air I go shopping. Who’s with me? Pulling out jackets, sweaters and boots is the best. However, the weather tends to fool us sometimes, at least here in Utah! One minute it’s hot and the other it’s chilly. Too hot for the boots, but I can’t help it with the fall colors, leather, and layers. A little bit more moody and dramatic, and textures that play to our Autumn preferences. Here are some sandals I’ve found that have helped me stay cool as we transition into our lovely fall wardrobes. And here … Read more

Nenu: Small Fry Approved

By Jenna:   We’ve entered that stage in baby life when! It’s exciting, horrific, stressful and an adventure!! Since our last two babies were three and a half years apart, lots has changed in the baby toy/teether world so I’ve been on the market for new ones to add to Lolly’s collection. I came across these teether by Nenu and I am absolutely obsessed with them. Is it sad or awesome to be excited about teethers? I think it’s just called #momlife. These little guys are SO darling, inventive and GENIUS. The size and hardness of the teether is meant … Read more

A Boho Back to School

It’s the last day of our Back to School Fashion Week! We’ve loved rounding up some BTS necessities and we’ll be posting more finds throughout August as well. We wanted to share one more shop this week, These Are the Days! They are breaking the mold and curating pieces from small shops from around the world. We love the variety they bring to kids fashion and wanted to share some favorite pieces! With the commercialization of Summer festivals like Coachella and the like, boho has started to get a bad wrap. It has become almost a costume, but what about … Read more