prime day 2019: for you

PRIME DAY for ME. Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday.


BEAUTY: #1:: $15 Stila Eyeliner. My favorite favorite. BUY THEM ALL!!! // Bioderma Micellar Water $5 off and I use this everyday. // Elemis Marine Cream – this a cult favorite and 30% off!! Still pricey but I’ve never seen it this cheap!

Have you noticed the 3 barrel crimper making it’s way back in style? Those crispy unbroken curls were a staple at my high school but I think they way I see them styled now it loads better. Beachy texture in a hurry! There’s a few deals on crimpers this one is 30% off and the best rated.

Wet Brush is a must have for sure. I love the small ones for in my bag or car and the big ones for in the getting ready drawer. 30% off today!

Loreal Luminous Mascara is one I always find myself going back to. It’s such a staple and never fails me. 3 pack for 30% off!

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black perfume is SOOOO good. Nicole got me hooked on it years ago. 30% off!


7000 4 star reviews. OKAY I SEE YOU. This is the famous Manhattan Winter coat that everyone has. Grab it for 40% off!

Levi’s are all discounted today as well! 721s are super flattering and I’ve seen them on several friends / body types / heights!

Lacoste is 30% off, always love a little bougie baseball cap to make me feel more put together when we all know that hair needs to be washed. $30. They also have some pretty cool bedspreads in the deal. Love this striped set for a boy’s room!

HOME + OUTDOORS: Bissell’s Steam Mop is a new purchase for me this Summer. It is such a great one to have for tile or hardwood. Doesn’t soak it, buffs it perfectly with no lines or streaks and my kids LOVE it! $69

SO cute! Modern Planter on black stand 30% off // Beach Umbrella (lots of colors!) 30% off // 4 Person Tent $50 // You guys know I love my Hoover Smartwash for carpet cleaning! It’s 40% off today! I think it’s a must for keeping carpet looking great.

Mortar and Pessle – 40% off. Functional but also pretty for shelf styling.

This lens has been on my list for years. So happy to see this deal! 65% off and $70. 50 mm is so great for portraits which I shoot a lot of the time but if you ever need a wider shot — this one is a must!


prime day 2019: toys

30% off Adidas Soccer Balls (and slides and clothing and gear!) // Farm 45% off  // Guess Who? Game $8 // Monopoly Deal is 45% off and $7// Block Sorting Game 45% off and $8// Hape Alphabet Puzzle 50% off // Ball Popper $22 (not the cutest but will get SO much play time, kids of all ages love it.) // 65% off Chewbacca Toy – interactive and worth stashing for Christmas. //  Modern Play Kitchen $20 off //  TEGU Magnetic Wood Blocks 50% off // 30% off this enormous doll house // FAO Tool Bench 60% off  // 30% off Kidcraft Kitchen // Hotwheels Crash Set // Toy Grocery Cart 36% off

So many 40% off deals for Honest and Babyganics and more but you get the deal for signing up for subscribe and save. If it’s worth it to you set your recurring time to 6 months or something so you have time to see if you like it all! WE LOVE this bubble bath and is definitely worth having sent on auto. Aquaphor is 40% off no strings attached, so check that out for sure!

Summertime New Finds

Living in Utah, we spent the winter dreaming about getting our kids outside to play! We accumulated a few dreamy new toys we have been so excited to put to use, and we would be selfish not to share! Summer, we are ready for you!


Bunch O Balloons are literally blowing or minds! We found these this spring and are DYING for summer to hit so we can really get into them! The attachment hooks to the hose and it fills dozens of balloons with water at once!

Inflatable Unicorn, just cause, how amazing is this!?

Dash and Sunny have been using Swim Fins already in their heated pool. It help float them on their tummies and are really improving their swim skills, on top of feeling like real life sharks!

Geyser Blast Sprinkler is thrilling! Who needs the splash one, we have one in our yard!

Garden Set, because what kid doesn’t want to be like dad?

iBert Front Child Seat isn’t new to us, but has been a staple ever sine our first little small fry was old enough to hop in! It is by far our favorite bike seat we have found, and the kids LOVE riding in the front of the bike.

Nutcase Kid Helmet has SO MANY designs, our kids love them. None of us own this exact print, but we are dying over it!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint..PAINT! How genius is this?

Micro Scooter‘s are also not new to us, but they have been the MVP of our life since Small Fry #1 could walk. You can also find all Micro brand items on super sale under their warehouse deals tab here!

Jungle Jumparoo, I meannnn, just check out their site and videos. It speaks for itself. HEART EYES!!!


3 Easy Salads

This post is sponsored by Huhtamaki, Inc. Makers of Chinet® brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Warm weather is on its way, and one fun thing my friends and I have done for years is a recipe swap! Everyone brings their favorite salad recipe, we try them all, and then we have a new set of recipes in our arsenal! It’s so fun and also a really organic way to get to know new friends or neighbors! When preparing for any quick get together, Chinet® Cut Crystal® collection has me covered with their line of pretty plates, cups, and cutlery as the base for these tasty salads. These stylish Chinet pieces enhance the beauty of fresh food, and the durable plastic stands up to my enormous portions. 😉 I’ll put the recipes at the bottom of this post for you to use at your next recipe swap!

3 Easy Salads for BBQ

  1. Watermelon Skewers. You’ve likely had a version of this as a salad, but I thought it would be fun to try it on a stick for an easy appetizer. All you need is cut watermelon, finely chopped basil, feta cheese and balsamic glaze (you can buy glaze pre-made!!). Then, stick a toothpick in it and you’ve got an easy bite of sweet watermelon, salty feta, tangy balsamic and fresh basil.
  2. Panzanella is a salad of mediterranean flavors and crusty bread! I’ve found the bread can get soggy in a hurry, so I leave it out when I’m entertaining. It’s so tasty and a delicious way to get all those veggie servings in! Just takes some chopping and assembling!
  3. This pasta salad can stand alone as a meal; it’s hearty and filling. And my favorite comfort food. I make a huge batch each time I have a baby; it tastes good warm or cold, and it lasts for several days!

I love how the Chinet Cut Crystal collection goes together so everything feels intentionally streamlined! The clear design and elegant swirl pattern perfectly match any theme or decor! They have both the dinner plates and dessert plates, cups and cutlery.

3 Easy Salads for BBQThe Chinet Cut Crystal cutlery even comes in a host-ready container so you can transfer from the store right to your table. Of course, it’s disposable, which makes a picnic, BBQ, or dinner with friends a breeze!


Chop three colorful peppers, a seeded English cucumber, then halve cherry or grape tomatoes (1 cup) and kalamata olives (1 cup.) Then, make the dressing! I do 1/4 c of red wine vinegar, 1 tsp of a dijon mustard, 1 tsp of kosher salt, 1 tsp of pepper and at least a clove of chopped garlic. I often put in 2+ because I love it! Mix those ingredients together, and then whisk in 1/2 cup of olive oil. Dress the salad, and then top with feta cheese.

Pasta Salad:

Cook (or buy a rotisserie chicken) and cube 1 cup of chicken. Cook two cups of bowtie pasta, drain, and set aside. Chop a cup of celery, a cup of purple grapes (halved), drain a cup of canned crushed pineapple, chop 3 green onions, and combine all ingredients with 1 cup of coleslaw dressing. Top with cashews as you serve; if you toss them into the whole batch, they get soft over time.

Watermelon Skewers:

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is an assembly, but my tip for cutting watermelon is to cut the melon in half horizontally from the stem. Place it cut side down on your board and cut the rind off. Then, cut it long ways and horizontally about an inch wide. It will get you uniform cuts every time and it SO much faster!

Hopefully you can put these tips, recipes, and Chinet Cut Crystal collection pieces to good use this summer!


I had so many random questions online this week – Raleigh’s speech therapy, my hair clips, the mirror, our yard plans, and a few other FRYday things I thought I should jot some answers down for! Happy weekend ♡!!

CLIPS! I had so many questions about these clips, I hadn’t realized that Modern Piggy released them ONLY for Bijou shoppers and hadn’t released online yet, so I’m sorry to all of you that were looking for them! Good news today– the clips launch 5.3.19 at 9 am PST! So hurry and grab them! Ive been on the barrette hunt for months and they have the best color selection and the cutest patterns. Don’t miss out because I am sure they’ll sell out fast based on how they sold at Bijou!

RALEIGH + SPEECH –  I knew Raleigh was a little off track with talking for awhile now, but wasn’t sure what to do about it. It seems like (at least in Utah) there are early intervention programs for each county. So I just looked up ours and had them come evaluate him. They take the bottom 8% and he qualified. So he’ll be doing weekly speech sessions (they’re free!) in our home until he turns 3.

  • He qualifies for free preschool at my boys’ school
  • Will meet with their speech therapist as needed until he tests out.
  • Can ride the bus with the boys!

This is not something I was panicking about per se, he was making progress! Just slowly. Then there was about a month window where he didn’t add any words at all and that’s when I decided to call. I really just wanted to be sure I had the tools to help him! After testing they determined Raleigh has about a 6 month speech delay, and it’s solely in his expression. So they ruled out all other possibilities – hearing, cognitive, etc. Which is a relief and I’m glad to know! I’ve found the speech teacher’s homework for me to help Raleigh with, has been worth the effort alone. Once we meets his benchmark goals his file on speech is closed and doesn’t follow him. If he does however need more help once he’s in school the paperworks is all ready to go! I had a lot of questions about this so that’s my shpeel!

READING: The Sisters Brothers — If you want an actually funny fiction book — this is freaking funny. It’s like dark, Quentin Tarantino humor but I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I read it.

WATCHING: We started RAMY this week and I think it’s so good! Funny, heartwarming, eye opening, all of it. Obviously a lot of differences between the beliefs of Muslims and people of my faith, but similar in the sense that our traditions and religious practices are totally abnormal compared to how most of the world operates. I read that 50% of people are unreligious now, so religious folks are slowly becoming the minority. I think how they explore being amongst nonreligious peers is so fascinating and entertaining.

SHOPPING: The mirror finally sold out. HA! I can see how many of you bought off my link and I am shocked it lasted this long, to be honest! Maybe they’ll bring the price back down when they restock. #dreambig // ALSO! These sneakers are Commes de Garcon x Converse! I know some retailers still have them but otherwise they’re tricky to find. Check eBay and Poshmark first, I say! Then the culottes — H&M has a few colors and they’re the most comfy things ever. I want them all! They restocked as well!

Commes de Garcon x Converse

We have kicked our yard prep into high gear and I cannot wait.  So much of what made this move + build tick is what we could do with the land. Russ will be moving dirt for weeks (you’ve seen that happening a lot on stories already!) to create the flat areas for sod, a more slight slant of our side yard to the garden and kids play areas, then he is creating retaining walls – modern cement style – and then sprinklers. And THEN the fun stuff! I’ve been pinning inspiration to my board here, but I’ll share a few that really get me excited!

This house is actually 20 minutes from us but we have been super inspired by it! Love the mix of patio, grass, easy landscaping and that pool!#framefarme Yard Plans

We will be adding a covered patio over our master bedroom sliding doors! Since it’s covered I think a more decorated seating area makes sense here! How fun would swings be??#framefarme Yard PlansThe uncovered portion of our back patio needs a major outdoor entertaining overhaul. We grill basically every night all warm-weather season long and I can’t wait to have some seating outside to enjoy a meal! Folding chairs work just fine for now, but is this not a DREAM?#framefarme YARD PLANSLove the minimal vibes and shapes of all of these outdoor pieces. #framefarme Yard PlansThe majority of our land is on the side of the house and we planned the kitchen windows to look down on that area so we can have all the kids’ play things there! Tramp, swings, whatever! Of course Russ thinks a wiffle ball field is a must. #framefarme Yard PlansOne rad thing about where we live is that the government gives out grants for greenhouses! So fingers crossed we get approved for that this year, but garden dreaming has already began. We’ll be planting rows of fruit trees along the back of our property and then hopefully have everything else we want to grow covered! #framefarme Yard Plans

So inspired by this pool built into a retaining wall. Super sleek looking and it would block some wind as well!#framefarme Yard Plans   We planned for the dog and boot wash in our garage, but if I could re-do I’d just plan on having that outside. Bringing muddy boots anywhere near a home entrance has proven to be a bad idea, and I love a clean garage, so keeping it all separate is a must! I’d love to get an outdoor shower set up for rinsing boots and kids off! #framefarme Yard Plans


Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Mother’s Day is in two weeks and I have a fun new product launch that I know I would love to get! Jenna threw the most beautiful event with PMD Beauty a couple weeks ago for their launch of the new CLEAN PRO and I get to give one + a PMD Pro away today!! This combo is valued at $180 for the Rose Quartz Clean Pro and the PMD (Personal Microdermabrasion Device) is $180 as well! $360 for you to take home, share with a loved one, let’s do this!!I have talked a bunch over on this post about the PMD Pro and the Clean tools and specifically how they got me through a time we were very strapped financially. They pay for themselves within the first use (think of what we spend getting a professional facial!) I think they are the best investments for self-care and even better now because they’re 35% off! Use code “MOTHERVIP”!PMD PRO CLEANThe CLEAN PRO is brand new and I’ll shoot off some of the cool things it does.

-It has an Active Warmth technology behind a smooth Rose Quartz. The quartz runs cold on its own so it’s great for swelling and inflammation in the mornings. And then for nighttime you can fire it up and get your serums and oils at an optimum temperature! (How pretty is this picture below?!)PMD CLEAN PRO-Rose quartz has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory properties among other emotional benefits, is said to be the crystal of LOVE and also #pretty.  PMD PRO CLEAN

-The CLEAN has a very fine frequency of movement – 7,000 vibrations per minute! So as you move it across your face it can actually get in deeper to the skin as it separating down to the molecule. It breaks up dirt and oil and then the silicon covering is antibacterial! So you’re not trapping any of those particles to pass around later!

-I have found it SO amazing for my TMJ and clenching issues. I hold all my tension in my jaw so to give it a nightly massage in my muscles helps me reset each day!! On the flip side it helps tighten skin pores!

And here’s a few more pics of the event! It was GORGEOUS! Between Ashley Nackos florals, the beautiful Grand America setting, and we got spoiled with spa treatments after, too!

Obviously this was post-treatment, FEELING GOOD EMILY FRAME?!



PMD PRO CLEANHead to Instagram to enter!! @emilyframe


HEY-O! Are we all alive? I am in the thick of Spring Break with my kids and we, gulp, stayed home.

ANTICIPATING: We have Bijou Market next week (the handmade, vintage, curated show I run three times a year!) and every weekend after that we have a wedding at State House so we are wrapping up the last of our renovations — adding a kitchen, a bride’s room,  redoing all the bathrooms (and making one a big ol’ dressing room for the groom’s crew, more cosmetic changes, adding lights, sliding doors on the storage rooms, trying to decorate a bit and a few other things!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be done with this reno. Writing check after check really starts to hurt the soul but we are SO close!! So if you’re local and want to come see the space without having to set up an appointment come to Bijou!!


Did a quick little blitz online shopping trip to get some Spring faves I had been eyeing. I need jeans really bad, I’ve worn out several pairs this past year when I wasn’t shopping for new ones. Zara always fails me after awhile. They’re cute and comfortable but they RIP every time. H&M is just sturdier so I am hoping they pull through!

Here’s what we picked up – I’ll be sure to do a try-on on stories as!

And a few things from Zara. If their jeans aren’t form fitting or stretchy they last a lot longer, so hoping these will work for a wide leg option this Spring!

Jeans // My all time favorite TEE OF ALL TIME EVER. They add a few colors each Spring but get white and black for sure. Not see through, doesn’t cling or show sweat, washes wonderfully. // Pocket Tee “Shirt” Dress – Zara styling is hilarious and whack. I am hoping this works as a nice Summer dress, it sure seems long enough. Comes in several colors too! // Orange Mules – a little out of the norm for me but I needed an orange shoe option and a little feminine touch wouldn’t kill me, right? // These black ankle wrap thongs are SO pretty on the foot. Just an upgrade from you Summer flip flop. // I’ve been eying these boots since Winter and they’re $50 now! I can never find a brown boot I like — these would go with a girly dress or skirt, skinny jeans or a boyfriend fit. With an all black look to break it up.

LISTENING: Found Liza Anne and am obsessed. She’s so raw, but still upbeat. You wouldn’t know the lyrics were dark AF+ funny too without really listening. Small Talks is my fave. But with songs called Anxiety Attack, Paranoia, Fine but Dying — there’s something for every nut job. Give it a whirl!Liza Anne | Fine But Dying

READING: I am still stuck on a book club book FROM THREE MONTHS AGO. Trying so hard to finish so I can move on– it’s good (highest ratings ever) it’s just LONG. The Way of Kings you’re ruining my life.

But we were sent The Heart of a Boy and it’s such a sweet read. So happy when my boys pick it up and flip through. It’s all about reinforcing the good and wonderful things about boys, showing all types with all kinds of interests, abilities, outward appearances, struggles, illness, etc. Very cool!

alt summit 2019

Alt Summit was such a good time. So eye opening for me personally + in business and I hadn’t seen so many of my favorite people in the industry for SO long, catching up was amazing!! Just wanted to put a few thoughts down and share my links in one place!

Alt Summit Looks

My packing strategy was zero this year — I have been working on styling other people for Alt for the last couple months and didn’t have the time to even really think about mine. I knew it was going to be hot so I just stuck to dresses. And put one order in to Uniqlo because they do classic pieces so well. I bought all my favorite sandals – some bold lips, earrings and sunglasses and prayed they’d all go together. Ha! Also wore this sweet necklace everyday and it has gone with everything ever since, love it!Alt Summit Looks

UNIQLO – I bought all these dresses in a medium and could’ve handled a small. I never say that ever so that’s how big I think they run. Especially in yellow and mauve. White was fine but oversized still!

Yellow dress $30- pockets so comfy and its a full wrap so you’ll need a slip. Comes in a few colors! // Jean Jacket is Kayti’s @thebeyoutybureau // Sandals are old Zara and they were hot stuff a couple Summers ago so its not as easy to find but they’re all over Poshmark and Ebay! Heres a cute current pair! // Lip is Amalfi by Stila // Bag is also old Zara but have always loved this one!! — ALSO! Doing a sleek and messy top-knot tutorial on stories so catch that today if you’re interested!Alt Summit LooksWhite dress $20 – perfect easy shift dress. Its my favorite silhouette and I’d wear it in every color. A few colors on this too! // Old Stella dupes – mine were from a different store and I can tell these are different but they’re also the only ones I could find so check them out if you love!! // Amalfi by Stila lip // Similar wood bag //Alt Summit LooksBrown/Mauve Dress – This dress is gorg on and has pockets as well. // Criss cross sandals from Madewell just so happened to be the exact color. // Star Sunnies also the same color, deal with it. 😉Alt Summit Looks

My friends always tease me that I have a false sense of sizing. I ALWAYS go too big. But usually its how I prefer it. This sweater dress is for sure too big, but oh well!! Its old Ann Taylor and I got it at a FLEA! A clothing swap we do a few times a year at the venue! (Follow @bijoumarket because that’s where we announce new dates!) // Sunnies are Celine Lola dupes and from here!

Alt Summit Looks

Swimmer is Kortni Jeane!! I love the swing top and the ribbed dusty rose material is so modern and fresh! Bottoms are here. You can also find a lot of KJ options on Amazon ! // Sunnies! Alt Summit LooksMani! Orange and black on a ballet pink – almond shape!Alt Summit Looks

I think that’s it!! For the record Angelview Thrift was garbage. We laughed so hard at how bad it was, I took a rec from a very chic, enthusiastic local but I think she was punking me.


We ate out a ton and here are my highlight meals!

Cheeky’s – breakfast was better than lunch IMO but the chilaquiles were super good!

Bonita’s – get the double decker taco with carne aside. HOLY smokes.

Norma’s – best meal of the trip and we tried a million things. Everything was delicious, banana pancakes especially and I don’t even typically go for that.

Trio – pretty standard fare but all the dishes I tried were solid!

Cantala at the Riviera – everything was so bomb!

I wrote this post on IG about my experience with Alt this time around and was glad it resonated with so many of you. We really don’t give ourselves enough credit, validation or space to ebb and flow. It can’t be go go go all the time. I know this because I did it for years and I HIT.THE.WALL. I’m glad I still have some excitement here and there to post but am definitely not churning out content like I used to and that’s okay! It may change or it may not, but I’ll be sure to keep it real along the way. I so appreciate all of you for being here and always being so supportive. XOXO

5 Reasons to Go Full Tile

For the last topic I wanted to cover about our tile in our home I wanted to cover the most frequently ask question. Or maybe remark? In general people are very shocked to hear that we have tile EVERYWHERE, and we couldn’t be happier with it!:

You can see all our choices on a special Small Fry page on Marazzi’s site here!

Besides two places: the loft – which we did carpet (for sound absorption mostly slash against my will) and the toy room. The toy room is just sealed concrete for indoor scooter riding. #boymom

  1. THE ALTERNATIVES. We were pretty adamant about tile and that simply came from life experience and living with a slew of other types of floor covering. Our wood floors got absolutely beat up. You can only claim you’re going for a “weathered look” for so long. And you all know how I feel about carpet. I hate how it gets matted down and shows high traffic areas. I hate how it shows stains, and if you have pets? Oof, forget about it. I only have one carpeted room in my house and I feel like I have spent hours, invested in carpet cleaners, solutions, and old fashioned nagging to it looking semi-decent.Hoover SmartWash
  2. FLOODING. Having a basement and a well on our property, lots of groundwater and a history of flooding in our area made tile the absolute smartest choice for our basement as well. When we dug out our basement at the beginning of our build it filled with water. Our town is not incorporated with any city, we’re under County jurisdiction. So we don’t have gutters, sewers and snow run off is on the property owner to deal with. We had 1 day above fifty degrees this February and we didn’t know, but one of our basement windows was filling with run-off. By the time we realized (bless you Hayes) we had at least an inch of water in our bunk room. The window well looked like an aquarium, filled with water nearly to the top. The water leaked through the window and drywall and then down to the floor. We will need to replace the baseboards and do some drywall repair but guess what? That’s it! Floor is like new.Why Tile? || Small Fry
  3. KIDS. I’m not saying my kids are any harder on floors than another kid, but it sure feels like it. They’re constantly dragging furniture around for forts, running in with muddy boots, wrestling, jumping, spilling, stomping, scootering (not allowed but I know they still try to sneak them in — nanny cam!) Not to mention potty training, flu season, and anytime I pour them a glass of juice, ever. I am not necessarily any better. Stilettos, dropping dishes, rearranging furniture myself, we’re just really hard on our belongings. I can’t count how many times I’ve said or thought “so glad we have tile.” It cleans up right as rain every single time.5 Reasons To Go Full Tile
  4. DECOR. We of course want our kids to feel comfortable playing on the floor, and lounging, so we’re very big on rugs. But we haven’t had much if any carpet for several years before this, and it never stops them (or me) from playing on the floor. From a decor standpoint I love that I can bring in a new texture, color palette, and style with a rug. If I want to update a room it doesn’t feel like such a big investment to grab a new rug or swap with another room. If they get spilled on, they can easily be replaced. I love the freedom of knowing it’s temporary. Most of our rugs were under $150 and when compared with the cost of carpet and replacing carpet, it’s much more affordable over time!
  5. CLEANLINESS. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to take a mop over my floors and have them look brand new each time. The walls and baseboards might be showing signs of life, but the floors look so amazing still. Everyone comments on how it the Chateau Reserve doesn’t even feel like tile. It has a handscraped feel under foot. Has no slip to it and has that variety of wood but the hardiness of tile. It looks and feels amazing, but even more importantly I love knowing my floors are REALLY clean. They aren’t holding some bacteria, allergens, dust or some molecule way down some place I can’t reach. And my kids can get them clean, too!Why Tile? || Small Fry

We have so many different styles (see them all here!) of tile in our home, from ceramic, natural stone, trendy, classic, and of course the wood look tile that we loved enough to put it in 70% of our home. We were able to create variety, warmth, texture and style and it was all done exclusively Marazzi.

Spring Stock Up

This post has been sponsored by Healthy Essentials. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’ve got a pretty cool deal to share with you all today!! I know I say this prematurely every year, but it really feels like spring is on our heels. And with that, a new season to prep for. I always find myself stocking up with warm weather favorites, refreshing our wardrobes, deep cleaning, rotating the heavy quilts for lighter options and gearing up for being outside!

Johnson & Johnson is doing a special promotion that rewards you for stocking up as you normally would!

Get a $10 REWARD with your next $30 purchase (excluding tax) of participating Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies products. Keep your receipt and upload it online to qualify for a reward.

CLICK to redeem now!

(Offer valid 3/10/19 – 4/10/19. Reward must be chosen by 4/30/19. – Click above for full details)

Here’s a few of our family faves and I’ll list even more at the end of this post!

Band Aids and Neosporin. With three very active boys, we go through these like mad! I restock all our first aid kits for, and even an

easy adventuring pack for hikes, park trips or road trips. We put sunblock and sunnies in our packs, as well as insect repellent, antibacterial wipes, snacks, binoculars and our adventure journal where we can tape in cool things we find, take pictures, and print them on the go for memory keeping! And of course, plenty of Band Aids and Neosporin. We love the Band Aid Skin Flex because it moves with my busy guys!

Listerine Ultra Clean & Ready Tabs

are a new product I picked up that I am obsessing over! I have really busy work days and typically am not able to go home in between appointments. So when I pack for the day, I’ve gotta have it ALL! I’ve tried every mint on the planet (no gum for this TMJ girl), and so many of them left my mouth with that weird candy aftertaste in my mouth and fresh breath for just a minute or two. These Listerine Ready Tabs are the closest thing I’ve found that feels like you actually just brushed your teeth! They’re amazing. I don’t leave home without them when I have meetings, walk-throughs at the building, or am meeting Russ for a date. They’re clutch!

My bag essentials:

Johnson & Johnson recently reformulated their Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Wash and Shampoo so its even better, more safe, and gentler than before! I was so happy to hear that because its such a nostalgic product, and I’m happy to have it on my shelf again! This shampoo and body wash, their lotions, and other products all apply to the buy $30 get a $10 reward redemption offer!

Here is a list of all the applicable products you can stock up with!

Aveeno (excluding hair products)



Clean and Clear


Adult and Children’s Tylenol, Motrin and Zyrtec



Band Aid



Don’t forget—visit either on your mobile device or your desktop computer, enter your information, and submit the image of your full receipt by 04/10/2019. (Products must be purchased in-store. Online receipts will not be accepted.)