We’re over here in crunch time before we head to New York next week! No doubt lots of party prep ahead this weekend, but here’s what we’re thinking about:
I found this book a few months back when a friend gave it to another friend at a baby shower. Shout out to Annie (the best book giver) and Jenna (the mama to be, any day now!) I bought it for the design, like usual, but my kids have LOVED learning about the speeds of boats, tennis balls, planes, the earths orbit and more!
I find myself buying a new trench each fall. Silly, I know. But i always find a new one I love most. This one arrived this week just in time for the rainiest weather. I’ve loved it! // And just like a good trench, I always fall for leather jackets around this time. This fall, it’s this one owns me.
Listening: to this song on repeat. And this one too cause I CANT HELP IT. I just love me some Justin.
Okay, for decorating: my obsession for watercolor has reached the next level. So much color happening in my house. It’s therapeutic, refreshing to add more color to my white walls that typically don’t have much but blacks and neutrals for their decor. I feel liberated, guys! Join me!
I’m opening a new photo studio! It’s almost open, just adding the final touches and I can’t wait to share it with you all! pssss, it’s going to be open to a few of you photographers that want to shoot there with me! Stay tuned!
Feeling: Fresh faced with this face mask at night. You know me and night routines, and omggggg guys. I swear it’s clearing up my acne scars. Get on it!
Wearing: This top and this tunic. ON repeat all week. It’s still mega hot here so I’m not welcoming Fall fashion yet.
Worrying: About juggling everything. I always have a lot on my plate but it feels particularly heavy lately!
Anticipating: Our upcoming trip to New York with Munchkin and June & January. Some of my favorite people in the world are going and I can’t wait to connect!

WEARING: Old Navy producing some good stuff for me this Fall season! Adding plaids galore on the cheap. Here’s some items that I’ve picked up: Boxy top // Clogs (I have the t-strap but it sold out online!) Floaty Plaid Midi Plaid split midi // Plaid pixie pants // This pretty mesh back tank for work outs!

READING: I loved watching Call the Midwife on PBS and finally read the first memoir. I love learning about a time period in such an all encompassing way – from all walks of life and from many perspectives. Definitely a good read!

LISTENING: Nothing I love more than a new album release from a favorite band. I listen to it all the way through and then drag my favorites into a playlist for later. Metric (good!), Beirut (lovely) Beach House (let down).

WATCHING: I normally can’t deal with 1920s London settings, maybe it’s the accents and the dialect that have become overdone, but Peaky Blinders is legit. And I haven’t been this wrapped up in a love story in YEARS. Definitely gritty at times, but such a cool story about family above all else. Netflix (what else?) and only 6 episode seasons so it’s not overwhelming to dive into.

FEELING: Content. Absolutely nothing that was causing me stress is resolved, but maybe the control freak in me finally broke! Such a good feeling.

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jojo maman bebe

It has been raining on and off here for three days straight and is giving us major United Kingdom vibes. In the spirit of making this much needed rain work for our kiddos we wanted to share our favorites from UK based Jojo Maman Bebe! Perfect classic pieces that will stand the test of time. And now they have a site for US shoppers!

If you’re like us and need major inclement weather friendly pieces they have such a great collection of outwear and accessories!


Wouldn’t be UK inspired without wellies! Perfect classics for a great price. // Happy mittens // We died over this classic duffle coat. Such a sweet piece that is so well made you could send them out into a blizzard, happily. // Fisherman’s coat that has passed with flying colors in rainy Utah this week! // Isn’t this so Randy from A Christmas Story? Perfect little waterproof hat. // Mitten Clips so they never go far from their coat. // We love this quilted coat, still super warm but also moveable for playing outside.

And for under all that gear:


Their toy collection is so great, we loved this little giraffe pull // Travel sleep sack for transferring to and from without disturbing sleep. // Fox leggings // Ruffle bum tights, can’t help it! // So many breton stripe classics! This sweater, or jumper as the Brits call it, is too cute. // How clever is this toothbrush holder? // 5 Pack of perfect socks. // A little update on the classic stripe tee with flowers!

Shop it all at Jojo Maman Bebe

Pasta Revisited

By Jenna.

I am Italian so pasta is my LIFE. But, I’m also not naturally thin, so pasta is my nemesis. It’s the worst!! I’ve been trying to come up with a cleaned up alternative that I actually can get behind and finally came up with it after a few new product finds. This post isn’t in the least bit sponsored, I just want to share with you how to make a clean pasta that the whole family will enjoy!

pasta2I typically like to make my own marinara sauce but now that White Linen Marinara Sauce is in my life there’s no turning back. It has no fillers, no sugar (which is in pretty much any store bought marinara sauce), no tomato paste, just fresh yummy and healthy ingredients. You can find it in two packs at Costco, but also the monster 40 oz version is available on Amazon with free shipping! With options like this it cuts down my cooking time significantly and I don’t know that I’ll ever go back to cooking my own from scratch.

To pump up my marinara sauce I like to add grass-fed beef to make it in to a Bolognese. I also love to add veggies! They blend right in and the kids don’t even notice they’re in there. I love sweet bell peppers, zucchini and carrots. I typically grate my carrots and zucchini in to the sauce to make them even more incognito. Also adding fresh herbs like Parsley + Basil make it taste even better!

pasta1Lastly the noodles. I’ve tried everything. From zucchini noodles to quinoa pasta, in the end it’s just not the same. Nothing will ever beat a homemade pasta (I’ll share my recipe on that soon) but for a cleaned up version these Tolerant Foods Red Lentil noodles hit the spot. These babies are made of red lentils and are GMO, Soy, Dairy, Gluten and Egg free. It’s like some kind of miracle! And best of all they really are tasty when the sauce is done well. In fact I waited for my husband to notice…and he never did :)

If I hadn’t sold you on this meal enough–it was made in 20 minutes. And that’s just priceless.

Child’s Play

We have been long admirers of stylist Martha Hatfield and when we laid eyes on this beautiful Child’s Play shoot we had to share! Martha wanted to capture the innocence of childhood and sweet moments that aren’t staged but show each child for who they really are. We die over these sweet images shot by Jacquelyn Hayward:

Child's Play styled by Martha Hatfield Child's Play styled by Martha Hatfield Child's Play styled by Martha Hatfield Child's Play styled by Martha Hatfield Child's Play styled by Martha Hatfield Child's Play styled by Martha Hatfield Child's Play styled by Martha Hatfield Child's Play styled by Martha Hatfield Child's Play styled by Martha Hatfield Child's Play styled by Martha Hatfield
Styling: Martha Hatfield
Photography: Jacquelyn Hayward
Models: sisters, Swayzie and Eliza
Locations: Merrilee Liddiard‘s beautiful home and Squaw Peak, Provo Canyon
Children’s Clothing: BOHEM and Hum Stitchery
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la petite academy

the learning center

Child care is in our top 3 for conversation topics around here. It easily causes the most stress of being working mothers and we are in a constant state of streamlining and perfecting our systems! Every mother we know shares some level of this stress with us so anytime we hear of great options we are always excited to share them with you!the learning center
We toured the The Learning Care Group‘s, La Petite Academy which has childcare and schooling options from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm each day. They care for infants at 6 months all the way up to 12 years of age. Here are some awesome features we took note of as we toured.the learning center
 No TVs, anywhere. We couldn’t find a television, gaming device, tablet or phone anywhere in site. One thing that we often turn to in a pinch is screen time and we loved that when children are being cared for at the La Petite Academy they are having social and educational in person interactions from start to finish!the learning center
Flexibility. You can have your kiddos at La Petite Academy for 3 hours twice a week all the way up to covering for a full-time job. It can be irregular scheduling, when you just need a day off, or extra help during a holiday or busy time of year for a parent. They bus children to and from school, nap them on site, feed them delicious and healthy meals and as we saw firsthand care from them the way a loving family member would. Reading books side by side, making crafts, cuddling when they tripped and stubbed their toe.the learning center
Options. The La Petite Academy we toured was so large! It was filled with imaginative play stations, educational toys for all ages, playgrounds, sports courts, quiet rooms, nap rooms, and cubbies with special blankets and pictures of family for each child. There is so much for a child of any age to do there! Part of our conversations about child care is that we just want someone to love and care for our kids as well or better as we would do ourselves. We definitely go that feeling here!
We’d love to know for you parents, what system do you use for childcare? Do you have a regular schedule, sporadic help or is it all you and your spouse?

This post is sponsored by La Petite Academy. Visit to schedule your tour today.