best of: backpacks


RED: Jetpack backpack // Red NY pack

PINK: Pink with black straps // State Multi Red and Pink

ORANGE: Fjallraven – also if you hate the price Brickyard Buffalo has a super similar dupe for $25! Posted a pic at the bottom of this!

YELLOW: Legobag // Leopard // Mustard and Navy // Gold irridescent

GREEN: Herschel day pack // Dragon bag

BLUE: Denim patch // Legobag, made of water bottles! // Popcorn backpack // Skiphop Raccoon. Too many cute animal packs not enough years in my life!!

PURPLE: Herschel //

GRAY/BLACK: Gray with tan tipping // Plain black perfect for patching! // Cream windowpane // Space Backpack



Oh man it has been AWHILE since I wrote one of these. I have a bunch of small, unrelated things to share, so what better way? I’ll try to keep it in the old format so we don’t get lost 😉

READING: I have a Book Review post coming, I swear! My choice this month (Homegoing) has taken me a lot longer to finish this time around – I should be able to get it done by next week! The kids are still audio-ing and loving it.

LISTENING: Feist has a new album!! It’s very Feist-ish and a welcome release as I thought she was dead. Six years is TOO many years between albums. So far my favorite is Get Not High, Get Not Low.

EATING: I posted this on Instagram yesterday and had a few questions! This is a Mezze Platter which we had at a Lebanese restaurant a while ago. I think most Middle East and Mediterranean cuisines have their own version of this but its basically like a sample platter or charcuterie or cheese plate. Russ loves Greek and Mediterranean food so I knew he’d dig this for dinner and turns out everyone picked at it since there were so many options! Mezze Platter

Pita Chips and Wasa Crackers / Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Artichoke Hearts, Green Castelvetrano and Calmata Olives / Two types of Feta cheese / Salami (3 kinds!) / Tabouleh and Hummus. Just dip and go wild and it was so freaking good!


I have been sharing what I’m wearing everyday on Insta Stories for a few weeks now! t I am so glad some of you are loving it! Just a friendly reminder that I put up all the outfits I share on there on this page of the blog too so you can catch them later.

Also! Amazon brought me on to launch their new Spark section of their app! It’s an app-only feature where you can select your interests and see what other people are buying on Amazon in those categories and build a social network of sorts once you find people that fit your taste! Several times a week I’ve been sharing outfits, beauty, hair and makeup favorites, and more! You can share your own picks as well! If you’re on there let’s be buddies.

Posts like, CAR MUSTS:

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.39.55 AMThis Supergoop sunscreen pump is a Summer must. It makes one handed momming SO much easier. // Dryel laundry pen is 100,000 times better than the tide pen. Just saying. // Floss sticks // Sunnies

And GETTING READY IN A HURRY:Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.39.40 AMBobbi Brown brick // Rodial Skin Tint // Cashmere Mist Deodorant // Rose Tint

June and January has a huge Summer sale right now 40% off favorites!! We loved this Shorty romper for instance, such a steal! Raleigh has worn them all Summer long! (Also, hi Lolly!) That’s all for now, as always thank you for being here. Thank you for being so kind through transitions and encouraging. I am figuring it out and seeing where my strengths lie and blogging for 10+ years I’ve had to adapt quickly and I think we can make things great here once again!

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BTS haul

***COTTON ON – 20% off full priced kids “SMELLYALATER” (until August 17, 2017)***

What did we actually buy for Back to School shopping this year? I’ll tell you! And although I haven’t been blessed with a girl, I don’t discriminate so find girl looks at the bottom of this post! 😉 So here’s what they wanted to wear to show the internet!Back to School Shopping FindsHayes – Zara tee / H&M jeans / Nikes /// Cal – Cotton On Tee / Cut off shorts (DIY) / Natives

Strategy: Like most of you I go through the boys closets and figure out exactly what they need before we shop. Donate whatever they can’t use, and write down what holes we need to fill. Hayes being the oldest almost always needs to start from scratch each season. He is growing like a weed! Cal has yet to show much care toward clothes and is more than happy with Hayes’ old clothing, but he doesn’t like the same shoes, so he picks his favorites out and we get him a few fresh shirts he likes!Back to School Shopping FindsAlso I don’t go shopping with them. (Gasp!) They don’t value it or enjoy it yet, so I’d rather spend that time doing something we all have fun with and shopping in store always means they’re asking for something I don’t want to buy. Sorry Minion hat. So it’s all online and I show them a handful of options and let them pick from those. My kid fashion motto is “They won’t want the light up shoes if you don’t take them down the light up shoe aisle.” It sounds like I take it a lot more seriously than I do, but the gist is that you have more control than you think you do!Back to School Shopping FindsMy favorites are H&M for jeans (their two packs pictured on Hayes are such a good deal!), Cotton On for graphic t-shirts (2 for $20 deals like this!) and Zara for graphic tops and basics (their basics are so cheap but the best quality!) Old Navy does pretty good with basic tees, too! Zara tops last FOREVER and Cotton On’s aren’t as good but their price point is great and I die over the designs. These two were in our haul, so cute!cottononZappos for shoes. Their return policy is too good, they price match, and being a VIP (just ask them, that’s how I got to be one, ha!) means they come next day so it feels just as exciting for them as going shopping. Nearly instant gratification. Here are their picks:

Natives // Tanjun (I bought these for $37 so look out for deals!) // Natives for Cal, his fave! We’ll obviously need something more substantial for cold weather but this will be great until October!sgiesQuick fam pic!! What am I gonna do when they’re gone? Oh yeah, catch up on mountains of work. Work from home mom ain’t easy man!Back to School Shopping Finds   New Ergo OMNI 360 you can see it here!

We have seen some seriously cool packs this year but they died over Parkland MFG. and they were so nice to gift them. They have a ton of different shapes and sizes, from small packs, to duffle bags and weekenders. They are sturdy and look great! I’m just glad they didn’t ask for Pokemon themed this year, praise!!Back to School Shopping FindsHere are some other styles of Parkland I am loving! // Tie Dye // Orange with Blue Straps // Mustard // Gator Print //backpacks

Also snapped this after we finished shooting these pics. I choked up at the sight. I hope they always walk into school side by side. Man they fight a lot but they’re also the silliest, most chatty brothers around. They’ll be at the same elementary this year which is so fun!Back to School Shopping Finds

AND for the GIRLS!!girlsbts

Here’s what I’d put her in, if I had one. (Random popcorn pencil case here!)

SHOES: Ultra feminine ballet flats with jeans // Adidas in a neutral gray and pop of color ($40 down from $65!) // Lace up ankle boots for dresses and skirts //

DRESSES: Easy dresses for warm Fall days like this sleeveless button down dress // Gingham long sleeve // Fall plaid with a fluted sleeve//  A floral pleated skirt // This tulle covered patched up dress

PANTS: This burgundy color trouser is perfection with a perfect velvet bow detail // Jumpsuit ($12!) to keep her covered with all those cartwheels and hanging upside down on bars! // Jeans of course, these have fun detailing and the elastic waist so they should be more comfortable for sitting all day! //

TOPS: Stripes forever! Sweater with multi colored sleeves // Stripe jersey tee with tipped sleeves and pocket detailing ($7!) // Lace detail frilly sleeve top // This tie waist long sleeve comes in 5 colors and is such a great basic, not boring, just basic! // Another great detail on an everyday tee, this peplum top, and that orangey red is so good.


best of: school supplies

Best Of Series is back, this time it’s all about School Supplies. This post was so fun to research for, gathering all my favorite supplies was hardly work. Here’s a few darling things your kids will flip for!Best Of: School SuppliesLet’s start with the one everyone went crazy for this Vibe Squad Mini Tool Kit. Everything is TINY but functional. Best Of: School Supplies

Best Of: School SuppliesThis one is my fave: the Lunch Lines riddle book. This book comes with sweet little jokes and riddles that fold up into notes so you can stick one easily into your kids’ lunch and jot a quick note. [Also pictured: Skip Hop lunch box // Yoobi water bottle.]Best Of: School SuppliesAnd of course, a joke for you:Best Of: School SuppliesSee? Cute. Buy the book here!Best Of: School SuppliesNext up, the one my kids have fought over every single day since. Guess I should have gotten two! The avocado eraser and pit pencil sharpener.Best Of: School SuppliesMore favorites top to bottom. left to right: Yoobi folder // Compliment Pencils // Scented Erasers // Yoobi iron on patches // Meri Meri stickers // Avocado eraserBest Of: School SuppliesBackpack is Parkland which we’ll show more of tomorrow!