By Emily.

These opportunities are our very favorite here at Small Fry and we’re so grateful to Luvs for  sponsoring to making it happen! We reached out to you readers a few weeks ago looking for a deserving mama and boy oh boy did we find one – expecting TRIPLETS none the less! She’s going to need a lot of Luvs and we were grateful to be able to provide some of their Ultra Leakguard with NightLock Plus, because she’ll already be changing a lot of them, making sure that she’s not changing outfits due to leaks, too! On top of that Luvs users save $150/year and when you hear her story (the triplets isn’t event the crazy part!) you’ll know why Luvs is the perfect fit!

Want to meet her?#WhatULuvThis is Akam. Akam is sunshine in a tiny pregnant bottle. She’s 6 months along and having three lucky little ladies. Akam is from Cameroon and here on a work visa. Her husband needed to travel back to Cameroon to get some things ironed out with his own Visa and when he got there he was unable to come back. WHAT?!ALDI Part of his application process is delayed and they let him know it could take months, or even years. Akam lives here without family (but does have loving friends we met, like Esther pictured below) and is anxiously waiting for her husband’s return.#WhatULuv Having one baby without family or your partner would be hard enough, but Akam is having three! The very best part about Akam is that you wouldn’t even know she had a stress in the world. She is so happy, truly happy from within, and so sweet. We loved her the second we met her and were so grateful to help her with a little bit of her triplet’s needs. Luvs offers a money back guarantee as well, but their studies show that more second time moms choose Luvs over any other#WhatULuvOf course as soon as we reached out to some friends about Akam’s situation we were able to gift her with some fun extras! Passy Clips sent these beautiful leather pacifier clips and Natursutten binkies for each of them. June & January gave awesome bath towels and changing pad covers! We added simple white onesies and of course Luvs galore.

Edit: So many of you have reached out regarding Akam, and if you want to help her with supplies or funds please let us know in the comments and we’ll get you her address! xo


Nordstrom Fall Clearance!!

Died when I saw all the many things I’ve paid full price for on sale today!! The whole thing is magnificent – so many great savings. But I went through and picked my favorites, including this leather jacket I paid more for at the Anniversary Sale and wear weekly!!

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FRYday: Emily

November, HOW? This year has flown by and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Here’s what I’ve been up to:emfryFeeling: Let’s get these feelings out first, yeah? I don’t even want to mention the E word, but the election has seriously aged me 10 years. It feels so heavy and ominous like it will never be the same. I will for sure never be the same. It cracked open something in me that I have pushed down for years, and that is the bubbling injustice I feel and see toward woman, STILL! And that’s not even talking about the candidates. Having and sharing my opinion has shown me some of the ugliest types of people. I always wonder, where are the moderate thinkers of the world? Why is there only the most staunch right/left wing types and seemingly nothing in between? I’d like to think its because moderate thinkers don’t feel the need to voice their every whim, but I am not sure. It makes me so worried as a parent, how are my kids going to thrive in this environment. This post got real heavy real fast, but it has been on my mind. Anyone else feeling any of this?

GIFTING: Oprah’s Favorite Things list is on Amazon today and how I miss that lady on my TV! Love this tassel keychain, don’t tell my friends but gonna buy a bunch for Christmas. So cute! See the full list here.

WEARING: My fall go-to… Loose fit sweater + high waisted skinnies. High waisted denim is the key to a post-partum figure I only wish I didn’t waste my time buying low rise lately. Jenna showed me these and I love!! So stretchy but they keep everything in nice and tight. I’ve spent lots on sweaters and I’ve bought super cheap ones too and honestly I prefer the lower end. I don’t get so mad when they lose their shape or ball up. H&M never fails me. Juuust enough synthetic materials to stay looking great.sweater

Glitter Khaki // Lace-up for a little edge // Olive mock neck with interesting ribbing // Soft pink to mix it up // Perfect Cream sweater // Bright red – I LOVE this with a deep burgundy, such great color combo for fall. I’ll style it for you soon so you can see what I mean. // A loose mock for those of you who hate stuff tight around your neck. // Frill for a little more femininity

READING: I told you all about the movie Suffragette, and I couldn’t stop there. Since the movie was telling the story of the movement in London, I grabbed “Century of Struggle” which covers more of the US perspective. I can’t stress enough how much this re-educating has meant to me.

DECORATING: Each holiday we really try to focus on service at our house. Doing something each day for someone else has changed the holidays for me and hopefully my kids, too. It will be interesting this year with a baby but I picked up this grateful tree ($5!) frrom Caravan Shoppe even on the days I can’t venture out but we can still keep the conversation going.draw-together-thankful-treeEATING: I think I’ve shared here before that Raleigh cannot be full. He’s my first kid where nursing has been a challenge simply because I don’t make enough milk. Needless to say I was relieved to hear my pediatrician say “Time for solids!” We’ve only just started but here’s my favorite feeding accessories. These rinse-off bibs are genius and the adjustable neck strap is so convenient and not irritating. Bamboo spoons in bright colors and his favorite oatmeal with probiotics!  It’s always so fun to start this stage!raleigh

LISTENING: Regina Spektor released a new album after forever. I bought her first album Soviet Kitsch the year I gradutated high school, so like back when the dinosaurs roamed. She’s just as good as ever, sweet yet brazen.



By Emily.

The First Annual #hiphipbooray was a success and Nicole and I might sleep for weeks. We haven’t thrown an open party for kids since our last Road Rally, before Jenna moved! We had forgotten just how much fun and chaotic these types of events can be. We loved watching all your kiddos have so much fun and hope it was fun for you, too!

Here’s a recap of the event!#hiphipboorayMany hands made light work this time and having our favorite local brands sponsoring booths was so nice. They all did such a killer job. And of course the beautiful venue, White Shanty for hosting us all!

Fawn Design had Pumpkin Putt Putt Golf:#hiphipboorayJune & January had the most darling Temporary Tattoo Parlor set-up. Complete with tattoo chair and neon lights. Delicious cookies and paper dolls too!#hiphipboorayLittle Sapling Toys had ghost bowling and gave out their amazing wooden toys to trick or treaters. #hiphipboorayMer Mag hand painted these photo-ops and she nailed it as usual:#hiphipbooray#hiphipboorayGathre had their mats on hand for Halloween Twister and other fun games!#hiphipbooray


Freshly Picked brought the Smilebooth, find your photo here!14956639_1122560294464438_6428753155637045303_nBijou Market (coming Nov. 18th!) had a Vampire (cake) Bite Walk courtesy of Sweet Tooth Fairy:#hiphipbooray

#hiphipboorayRaising Wild had a Donuts on a String (best party game ever.)#hiphipboorayChatbooks had Bobbing For Apples:#hiphipbooray

Caravan Shoppe brought all their best Halloween printables, make your own monsters and huge coloring sheets! We especially love their Thanksiving line, you need this! Easy thankful tree to add to each day!draw-together-thankful-tree

And Mt. Vista Catering was on hand with wood-fired pizzas and drinks!#hiphipbooray

That’s a wrap! We hope to be able to do this party again next year, so be sure and stay tuned for the next #hiphipbooray!! AND, there’s MORE photos! Find all Freshly Picked’s Smilebooth Set here, and more party-goers photos via our Facebook Photo Album here!


Fawn Design makes the most amazing backpacks for fashionable mamas. Pockets for everything and it’s a cult classic where we live, grab one!

June & January makes the best basics for kids, bright colors, spot on palettes and easy designs.

Little Sapling Toys makes the most beautiful handmade toys!

Mer Mag is an artist and illustrator and craft genius.

Gathre makes amazing bonded leather mats for the beach, park, play time. They’re wonderful and easiest upkeep.

Freshly Picked baby moccs, best of the best, only thing that touches our baby’s feet. Ya know.

Bijou Market is a local handmade and vintage boutique that runs three times a year. Coming 11.18-19!

Raising Wild makes functional and trendy swim wear for women and kids! Just on Shark Tank and some of our best friends.

Chatbooks needs no introduction. We use them excessively for printing our own Instagram feeds and it truly doesn’t get easier.

Caravan Shoppe makes holiday celebrating SO much easier. We love their printables and use them all year round to for shoots and our own personal use.

 Mt. Vista Catering makes the best food around. They deliver in Utah County for 4 or more people so we’ve been known to have meals delivered to our play dates and park time. Everything is delicious and its so affordable!


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surprise shop bop sale

Just browsing the ShopBop Surprise sale (goes for 3 days!) and had to share our favorites here! SO many amazing deals on accessories and a few key pieces too. If you’ve been wanting Karen Walkers or Rag & Bone jeans today’s your lucky day! Check out all the other killer pieces below!

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Nickelodeon Resort Punta Cana

By Jenna.

Back in August we were so privileged to represent Small Fry at the Nickelodeon Resort Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic! It was MAGIC. Seriously we felt so blessed to have this opportunity on behalf of SF. We are always looking for ways to vacation with our kids that make it as easy as possible, although we know traveling with kids is never really easy is it? 😉img_6825When we arrived we were met with a green drink (just some fun Nick juice for the kids) and a smile. The staff at this resort was absolutely incredible. SO kind and loving. The resort is quite large so you take a golf cart to get all the many places you need.4There are pools that wrap around the entire premise of the hotel, larger pools, a huge water park and lazy river. I mean the swimming is endless. I’m kind of embarrassed to say we went to the beach once time the entire week we were there! The kids were just having WAY too much fun at the pools.pwm101_nick_webdesktop_homepagesliderimagery_1600x7003Guys there is a freaking Sponge Bob Pineapple you can stay in…is that not to die for?! It will cost ya, but YOLO! My kids were dying to stay there 🙂 There is a fun (free) character breakfast with a bunch of the Nick characters. I loved that everything was all-inclusive so I didn’t have to worry about grabbing food or paying extra for events. 2 1Another cool thing that is included in your stay is the kid’s club!! Open to ages 5 + it’s a kiddos DREAM and a parents too!! You can drop your kids off for a quiet lunch or to enjoy laying out by the pool..and the kids have a blast. Win, Win!

If your’e in the market for a killer family vacationing the Caribbean , we would totally recommend the Nickelodeon resort.

Nanette’s Baguette

This month’s partnership with Mo Mail is so incredible! Nanette’s Baguette is a story of Nanette who gets the exciting repsonsibility of going to the bakery to buy a baguette. Except it smells so amazing that she can’t help it and she starts to eat it, before long she has plowed through the baguette. Now what? Grab a copy to find out!Nanette's Baguette!In addition to the story, what makes it so remarkable is how it came to be! We love this film showing behind the scenes with Mr. Willems himself. It’s fascinating, watch below!
Like Oprah says “I. love. bread.” So we totally feel you, Nanette. What is better with bread than cheese? Here’s our favorite fondue recipe. Super easy and mild enough for kids of course. If you’re looking for something with more adult flavors this Three Cheese Recipe from Half Baked Harvest is for YOU!smoky-3-cheese-fondue-with-toasted-garlic-buttered-croissants-7


1 Cup Cottage Cheese – creamed

¼ Cup Milk

2 Tablespoons Butter

1 ½ Tablespoons Cornstarch

Dash of Garlic Powder

¼ Teaspoon Dry Mustard

¾ Cup Milk

4 Ounces Sharp Cheddar Cheese

2 Ounces Swiss Cheese

1 Pound Loaf French Bread

Mix Cottage Cheese with ¼ Cup of MIlk in a blender until smooth. Melt butter in a sauce pan, stir in cornstarch, garlic powder and dry mustard. Mix well.

Add ¾ Cup milk, cook and cover on medium heat, stirring constantly until thickened. About 2-3 minutes.

Reduce heat. Stir in cottage cheese mixture. Add remaining cheese, stirring until cheeses are melted. Serve with cubes of French bread for dipping fondue mixture.


Freshly Picked Marketplace

One of the best perks of the Small Fry job has been cultivating relationships with our favorite brands and shops. Sometimes you look at a brand and it’s hard to imagine what goes on behind the scenes, but we’ve found that a huge majority of the brands we feature here are parents just like us, working from their kitchen tables during nap times, just like us. They have huge hopes and ambitions and dreams for their families and they bust their butts working for those goals. For that reason, we LOVE Susan of Freshly Picked‘s new Market Place, where she shares the best of the best from the small business scene.FP MarketPlace They have tested out the product and created a shop where you can go to find new-to-you brands. The BEST part is that she shares their story, how she came to know them and their journey, and more! You get a front row seat to one of our favorite things. Lucky us! Susan sent over some of the  brands you’ll find in the Market Place, check them out!

Bannor Toys’ Blocks // Koko’s Nest Blanket // Freshly Picked Moccs.

Shop Marketplace here!


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FRYday: Jenna

I’ll admit you guys this FryDAY may be kinda bleak. I am on a strict (new) budget and it’s equal parts exciting and horrifying. You should see my nails, it’s like I’m a 9 year old again. Any money saving tips out there? I’m looking under cushions to find pennies to beat the system but looks like Dave Ramsey has a hold of my life in a big way! goingawayparty

How incredible are these sunglasses!? And only $12 from Amazon Prime. SCORE. I think Dave will approve.

I’ve also talked a billion times about these jeans but they truly are the only ones you should ever buy. I can’t stop saying it, so I won’t.

I’ve been running around town telling every living person to read this book. It is truly magnificent and I’m sure that’s why Oprah chose it for her book club! As a note there is some strong language and content but it is a strong message as well. It’s not really a book about marriage to me, more a book about forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves and others is really how we heal I think.

I recently was honored to record a podcast that turned out alright. If you’re bored and want to take a listen you should. I talk a lot about our work here on Small Fry and my relationships with Nicole & Emily. You should at least listen to see if I hate them or not 😉 I am Episode 82.

I’m not sure how this is humanly possible but one of my favorite dresses ever is on sale…Like 60% off on sale. Get it.

I’ve been obsessing over these shoes….they are seriously incredible. Size down and use code JENNA20 for 20% off. And this is the only sweater I’ll be wearing this winter, which subsequently match the shoes 🙂

That’s it y’all! I hope you all make it an excellent week. I’m going to leave you with a quote that I’m obsessed with from ‘Love Warrior’ cause I really think it’s everything.

“You will meet plenty of people who are pretty but haven’t yet learned how to be beautiful. They will have the right look for the times but they will not glow. Beautiful women glow. When you are with a beautiful women you might not notice her hair or skin or body or clothes, because you’ll be distracted by the way she makes you feel. She will be so full of beauty that you will feel some of it overflow onto you. You’ll feel warm and safe and curious around her. Her eyes will twinkle a little and she’ll look at you really closely, because beautiful wise women know that the quickest way to fill up with beauty is to soak in another human being. Women who are concerned with being pretty think about what they look LIKE, but women who are concerned with being beautiful think about what they’re looking AT.”


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By Nicole, brought to you by Kamik!

Oh boy, it’s getting colder! Fall is so fleeting here in Utah and try as we might to enjoy every second, it always seems to slip away! Adventuring is easy and so amazing in the Fall  we’re doing our very best to keep it up even when the Winter hits! Skiing, sledding, snowy hikes, whatever it takes! I worked with Kamik via Zappos to get my boys all set for whatever this weather might throw at them. Kamik #stepoutsideKamik is a new-to-us brand and the thing that impressed me most right off the bat is how they’re super sturdy and waterproof, but not heavy! I also love that the shaft of the boot is nice and tall but basically made of canvas so it doesn’t add weight or bulk but still keeps the elements out. We snagged this pair and love them!Kamik #stepoutsideDressing my boys in the colder months means beautiful jackets, warm knitted accessories like scarves and hats. And soft (not itchy though!) sweaters for layering. And a new favorite, denim on denim! Try it out!Kamik #stepoutside

Find your favorite Kamik boot here!