it’s bedtime!

We’ve teamed up with – a family owned lighting business that dates all the way back to 1914, Happy 100 Year birthday to them! – today to share a peek into the blessed, highly sought after, at times bittersweet, bedtime at our homes. Some days we might think forward to it a little too much, or anticipate maybe a little too early in the day, but when it all comes down to it, bedtime is such a sweet time as a parent. So many wonderful hushed conversations, time to talk and giggle and of course, time to read and sing and enjoy each other one more time before lights out! Before we get to our favorite bedtime books, here’s a little bit about the lamp if you’d like to hear! was so nice to send us some lighting in preparation for today’s post! It was so hard to choose, they have a seriously impressive collection! But, we think the Pixo Desk Lamp is the perfect lamp for a little boys room (or pretty much any room for you modern decor lovers!) Pixo Desk Lamp It has that high shine lacquer (easy to wipe down!) and sleek simple lines. It boasts a USB cord right at the base which is so nice for charging devices without having to move furniture around to get to the plug!Pixo Desk Lamp This Pixo Desk Lamp is made by one of’s featured brands, Pablo Designs and their entire collection is so great! Here’s a few more that we have our eye on by Pablo Designs.

1. The Pixo comes in several colors and we debated heavily on whether to try out the “Azzure” or “Glow”. They’re both so great! 2. We also love this Tube Top lamp which has an acrylic base lamp that comes in a bunch of great colors, we loved the clear and red best! 3. Then the Piccola Accent lamp is super cool with its weighted bottom! You can turn and swivel the metal pole so the lightbulb shines where you need it, while the base holds firm! You can see how they decorated the Tube Top lamp into a extra special room in this video here! It’s a touching story of how a soldier who sent home from Iraq with a head injury nominated his wife and now caretaker for a bedroom makeover.

Pablo Designs

And now back to our bedtime books! Each of us has a special bedtime routine with each of our individual kids, we think it might be fun to talk more about that soon! In the meantime, here are our boys’ most favorite bedtime story books, the ones they request when they say “just onnnne more?”

Favorite Bedtime Books

Dr Seuss’s Sleep Book// Spoon// Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day// Hug Machine// Where’s Walrus?// The Hueys in the New Sweater// Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!// This Moose Belongs to Me// The Going-To-Bed Book// The Day the Crayons Quit//Lost and Found//The Napping House//

What books are must-reads before bedtime at your house?

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monster puppets

You parents of school-kids, do you participate in their classrooms? We hear the PTA is no joke! We love being able to observe or join our boys anytime their being creative, so volunteering for their art time at school is right up our alley. This craft is a perfect project to bring for a big classroom. The supplies are super inexpensive and the kids love it! Here’s how you can recreate it at your own schools!

You can purchase these Craft Foam Sheets at any craft store, then grab a bag of tongue depressors (popsicle sticks are a little too thin for this), glue and scissors and you’re ready to go!

monster puppets

You can cut out a plethora of shapes beforehand to help get them started, or let them go wild with their imagination. It’s great practice for precision cutting, and of course all about creativity!



monster puppets


If you’re looking for more kid-centric DIY crafts great for lots of ages, find all our “Workshop” posts right here. Tons of ideas from over the last two years and all made by or with kids! // Quinn’s tee found here.


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FRYday : Nicole

Happy Fryday everyone! I love Fall so much, it gives me butterflies! Here are some things I’ve scooped up in preparation for the colder months and all the wonderful activities to do in them:

fall picks

1. Another purchase I made months ago, in anticipation for coat weather is this lightweight layering jacket. It’s black, and pairs perfectly with any sweater or T-shirt! Also 25% off right now!
2. I’ve always loved a good hat, but just recently ventured into the world of the Panama style. I like this one because it’s a bit more floppy and not quite as structured.

3. I know, i never pass up a good funnel or turtle neck. I think they are the most classic piece to a fall look. And, this one is striped. So naturally.

4. Camel, black and white, the perfect Fall combo. I love these three tones and the bag is the perfect size. Can be worn over the shoulder or used as a hand bag. Via Zara.
5. Tortoise. That’s explanation enough!
6. The Pixie pant is a staple! And for you pregnant mamas, they make them in MATERNITY!! The zip up the back makes them dressed up enough for evening, while feeling like you are in a comfy pair of leggings. I love that they don’t stretch out when I wear them all day.
7. I bought this beanie months ago. Jumping the gun? A little. But, I couldnt help it. I LOVE WINTER and cant wait for beanie weather.
8. More stripes! But this one is a sweatshirt, which you’d never guess. I love being able to look polished but still comfortable and cozy!
9. THESE ARE ON MEGA SALE! I bought them in the Summer, but a long pajama set is all I want for winter nights, and let’s be honest, winter days, too.
10. J Crew has sold a similar puffer for as many years as I can remember. Mine is a few years old but has gotten more wear time than anything else I own. The warmest best friend ever.
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Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 10.53.17 PM
And also, if you remember last Summer we had Meta of One More Mushroom on Small Fry sharing her impeccable design aesthetic and tips for your own home and design! She has launched an online course over at Atly all about putting together your child’s perfect room. Pretty cool!
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BFF tee

What would we do without our besties? (Is that word still cool? We’re rolling with it.) We are so beyond grateful for the good kids that our boys get to spend time with everyday. Whether it’s in our neighborhoods, at school, or a playdate, good friendship is such a key factor in a happy upbringing. When we were littler going into Claire’s a picking the perfect best friend necklace was basically a rite of passage for all best friends everywhere, so how about something for boys and girls? Here’s how you’ll do it:

BFF t-shirt

First, grab Freezer paper! Fold it in half sheen-side in. Draw your cracked heart shape, and then cut the middle out of both sides.

BFF t-shirt


Then cut the freezer paper up the middle fold so you have two sides. Now, fire up your iron and shiny side down, iron your stencil in place! The freezer paper holds just enough and peels right off! Now that your stencil is in place, take your fabric or acrylic paint and start painting your hearts!

BFF t-shirt


Peel off the stencil and let it dry completely!


BFF t-shirt


Then gift to your kiddo’s best friends and take a million pictures because they’re so cute.

BFF t-shirt


Easy enough, right?

While you’ve got your acrylics and freezer paper out here are a BUNCH more ideas we’ve shared in the past:

Lighting Bolt Tee || Helvetica Initial Tee & Pillow || Stamped Pants || Shoe Uprgrade || And Pumpkin Carving Stencils!

Meet a Small Fry: Beckham

We have a very special Meet a Small Fry today in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer is the number one cause of disease related death’s for kids so you can see why research and awareness are so vital! We’re really grateful to have Sarah sharing the story of her four year old fighter Beckham today, first let’s get to know this little guy better! (For those of you who want to help, at the bottom of this post we’re including shops and vendors that have items for sale with proceeds benefitting Childhood Cancer causes.)
Beckham : Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
1. What is your name? “Beckham Michael Peterson”
2. How old are you? “Four”
3. Who is your mom? “Mommy Sarah”
4. Who is your dad? “Daddy Brian”
5. What does your dad do? “Goes to work and business”
6. What do you want to be when you grow up? “A daddy!!!”
7. What is your favorite food? “Broccoli, chicken nuggets and cookie monster noodles!” (Earth’s Best Ravioli)
8. What food do you not like?
“I don’t like burgers!”
9. What is your favorite animal? “T-Rex and a Brontosaurus and a Spinosaurus”
10. Where do you want to live when you grow up? “Utah”
11. Who do you want to marry?
12. What does mom say? “I love you!”
13. What do mom and dad do after you go to bed? “Go on a date!”
14. What is your favorite song? “ABC’s, Twinkle Twinkle and Once There Was a Snowman”
15. What is your favorite movie?
“Jurassic Park and The Grinch”
16. Where is your favorite place to eat? “Chicken Nuggets at Wendy’s”
17. What is your favorite book? “Buzz Lightyear book!”
18. Where did Navy (Beckham’s sister) come from? “She’s from Utah!”
19. What would you buy with a million dollars? “Um…just toys!”
20. What are you scared of? “I’m scared of the doctors.”
21. Why is the sky blue? “It’s just blue and it gets dark when it’s bedtime.”
21. If you could give a gift to every child in the world, what would it be?
“Buzz Lightyears!”
22. What is your favorite place in the world?
“Disney World!” (He hasn’t been yet, but wants to go there for his Make a Wish trip.)
And here is Beckham’s brave story!
August 2013 was around the date I noticed my son Beckham had dark circles under both of his eyes. (The day before Navy, his little sister, and him ran into each other and bumped their heads pretty good.) I called the doctor’s office and they said to watch for swelling and any complaint of pain. Since there was neither, they told me to just watch him and let them know if anything worsened. The circles under his eyes started to go away, but within a few days they darkened again. A good friend of mine advised that I just take him in. I was feeling nervous, but called and made an appointment that day. They told me they would call when they got the blood test results back. I did not feel too worried at that point and decided it was probably nothing more then low iron or something else comparable.
Since I was feeling alright about it all I decided to run some errands while I waited. When I finally received the call from the doctors I was standing in a mall parking lot while a teenage guy loaded a toddler bed in the back of my car for my daughter. The reason I say that it because I wasn’t expecting the news I was about to receive. The doctor told me that Beckham had an appointment the following day up at Primary Children’s Hospital, in Salt Lake City, with the oncology team. The doctor said a slew of other things that I can not remember. I was wracking my mind at the fact that something could be really wrong with my little boy. I hung up the phone and the young guy wished me a good day as he closed my trunk. I gave him a smile and said thank you and climbed in my car and just cried. I called my husband next to tell him the news. He was currently out of town working and did not know what was going on.
It was very surreal walking into an office that had a sign with the word “cancer” above it. When meeting with the oncology team they informed me that whatever Beckham’s condition was it could be a number of things. Everything from mono to cancer. They said that Beckham looked great and that he did not look like a child with cancer and it was probably something else. Relief….
What was next were blood tests…lots and lots of blood tests to narrow down what was causing Beckham’s blood counts to all be so low. After a couple weeks we had another meeting up at oncology. I remember so clearly sitting in an exam room and the doctors walking in with one of the social workers. I remember feeling like something was clearly not alright. The next words came: I am sorry. Beckham has cancer. It is called Neuroblastoma and most likely Stage 4. I remember being in complete shock, but them also not feeling surprised. Is that weird or what?! I remember one of the doctors asking me if I was alright and thinking that it was the most ridiculous question to ask me in that moment.
Everything happened rather quickly. What was next for Beckham was a series of scans and a bone marrow biopsy and aspirate. Chemotherapy would be starting the next week. The tests showed that there was cancer pretty much everywhere. It was in his arms, legs, chest, back, skull, on his adrenal gland, behind his eye and in his bone marrow. The main tumor was about the size of an eggplant and was vertical in his belly.
Beckham has had numerous rounds of chemotherapy, radiation to his skull, his main tumor was successfully removed and he has recently participated in a trial at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York City called NK Cell Therapy. Beckham has also had many homecare nurse visits, surgery to out in a central line, surgery to remove his central line and put in a port, dressing changes, medicine…lots of medicine, antibody therapy, shots, NG (feeding) tube placements, lab draws, extra admitting to the hospital for fevers, more blood transfusions then I can count, lots of “pokes”, damage to his kidneys from chemo (that finally healed!) and hearing aids due to hearing loss from chemo as well. What is next for my Beckham? Next week he will be returning to New York City to do his first round of MIBG therapy. This is a type of radiation where he is isolated for roughly 5 days due to being radioactive.  This is a procedure that I am worried about him getting, but hopefully it can reduce the amount of cancer that is left. Right now his bone marrow is clear and the only cancer that is left are spots in the bone.
I am often asked how I keep it all together and how I am not a constant wreck. To be honest, it is extremely hard. Moms are supposed to make it all better and knowing that there is nothing I can do, but love my child and be the best mom I can be. So, that is what I do. I love my child and take no moment for granted. While I do my best to keep it together I do allow myself to feel my emotions. I am scared of losing my little boy. I am terrified of my daughter losing her big brother. I have learned to take each moment and live in it and to simply just slow down. I catch myself from telling my children to just “hold on.” Nothing is more important then them. I take every moment to tell them I love them and to plant kisses all over their beautiful faces. Part of me feels like he will beat this monster. Part of me doesn’t know. What I can say with full confidence is that my little boy is a fighter. He has a ton of energy and recovers from treatments like a champ. The doctors always tell us how amazing his energy is and I honestly believe it is such a blessing.  It truly makes it a bit little easier to see him acting as normal as he can be.
Right now a day in Beckham’s life consists of morning, noon and night medicine. A couple days a week he has preschool if his blood counts are good and sickness is down at school. We try to make his life as normal as possible. His weeks vary a lot. Beckham is primarily treated in NYC now so there are a lot of trips back and forth. It is hard to plan anything since treatment varies with scan results. We take it day by day and that works right now. It is our new “normal.”

Follow along Beckham’s journey via their blog and Instagram and Sarah’s personal feed!



P.S. I Adore You - All their items benefit the cause, which is so great! We love this Coloring Book by Roxy Marj which donates 100% of profits!

100% of Black Wagon’s Music Heals Tee

If you sell an item or know of a shop leave a comment below and we’ll add it to the list!