marbled easter eggs

By Nicole.


We love all things marbled around here so I knew I wanted to give it a shot to make our Easter eggs extra special this year! It is pretty simple really, but packs a big fancy schmancy punch!



Here’s how you’ll do it:

First you swap out your egg dyeing kit for watercolors! Yep! Use a standard kit and get to town playing with different saturations (water + paint ratios) to get the desired look.


Easy right? But so pretty for your hunt, or out on table for your brunch or dinner.




More marbled goods we love from around the web!Marbled Goods around the Web

Party Napkins // Giant sheets for wrapping or framing // Marbled balloons // Plates & Cups (Oh Happy Day’s Party Shop alone will cover you!) // Target Ring Holder // Macbook Case // Earrings

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easter baskets!



We can’t believe it either, but this year we actually got our baskets done in advance! We love being able to put together baskets filled with useful toys and sweet things to welcome Spring. This year we found all our favorites at Land of Nod! We’ve seen so many clever ways to house all your Easter goodies, whether its a rainboot, upside down umbrella, inflatable pools, the list goes on! For us, whatever we actually have around the house is what will be used, so wire baskets, buckets, or vases are the winner this year!


An activity book filled with maps and puzzles and interesting facts from all over the world! // A 3D book to dazzle us all called Opposites // An Illustrated guide to doing all kinds of things: like being brave, or how to see the breeze. // A giant retro bouncy ball // More quiet time activities (just in time for Spring break!) like these tiny Paint Pods // A World Speller to practice reading // Pick-up Sticks! // A Kaleidoscope // And a sweet egg decorating kit to do all together as a family!

NCC_3970 NCC_3982 NCC_3996


Or if you’re ready to think outside the box, how about one larger gift for all to share? Land of Nod has so many awesome play structures and tents! Silver pictured here!





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gender neutral shower

By Emily.

Thank you all for your congratulations on my gender reveal earlier this week! It’s always more fun to share things with you guys and it meant so much to me to read all your sweet words. Before our appointment, I was getting lots of “You’ve come this far, just don’t find out!” type of comments and it got me thinking how the whole thing goes down for those of you who opt to wait to know until delivery! So we teamed up with Shutterfly to do some digging and get a whole gender neutral experience put together for you all who might be curious, too! All these gender neutral shower invitations pictured throughout are from Shutterfly! There were so many neutral options to choose from, and personalizing them (even with little quotes on the back!) was such a breeze. Being able to choose color, font, even down to the way the invites are cut makes it feel so custom without the headache. I loved seeing how high quality each element was, definitely something we’d be proud to mail out!Gender Neutral Shower Ideas [Delightful Polka Dots Invite (the quote says “Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body” — Elizabeth Stone) with Red envelopes and Classic Yellow Address Labels] First, up I had to know the specifics for how parents decide to not find out. So we interviewed two willing readers and here’s what we learned! 1. What was your initial reason for waiting until delivery to find out? “My husband didn’t want to find out, but I did. We went out to dinner and decided the only fair way to decide was to flip a coin. He won.” – Deanna “I never wanted to know. My older sister had done it with some of her kids and talked about how exciting the delivery room was…the anticipation. I live for a good surprise, so I was sold.” – Erika Gender Neutral Shower Ideas [Baby on the Way Invitations customized with a standard rounded edge and the due date and pregnancy picture on the back! // Peaceful Promise Address Labels2. Was it hard, easy, or different than what you thought it would be? “It was both easier and harder than I expected. It was especially difficult because both of my sisters were also pregnant and due within a month of me. They both found out that they were having boys and were buying matching outfits and things for their boys. It was easier once I got past that 20 week ultrasound and didn’t have a choice any longer.” – Deanna “My pregnancies were all easy, no complications, so I never had a ton of ultrasounds to tempt me. Or they say “But I have to PLAN!” You can do all that and not know the gender. There are so many adorable gender neutral clothes and decor.” – Erika 3. What were some perks to not knowing?Gender Neutral Shower Ideas [Little Loungewear Sunshine Invitations // Polka Dot Thanks Address Labels (the matching thank you cards are also darling!] “I think the biggest perk was that everyone bought stuff off of our registry instead of cute outfits, shoes, hats, etc. We literally received every item we needed and hardly any clothes. Another perk was that I got to go out and buy clothes that matched my style and the personality of my baby instead. And of course, the moment that my husband yelled “It’s a boy” will forever be etched in my mind.” – Deanna “I LOVE to have a big crowd in my delivery room…the more the merrier. I think my 4 sisters were just as excited and anxious as Tyler and I were for each delivery. The screams of “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” are indescribable! (and then my mom would race out to buy up new boy or girl babies clothes for me to open while at my stay in the hospital.)” – Erika 4. Were there specific events, times of your pregnancy where it was harder than others? Gender Neutral Shower Ideas “The weeks surrounding my sisters finding out that they were both having boys were the most difficult. Also, my little sister is a labor and delivery nurse and was constantly offering to do an ultrasound on me. I considered it every time she offered, but always knew I had to stay true to the deal I had made with my husband.” – Deanna “You just have to have serious self control for twenty minutes during your ultrasound and then you’re home free.” – Erika


So what do you all think? Is it doable for you? Something that entices or excites you? I got teary-eyed reading and picturing both Deanna and Erika’s level 10 excitement when they finally learn “It’s a boy!” at the end. Is there anything more thrilling?! I always like the idea of getting the actual stuff you need from your loved ones and picking out clothing and accessories on your own, it really is such fun and personal experience that I enjoy a lot!

Now that you have a few awesome customizable invite options from Shutterfly, here are some of our favorite gifts that could swing either way, too! genderneutral2 Solly Baby Wrap – this comes in so many beautiful shades but the gray stripe is perfectly neutral and goes with everything! // Gertie the Good Goose, a cousin to the classic Giraffe but we love the pops of orange! Free of any chemicals and super safe for babies // Diapers! Diapers are such a necessity and having them shipped to you is the best gift of all. Via Honest. // Books! We’ve had friends hold book only showers, where the guest of honor just gets great baby books! You can never have too many of those and this book is a touch and feel book which makes it tip top in our book! // Freshly Picked Moccasins, their Crib moccs are perfect for new feet and this gray is neutral and so sweet. // I also loved the idea of everyone going in on one awesome splurge gift like a stroller or car seat. This beautiful bassinet would make any mama so happy! // Finding gender neutral toys is easier and easier these days, this modern rocking chair is something they can grow into for years to come!

Share and celebrate your family update. Shop Shutterfly for personalized cards that are unique, meaningful and that are just the way you want.

Take a better look at the details of these darling invites below! Read more


By Jenna:

Small Fry was recently invited to a screening of the Disney film, Zootopia! Lucky for me I’m the California Small Fry so my family go to go. I felt so honored to be a part of such a fun night, especially since my whole family was invited and I love events where we can all go together!!disneystudio

First of all we are HUGE Disney fanatics – like next level. And so it was such a treat to go to Disney Makers Studio and be “behind the scenes” of the Disney Magic. Walt Disney is a huge hero of mine and his visionary ways have truly been unmatched.


Going in to the screening there was TOO MUCH excitement from my boys to get a picture so this is the best we could swing. Have you ever seen a movie without previews?? It was so much fun. And the movie was AWESOME – my kids died over it. I also love that it was full of adult (but clean) humor as well so it was entertaining for everyone of all ages! We did leave Lolly at home with a sitter and I was glad for that since the party was hopping (see what I did there) for a while 😉


(Boys are wearing Peek Kids)

Missing the rest of our Small Fry boys so much in this picture!


After the party we got to play with some of our blogger friends, meet some new ones and dine on mac and cheese and other yummy delights! We partied pretty hard and spotted some fun reality celebs like the girls from The Bachelor and Dance Moms 😉 We had so much fun exploring #zootopiaonthelot and if you follow that hash tag you can see a lot of other fun pics!

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 5.41.34 PM


Oh! Got a lot of questions on my outfit. The lighting was pretty rough outside so this is the best I could get. The old bathroom selfie never disappoints. But really the show stopper is that floor tile – love it.

Shirt // Pants // Boots



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zimmerman shoes

No Friday today, because we realized we hadn’t checked around the web for Easter options for your kiddos! Priorities, people.

First up, we know how you all love a good Spring two-tone from our last Easter post and these beauties from Zimmerman are so sweet! They’re made right here in the USA at a historic factory in Pennsylvania. They have awesome flexible leather soles and are perfect shoes for your kiddos earliest Easters. Here’s our two favorite colors for boys:Zimmerman Shoes

And for girls. How sweet, right? They’re just such a classic and that scalloping detail? Get outta here.

ZIMMERMANZimmerman ShoesAs for clothing, it’s funny how some shops just stand-out during these types of Holidays and this season is no different. See if you can spot the favorites.