salon k event!

A couple of weeks ago I co-hosted the sweetest little day-out with Salon K in Provo for a handful of my friends with daughters! We’ve teamed up on hair style ideas for you and your little gals before (check out these posts here and here) and we were way overdue for the next one!

Salon K is a Bumble and Bumble Salon and always staffed with the greatest stylists for cuts and colors but I personally love seeing their innovative styling work! Salon K Styling SessionsKarissa, Salon K @salonk_ owner, @jalynnschroeder and me and Raleigh. Lucky for us I get to share all these babes’ hair styles over the next bit! These are all before shots, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.@salonk_You guys might recognize Jenna and Lolly. 😉 @jennaskitchen@jennaskitchenChloe @chloehuds__ and her darling niece Monet.@chloe__hudsSuperwoman Emily @emilysbrady brought her three daughters! Perry, and her twin girls Lennon and Evie.@emilysbrady Caroline @armelle_blog and her daughter Norah.@armelle_blog Liz and Rome!@ @cottonandcurls@cottonandcurls Of course there were snacks. Catered by 53 Catering.@salonk_ @salonk_ And fun swag from the Salon and Kortni Jeane!@salonk_ Also little takeaways from Sun River Garden‘s Arrangement Bar, where you can go in and arrange your own bouquet in house!@sunrivergardens

Scroll down to the next post for my hair style! Thanks for having us all Salon K!




fever few braid how-to

I am obsessed with Chamomile and tiny Daisies and I didn’t know the name until now, but Fever Fews! I thought this would be such a fun twist on a braid crown, something special for a musical festival, Easter or Mother’s Day, a special photoshoot, going to Costco. I’m not picky.

Styled by @bk_hairdesign for @salonk_

Fever Few Braid How To

Fever Few Braid How To

  1. Part the hair down the center, doing two Dutch braids (or inverted, where you pull the hair up and over the braid instead of underneath it.) all the way to the ends of your hair.
  2. Take the end of your right braid and lay it on top of the left braid. Tuck the ends underneath the left Dutch braid, pinning the left braid over the ends of the right braid to hide them.
  3. Repeat on the other side, but tuck the left braid under the right braid. Pull the braid apart slightly to thicken it, and to hide any bobby pins!


Fever Few Braid How To4. Fever Fews are a good pick because they have really long stem options so you can tuck them in pretty well without extra pins! I got bunches at Bloomique in Provo for super cheap!Fever Few Braid How To

hai Fever Few Braid How To


sapling child [giveaway!]

Sponsored by Sapling Child.

So excited to share this Australian-born line, Sapling Child with you today! sapling childSapling Child’s beautifully made infant layette line is 100% Organic Cotton, made in India under Fair Trade terms. sapling childTheir prints are exclusive so you own’t find anything like it elsewhere, made with organic dyes and no inner stitching to irritate that baby soft skin!  sapling child

They release several motifs each season so you can collect pieces that all go together for any occasion and weather. Long and short sleeves, rompers and PJs, tanks and tees.

sapling child Everything down to the snap placement is done with thought and care and Peta and her team truly put your baby’s interests very first.sapling childHere are some of my sweet favorites from their current offerings. Keep your eye on their sale section too, such good deals!sapling child

Baseball Style Raglan // Retro Shorts // Softest Heart Pants // Rompers with Angled Zippers (my fave!) // Soft Hats // A French Terry version or colder weather // Bubble Romper (sale!)

Head to Instagram to win a credit to shop! Visit Sapling Child’s site here.


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mine + ours: books #7


I listened to Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. It is the story of three families living in the picture perfect planned town of Shaker, Ohio. It “explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, and the ferocious pull of motherhood – and the danger of believing that following the rules can avert disaster.” It is the top 10 most read books on Amazon right now and just got picked up for a 8 episode series on Hulu with Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington at the helm of production. I am always glad when I read a book before it’s cast because I can’t unsee whoever is in each role, so hurry up before they do! This would be a fascinating book to do with a book club because there really is no way to NOT have an opinion on some of the events and themes. I wish I would have actually read it because I missed some things listening that I had to ask friends about after! Little Fires Everywhere

OURS: We rolled the dice on some library books this month (its always hit and miss for me) and we had a huge win with The Mighty Lalouche. The most charming book about a French Postman who decides to become a boxer. The illustrations are all paper cutouts and I died over every page with its French words worked throughout. Immediately ordered for our collection!The Mighty Lalouche

More Book reviews here!

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5 THINGS: Teens + Phones

I did a set of stories about protecting your computers, phones and other devices that sort of went viral. You can find them on my highlights under Internet Safety (or if you learn by reading, this post)– I didn’t necessarily intend for this to become part of my online presence, but I also know how important it is so, pressing on.

My first set of Stories on the matter were very preemptive — how to keep things you don’t want out. Or don’t want accidentally popping up. It’s great for young families because kids aren’t in tune yet with some of the more harmful elements of the Internet and they don’t really even know what to look for yet.

As kids get older, get more curious, want their own online presence, a desire to fit in with peers, and have easier and more prevalent access to the Internet outside of your home things change. Our tactics will have to change and our knowledge of what is out there has to increase. Of course we all hope that our kids will talk to US about it. But don’t be afraid to talk to THEM! That should be our number one place to get info about teens, is from our teens.

5 Easy Ways to Increase Teen Safety Online*Proactive Talk. A friend was saying that even though she would rather not give her kids more info than they need or are necessarily ready for (this convo was regarding the birds and the bees, but I think it applies here as well) — they will hear it (or a totally incorrect version of it) elsewhere. And if YOU are the one to tell them it builds trust. They see that you trusted them with info before it even made 100% sense to them, you thought they were grown up enough to hear it. You have control over the narrative, the delivery, the energy behind it. And then the conversation is open for them to revisit when it starts to apply to them.

Here’s dorky video your kid might like:

From a couple of teen parents!

@meeashley “We have to EMPOWER our children to understand WHY so that when they are away they are able to make their own good choices! And this applies to everything we teach them about becoming a virtuous, integrity-filled citizen. If they don’t understand the way they won’t get the rest.”

@ktphotographyforfun “Raise kids that CHOOSE not to watch or participate in inappropriate content. My oldest (14) just earned his first phone and it took him two years. Even still, I have access to it whenever I want. I don’t believe the answer is control. I believe it’s education and raising kids who want to be safe and smart.”

Why don’t we want to send nude pics of ourselves through the phone? Why don’t we want to chat with people we don’t know? Why do people pose as someone they’re not, or anonymously to hurt others? Why do I scroll for hours and it makes me feel bummed out? What are the risks, immediate and long-term damages involved with these behaviors? Understanding WHY instead of only hearing “NO” will help them make the right decisions even when we aren’t around.

If you’re not on board the flip phone train (I know I am, choo choo!) And you’re planning on  or have a Smart Phone there are lots of Internet Contracts you can brainstorm on together, print off and sign with your children — stating that if you want to use this phone, these are the rules that apply. Even if they buy their own, and pay their own bill! There are free ones everywhere or there is this comprehensive PDF that looks amazing and is $17.

Okay holy smokes enough preamble, now to the actual steps: If you fee like you need more control or more strict guidelines here are some options!

  1. Wi-Fi Restricitons. Set the standard now that WiFi passwords are just for parents. Log them or friends in yourself. Set timers on your router so they can only use the Wi-Fi for certain hours a day. (like Disney Circle — worth every penny and so easy to use!), Open DNS (free but trickier to install), or lots of routers have settings within their own dashboard.
  2. Phone Restriction Settings. In addition to the restriction options I shared already on my highlights, here are a few others. These are Apple specific tips, but I think that is the majority here (I am happy to find out more about other brands, too!) I suggest turning off the ability to download or delete apps. (seen below.) If they want a new app you can get it for them, and it eliminates sneaky downloading / deleting, too. Just something to note: If an app has been downloaded EVER (by you, your spouse, etc.) with your Apple ID it is on the cloud and doesn’t go through the same restrictions as a new, never been download app does. There are so many new apps that come out every day how can you keep track of them all? Why not let your kid decide what is worth it to ask for and then you’ll have a buffer to research and talk about it with them.
  3. Safe Browsing on Phones. Safari doesn’t have a safe search setting on their app that I am aware of. Good news is you don’t have to use Safari! Under “ALLOW” you can turn it off completely. Disable it on your phone and then download a family-friendly browsing app like Mobicip. It’s free safe browsing and it also has more robust features for $40 a year for 5 devices.Restrctive Settings for Teen Internet Use
  4. Keep track of old phones. One thing a reader shared with me is that all kids need is a Wi-Fi connection and an old phone. If theirs gets taken away, they can ask their friends to grab an old phone from their junk drawer at home and voila, back online. It helps protect not only your kids, but their friends as well.
  5. 24% of teens reported hooking up with someone they met online. 69% say they chat with people they don’t actually know and don’t report it to their parents. Turn off the ability for them to share their location, or for apps to be able to track them by going to Settings, General, Restrictions, Location Services, then turn it off completely and “Don’t Allow Changes” or select which apps from the list and then select “Don’t Allow Changes.”Restriction Ideas for Teens

Then also click on the “Share My Location” button to turn that off as well!


“FINSTA” Fake Insta – Why Your Kid’s Secret Instagram account is a big deal.

5 Apps Your Teen Doesn’t Want You to Know About 

10 Rules for Teens On the Internet



Got nothing for Easter? Same boat. I rounded up Easter Basket fillers that you can ship Prime-style to your house just in time – but like order it right now. Also if you stick with me, I am showing you how to turn your Easter Basket finds into Spring Break activities for the WHOLE week. Ready?



Block Art is a fun creative gift and it’s quiet so it can come with you on road trips, to church and all ages can have fun with it!

This sticker set would be so fun to divvy out, gift the whole thing your older child to decorate their binders or new skateboard (below.) Stretch out the sticker fiesta and have a fake auction with monopoly money. Let them buy sell and trade their favorites.

Non-drying clay. Get on board, and let’s forget Play Doh ever existed. This doesn’t dry out!

Craft Box. Craft projects galore and who has all this stuff on hand anyway?

These DIY nesting eggs would be such a fun activity to do before Easter and then stuff them for the big day! Use that craft bin to jazz them up, paint, markers, washi tape. Then you also have a fun Easter Heirloom when you’re done!


Sport cones are not only good for making goals and sidelines but also obstacle courses, tracks for your scooters, three legged races, hop on one foot and any other bogus race style you can think of to tire them out.

Penny Boards are $100+ dollars but these knock off small boards are only $30. A great option to see if you kid even likes skateboarding first, ha! But also, my kids luge on theirs, race on their bums, race their toys against each other, make our poor chickens ride on them.

Walkie Talkies provide a little extra fun for all your Spring Break activities. Hide and Seek, Treasure Hunt, Steal the Flag, but get a 4 pack because if you have more than 2 kids it’s a fight every time.

Globber Scooters are almost half the price of Micro and just as good. They will carry your kid from 15 months (Raleigh started then, no lie) to 8 years old and beyond. The best investment you will make for your kid!

No one is more uneasy about including water guns (always too soon) but this will come in handy for a DIY idea I have coming later this week! Trust! Take it as an opportunity to talk about what guns are for and how to be extra safe and conscientious.

That same DIY needs Tempera Paints and this set is stellar. Washable Paint will provide you unlimited fun with your kids. Stock up!

Indoor/Outdoor Option with this Road Tape! Build Cities with your blocks, plastic animals, make your cities rules and laws, have an election. I don’t know man, get through it is what I am saying.

Bubbles. A Springtime essential. Grab a 6 pack for the whole family and then this giant bubble making set! A whole bubble themed day right here!

Another pack idea with  jump ropes, easy sibling gifts that later can be accessories to your race day, a way to get wiggles out indoors, who can jump the longest contest.

Swim Clothes: If you have even a remotely warm day get outside for your Bubble Day, Water Balloons, Lawn Games and set them up with some cute swim shorts (I love Volcom because they look like shorts when they’re dry.) Waterproof shoes (If you don’t know Natives are life and have been since Hayes was 1.) and a freaking cute Swim Suit + Turban Set for your girl with these waterproof Birkenstocks! (cute style here too!) I did a HUGE round up of suits in this post here so check it out if you want more options!


This sleeping bag is great for a fun night out under the stars but also for their daily reading time, sibling or cousin sleepover, watching a movie on a rainy day and more. Set them up with this flashlight to make everything extra exciting.

Ring Toss // Croquet // Giant Jenga // Lawn Bowling — all of which easily transport inside if weather isn’t great!


CodeNames is one of our favorite games to play with friends and this kid version lets them in on the fun, too!

These Letz Talk cards can inspire deep conversations all Spring Break long. Have them practice writing or typing skills and write their answers, get them journals or notebooks for a place to keep their responses. Then write your own responses back to them and BAM you’ve got yourself a mom and son/daughter journal to pass back and forth!

Dress Up Magnet Dolls – This can go two ways. Make everything a conversation and talk about the pros and cons of each vocation. Its always hilarious to see what kids think about jobs and what would make them fur or awful in their brains. Or take it the fashion route and tell them they have to design their own paper doll outfit out of consturction paper, or creating something for their sibling or friend just out of toilet paper. Model your fashions for everyone and watch the magic unfold. I did this as a kid at my birthday party one year and it was a blast.


If you’ve got a smaller toddler these gifts are great for them! Sorting Blocks Box // Balancing Block Game // Fruit Slicing 



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freshly picked FRINGE

Happy Monday guys! Today at 10 am MST (so right this second!) Freshly Picked launching a super secret program. They didn’t advertise it AT ALL but gave me a heads up to let you guys know!They’re launching their brand new Fringe membership where you pay $10/month which automatically transfers to $10 credit to shop and unlocks awesome perks like 20% off your purchases, access to products before anyone else and best of all you can cancel anytime, no hoops to jump through! Your $10 credit can also accrue over time (up to a year) so you don’t lose it if you don’t shop that month!

Did your mind go there, too?  BACKPACK! This is the very first time the backpack has the possibility of a discount since the early bird Kickstarter and I know thousands of you have your eye on it. NOW is the time! All their colors are in stock and of all the diaper bags I have bought or been sent this one is truly my favorite. If I were you I’d jump on this! You can sign up for Fringe here and see how you like it!Freshly Picked BackpackSo why the diaper backpack? First of all it’s chic and has no diaper bag tells from the outside. But inside it’s magic. It holds its shape so it doesn’t have the blackhole effect. There’s spots for all the baby necessities and more like a laptop, it wipes clean, travels well so you can use it for truly anything you need. Of all the diaper bags I’ve purchased or been sent over the years, this is my favorite. No hesitation on that!Freshly Picked BackpackMy next purchase would be SANDALS! I grabbed these for Raleigh for our Spring Break trip and I am dead! They are genuine leather, the strap has no prongs, but works with some magic tension system so it’s super easy to put on a wriggling toddler. I love how classic they are and that they’re so easily transferable between genders which is great for hand-me-downs! I have the Malibu and Carmel and love both!

And then don’t forget the classic MOCCASINS! One thing that is so amazing about Freshly  Picked is that all these items not only last, but hold their value. You can pass them between siblings and friends or but also there are a ton of Buy Sell Trade pages too. I don’t know of many other kid brands that have that perk of making money back after you use up and item!

Happy Freshly Picked shopping!!




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Happy Fryday! It has been ages since I did one of these, let’s get right to it!

READING:  I’ll do a review once I finish but currently reading Little Fires Everywhere. If you have a book club, this would be a good pick because there’s SO many elements to discuss and I imagine everyone’s opinion would be a strong one.

LISTENING: These tunes are getting me so excited for Spring! Big Thief, Lewis Del Mar, Dale Earnhardt Jr., JR. JR., Haley Heynderickx (Oom Sh La La is my fave!)  I try to put my faves on this playlist for Bijou Market (it’s a very specific sound and vibe for the market but still good stuff!) What have you guys been listening too lately?

ANTICIPATING: Hayes gets baptized tomorrow (cue sobs), and then so begins one nutty April. Spring Break rolls right into a work trip right into Bijou Market and then Hamilton tucked in right on the end. I have one ticket with my bestie but they’re reselling for $2,000 here in Utah. We paid like $220, and I am really torn about whether to sell or not! What would you do?

WEARING: Got a lot of shopping links for you today! Its been awhile since I did an Amazon Fashion haul I’m wearing that funnel neck in today’s IG if you want to see it on! They send me items to review from time to time and their new line Daily Ritual is super great for active mom!

amazon fashion

Mock Neck Sweatshirt // Tie Dye Leggings // Wrap Gingham Blouse // Striped Tee // Cream frayed slides // Raw Edge Wide Leg Jeans // One piece suit (the back is amazing!) //

Speaking of that swimsuit — Anne Cole has SO many awesome swim suits! I had to share more that I found because I know you’re all on the hunt! Super affordable too!

amazon swim

1st Row: Black Plain Bandeau (it comes in like 10 colors so check them out here!) // Multiple Tie Option Green Suit //Scallop Halter (this is $20 but really highly rated!) Daisy Bandeau with Striped Belt // Green knotted one piece //

2nd Row: Red Bandeau // Striped Cap Sleeve Suit // Lace up Scallop Suit // Another $20 scallop suit but pretty well rated, too!)  // Navy Bandeau with Pink Belt // Ultra Laced Floral // One shoulder Black Stripe //

3rd Row: Blousson Stripe Bandeau // Wave Two Piece // Deep V White Suit with black stripe //Overlap navy stripe bandeau // Overlap Stripe Bandeau in black

Bottom Row: These are all Anne Cole with different mesh inserts! Open V White Strap // High Neck V-Back  // High Halter Neck // Scoop neck with ab cutout // Bandeau Black // Bandeau criss cross mini stripe








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easter best: girls

As requested, more Easter from around the web! Let’s start with girls! I’m actually no super impressed this year, I had to widen my search to stores I haven’t shopped maybe ever, to find a good round up. Luckily my friend Sarah’s shop Pepper Kids always pulls through here’s some of her new arrivals from this morning. Lots of her accessories are included a little ways down in today’s post, too. I haven’t thought a lot about if I had a girl and what she would wear but I feel like Sarah gets is so right! It’s all classic and darling but still feels fresh and like the ultimate cool girl. So impressed. We teamed up on a giveaway on my Instagram as well so if you’re into that head over to enter! @smallfryblog

Now for around the web!

Easter Best for Girls

Jumpsuit // Bow Top Dress // Stripe Bat Wing Dress // Striped Pinafore // Hydrangea Dress // Pink Ruffle Dress // Black Gingham // Floral Overlay Dress // Gingham with Floral Applique // Stripe Lace Bottom


easter accessories

Tulle Headband // Bow Flats // Beret // Freshly Picked Sandals // Oversized Bow Headband // Flower Headband // Mesh + Jeweled Sandals // Knit Bunny Hat // Sunglasses // Tan Bunny Hat





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spring breakers

Sponsored by Amazon.

T-Minus 10 days until Spring Break. Who’s counting? I am. We need a vacation SO bad and somehow we lucked out and Russ is coming along! Typically the boys’ school break is during his busy season, so I’ll take the kids solo somewhere. This year he lined up the work on the house so he could sneak away, too! The poor guy has been putting in 15 hour days for months now and there’s no sign of stopping until the house is finished. As hard as manual labor is on a body, being a mom solo all day isn’t easy either, hence the family-wide countdown!Safe Spring BreakWe’re flying not too far South, to Mesa Arizona where I grew up until 2nd grade! My older boys do pretty good traveling (Raleigh is anyone’s guess) except that lately they have gotten so territorial about their games. They don’t want anyone touching their “scores” or levels, but they love the SAME GAMES and it’s caused a lot of contention. They fight a lot as it is so any easy fixes I am all over! Luckily we snagged another Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet for Christmas and that has solved all our traveling issues! Safe Spring BreakIn preparation for Arizona, I’ll load up their devices with new eBooks (our favorites below!) set them up with Bluetooth headphones and they pack their own backpacks with snacks and toys for the trip and I hardly hear a peep from them! When they take breaks I can catch up on my own books and shows as all my purchases sync automatically. I love how affordable the tablets are as well — there is no way I would normally get two devices, but this felt doable. They offer a 2-year guarantee, if they break, they’ll replace it! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE?! Safe Spring BreakI’ve talked about the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service before but I know it’s been an especially hot topic of late — how do we protect our kids from mature content?Safe Spring Break I have been so impressed with the timers that shut off when it’s been played for their allotted hour, being able to set goals (read 30 minutes before you can access games or videos), and filtering any content over a certain age limit automatically, while still touting 15,000 age appropriate titles hand picked by their team. I don’t stress about what they’re accessing at all! I love that I can review what books they’ve been reading for their 30 minutes on the Parent Dashboard and Amazon provides discussion cards to help me know how to engage with them about whatever they’re reading with questions and summaries. It really is such a stellar service!Safe Spring Break

I can’t wait to get back to the warm desert air in Mesa! I have such happy memories there and the smell is unbeatable! My brother and his family live there and my dad just recently moved back there, too! I haven’t said much on this, but I haven’t seen my dad in 4 years. Whoa! He moved to New Zealand where he worked as an anesthesiologist and with new babies and just life we never made it out for a visit before he moved back. We were bummed not to see his home for the last bit, but are super happy he’s closer to us now!

We have our favorite stops in Mesa, but would love to hear from you guys! What’s new and amazing that we can take the kids to? I am all for day trips as we’ll have a car down there so don’t be shy if there’s something a couple hours away! We have strict time limits for our devices, but traveling we are loads more lenient so my boys’ are always down for road trip. Ha!Safe Spring Break We have a baseball game on the agenda, Organ Stop (nuttiest pizza place on Earth) and maybe the Scottsdale Butterfly Wonderland? I’ve also somehow seen several friends eating at Gadzooks and that place looks like some legendary Mexican food!

I know I’ve got a lot of Arizona readers and can’t wait to hear your reccs! If you’re sold on the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet you can snag it here! And as promised here’s a few of my boys’ favorites that are either free with FreeTime Unlimited, included in the free trial for Kindle Unlimited or pretty affordable either way! 

Young Reader editions of Hidden Figures and Boys in the Boat for some historical knowledge at their level // Wacky Animal Facts and First Big Book of Why because my boys are all about animal facts lately! // 1500 Knock Knock Jokes, 2700 Animal Jokes and Riddles to keep them occupied and laughing.



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