prime day 2018: kids

Prime Day coverage is so stressful because their deals do not last. So basically check this out and then hurry over! I’ll be adding new deals as they roll out so keep scrolling!

50% off this playkitchen!

50% off Kidcraft Kitchen

Prime Day Kids

Play Dresses in a million colors for $13 // Art Supplies Galore, love these brush pens // Building Set Flash Deal under $12 // Play Sand that doesn’t dry out // Love this airplane + book set. So cute and would make a great gift to stock up on for your gift closet! $12// Bubble Maker $25 // PJs in lots of options under $15 // EZPZ Dinner Tray Mats that grip! // Fly Zapper for all ages really but kids love it! // Astronaut Helmet for play time! // Micro Scooter Deal – a rare find which might be gone by the time I publish this!



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prime day: HOME

$30 for a dining chair?? 4 for $120 // 30% off OXO Pop Up Canisters // Down Mattress Topper 20% off// My favorite Mezza Luna knife for pizzas, quesdillas, chopping crusts off. // $70 for a full size metal bed frame that is AMAZING and I’d put anywhere in my house // 300 Count Sheets in a SLEW of colors and patterns under $20 // Bike Rack Deals // Cooking Pan Deals // Pretty Door Handle Set $30 off // This is a MUST in my office at home // Pretty Cooking Utensils $16

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#nsale prep + wish list

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicks of Thursdasy #nsale and it’s one of my favorite shopping days simply because it’s a chance to get pre-season buys at a discount! We’re all so used to buying season clearance items, it feels so much more exciting this way! I have my Nordstrom Rewards card so I am shopping early and it’s not too late to get yours, too!

The catalog came (you can view it online, here!) so we all have a little more info on what to expect in this sale and although the styling is wack, they’re highlighting what (I think) they do best. Fall Staples like sweaters, jackets and on-trend denim. Shoe + Beauty Deals, and Activewear. Here’s what I virtually “circled” in my catalog so you can see what caught my eye.#nsale2018

Rad Mountain Boots (boots galore actually!) // Rag & Bone Denim deals // Frame denim deals // Dry Bar curling wand kits // Le Labo perfume bundles // Nike, Adidas, Zella activewear deals // Fall accessories like this perfect wool hat via Treasure and Bond ($31!) // More teddybear, yay! This coat via Vince. // Great deals on bags and carry-alls this Madewell perforated on is $70 off!. // This pretty Leith pump for $50!

And just putting it out to the universe that any of these items could be in the sale, too! Just saying, Nords.


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sunglasses FAQ

This post took far too long to get put up, but she’s here and that’s all that matters, right?Sunglasses FAQ

Sunglasses. Windows to the soul. JK. But, one of my favorite accessories to buy because it can update your whole outfit. I tend to dress pretty plain, but my accessories all have opinions. Sunnies, shoes, jackets, make-up, jewelry etc. Easy to stay on-trend this way in a less expensive way.

So here’s my plan of attack on sunglasses. Trendy styles I buy on the cheap. Styles that I know will have some staying power I put more money into! I have tried a million different ways to store my sunnies and these cases are best for me. I have two, one for just black sunglasses and one for colored. I store them under my bed and I love being able to slide them out, pick what I want and not have to fuss to much. They also have lasted infinitely longer this way.

Sunglasses FAQ

COLUMN ONE – Ali (Karen Walker replica) more colors here,I also had these ones but lost them! // Free People // Quay Cafe Racer (other color options) // Ali Express x 3 ( pink aviator I can’t find but similar (or google lensless pink aviator and there’s tons!) bottom two are Chloe Carina replicas)

COLUMN TWO – Kortni Jeane // Amazon x 2 (Red are Celine replicas) I got mine here on Ali but for $4 ($10 off) but it takes longer. Pick your poison! // Ray Ban // Amazon x 2 (Yellow are SO crappy but fine for the price. Ray Ban round + gold replicas)

COLUMN THREE – Amazon (Celine replicas) // Raising Wild // Karen Walker x 2 I got both used! 1st- Faithfulls I saw two on eBay and Poshmark as of this post going up!, 2nd – FlowerPatch, a bunch on Poshmark! // Valley Eyewear “DB” // Amazon (Navy Celine replicas)

ALL BLACK CASE (case from here)Sunglasses FAQ

Grey Rimless // Black Stars (I have brown, too!) // Quay “After Hours” Matte Black (my all time favorites, I’ve bought them twice due to losing them)  // Retrosuperfuture Matte Black “Gals” // Celine Boxy Replicas // ASOS Oval Black // Le Spec “Prince” in mirrored gold and all black, be prepared to tighten the little screws.


Ali Express (direct from China and takes a couple+ weeks to arrive so not always necessary since at times Amazon has them too, but a resource for inspiration! They seem to be ahead the curve in the states), ASOS, Free People — I like FP because they have their signature frames like “Abbey Road” that they put out the hot color of the season each season, so you can bank on the shapes you like. always has knock-offs and seemingly faster than other sites I know of. I’ll scroll their sunnies for inspiration. Quay (pronounced KEY, just looking out for ya) is usually middle of the road but the quality is just as good as designer and their styles are on points they could go in either category for me. They have so many new collections they almost always have something on clearance!


There really is something to designer sunglasses, if you know, you know. The quality, weight, and ahead of trend styles (and logo if you’re into that) are what you’re paying for. Doesn’t mean they don’t snap when you sit on them, scratch when you put them face down on the sidewalk, or get lost just the same as your cheap ones.

Check Poshmark. Then eBay. Poshmark is more instant gratification since it’s not bid format and their shipping gets it there in 2-3 days usually! Watch for sales, Nordstrom Anniversary, ShopBop Friends and Family, Asos has a few designer brands and they do sales weekly it seems. I have several designer pairs but I’ve only paid full price for maybe 1 or 2.

Sunglasses FAQ

cocoon cam [giveaway!]

Sponsored by Cocoon Cam picked by BabyList as the best baby monitor in 2018!

You’ve heard by now that our kids’ rooms are all in the basement while our room is on the main floor. We did this because we intend to be in the house for many years, and it while it’s not ideal when they’re little, it seemed preferable for a much bigger section of time. Have you done this? Are we in for it?  More worried about the big boys honestly. Does this kid look like he cares? Ha. (Never want to forget how he puts his legs up on the crib slats. They’re covered in footprints!)Cocoon Cam Giveaway We have an office on the main floor that could easily double as a nursery if it proves to be too much, but I am hoping that it won’t be too bad! To calm my own fears I think something like the Cocoon Cam in each room would be amazing! I am giving away one on Instagram today but check out all these features!Cocoon Cam Giveaway

  • Try it free for 100 nights no risk
  • Tracks breathing
  • Easy HD video pinch, zoom and night vision
  • Activity Log + Notifications
  • Intercom option
  • WiFi or Hardwired
  • Accommodates multiple cameras/rooms

I know so many of you (like me) just can’t sleep well when you have a brand new baby. Even the nights THEY sleep, I am always checking their breathing and stressing. I love that this monitor tracks breathing without wearables. It installs and tilts so you have a perfect birds eye view or has an adhesive option, too! Cocoon Cam Giveaway I love that it tracks the baby’s day so you can get a better idea of how they are actually sleeping, stirring, or details you’d like to track when you’re at work or if they’re with a sitter. I love that you can try it out for 100 days, because there’s truly hundreds in the market and finding the right one for you shouldn’t be such a risky investment! Cocoon Cam is confident enough in their product that they offer this with pride and for good reason!Cocoon Cam Giveaway

Head here to enter the giveaway! And here are some good posts if you are expecting!

An overview of all our best new baby posts through the years // Some of my personal favorites, and here too! 

weekend deals


Prime Day isn’t until the 17th but they’re already rolling out deals. $.99/month for 4 months Amazon’s music streaming. If you have Alexa it’s the path of least resistance for sure.

Audible (the ONLY reason I read anymore. Is $5/month for 3 months. Cheapest books ever!

Apple Watch + a band for $159!

Pressure Washer for 40% off

Vizio 65″ discoutned under $1000 from $1700! We had a Vizio for years and loved it.

Noise Cancelling Headphones by Bose usually $279, now $169!

Just in time for some crazy Summer temperatures – Lifetime has 30% off their 55 Quart Cooler. $99 right now and it has longer ice retention than even the Yeti (which is $329 for 50 quarts.) Grab it before its gone!

$99 + better than a yeti!

Images via KSL + Walmart.Com

modern backed barstools

I’ve got a tall order for my ideal barstools:

  • High back — kids fall off, and they’re not that comfortable
  • Minimal design — more nooks and crannies = more spots to clean
  • No stainless steel or other high shine metals — so hard to keep looking nice with all the smudges!
  • No upholstery — ruined in 60 seconds over here
  • No faux leather cushions — I can’t vouch for the molded leather, but faux leather cushions wear horribly!
  • Not necessary but definitely a bonus: swivel!
  • $100-$200 each. Modern Barstools: Backed, Wipeable + Under $200

Here are 32 options that were considered. That plaid upholstery made the cut because they’re the freaking cutest ever. And there is one chair that’s over my budget but 40% off so I had to include such a discount as the chair is killer!


modern dining chairs under $100

Put a tiny house update on Insta Stories today, but not gonna lie I am feeling so panicked about finishing. Is this normal? I just see so much work left lots of which is solely on him.

Keeping this between us since (not like its hard he doesn’t read the blog and isn’t on social media. Ha!) I am preaching to the pastor putting that pressure on Russ, and he is still confident in his timelin, luckily! He really always pulls through so, just trying to find my zen and calm the frick down! Ha. You can go catch those on my Instagram – I swapped the Small Fry handle to my name @emilyframe, it just felt like time, but it will always be the feed for my posts here on Small Fry and then more of our lives as we move and start this new adventure. Apologies to any that were confused!

#framefarme updateFor today’s blog post I wanted to share some of our last purchases and some good budget options! We only have a few more furniture purchases left — a coffee table that I JUST missed a 20% off sale at Anthro for and now might be forced to buy full price (death!), dining chairs and bar stools. The rest is accessories, linens, organization, window treatments etc. Which I feel like I’ll have to do once everything else is in place!

SO! Here are a bunch of budget options that I looked at, or friends have that are great quality for the price! If you’re in the market, why not share the fruits of my incessant searching. 😉 Any good ones you’ve seen that I missed?

And a couple options I couldn’t put in the carousel, but are for sure contenders. These chairs from Industry West are so minimal and easy and a great price! I love the idea of having them match with the bar stools (and also our chairs in the loft) so we have a bunch of matching seating options for parties, hosting, and they all feel like they relate to each other. Some might (and have) said boring, but I LOVE the simplicity and timelessness. Modern Budget Dining Chairs

winning combo: red dress + nude heel

Wore one of my favorite combos today for church, red dress + a nude heel! Luckily the boys were all on board for some patriotic dressing so we’re looking festive AF. My dress is Asos and the shoes are Go Jane and of course old, but tracked down my favorites in both categories currently on the web!

RED DRESS — This sleeveless dress is the exact shape of mine // This is my top pick to wear right now

NUDE HEEL — This pair is the actual shoe I am wearing but only comes in blush, so closest actual nude version would be this pair, but this Schutz pair I’d buy right this very second (the navy is unreal!!)

The boys are all in oldies but both shirts are from Gymboree, Hayes’ Shorts (we have every color and I love them! Always look great, no wrinkles.) // Hayes’ Shoes  // Cal’s Shoes // Raleigh’s Romper // Raleigh’s Sandals
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PRIME 4th of July

This holiday is creeping right up on me. As is customary around these parts, Prime to the rescue. Here are some pretty pieces that will ship just in time for the 4th festivities.

The word “Merica” might be my least favorite part about this holiday but this vintage looking Beer tee kills me! I’d wear it. // Rebel Tee because whats America without a little resistance? // Cutest Jumpsuit of all time // Wrap Dress of my hot summer day dreams // Three Slides that couldn’t be cuter 1 // 2 // 3 // Palazzo Pants to keep you cool // A tuxedo stripe slim fit trouser that is unexpected and chic // Beautiful white one piece suit for cheap // Woven Tote to hold all the party things // Round Red Bag which I am sure everyone needs // Platform Heels with Denim detailing // Running a race with friends, heading to a family reunion, got a cute pic in mind? Matching socks galore!! // Tortoise Sunnies that are sure to flatter any face // Woven raffia heels that I am swooning over // 3 easy options for boys: Romper // Flag Tank // Tee + Short set // Nike Blazer Mids have forever been my favorite sneaker silhouette. They make them for all sizes. I’ve had this pair for several years and they never feel outdated! // Jacket Earrings that pack a punch // Two darling options for little girls: 1 // 2 //


4th of july hosting faves

Hot dog boat trays are the way to go for BBQs. Nothing slides off and its easy to carry around. This star print too! // This drink pool is hilarious but also genius. Also in all white if you’re wanting to re-use! No digging around for your drink and it easily holds trays of food like cheese or fruit you may want chilled. // Disposable Corn Holders // Glow Sticks — we’ve had these on hand for the last several 4th celebrations and it makes it SO much more fun! For a dance party in the street, or one year we had the kids create their own glow outfits for prizes. // The Mickey line at Target kills me with its cuteness but it also has patriotic vibes! Happy Camper Plates // Everyone needs a banner or two for tables and fences! // Patriotic napkins // Best patriotic straws // Easiest way to transport BBQ utensils to the party! Picnic Caddy // Gingham cups // Fans because you know you’re gonna need them.

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