Loading the Dishwasher for Kids!

By Emily.

Today I am so excited to share this fun printable in partnership with Maytag! Both my kids are well into the age of chores and helping around the house and I am always lurking around the corner like a crazy person trying to decide how much to help and guide them. Do I let them figure it out, do I show them the way? Do I just re-do it after they’re done if it’s not quite there? Today’s printable will help show them the way while still keeping that sense of independence!Teaching Kids to Load the DishwasherSo, what you will do is (depending on your dishwasher, grab some waterproof tape in a handful of colors! You could also do dishwasher safe plastic colored beads, too! Mark each area with a different color, for instance, we typically put our cups up the skinny rows on the far top sides. So, marking that with blue tape and then on the printable below, you would color in the cups key blue.Dishwasher Key Printable

Once they have the key with them they can very independently load the dishwasher each time! Teaching Kids to Load the DishwasherHere is that Maytag feature I OBSESS over! It’s on their washer that we shared a couple months ago too. Hidden buttons! I love how sleek the front of this dishwasher is. Find their top control models here.Teaching Kids to Load the DishwasherYou open it up to reveal the buttons, SO genius right? I feel like its so much less distracting to the eye.  And of course, like this entire series of Maytag posts — its finger and smudge print free stainless steel! Maytag wins, everybody.Teaching Kids to Load the Dishwasher   Another feature that I have found to be super amazing is their PowerDry option. It eliminates some of the humid air while drying my dishes dry SO much better without spots and streaks. I don’t even need a rinse aid now! They promise 50% better, but in my experience its better than that!Teaching Kids to Load the Dishwasher

See Maytag in action with our Laundry Schedule and Healthy Snack Prep Ideas!

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Winter Essentials: Girls Edition

This winter has been epic! SO much snow, just great skiing and sledding! For those not dressed for the weather though, its anything but enjoyable, right? We want to help you and the kiddies stay WARM!

I tend to buy most things fairly gender-neutral, especially in winter wear. That way everything can be passed down for years and years through sisters and bothers. Here are some items that Utah Kids cant be Utah Kids with out!


Sorel Commander // Sorel with Staps // Yellow Down Puffer // Patagonia Down // Carhartt Beanie // Buffalo Plaid Bogs // Hunters //  Black Snow Bibs //  Non branded beanie // Long Underwear // Mitts

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New Year, New Baby [giveaway!]


As promised here are a few items up for grabs from our favorite gear post yesterday! You can win both a Tuo high chair ($160) which transforms in many different ways to be of use long after your baby outgrows the high chair + Explore and More activity center ($120) that keeps Raleigh entertained for hours from Skip Hop! A beautiful Fawn Design bag ($145!) that holds everything, keeps yours hands free and looks great! And the  Tubby Todd Basics Bundle! ($69) which we all swear by!!

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New Year New Baby: Gear!

Now we get to the fun stuff. Over the next two days we’ll be sharing our favorite gear for babes and mamas and then on Saturday we’ll be sharing all the items you can win for yourself! So, read up today and Friday and then enter to win a huge package of prizes this weekend! Ready to read up?


Fawn Design Bag // We are absolutely obsessed with this bag, you can see how we style it here. It’s classy, chic and no one will even know you’ve got a bag full of binkys and cheerios.

Skip Hop Stroller Muff // This is the best accessory to cozy up your stroller and your baby. If you’re anything like us in a winter tundra….this is a must have!

Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer // Who DOESN’T need a Baby bottle warmer that is Bluetooth enabled? We know we do. This is awesome for bottle feeding but also warms breast milk in a way to preserve nutrients. Win, win no matter how you’re feeding your little ones!

Skip Hop Activity Center // It’s tough to find a bouncer that isn’t totally embarrassing and that’s why we LOVE this one created by Skip Hop. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and your kids will love it! It has a view window for them to peek at their feet while they play the musical keys, items to stack and flip and attachments that pop on and off with ease! It cleans like a dream too!

Tubby Todd Basics Bundle // We LOVE Tubby Todd! This all natural bath line made with essential oils and gentle ingredients is perfect for any kid but especially those with sensitive skin. Use this from newborn to adulthood, this stuff is top notch.

Check back tomorrow for more and then the giveaway this weekend! Wahoo!