best inventions for kids

If you ever thought everything has already been invented, take a peek at Kickstarter or Go Fund Me. We see so many ingenious ideas and wanted to share some of the stand-outs we’ve spotted this year!Inventions for Kids 2014

Airfork One – We’ve seen a few version of this but Airfork One is the most thoughtful. No weird crevices or spots to have food get stuck, the fork prongs actually grab food, and it looks like a real airplane!

Forget Me Knot Mittens – Another successful Kickstarter! These mittens are for adults but have a spot for your child to keep their hand warm knitted right onto the mitten! Hold hands and stay warm without having to keep track of their mittens, too!

SleeperHero – If you have a child that struggles to fall and stay asleep, who gets scared or feels like your bed is the safest place for them, SleeperHero is for you! These moms are so smart and created a storybook that introduces them to their SleeperHero who is in charge of keeping their bedrooms safe. The nightlight is like an alarm clock which stays red until the time you choose and then turns green, signaling to your kiddo that they can come out of their room. If they stay in their bed there’s a chart included and a reward system, too! The book is so cute and a great reinforcer of the system. They’re offering free shipping, too! Just enter “smallfry” at checkout.

Budsies – This is such a cool concept and would be an amazing gift for far-away family this holiday. You simply take a picture of your child’s drawing or artwork and Budsies turns it into a stuffed toy. The Budsies we’ve seen are so quirky and cool and a great way to immortalize our kids’ artwork. If you want to get these sent by Christmas Budsies suggests ordering by November 6th! Run don’t walk!

360 Toothbrush - We love this one because teaching your kids in early toddlerhood how to brush their teeth is vital, but we all know that they’re not going to master this practice for a few years. And that’s okay! The 360 Toothbrush is as stated in the name a full circle of bristles so no matter how your kid holds the brush the bristles are going to reach a tooth or two.

Oh Snap Socks! – We shared these earlier this year on our Instagram but had to share them here, too! We all have dumped out a load of clean laundry and been dumbfounded that somehow no socks match. Oh Snap Socks have a tiny snap so you can keep them together in the wash as well as keep them matched in the drawer.

ezpz  – These place mats are BPA free silicone and suction right to your table. Even if your kiddo does spill (spoiler: they will) it goes right onto the mat and you can transport it right to the sink for easy rinsing.

Peter Bristol Training Drawers – We loved this organizing system that makes it that much easier to put away laundry but also for kids to get themselves dressed in the morning. Sometimes we see products like this suffer in style, but this is beautiful!

Copco Bag Cap – This company is well known and found in most big retail home stores but it still deserves some praise. How many times have your more self-sufficient kids grabbed a bag of something only to have it rip, spill, never get re-sealed and go stale? The  bag cap goes right onto the open bag sealing it and making it that much easier to seal.

Have you guys seen anything genius this year? Anything you wished you thought of?

superhero cuffs

By Nicole.

I think it’s been mentioned a time or two before on Small Fry, but my Dash truly believes he is a super hero. (Find a couple different ways I organize all his personas here and here.) It is evident always in his talk and play. I wanted to come up with a way for him to bring a little Superhero with him wherever he goes, especially now that costumes have been all we talk about lately with Halloween. If he needs to feel brave, or take care of a friend in need, even if he can’t wear the whole uniform, he can always look down and remember how super he is! Here’s how you can whip these up at your house:

Superhero Cuffs

All you need is empty toilet paper rolls or a paper towel roll cut into halves! Depending on the size of your heroes wrists you can cut a slit up the middle so it’s a true cuff style, or even tape it to be a smaller cylinder.

Superhero Cuffs

We’ve found the best way to cut precise shapes with duct tape is to cut a strip and lay it down on a Self-Healing Cutting Mat. Cut out your shape with an exacto knife and then remove it from the mat! No more sticky scissors!

Superhero Cuffs Superhero Cuffs

More of our love affair with our heroes at their Superhero Training Party and Spiderman and Ninja Turtles Party!

copper pumpkins 3 ways

Copper is such a hot color for home decor, we couldn’t help but use it in our Fall decor this year. We love that these three different techniques don’t scream “Halloween” and can be kept around through Thanksgiving. Here’s how you can copper-ify your own pumpkins at home!

Copper Pumpkins 3 Ways

1. You’ll need a can of copper spray paint. The Krylon Copper Foil Metallic Finish spray paint

is GORGEOUS, we might be spraying everything in sight with the rest of this can. Simply spray the pumpkin and let it dry!

2. Penny Scallops. Our boys are definitely seeing the magic of money as they get older. Counting, stacking, collecting, spending is all becoming more intriguing to them. So this one is a fun project to do with kids. All you need is a dab of glue and cover that pumpkin away!

3. The last technique is similar to the penny’s but with glitter paper!

Copper Pumpkins 3 Ways

All you need for this one is a Circle Punch, Copper Metallic glitter paper, and glue! Glue the middles of the circles, then layer them upward to the base of the stem. Having the circle sort of lifting off the pumpkin gives it that cool 3D effect and we love how this one turned out!

Copper Pumpkins 3 Ways

Today’s copper pumpkin post is part of our last (tear!) color challenge of the year with our friends below!Copper Color Challenge

Click right on the images to see how they interpreted our color challenge!

Find our past color challenges here: Orchid DIY Tea Set // Hot Pink Studded Sneakers // Sunny Yellow Giant Pantone Wall Art // A Gilded Gold Snow Globe //


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Today we’ve partnered with a California-based clothing and accessories shop, Strands, to show you three looks we love for Fall and how we incorporate Strands new line into them. Use “SMALLFRY15″ at check-out to save 15%!


I love the look of these simple gold necklaces, layered. I picked the Outline Strand and the Rectangular Prism from Strands and feel like they go with everything!

Fall Look for Strands

Here’s how I’ll wear it this Fall: a simple three-quartered sleeve shift, a leather carry-all, my favorite scent and my favorite quilted loafers (a steal.) and sunglasses! When it gets colder I’ll throw on my favorite thick tights, this leather jacket and boots!

Fall Look for Strands


I am a more is more type of girl when it comes to accessories. I love the idea of a big stack of mismatched bracelets. I always notice it on others and wanted to build my own off of Strands. I picked  Stacking Bangles, Druzy Cuff and then the Midi Ring and Hammered Ring Set to top it off.

Monogrammed Wallet

Here’s how I put it together: Balmain-esque T-shirt found here, paired with some very-Fall Plaid ponte pants (similar here and here.) Topped off with my go-to Scoundrel boots a striking blue wool hat and my latest obsession, geometric sunglasses, a monogrammed wallet-slash-clutch picked up from here.

Fall Look for Strands


Dressing my 7 month(!) bump has been all about leggings as you know, but I love being able to add accessories to spice up an everyday look – even better, accessories always fit! I love Strands’ Crystal Bullet necklace, and this classic tortoise resin cuff.

Strands Accessories

Throwing it all into a perfectly fall ensemble goes like this: A boy-friend fit plaid poplin – in a maternity version, too! (not too hot like flannel tends to be.) with the most beautiful wool blazer I’ve seen. Easy distressed Rockstar jeans (maternity version here!) Paired with these must-have leopard slip-ons and all-black Ray-ban Aviators. Maybe a swipe of Revlon Fairest Nude lipstick. I love having the option to layer in the Fall so Strands’ blanket scarves are so great and add a ton of warmth.

Fall Look for Strands

Thanks to Strands for helping us beef up our Fall accessory collection! Find more of Strands on their Instagram (@shopstrands) and Facebook page and don’t forget SMALLFRY15 for 15% off your purchase! SHOP STRANDS HERE.

FRYday : Emily

Happy Fryday and welcome to our latest reader request: beauty routines! Specifically, what works for busy moms who want to put their best face forward. Reading about other people’s beauty routines is a definite guilty pleasure of mine, I find it so fascinating! So I am totally into this and excited to go first! Check back over the next couple weeks to read all about Jenna and Nicole’s as well.

You should know that I am pretty low maintenance. I only wear ALL of these things if I have an event, or night out, on a regular day I’ll modify this down to something a lot less product heavy, but for today I wanted to share what I love for a full face!
Small Fry Beauty Routine


You all know how I feel about my skin. It is sensitive, normal and oily, just give it a minute and it will change. I am prone to stress break-outs, hormone break-outs, sleeping on my face break-outs, and if I eat too much cheese or chocolate break-outs. Getting a hold on my skin has been an adventure to say the least, but I’ll tell you what absolutely works!

Kiehl’s Scrub – I had a dermatologist tell me that my skin doesn’t “turn over” as quickly as it should. Meaning the top layers don’t slough off like usual. So a mild exfoliating scrub is a must and this one is so great. I love that the ingredients are recognizable!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – I’ve already shared my love of this stuff before, it dries out zits, sort of deflating them until they are hardly noticeable. It’s magic and everyone should have this in their drawer.

Hada Labo Hydrator – I’ve found the less layers I have on the better my skin does. So this stuff is great in place of a moisturizer because it’s anti-aging, hydrating, and tightening all in one. It does the job of a primer while still leaving my skin feeling soft.


I love this studio concealer by Mac to even out any discoloration or blemishes!

As a stylist, I get to spend a lot of time with make-up artists behind the scenes on photoshoots. They probably hate me because I hover and ask 100 questions, but my last shoot’s Make Up Artist used Maybelline’s FIT ME! foundation and I couldn’t believe how dewy and perfect the model looked at 6 am! Could it possibly work the same magic on a lowly non-model citizen such as myself? It totally does, and I stopped using my super expensive foundation altogether.


I know there’s a lot of talk of “Brow Game” around the web and I’ve fallen hook line and sinker, too. I have a bundle of brow products and the only ones anyone needs are Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade (I use blonde and it’s still pretty dark!) and then Almay’s Brow Pencil/Brush combo to create sharper lines and the brush to even out the pomade.

I got CK One Mascara in a sample bag from Ulta and surprisingly, I love it. It’s lengthening, doesn’t flake or smudge and doesn’t burn if I get emotional. I get emotional all the freaking time so this is a must-have.

Stila Liquid Liner is one of the few products I will buy over and over again. I get product A.D.D. and want to keep trying something new, but there’s no need with Stila. It’s the best for fine lines and cat-eye and stands strong all day.


I’ve been using the Bobbi Brown Brick since high school, but it wasn’t until this year that I figured out how to really make the most out of it. It has every color of shimmer you need for a contoured face. I start at the top of my cheekbones and the apples of my cheeks with the middle pinks, then take the dark brown and brush under the cheekbones (make a fish face and hit the indentation) then take the the white highlighter and hit the very top of my cheekbones and up around my brow bone in a “C” shape. Then I take a blush brush and blend it all together! I love that I can do all of this with one product.

These limited edition Mac brushes come in white, black and charcoal. They’re gorgeous and a great deal for a bundle of brushes!

I have a lot of favorite scents, but the one I get the most compliments on is Givenchy Simply Irresistible.

I wash my hair at the most once a week, I just love how it looks with some grit in it. The best it looks is day four or five and to keep it feeling fresh I am obsessed with Alterna Dry Shampoo. Mango coconut amazingness!


I love playing with different lip colors, and here’s my favorite three in the rotation currently. Pure Zen for a perfect soft pink, My all time favorite nude, Peach Kiss by Baby Lips, and for Fall, Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Shameless.

Since I cycle through so many different lip colors, Too Faced’s Borderline is my favorite product of the year. It’s a reverse liner, so you go up and above your natural lip line, and it leaves a light waxy finish so your lipstick doesn’t creep up and feather. Even better it’s clear so you can use it with ALL your different lipsticks without having to buy matching liners. GENIUS!

Do you use any of these? We’d love to hear what you love and have tossed out!