Beauty Faves: Emily

These are my favorite types of posts to read so I love today’s series! Here’s what I’ve been using and loving lately! I highlighted the products that are part of Amazon’s 20% off luxe beauty in RED. LUXMAKEUP20 is the code!Small Fry Beauty Faves


I should just put an asterisk by all the products our genius friend Kayti recommended to me. She runs @thebeyoutybureau on Insta and she is my sensei.

Whish Oil Cleanser* — Smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling perfectly balanced and clean (instead of stripped and dry like some water cleansers can.

Cosrx Black Head Power Liquid* — If you don’t have blackheads than get outta this paragraph, but if you do this stuff is amazing. It tightens pores and has actually totally reduced the appearance of them on my face. Like it worked. Shocked.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir — When my face needs a pick me up. When I need a pick me up. The smell is invigorating!

White Wedding Moisturizer* –there’s some sort of fine crystal in this because when you put it on your face is instantly glowing, but its not shimmer or glitter which I DESPISE. Korean Beauty Products are cult favorites and for good reason. Where the US’s list of banned ingredients is like 3 items long, Korea’s is hundreds of items long. I feel safer knowing they are serious about only the best ingredients in their products.


To prime my face I use Jane Irendale. 20% off! Such a great time to buy her products because they’re a little on the expensive side.

Cargo for foundation! I love that it comes in these packets and I can control how much foundation is coming out. I feel like I waste less and it has great coverage.

Watching make-up videos I started putting my eye concealer on after foundation. #sheep. I love Nars Concealer in Custard.

Jouer blush is so great and pigmented. I’ve been loving Amaryllis for Fall, I feel like I can’t get away with my pinks as well anymore and this feels more on-season.


Maybe it’s with my age or losing elasticity or something but I’ve noticed my eyelids are creasing my make-up lately so I grabbed this Jane Iredale eyelid primer. Bonus: It makes my eye make up virtually indestructible all day.

You might notice I’m the only Small Fry that doesn’t use lash extensions! That is because I am a picker. I can have those suckers off in a matter of days. Instead of dealing with that mess I just focus on taking great care of the lashes I do have! This LashFood Conditoning Mascara is awesome.

I used to buy eyeshadows by the pot but now I am on the palette train. I get sick of colors after a while so this cures my ADD perfectly. If you use your 20% off coupon use it on this Lorac Palette, it’s just a good deal and so much bang for your buck!

Stila Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner — I’ve used this for years and I have it delivered in my Amazon Subscribe & Save every other month. I just don’t need anything else. Perfect for everyday or a dramatic cat-eye.


You all know I am a matte MAC lip freak which isn’t included in the sale this time, but check out the ones that are here! (For Mac I love Pure Zen for everyday, So Chaud or Morange for a coral or orange, Blankety for a nude, Flamingo for a hot pink ish orange, Diva for a deep red, and MAC Red for a true red.


Fall Nail colors are my JAM. I rarely stray from a deep dark burgundy, but for toes OPI “Shh Its A Secret” Like so brown its almost black, Essie’s “Playing Koi” – hot orange is a fave all year round for both hands and feet!

And my secret to great make-up has to be the brush situation. A high quality brush that is clean is the key. Crappy brushes filled with excess make-up will never give you the look you want! I will never stray from Sigma Brushes (just get yourself this for Christmas and be happy) and this spray cleaner is great for quick cleansing.


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Beauty Faves: Jenna

Good morning! Here are my faves from the Amazon 20% off sale! Enter LUXMAKEUP20 at check out.jenna

1- I am LOVING this OPI matte top coat, it helps your at home manicures stay forever.

2- I’ve been living for this olive color for Fall and now that my whole wardrobe is full of it, it’s time that my nails look like it too!
3- Obsessing over this bar that cleans your brushes…no more waiting for them to dry.
4- I recently had the opportunity to meet Sara Happ, she’s as beautiful as her products. The Lip Slip is the ultimate in lip gloss.
5-I have always been a huge fan of the Stila tinted moisturizer, can’t believe this goodie is on sale.
6-I’ve never used this product but now I’m going to have to…this packaging?! I can’t! So cute. I love a creamy blush and these hues are perfect too.
7-Winter is coming and my bod is realllll white. Love this Bronzer.
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FRYday: Nicole

Hey friends!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Emily and Jenna and I take turns in the spotlight each Friday. It seems like ages since I’ve been writing a Fryday post. Happy to be here to chat about my recent favorites things!untitled-1

On my table, always. This. I met the founder of Soma last year at a retreat in San Francisco. Thats when I knew life would never be the same. They just released this gorgeous water bottle that I am literally dead over. NOTHING is more perfect.

On the floor in Dash and Sunny’s room is this pretty rug!

In the concrete hallway for this cool fall weather I added this runner.

I created a little study/lounge room upstairs next to my bedroom. Currently I’m sitting in this pretty thing! Next I want to buy this black one for downstairs in the living room.

These are little wild, but sometimes I’m down with some wild sunnies. The tortoise keeps them tame.

Im loving clogs this fall, I especially appreciate the extra height these platforms give me, when I’m feeling a little frump.

AAAANNNNNDDDD that’s a wrap!

Love ya!


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unicorn horn party sweets

If Spooky isn’t up your Halloween alley, this fantastical recipes might be right up your alley! This idea is by Lindsey over at the amazing Live Sweet Photography and here’s how you’ll do it!Unicorn Horn - Party Idea + RecipeSUPPLIES:

Candy sticks (I ordered mine from
Candy melts in color if your choice
Parchment paper
Unicorn Horn - Party Idea + Recipe  Start by unwrapping your candy sticks and gently break them in half
Melt your candy melts
Dip broken end of candy sticks into melted chocolate and lay on parchment paper
Pour sprinkles on right away before chocolate hardens

Unicorn Horn - Party Idea + RecipeThese make the perfect treat on your party table or package them up cute for a party favor!Unicorn Horn - Party Idea + RecipeFind more amazingness on Lindsey’s (HUGE) Instagram account!

DIY Halloween Snacks

If you’re anything like us you’ve been tempted by Halloween treats for what seems like forever, so if you’re trying to be healthy, avert your eyes! Today we are rounding up the most scrumptious and spookiest treats from around the internet that will be fun to make with your life this Halloween season!!!


One  |  Two  |  Three  |  Four  |  Five  |  Six  |  Seven


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We’re SO excited to announce our FIRST (we hope the first of many) ANNUAL


A family-friendly Halloween Party, Monday October 31st from 4-7 pm! We will be partying at White Shanty (still time to enter their killer giveaway here!) in Provo, UT so LOCALS this is for you!! In addition to White Shanty we’re teaming up with these awesome locals shops:


Provo Family Halloween Party

We wanted with all our hearts for it to be free, but it became to hard to plan without any concrete numbers of guests so we’ll be selling tickets for $3 at the door and we have limited tickets so once they’re gone, we won’t be allowing anymore in. (We’ll be sure to post online if we sell out, but we don’t anticipate we will, as we said just needed a number to plan on!)

The $3 ticket will be for any kiddo who wants to participate in the fun and games! In addition to the games, we’ll have giveaways, dancing, a Smilebooth!, other photo-ops, a costume parade, food, and lots more. Something fun and safe for your fam to do before heading out to trick-or-treat or in place of trick-or-treating if you have little ones with early bedtimes!

You can buy your ticket at the door or if you want to make sure you have a spot, you can pay for your tickets here! Just put the names of the kids tickets’ your purchasing for in the “special instructions” and we’ll have your tickets reserved at the entrance for you!



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8 baby carrier halloween costumes

Halloween with a baby and older kids can be tricky! Some parents might split up or have on stay home, but if you’re committed to trick-or-treating as a family this is the post for you! Pushing a stroller is great for Halloween night until you get to stairs, so we’ve found that baby wearing is your best bet for keeping up with your big kids. These baby carrier Halloween costumes are hilarious and so inventive!

First you need a carrier. You know we love the Ergo! I have used this nearly everyday of Raleigh’s 4 months. Russ loves it, too. It’s been such a big help with my transition to three kids and I love that he’s getting to the size where I can flip him around and look at the world since he’s constantly craning his neck anyway. 😉 Find their color selection here! We have the gray Adapt and the linen and love both.Baby Carrier Halloween Costume Ideas Baby Carrier Halloween Costume Ideas

Then you just need some felt, safety pins, glue and a killer idea. Here are EIGHT of our favorites from around the web:

baby carrier halloween

10 Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes


10 Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes

10 Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes

10 Baby Carrier Halloween Costumes

10 Baby Carrier Halloween Costumescarriers5


Presidential Debate //  Humpty Dumpty // Rosie the Riveter // Mama Bee Rounded up 35 of these babies, where we found the Rocket, Popcorn and Plane // Today’s Parent created the shark and bee keeper here!

ultimate turtle team

By Emily.

My kids are in a frenzy right now over Halloween and all the costume talk always comes back to one thing – “What are YOU gonna be mom?” We teamed up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for our team costumes (found these at Target!) and let the boys dreams come true. We became the Ultimate Turtle Team! Ready to check ‘er out?1I don’t know a ton about the show but my boys, and apparently Russ, are obsessed~ When we got the masks he said, “Dibs on Rocksteady.” I died laughing. I forget TMNT has been around a lot longer than any of us!4Doing a dry run for the big night. Is it just my kids that go absolutely limp when its time to get dressed? It’s like dressing spaghetti! 13Originally we chose Leonardo for Hayes. He is the big brother of course, the leader of the pack and works super hard each and every day. 12 And for Cal of course he had to be Mikey. The jokester, the class clown, the lazy bones that’s still good at everything. That’s our Cal! 9But, when push came to shove they wanted to swap. Im taking it as a good thing, like maybe they aspire to be like the good qualities they see in one another? Or more realistically, these brothers just tend to want what the other one has! What is a good hero story without some villains?  They probably see us that way in everyday life anyway, so let’s have Halloween mimic life, right?3We love these costumes — they are so detailed and well made and come with lots of accessory possibilities to make the costume feel extra special. I love that after trick or treating is done I can put these in the dress-up bin and they’ll get wear all year long!


Toddler Raphael // Youth Leonardo // Youth Michelangelo // Bebop // Rocksteady // Sword // Nunchucks

jcrew sale

Jcrew’s additional 40% off sale + 30% off some tops, outerwear and accessories is here! Some of our favorites to check out:

 FOR YOUTassel Jewelry galore, class up a ponytail for less than $10, our favorite sailor pant for $50, the cocoon coat of your dreams in an updated fall hue and more:

FOR GIRLS — Why isn’t this sweater in our size?! Best deals on puffers and wool coats, leopard flats for tights and dresses or jeans and tees. Easiest skirt for any season and a sweet little overall dress to name a few.

FOR BOYS$15 button ups, stripes galore (favorite!), Pocket Tees in Short Sleeve and Long, Suede lace-ups for 60% off, amazing beach towel that we need like 8 of. Vans and New Balances for 40% off

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