J.Crew under $30

Another killer J.Crew sale for you guys! After you enter “SHOPFORFALL” at check out these picks are all under $30 and, we think, great transtiotinal pieces for Summer to Fall! jcrewsale

1. Boys’ Henley 2. Beach Sweater 3. New Balance Sneakers 4. Pleated Skirt 5. Striped Dress Shirt 6. Embroidered Sweater 7. Striped Dress 8. Camo Sweater 9. Camo PJs 10. Mini Heart Dress 11. Striped Coverall

And here’s some items we’re eyeing for ourselves (couldn’t help it)!

Peach Season

Peaches will forever remind us of our start at Small Fry. We devoted a whole week (Peach Picking 1st birthday party, Making Jam, and Peach Jam stand) to peach season and to celebrate our upcoming second birthday, we’ve gathered up our favorite mind-blowing Peach recipes from around the web to help us plow through our boxes of peaches. Some hearty, some sweet, but all dang good. Bon Appetit!

10 of the best peach recipes EVERPeach Soup // Oh So Delicioso—We’ve always wished we could drink peaches…well now you can.

Gwyneth Paltrow Grilled Chicken with Peach BBQ Sauce // Bon Appetit—We like to think we’d do anything Gwyneth would….so eat chicken like her, we shall.

Clean Peach Shake // Collected Blog—This has become a staple to our mornings because it’s healthy, delicious and duh, has peaches.

Peach & Mint Feta Salad // Jenna’s Kitchen— Since she’s one of ours we know we can trust that this Salad will be BOMB. If there’s anything that is better than Peaches, it’s Feta and Mint!

How To Freeze Peaches // Better Homes &  Garden— Want to make the Peach goodness last forever? So do we! Learn how to properly freeze them.

Peach, Prosciutto, and Goat-Cheese Pizza // Epicurious— You had us at Peaches and Goat Cheese.

Peach & Avocado Guacamole // Martha Stewart— You know that perfect couple who finish each other’s sentences, never fight and are just scrumptious together? That’s Peach and Avocado.

Fried Peaches // Oh So Delicioso—Nuff’ said

Peach Basil Jam // Small Fry— We created this recipe as one of our first here on the blog. It’s sweet but has a really warm, hearty taste with the basil. Spread this on warm toast in the morning and you’ll be singing a happy tune.

Smoky Heirloom Tomato & Grilled Peach Pasta Salad // How Sweet Eats— We don’t know about you but we’ve got to make this. right. now. YUM.

Got or found any recipes that take the nearly perfect peach to the next level? Share in the comments!

modern mudroom

This post is brought to you by Valspar® Reserve™ exclusively at Lowe’s, find a store near you here.

We’re back with the big reveal of our Modern Mudroom challenge! We wanted to create a space that functioned like a mudroom, but made only with paint. Each child has a “color” and inside that color is their space to hold coats, backpacks, homework, artwork and whatever else they need to grab on their way in or out the door. We painted matching stools for not only seating, but for a little easy shelf space! Check out this film made with Jenner Brown of Lumineux to see how it all went down. (See the “before” here.)

Now you can see what we meant yesterday about the paint being so rich and creamy! The one coat paint + primer made this project so fast, we were worried that the thickness might make removing the tape a mess but the lines were crisp and really perfect! Also, with our love of bright, bold colors, we were really pleased to see that the super-strength pigments in Valspar® Reserve™  delivered rich and vibrant color as we had hoped. Lastly, you can see in the film that this paint has extreme washability. We tested it out with marker and it’s a fact. It handled a good scrubbing that in the past other paints might have lost some pigment or even removed a little bit. This paint it incredibly durable! After the project each of us agreed that we would use this paint again and again, and really that is the true test!

Keep reading to see more pictures of the wall in action! Thanks again to  Valspar® Reserve™ for helping us make this idea a reality! Read more

fall boots

Before we post, we just wanted to send our best thoughts and prayers with those families effected by the events 13 years ago. We are so proud to live in this country!

Thursday Threads is back and the thing on our minds is boots. What’s a better way to ring in a new Fall season than with a great pair of boots? We’re sharing our picks for kids here and you can follow along while we add our picks for ourselves all day on Pinterest here. Onto the boots!




1. Hunter boots are a more of an investment then some of the other wellies you’ll find, but they’re virtually indestructible. We love picking a color out for our oldest kids that we know will be classic and cool for the rest of the siblings, boys or girls!

2. If your kid requires a little bit more pizazz in their wardrobe these monster wellies are super fun! Via H&M.

3. Sk8 Hi’s by Vans aren’t going to keep rain or snow out, but for those milder climate days, nothing is cooler. JCrew’s are the cheapest we’ve found!

4. This leather chukka boot at Nordstrom comes in black as well and genuine leather! Perfect for school or dinner or church, it dresses up so nicely!

5. Minnetonka’s boots scream Fall to us. Another great unisex pick that can be passed down from sibling to sibling.

6. Chelsea boots are so classic and wonderful for Fall and into the holidays. They are great formal options and there are a hundred different places to buy them, but Zara’s caught our eye and are surprisingly one of the more affordable version.

7. Nothing is cuter than seeing your little man look like your big man. These rugged hikers fit the bill perfectly.


8. This combination boot with it’s classic quilting, contrasting zippers and tough buckles is too cool. This pair would be a fun one to dress all Fall and Winter! By Nina.

9. Aigle is arguably the coolest of all the wellies. That retro stripe at the top adds such a great graphic element and the vibrant colors make them feel modern and on-trend.

10. For a nice casual boot that goes with pretty much anything this Steve Madden pair is the way to go.

11. Riding boots for Fall is our favorite look for girls. With leggings and a long sweater, denim on denim, or with a dress or skirt, it always looks on point! Tommy Hilfiger makes these ones.

12. Another great riding style boot via Target! The two-tone leather makes these boots so wearable, dressed up or down!

13. This mid ankle bootie is a great lighter-weight option than some of these more heavy duty options. It comes in great colors and patterns too to fit any style!

14. Doc Martens make us a little nostalgic, but they really do make the most durable boots, so we aren’t shocked at their comeback! So many options, but these moto style feel really fresh!

What boots do you find yourself buying year after year? Which ones are you willing to splurge on and which ones do you go the cheaper route?


modern mudroom: before

We have a super fun project in partnership with Valspar® Reserve™ paint to share over the next couple days! To fully appreciate the improvements made, we had to share the “before” situation. Unless you are one of the lucky ones with a mudroom designed and built into your home, you might share our same problem! When we tumble back into our homes after a long day, there is a definite spot where our belongings collect. Where papers and backpacks, shoes and socks all get dropped. We challenged ourselves to come up with a better plan using only paint as our tool.

Mudroom - Before!

We flipped through over 3,000 Valspar colors before selecting three bright and fun primaries: Sunny Jonquil, Ocean Sigh and Scarlet Sun.Valspar Reserve

One thing we all noticed and were impressed with was how thick the paint was. It was almost like cream. It rarely dripped making minimal mess. Valspar Reserve was perfect for a high traffic mudroom because of its durability and stain + scrub resistance so we knew we could wipe anything off the walls! And for those of you who love to change up your paint colors but hate the tedious process, Valspar® Reserve™ is a paint + primer one-coat coverage. We can attest, one coat and done. Awesome!

Mudroom - Before!

We don’t want to share too much of the mudroom before the big reveal tomorrow, but we’ll give you a little hint.

Check back later this week to see it all in action and a little film of the whole process!

Thanks to Valspar for sponsoring this project! Find Valspar® Reserve™ exclusively at Lowe’s, find a store near you here.