yogurt bar breakfast

By Emily.

You all know we’ve been focusing on easy Summertime ideas to make the mornings (or afternoons, depending on when your down time is) special and not so “I’m so bored!” Raleigh is napping three times a day still (oof!) so we have lots of downtime at home and I am basically stringing these ideas together for my own sanity.Yogurt BarSo today’s idea is just a few extra steps on your regular breakfast routine, but the boys loved it!


Their favorite yogurt, bowls of toppings, a special breakfast munching area.

TOPPING IDEAS: granola, chopped fruit, honey, chia, seeds or nuts, dried fruit, and to make it extra special – candy! Yep that’s right you’re gonna roll with it just this once.Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 7.20.03 PM We don’t even feel bad because we used Black Forest’s Organic Gummy Bears and Sour Heads (check out their huge assortment of organic dummies here! SO awesome.  Yogurt Bar TeePee Joy sent us this classic red teepee with tiny stars which we love and let the boys eat in (which we don’t normally do so that is a party in itself, ha!) You can actually design your own custom teepee here as well!Yogurt Bar

Happy Summer guys, you’re doing awesome!

City Kid Party

Our girl Mari Spiker (@marispiker) is living the NYC dream with her husband and two kids on the Upper West Side – follow her and be prepared to drool! She threw THE most darling party for her 4 year old Will (hi Nora and Will!!) and we begged her to let us post it. It’s our lucky day!! City Kid PartyReady to check it out?

Invitations:City Kid PartyMari is a stylist and made this incredible cardboard city scape with boxes and spray paint, so you’re on your own for that amazingness, but she’s sharing all her purchasable sources with us too, which is so kind!City Kid BirthdayThe backdrop banner and poster design are by @laurenashleyclementswill Turns 4-10This custom Piñata by @tinipinatas:City Kid PartyThey had such a quintessential City Kid Party with pretzels and graphic lettering everywhere you turn. Face Painting which always reminds me of You’ve Got Mail. 😉 She did such a good job creating a theme simply by compounding elements of ABCs throughout! Details like the most mini ABC Sprinkles for the cake found here:City Kid BirthdayThe cutest Letter Sandwiches using these cookie cutters:City Kid BirthdayThis ABC Chalk she bagged up as favors from Etsy Shop LSCreationStation:City Kid PartyABC cookies found at Trader Joe’sScreen Shot 2017-06-15 at 8.31.52 AMThiBe sure and follow her on Instagram @marispiker and check out her site here. If you have any questions for her she can be reached at  hello@marispiker.com She has even more info and images from the party from her blog post here as well.


coziest drive-in

By Nicole.

One of our favorite Summer activities is to pull out our projector and watch a movie outside! Drive-ins are hard to come by where we live but this is just as good, if not better because A. Free B. You’re near your fridge for endless snacks! We teamed up with Coleman to create the comfiest drive-in movie today and we’re happy to report that Target carries all of these items! If you use Target’s Cartwheel app you’ll get $10 off a purchase of $49 or more, too! Pretty sweet! Okay, onto the drive-in!Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 7.19.41 PMBack the car into the driveway and project the movie onto the garage! It provides a nice flat white surface and doesn’t blow away.web1If you’re a renter you can use the side of your building easily, too! We use a projector we grabbed online and have loved it! Then inflate that air mattress and stick in your car or truck bed! This one is from Coleman’s Double High line and it is so comfortable! This is tried and true for camping, too!DSC_6628Pop that popcorn, grab your soda and snuggle into your sleeping bag and you’re set! This sleeping bag is Coleman’s CozyFoot 40 Degree Bag which has fleece lining in the foot area so its 25% warmer than the standard bag! Our feet are always freezing in our sleeping bags so we were excited to grab this bag and give our feet some extra warmth!

Do you have any family fun that seems to only happen in the Summer? We can’t wait for more movies, campfires, BBQing and lots of time cozy in these sleeping bags.

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  Sponsored by Hint, get 15% off using SMALLFRY20 on their site here: drinkhint.com. Promo details at the bottom of this post!hint waterIn my efforts to lose the last of my (now one year old) baby weight I’ve been kicking any thing and everything that might stand in my way, including carbonation for the last few weeks. (Lost 3 inches on my waist so far!) Upping my water intake proves to be challenging, but Hint to the rescue!hint1Hint water is 100% natural, with no sugar or preservatives. It’s essentially water, with a Hint of flavor. Diet sweeteners give me a major headache and so does sugar in too much doses, but sometimes I gotta mix up the plain water routine. hint water To me Hint is all in the smell. I take a big deep breath of it and swig away and it’s so refreshing. hint waterThe 12 pack comes with four flavors too so I don’t have to get used to one. And as always the best part about making positive and healthy changes in my family is my kids eat and drink whatever is around so they’re getting more water too!

hint water
For Father’s Day yesterday we got Russ a windowsill herb garden. He is the king of the grill in Summertime and the boys picked out his favorite herbs for our BBQ nights! hintIf you’re looking for a few easy crafts to make the most out of your nursery trips here are some favorites from around the web:
PLanter DIy
Vase DIY
Vase DIY
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