Cozy Cheekz

By Emily.

As New Year, New Baby rolls on, here is one NEW product we got to try just for this series!  Up until now, I have never seen a similar product and I think it’s so genius! And for sure lives up to it’s cozy name!Cozy CheekzTo put it simply, Cozy Cheekz makes changing table pads that warm themselves. Simple, but totally innovative! All their materials are so luxe and soft, comes with a travel case so you can carry that amazingness with you as you travel or when they go to Grandma’s house. It comes with a cover sheet that you can wash easily with those Cozy CheekzIt secures to your changing table with the typical straps and then you can control the heat settings from their remote!Cozy CheekzThey also carry this awesome and incredibly soft Cozy Cradle that sits on top of the changing pad and is so ideal for new babies! It cradles them perfectly so they’re less likely to roll and there’s less of those newborn limb movements that startle and upset them during changings. At least my three boys did that, do your babies? This is also detachable and super compact so you can bring it with you everywhere!cc-image1_grandeYou can find Cozy Cheekz right here! Such a sweet and thoughtful addition to any nursery, that adds so much comfort to what is typically my babies least favorite time of the day!Cozy Cheekz

Disclosure: COZY CHEEKZ sent us this product for our honest review, and truly there is nothing not to like! xo – Emily

New Year New Baby: Nursery Art

If you ask me, the Animal Nursery Art trend can stick around forever! As you saw on instagram, that is what we chose for Dash and Sunnys room over the last couple of years. They have loved it, and so have I!

From the photo on Instagram, the Moose Art from Sunny and Dashs room can be found here. The Camel and Deer art can be found here. The Horse can be found here.

The art you hang in your new babies nursery is a big decision! Besides the little baby itself, it is the main focal point when you enter the room. It sets the feel of the room and represents the babies personality in a sense! Here are some pieces from around the web that I think are flawlessly done.


Replacing art with an installation wreath, how stunning! I love this idea and hadn’t seen it before this. More details can be found here.


This Geode by Amy Lighthall makes me drool. I bought it for Dash’s room when we split the boys into two rooms soon here. But I think it would be stunning over a crib or changing table.


This nursery belongs to a friend of mine. Ive loved it since she first shared it. I adore the single color large water color piece. You can see more of this nursery and purchase the artwork here19232ef500ab0cc73bea32759ecf66fb

As I was saying, the animal artwork reins supreme! Details here.

Here are some other Animal Art Shops I love!

Wildbook, Vivid Atelier, Modern Nation Print Mix 


I love this nursery reveal by Ave Styles. A clean midcentury style is always top on my list. This round wooden mirror is a gorgeous sub for artwork for us minimalists.


Want even more minimal? No artwork at all, just a detailed mobile. By Decor Pad

Chair in Dash and Sunnys room here, rug here, lamp here!

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A look back at New Year, New Baby

It’s time to kick off our annual New Year, New Baby week! Each January we devote a whole week of content to new parents, new babies and navigating the highs and lows that come with it, and the stuff. SO much stuff. What we love, what our friends love, brand new  gadgets and tried and true favorites.Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 9.32.49 PM

But first, here’s what you might of missed in year’s passed:

NEW MOM ADVICE from Ashley of the Shine Project // The Girls With Glasses // Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook // Liz of Say Yes! // Anna of In Honor of Design // Danielle of Sometimes Sweet // Little Baby Garvin // The Brickyard Buffalo Girls // And a whole slew of blogger favorites sharing what They Didn’t Expect When They Were Expecting! Essays on Postpartum Depression.Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 9.59.09 PM

BIRTH STORIES! Jenna’s crazy birth story, Emily’s crazy birth story and Callum’s birth video:

Cal de Lune // Frame family from Collin Kartchner on Vimeo.

HITS from our ADOPTION series, like this birth mother’s story, this woman was adopted and her story will break your heart and re-mend it.

FEEDING — Gear for Breastfeeding, Tips from a Lactation Specialist, Our Viral post “Why I Chose to Bottlefeed”, Feeding yourself and the first 40 days postpartum, Best meals to bring to a new mom, and baby led weaning.Screen-Shot-2015-01-08-at-8.28.02-AM

NURSERY — Organizing it, The best shared bedrooms nurseries, nurseries that PACK a PUNCH!, Nurseries that are more sereneDIY hacks,  Tips from an Interior Decorator, Lolly’s Nursery, Raleigh’s Nursery, one of our favorite DIYs, still one of our favorite newer inventions,b604f94a85fb33c29f2177643ea370a0

We’ve got so much good stuff in the library, and we hope you’ll enjoy what we have for you this week! Starting with a new addition to our Why I Chose to Bottlefeed series, from our own Emily, below!

Why I Chose to Bottlefeed – Emily

By Emily.

I remember a few years ago, nervously asking on our social media outlets for women to share their stories for why they chose to bottlefeed. I am proud to say it’s becoming less taboo (at least in the circles I run in), but a few years ago it wasn’t always that way! I was BLOWN away at how many women came forward, all saying the same thing — every time I shake up a formula bottle in public, I feel judged. Some women were crushed by it, some angered, some unfazed, but they all felt less-than. At this point in my life I had my two boys, both exclusively breast-fed: Hayes until I got pregnant with Cal at 8 months, and Cal until 16 months. Besides it hurting like hell for the first few weeks, it came pretty naturally in both situations. So collecting these stories I admit, I felt removed, I just didn’t relate, although I empathized. Oh boy did I learn a humbling lesson with Raleigh! Before I launch into the long list of ways breastfeeding was a struggle and at times a downright fail, I want to cut to the moral of the story first. Read more

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