New Baby Advice : Little Baby Garvin

Welcome Jessica Garvin of Little Baby Garvin! Jessica shares her family life in such a sweet and tender way and we’re big fans. Check out her Etsy shop filled with unbelievable chalkboard prints. Her penmanship is crazy good! Jessica is sharing her best new baby advice, funny memories and a moving birth story, welcome Jessica!

Let’s open with a funny memory…It was our first “outing” since Harper was born, we were going out to dinner for St. Patrick’s Day (and I was really looking forward to a sip of green beer!) so of course we were all wearing green. We had our little one month old on the changing pad on the kitchen island, I was standing next to her & my husband was changing her diaper. She happened to sneeze right as her diaper was off & of course poop shot straight out onto my husbands shirt, the very green shirt that I had just insisted that he wear to dinner.

New Baby Advice : Little Baby Garvin

1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?

To relax and enjoy the newborn stage. I think this might be impossible for a first time mom, since we worry so much. But looking back, I wish I had said yes to letting her sleep in my arms more instead of putting her down once she fell asleep so I could get things done. What I would give now for her to nap with me! ;)

2. Was there anything surprising or shocking that happened that no one warned you about?

I feel like I was totally unprepared for the crazy emotions that I felt after Harper was born. I went from happy to sad at the drop of a hat, crying over totally reasonable things like

worrying that our cat didn’t think we loved her anymore. I finally realized that the hormones mixed with zero sleep, and hardly making enough time to eat had left me running on empty. I eventually felt normal again after about two weeks, but it was really tough and I never saw it coming. I remember my husband telling me that I needed a time out after I started sobbing uncontrollably when he turned her lullaby music on the first night home from the hospital, I was a wreck! ;)

New Baby Advice : Little Baby Garvin

3. Do you have a bedtime routine? I used to hum “If all the raindrops were lemon drops & gum drops…” to her when she was a newborn, now we actually sing it at bedtime & she loves it! I’m a little embarrassed to say that I think it came from Barney?

New Baby Advice : Little Baby Garvin

And Jessica’s awesome birth story after the jump! Read more

New Baby Advice : Honey We’re Home

Today ‘s New Baby advice is from Megan from Honey We’re Home! Megan has such an effortless way with making a house a home. Her site is filled with recipes, DIYs, and awesome organization tips that you’ve probably seen all over Pinterest. Her site is well-loved by many and we’re happy to have her advice today! Jenna also guest posted this awesome before/after post about her weight loss after having Jude, don’t miss it!
“Although my son is almost 4 now, remembering him as a baby is still so sweet.  Having a baby is the best thing in the whole world.  I especially loved watching him grow and taking a monthly photos with his little stuffed giraffe, a gift we bought for him before he was even conceived!
One thing I will never forget about James as a baby happened during one of my first “outings” with him and my mother-in-law.  He was just a few months old and we ventured to Starbucks and to do some shopping with our new stroller – the kind where the car seat fit into it.  We had a great time strolling around, but when we went to get back into the car, we could not get the car seat out of the stroller.  It would not budge.  We even had the parking lot security guard try and help us, to no avail.  We stood in the parking lot for at least 45 minutes trying to figure it out.  I was getting stressed because we had no other options for rides home, it was getting late, the baby needed to eat, etc. . .  so we had to leave the stroller and car seat with the security guard (it wouldn’t fit in the trunk) and my MIL had to hold my son while I drove home very cautiously!  Later, my husband took his SUV to get the stroller and we figured out how to unattach the car seat.  Thank God it worked out okay!
1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?
You will love each stage even more than the stage before.  It just gets better and better! And when they start talking and communicating with you . . .forget it!
2. Was there anything surprising or shockingthat happened that no one warned you about?
I was so nervous about breast-feeding and would it be easy or difficult and would I know how to do it, but the truth is, my son just knew how.  He showed me!  It was such a relief!
3. Do you have a bedtime routine?
We used to rock in the rocking chair and read or sing songs until my son transitioned to a big-boy bed at age three and then the rocker didn’t fit anymore. We still read and sing songs, but now it’s in his bed together.”
Follow along with Honey We’re Home here and don’t miss a double dose of birth stories later today!

New Baby Advice : The Girls With Glasses

We love Summer and Brooke from the Girls with Glasses so much. They are down to Earth, talented, and so refreshing to be around. We’re so excited to have both their birth stories and advice on that amazing time with a new baby today!
New Baby Advice : Girls with GlassesSummer:
1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?

I would tell myself, that everything is going to work out fine. However, even if I was able to convince myself, I think it would be hard to not have some anticipation for what is about to happen. Until you experience it, feel it, and survive it, the concept of birth and starting a family can be almost impossible to fully understand.

2. Was there anything surprising or shocking that happened that no one warned you about?
I felt I was overly prepared for most things, but my post baby body was the biggest shock. I didn’t realize how long it would take to get my body back to normal. I wrote about dressing your post-baby bod here. I didn’t realize I would look 6 months pregnant for a few weeks. Even if you didn’t gain a lot of weight, unlike me, that uterus takes it’s time shrinking.

3. Do you have a bedtime routine?
We always brush teeth, read a negotiated number of books, usually an average of three, say a prayer to thank God for each member of our family and all the great things in our life, and ask for his help in anything that “we” are trying to work on, like “not hitting our little brother,” or “not saying penis at inappropriate times,” then lots of kisses, and trying to get out the door.


And an excerpt from Brooke’s birth story with London. It is so beautifully written, with imagery that perfectly captures the feelings of new motherhood, and should be read in its entirety here.

“I looked at the clock, it was just ten minutes past six pm. It was go time, I tried to calm my shaking body with the deep breathing techniques I had learned in my pre-natal yoga class. I wanted to be brave, I said a million little prayers under my breath “please heavenly father, please help me do this”. I begged Dave to not “look”, to stay up above with me, but he couldn’t help himself and wanted to be a witness. He was amazing. I was relieved after my first push to feel pressure instead of pain… though the pressure was intense it was bearable to my worn out body. My tricky doctor would distract me in between pushes by asking me about how Dave and I met nearly nine years before at the Thanksgiving dance in Mesa. I would get to a certain part of the story and suddenly feel the strong urge to push. It was hard physical work. My dad waited just outside of the curtain to be saved from the visual of the birth, but I could hear him cheering me on from the other side. My mom and sister stood at my side wiping my forehead and taking photos that would document the most important experience of my almost twenty nine years of life. We never made it to the end of the story, and those final pushes I squeezed Dave’s hand with all I had left, the doctor exclaimed “she has hair!” I was over the moon with just the thought of her little head of hair and I started to cry, I could hardly wait to see her, and with one motivated last push and she was out by 6:41pm, it was so quick and yet played out in slow motion, she didn’t even cry, as they immediately placed her beautiful little body on my chest.”

And Summer’s birth story too, after the jump! Read more

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