puro sound labs

We heard some crazy sad stats from Puro Sound Labs and had to share today!

1 in 5 teens in the U.S. has Noise Induced Hearing Loss!
Teen hearing loss up to 30% since mid 90’s
50% of people worldwide between 12-35 yrs old are at risk of NIHL due to increase use of portable audio devices (1.1 Billion people)Puro Headphones 20% off coupon

And all of this is 100% preventable! When Puro Sound Labs shared this info we started panicking, because our kids are getting to the age where they want to wear headphones. Before this we probably would’ve grabbed the nearest ear buds but now we’re thinking twice. Puro sent these headphones which have a built-in sound inhibitors so the levels will never cross the safe level threshold! Phew! Our second priority after our kids hearing health is the aesthetic and they nailed that, too. Look how pretty!! (Save 20% off with the coupon below!)Puro Headphones 20% off couponThese are specially sized for kids and come in these pretty three colors! Of course they make headphones for adults, too!Puro Headphones 20% off couponThe third best feature is that they’re wireless and bluetooth up to thirty feet! So no tangles and tripping of wild boys. We love this for travel, who can deal with cords on top of everything else when you’re on a flight or in the car?Puro Headphones 20% off couponWe’re giving away a pair on Small Fry’s Instagram! And if you’re in the market get a whopping 20% off with “SmallFryPuro” at check-out! SHOP PURO HERE!

fall transitions

This post is brought to you by Zappos.

This month with Zappos we are sharing Fall Transition pieces. We love easy purchases that help update our existing wardrobes for a new season! Here’s what we picked, keep reading to get the scoop!zapposfallNICOLE:

It might sound like a silly transition but walk with me… Summertime I wear the largest sunglasses possible. We’re all worried about wrinkles, right? I feel a little bit more protected from that harsh sun with that extra coverage. As soon as it starts to cool down and the sun isn’t so strong, I pull my more minimal frames back out! These also fit right in with all the 90’s throwback styles which are EVERY.WHERE.!Fall TransitionI love both of these classic Ray-Ban frames. The gold frame is so great for everyday or dressing up. And then the tortoise is perfectly casual and cool. Fall TransitionYou honestly can’t go wrong with Ray-Bans, they’ve been around and in style since 1937. Not going anywhere! And if you have any issues, Zappos has 365 Day Returns. Not joking.Fall TransitionJENNA:

I’ve been eyeing these Free People Royale beauties for months and finally pulled the trigger now that Fall is upon us. And yes those are the Le Spec Princes and yes I havethem in three colors now. They’re KILLER!Fall TransitionLiving in California “Fall” doesn’t really mean anything, but I still like to dress accordingly. 😉 These have that ankle bootie feel but they’re not hot. Super comfortable and flattering too. I recommend to all!Fall TransitionFree People always does great at essential shoes with a twist. Find them all here!Fall Transition


I am so excited for Fall so I can get away with all-black-everything without roasting! Even when you drop the pounds post-baby, your (or at least my) body is still super different. Fall TransitionNow there’s lumps and bumps and the shape I’m used to is a little bit skewed and things just don’t always fit the way they used to. So black makes me feel slimmed and polished even if I don’t feel it underneath. All black everything needs a killer shoe to keep things interesting! I saw these Vince Camuto Ossie pumps and died. The studs! The D’Orsay toe shape! Fall TransitionThey’re so sexy and feel like a shoe I’d wear forever. The little studs give it the edge I love too. They’re from his special occasion line “Imagine” but I love these with an everyday look. Fall Transition

What pieces are you loving for your Summer to Fall wardrobe?

Small Fry Lullaby

By Emily.

Time for a Raleigh update and the best lullaby playlist of your life! But first, LIPS!Ergo SwaddlerRaleigh is 2 months now and we finally got our act together and bought a baby monitor so he’s officially sleeping in his own room in his crib! He was either in our bed or a bassinet and like I’ve already learned twice before, but keep forgetting, we all sleep better this way!Small Fry LullabySince the move he’s already starting to form a little bit better sleep routines and longer stretches between night feedings. Right now we get from about 10 pm – 3 am and then two to three hours between feedings until 10 am. (You’ll hear no complaints from me! Hayes was every two hours for 8 months and Cal was only marginally better than that!)Ergo SwaddlerThen he’s up for a bit and right back down for a big morning nap. The kid can SLEEP! Now that we’ve established a “bed time’ it’s been so much easier to get a routine going at night. He showers with dad (I have my kids shower with Russ until they can sit up, it’s just easier, and of course Russ loves it!) gets nice and lotioned up, pajamas, feeding, rocking and singing and then he’s out. Small Fry LullabyIt’s so funny to me now, but I (and every doctor, nurse and sonogpraher, too) felt like he was a big ol’ wiggle worm. He was CONSTANTLY moving in my tummy and seeing how he moves out of my tummy confirms it. He’s such a flailer! His own arm and leg jolts were waking him up from sleep constantly, so swaddling was an absolute must. There is no busting out of this Ergo one, so this is our go-to! I love that it’s breathable and vented fabric so he doesn’t get too hot!Ergo Swaddler Once we’re all settled, I sing and rock him for a bit. I get all sorts of nostalgic. Singing songs my dad sang to me like “Landslide”, singing Hayes’ favorite, “Edelweiss”, and Cal’s, “Buckets of Rain.” Each boy seems to have their preference, and for Raleigh I sing “Tonight You Belong to Me.” NCC_5009I asked my Small Fry Girls what their lullaby favorites were and then I also polled all our Instagram followers! The responses were SO GOOD! I cried reading the comments and picturing parents all over the world singing the lullabies they love most. I had to make a Spotify playlist, it’s embedded below, or if you can follow it here. I can’t take credit for it, so I can say it – it’s freaking good. I’ve been listening to it 24/7.Ergo SwaddlerJenna named both her boys with songs in mind so they sing “The Mighty Quinn” and “Hey Jude” at night, also “Here There and Everywhere” her dad is huge Beatles fan and of course passed it down! Moon River is another fave! Nicole loves “I love the Mountains” and “Lavender Blue” (the new Cinderella version!) for her kids!

Here’s the trick for this playlist – I picked all super calming versions of each song, but if those weren’t available then some are more upbeat. They’re at the beginning so you can actually play this for bedtime, just skip the first five songs if you want it to be quieter. Have a song you’d like to add? Comment below!


S’mores Oatmeal Bars

This post is sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company, but all opinions are our own.

We are calling this next recipe a S’mores Oatmeal Bar, good for a  sweet morning bite, or late night sweet cravings too 🙂 kellyfondots_quaker (2 of 10)Here’s what you’ll need! Graham Crackers, Quaker Quick 1 Minute Oats, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips!kellyfondots_quaker (4 of 3)And some kids to enjoy the finished product! kellyfondots_quaker (4 of 10)Cook the oats for 1 minute as directed on the package! Spread evenly on a 9 x 9 pan!kellyfondots_quaker (6 of 10)

Sprinkle over top crushed graham, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. kellyfondots_quaker (9 of 10) kellyfondots_quaker (10 of 10)

Preheat your oven to 350 and bake 20 min!kellyfondots_quaker (11 of 10)

S’mores Oatmeal Bars

Prep time: 5 mins

Total Time: 5 mins

Serves: 6


1 cup Quaker 1-Minute Oats

2 graham crackers

1/8 c mini chocolate chips

1/8 c mini marshmallows


Preheat your oven to 350.

Prepare the oats as instructed on the package, and spread evenly across the bottom of a 9×9 pan. Sprinkle over top, crushed graham, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips. Bake 20 minutes.

Remove from oven and let cool.


FRYday: Nicole Style

Hey guys! We have decided to concentrate each FRYday on one of us individually rather than the three of us collectively. We shop a lot, do a lot of reading, decorating and eating, and have so many things happening in each of our own lives but we think it will be good to focus on one per week so today we’ll kick off with Nicole!Untitled-1

Coffee table books addicts unite. My kids and I have a new love for tennis and it’s now showcased in our home with this beauty. The Stylish Life: Tennis is one in a series of gorgeous books we have!

Some days I want to just keep my sunglasses more understated. These feel simple and classic. Ray Ban is always so iconic, I love it. Here is a new Ray Ban purchase that has been my go-to.

So, I’m not pro, and these aren’t official TENNIS shoes, but these. COME ON! I AM OBSESSED. They are so pretty. Size down cause they are mens. And careful not to drool on them. I love playing in them! Paired with this hat of course.

I found this on sale at Madewell. You cant see it, but it says Nicole all over it 😉 Its available in black and in white,  both on sale, both perfection.

I needed some fresh black sandals the other day for a party. Does anyone else hate buying sandals? They wear out so fast for me wearing them all summer. Anyway, I love these Steve Maddens and its always nice when something is on Amazon Prime and can get to you in 2 days in time for an event. Check these out too. Killer price and so so cute.

I’m super into this navy woven rug and want to buy it for….who knows where? Maybe a new house someday? I’m running out of space!

Which leads me to…

OKAYYY, when some of my very best friends told me today at the pool that they had to look on Small Fry to find out what is happening in my love life, I realized I’m not talking enough about the best thing in the world….MY LOVE LIFE!

Quick update, I’ve been dating someone super wonderful. I’m hoping he isn’t a unicorn, but we aren’t sure yet. At this point he’s still pretty un-real. Just kidding, he is human, I called his mom and asked for his birth certificate, but he’s the best human I’ve ever met. I cant wait to tell you more and show you some pictures. Right now I’m keeping him all to myself while we move ahead! More to come, so stay tuned!!

Thanks for reading! I love our loyal Small Fry’ers!

XO Nicole

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Snyders & Snacks

We have a lot of snack times at our house. My growing boys are always hungry, and as long as they eat their breakfast, lunch and dinner, I’m perfectly fine having snack time in between.

Growing up, my home was the one all the friends came to. My mom was involved in our lives, and was always so welcoming to everyone. She would feed us, and host every one so graciously. Ive always wanted to be just like that.

We have become that house! And I am so happy! We constantly have friends over, it is exactly what I’ve always dreamed. Dash and Sunny have many friends with food allergies, so I like to keep things on hand that I know they can eat when they come over.Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 8.29.42 AMSo, hearing Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels are now made in a peanut-free facility is music to my (and lots of my friends’) ears! If you have kids with allergies or your kids are even in the classroom with kids with allergies, add Snyder’s to the list of safe snacks!Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 8.29.13 AMSnyder’s 100 calorie packs are the perfect little grab bag. The kids love having something salty with everything they eat, and I can’t blame them, so do I!Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 8.29.21 AMWe love getting creative with our snacking. Wrapping cheeses and pickles with meats, and wrapping meats with cheeses is always a winner!Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 8.29.31 AMWe always have all sorts of things in the fridge to layer, wrap and devour. Always glad to have another snack to add to the arsenal! Head to our Instagram to win a prize pack for your family!

Thanks to Snyder’s for sponsoring this post!

Adjusting to 3!

Adjusting to life as a mom of 3 has not been easy for me. I remember reading a blog post from a particularly popular blogger saying it was no big deal and not hard to adjust to 3 and feeling like a big.fat.failure! Parenting looks different on everyone and while I have my bearings now and have grown to love and cherish my 3 ring circus – it still is never easy! kellyfondots_jennaactiva-5306Here’s a few of my unsolicited tips for transitioning to more kids! One thing I’ve learned to let go of is making everything from scratch for my kids to eat! Whether it’s a granola bar, trail mix, pre-packaged fruit or veggie cups, having them prepared for me makes the biggest difference!IMG_6419

Feeding myself is also something that comes last and it’s not good because I can’t think clearly on an empty stomach! I have a busy life and on top of all my motherhood responsibilities, I work, so it’s nice to have some easily accessible options in my fridge like Activia® Fruit Fusion. They have probiotics and taste delicious. I feel like on the really hard days it’s the only thing I can quickly grab to keep me full and focused. I feel better about using Activia® Fruit Fusion as a snack because of it’s nutritious benefits.kellyfondots_jennaactiva-5304

Second – find help that you trust. For me it was a cleaning lady. Someone that can dedicate a block of time that you might piece together over the course of a week takes so much pressure off me. Knowing I can rest easy, even under the clutter my house is clean. I have a lot on my plate with work as well so hiring myself an assistant has been amazing. Someone to do the tasks I dread and procrastinate, to keep me on task, and be my extra hands makes my work life possible. IMG_6438And as always, working mom or not, we all need breaks. So having someone that loves my kids on call for when I need a date night or have  deadline is so important. Stealing away 10 minutes here, an hour after bedtime there wasn’t feasible for me and I love being able to focus solely on my kids, or solely on work. I find I’m more successful in whatever role I am devoted to at the time this way.

I’m here to say that any adjustment no matter one kid, three kids seven, is tough! You’re dong such an incredible work – so be kind to yourself. Allow simple moments in your day to enjoy peace, quiet and hopefully a little bit of tasty yoghurt 😉

This post was sponsored by Activia®. Explore all of Activia’s delicious fruit fusion flavors at Activia.com!

project juice

By Nicole.

It’s been awhile since I updated you all on the behind the scenes of my life! I’ve been spending a lot of weekends this Summer in San Diego visiting someone special! (Small Fry edit: Nicole is coy, but he’s more than someone special, and we knew when Nicole was crying happy tears with no sad ones that we’d be his biggest fan!) It’s been so fun but a lot of vacation time is rough on the bod, ya know? Eating out three meals a day, even if you are making healthy choices, is a struggle. So when I got settled back at home I knew I needed to reset! Project Juice to the rescue!Juice CleanseI chose to do a two day cleanse. I’ve done a three day once before in the past, and I loved it! But the two day seemed more doable since I’ve been out of practice.Juice CleanseMy experience with Project Juice was exactly what I was looking for! I went from feeling weighed down and tired, to feeling refreshed, clean and energized in two short days! I was reset after finishing the cleanse. Back on top. Back to myself. The energy to be active and the desire to continue again with healthy eating habits!Juice CleanseEach of the juices I chose were picked specifically for my taste and needs. Except the Black Magic chose that one because, I mean, it’s incredible looking! And it was equally as delicious!Juice CleanseI loved being able to tailor the cleanse perfectly to my liking. I enjoyed every moment when some cleanses in the past have been less enjoyable. Feeling like you are choking juice down isn’t the best way to spend three days, right?

mesa, vista, uppa!

By Emily.

I know I mentioned earlier that I really took my time choosing and researching a stroller system this time around. After two kids I had a really good grasp on what I wanted, didn’t need, and wanted to try out. I chose the UPPAbaby Vista System and am actually obsessed with it. Uppa SystemThe first thing I knew I wanted to try was a bassinet. Anytime I saw a baby in theirs they always looked so peaceful and comfortable and I loved the idea of having that restful sleep be more of a portable and mobile option, too! I was right, Raleigh loves it and it goes everywhere with us! Uppa SystemThe bug net that comes with it has been super handy when we’re outside at night or even by the pool, it keeps the splashes out without having to cover him completely up. You can also see how much storage is underneath which is vital for me. UPPAbabyFor instance last week when my kids were too tired to drag their scooters back to the car from the park so I had two scooters, my lawn chair, a blanket, a jug of water and snacks all under there. Life-saver.Uppa SystemAnother feature I was set on with my stroller hunt was that it would be light-weight and easy for me to collapse. I’ve had different systems that were bulky and heavy and it felt okay at the beginning but once my babies were twenty pounds it was torture. Or systems where I couldn’t ever get a grip on collapsing it and would fight with it every time and usually just shove it into my trunk half-closed.UPPAbabyThis one handles so nicely, is super responsive and easy to use. My boys love to help with it and I love that it has so many accessories I can add on like the Piggyback for my older boys to ride on, or the cup-holder.. a must! I love that UPPAbaby thinks of things being multi-functionall like the bassinet stand turning into a hamper.uppa

Parent Organizer // Cup Holder // Ganoosh Foot Muff // Bassinet Stand //  Hamper Liner  // Snack Tray //

Uppa System

Check out UPPAbaby for yourself HERE!

Back To School Fashion – Tops!

Next up in BTS Fashion Week are tops! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites and all a really good prices!tops

1- This great basic is on sale! 2- Pizza is bae 3- Always Do Your Best 4- This sweet little top is too much 5- Perfect for your mountain man 6- So many Star Wars fans over here 7- tiny letterman jackets foreverrrr 8- This flutter sleeve top HAS to be in our size somewhere 9- This darling fuzzy cardigan is a staple for Fall 10- Your boy will be a heart breaker 

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