Back To School Fashion – Tops!

Next up in BTS Fashion Week are tops! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites and all a really good prices!tops

1- This great basic is on sale! 2- Pizza is bae 3- Always Do Your Best 4- This sweet little top is too much 5- Perfect for your mountain man 6- So many Star Wars fans over here 7- tiny letterman jackets foreverrrr 8- This flutter sleeve top HAS to be in our size somewhere 9- This darling fuzzy cardigan is a staple for Fall 10- Your boy will be a heart breaker 

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BTS Fashion Week: Lunch Style

We’re trying to process that school starts for us in a matter of days, so crazy! ALL of us will be packing lunches this year with our three big boys in school all day so we’re collecting lunch ideas really for ourselves. So for today’s post it’s all about LUNCH fashion! We’ve teamed up with PackIt and their stylish lunch carriers to show you guys a way we spice up the typical sandwich! Head to our Instagram to win $100 credit and find a 15% off coupon for PackIt in today’s post!11Since we always have a plethora of lunch meats around why not roll them all up! It’s a fresh take on the sandwich and when you layer a dry piece of lettuce first, right up next to the tortilla or wrap it keeps everything from getting soggy! Turkey, pepperoni, cheese, yum!12This Buffalo Check pack is great for boys or girls and the best part of PackIt is that they all self-freeze and refrigerate. The bag should be stored in the freezer overnight to freeze the gel packs.  Then in the morning, you can pack the lunch and it’s good to go.NCC_4802If you’re looking for something bright and fun we love the Viva print! Catch all of their awesome prints here. There’s a TON!Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.43.22 PM

Grab 15% off with “SMALLFRY15” at check out! Thanks PackIt for sponsoring this post!

Back To School Fashion Week – Old Navy Sale!

Today we’re doing things a little different and decided to round up the Old Navy 60% off Back to School Sale! This post isn’t sponsored but we just truly love ON and all the killer deals on quality clothes – and these are next level. So follow our favorites and grab them before they’re gone – so cheap!

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 8.01.11 AM

These basic shirts for girls are $3.95!! // Dying over this Boho Tee // Can we get this $10 Swing dress in our size? // Hot Tip: even the toddler stuff is on sale like this darling floral dress // We love ON denim and a trick we use is putting the girl skinnys on our boys! yep! // You can never have too many leggings and these shimmer ones are a girls’ dream // Loving these floral ones too // YOU GUYS $4 tees for your boys! Insane // This one looks just like a shirt I bought for three x the price last year // Cool Graphic T’s // Camo Joggers

There is SO MUCH more we didn’t even scratch the surface so shop the whole sale here and QUICK before it’s all gone!

Shop all Girl’s Sale

Shop all Toddler Girl’s Sale

Shop all Boy’s Sale

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Back To School Fashion Week – Shoes

Next up in BTS Fashion week is shoes!! We rounded up some of our favorites that are also great quality to get you through the school year!shoes-2

NO way your girl won’t freak for these // Love these updated Tom’s from our good friends at Zappos // There are several of these awesome boots in different colors // Cheetah Adidas I mean what more can we say // We won’t ever be over Pumas //  Buying these for sure // These are great both casually and to dress up // Obsessed with these and they’re on the nordstrom sale! // We need a 6 year old stat to wear these! // These New Balances are seriously next level!!

What are you looking in school shoes for your kids this year? Share with us some of your favorites in the comments!

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BTS Fashion Week!

It’s that time of year and we can’t believe it!! This year, like in all the years past, we are dedicating an entire week to Back To School Fashion!! We’ve rounded up all our picks and favorites to make your job easier!

First up, backpacks!


We all love and own this State bag and it’s so fun to see it at Nordstrom  // This Herschel is such a cute color combo // Love the updated version of this State bag // You can’t get a better red than this North Face bag // Herschel takes it next level with this clean and modern backpack, we want this for ourselves // this polka dot character bag is fun and cheeky // Our boys will die over this one // Herschel again we know but they’re just the best! This one is unisex for sure! // Don’t know about your kids but ours can’t get enough of Star Wars, this bag is a good uncheesy compromise.

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Mama & Little

Mama & Little is a brand filled with darling jewelry for Mama that is safe for her Little. All their pieces are silicone and easy on teething gums and their signature cording makes sure your hair doesn’t get stuck in the necklace. Genius! We styled our favorite piece “The Teresa” from their line for day time, night time and everything in between.

DAYTIME: What is going to happen to the off-shoulder trend when it gets cold? We don’t want to find out, we’ll cling to this as long as possible. We love it with overalls because it sort of offsets the sexy making it cute and spunky. Perfect for a mama who is all those things, too! // TERESA NECKLACE IN MERMAIDday

EVENING: Then when you’re ready for date night, a night out with your girls. or a day in the office the necklace transitions beautifully. A crisp white button-down, slim black jeans, nude pumps and you’re good to go! We LOVE this color scheme, it goes with everything. // TERESA NECKLACE IN MARBLEnight

ON-THE-GO: Even when you’re not wearing it keep it in your bag for emergencies and playtime. Whether it’s sprucing up an outfit or stuffed in your bag it will keep it’s color, shape, and won’t bust. Who needs overly precious jewelry when you’ve got a curious grabby baby? Not us.


Find the rest of the Mama & Little line and color ways HERE!

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E-Hydrate Kids!

Anyone else’s kid constantly trying to steal their protein drinks? Well we finally found one that’s kid approved and we’re all about kid approved things here on The Fry.kellyfondots_hydrate (51 of 8)

Meet E-Hydrate, an on the go protein drink for kids! Here’s some info from their site we found helpful:

E-hydrate KIDS Protein On-the-Go is a natural, premium protein drink mix with electrolytes in an advanced all-in-one pouch kids can take anywhere. Each Protein On-the-Go KIDS pouch is pre-portioned and ready to mix, making it the perfect snack for a lunch box, after a sports game, or a convenient treat for kids of all ages — even adults looking for a low calorie, healthy snack.

  • Natural Ingredients and Flavors
  • New powdered formula dissolves quickly and completely
  • Product delivered in unique patented RTM (Ready to Mix) pouch
  • 10g Protein
  • Only 70 Calories
  • Essential electrolytes for hydration support
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives
  • Incredible natural flavors kids love

KIDS Protein On-the-Go is made from natural ingredients with the great flavor your kids will love and the nutrition you need in the world’s most innovative pouch. E-hydrate KIDS Protein On-the-Go delivers clean, natural protein with only 70 calories and just 4 grams of sugar per pouch. Just fill, shake and go!

kellyfondots_hydrate (52 of 8)

We love that is low on sugar and in a convenient refillable pouch. NO mess – no dishes thankyouverymuch E-Hydrate.kellyfondots_hydrate (53 of 8)

kellyfondots_hydrate (54 of 8) kellyfondots_hydrate (55 of 8) kellyfondots_hydrate (56 of 8)

Look at that milk (protein drink) mustache! The Cinnamon Roll flavor was definitely Quinn approved.kellyfondots_hydrate (57 of 8) kellyfondots_hydrate (58 of 8)

You can find these bad boys at Target which we know you frequent but also even better is we found them on Prime! Give them a shot, we were super impressed!

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strawberry pie!

Today’s post is by guest Anne Cropper, photos by Olivia Leigh Photography.

       When the sun comes out to stay and all the local strawberries are ready, I load my circus up weekly and drive out to our favorite little strawberry stand.  We eat a zillion berries on the way home and devote the rest to freezer jam and pie.  SO MUCH PIE. Anne Cropper | Strawberry Pie Recipe My mom is a fantastic baker and taught me how to make her simple crust when I was a young girl.  It is  flaky and delicious and so easy you won’t believe it. Anne Cropper | Strawberry Pie RecipeThis fresh strawberry pie is my favorite dessert on Earth (my mom would often make it for me in place of Birthday cake!) and the most commonly requested recipe of anything I make.  I’m so excited to share it with you today so it can become a Summer highlight for your family as it is for ours.Anne Cropper | Strawberry Pie Recipe

For the pie crust:

(makes two shallow pie crusts or one deep dish pie crust)
2 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1/2 cup veg. oil
3 T cold waterAnne Cropper | Strawberry Pie RecipeMix flour and salt. Add oil, mix with fork until well blended, like fine crumbs. Sprinkle with water and mix with fork. (If you are making two shallow crusts, separate dough into two equal balls.) Roll dough between two pieces of waxed paper (wet counter underneath to prevent slipping of paper). Peel off top paper. Place pie dish on top of crust and flip it over so crust is now inside the dish. Peel off remaining waxed paper. Trim or flute crust as you like. Prick crust with fork to allow air. Bake at 450 deg. for 12-15 minutes.Anne Cropper | Strawberry Pie RecipeFor the pie filling:
1 cup sugar
2 T cornstarch
1 quart fresh strawberries, coarsely sliced (the thing I love about local berries, besides the incredible flavor, is that they are small enough to leave whole!)
1 T butter
1 small package strawberry gelatin (don’t be afraid of the jello, it just helps the pie set up!)
1 T lemon juiceAnne Cropper | Strawberry Pie RecipeMix sugar and cornstarch in a saucepan. Mash 1 cup of the berries and add water to make 2 cups. Stir into sugar mixture. Cook and stir until boiling. Boil 2 minutes. Remove from heat and add butter, jello, and lemon juice. Stir to dissolve jello. Spoon a third of mixture into baked pie shell. Top with remaining sliced berries. Cover with remaining mixture.  Chill. (Obviously the longer you chill the pie, the more it will set up.  I prefer it on the soft side, so check on it after 30 minutes or so.)Anne Cropper | Strawberry Pie Recipe We love to serve this pie with vanilla ice cream or honey Greek yogurt!Anne Cropper SITE // @annecropper SOCIAL

nursing notes

By Emily in partnership with ErgoBaby.

I have spent a LOT of time nursing the last couple months and while I sometimes wish for longer arms to wrangle my mischievous older two (who now have realized I am partially immobile and can get away with a lot) I am loving the time I get to spend just Raleigh and me. Depending on how wakeful Raleigh is I either get some much need work done: shoot off a few emails, put up a social media post or take my “nursing notes.” Or if he’s awake: I honestly do nothing but stare at him. He’s the most coy little smiler and if I miss a single one I am heartbroken! Nursing Notes What are nursing notes you ask? I’ve found it’s the best time for me to jot down cute, sweet, funny things that I want to remember about my life as a mother.  Here’s a couple, lately:

Hayes loves to conjecture why Raleigh is sad, “I think it’s a burp”, “He’s getting hungry!” “He’s so tired, mom.” But my favorite was when I asked how he knew he was sad and he said “His face is crumbling.” Spot on reference if you’ve seen a crying baby!

Nursing Notes

Or, How Callum tells anyone who will listen that “This is Raleigh Rex, my brother. I named him that.” (Backstory: Since Hayes is named after Russ, Hayes Russell, and Cal is named after my maiden name, Callum Kartchner, we thought it was only fair to let the boys take a turn at naming Raleigh. They rattled off the most epic list of options. Cal’s best suggestion was “Raleigh Ay Yi Yi” and Hayes wanted “Raleigh Hayes Junior” Finally after hearing the list, one of them said T. Rex and Rex stuck! Nursing NotesErgo sent their new nursing pillow as a part of our year long partnership with them and it has been saving my bacon. Those late night feedings I can barely keep my eyes open let alone have good posture. Slowly but surely my posture was effected during the day, too. My back was just tight and felt permanently hunched. Their pillow brings the baby back up to the optimum position and takes the strain off your shoulders and back allowing for better posture. We are getting more comfortable with nursing every day, but back when he was brand new and it took four arms and a prayer to get a latch to stick the pillow was such a big help with that, too!Nursing Notes

You can buy the Ergo Nursing pillow on their site and in most major baby gear retailers! Lipstick: Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl.


Happy Fryday! Now that the Nordstrom Sale is open for all here’s a peek back at our week of coverage! GIRLS // BOYS // WOMEN //  WOMEN ACTIVE // HOME // BABY + GEAR // MEN

And some of the picks we made for ourselves are below! Check back on social media for pics of how we’re styling it all! Have a great weekend!



My favorite (most comfortable) Madewell cropped pants are on sale! Dress these up with some black pumps or down with some white converse. Where them to the pool with some sandals. I mean, can we all say it together? Versatile.

Mine really needs a bath cause I haven’t washed it in months, but, I’ve loved this white NY yankees hat I bought last fall. So classic. And with my new found concern of keeping my face out of the sun, hats have been a summer essential.

Are you always buying new kids books like we are? I cant stop, and wont. Pool is a new one. I love it mostly for its gorgeous illustrations.

I posted about some of these bronze mugs on the Nordstrom Sale, but these are equally as beautiful and nothing beats the prime 2 day free shipping!

I do a lot of my work from my couch, on my laptop, with snacks and a diet coke. This multi functional end table comes MAJORLY in handy.



Wearing: Lately I just go to an online store and type in “surplice top” because, nursing. Some of them like to be annoying and sew the cross-over shut so I bust through that thread and add on those tiny snaps (the worse on a onesie, but helpful on adult clothes.)

Here are the ones I am ordered from the Nordstrom Sale.

Surplice Top  // Crossfront Burgandy // Topshop Wrap Shirt 

Reading: For sure don’t have time to read currently, but I am a couple chapters into the Year of Magical Thinking and it’s waiting patiently by my bed.

Listening: I think if I want to get anything substantial into my brain I am gonna have to switch to audio. What are your favorite podcasts, radio shows etc?

Decorating: You guys would laugh if you saw all the decorative baskets I have around my house. Holding plants, holing magazines, holding dirty clothes, why not add another one? This one is amazing!

Watching: Have you guys seen Alone on the History Channel? We are just tuning into season 2 and we are HOOKED! It’s like Survivor except no tribe, 10 contestants get dropped at various parts of an island with only 10 survival items of their choice and whoever lasts the longest wins. They film themselves and it’s the craziest!

Feeling: At the beginning of the Summer I was heartbroken to think about both my kids in school most of the day. Now that we’re ending July I am ready, haha! I can’t help but think of all the things I can get done that I haven’t had time for since Raleigh was born once those mornings are freed up a bit! Although I am still anxious to have Hayes gone ALL day and told him that he said “It’s okay we can call each other when we want to talk!” Crushed. He’s the sweetest.


i’m still over the moon for the nordstrom sale so here are the things i bought that you absolutely can not pass up:

1-So far I’ve bought THIS SHIRT in three colors and am about to order the rest cause #duh. $15 and a killer fit. I ordered a medium and it’s baggy on purpose just as a size reference.
2-I know I know these dang Zella leggings. I buy them every year and love them – for $25 they’re such a great staple for you workout wardrobe.
3-I have been really wanting to invest in a good leather jacket and the fit of this one is KILLER. The panels in the sleeves make it super flattering and it’s over $100 off with the sale!! I bought the black but omg that Grey Nickel is calling my name too.
4-It’s not clothing, but it is a freaking rose gold swan. Sorry Ands, I had to.
5-This Nike Bra! Such a killer price, comfortable and good padding. I love love love it.


how to talk so kids will listen // round 2 of this.let’s just say we’re struggling, but I love this book and know it gives me tools to push through!

leaders eat last // if you’re in any kind of leadership role you NEED this book. life changing – even just the title tells you how absolutely awesome it is.


just binged caught up on New Girl. Schmidt is my world. And when will Jess and Nick just finally end up together?!

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