jcrew sale

Jcrew’s additional 40% off sale + 30% off some tops, outerwear and accessories is here! Some of our favorites to check out:

 FOR YOUTassel Jewelry galore, class up a ponytail for less than $10, our favorite sailor pant for $50, the cocoon coat of your dreams in an updated fall hue and more:

FOR GIRLS — Why isn’t this sweater in our size?! Best deals on puffers and wool coats, leopard flats for tights and dresses or jeans and tees. Easiest skirt for any season and a sweet little overall dress to name a few.

FOR BOYS$15 button ups, stripes galore (favorite!), Pocket Tees in Short Sleeve and Long, Suede lace-ups for 60% off, amazing beach towel that we need like 8 of. Vans and New Balances for 40% off

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white shanty [giveaway!]

Congratulations to Candice S. for winning this giveaway!

Today’s giveaway with White Shanty is so exciting and the biggest giveaway we’ve done all year! You can win  a $1200 toward one of their gorgeous sliding barn doors OR a night’s rental at White Shanty’s new venue. What does this all mean? Let us show you!White Shanty Door or Venue Night GiveawayWhite Shanty is a Modern, Farmhouse, Industrial and more, furniture and hardware company that is located right here in Provo, Utah! They make the most beautiful pieces. Anywhere from tables and chairs, to beautiful sliding barn doors on metal casters. They slay it in the home decor department but they also recently renovated their warehouse to include the most beautiful space for parties and events!White Shanty Door or Venue Night Giveaway They rent this space out for $2000+ a day and look at just some of their imagery. Drop dead gorgeous! What will you pick if you win, that is the question. White Shanty Door or Venue Night Giveaway White Shanty Door or Venue Night Giveaway White Shanty Door or Venue Night Giveaway  White Shanty Door or Venue Night Giveaway White Shanty Door or Venue Night Giveaway White Shanty Door or Venue Night Giveaway White Shanty Door or Venue Night Giveaway White Shanty Door or Venue Night GiveawayReady to enter? Note: When reposting an image to your Instagram feed make sure your account is public the day you post it as well as the day we pick a winner (next Saturday!) Good luck and happy weekend!!

Fryday – Thursday Style

By Emily.

Things are getting wild over here, talking about Fryday on a Thursday! We have a super great giveaway tomorrow and an exciting announcement the day after that so Fryday is getting pushed up a bit this week!em

Wearing: Perfect Fall outfit alert! Our girl Corrine at Mint Arrow has raved about these jeans several times and I finally listened and love them! They’re so slimming! And price matched at $40, which is crazy cheap. Size up like she says, for sure. See them styled on my tab! // Topped with these rad laced sweater and these look alike boots! A few of you asked for these after the ones I’ve been wearing around sold out. 30% off too!

Using: I finally invested in some decent make up brushes with this Sigma set. I can’t believe it took me this long, I see such a difference between the set I had been using (a few Mac and a random Kirkland Signatures set) My favorite brushes from the set are the Kabuki for foundation, the Large Powder brush for loose powder and this eye shader for a super precise application.

Reading: A Short History of Nearly Everything. It is not an easy read, but if you’re like me and feel like you’re definitely not smarter than a 5th grader I am learning and re-learning SO much! The book is exactly as it’s titled, an overview and explanation of everything. Atoms, Elements, Space, and more but in a digestible interesting way.

Listening: I need an audiobook for a road trip that both me and my man will enjoy. Got any recs? When Breath Becomes Air is high on my list but not sure if he’ll dig it? Maybe something more like The Psychopath Test?

Watching: I watched Suffragette a few weeks ago (came out last year I think?) and sobbed. Like ten minutes after the movie was over I was still crying. That has never happened to me! My history education was seriously lacking in Women’s Rights especially Women’s Suffrage. Every person should see this movie, but especially every woman. I will never take my right to vote for granted again!  It has changed my perspective on so much and what I am willing and unwilling to tolerate in my leadership.

Feeling: Like I got away with something! I got this handheld vac for quick clean-ups in the car and my house and my boy are obsessed with it and are vacuuming anything they can get their hands on. My house has never been more crumb-free!


trick or cheese

By Emily. This post is sponsored by Mini Babybel®, as always all opinions are our own!

When I was younger my mom was notorious for giving out non-candy items at Halloween. In fact I think she still does! It took me until my early teenage years to realize because I did   my own trick-or-treating and didn’t think to pillage my own house’s supply. But, when I realized I of course was like, so embarrassed. Thirteen year olds are so delightful, right? babybel3Since then I’ve seen her give away whole apples, bags of popcorn, plastic dracula teeth and other cheap party store trinkets. And now that I’m a mom I totally get it. Kids don’t need MORE candy, man. My younger self would be seriously shaking her head at me. This is definitely not the first or last thing my mom did that I swore I wouldn’t do. But, here I am sharing and stoked about a Halloween snack to help balance that candy diet. (Now I sound like her, too!)

Mini Babybel® has new festive packaging just in time for your next party or lunch box or afternoon snack! Lately my kids are loving a cheese plate after school so I surprised them with this.babybel2They were obsessed with these limited edition Mini Babybel® cheeses and you better think twice if you think of unwrapping the red-wax packaging for them. 😉 I love how they’re perfectly portioned too, with other cheeses we waste so much because they can’t quite get the right serving size for their preference.babybelFind all seven flavors on their site and check your local grocer for their festive Halloween wrappers, too!babybel4


oat power balls

By Emily.  This post is sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company, but all opinions are my own. 

Keeping with our theme of on-the-go snacks for us moms we knew we wanted to try out the popular power ball trend. Basically a mixture of grains, seeds, nuts, fruits and something to bind it all together so you can store them in the fridge or freezer and pop some in your mouth in a rush.Peanut Butter + Oat Power BallsI am still making my chocolate peanut butter protein shake every single morning and now that its been a full year, I can safely say peanut butter and chocolate are just my jam. We already make the overnight oat version here, and now here’s a take on that flavor profile, but in ball form!

Peanut Butter + Oat Power BallsPeanut Butter + Oat Power Balls

1 Cup Quaker Original Old Fashioned Oats

2/3 Cup Coconut Flakes (toasted is even better!)
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup ground flax seed
1/3 cup honey
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Peanut Butter Oat Power Balls


Combine all ingredients in a bowl, cover and chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Once they’re cold enough roll into balls –get your kiddos hands extra clean and let them at it, mine loved it! Peanut Butter Oat Power BallsThis recipe should make at least 20 one inch balls! If you’re looking for more protein you can easily add a protein powder, you’ll just need more honey and peanut butter to keep the right consistency!

Rockin’ Baby

We are so excited to introduce the kids clothing brand Rockin Baby! Not only are their clothes fashion forward and will look so killer on your little ones, they’re a company that gives back. They use with the child fund organization to supply clothing and slings every time you buy. We can’t get enough of companies who provide an awesome product and use that reach to impact the lives of those struggling, it’s a win win. We love it all but see our favorite selects below. And get shopping rockin baby!


Umbrella Footies | Fur Bobble Hat | Pink Stripe Wellies | Borg Gillet Vest | Striped Woven Back Tee | Blue Stripe Wellie | Multi Printed Sweatshirt | Camel Trousers

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READING: Alli Webb’s new book! If you’ve EVER been to the DryBar you’ll love it, if you’ve ever wanted good hair you’ll love it, if you love incredible images you’ll love it, if you love beauty you’ll love it. Trust me, you’ll love it. She is one of the best stylists in the business and gives ALL her hair secrets in this beautifully laid out book. Available for pre order now!

WATCHING: Tonight we’ll all be glued to our televisions watching Shark Tank!! It’s always a fun show to watch but tonight some of our very dearest and best girls Shelly & Kara will be debuting their swimsuit, Raising Wild. The Utah girls will be partying with them and I”ll be all alone on my California couch rooting them on!!! Also they’re having a killer Shark Tank Sale so get them before the whole world wants a piece of this action.

WEARING: I’ve been posting all over the damn Internet about these sunglasses for months but now they’re on sale for $66!! They’re sunglasses so nice I’ve bought them twice. For real! I have the Black Matte and Matte and either one are incredible. You won’t see them this cheap again or for very long.

Obviously flannel is always the rage in the Fall but man oh man amazon is killing it with this selection. EVERY color imaginable and only $9-12 depending. Unreal. Order all the colors.

Have you seen Sarah Jessica Parker’s new line? It’s insane awesome. And while a higher price point, it’s flawless as all SJP things are. This bootie is unreal and I’m LIVING for this Olive color for Fall.

These jeans I wear every day. Thats NOT an exaggeration. They’re so perfect because they/re high rise, distressed and the perfect cropped ankle. Nuff said.

DECORATING: I wasn’t going to decorate for Fall (who am I kidding) and then I went to Target. Mic drop on ALL their fall decor. 

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Halloween Graveyard DIY

You all know how much we love easy holiday decor. So today we’re joining our easy DIY with Jane.com’s #janetrickortreat campaign! You can see the trick (DIY) and treat (Recipe) each day on their site here, or of course their hash tag on social media!Modern Epitaph DIYThis DIY is great for adding a little festivity to your Halloween party, your decor, a Photo Booth and more! We loved coming up with modern epitaphs. All you need is black cardstock and a white ink marker!Modern Epitaph DIYOkay clever Small Fry-ers, help us add to our list!! Comment below

Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blends!

It’s that time of year for all the Fall things! Did you know that candles are highly toxic?! They release fumes that are similar to diesel engine fumes in your house. OH BOY.

That’s why we’ve grown to love using essential oils in our diffuser! The fragrance is just as good while cleansing their air and supporting our immune systems. Here are some of our favorite fall diffuser blends…be sure to pin it for later!fall-blends-smallfry

Need essential oils? Contact Jenna! 

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modern halloween

Halloween time is just around the corner!  Here’s our favorites lately from around the web:

A Modern Kids Hallowen Party

Modern HalloweenHow good are these balloons? Recreate the bouquet with these balloons and these letters.Modern Halloween

Paint Drip Pumpkins in spot-on color schemes. Find the DIY here!Modern HalloweenHand lettered pumpkin DIY here.Modern HalloweenWhite and minimal messages:Modern HalloweenEasy purchases to amp up your mantels and party scares:hallo

Shop below!