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Needing some good deals to spruce up your place for Spring? I found the motherload for you today!amazon home deals

Modern Light (Flush or Chandelier style)  $100 // Hey There, Take Care Mat ($20) Wire Coffee Table ($80) // Glass Top Coffee Table $186 // Window Pane Duvet Set ($50-$60) Two Velvet Club Chairs ($150 for two! $95 for one) // Black + Wood top Coffee Table ($120) Media Console ($150) // Sputnik Style Coffee Table ($150) // Gold Geo Planter ($18) // Grey Club Chair ($150) //  High Back Love Seat ($200) // Ceramic + Black Plant Stand ($25-$90) // Sets of 2 Dining Chairs Walnut + Dark + Natural

And a bunch of sales from around the web! Target has patio furniture on sale but I tell ya, patio furniture is hardy, wipeable and usually pretty minimal. AKA perfect for inside, too. Don’t look past a good outdoor chair!


hale center theatre [giveaway!]

Photos by Hale Center Theatre.

I can’t say enough good things about Hale Center Theatre. They have multiple locations now but when I was 9 until now their cozy Orem, Utah location was my jam. We had season tickets each year and they always put on such an amazing show. To see what Hale has accomplished over the last two decades and now their inaugural season at their 120,000 square foot 80 million dollar theater in Sandy is really special and close to my heart! Their new theater is gorgeous (Russ of course had to point out all the excellent finish work) state of the art and is the most technologically advance theater in the world. Their stages alone took my breath away how they break apart, raise and lift, and sink below the ground. It adds such a magical quality to their productions and really makes the story come to life in a whole new way! At the same time I love the nostalgia of the Orem location and how there is 360 degree seating. They also added LED screens overhead to really make you feel immersed in the set. So cool!We saw Hunchback of Notre Dame last night and I felt so much pride and shock that a production of that quality is only $30 a ticket. They are dedicated to keeping theater affordable so families can attend and I love that so much. I was that girl and I hope my boys are theater lovers, too! I wish you could see better in this photo but the actors are literally three stories up on this set. All raised from their lifts underground!I am giving away tickets today for the show of your choice, although Hunchback was so amazing and you have until March 31st if you want to cash in for that show! I’ll put details of how to enter on my Insta Stories as well as a tour of the theater!

Huge thanks to Hale Center Theatre for the fun evening, we will be back FOR SURE!



st. patrick’s day treats

Listen up! Next gas station run grab yourself some Xtreme Sour Airhead Ropes! Take them out of the package to get a little bit crusty. Then you’ll be all set for a slew of festive St. Patrick’s Day treats. With a little toothpick action you’ve got yourself a rainbow on whatever your kids are eating. Toast? Check. A cup of water? Check. A chocolate filled sno-ball? Why not. (Rainbow paper is from Thimblepress!)St. Patrick's Day Treat Ideas This smoothie is something my dad used to make me and it’s so yummy! You just need club soda, vanilla ice cream and sherbet. Lime for St. Patrick’s Day but any other flavor for whatever other reason you need. Equal parts ice cream and sherbet (about a cup!) and half a cup of club soda. It’s like this creamy italian soda dreamsicle. We all love it!St. Patrick's Day Treat Ideas

Rainbow pizza! With a cauliflower crust even!

St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Cloud donuts!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Spruce up your Lucky Charms with this printable!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Rainbow cupcakes!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Quintessential Irish Dinner on a stick!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Rainbow popcorn two ways! HERE.St. Patricks Day Treat IdeasAnd HERE.St. Patricks Day Treat IdeasRainbow fruit parfait!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas

Any ideas to add? I know I always see green pancakes and green eggs and green milk. Hopefully these help spark some new ideas! xo


5 Things to Say

Since we talked about Intense Kids things got actually a lot harder over here! I feel like I understand so much more of what my kiddo needs, but when you know better you have to do better, right? And it all just felt like SO much energy to keep things peaceful. And then you feel guilty because you’re spending all this extra time on this ONE kid when you have two other well behaved and deserving kids that need your love and attention, too! Not to mention sometimes you just don’t want to be on your A game all the time, you know?

HOW DO YOU BALANCE!? I don’t have answers but I am open to them! For now, my plan is to get him in his own weekly class that he enjoys, to set up weekly play dates swapping with his buddies so I can have some alone time with my other boys. Any tips from you guys out there?

Today’s topic is about crying, but really it’s about validating emotions. Validating emotions helps ALL of my kids, but especially my intense one. And I need a lot of practice. I wasn’t validated very much growing up, and I felt like my emotions were just not seen. Granted, a lot of times I didn’t even understand them, so how could I expect others too? But I felt so misunderstood and that I was getting in trouble all the time for things that I didn’t even mean. Reactions held a lot more weight then the reasoning or root behind them which I hated and also gives me so much insight as a parent now! I was pleading for someone to really see the pain behind my actions and reactions but didn’t know how to. I remember telling my mom when I was so frustrated that I wanted to scratch my skin off. It felt like it was crawling! Now as an adult I realize I panicking, feeling out of control, and didn’t even know what it was called.

Anyway, I am very quick to tell my kids to stop crying (when people say girls are more emotional, that is hard for me to believe. My big boys cry pretty much every day!) and that is the very perfect place to start validating. So if you do the same thing here are 5 things you can say instead of “STOP CRYING!” This list comes from Happiness is Here Blog, I’m just sharing part of her list, but you find all 10 items in her awesome article here!

5 Things to Say Instead of Stop CryingAnd even more options if it doesn’t stop via this article:

Drawing attention repeatedly back to the facts that are driving the upset:
10. You really wanted…that toy/some ice cream/daddy to stay home/to go to the park
11. That…dog/kid/ride/the way I shouted scared you.
12. Let’s have another look at your hurt…knee/finger/toe.

Holding a limit around the situation (and listening to the protests):
13. I can’t let you…go to that party/hit her/have that treat/play with my glasses.
14. I need you to…put your shoes on/finish your homework/get in the car now.

Reminding them of the hopeful perspective on the situation (and listening to their hopeless response):
15. You’ll get chocolate again soon
16. I know you’ll figure this all out.
17. Mom is coming back in an hour.
18. It won’t be like this forever.

Try to avoid:
Labelling feelings (“I see you are angry”)
Distracting them from feelings (“Shall we go and see what Daddy’s doing?”)
Fixing things (“I know you want ice cream, let’s go to the shop”)
Reasoning (“Well, you did have ice cream yesterday.”)
Making their feelings wrong through scolding/shaming/shushing (“What’s that awful noise you are making?”)
Rewards or punishments including threats/bribes/time out (“If you don’t stop that we’ll go home”)

I hope this helps! I know I will be referring to this list when my kids start to lose it! And if no one tells you today — you are an amazing parent. The fact that you seek out tips and tricks is proof of that. You are more than your child’s worst day, worst tantrum. We can always press the reset button, even in the middle of the day. Even at 9:30 in the morning. And one day you will look back at this time and laugh, or maybe cry. But not out of frustration, out of homesickness for the time your kids were small. At least that’s what the ladies in the grocery store line tell me. 😉