We couldn’t share a must-gift for kids without covering something for us, right? We’ve been testing out products from Withings and had to share. Each item is GORGEOUS, beautifully designed and functional. Here’s some of our favorites:

ACTIVITE WATCH – Monitors sleep, activity, syncs to your app and shares with friends to keep you motivated and accountable. Automatically resets when you travel across time zones. Beautiful and analog so it doesn’t scream “WATCH MONITOR”   vue-3-4-steel-black-1 bg-activite-steel-application

activite-steel-5-bHOME security + baby monitor – HD, night vision, streams live via Wifi or 3/4G, stream it on all your Apple devices (including the watch!) Alerts to motion, sound, air quality and other activity. It has two-way talk so you can communicate wherever you are! LED nightlight and night vision and the wood cylinder twists so you can block the lens whenever you don’t want to use it.withings-home-3iphone-1

BODY CARDIO- This scale tracks BMI, Water, muscle mass and bone mass. It shows you the weather and temperature for the day, while tracking your overall cardiovascular health. It sits on any surface, is sleep and thin and easy to store.body-cardio-hero

The Thermo which takes temperature by sweeping over your forehead. The Aura which gradually wakes you up with natural light so you’re more refreshed and peaceful. A sleek and wireless blood pressure monitor.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen one brand cover so much ground, so flawlessly. Go Withings!! Find their whole family of products here.

Must-Have Blocks!

We tend to jam pack all our Holiday gift ideas in November but realized lots of you are early bird shoppers and these blocks definitely should be on your radar! After we started noticing our boys drawn to these blocks every time we had a play date with our friend we figured it was time to invest in our own sets. These ones are called Magnetic Stick’n Stack and they are for sure the favorite toy around here.

Magnetic Stick'n Stack

As you probably guessed they’re magnetized, clear, colorful and come in a huge variety of shapes. It truly makes for endless imagination and fun as well as problem solving with building and creating. Since they’re pretty good sized they don’t seem to stay on the floor for days on end like legos, clean up is a lot more thorough.

Magnetic Stick'n StackThe sets come with idea books to help get your juices flowing, but our kids have really just loved being creative and making whatever comes to mind.Magnetic Stick'n StackFind all their set varieties here and on Amazon (where they’re in the top 3 selling toys!) They’re also a lot less expensive than their counterparts. And award-winning – they won in the Brain Child category of Tillywig Toy Awards, as well as a Parent Tested Parent Approved award!Magnetic Stick'n Stack

Add to your lists mamas, this one will be a huge hit, we promise!

build-a-bear [giveaway!]

National Teddy Bear Day is coming this Friday September 9th!! To celebrate we’ve partnered with Build-A-Bear Workshop to gift one lucky winner $100 to create their perfect bear friend. If you go in to a store Friday,  every $5 bear purchased, Build-A-Bear Workshop will donate one furry friend to Toys for Tots in the U.S.!Mixters15_TeddyBearDay_v2When our kids were small we always hoped they’d find that perfect friend, something soft and sweet they could tote around and nap with. Something to comfort them in the car or at the doctor, something they felt ownership over and proud of. Something to control and be in charge of when they felt like they were too small to do anything. Our boys have all had different things to love on, whether it was Jude and Quinn’s blanket “cozies”, Hayes and his Pooh Bear (that he still sleeps with at age 6!) or Sunny who latched on tight to an oversized plastic Gru from Despicable Me for a year or so.916x916_celebrate FINALSo, today we are excited to give a family a chance to create that special friend at Build-A-Bear! Find a store near you here. Join the celebration by following @BuildABear on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share your favorite teddy bear and Build-A-Bear Workshop memories using #NationalTeddyBearDay all week long!

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Labor Day Deals

15% off your ASOS order! If you’ve been wanting some Stan Smith’s or a warm wool over coat, over the knee boots, might as well get them cheaper than anywhere else today!

Old Navy 50% off dresses — all these dresses are like $15. We love that you can order in a size tall too if you’d like the extra couple inches. 50% off jeans and tees, too!

GAP 40% off – these True Skinny jeans are a must this Fall! We love stocking up on our kids’ denim, too!

Target 30% off home! Use HOMEDEAL at checkout!

Stock up on our favorite loose fitting tees and get this darling peplum top or another graphic tee half off at Urban Outfitters.


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Labor Day Weekend – Amazon

Labor Day deals are a great way to get stocked up for Fall! Amazon is running lots of fashion discounts today, find a curated selection here, but here’s a few of our favorites!


The best deal has to be this beautiful Rebecca MInkoff satchel 40% off! Or this RM is only $95 and reminds us of the Givenchy Nightingale! //Ray-Bans for $40 off (almost half off!) With the brow bar, or simple frame. // Marc Jacobs sales galore, like these disc studs that are 50% off! // Designer Jeans deals like these Paige Denim 50% off or if you’ve been wanting to get some kick flares, these Joe’s are $95 // $50 off these Loefller Randall rain boots // Don’t feel like they’re all designer items, these Kim K. look alike pumps (I think hers are Tom Ford?) are only $40. While we’re talking Kardashian, these Kendall + Kylie pretties are $40 too. // If you need one new style of pant for Fall these Rachel Zoe’s are perfect and $100+ off!

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Labor Day Weekend – Nordstrom Sale

Nordstrom is at it again with so many incredible deals through September 11!! We sifted through 150 pages to find you the best of the best!



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FRYday: Nicole

Hi friends,
Im so happy its Friday. Ever since school started, and having a first grader now, I’ve been extra grateful for a weekend break. For the kids sake and for mine. Is anyone else having a rough time with their little ones adjusting to a full day of school? Its breaking my heart. The natural me wants to pull him out, wrap him up in my arms and whisk him back home early everyday. But, against my will, I’m letting him stick it out. He comes home pretty overwhelmed. He’s in a Spanish Immersion program, and IT IS INTENSE. My sweet little boy is handling it better than I am. Really. Has anyone enrolled their first graders in an immersion program? I would LOVE to hear your tips and ways you’ve been able to support them in it sans tears.

Life right now is just, a little overwhelming in general. Im preparing for a move, overcoming a hard breakup. (Anyone single out there? Do you feel like with each break up it hurts deeper an deeper?) I feel like I get closer and closer to finding the man to join Dash, Sunny and I’s world, and each time it fails, my heart sinks deeper and deeper. This one had me feeling like I had really done it. Like heartaches were over. It kills me that im back at square one.

The kids and I just finished our evening prayers. We prayed longer than usual.  We thanked our Father in Heaven for SO MANY THINGS. We have so many blessings. SO, so many. Sometimes I feel like I get on top of things in my life, and then I’m knocked down in order to recognize all the blessings I do have. I am not yet, but will soon be, grateful for another trial to put things into perspective for me again.

I haven’t been doing much shopping, reading, cooking or anything but survival mode. So have nothing new to share. But, here are some shots that have been on snapchat lately, its really the only social media I’m any good at updating.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.06.37 PM

Follow along @nicolecalleen, and Happy Fryday!

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ergo bundle [giveaway!]

We’ve got an awesome giveaway for you all today! Our Ergo family is spoiling one lucky winner today with our favorite Ergo gear! Here’s what you can win:ergo

  1. The Adapt Carrier – in gray retails for $145. This carrier is amazing, does forward facing, chest to chest, and hip carry! Has multiple ways to harness in the back and we use them religiously as long as our babies will allow it. Read up on it here!
  2. The Ergo Nursing Pillow – we reviewed it here, but this retails for $70 and will keep your posture in check for all those new baby feedings, a lifesaver when you’re bleary eyed and too tired to keep your head up.
  3. The Lightweight Swaddler – we reviewed this one here, this is a must for keeping baby secure and comfortable for sleep. It doesn’t pin their arms to their side just lightly across their chest/stomach. It honestly looks heavenly and even the most tough swaddle critic (Raleigh) loves it!

So that is over $250 in awesome Ergo products and now that you know what you’re winning, enter below! Good luck! (Winners in US or Canada only, allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, any out of stock items will be substituted for equal value) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Night Cereal: Mangoes + Sticky Rice

Brought to you by got milk? Food Loves Milk!

By Jenna.

Our creativity was so empowered with today’s post! Is there anything better than a bowl of cereal before bed? It’s sort of a ritualistic event that we remember doing all growing up and our kids have taken over. What about when you want to make your bowl of cereal a little more hearty? The milk has carried the weight for too long! 😉 Time to spice it up!Mangoes and Sticky Rice CerealI thought it would be fun to make a play on Mangoes and Sticky Rice — if you’ve eaten at a Thai Restaurant before you know this is a favorite dessert! There’s something so comforting about it, so why not make it part of our night time comfort food: a big bowl of cereal?Mangoes and Sticky Rice CerealHere’s how you’ll do it:

Sprinkle salt and honey on coconut and bake at 350 degrees until golden brown.Mangoes and Sticky Rice CerealAdd cereal to bowl:pinterestPour over the milk:Mangoes and Sticky Rice CerealTop with sliced fresh mango and candied walnuts and enjoy! Recipe below.Mangoes and Sticky Rice Cereal


2 cups milk
1.5 cups Rice Crispy Cereal
1/2 Mango
1/4 cup Candied Walnuts
1 cupCoconut Flakes
1 tbsp Honey
Sprinkle salt and honey on coconut flakes
Bake coconut flakes until golden
Add cereal to bowl
Pour milk
Top with mango and walnuts
Sprinkle with coconut flakes
Drizzle with honey

replica sunnies

Now that we’re a week or two into Off Duty posts (find, Emily, Jenna and Nicole’s looks everyday on the left sidebar!) we’ve gotten this question quite a bit… “Hey Small Fry, where can I find ____ sunglasses for cheap?” We get it and we feel you. We all have the designer sunglass sickness, but that sure as shooting doesn’t mean you have to as well!sunnies SO! Have you heard of ZeroUV? They have millions of frames, they’re all on trend, modern, and *cough* look alikes to more expensive styles elsewhere. We are not condoning the replica insdustry per-se, but here are some that are eerily similar to what you’ve seen us wearing lately, and a few rad pairs that we’ve bought just researching this post. Way to go ZeroUV!

TOP TO BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT:: pink brow bar flat aviator // 90’s inspired round metal frame // oversized round acetate // textured hex // mono lens // white textured cat-eye // modern ultra slim wire // open bottom lens // geometric cat-eye // orbit round metal frame //  wood front // mod geometric cat-eye // grey leather // oversized round acetate








abstract geometric

modern ultra slim wire

mono lens