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Pillowfort – the stellar line of kids furniture, decor and bedding – launched at Target a little over a week ago and we’re weak in the knees. Pillow fort for TargetWe can never get over good design for kids and seeing SO much of it all in one place like Target is almost too much to handle. So to celebrate, and because our boys are all about forts we knew we had to create a little reading tent for them. Pillow fort for TargetThere are so many themes to pick from this line but the Camp Kiddo line was our favorite for this DIY. Camping, woodland creatures and pine trees really called out to both the mamas and the boys. It’s a perfect fit for a tent fort reading nook and our Utah loving souls really dig the mountain motif! Here’s how you’ll do it:

Start with a sheet and rope, attach the rope at two ends of the room and drape the sheet over securing it in place on the floor in each of the four corners. Because everything was  so expertly curated for each room style we had so many great pieces to choose from that all felt like go perfectly in this space. Time to fill it up!Pillow fort for Target Pile up with cozy blankets like this amazing Bear Comforter (you gotta see it up close here!) and Forest Plush blanket. The cream base and graphic bold black pine trees totally speak to our design aesthetic and it’s the coziest blanket too, so everyone wins! Top it with cozy pillows and stuffed animals for extra snuggle-appeal. We love the bold initial pillows from the line, this darling fox pillow:Pillow fort for TargetThe stuffed bear is that same plush material as the throw and is a hot ticket around here. It can be tricky to find stuffed animals for boys that we love too. The bear and the alligator totally fit the bill! Everything is so soft but durable, just as children’s bedding decor needs to be. We also love that the Initial pillow will never be grown out of, its such a great piece that they could take it college, assuming we let them leave. 😉Pillow fort for Target Fill it with books to read and let the magic happen. Needless to say this space is the highest traffic area of the house lately.Pillow fort for Target

Here’s some of our other Pillowfort favorites! These are taken from all of the collections – mostly Modern Mirage and Tropical Treehouse – but love how each collection can be re-thought in new and fresh ways to create your own vibe! pillowfort

Tassel Throw Pillow // Zebra Head // Confetti Cool Comforter // Pineapple Throw // Midcentury Side Table // Cactus Throw //  Cloud Sheet Set // Wilid & Free Wall Hanging //

Sometimes we just want the answers before we tackle a new space, so seeing all of Pillowfort’s themes styled into rooms makes it so easy! Simply shop theme and get lots of great inspiration!

Lots of bold colors and animals to choose from with these boys’ rooms.

And we love all the color choices in these girls’ rooms. Certainly feminine, but not in an in your face way.

Slow claps for Pillowfort! Which room is your favorite?

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spring essentials

As Spring approaches, we are all experiencing a myriad of climates! Jenna has her heat waves in Southern California, Emily and Nicole are seeing snow, rain, sun, wind, and anything else mother nature can throw our way in Utah. Either way we’re ready to shed our Winter layers and get ready for something new. We picked our favorite transitional pieces on  Zappos and here’s what we’re loving!


As soon as the snow melts I’m ready for Utah’s beautiful hikes again! My favorite outdoor brands have such amazing selectiions on Zappos and I am a notorious phone shopper so I always love using the Zappos app, and its one the of the few that is as easy to use as the desktop version.spring essentials

(Beanie // Backpack // Nike Pegasus // North Face Hoodie)

Even if the Valley is super warm the mountains always have that crisp cold air. Loving this hoodie and warm beanie as options to keep warm or shed into this Nike backpack.spring essentials It holds everything and is the sturdiest material so its great for getting a good hike beating. Also, my latest sneaker obsession. These have so much personality and I love to wear them whether or not I’m exercising.spring essentials If you need some local hike ideas, here is a post of our favorites! I’ve done all of these and each is amazing and doable with kids!spring essentials


It’s officially tradition – every Spring I scoop up a couple colors of Natives for my boys! spring essentials


I’ve been putting them in Natives since before Hayes could walk. They’re the absolute best for warm weather. Super soft, no blisters, breathable and waterproof, and wearing them without socks is no prob, smell-wise. Cal still doesn’t love taking a pic, what can you do?spring essentialsThey come up with the coolest prints each season and the Jefferson is perfect for my boys’ narrow feet. Nothing makes me feel more hopeful for warm temps than seeing Natives delivered to my porch. (MARBLED // BLACK)spring essentialsFor my own picks I can’t help but grab a few trendy items each season to help bring my fairly basic wardrobe up to speed. I love that the tassel trend is carrying through this season and this neutral color sandal goes with EVERYTHING. Such a good deal, too! (Steve Madden Daryyn) I paired them with a floaty maternity top and raw edge denim. Raw edge denim and a straight leg “girlfriend” fit are also huge trends this Spring! Why not combine both? I cut my own in this high-low style. I figured I’ve seen high low tops and skirts, why not jeans, too? Spring EssentialsSandals are always on the top of my list when transitioning to Spring. I always grab Hayes a new pair of Havaianas for the pool (Cal wears his Natives in the water and isn’t a huge fan of the flip flop) and I might never take these Adidas Adilettes off. Perfect shoe for when you just can’t bend over one more time! The arch support is awesome too.spring essentials


Since there is no Spring in California we’re heading right on in to Summer! I love to get a couple really great dresses that I can function as Mom in but also keep me cool — Free People is always THE BEST at achieving that effortless style. I love the selection of FP that Zappos provides, they pick the best of the best and this dress is no exception. It truly is so gorgeous in person.

zappos1 zappos2

Every Spring I like to buy a new pair of gold flip flops. They get worn over the year but I love to have a fresh new pair moving in to the summer season. These Yosi ones are flawless and so comfortable. Gold goes with everything so they are such a staple in my wardrobe.zappos4

And since I’m always running late I wear a watch, even to the pool! I love the way a good dress accessorized with a watch makes it loo like a very intentional look.


Mama Swim Amazon Style

Happy weekend everyone! We’re skipping the regular Fryday today – Emily and Nicole are in Las Vegas to celebrate Em’s 30th with friends! Heartbroken Jenna can’t make it, but regardless of state, we all have Summer on the brain. Here’s what we scooped up on our ol’ reliable, Amazon, for the trip!


Seafolly makes some of our favorite swimmers and these are no exception. We love the higher neck trend especially: This diamond maillot suit is beyond slimming // Keyhole one piece // And Lululemon’s mesh one piece.

Perfect by-the-pool slides from Adidas – Amazon has the best selection of colors we’ve seen! Size up if you’re in the middle! Also, don’t forget a baseball cap, while we love a good straw hat, baseball hats are perfect and don’t get smooshed in the back by your pool lounger. (#firstworldproblems, right?)

Another great Amazon find are our favorite designer sunglasses. So much cheaper than other sites!! Prada // Karen Walker

Our favorite thick striped towels in every color of the rainbow, and one great straw bag to hold all the girls’ trip essentials.


tips for busy moms

This post is brought to you by Healthy Choice.

We are far from perfect but, we definitely keep trying at finding the best ways to balance the different elements of our lives as working (from home) moms! Healthy Choice asked if we’d share what does (and doesn’t!) work for us and of course being healthy and taking care of ourselves is such a huge factor.Tips for Busy Moms Healthy eating It’s the number one factor in how we feel inside, how we function, and in turn how we feel about our workloads, how we interact with our kids, and the trickle down effect is infinite. How we fuel ourselves is a big influence in how we fuel our children. It may seem obvious, but what we have in the fridge and pantries is what we and our kids will eat. So our first tip is stocking up with healthy, quick eating options. Whether it’s pre-cut veggies, keeping good snacks at the easy to reach levels. Bringing good snacks in the car and our bags help us on the go.NCC_0829One thing we were impressed with  Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamers meals is that they use all natural proteins, and nothing artificial, you can get a well-balanced meal in minutes. Whole grains, and steamed vegetables that keep produce crisp and vibrant. And they store in the freezer so they work with your schedule not the other way around.

Don’t multi-task. This is something all three of us have come to believe whole-heartedly over the last few years. Decide what you are devoting your time to at any given point in the day and focus on that. When our kids are at school we focus on the house, work or making phone calls. When they’re home we focus on their needs: homework, getting them fed, chores or tasks, and quality time as a family. Having set hours for things works wonders as well if you can organize your day accordingly!Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 4.19.07 PMFind your tribe. One thing we love to do with our friends and family is trade time. A couple days a week we’ll swap kiddos and give our kids a chance to play with their favorite friends and cousins. Of course if it’s doable for your family, it’s more cost effective than using childcare or a babysitter. And our kids would rather spend time with their friends or cousins (less of that mom guilt) so everyone wins! This might not work for everyone, and of course there times when our workload requires more formal arrangements, but having childcare options you trust is everything!Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 4.19.55 PMTake care of yourself. It’s been said a million times and for good reason. If you’re flailing everything else you touch will too. Take the time everyday to find your center – whatever that means for you, for us it’s varying. For Nicole it’s taking care of herself through a before bed routine. For Jenna it’s making sure she has time to have connecting conversations with friends and family. For Emily it’s exercise, taking the time to do things for no other reason than to have fun and relax (for sure still a recovering multi-tasker.)

It could be as small as sitting down to a meal made with you in mind (how many times have you had your kid’s half eaten sandwich and called that lunch?) There is something so fortifying in sitting down to an intentional meal and taking a moment for yourself.

We’d love to hear what tried and true tips work (and don’t work!) for you! We’re always on the hunt for the best practices.

Joss and Main: Guest Curation

We are SO THRILLED to announce our curation with Joss & Main, one of the most incredible members only shopping site that offers 70% off on your favorite home & style pieces! We’ve shopped online with them for years so when they asked to select a curation around our home styles we were over the moon!Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.42.56 PM

One of the best tips we can give you for decorating your home for kids is to find beautiful toys that serve a dual purpose of entertaining your kids AND making the space gorgeous. This Whale Kid’s Rocker and Teepee have our heart.Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.43.17 PM

We really believe that your home can be beautiful AND functional while having kids. Choosing unique pieces that style a corner of your home help add a fun flavor special to your family! Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.43.30 PM

We are all absolutely obsessed with cozy and beautiful blankets that serve both as your best snuggle companion but also gorgeous accents to your home. And since we love to read books with our kids we are dying over this selection and this one to store them -GORGEOUS.Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.44.00 PM

Rugs are a fun way to dress up a room and Nicole is addicted to switching hers out for a quick change! When you buy them at a reasonable price it’s a great way to switch up a feeling in the room.Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.45.00 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.44.21 PM

Organizing all your toys can feel like a nightmare but when you have cute baskets and cases it makes them functional but also decorative pieces in the room. Also we are obviously obsessed with tiny chairs.Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.56.26 PM

(Lauren Moore)

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.57.51 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.58.00 PM

(Lauren Moore)

Jenna loved decorating Lolly’s nursery with subtle hints of animals like this mobile, pillow and print.Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.58.35 PM

(Lauren Moore)

Don’t wait until your kid’s are older to have a space you love and are proud of! You spend the majority of your time in these spaces and deserve to love them!joss

We’ve rounded up some other favorites for you to see but we encourage you head on over to Joss & Main to check out all the gorgeous selections before they SELL OUT!

Thank you always for your support, encouragement and love…..we are always touched by your enthusiasm for our new projects!

Image Credit: Morgan Pansing // Lauren Moore

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