valentina espadrilles

Have you all noticed the espadrilles trend this Summer? Sure, these shoes are usually a Summer staple, but this year especially they’re everywhere! When we heard from Tina, the owner of Valentina Shoes we were excited to see this on-trend item given even more appeal with the option to customize! Every little (and big) girls’ dream, right? Adding extra personality to this comfortable easy, slip-on was so fun! Here’s a few of Valentina’s options – all 25% off if you use “smallfry” at check-out!

The Classic Monogram on the Red & White stripe:
Valentina Espadrilles

The Bird, Stars, Circle Mongoram, Vine Monogram, Cupcake Motif and so many more. Find all the personalization options right here!

Valentina Espadrilles

We love how this classic adds so much personality to Summer staples like denim shorts. Even better we’ve seen this trend carry-on into Fall, so they’ll get even more wear!

Valentina EspadrillesThanks to Valentina for sponsoring Small Fry, and for such a generous discount for you readers! Enter “smallfry” for 25% off your order! Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. another place to find small fry!

We’ve talked a little bit about before, but wanted to show you a little more extensive tour of this great new place to shop! is a fantastic website where the people (Taste Makers) you know and trust go to collect beautiful hand-crafted items by talented creators (Makers.) Since Etsy has become so large, this is a genius way to find truly unique items that you’ll be thankful you discovered! And guess what, we’re not even getting paid to love it…It’s just that good.
Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.25.39 PM Here is what our pretty little shop looks like! We’ve gathered items we love for mom, for kiddo, for home and the new addition for back to schoolScreen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.27.36 PM

But even better are shops from some of our favorite people like Design Crush, Say Yes and Handmade Charlotte. is basically the place to keep up with your favorite’s favorites!

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.25.09 PM

Our new back to school board is full of unique items to fill these coming school days with tons of fun. From an awesome pencil case, to number cookie cutters, to a dragon mug for your morning OJ, we love as a way to celebrate unique & modern design for the whole fam. Check us out! 

Also if you’re a Maker, be sure to apply to be on so we an add you to our boutique!

Back to Packing Lunches

By Emily.

My goal for this six week long challenge with Made to Matter, Handpicked by TargetTM was to get a handle on our on-the-go lunches. The challenge was perfectly timed now that the new school year is on my heels and I can’t stress it enough—attaining this goal was ALL about prep. I stocked my pantry with good, clean snacks that I can grab in a rush, stash in my purse or even leave in a box in the trunk to help me get a head start! Then, once a week I started taking a little chunk of time to chop veggies and put fruit into small containers in the fridge. Then I can literally just grab and go. Here are a week’s worth of lunches if you’d like to see!

Monday: Hayes’s preschool ends right in the middle of lunchtime, and we’re usually running errands afterwards while we’re already out in the car. His school provides small snacks, but after three hours there he’s always ready for something more substantial!

Turkey Cheese and Spinach Roll-ups | Made to Matter

For today’s lunch, I simply rolled up slices of Simply Balanced Oven Roasted Turkey with Annie’s Organic Honey MustardHorizon Organic Cheddar Cheese Slices and a leaf of spinach. Then I skewered them with these darling flag toothpicks. I bagged up some pre-cut veggies, a chocolate milk and even more spinach packed in the Plum Organics Strawberry breakfast bars for a sweet treat!

Turkey, Cheddar, Spinach and Honey Mustard Roll-ups!
This lunch is packed with protein, vitamins from the spinach and veggies and has whole grains and healthy fats in the milk. Totally balanced, yet totally delicious and exciting for small hands to eat. [ Pants / Watch ]

Turkey Roll-ups | Made to Matter

Tuesday: We’re at home for lunch and then quickly off to gymnastics or soccer so a warm meal is totally doable, but I’m looking for some carbs to give the boys lots of energy. This lunch is made up of whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce, Mozarella Cheese Sticks, more of those pre-cut veggies, a juice box and Annie’s Bunny Grahams (My trick for getting them to eat whole wheat over white? I’ve never had anything but whole wheat bread and pastas in my cupboards so they don’t know the difference! Tricky mama.)

Whole Wheat Pasta & Mozarella Bites | Made to Matter


Surprise – another lunch on the go! Whenever I made sandwiches I let the boys use a cookie cutter shape on it, it seems to seal the sandwich down so nothing drips or falls out of it, which is a huge bonus if they’re chowing down the car. They won’t eat the crust anyway so it’s a win-win! This one is more turkey and cheese (their favorite!), and a sliced apple and a little helping of peanut butter to dip the apple slices in. They washed this one down with a Plum Organics Super Smoothie and a water bottle.

5 Healthy Lunches | Made to Matter


After talking with Phil, I was so excited to try Evol Foods out! For the most part I had sworn off frozen foods, going so far as to put my microwave in storage to avoid using it. We learned from chatting with him that it’s all about using proper processes and quality ingredients – that’s makes some frozen food a great option. Reading these Made to Matter, Handpicked by TargetTM items’ ingredient lists (they’re all pronounceable and recognizable), eased my fears about eating frozen foods. So we gave their most popular dish Evol Truffle Mac & Cheese Bowl a shot with a side of the Organic Mixed Vegetables For extra freshness I included a bowl of berries, then a Kashi Oatmeal Cookie and my boys’ new favorite “sosa” as Cal calls it – but it’s cranberry cherry drink with far less sugar than soda.

Evol Mac & Cheese + Veggies | Made to MatterFriday:

At this point in the week, I’m dragging and ready for the weekend, so this lunch is as easy as it gets! My kids love to assemble these little sandwich stacks themselves, so I just take a circle cookie cutter and punch out turkey and cheese slices and then pack them with Simply Balanced Brown Rice Crackers. For some extra sweet goodness, I toss in some berries and pre-prepped veggies, that favorite cranberry cherry drink and we’re good to go!

Oraganic Lunchables | Made to Matter

What are your go-to lunches for back to school? To makes it easy, you can pin all 5 lunches below for an easy reference!  Follow us on Pinterest to see more healthy ideas!

Week of Lunches | Made to Matter at Target

This post is sponsored by TargetThe Made To Matter line has been handpicked by Target to bring you brands that make things better for your you, your family, and the place we all call home.


frozen yogurt dots 2.0

This Fall marks two years since we posted Frozen Yogurt Dots! That post went absolutely viral and is still one of our most popular posts all this time later. We made one grave mistake though, and that was to use artificial food coloring! We were reminded again and again (got a comment last week even) of the ill-effects of using artificial colors in cooking. We thought it was about time that we re-made this recipe with the suggestions we were offered by so many of you! So here we go, one more time! All-natural frozen yogurt dots!
All Natural Frozen Yogurt Dots

We used India Tree‘s All Natural Food Coloring and were really surpassed at how vibrant both the yellow and red (pink) colors got the dots! The blue was very pastel and takes several drops, but it was still pretty! Both yellow and pink only took a few drops each.
All Natural Frozen Yogurt Dots

Once you have each bowl mixed together fill up a ziploc bag and cut the slightest angled tip off  one of the bottom corners. Then using a sheet pan with freezer paper or a Sil-Pat

(shown) squeeze out the dots! They freeze really fast which is nice for excited kids!

All Natural Frozen Yogurt Dots

Since these are vegetable colorants we were worried it would change the taste of the dots – cabbage, turmeric and beets aren’t always a welcome flavor for kids when eating sweets – but the adults could hardly notice it at all! The kids didn’t even bat an eye and ate the whole batch in one sitting.

All Natural Frozen Yogurt DotsThese are such a great option for little ones to get a little extra protein and probiotics! The frozen dots were great for this little teething baby Arden, too!

All Natural Frozen Yogurt DotsThank you to all of you who encouraged us to try this one again! We definitely don’t have all the answers but love sharing these easy ideas with you each day!

All Natural Frozen Yogurt Dots


Find more healthy recipes right here!

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FRYday : Nicole

We live a rushed life. Sometimes I sit down at night and feel like its the fist time I have breathed all day. I seem to rush from sun up to sun down, but especially in the evening. Days are long and by bedtime Im ready to crash, so putting extra time into a long drawn out bed time seems exhausting.

Im sure im preaching to the choir, you all have had this figured out for years, im sure. But WOAH its been a game changer for me! Over the last few weeks ive focused on BEDTIME. Making bedtime the most important hour or two (YES, hour or TWO) of the day. With baths, snacks, jammies, stories, prayers and teeth brushing, sometimes it takes THAT long. The ironic part is this, the time i set aside for the bedtime routine, the less time it ends up taking to calm my two little crazies down, because im less crazy myself. I have learned that they really can tell when im rushing, and it is an added stress on them. In turn they act up, and get more wild than they have been all day. Giving them this special focused time to wind down, prepare for bed, and fall asleep calmly has really improved these terrible 2’s, and whatever they call it when your 4 year old is, well, a 4 year old. ;)
We’ve already shared this on ALL our Instagram feeds, personal and for Small Fry too, but have you tried Chat Books yet? It is $6 to print 60 photos directly from your Instagram account! Enter “SMALL1″ and get your first book free!chatbooksWe each recently printed our whole Instagram libraries and feel so relieved to have them in hand. Surely the internet isn’t going anywhere, but having tangible printed evidence is so nice! Our families love to flip through and a if you’re interested, here are a few reasons we’re completely smitten:

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