forever white

By Nicole.

Sheets, comforters, towels, underwear. At our house, it’s all white. On top of which, 75 percent of my wardrobe is white! It’s a bad, bad habit. One of the things readers ask most about is how do I maintain them all! Keeping all of these bright whites – bright white – became even more of a challenge when my family began to grow, and babies started to help me get things messy. I found that throwing out my whites wasn’t going to work for me. I love them too much! So instead, I started to explore laundry detergents.White WhitesUsing certain detergents- over time- turned my whites yellow! What’s worse? Other detergents started to wear down the fabrics of my favorite pieces. Fabrics became thin and holes started to appear. My towels and sheets started to obtain a strong chemical smell that I couldn’t seem to wash away. With how often all of my whites needed to be washed, this wasn’t going to work!White WhitesI tried OxiClean™ Laundry detergent after being referred to it by my mother. She’s another fellow whites lover, maybe where I got it from? I wanted to give it a try on it’s own, and eliminate all other whitening/bleaching agents. Not only did it wipe away the stains, but it also began to eliminate the yellowing! Anyone ever tried to wash white sneakers? The yellowing is almost unavoidable! OxiClean™, you are my Converses’ new best friend! I love that I don’t need any additives, and one wash is plenty for most stains!White WhitesPeople will try to tell you that once you become a parent, you should say goodbye to white clothing, but I don’t agree! You just need the right cleaning routine. There is a reason why OxiClean™ now has a premier detergent, and that is because it works!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by OxiClean™ through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about OxiClean™ Laundry, all opinions are my own, as OxiClean™ is my number one choice for laundry detergent!

Note: Please follow manufacturer directions for your garments. For best results, pretreat stains with laundry detergent, wait 5-10 minutes and then wash.


Happy weekend everyone! Jenna is repping us at an Orbit event this weekend that is going to be a great time! We’ll be sharing on socials (and our neglected SnapChat that we’re trying to better with @smallfryblog) and recapping next week! In the meantime, here’s what we’re thinking about this week:
Wearing: I saw this pic of model Gigi Hadid and let out an audible gasp. Her LIPS! A total nod to the nineties, but it feels fresh and modern to me. And, I didn’t wear makeup until the 2000’s so I’m in the clear to give this a try, right? 😉 So far the best dupe I’ve got is Mac Whirl (see it on me here), anyone know of a closer match?
Listening: Went on a date last night to see St. Vincent in concert, so naturally re-listening to all the best songs of the night. Prince Johnny, Cruel, Digital Witness!
Decorating: Our poor Leo dog struggles with our wood-floored house. He slips all over the place and we laugh. But I do feel bad, so I got this hall runner. It was hard to pick a color they’re both awesome!
Watching: My brother suggested Bloodlines and it’s too slow for Russ so I watch it when he works nights and text my brother because the piece-by-piece plot reveal is making me crazy. Netflix!
Reading: Did you guys watch the Humans of New York feed while he was in Pakistan? The Brick Kiln slavery series was so crazy to read each day, but seeing the HNY followers raise over two million made me want to fly. When you try to stay informed the world feels like a dark and dysfunctional place, and then for a moment it doesn’t. One person truly can change the world.
Wearing: This is something I’ve wanted since the day they announced it, but I never took the plunge. Then a sweet friend surprised me with it! Here is the deal: I read texts on my wrist, reply with Siri, but have felt so unplugged when it comes to my phone, and I love it! I also think this is the sexiest watch around. Mine is the 38″ which i think fits perfectly for the size of my wrist as a woman. You know what else, its so easy to switch out the bands, I bought three and change them out often. // This jacket has been a workout game changer for me this summer. I bought it in white and they appear to be sold out, but now that I see this black one, I’ll take that too!
Remember the chairs I talked about last week that I bought for my living room? I switched them out for these pretties. // This throw is more of a miracle than a decoration, but either way, it wins! It is THE softest! And have you have cuddled up with a blanket that has some stretch to it? LIFE CHANGING!
Anticipating: next weekend! Heading to Midway for a Staycation for the Sheepdog Championship. This is something I’ve always wanted to do! Can not wait! Join me!
Listening: to Gooey form this album on repeat. Listen to it and I’m certain you will have a killer weekend!!!
Wearing: I surprised myself when I fell in love with these Toms sunglasses! I love how they fit and love all the good toms does in the world. For every pair you buy, glasses are donated to someone in need and that’s pretty cool. // This incredible chambray dress is $8. YES EIGHT DOLLARS. I’ll buy 3 thanks. // So is this striped maxi and several other really great dresses Including the one I linked to last week! Go Target!
One of my favorite chairs ever is being sold at target now! My kids love sitting in this rocking chair reading stories!
Reading: Speaking of stories my kids have been obsessing over this one, it’s fun because Quinn can read it out loud to Jude and they laugh together over it!
Eating: Okay so I’ve been trying to tighten up my eating but then these came in to my life and I am screwed.  guys I can’t even describe these they are just simply the best best ever. Combine them with my favorite popcorn and you’ve got a real delight!
Worrying: About friends. I’ve felt a lot of shifts lately in my personal life and sometimes it’s tough to feel alone in California! It’s a blessing in a way because I really cling to my own small family but then it can also leave me feeling insecure at times not knowing my place. Ever feel that way?
Can’t wait to hear what made your lists this week! See you back here on Monday.


By Nicole.

When Target sent us word that they were re-releasing Trolls and Troll brand apparel and accessories this Fall we flipped.#trollsareback We are total children of the 90’s and we were immediately flooded with memories. Like my Troll themed 7th birthday. See below.
Troll partyWe knew we wanted to recreate this hilarious 90’s birthday party, so we brought Emily’s nieces over to show them all of our favorite 90’s memories. Ready? #trollsareback

[Quincey’s Skater Dress // Avery’s Cozy Troll Sweatshirt and Joggers]

Taught them how to make fortune tellers, and shockingly we didn’t even have to look it up on YouTube, just like riding a bike. #trollsareback Practiced our “S” with our gel-roller pens.#trollsareback Decorated our caboodles with puff paint. Are you dying at that sentence?#trollsareback Got our Troll hair on. These Troll sweatshirts are the softest things we’ve ever felt. Amazing! [Quincey’s Graphic Tee]#trollsareback Crazy hair don’t care! Perfect for our curly haired Quincey!#trollsareback Sunburst art with smelly markers:#trollsareback They were enthralled with every single element of this little party. We loved showing them all these fun nostalgic activities!#trollsareback What’s a party without cake? This guy was such an easy topper, and with some perfectly bold 90’s colored sprinkles he was all ready to go!#trollsareback#trollsarebackAnd they loved getting decked out in Troll gear! You can find their apparel, troll necklaces at Target online and in store and troll dolls in store only, they released just last week!#trollsarebackSo what did we miss? Any 90’s favorites you’d add to your own party?


[Avery’s Socks]

This post is sponsored by Target.

babyganics [giveaway!]

You all know of our love for Babyganics – check out how we use their products for everyday cleaning, when our kids are sick, and today we’re sharing a little bit about a new product they launched, their Daily Lotion + SPF! Once you’re done reading don’t forget to enter to win $100 gift card to Target where one lucky winner can shop all of the Made to Matter brands, and this Daily Lotion + SPF that is exclusive to Target! Babyganics Giveaway

One thing we tend to forget when Summer is over, is that our kids are still being exposed to sunshine. Novel thought, right? But, really sending them and ourselves outdoors can still cause a burn, especially as our pretty base tans start to fade. We love that Babyganics new lotion has SPF in it, but doesn’t smell like sunscreen at all so our kids don’t even flinch when we lather them up. If they put up a fight let them lather you up, too!Babyganics Giveaway We have a couple super sensitive skinned boys over here, Callum being one of them. His skin has a slight rash in certain places and lotions actually burn him sometimes. This is so gentle he doesn’t mind at all, and having the SPF 15 built in not having to lather him up twice is amazing! Babyganics is plant-based, non-allergenic, and being at Target makes the switch so easy! Their product line is growing by the day it seems, check out all their offerings at — (Cal’s tank is from Little Edge Threads)Babyganics GiveawayIf you needed any other reason to try it out, Babyganics has teamed up with Cookies for Kids’ Cancer to help raise awareness and money for research in the fight against pediatric cancer. Portions of proceeds will go toward this important cause! Babyganics GiveawayReady to enter to win the $100 Target Gift card? This card will not only help you stock up on Babyganics but other favorite Made to Matter brands like Happy Family, Boom Chicka Pop, Zarbees, Hylands, Justins and Kind Snacks.Babyganics GiveawayENTER!
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