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Meet Anna. A designer and blogger at In Honor of Design with so much inspiration and style to share! She shares all about her career as a designer, her beautiful family, and a lovely life lead in Atlanta. We love following along with Anna’s adventures and beautiful captures of it all. If you need tips on taking in Atlanta, check out her series!

“I remember after my third child Max was born I was throwing myself mini victory parties if I made it through a day! For the first six weeks I lived in sweats and a topknot, never really feeling rested, but continuing to get up and move because I had three little people who needed me. They needed me to survive in a sense…To feed them, keep them clean, steer them from danger, change diapers, referee fights, feed them again, cut their fingernails and hair, bathe them, give them endless amounts of hugs and kisses because they need those too (and so did I), feed them again, read them stories, change more diapers, and rock them to sleep…it’s what made our little world go around. If it wasn’t for my husband Gabe’s help during those months I might have drowned in my own tired delirium.

SF New Baby Advice : Anna IHOD

However, despite the incoherent sentences and sleepless nights my heart was never so full. You don’t realize it has the capacity to love that much or receive so much love. As I have found our new rhythm in the last few months, I have started to hug the days. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Because this is it. This is the life I have freely chosen and desired. These three children are the reason I know what deep joy feels like. I feel honored to be a mother!

1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?

It’s totally okay if you don’t bathe your child every. single. night. They will still survive. It’s okay if you don’t fold your child’s clothes in perfect stacks. Throw it in the drawer and save yourself those precious moments of your day to day life. Throw that schedule out the door and just hold your baby. The moments are fleeting and you won’t regret getting behind on your to-do list as much as you will regret not cherishing their little hands and feet.

SF New Baby Advice : Anna IHOD

2. Was there anything surprising or shocking that happened that no one warned you about?

Um yeah, no one told me your hair falls out in the masses post baby! Then again, maybe I wouldn’t have signed up had I known… ;)

SF New Baby Advice : Anna IHOD

3. Do you have special bedtime routine? We read books and prayers as a family and although sometimes you want to skip bedtime routine it is the most important time of day for my little ones and no step in the routine can be missed. I made up this silly song called “Goodnight moon” for my first son, and for some reason it has stuck, and still requested every night.

Keep reading below for an awesome giveaway from 4moms! Anna reviews her own Rockaroo here if you’d to see it in action.

SF New Baby: 4moms Giveaway

We will forever have a special place in heart for 4moms! When they approached us with the opportunity to gift someone with their awesome Rockaroo, they didn’t even bat an eyelash when we said how about three of them? On top of those three they sent bath tubs for a handful of NICU moms this past Christmas. We’re so excited to be able to gift yet another lucky mama a 4moms Breeze play yard and the amaziNgarupe Mamaroo!

4 moms + Small Fry Giveaway


The Breeze play yard is so great. Instead of learning the secret code to lock down a regular pack-n-play in just the right sequence, this sets up literally with the push of one button. It comes with a bassinet and changing pad, travel bag and a leak-proof bottom. It’s so stellar!

The Mamaroo is in a class all by itself when it comes to bouncers and swings. This one rocks as if you were on a rocking horse, which is the movement most similar to in the womb. Plug in your MP3 player to play your favorite lullabies, change out a variety of different mobile hanging toys, and really all you need to know is that our local NICU swears by them. And it’s their business to keep newborns happy!

Here’s how to enter!

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SF New Baby Advice : Sometimes Sweet

Welcome to New Baby week here on Small Fry! We’ve been working tirelessly to put together a killer week that both supports, informs and spoils any mama or mama-to-be that reads this blog. We hope that the stories encompass the myriad of ways that we as women find ourselves as mothers. Each story more special and unique and important as the next. It’s the great connector and something that instantly bonds those who have experienced it.

Each day we’ll start the morning off with a favorite blogger’s birth story, a memory of when they had a new baby, and a few words of advice.

Then the spoiling will happen. (Follow along via #SFNewBaby and don’t miss today’s giveaway here!) But, first, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Welcome, Dani Hampton, mother of two, and writer for Sometimes Sweet.

SF New Baby : Sometimes Sweet

1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?

I think the biggest thing would be to just relax. With this second baby I feel so much more laid back about things, and it’s not like I didn’t enjoy my time with baby Henry, but it was a lot different because I recall being worried a lot. With Charlie I’m much more go with the flow and in turn I’m able to relax more and just take it all in.SF New Baby : Sometimes Sweet

2. Was there anything surprising or shocking that happened that no one warned you about?

I think the biggest thing would be just how quickly time actually goes by. I remember when I got pregant with Henry people would always tell how time flies as a parent, and I would smile to myself thinking how silly that sounded- time is just time. But really, it does go so much faster. I suddenly have a 3-year old…and even crazier, a 6-month old. I swear I was just pregnant yesterday!

3. Do you have a lullaby you sing, a bedtime story, a special routine, that you’ve done with your kid(s) since they were a baby?

I’m the queen of making of silly little songs and diddies to go with every occasion, so yes, we have quite a few. I would say my most favorite song though is “Good Morning To You,” a special song my Mom would sing to my sister and me every morning, that I now sing to my own children. It’s so sweet and makes me so happy to see the way the boys’ faces light up when they hear it.

SF New Baby : Sometimes Sweet

The second time doing anything is always a little easier in a way, or at least when you’re talking about a c-section. The first time for me, with Henry, was an emergency surgery, something that was so far from any plan I had in my head, anything we’d even considered, that a lot of my experience was scary, at least in the beginning. But the thing about childbirth, no matter how you do it, is that you get this amazing prize at the end, and it makes anything you go through to get there insignificant. But this time, the second time around, there was no emergency. There were no two days of natural labor. There were no vitals dropping and being hurriedly wheeled in the operating room and getting a spinal between contractions. There was no crying, no shaking, no being terrified that something really, really bad was happening. There was none of that. Read more

SF New Baby: Orbit Giveaway

Welcome to our first giveaway for #SFnewbaby giveaway! Today’s giveaway is for an Orbit Baby G3 Third Generation Infant Car Seat and Stroller System valued at $980.00
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This car seat stroller system duo used by the author of today’s Birth Story, Dani! You’ve gotta see Orbit’s innovative features in action (check out this short clip for a taste of what it can do.) Our own Emily used this stroller with both of her boys and loved it. The round base makes taking the seat in and out of the car and changing direction on the stroller a breeze! The stroller is smooth as butter and takes bumps and curbs like a champ. It is truly a new baby luxury and a necessity!

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happy valentine’s day! [2014]

We hope you all have a wonderful Love-filled weekend. We hope you get lots of cuddles and kisses from your little ones and a nice dinner with your love or loved ones. We love you all! If you need some last minute help, here’s some of our favorites:
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So much business to discuss this week! Bear with us:

We’ve been featured on Kristen Duke’s Decorating With Pictures series before, and it’s such an awesome series with peeks into dozens of your favorite bloggers homes, and how they incorporate their loved ones into their decor! Don’t miss it this year, it’s got crazy giveaways going all month along with it too!Blogger home tours

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Lastly, how many times can we share this before we lose you all as friends? Hopefully at least one more. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!

We’ll see you next week, we don’t want to over-hype it, but if you remember last year’s Newborn Essentials giveaway, it was crazy and crazy awesome. We’ve teamed up with dozens of industry leaders and our favorite bloggers to blow last year out of the water! Check back each day for a killer giveaway and a touching birth story. We. Cannot. Wait! See you then.