Land of Nodtober pt. 2

We’re back with Lately Lily and Land of Nod for their next Getting to Know You installment. Have you entered their awesome giveaway with Delta Vacations® for a trip for 4 to Chicago + $1000 to spend at Land of Nod? We’re sharing a bit about this awesome collaboration every week until their Pop-up Shop Party on October 25th in Chicago. Next up is Laurie, Land of Nod’s Marketing and Event Manager (what a dream job!)
Laurie | Land of Nod Event Planner


And here’s our questions for Laurie:


Laurie | Land of Nod Event Planner
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3D Monster Clothes

This DIY was a direct request from one of our boys, and so fun and easy to make together! This is a great project for teenagers, even adults who need something festive to wear to work this Halloween, but aren’t the costume type. And of course, for tiny monster-loving boys, too!

Monster Shirts!

You’ll need a bright t-shirt, felt sheets, fabric glue and maybe even a sewing machine depending on your plans!

Monster Shirts!


Then time to get creative! Cut out facial features, eyes, brows, noses, teeth, and get gluing or sewing! We love leaving some of the features loose, like the tongue or teeth so it becomes more 3D and playful.


Monster Shirts! Need more? Monster Paper Doll MagnetsMonster Clothespin and Paper Sack Puppets, too!

Trick-or-Treat Tote

As much as we love those classic orange plastic pumpkins, or a good old fashioned pillow case eventually our kids’ arms get tired and we get put on candy-caddy duty. Have you ever tried carrying the plastic pumpkins of your kids + their friends? Candy goes a-flying. Slinging pillowcases isn’t great either. Here’s our solution and here’s how you’ll do it:
Trick or Treat Tote!


Grab a black canvas tote, usually at craft stores or of course Prime-d here. White felt and fabric or hot glue! Simply cut your ghost shape out and then cut holes for eyes, so the black canvas tote shows through. Glue on and you’re all set! If you’re making multiple, try cutting out their initials out of the extra white felt. They’ll love the personalization!

Tote Supplies


And you’re all set! We’re excited to get lots of use out of these this month, no matter who ends up carrying it!

Trick or Treat Tote!


Need a costume to go with that tote? Here’s some home-made options from the archives!

Despicable Me, James and the Giant Peach, Gnomes, A Duct Tape Blue Bird that ended up more creepy then anything, A whole Halloween Parade full of ideas, and Face Painting to take the most simple of costumes to the next level.

FRYday: Jenna

Prints courtesy of Melanie Burk.

I have ALWAYS loved planning parties. My pinterest board is filled to the brim of all the ideas I’d love to expand on & create beautiful events around. I love to cook, plan, decorate and entertain guests. I love the feeling of hosting, designing a beautiful experience for my friends & having them leaving with full hearts. I love seeing my children’s face light up with enthusiasm because their dreams have come true! Whether it was the Peach Party in the orchard, Superhero Training Party, Little Fish Swimming Party etc…such beautiful memories, with wonderful details, and happy faces.

So why did I quit throwing elaborate birthday parties for my kids?

It was somewhere after the Jude’s fish party that I sat down after the mayhem and realized that of that day I had spent maybe one hour of quality time WITH him. Most the day (and week prior) was spent hiring sitters so I could run errands, prepare food, gather details and set up the party.  So while I was flustered, snapping at my children and running around in general chaos…my boy had been ignored. But wait?! Wasn’t that why I was doing ALL this? So he felt like the most special, wonderful, loved little boy in the whole world? And I think probably in those hours he did, but what I’ve learned since is he feels JUST as special snuggling reading a book, throwing a ball back and forth and taking him on a scooter ride. So often I would find myself missing the moments all while trying to create them and I’ve been determined to, as a man I admire has said, ‘do less with more focus.’Do Less With More Focus

I haven’t thrown a party (in that way) since that day. We still celebrate the heck out of our kids but in a much more relaxed setting. Family, friends, pizza, balloons and love. It’s never going to be pinned, admired or maybe even put on this blog and I’m alright with that. I no longer believe that I am required as a mother to display an outward expression of my inner feelings for my children in the form of expensive birthday parties.

Perhaps there will be a season in my life when I can welcome back in the joy I find in creating a beautiful event without it interfering with the real meaning of the day, and when that comes you’re all invited!

Even still when we attend a beautiful party I find myself thinking that I should really get back doing it in that way and that perhaps my children are missing out. But just like it does not make me more of a wonderful mother to throw a carefully curated party it does not make me less of one to refrain from doing so. And that’s what I’ve found to be so beautiful about parenting, life and people. We’re allowed to find what works for us and makes US happy. There isn’t a one size fits all in parenting and respecting others choices and our own only make our lives more fulfilled.



Huge thank you to Melanie Burk for designing what has quickly become a Small Fry motto around here. If it hit you like it has us, grab your favorite below, pin or Instgram, and tag us @melanieburk so we can see how you’re interpreting it into your own life! Happy Fryday! Click Read More for three other versions! Read more

little black legging: GIVEAWAY

By Jenna.

Two giveaways in one week?! This hasn’t happened in awhile!  If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve been on an obsessive search for the perfect little black legging, literally #searchfortheperfectLBL, to get me through my pregnancy. I’m sharing my six favorites today, and best of all one of you gets to take home ALL of them! Here’s what you need to know:the perfect little black legging --GIVEAWAY


Clockwise from top center!

1. Blanqi // High Performance High Waist Leggings

When I asked for suggestions, the Blanqi High Performance High Waist Leggings got a resounding vote. It’s almost frightening how comfortable these are. Like I have to look down to be sure I’m wearing pants because I swear I’m naked. They’re thin but have great control and are semi-opaque. They do the job and do it well. Also they have a maternity option that is going to come in real handy towards the end.

2. Zella // Live in Leggings

These were the #1 suggestion. I couldn’t believe that anything could compare to my LuLu Wunder Unders, but I’m here to say I’m never going back. They’re HALF the price and just as great. The quality is top notch, length is perfect, waist is high, opaque and have super good control. They’re fantastic for work outs and every day wear. I also bought this pair for a more funky option, I also really love these ones. Just a tip: size down.

3. Costco // Matty M Ladies’ Leggings

Yep you heard me right, Costco. These leggings are seriously legit. They’re a great length, comfortable, opaque and FIFTEEN DOLLARS. You just can’t beat it. I don’t feel like they have the best control but they’re good enough. Great bang for your buck.

4. Zara // Leggings with Zipper

I LOVE THESE. I wouldn’t wear them to workout but they’re an awesome every day and even night out pant. They’re a thicker fabric so you’ll want to wear them in colder weather as the fabric isn’t very breathable. The waist band is a thick elastic which is great for any of you pregnant folk out there. The zippers at the ankle is enough detailing for me to feel like they’re fashion forward. And for $25.99 you really can’t go wrong, plus they’re are some other great color options!

5. Boob Design // Once on never off leggings

I’ve been so impressed with Boob Design. They’re a company out of Sweden who takes great care with their textiles and design. I really feel like everything about their clothing has been tested a thousand times to be perfectly comfortable for the expecting Mom. The panel on these is so thick and supportive, it lifts up my belly and even helps support my back Even if you’re not pregnant, enter to win these for a friend or stash them away for future use, you’ll be glad you did.

6. AyAyAy Apparel // Xina Legging

These have been a favorite of mine for a while. You’ll get them in the mail and see what I mean but they’re basically indestructible. So thick while being breathable, it’s like magic. I love the detailing at the end too, I feel like it’s a fun surprise and makes a normally boring black legging, interesting.

So, now that the extensive research has some conclusions drawn we teamed up with a bunch of brands to giveaway all the leggings on my super important list! Let’s be honest, you can never have too many, especially when pregnant! Enter below, and good luck!

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