Six Years of Cal

Forgive this walk down memory lane but my second boy Callum is six today! When we started Small Fry he was only 15 months old. He has been apart of this journey as long as he can remember and while we’ve done a really good job at respecting all our kids’ boundaries and letting them be apart of the blog only as much as they choose, I have so many happy memories with really amazing photos to go along with it. So, I wanted to share some of them with you guys today if you’d like!

1. 5 for 15. This one was of our very first posts and both Jenna and I had two crazy active 15 month olds. We knew we needed more ways to occupy them and their growing brains so we researched the best activities for that age and this post came to be! They LOVED it and were so into each activity. They’re not all organically fun for everyone involved, but this one was a hit. It’s still so good. I wish I had all these toys around still for Raleigh now that he’s coming up on the same age range!15monthcollage

2. Tiny Yoga. My Cal is as flexible as they come. He sleeps in full folded lotus sometimes. He has perfect posture at all times, even when he’s been watching a movie for two hours. I loved watching him do these moves and excel. It was one the of the reasons I got him into gymnastics which he really loves, too! He might need to be a ballerino though, he has the body for it 100%.yoga6-680x10243. Feed Me Valentine! When I shot the pictures for them to use on their Valentine Boxes a few years ago, we laughed until we cried at all of Cal’s faces he made. I wish I still had all the shots, but we ended up with this one. And he was so proud of that box. Another organic happy memory where the boys were SO into the project at hand.NCC_9693-680x10244. Any time we can get active with the kids in front of the camera Cal is always in. The Mini Olympics was filled with happy smiling shots like these. He was so into that bucket toss. I just sat back and watch the magic happen.Screen-Shot-2016-07-19-at-4.37.18-PM

5. Matt Clayton shot these photos for us for Gap at University Mall’s campaign one year. Big time Small Fry perk. I live for these photos still and need to update with Matt, he’s so good. You can see more from this shoot on his site!Denim-Brad-Emily-Frame-6 7036 7087

Happy Birthday Cal!

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6th Birthday Cake

I bought this pan months ago thinking I would have our local bakery whip something up for me, but then it turns out that’s a health code violation SO I had to make the cake. In my heart of hearts I am the type of mother who makes from scratch cakes and kills it, so why not start now? This cake was delicious, its SO thick and dense but somehow lighter than air. Like almost a pound cake but so yummy. Its that buttermilk and 5 eggs no doubt.

I used this recipe and followed it to a T making small additions for my altitude – 4.6k feet!My one hack was that I bought the frosting from a bakery. I didn’t trust myself and wanted to be sure I could get the consistency needed right off the bat. So we went wild with the colors and did an “easy” color-blocking. Even still it was a freaking feat for me.Colorblock Cake Baking a cake is a lot like parenting. You see it done all around you, and people are making it look so easy and then you try and you’re like, wow I suck at this. But you focus and measure everything so carefully and then you taste it and it’s amazing and your kids love it. But most importantly, you are proud of it. And maybe the corner is burnt, but the middle is great. And maybe the frosting is a mess, but it does the job and the cake knows it’s got it’s back. Maybe that’s a stretch. But this cake was definitely an act of love and I hope to get better at it. Baking and parenting, that is.

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modern kid party ideas

Such good party ideas from around the web lately! I’ve got parties on the brain with my soon to be 6 year olds birthday tomorrow! You can catch all Small Fry’s original party ideas in our Party tab but here are some of my favorites: Dinosaur Party // Big Hero 6 // Cal’s Favorite Foods.

This Party Animal party is perfection. Layered to perfection and graphic pops galore! Via Project Nursery.Modern Kid Party Ideas From the hand lettered banner, to the animal balloons, the “tails” on the chairs…Modern Kid Party Ideas This random mix of sprinkles is such an easy hack to make it feel extra special. You can buy these sprinkle mixes on Etsy or at local party stores!Modern Kid Party Ideas Dead over this Modern Super Hero slash David Bowie vibes party via 100 Layer Cakelet.Modern Kid Party IdeasMy favorite detail are these acrylic cake and cupcake toppers! Its got my head spinning with ideas. You can buy them at Creative Muster on Etsy Modern Kid Party Ideas Another amazing layering job. If you can get the table scape right you’re basically there for a beautiful party. Via Catch My PartyModern Kid Party Ideas

Modern Lego Party – I love all the details and shapes! Via Style Me Pretty5416a1ed5c3b3$!900x

budget home: world market

One of the post requests I got earlier this week was for more budget home posts! So down to do that! I’ll just start off this series by highlighting some of my favorite places to shop and what I love from their offerings! I have World Market on the brain since I feared a space via Hej Doll that included their outdoor seating. You guys LOVED it (so do I) so here it is again for reference.World Market Budget Home World Market is so affordable and filled with on-trend decor and furniture that, I’d say with the way Target is going, around the same prices. Here’s something I love from each category on their site:budget home: world market

This velvet green couch is such a steal! I love the legs and the lines. Would be such an easy piece to work into a bigger space of have it be the focal point, too! // This 8×10 rug is less than you’ll pay at most places. // I love this combo sputnik and sea urchin style chandelier. $250, seriously? // This gold cart is on sale and I love it for my living room. Keep toys in it and the wheels make it that much easier for clean up at the end of the day. So versatile so when you get sick of it in a space you can cart it to the next room. Bathroom cart with towels and TP? Sure thing. // This is a near 3 foot brass mirror for $130. Steal. // I love this triangle shelf. I feel like I am running out of surfaces to style and I love that this one can be out of reach for small hands. Fill it up with plants and travel knick knacks. // More shelving options, I’d buy three of this mirrored brass geometric beauty  and stagger slash cluster them on the wall! // I love World Market so much for their kitchen gadgets. They have so many good ones! Never thought of this but now I need – sponge holder! You could probably get use out of it in the shower as well but keep those sponges dry and easy to find! // Such a mom right now but I’d use this copper drying rack for bottles. Why can’t everything functional be this pretty! // Bought these vintage chip clips immediately. Ikea’s don’t work or at least we don’t know how to open chip bags without ruining them so these are a much better option for us!