LitJoy Crate

Fun guest post from the all new LitJoy Crate!  Catch a giveaway on our Instagram @smallfryblog and get 10% off your first box with “SMALLFRY10”! Welcome, ladies!!

Hello there! I’m Alix and this is Kelly and we run the new business: LitJoy CrateLitJoy1LitJoy Crate is a monthly book box subscription, delivered to your front porch! Each month, you receive a Crate with a new release book, and book-themed items to enhance that reading experience (this really just means we want to make reading really fun instead of just fun). Subscribers can select from our three crates: the Board Book Crate (ages 0-2), the Picture Book Crate (ages 3-6), and the Young Adult Crate (ages 14+). It’s like a book party on your porch—monthly!Lit Joy CrateOur drive in creating LitJoy was two-fold. First, we care deeply about literacy (which is why, for every crate we sell, we donate a book to local pro-literacy campaigns); and second, we care (probably too deeply) about literature. In our texts to each other 60% is work related and the other 40% is us fan-girling over some fictional character that we care about as if they were a living and breathing human (or faerie depending on the book). Lit Joy CrateBetween the two of us we have four children, ages four and under—so our business meetings can get a little crazy. Many tantrums are halted with the promise of marshmallows and the threat of “ no reading tonight unless you are good” . It was reading to our children that really solidified our decision to start LitJoy  Begin a mom can be really hard and sometimes reading with out kids is the brightest moment of our day! We wanted to share 3 quick ways to keep your kids (and your whole family, really) reading through those chaotic summer months: Lit Joy Crate1. During reading time, involve activities based around the books you are reading with your kids. This is basically what we try and do with LitJoy Crate. If your book is about going on a scavenger hunt, stage your own scavenger hunt. Or send the kids out on a scavenger hunt while you catch up on your reading.

2. Go to the library! And then go again. I’m always surprised by how much fun my kids have at the library. Plus it’s a free activity, which is great for summer when we are trying to do fun things every day.

3. Listed to audiobooks when traveling on summer vacations. Maybe pass on the Iggy Azalea and instead start an audiobook . These beautiful orchard shots photographed by our friend Sam are a straight-up miracle. If I could transport you through time and space to this photo shoot in this quaint orchard you would be dropping in on pandemonium and at least three tantrums from different children (I’m not naming names). Sam, the miracle worker, managed to capture a few moments that were beautiful and these moments are a lot like what our life feels like as a business owner and a mom. It’s chaos laced with tears and boogers, but those few moments where what wedo brings joy, that’s why we do it! Lit Joy Crate

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cienta shoes

Just had to share the Spanish brand Cienta with you mamas looking for some simply sweet Summer kicks! You can find a list of where to buy them online (follow along on @cientashoes Instagram for new styles!) and at a brick and mortar here, but Zappos has a killer collection, too!

These are just the gray tone styles… Awesome, right? We love that there are so many options that kids can put on all by themselves, with easy straps, elastic, slip-on and more! Whatever gives them that extra boost of independence.cienta shoes

Silver Strap // Laceless (9 colors!) // Single Velcro Strap // Striped Laceless // High Top //

They come in a million bold colors, stripes, polka dots, metallic and more! Shop GIRLS and BOYS! Happy shopping!


kon mari method

We have heard A LOT about the Kon Mari method of decluttering the last year or so. Marie Kondo’s book has been a bestseller for many moons now and nearly everyone we’ve heard read the book has becomec enchanted by the process. At the very least it has made us want to get rid of everything and live like monks. Have you read it? We’d love to hear your experience! We spotted this cheat sheet from the people at Make Space (a storage solution in NYC, DC, Chicago and LA that picks up, stores, and then re-delivers your storage when you need it — no need to visit a unit. And somehow cheaper than self-storage? Unicorn, right?) So here’s the rundown for those of you who haven’t take the challenge yet:

Kon Mari Method

The very personal topic of “Does this spark joy?” is the phrase you’ve most likely heard. We’re thinking — how can you not employ that mantra to other areas of your life, like relationships, jobs, etc? Can’t wait to hear what you all thought and experienced!

Graphic by Make Space. Adding new cities often it looks like! Check the upcoming locations here.

Banana Chia Pancakes

We are back with the second recipe in our series with Similac Go & Grow! You can read our previous post here where we go over all the health benefits of these convenient little protein and vitamin filled packets and grab the recipe for the best Berry Yoghurt Quinoa! similacpancake (2 of 3)

Today we’re making Banana Chia Pancakes with Similac and you can grab some samples for yourself heresimilacpancake (2 of 2)

Pancakes are such a staple in all of our homes. They’re quick, simple and EVERY kid will eat them. What’s super cool about Go & Grow  is it doesn’t change the flavor or texture of foods so it can be added to any recipe you’re already making on those days your kids just aren’t eating great! similacpancake (3 of 2) similacpancake (3 of 3)-2

Why Banana and Chia? Banana is every kids favorite flavor and is an excellent source of BG, Potassium and Vitamin C and can help support their tiny immune systems! Chia Seeds are the most powerful little thing and is jam packed with Omega fatty acids and nutrients. These particular pancake we make are flourless and sugarless making it even cleaner for your kiddos….and you!similacpancake (3 of 3) similacpancake (4 of 3)


2 Eggs

3 packets Similac Go & Grow

1 medium ripe banana

1/8 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 cup water

1 T butter


In a bowl mix all ingredients together, beating banana till there are no lumps and batter is thin. In a skillet warm 1 T butter on medium heat, take 1/4 c batter and pour in to pan. Cook on each side 1 minute or until golden brown. The trick to these is watch them close and keep them small!


Get your Similac Go & Grow FREE SAMPLE here!

Similac partnered with influencers such as us for its Go & Grow by Similac Food Mix-Ins Launch Program. As part of this Program, we received compensation for our time. Similac believes that consumers and influencers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Similac policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.



LA Jenna Style

I loved this weekend hitting LA with my besties. It was fun having them in town and bossing them around to go to all my favorite restaurants! LA is all about effortless style so I didn’t shop much for the trip but definitely added some fun purchases while there!


These glasses are literally TO.DIE.FOR and my new favorites. I left my other favorites at home and so I stopped by Nordstrom while driving to meet up with the girls. I found these and was OBSESSED and they didn’t have a price tag. When I got to the register I was SHOCKED that they were under $100. They’re so sturdy, matte and the perfect mm. They’re way bigger than a Ray Ban which I really prefer. Seriously these were such a find.

I picked up this dress while at The Grove and of course it got discounted shortly there after! It’s truly the perfect dress for Summer or Fall – I love it. And you can’t tell in the pic but there’s the prettiest embroidery on the front. Dresses really are my Summer Jam. I wore these old favorites with it.

Another great dress I picked up is this one. The color is PERFECT and I love it.

It was windy so not too many pool pics but this suit and this one have been treating me right!

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