Red Velvet Valentine’s Krispies

We have a resident Red Velvet fiend by the name of Jenna, so when we spotted a recipe from Real Mom Kitchen for Red Velvet Rice Krispie treats, this DIY was born! Make a festive treat for your kids, write a little love note and attach for class Valentine’s, or eat it straight out of the pot, we don’t mind!

red velvet valentine rice kris pies

Here’s how you’ll do it:

red velvet valentine rice kris pies

1. In a large sauce pan, melt the butter over medium low heat.

2. Add marshmallows. Stir until marshmallows are melted and combined well with the butter. Whisk in 3/4ths a cup of the cake mix.

3. Add the rice krispies and stir until cereal is well coated.

4. Let the Krispies cool a bit before handling, and then put them into this Heart Ice Cube Tray (we bought it at Ikea, but those of you without one nearby, Amazon sells them too!

Once they’ve set, remove them from the tray and stick a BBQ skewer through two of the hearts. Then we cut out two identical triangles and glued each side centered over the skewer. Then enjoy!

red velvet valentine rice kris pies

½ cup butter
1 (10.5 oz) bag mini marshmallows
¾ cup Ducan Hines red velvet cake mix
8 cups rice krispies cereal

Olympic Glasses DIY

Happy 2014 Olympics, everyone! These Olympics are a welcome break from the seemingly never ending Winter months. It broadens our horizons, shows us talent and abilities from all over the world, and opens up conversation about all sorts of interesting topics with our kids. Those commercials that show the dedicated mothers getting their kids up at the crack of dawn to practice aren’t too bad either. Cry fest, every time! When the Winter Olympics came to Salt Lake City when we were in high school, it was the most incredible feeling and experience to attend. Sochi will have to party without us, but we are definitely going to show our support from our living rooms. In celebration we whipped up a quick Olympic Glasses DIY. Hayes digs them big time, obviously, and here’s how we did it:

Olympic Glasses DIY

1. Grab card stock in blue, black, red, yellow and green (each color representing the different corners of the globe: The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania)

2. There are probably 20 easier ways to do these circles, but this way is for those of us with the most basic craft supplies handy. We made the rings by tracing the bottom of a coffee mug (approximately a 2 inch round)

Olympic Ring Glasses DIY

3. Then to cut out the middle, take an Exacto knife and cut an X into the center, dragging the edges out as wide as you want the circle to be (our rings are about 3/8ths of an inch, but obviously not perfect.)

4. Once you have the X in the center, take your scissors around and cut it out making your “O”.

5. To have the rings overlapping and interlocking, simply cut a slit through each ring. Then connect each ring and tape the slit shut on the back.

6. To secure the whole piece into the Olympics logo take a glue stick and glue in the appropriate spots.Olympic Glasses DIY

7. Grab a dowel, popsicle stick, straw, whatever you have on hand, and tape it to the back of the rings, ours were on the back where the blue and yellow rings interlock. Then show of your spectacles, with even a portion of Hayes’ enthusiasm and we’ll be happy.


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love day duds

We think we found the sweet spot, close enough to the actual holiday that retailers have already started discounting, but far enough away to still get it shipped to your house in time. 5-7 Business days is usually safe, right? Here are 14 of our favorite Love Day Duds from around the web, and even better, most are general enough to wear all year ’round! 14 for the 14th, you might say.
valentine love duds

(1.) Love Wink T-shirt from Po.P $28 (2.) A light up Valentine’s Day card via Louis B $7.95. Literally, it lights up! 3. Mini Boden Striped jumper $34 4I Love My Mommy tee $8.00 (5.) Neff Flava Watches in every color and $17.99 6I Love Mum & Dad pajamas $12.95 (7.) Heart sweater with elbow patches via Gap (8.) Graphic Tees from Gap $21.95 (9.) Chuck Taylors in classic red. $25+ (10.) Striped heart knee leggings, $10! (11.) Love Wink for boys! Have you ever seen a kid try to wink? It’s the best. (12.) Love tee via H&M, $5! (13.Perfect striped sunnies via Old Navy (14.Valentine’s Day socks set $14.99

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paper bag puppets

Today’s post was made out of necessity. When your kid starts preschool they come home with all sorts of notions and experiences they want to recreate. This week it was paper bag puppets. Turns out paper bag puppets are a really cost-effective way to create imaginative playtime based on whatever favorite character or animal your kids are into that week. Whether it’s pirates and mermaids, superheroes and princesses, cats and dogs, these puppets don’t take too long and they cost you less than a couple dollars.

home made paper bag puppets

We’d tell you how these were made but that’s the great thing about paper bag puppets, do whatever you like! We had a loose Valentine’s Day theme, so hearts abound, but other than that everything was done without much thought.

home made paper bag puppets


We’ve been trying to think of some good names for these guys, something nice and punny. Princess Lavender, Shelly Sharkbait, Captain L’amour. We know you can do better, help us out!

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Also, we are excited to be apart of this project with Davina Fear! 25 parents sharing the simple ways they connect and show love to their kids throughout the day. Nothing fancy, just you and your child. Sign up to receive the PDF here.

How Do I Love You? 25 Parents Give Ideas


cupid’s bow and arrow

We’ve been pacing ourselves on the Valentine’s Day ideas, but then we keep adding things we want to make with/for the boys so we’re going to get it all out of our systems this week! Brace yourself. Today is a super easy make-it-yourself bow and arrow. Made with sponge tips and zero elasticity, so also super safe, too!Cupid's Bow & Arrow Here’s what you’ll need:

Those terrible bargain bin sponges that don’t work for dishes? They work great for this! Then a set of long skewers or dowels, a kid’s size hula hoop, rope (or a thick elastic if you want the arrows to travel farther.)
Bow & Arrow Tutorial


For the bow:

1. Cut the kid’s size hula hoop in half (Yay, you can make two, no sad little brothers needed!) Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut a 1/2 inch slit on either side of the hoop.

2. Measure rope or elastic and leave a couple extra inches on each side of the hoop. Tie knots in the elastic or rope (use a match or lighter to burn the edges of the knots so they don’t loosen or fray) and slide the rope through the slit, with the knot going into the tube. Do this on both sides and your bow is ready!

Cupid's Bow & Arrow

For the arrows:

1. Cut the sponge into arrowheads.

2. Use the dowel to puncture the sponge a little bit and then take it out and add some hot glue to the end. Stick the dowel back in and let it dry for extra security. Done!

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We finally settled on a hash tag for our DIY projects! It’s originality and cleverness may just blow you away: #smallfryDIY. We know, right? Don’t hurt ourselves. If you make any of the DIY projects you see on Small Fry, use that hash and we’ll be reposting your pictures!