persil stain tips!

We are dedicating this week to Spring Cleaning! It is partially selfish, as we’ve all had tasks we’ve needed an excuse to tackle, and we hope the things we’ve found will help you in your Spring Cleaning endeavors, too! As always, you readers are always full of knowledge and ideas and we can’t wait to hear what works for you! spring cleaning weekFirst, up stubborn stains. We all have those clothing piles of pieces we aren’t ready to toss out, but don’t look their best, right? Persil reached out letting  us know that they were dead serious about stain removal an keeping clothing looking their best, so we were excited to give it a whirl!Persil Stain Tips!

We have learned that half the battle with stains is pre-treating them as soon as you can, but we’ve had some serious stumping stains over the years that even pre-treating couldn’t seem to help. We turned to Persil, to see what we could do. They have three products in their premium line – the Power Liquid in Sensitive, Fresh Scent and 2 in 1. The Power Pearls for keeping those whites extra white and the Power Caps which you can toss one right in, which we love the convenience of and can be sure we’re using just enough! Persil Stain Tips!Here’s what they suggest for our most common stain problems, what would you add to this list?

Persil Stain Tips


We used the Persil Power Liquid and rubbed the solution right into the butter spot. Let is sit for a few minutes and then put it through the wash as normal.


Pre-treat by scrubbing the detergent into the stain with a toothbrush. Get a good lather and let it sit.


Run spot through cold water immediately. Apply Power Liquid and let it sit before laundering.


Use an ice cube to harden the wax and then use a butter knife to flake the wax off the garment. With any remaining wax residue you can also place a paper towel over the spot and use a hot iron on top. It will transfer the hot wax to the paper towel!Persil Stain Tips!


Place the stain face down with a layer of paper towels underneath it. Rub the stain with rubbing alcohol or aerosol hair spray. Repeat until ink is gone, then treat it with Persil Power Liquid and let it sit for a while before laundering. If it still needs help you can soak it in ammonia 1 tablespoon per quart of warm soapy water for 30 minutes.


Grab a stack of paper towels and nail polish remover. Instead of scrubbing, simply blot with a clean area of a paper towel and replace with each use.Persil Stain Tips!

Thanks to Persil for sponsoring this post! We are always excited to try out new products and share them with you all, check back all week for more Spring Cleaning ideas!

books, baby!

It is the season for the book and three of our favorite bloggers and real life friends have released awesome page-turners, respectively. First, up Gabrielle of Design Mom! Her book also named Design Mom is filled to the brim with inspiring images and practical advice on living with kids. It’s a must for any parent who ever wondered how to combine their love of interior design with the functionality and usability we need with small kids. Excitingly, we are joining up on Gabrielle’s book tour in SLC in two Saturdays on April 11th from 2-3:30 pm at the Deseret Book on Fort Union! Have a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask Gabrielle, shoot us an email and we’ll happily add it! Buy her #1 Bestseller on Amazon right here.dmbp

Next on the list is Natalie Holbrook’s book Hey Natalie Jean! You’ve seen a peek into Natalie’s bustling New York life from this Small Fry Film, but hearing it in her own romantic way is something else entirely. We love reading her words and each essay and vignette is like a nugget of gold. It’s emotional, funny, smart, and silly and her style is really drool-worthy, too!


Last but not least, and also a fellow Small Fry Film subject, is Joy! Joy’s book Oh Joy: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy is exactly what you would hope from Joy and that is more ways to bring happiness and life to the everyday. Each page is a colorful, happy, and inspiring and importantly, doable project. We especially love the section of pages you can photocopy to make your own projects at home. Its everything we love about her site but right at our fingertips!


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bunnies around the web

Even if it wasn’t Easter this weekend, we’d still be pumped to share all these bunny themed pieces. We are loving this trend and hope you do too! Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter, everyone!
bunnyroundupBunny Onesie // Book // Ceramic Bunny // Teether // Towel // PJs // Knot Tanktop // Slipper Shoes // Gold Bunny PJ’s // Mirror

If you’re looking for some inspiration we’ll be listening and watching this bi-annual conference. We are usually desperate for guidance and answers and it always leaves us feeling enlightened as women and parents. No matter what religion you are it, it is filled with awesome inspiration! Check it out here.

learning board games

Once your kids get to a certain age, board games become a lot of fun and not just a box of pieces ready to be lost or stepped on. Today we’re rounding up our favorite educational games in the board game genre. We shared our favorite educational toys here, too if you’re looking!
Learning Board Games


1. Rory’s Story Cubes: You roll dice which become elements of your story and use your imagination to construct a tale for your other players. Great for artistic expression!

2. Let’s Go Fishin‘: This game is so good for fine motor skills. It’s also good for finding patterns and colors.

3. Memory Game: We love this beautiful game from Petit Collage. Matching helps with memory, rule following and even teamwork.

4. Sum Swamp: Exactly like it sounds! An adventure through a swamp that helps fine tune kids’ simple math skills.

5. Dominoes: A must for every home! You can use these for the real game and number learning, or you can use like blocks and knocking them down in a patter for fine motor skills, too!

6. I Spy Game: Great for beginner readers, promotes matching skills, team work and rule following.

7. Q’s Race to the Top: This game is a great combination of active play (you draw cards having you do silly tasks like rubbing your tummy and patting your head) social and etiquette skills, and asking engaging questions that help you learn lots about even your own kids!

8. Connect 4 Launchers: A fun twist on the classic! Launch your way to connect four and learn hand eye coordination and strategy.

9. Where is Sock Monkey?: Helps engage kids in problem solving with hiding the sock monkey and creating clues to help find it.

Do you have any board games you guys love? Another fave we love is Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, we featured it here!

bunny masks with kohl’s

Today we’re teaming up with Kohl’s to show you one more Easter and Springtime themed craft before you celebrate this weekend! This one is fun for kids from start to finish and makes for a cute photo op, too! Even better it won’t hide their cute Easter outfits.

Dash chose this super cool glow-in-the-dark bug t-shirt layered with this perfect for Summer jersey tee that we bought in every color, it’s the best! And awesome seersucker shorts that are so perfect for Sunday or play! For Hayes he loves the breezy (his words, not ours!) feel of a button-down shirt and we love stocking up on their Chaps flat front shorts, they’re so great and always look polished.Spring Fashion with Kohls

Now here’s how you’ll make these cute bunny masks!

Just grab cardstock – we love the black cardstock and white crayon. Cut a bunny face out and then trace the face shape with your crayon for effect. Please note both Hayes and Dash’s concentration faces. Priceless!

Spring Fashion with Kohls Spring Fashion with Kohls

Then you can add the face and a fluffy bunny nose (felt balls found here!) Then tape on a craft stick and you’re all set!

Spring Fashion with KohlsRabbit Dip plate from here.

Thanks to Kohl’s for helping us make today’s Spring craft so stylish! We can’t get over how great each piece is, high quality and super affordable too! See all their Spring sales right here.