Petunia Pickle Bottom Nursery

We’re so excited to share this new line of nursery items from our friends at Petunia Pickle Bottom! They did SUCH an amazing job, we can’t get over how versatile yet modern these pieces are! Check them out!







Gray and White Pendant Light // Pink Pendant Light // Pink Mobile // Wire Hamper // Triangle Shelf (Jenna has this one and put her oils on it, smart!) // Wood and Pink shelf // Don’t forget their bedding! We love this throw.

We added this Hammock from Adelisa & Co to add a little Boho to the Modern feel. Yet, we wanted to keep the nursery clean and minimal.

Also would you have guessed that we were showing you a silk plant? We’ve wanted to try them out for the studio since they take zero effort.  And since rubber plants typically look fake anyway, we figured this would be an easy faux to try! What do you think? They have a really awesome collection of cactus and fiddle leaf figs and all our trendy favorites!

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Toy Talk: RC Building Kits

You all hear about STEM or STEAM (arts being added to that one!) and how important it is to a child’s education. We’ve been on the hunt for toys and kits that are challenging but not so much that mom or dad will end up making it for them while they watch TV. This one is GREAT! A Remote Controlled Tank that a kid can and will love to build! And at only $25 its a pretty great deal, we think! Check it out here.

STEAM TOY for Kids


ROMWE faves

After our post yesterday we realized some of you babes have yet to discover Romwe! There are probably lots of shops just like this but we’ve had great luck with them. Their sizing, collection and info have rarely steered us wrong. What is Romwe? It’s basically your ticket to China. Instead of buying these items through a big box store or a boutique, get them straight from the source at incredibly cheap prices. Like nothing is over $30. Sweet! Here’s some more faves on top of the items we wore in yesterday’s post! Also for those who asked the platform oxfords in today’s Instagram are right here.


ALRIGHT TEE // MESH INLAY ONE PIECE // GUCCI REPLICA LOAFER // FLORAL MAXI // NAVY MAXI // GOLD READERS // ANGLED LENS SUNGLASSES //  WARM-UP JACKET // We love their huge selection of jackets and coats! Its such a great spot to find something bold like this COLOR BLOCK JACKET or this TASSEL MUSTARD version. //

SO many good swim suits, one pieces galore! This MESH WAIST // SCALLOPED HALTER // MESH SIDES in WHITE and BLACK


Mini Sliders

It’s officially Spring Break over here for us and to celebrate we’re throwing a BBQ! You’ve seen sliders, but what about mini sliders? We wanted to make something small enough to skewer and these turned out so great! Here’s how we did it.The CowShare We season 2 pounds of ground beef with a teaspoon of salt and plenty of black pepper. The CowShareThen we rolled golf-ball sized patties out and stuck them on the grill. Depending on how rare you like them, flip and then remove. The CowShareWe used hot dog buns and cut them in half. The CowShareThe flat end makes it so easy to plate, but they still look perfect from the front! Stack your favorite burger fix-ins and enjoy!The CowShareThe CowShareThe CowShare


EMILY: mules // jacket // lip “monday” // jeans 

NICOLE: blouse // pants // mules // sunnies