The Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Oh mothers, do we have a doozy for you today! We’ve teamed up with the ultra stylish mom and kid fashion blog Lunchpails & Lipstick to bring one lucky winner all of this amazing loot. It is valued at over $2000 and filled with all our favorite things.


1. A Blendtec Blender! Making mornings a breeze with a million ways to make a smoothie, juice, soup and so much more. $320

2. These Floral Knock-Out Skully Candy headphones are killing us, they’re so amazing and finally someone has made some headphones that girls love! $100

3. Now that you’ll have all these new things to carry around, how about a giant carry-all beach bag from Hayden Reis? Stripes forever$144

4 You’ve heard us (and everyone you know) rave about the Clairisonic Mia. Spa Trouve is hooking you up so can see what all the hype is about. $120

5. Sonnet James makes play dresses for women! The kind you never want to take off, the kind that unrumple out of the clean clothes bin and look great no matter what. $98

6. Hobo has made the most beautful leather wallets for as long as we can remember, and we  each have a pretty heft collection, but this Lauren wallet in Rose Garden is making us feel like we might need one more. $128

7. Albion Fit is gifting $100 to this year’s winner to buy whatever you need. Whether it’s fitness apparel a swim suit for you or your little gal, they’ve got you covered! $100

8. A sweet everyday necklace that looks anything but ordinary by StellaBella Boutique! $20

9. Yosi Samra’s flats are so great for the woman on the go. They fold up nice and small so you can keep them in your bag for when you need to switch out your heels for something more practical. They look great and give you that added polish to even the most basic outfits. $130

10. Whether you have the space for a garden, or barely enough room for all your shoes, everyone can use these darling little micro green growing kits from Uncommon Goods! $50

11. Every mom needs something that can hold her thoughts, her plans, her schedule, and her needs. This planner from makes it all custom depending on how many kids you have, their ages, your interests (fitness, shopping etc.) and so much more. $30

12. House dresses are the most underrated article of clothing. Flowing, roomy, yet still flattering, this house dress can go anywhere! Via Henry Mack$85

13. You can usually spot a mother a mile away, with kind and tired eyes, but stretch marks? We can do without those! This unbelievable cream from VitaMedMD works miracles! $135

14. A Cricut Explore! The Explore has changed the way we craft and create and helped us make holidays and special occasions even more special without a lot of effort. $300

Ready to enter? Also if you’re looking for the code word for the extra 5+ entries on this giveaway, it’s after the jump!
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Mother’s Day Film

We unearthed this little gem just in time for Mother’s Day next week, it still brings us to tears and makes us laugh! We hope you all still love it, too!

Video by Jenner Brown for Small Fry! Catch the similar video we made for Valentine’s Day while you’re at it.

Summer Essential Oils

Happy Saturday, everyone! One of our top posts ever is regarding our use of Essential Oils and the below graphic about how to combine essential oils to help with any of your Summertime health issues! Lately we’ve been getting loads of questions regarding that post, so we wanted to update with a new post so those of you using a RSS reader wouldn’t miss it. So here are some frequently asked questions for anyone those who have asked!Essential Oil Recipes

We all use DoTerra brand Essential Oils because they are the purest we’ve found. Meaning they aren’t diluted with alcohol and other additives, and they are super safe – most can even be ingested. As mothers, when our kids aren’t feeling well, when they are acting out or in ways not normal to their nature, its easy to get frustrated and feel helpless. Using oils has been such an awesome addition to our arsenal. An additional way to help them, to give us peace of mind, to be able to have another option to try when waiting for results feels like torture!

Here’s how we use the oils:
Guard blend and/or Oregano – for the immune system
Melalueca – for healing cuts and burns
Frankincense – for anti-inflammatory, digestion, and overall health
Lemon – for cleansing and cleaning.
Breathe Blend – for congestion and cough
Peppermint – for nausea and fevers
DigestZen blend – for constipation and flu
For hyperactivity, tantrums, other behavioral troubles - InTune blend, Balance blend, Serenity blend and Lavender.
For in a rut days, or depression: Balance, Serenity, Elevation, Citrus Bliss, Frankincense, and their Lifelong Vitality vitamin supplements. If you saw Jenna’s post yesterday you saw her dramatic hair growth and thickening in the last two years. She attributes that solely to the vitamins.
There are three ways to use the oils: aromatically (with a diffuser, or just by smelling) topically (usually massaged with fractionated coconut oil right onto the skin) and internally (drops on the tongue, capsules, etc. Internal ingestion is exclusive to brands like DoTerra because of it’s pure form.) You can buy them here either as a preferred member (like a Costco or Sam’s Club membership where you get better deals and discounts) or you can buy them standalone for retail. Oils go a long way when combined with coconut oil and last for a long time depending on how you use them! Sign up for preferred membership right here!
As always, if you have any questions about this topic, email us! We are passionate about oils because they have worked for us over and over again (and have been used since ancient times in the same ways listed above) and give us added confidence and knowledge as mothers.
Email: hello at smallfryblog dot com

FRYday: Jenna

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know I’ve started a little place for my cooking called @jennaskitchen. It’s been such a fun space for me to share my journey through two Whole30 programs and recipes that I enjoy making! In the process I started a collaboration with Melanie Burk who took something I said on Instagram and made it in to a beautiful piece of art. I love it. And the more I read it the more I truly understand how much this journey has impacted my life. i can not control

The last five weeks have truly been the most difficult of my life. Oh wait just kidding, the last year! I’ve been a single mom these last five weeks while my husband is out of town working (hats off to all you permanently single moms you are my HERO) & it’s truly left me feeling so vulnerable & alone. And as much as I want to have ANOTHER pity party on here, I’ll save you and myself from the agony. Let’s just say this year keeps dishing out all sorts of obstacles, trials and frustrations which had let me to a very destructive relationship with food. I used it to be happy, used it to be sad and used it and abused it for every other excuse in the book until I was sluggish, self loathing and depressed by how far I had lost my former healthy life! I decided to gain back control of this area of my life at a time when I can’t seem to control much else. This idea that I have one thing in my day that I manage, that is just my very own and that in turn makes me feel awesome, really has carried me through!

success with Whole30

I like to share with people that I am not naturally thin. It takes a TON of work for me to be healthy & fit. I can’t eat anything I want & when I do, I look like the left picture (a few months after I had my second son.) I can go on and on about healthy foods and how crucial they are to our lifestyle, health and well-being, but let me just report that the affects go way beyond pounds lost. What you gain is far more then what you lose in the game of wholesome eating. So with this growing community on Instagram having a desire to eat clean & gain a healthy lifestyle, we are asking you readers if you would be interested in having more healthy posts here! Perhaps on a separate page…or even an email subscription list with recipes & workouts for busy women. Let us know your thoughts!

Happy Fryday!

xo- J


We promised the link to our latest segment on the TV show Studio 5! Check out our 10 favorite baby shower gifts right here! We are so certain you’ll love these gifts we’re giving away two Saranoni blankets on our Instagram today! Head here to enter.

We were so touched by all the entries for the Jonas Paul Eyewear giveaway, so many dedicated parents who want the best for their kids! Jonas Paul noticed too, and wanted to offer this discount for any of you who are looking for frames or sunglasses for your kids! 20% using “SMALLFRY20″

Jonas Paul Discount

Birth-day Print DIY

If you’ve had a baby or been in the labor and delivery room, you know exactly what this is. It might even conjure some memories – amazing and painful as they may be. Emily has special ties to them and created a DIY for Mother’s Day! We’ll let her explain:

Labor Monitor Print DIY

“I remember when I had Hayes, my little sister was in the room with us taking pictures (and likely being scarred for life.) I opted for a natural delivery and really had no idea what I was getting her into, nevertheless she was the most amazing support and she captured one photo I couldn’t seem to get over. She took a picture of the contractions monitoring chart. I looked at that photo often: its spikes and dips, the space between the two shortening until eventually the chart stopped tracking – Hayes was born! I think about that chart a lot, how it represents so many things about motherhood all in one image. The anticipation, the highs and lows, the heartbreak and the heart-bursting we experience at any given moment. How much we worry and plan and long to hold them. That moment in time where we cross over to a new life, and we become a new person. A mom! Where forevermore a piece of heart walks around outside of our body.

When I pitched this idea to Nicole and Jenna I was totally apprehensive because the concept is so weird. Maybe even a little morbid if you don’t know the back story. But, I wanted a way to display that feeling, to stand as a reminder that I wanted this role, so badly. Since I was a little girl. I diapered baby dolls, flyered my neighborhood for babysitting jobs, I cried at every month that passed waiting to get pregnant just five years ago. This is the part of my life I am most passionate about, and when the days are long and my patience is short, having this print in my home is an immediate reminder of all of those things.

Labor Monitor Print

Here’s how I did it… I measured poster board to fit in a standard Ikea 19×27 frame. I went off my own contractions photo, and just eye-balled the last few contractions before the big moment on March 10th, 2010 at 11:12 pm. I painted a poster board with black acrylic paint, ending it with a red heart. Let it dry completely and then drop it in the frame!

Labor Monitor Print

It might only hold this sort of meaning for me, but if you’re looking for a fresh idea that is simple and filled with symbolism to gift a mother in your life, or a reminder for yourself, this couldn’t be easier!”