Spring Break at Home

By Emily.

Spring Break is just around the corner for us and in Utah it’s a good 9 days long! Today’s post is in case you can’t skip town this year, we’ve been there and it can get tough. But with a little preparation you can have an amazing Spring Break at home! Here’s some favorites:Spring Break at Home

Zoku Molds — Mini perfect for baby and Original Size. These are so clever well thought out. We’ve tried loads of at-home popsicle kits and this is by far the easiest to use. The Mini version is perfect for baby.

You’ve for sure earned something nice for yourself for entertaining your crew for days on end. Luxomo to the rescue! We recently discovered this site and thought for sure they must be fakes because everything is below any prices we’ve seen elsewhere, but NOPE! All genuine and they buy up last season’s (or the season before that) stock and sell them for 60-70% off or more! All of these Tom Fords for $100? That is unheard of. The pictured ones are this Prada pair.

We’re addicted to two new-ish games and even better they’re a blast for adults or kids or both! Spikeball — this is a must. For the beach, for the yard, we’ve played this with friends for days on end and never grown tired of it. Two more great options: Jumbo Checkers // Kubb!

These Roasters are a must have for every family. They are compact and extend out with ease. They hold heavy foods and light and have heat resistant handles. Pack them up small and keep them in the car.

Have you been converted to the Hooded Towel Poncho? Yes it has to be the poncho. Hear me out. When you’re packing up to leave the pool or beach how many things are you carrying. All the things. Don’t make your kids discarded towels one of them. Don’t get the hooded open towel because that falls off, the poncho is key. They put their towel on and walk on out. No extra hands needed. These are the two cutest I’ve found, there are some hideous ones out there. Hooded Girls Towel & Hooded Boys Towel

You don’t have to invest in something crazy to entertain your kids. I bought these colorful Cones and the boys have been outside everyday doing something new with them. Making courses and tracks mostly, but whatever promotes them to get that fresh air and exercise right?

Of course you’ll need sunscreen. I swear by Babyganics Sunscreen stick! Super easy application and more precise so my kids don’t freak out as much thinking I’m gonna get it in their eye. 😉

And last but not cheapest, this Instax printer is a new favorite. We’ve had the regular Instax camera for years but this combines that nostalgic, instant fun with the technology you already use. Plug it into your phone and print off the photos you like the best!


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Lighting Series Day 1: Living Room + Kitchen

Hey pals, Nicole here. I wanted to touch on something that I believe in, wholeheartedly. LIGHT FIXTURES! When people visit my house, they often ask about the light fixtures. I think too often that is something that is overlooked when decorating. You have a gorgeous room with a boob light on the ceiling! You know the ones, we thought they would go out with the 90’s, but they didn’t. They are still coming standard in new homes. Well guess what, it’s an easy and inexpensive fix, and a perfect way to wow the guests and update each room in your home.

This is a passionate subject for me, so we are going to take it one room at a time. Today, I’m sharing with you my very favorite large chandeliers, perfect for the living room or dining area. These could also be used in bedrooms, but due to their size, if you have a larger room needing a pop of art, a new focal point or just an exciting update, this post is for you. And best of all, all if these but the last one are under $200 AND on Amazon prime!Untitled-3

wood chandelier // sputnik brass chandelier // matte black 12 bulb // handwoven bamboo // wicker ball // gold chandelier // black spark chandelier // gold chandelier 

Show us your updates by taking a photo on Instagram and using the hashtag #smallfrylightfixtures! We would love to see them and share on our social media channels!

Happy FRYday! -Nicole

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Air Dry DIY

By Emily in partnership with Maytag.

At our house, we air-dry a huge amount of clothing!  If I am not on top of the laundry the state of the laundry room gets out of hand pretty quickly. Clothing draped on every surface and then I really can’t stand to be in there, which doesn’t help matters! I am always looking for more space effective ways to air-dry for the five of us now, when I finally gave up and made my own system. And since it installs right over your washer and dryer into the ceiling, it hardly takes up any room at all! I’ll tell you more about the new dryer setting I discovered that speeds up this whole process, too! Here’s how you’ll make the copper hanger!Air Dry DIY


20 feet 3/4″ copper tubing cut into 2 foot sections. They will do this for you at a hardware store usually, but call ahead to be sure!

(4) 3/4″ elbows

(4) “T” joints

(4) 3/4″ Galvanized Pipe Flanges

Once you have the supplies cut and ready to go you seriously just assemble it, solder or compress the joints (pliers and elbow grease, baby!) and drill it into the ceiling. Pretty easy! I chose two feet tall because I wanted it high enough that it wouldn’t get in the way of me actually using the washer and dryer, and at 5’6 I can reach it no problem!Air Dry DIYI love this system so much. Anchor the screws into the ceiling, and it can hold a ton of weight! I load it up and as you can tell it has the capacity for lots and lots of pieces! The one downside to air drying is that it can have that stiff feeling afterward, and most have wrinkles as well. So I am obsessed with Maytag’s Steam Refresh option on their dryer!!  It uses a fine mist in the heated dryer drum to refresh clothes and keep them looking great! You toss in anything that has that stiff feeling or wrinkled look and steam it out! Air Dry DIYTo be honest I have sort of retired my iron altogether (ha, as if I used it that much before) I love the more naturally worn look of a steamed garment. I have a steamer from my styling days but its more of a hassle then an iron, so the Steam Refresh cycle is my new best friend! Check the dryer and the other awesome feature out here. The matching washer is found here, too!


Jeans on Em // Madewell Denim Jacket // Raleigh’s Tiny Cottons Romper via Shop Bitte

Modern Pokemon Birthday

By Emily.

Hayes is going strong with his love for Pokemon! To put it nicely, it’s not my favorite thing. So this theme was a stretch but thanks to Zurchers Party Store I was able to find so many great options to make it a little bit more minimal and graphically pleasing. Modern Pokemon PartyIt was a beautiful day so we did Pokemon Training outside. It was basically teams and relay races. We did one legged races like Spoink, crab walks like Kraby, Running sumo squats like Jigglypuff and they learned to trap their Pokemon by running with a balloon and then sitting on it to pop. We got creative, and as I said, I don’t know much about Pokemon so I got a lot of looks from these kids. They were onto my ignorance.Modern Pokemon PartySo after the relays we had them come in for pizza and Pika-Juice. This free printable kills me and you can find it here.Modern Pokemon PartyAfter eating we had them make their own favor bags. I have found that I can never fully plan for favor bags. I either have way too much or not enough and it stresses me out! So this year I had enough of these favor kits from Zurchers on hand to ensure every kid got plenty, but then once everyone arrived I did quick math and figured out just how many items they could pick. Then they walked the table and picked their very favorite 5 items!Modern Pokemon PartyI had enough of these paper bags as well but they were in colors and prints that I like every day so I can reuse the extras! Red, red stripe, yellow.Make Your Own Party Favor Bar | Pokemon Party I loved the look of these Pokeball honeycomb decor! We just strung them to the ceiling and alternated lengths and depths. Super easy!Modern Pokemon PartyThey also have great Mylar Pokeballs and Pikachu, which we used to show the guests where to come and now are constant sources of entertainment for baby Raleigh!Modern Pokemon Party

Pokeball Orbz Balloons // Pikachu Pajamas


Pokeball Orbz Balloons // Rubber Pokemon Bracelets // Honeycomb Pokeballs // Mega Party Favor Bag Mix // Pikachu Mylar Balloon // Yellow Forks // Red Tablecloth // Paper Gift Bags