the nighttime struggle

By Emily.

I mentioned a few FRYdays ago that my boys are now sharing a room and bunk bed. For the most part it is going pretty well, but some nights actually getting them to sleep goes over about as well as a pregnant pole vaulter. Summer isn’t helping with it’s erratic bedtimes and incessant popsicle consumption and with school on our heels I am revisiting all I know about a bedtime routine. Here are some things I’ve picked up that are at least creating the illusion of control! Nightlights. water bottles, calming tunes and one accessory that I’m certain will save marriages. Ready for it? Let’s begin.

First, a night light. We have the SnapPower (still one of my favorite products featured on SF!) outlet covers in their oom, the hallway and bathroom for bedtime bathroom trips, but weirdly they like it to feel like daytime before they drift to sleep. Loving these night lights from around the web:nightlightsLand of Nod Gummy Bear Light // Full Moon // Rocket Ship lamp // Cactus (the whole collection is rad!) // Starry Night // Illusion Duck Light (looks 3D but it’s tripping me out and flat // Owl Traveling Night Light // Land of Nod Elephant // Land of Nod Kitty that is Miffy-esque but cheap!

Second: If I had a dollar for every time Hayes or Cal came out to the kitchen squinty-eyed asking for a water I’d be a millionaire. I hate sending them with drinks that spill in the night, and if I had them finish their cup in the kitchen they’d sip until dawn. So these Contigo Auto Spout bottles are the MVPs of our bedtime. They have a thick straw that doesn’t spill so I tuck them in bed with the boys at night and they are drinking more water than ever thinking they’re hot stuff, so double win!

Third: I first noticed I could get my boys to sleep to classical music in the car. If I knew they needed a nap and we had a ways to drive, classical gets turned on and within minutes they’re out. I start out with this Yann Tiersen piece and I’ve got a Spotify playlist of favorites but this compilation looks awesome! If I need to get them to calm down or they’re having trouble staying asleep I bring in my Flip speaker.

Lastly: I sure hyped this so be prepared to be let down. :) Russ and I are nearing our 10 year anniversary and I can’t count how many times I’ve been frustrated at toothpaste. The cap is NEVER on. It’s dried out and I have to Hulk Smash! the tube every day to get any out. Then it explodes out and gets all over the sink and then the sink the worst to clean. This is all assuming I can actually find the tube. Do I really need to continue this rant? Enter the iLifeTech Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser. Clean, one handed, stationary, automatic, I never have to look for it, clean up after it, or squeeze the life out of it. For our bedtime routine it’s amazing because I usually need  at least one hand to keep my kids from running away from me when I try and brush their teeth, this one I can do all one handed. Its the best $15 anyone will ever spend.

What would you add, friends?

team cashew

If you’ve ever had a kiddo with a dairy sensitivity or even more tricky, a full-blown allergy, you know how trying regular meal times can be. We’ve all separately had to find new options for one or more of our boys and wanted to share a bit about those for any parents who might be trying to sort through similar issues!

Cashew MilkJENNA

For one whole year my Quinn kept getting strep symptoms but never tested positive. He would get a fever, sore throat and even chills! Finally, I went to see an ENT who told me that taking kids off dairy generally solves that problem. That’s when we made the switch to Silk® and never had those symptoms again. What I love is that Quinn can have these delicious options and not be left out of the chocolate milk game.Cashew Milk


I breastfed my little guy Cal until he was 16 months old, when I switched him to cow milk bottles. Almost immediately, he started having digestion issues.  My first concern was him sleeping well, and he became really dependent on those bottles, not willing to drink anything else. Not sure how I could eliminate dairy and still get a good night’s sleep, we trudged on through. Trying all kinds of different tactics to no avail. Then slowly mixing Silk into his milk bottles, one teaspoon at a time, so he would transition to a different taste than he was used to. Eventually, we finally had a 100% Silk bottle. The things we do as parents, am I right? Those year-long digestion issues resolved themselves within a week, and you can ask my friends and family, but Cal changed into a different little boy. Suddenly he was chatting everyone’s ear off. He was happier and without those discomforts he became more like himself. Now everyone in my household drinks Silk, and it seems so crazy to me that the family that once lived off dairy feels totally happy and fulfilled without it. So grateful for Silk!Cashew MilkCashew Milk

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Silk through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While we were compensated to write a post about Silk Cashewmilk, all opinions are our own.

A Boho Back to School

It’s the last day of our Back to School Fashion Week! We’ve loved rounding up some BTS necessities and we’ll be posting more finds throughout August as well. We wanted to share one more shop this week, These Are the Days! They are breaking the mold and curating pieces from small shops from around the world. We love the variety they bring to kids fashion and wanted to share some favorite pieces!
sfbacktoschoolWith the commercialization of Summer festivals like Coachella and the like, boho has started to get a bad wrap. It has become almost a costume, but what about those of us who actually like to dress like this all year ’round? We love the carefree free-spirited feel to the These Are the Days shop and creating a unique look for your kids! Here’s our favorite pieces, and SO many are on sale.

Hayes: Top // Shorts // CapThese Are the DaysThese Are the DaysZZ Pocket T // Fringe Purse // CA Tee // Cuff // Jumper // Flares // Backpack // Sandals // OnesieThese Are the DaysSee the rest of the shop here!

Back to School Fashion Week: School Supplies

sfbacktoschoolWe know you’ve got the regular school supplies covered, but here are some of our unique, tried and true finds for you to discover today!schoolsupplies1. Planetbox Lunch Pail – This thing is seriously legit. While the price might shock you at first, once you purchase it you’ll realize it’s worth every penny! Keeps food cold (or warm) is compact, easy to clean and basically indestructible! Plus we think kids eat more when they’re food is compartmentalized like that!

2. HydroFlask – Speaking of keeping things cold: introducing our new favorite water bottle. We want to make best friends with HydroFlask for making the coolest (literally) water bottle there is around. You can leave this thing in your car with ice cubes for a hot day and the ice cubes will still be there when you get back. It’s insane! Water never tasted so good and this will definitely keep your kids hydrated!

3. Yoobi – We love anything an all things Yoobi. They’re clean modern design, dedication to donating to classrooms around the U.S. and durability make this a favorite for us among school supplies. We particular love their markers, stapler and colored pencils.

4, Instax Mini Polaroid – Not for your kid, but for you! We love the idea of recording little achievements a long the way and hanging them on the fridge. Like the first day your girl does the spelling bee or your little boy ran a relay! Either hang them on the fridge or stick them in a fun memory book like this one. Watch them grow through the year right there on your fridge.

5. Pocket Wet Brush – We’ve sung the praises of Wet Brush for a long time. They’re gentle on your kiddos head and detangle the toughest of bed heads. Love this mini version for your kiddos to take with them in their backpack.

6. GizmoPal- We LOVE this concept. A wearable for children ages 4 and up, GizmoPal can easily make and receive calls to a select few numbers (mom, dad, babysitter) with a single button. You can also locate the GizmoPal on a map from your smartphone. Made with a kid-friendly design, GizmoPal is water resistant, durable and fun to wear. Send them to school without a worry!

7. Kindle for Kids – We are obsessed with the Kindle for kids. It’s under $100 and can be used to promote great reading skills in your kids…you can even track their progress!

8. Micro Mini Scooter – There are no words for how much our boys love their scooters. They’re compact and so light– the perfect transport from the bus to school or school to home!

Back To School Fashion Week: Rack Room Shoes

sfbacktoschoolDoes anyone else remember the hardest part about school shopping with your Mom was the shoes? All the trying on, the boxes, the aisles of shoes aplenty with no organization? We do! That’s why we love Rack Room Shoes. rackroomWhile Rack Room does have store fronts we were particularly drawn to their online selection. Tons of fashion forward athletic and every day shoes for kids at very competitive and reasonable prices!

Adidas Raleighrackroom2The thing we love most about Rack Room shoes is that they raise funds for families with their Shoes that Fit campaign! As you frequent a local Rack Room you can donate in store or online. Even better, Rack Room Shoes committed to match 100% of donations raised (up to $300,000!!!) Over the past two years Rack Room has donated $1 million dollars through their Shoes That Fit charity. SO impressed!rackroomQuinn felt like a million bucks in the Adidas & Puma shoes we found for him! Now how to keep these white shoes so white?! Any tips?rackroom3

Puma El Acerackroom5

As always we’ve rounded up some of our favorites from Rack Room in hopes that you’ll find some for your little ones too! Our boys are huge Chuck Taylor lovers and this pair has a nice twist! We particular love for girls their Nike Free’s and Palm Tree Vans!rackroomNike Kaishi Running Shoe // Converse Street Mid // Nike Low Textile // Adidas Slip On

Nike Flex // Vans Atwood // Vans Camden

Thanks to Rack Room Shoes for partnering with us on this post for our Back to School Fashion Week! We love finding companies who are actively giving back, and can’t recommend them more as you are purchasing your back to school kicks!