weekend deals

Zara has one of their best sales of the year! I know you guys aren’t fans of shopping on their site (its sort of nightmare and their styling is terrible) so I am always happy to narrow it down! Here are my favorites:
Patent coat ala Moncler – $60 // This tee I just bought is half off // Simple midi dress // Fun pom pom sweater // My fur cuff sweater! // My heeled boots! // Cheap easy dress $40 // Love the detailing on this plaid blouse // Pretty bow blouse // Get a head start on Spring trends with these heeled sandals (clear / acrylic was all over the runways! // Pretty rain jacket // Another detailed plaid blouse // My jumpsuit! I LOVE this! // Pretty coat for cheap // Midi dress – I have this in another color the mock neck is so chic. // Love this blouse with the tie detailing. So cute with jeans or a skirt.
H&M is up to 70% off
These cropped puffers are super in right now and these are some of my all time favorite jeans I own! 2 pairs of JEANS or sweats for boys for $15 amazing deals.

 Nordstrom Half Yearly:



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christmas cards 2017

Now that cards are all mailed, I can share our Artifact Uprising winner! The gold foil “Merry” won by a landslide which was perfect because I was rooting for it 😉Frame Christmas Card 2017We added little write-ups for each family member on the back and paired with that charcoal envelope – it turned out so pretty since gray was a big color in our outfits.

We pulled photos from a session with Brooke Palmer in Corona Del Mar. She was so amazing. If you need a photographer in Southern California, we loved her!! I’ll share more from the session below!Beach Family Photo Session This photo is absolutely priceless to me. Even if every other one didn’t turn out I would’ve been pumped to get this. Such a sweet baby, always ready to give you a hug and kiss (10xs over!) Beach Family Photo Session I love all the little snaps Brooke caught in between our posed shots. My big boys were totally distracted with all the beach has to offer but she made it all work!Beach Family Photo Session Beach Family Photo SessionThe winning picture.Beach Family Photo Session Beach Family Photo Session Beach Family Photo Session Beach Family Photo Session Beach Family Photo Session Beach Family Photo Session Beach Family Photo SessionThanks so much for these, Brooke!

2017 gift guide: baby

There are a few gifts I am SO excited for my kids to open. These electric dirt bikes for the big boys and then a few for Raleigh. He is obsessed with helping me clean. Sweeping, mopping, wiping things up. Its been months of this and so I knew I wanted to get him cleaning toys. So many times I wanted to break into the stash early because i knew he could be having so much fun. But, I held off! I can’t wait til next week when he can play with these!

baby gift guide

B.Toys Magnetic Lap Board // Ride-on Mini Cooper // Melissa and Doug cleaning set  // Toy Vacuum // Raleigh is obsessed with Animals by the same author. Interactive Alphabet book // Mustela Cleansing Water (up to a certain age, babies tend to like the paper more than the gift so why not stock up on some of their care products? I swear by this – so perfect for cleaning them up in the winter without giving them a bath that dries their skin even more! And bonus they smell amazing after!) Top it with the Hydra Bebe Lotion natural ingredients like Avocado Perseose® to provide extra hydration and protection during the winter months. #preenmevip sent me a care package as a gift, which was so nice!  // Night sky projector // Patterned Blocks

If you’re keeping things fair amongst siblings a worthy investment would be this non-toxic crib mattress! They only do pre-orders so you have to call (888.435.2339) but studies show the chemicals used in crib mattresses haver been tied to SIDS. My paranoia is always so high when my babies are small so this was a no brainer purchase for me!

And! More Interactive Books we love!interactive books toddler

Do Cows Meow // From Head to Toe // Peek a Who? // Please and Thank You // Tails


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gift guide family + stocking

Gifts and stocking stuffers for the whole family!family gift guide

  1. OGOMinton – Badminton but all soft materials! Great for small kids, indoor play, multiple abilities!
  2. Darling Kikkerland pencils
  3. Rainbow deck of cards
  4. These Sharpie Gel Highlighters are amazing. I tossed all my ink ones, these are so much better!! Don’t bleed, more control, and weirdly satisfying to use!
  5. I Chart You would make a great gift to you family as a whole, to your parents, a sibling. Enter your family tree and get a modern piece of art! Love all of their color palette and metallics!
  6. CodeNames is our favorite game to play at parties!
  7. Goosebumps blankets. These adult swaddles are our family’s favorites. We all have our own because no one will share!
  8. Psych App is so fun for game night! You play on your phones, submit answers there, vote, keep score. Free app so not really a gift but fun for the family when you’re all together next week!
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