Chocolate Almond Protein Shake

My friend Jess posted a recipe like this and I thought it was a GENIUS one to recreate in our partnership with Similac.  There’s TONS of flexibility with a recipe like this so use what you have and let’s trick these kiddos in to eating something healthy 😉kellyfondots_jennasimilac1-5182

You’ll need:

1 pouch Similac Go & Grow

1/4 c Almond Milk

1/2 c Vanilla Yoghurt

1 spoonful Chocolate Protejn Powder (I’m most comfortable using a Paleo, Vegan version with my children)

1 T Coconut Cream, Whipped



In your Yoghurt mix Almond Milk and Protein Powder.kellyfondots_jennasimilac1-5204

Then add your packet of flavorless Similac Go & Grow. Top your shake with whipped cream and sprinkles of course!kellyfondots_jennasimilac1-5215 kellyfondots_jennasimilac1-5217

I love finding new ways to make old time children favorites, healthier! And this definitely succeeded!kellyfondots_jennasimilac1-5231

You can find out more about Similac Go & Grow here.

Similac partnered with influencers such as us for its Go & Grow by Similac Food Mix-Ins Launch Program. As part of this Program, we received compensation for our time. Similac believes that consumers and influencers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Similac policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

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First Forty Days

I have had this book recommended to me several times since being pregnant and so I am so happy to have them here sharing their tips for nurturing your post-partum self.

They open the conversation about important the first 40 days are. I know of so many cultures that truly take care of the mother like you would the newborn. I don’t know if its just the culture here, or maybe a pressure I put on myself but it seems like life just goes on when you have a baby and I love all this book’s concepts of truly taking care of yourself!

Welcome to them! xo – Emily

FullSizeRender-6 5 things pregnant moms can do now to prepare for the First Forty Days postpartum:Bone Broth | Postpartum RecipeAn easeful, restorative postpartum period begins before the baby even arrives. Taking some simple steps in the third trimester will give you the space and assurance to sink into The First Forty Days with a light heart and a calm mind.

Here are five easy things you can do to prepare before you’re swept into a vortex of baby bliss and sleep deprivation. Bone Broth | Postpartum Recipe

1) Ask four relationship-saving questions
A new baby is one of the greatest stressors on a relationship. Beat the statistics—two-thirds of couples experience a negative shift in their relationship within three years of having a child—by asking some key questions before your new addition joins the family.

1. How will we divvy up baby-caring responsibilities?
2. How will our finances be influenced by baby’s arrival? (This includes the time, if any, that the mother will be taking off from work and any professionals that will be hired to help.)
3. How will our sex life be affected by the addition of a newborn?
4. How will our social lives change once baby is here?

Bone Broth | Postpartum Recipe2) Create a System of Help
Whether you receive assistance in the form of food dropped off to your door, or have someone take your older child to and from school, or get regular help with laundry, dishes and general housecleaning, asking folks to commit to supporting you and your family during the First Forty Days is essential postpartum preparation. You can pass a sign up sheet around at your Blessingway (see #4, below) or email friends and family a spreadsheet with the areas of your life that will need attention while you’re busy recovering from birth and bonding with your baby. Don’t be shy to ask for help! People want to support you. Help them help you.

3) Design Your Postpartum Nest
Spend less time worrying about the color of the nursery and more time considering your postpartum landing pad. You will be spending the majority of the First Forty Days lying or sitting down, resting and breastfeeding, so be sure that you’ve got a super comfy, incredibly supportive spot in which to do so. Your arms and breasts are a newborn’s entire universe so turn your nesting attention to the pillows that will be holding you up and the view that you’ll be taking in while you remain perched for hours. If you don’t have a pretty vista to take in consider hanging an inspiring piece of art or bringing in a striking plant. Lighting’s important, too. You should be able to reach a lamp without getting up and ideally it will have a dimmer to keep things nice and cozy when baby is dozing.

Bone Broth | Postpartum Recipe

4) Honor Yourself with a Blessingway
In most cultures, the transition to motherhood is a significant rite of passage in a woman’s life. Taking some time to honor your own journey to motherhood—or motherhood again—influences the ease you will experience on the other side. Tell a close friend that you’d like to have a small ceremony or gathering (it doesn’t have to be a big party) or simply take some time to consider all your body has accomplished in pregnancy, pampering yourself with a prenatal massage. It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it, just be sure to honor yourself in some way.

5) Make and Freeze Rejuvenating Broth
In China soup is revered as a preventative and curative elixir. During the First Forty Days new mothers are encouraged to sip healing bone broths to enhance warmth throughout the body, a key step in rebuilding the blood that was lost during childbirth. During the third trimester make vats of broth and freeze for easy cooking after baby arrives. Revitalizing broth can be sipped alone (try it instead of coffee or tea in the morning) or used in soups and stews. Get a simple, delicious bone broth recipe at the Mother Bees site!Bone Broth | Postpartum Recipe




I’m back from the new baby bliss bubble! Still fully immersed in it but excited to share some finds this week with you all! Thank you all for your kind words about Raleigh, he’s the best and we’re enjoying him so much!!


Wearing: All aboard the nursing train! It’s so funny how quickly your needs shift, now while we’re getting the hang of newborn nursing, if it doesn’t have buttons or a supplice top I don’t even try. I got this dress in both colors and love that it’s oversized and hides everything in the mid-section too! I bought size small and love the fit.

Reading: Finished Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake. I thought it was super sweet and funny and reassuring about aging and also super poignant about good girl friends. Now I am onto The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing and am obsessed. Love the author’s writing style, it’s super funny and I love how each story connects to the last in a way you might not expect. Unless it takes a turn for the worse it might be one of my favorite reads this year!

Listening: I bought Russ a new record player for Father’s Day since our boys broke the needle on his other one. It has great sound for the cost! I’ve been listening to classical records because I can’t handle any more noise or chaos then necessary these days.

Decorating: Realized I didn’t have a hamper for the baby’s room – Prime to the rescue! This copper basket is so pretty and will serve many purposes I’m sure. Hoping to share his nursery with you all soon! http:

Feeling: I feel so good, I am for sure tired, but recovery has been smooth sailing otherwise. Usually I am super emotional and hormonal, but I feel so peaceful this time around. Not sure what the difference is!

Eating: Thinking about eliminating some things from my diet, poor Raleigh’s tummy gets torn up every night around 3 am. I’ve read so many conflicting things but would love to hear from actual people. What has worked for you guys diet-wise and your gassy babies? In related news, God bless the Windi. It is truly a miracle.




WEARING: Okay I guess I make it pretty clear that I’m on a mission to lose baby weight and get fit. MAN it takes forever you guys!! Trying not to get discouraged as I hit a plateau! But that’s neither here nor there. The point is I’ve found I’m LIVING in my workout clothes and so I like them to look somewhat acceptable for after gym errands. Obviously I love my Lulu Lemon (I recommend the Wunder Under high times or Align Pant) but I’ve been branching out too!

Tracksmith. YOU GUYS I am obsessed with this brand. We featured them on our Father’s Day Guide a couple weeks ago so I got some pants and a tank and am just so pleased. Their New England style workout clothes just kill me. This tank top I’ve worn for 3 days straight (and somehow magically doesn’t smell) and has the cutest cut on the shoulders. As well as these pants. So comfortable, flattering and sweat wicks off them. Cool. Love this brand.

I love all Target’s Racerback tanks. They’re so inexpensive, light and the fit is great!

EATING: I have been “counting macros” for four weeks now and I really like it. I can eat what I want just not whenever I want. It keeps me in check and I’ve only had a couple licorice binge sessions since I started so relatively keeps me balanced 🙂 I’ve been loving good finds like this protein shake which has way low carbs and fat but high protein is good on the run. I also really love these bars.

READING: I’ve had some disappointment in relationships recently and I am trying to overcome those feelings. I am a person of faith but this book applies to all. Broken Things to Mend always leaves me feeling at peace with a quiet understanding of my self worth despite what happens in relationships. I really recommend it for everyone.



Decorating: (this is all I’ve been thinking about lately. Ive been in CA for an entire month with the kiddos visiting the boy we are dating. Yes, we. This is a family affair. While I’ve been away, the only thing I’ve missed is buying things for my home. Intact, I miss it so much, I keep buying things and having them sent home to wait for me. I blogged about this coffee table a while back and have seen in in SO MANY of your homes which thrills me. I have found another that I’m loving just as much.

Also, this one! It is out of stock but ill keep my eye on it for you and let you know when its available, because its perfect!

I have never found an Assouline book I didnt love, this new discovery is no exception.

Its been SO HOT that gym clothes are starting to be even too much. I have fallen for all these Nike Running Shorts. I have a white pair and a black pair and if you know me, you know it wont stop there.

These pretty sandals come in 3 different colors, but this blue is my love. Steve Madden prices are always fair and these look far more expensive than they are.

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summer favorites

This post is brought to you by Zappos.

This month’s challenge with Zappos is all about Summer vacation! Pieces that help us have more adventures, feel polished at the pool and more! Here’s our picks:


I love to find a bathing suit that I can dress up with pretty shorts or jewelry and have it be a great pool side look! This Vince Camuto swimsuit is a dream! Zappos Summer StyleIt’s classy but still fun and sexy. I love it! Also the first one I ordered had a tiny manufacturing defect on it, I called Zappos and they expedited a new one to me as well as gave me a $25 credit for my trouble!! Zappos Summer StyleI’ve loved that through this partnership with Zappos I’ve learned so much about their dedication to customer service and I seriously don’t want to shop anywhere else. They’re truly the best!! Zappos Summer Style


While browsing Zappos I spotted this modern take on the clog trend and had to scoop them up. I love that they’re Summery but will also transition into Fall too. Untitled-2Zappos has such an awesome collection of Free People, which we love, but with that amazing Zappos return policy, speedy shipping, if I have the choice I will always pick them.Zappos Summer Style


Since having Raleigh, on the off chance I make it out of the house, I am not clear to swim, so here’s my favorite pool side picks. Where I can stay cool, dip my toes, easily nurse and watch the big boys from the sidelines. I am actually really loving this slow pace Summer.poolside

Off the Shoulder Romper  // Suplice neck romper // Tie-Dye Caftan // Denim Button Down Dress /// Co-ord tunic and shorts // Striped Romper //

And my favorite trend this Summer – over the top embellished sandals! They spice up any old outfit and Zappos has a bunch of affordable options!

tassel sandals

  1. Soldudos with Tassels 2. Pom Pom and Seed Bead Gladiators 3. Beaded Gladiator 4. Loeffler Randall 5. Royal Blue Thong 6. Woven Rope 7. Rainbow Rope 8. Snake Skin Tassel