bunny sneakers DIY

Got an Easter hunt to get to this week? Here’s a super fast (removable!) DIY to bunn-ify a simple pair of sneakers. Here’s how you’ll do it:
Bunny Shoes DIY

Grab a scrap of white fabric. The duck cloth we used for the Miffy Tote works great and stands up all on it’s own! Cut it out into two tear drop shapes for the ears (we did 4 inch long and 2 inch wide). Then cut out a piece of gray felt about half the size, and the same shape, leaving a 1/2 inch white outline around the ear.

Then with a hot glue gun, glue the gray piece of felt to the white piece on both ears. Let it dry and then put a dot of glue on the bottom of both ears, inserting them into the shaft of the high-top – we used Chuck Taylor High Tops by Converse!

Then grab two gray felt balls (we used Maypole here), dab them with glue and stick onto the back strip of boning towards the bottom. Let it dry and you’re good to go!

Bunny Shoes DIY

Then it’s time to rock your bunny sneaks! Dash is wearing his sneakers with the “Keep it Rad” tee and “Slick & Slide” pants via Geo Fox Apparel.

Bunny Shoes DIY

Want more shoe upgrades? We have a patriotic pair, some glitz and glamour for your boring ballet flats, and a graphic edge to some simple slip-ons. Find all our fashion DIYs right here.

The Perfect Easter Basket

Today we’ve got all the best tips and Easter basket basics from Kim at Kensington Way! How beautiful are all of these baskets? Who knew grass was key, and we absolutely love the ceramic crate idea! Welcome, Kim!

Easter Basket how-to“My favorite family traditions have always been centered around holidays. For Easter, I loved dyeing eggs with my family, wearing a new dress to church on Easter Sunday and running around the yard looking for candy-filled eggs. Now that I am a mom, I am excited to continue these types of traditions with my own kids. Our son Benjamin is only 15 months old, so he won’t get much out of an Easter basket this year, but since these fun baskets are one of my favorite Easter traditions, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ideas and tips on how to assemble the perfect Easter basket.

Pick your container: While baskets are typically used, there are so many other great options to use as the container for your Easter treats. I love these ceramic cartons—they come in beautiful pastel colors and two different sizes so you can use the smaller size to do mini baskets, or use the larger one for a bigger basket. I also love small pails like this one—it’s another great option to make individual mini baskets instead of one big basket. Any type of bowl, basket, platter or box will work!

Easter Basket how-to

Create layers: The key to making an Easter basket look good and not just a mess of grass and candy is to create layers. Always start with a layer of “grass”—I prefer paper or straw grass, but plastic grass works well too. (You will need more grass than you think because everything else you put in the basket will weigh it down, so make sure you use a lot). Once you’ve put the grass in your container, add your larger items first: homemade sugar cookies, candy-filled eggs and small stuffed animals are bigger items I like to put in my Easter basket. Next, add your smaller items: jelly beans, chocolate eggs and bunnies and any other type of candy can be sprinkled throughout the rest of the basket. (You can see this past post on my blog for my homemade sugar cookie recipe—they are the best sugar cookies and are so easy to make!)

Easter Basket how-toEaster Basket how-to

Personalize your basket: Depending on who your basket it for, it’s fun to add a small personal gift or handwritten note. Small stuffed animals or dolls, mini trucks and bubbles are fun for babies and younger children. Nail polish, stationary, lip gloss, books and movies are some fun ideas for kids who are a little older.

I hope this gives you some fun ideas to create the perfect Easter basket for your family and friends! Happy Easter!”Easter Basket how-to WHERE TO SHOP:
Baskets and grass via Michael’s
Ceramic cartons via Anthropologie
Bunny via Nordstrom

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Educational Games for Kids

We just finished a week long Spring break for our big boys at their schools, and we’ve gotten a taste of how wonderful Summer break will be! Maybe we’ve all wondered, how do we continue to stimulate our kids’ brains, ensure that they’re still learning and exploring and growing even though they’re not in a formal schooling setting? Some families have the whole Summer planned with in-home schooling, chores, and a set routine. While some that take a break from it all and play, play, play. And of course lots in between. Where do you lie on the spectrum? Whether you’re the former or the latter, here’s an awesome collection of educational games to help your toddlers and preschoolers have fun and learn at the same time!

learning games for kids

1. LEARN YOUR LETTERS : Learning Resources Alphabet Pops not only aid in learning letters, both upper and lowercase, but also color matching! Each popsicle snaps together and they are vibrant and sturdy. Definitely a favorite toy over here.

2. LEARN THE ELEMENTS : Uncle Goose’s Periodic Table Building Blocks for building towers, and as they grow, to help teach the elements, too! We could definitely use a refresher on this subject. Uncle Goose goods are made right here in the USA, which is always a welcome feature.
3. LEARN TO LACE & TIE : We’re all in the shoe tie teaching phase. It’s a tricky concept and really hard to visualize when the laces and your hands hide what’s happening underneath. Melissa & Doug’s Wood Lacing Sneaker is perfect because  lacing, and tying the bow from this perspective is so much easier to grasp!
4. LEARN TO TELL TIME : Not only is this Tell-Time Puzzle going to teach your kids about telling time the old fashion way, but it also has a built-in puzzle so even your youngest kiddos can enjoy it!
5. LEARN ABOUT CHEMISTRY : We love this primary Science Lab Set for easy kitchen chemistry experiments. There are so many different experiments you can show your kids using ingredients found in your cupboards. Check out our Pinterest board “Kitchen Science” for great ones we’ve spotted around the web!
6. LEARN HISTORY : You all know how much we love Uncle Goose blocks, but this President Block Set might take the cake. Each block is made with non-toxic ink, safe for that “everything must go in my mouth” stage, and includes each President’s picture, nickname, party affiliation, term and more! All ages can benefit from these blocks!
7. LEARN TO COUNT : Smart Resources is really killing it with all these educational toys! Count ‘em Up Popcorn is not only a teaching tool, but it’s pretty cute to look at, too!
8. LEARN BALANCING : We love this block set that shows when each piece has found it’s perfect balance when the liquid is horizontal. Find them here: Plan Toys Water Blocks!
9. MORE BALANCE : Link the monkeys into the tree, but they’ll all topple off if it’s unbalanced, so fun and darling to look at! Another gem from Plan Toys: Balancing Monkeys!
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FRYday : Jenna

I am always thinking about my role as a mother. How it’s working, how I’m doing, how I can be approving, what’s next for me etc…One thing that has been etched in my mind these past two weeks is how truly unselfish the role of a mother is. I think about mom’s around the nation, the world, every day of my life. You’re plugging a long being superheroes while no one seems to notice or recognize. Sometimes I get frustrated that I can either be an AMAZING mom or a crappy one and there wouldn’t be a difference to anyone really. So the fact that I got my kids to the zoo, school, park, church etc… don’t really hold much more weight than if I let them watch TV all day. While I know that isn’t true it can certainly feel it at times. If you’re looking for validation in motherhood, there isn’t enough anyone could give you for what you truly deserve.  So while on most days this can be a thankless job, I want to thank four moms who aren’t in any public eye but just do a wonderful job regardless of who’s watching.

frydayRyan: My best friend since I was 12. This girl has moved her tiny family from South Carolina to France to Singapore and next to Korea all for her husband’s education and job. It hasn’t been easy but she has done it happily. Her children are well adjusted, excited, educated & loved all by her gentle, humerous & loving disposition.

Emily: I’ve never heard her complain a day in my life. Maybe about the fact that her diet coke was flat but NEVER about her children. She is patient to a point I hope to be & always puts those kids first. Her husband is gone a lot but yet she creates beautiful experiences for her babies to enjoy & cherish.

Jerai: Always and forever a hero of mine. Her son Brewer was born with a congenital heart defect & she faces it daily with courage and strength. Every day she does crafts & cooks with her boys, projects that never get pinned or instagrammed. They’re simply done with love & passion for her family.

Megan: In August she will graduate from nursing school at the age of 29. She put herself through school working a part time job, cleaning houses for a time & all while having two small children under 5. She is top of her class and sacrifices SO MUCH for her family. I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it.

Thanks for letting me give thanks to just a handful of the thousands of you who deserve all the thanks in the world. Happy FRYday.

xo- J


A few fun things to share today!

First, don’t forget to enter the Albion Fitness suit giveaway!

Second, we’re sharing our favorite books from our youth, present-day, and what we hope to read in the future with our buddy Janssen at Everyday Reading. Read the post here.

Next, we shared our favorite picks from The Little Boss Shop on Instagram a few days ago and you all loved everything so much, they’re offering Small Fry readers 15% off your order, just enter “smallfry15″at checkout.

Little Boss Shop

Lastly, you all know how much we love Essential Oils at our homes, so we are really excited to co-host an All Natural Baby Event with lots of great natural baby brands on April 19th! We’ll be doing a craft for kids so bring them along and come say hi! See all the event info right here.

Natural Baby Event

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Poketti Pocket Plushies

This post is brought to you by Poketti.

We have the most amazing company to share with you today! Can you picture yourself in 7th Grade? For us, our biggest focus was how to get our moms to buy us a pair of Doc Martens, but Sydney had bigger plans. The founder and original creator, Sydney, created this product in for a entrepreneurial project for school. She loved the process so much she talked her family into turning into a real live business and they funded their $20,000 Kickstarter and started manufacturing right away. Presenting: Poketti Pocket Plushies!
Poketti Pocket Pillow

We love the Poketti as a non-candy option for our Easter baskets this year! And what kid doesn’t love a secret pocket?

Poketti Pocket Plushies

They’re the softest little pillows with a full pocket on the back for hiding treasures, for a tooth fairy pillow, or whatever your kiddo is carrying around these days! It’s the perfect size for a travel pillow and for little hands to tote around.

Poketti Pocket Pillow

They come in four darling animals Toni the Bunny (after her sister), Sydney (she loves penguins!), Baxter the puppy and Roxi the cat:

Poketti Pocket Plushies

Snag your favorite pal right here!


Poketti Pocket Pillow


Hayes’ shirt via Dana Leigh Apparel, we love this Pirate Pineapple one, too!