Macros Made Easy + a free webinar!

Happy New Year friends! I hope it’s off to a great start. I am sure a lot of you have some fitness/diet goals in mind for the new year, so I wanted to share with you my new e-book that I wrote with Quince from I Heart Macros:


If you’ve been even kind of online then your’e heard of this thing called “macros” as it’s kind of a rage right now. But trust me fitness experts have used this way of flexible dieting for YEARS. Finally you can find a way to eat ALL the food groups and not feel guilty. It’s all about how many grams of protein, carbs and fat you eat based on your fitness goals and weight. People ask me if it’s like calorie counting….but it’s just more specific. You can calculate your macros on this website or you can hire macro coaches like Quince to calculate them for you. That’s what I did for the last 6 months and I found a lot of success in doing so. I find that this way of eating has been the longest sustainable thing for me and I think I’ll stick with it for a while! It does take some time and meal prep as you need to weigh your food at first, but after a while it becomes very intuitive and just so freeing.


In our e-book we share 25 simple recipes with calculated macros, our favorite shopping guide and a brief explanation of what macros are. It’s a great intro in to the whole world of flexible dieting and I’d love for you to give it a shot! You can use code NEWYEAR for 30% off now which is the lowest price we’ve done ever!

I also am teaching this free webinar of our how I supported my weight loss outside of diet and nutrition. As many of you know I love essential oils and natural solutions so using holistic supplements was definitely a part of my daily regimen and still is. I get so many questions about it I decided it was time to teach a class, I hope it helps some of you!

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments, I’d love to help.



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End of Year: Nicole

2016, cue the roller coaster emoji followed by a whole line of heart eyes.  The ups and downs of a roller coaster always end with the most smooth and controlled part of the whole ride. Im so blessed to be ending 2016  just that way.

Dash and Sunny and I have learned so much this year. We have collected new friends and new relationships that will last a life time and longer. We cherish these relationships. I have always said that the people in my world are rarely just friends, they are FAMILY. Everyone that is dear to us is our family, and there is nothing we hold nearer to our hearts.


With Dash starting first grade and Sunny (who decided he wants to go by his real first name Finn while at school) finishing preschool this year, we have all been full of emotions. As all of you mothers know, sending your oldest off to a full day of school is a form of heart wrenching you’ve never experienced before. While simultaneously feeling so much joy as we watch them as such proud mothers. They are strong and confident and able to skip off happily to a full day of learning, because of what we mothers have instilled in them. Confidence. Im so proud of my big strong Dash. His bravely truly has been a rock in our life.

Sunny I mean Finn, wink, has kept us laughing, running, playing and cleaning. The boy never lets a dull moment enter our life, and although exhausting, what a JOY to have a child that forces me to happiness and positivity each day.


Over these 3 years of being single, I have grown more than I have in my entire life. A close friend and I talk often about the hardest most grueling parts of life that we wouldn’t change  if we could, because in those times is when we grow and learn so rapidly. Parts of our mind are strengthened in those dark times and ultimately we are being refined. Being made into the very best people we can. The person our Father in Heaven has in mind for us to be. Someone greater than we can become on our own. All the podcasts, Ted talks, weights and beauty products in the world cant make us into the person God has in store for us. To step back and embrace the refiners fire is very hard, but beautiful thing.

Small Fry, my photo studio and other projects have also been such a joy this year. Working so closely with two of my best friends that truly are sisters to me is a blessing And to have a readership like YOU who keep us afloat, who keep up motivated to share, create and dedicate time to this job is the only reason we are here. THANK YOU ALL for reading. Thank you all for being the mothers, fathers, grandparents and humans that you are. Striving to do your best everyday and create a beautiful world and safe place for your families and all of your people.

Happy Holidays everyone! 2017 is going to be GOLD.

Love, Nicole

Photography by Becky Kimball 



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End of Year: Jenna

I love this time of year for so many reasons but one of my favorite things is the chance it gives us to reflect. To review what we liked about our year, what we’d change and what we’d see different. This year brought our family many blessings, many changes and many insights as we faced different challenges.


Quinn is going to be 8 on New Years Eve, I seriously can’t BELIEVE how big of a boy he is! He loves Pokemon, baseball, riding his bike, being happy and being a friend to all. When I pick him up from school, he is like a celebrity, everyone is waving and saying “Hi Quinn!” He really is the friendliest kid, I hope he always stays that way. He always encourages me and supports me, tells me I’m awesome, he’s the best cheerleader.

Jude is 5 and my favorite middle child. His demeanor started out very intense in his life but now he’s developed in to such a sweet, even tempered boy. He loves giving hugs, his best friend is Lolly, he is professional on his scooter and loves baseball with his Dad. You just don’t want to be around him when he’s hungry 🙂 He really is so so so so fun.

Lolly is almost 2 and it breaks my heart. She is still our tiny girl so a baby to us. She is the happiest little thing and is spoiled rotten by all of us but especially her Dad who is her very best friend. She says a lot of words, loves her babies and loves to eat. Every day of her 2 years she has lit up our world, I find myself so unbelievably grateful for her presence every day.


I learned so much this year about who actually stood in my corner. I think living away from family, friends and everything you’re familiar with makes you keenly aware of those who will show up for you. Not necessarily in their physical presence, but their emotional one. It’s a scary and sad realization, but I think it’s necessary for regaining the focus and clarity of mind you need to stick with your priorities and goals you have set forward for yourself and to take a long the people who really fill you up and give you space to flourish.

One of the very hardest lessons I’ve learned is no matter HOW hard you try, it is impossible to change people’s perception of you. Even when you do your best to operate from joy, abundance, service and love, there is always a way for people to see you for something other than you intended. It’s soul crushing to not have people see you the way you want to be seen, but you absolutely will kill yourself trying. Write down who you intend to be, pray for the strength daily to be that person and to forgive your shortcomings in being that person. And then in the end give yourself grace and move forward knowing you have intention in your life.

This year was a year of growth as I made goals for myself physically and worked to shed the last of my baby weight, 20 lbs down in this last year and I’m really proud of that!

Lastly I think the biggest change of the year was our decision to move home! Yep, we are moving back to Utah! Not till summer because we are building our home, but it is coming fast and furious!

It’s scary to say because I love what California has given us. We have many friends and we’ve grown together as a family so so so deeply, in a way I know we never would have if we had been in Utah all this time.

I am the poster child for moving away from your family, do it!!! It has changed my life, my perspective, my heart. I know now how strong I really am, how strong my marriage and family are, and the challenges of being independent I have loved so much. I will miss the boundaries we have established here and have a prayer in my heart as I move home that I can maintain my priorities, goals and my intentions. We are excited to be back  with our roots, to have cousins for our kids and to be around so many of the people that we love so much. I feel ultimately just really blessed that we have the flexibility to do what we want, that has been the greatest blessing 2016 has brought us.

I hope that this year has brought you miracles, blessings and love. I heard once that change is inevitable but progress is not. Believe that you can make progress in your life amidst all the changes. Thank you for reading our blog, for supporting our families, for being here all these years.



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End of Year: Emily

This year FLEW by! We went around the table the other night at dinner and did our typical “best and hardest” where we all tell each other the best thing and the hardest thing that happened to us that day, except this time we did the entire year. Every single one of us said Raleigh for the best thing of 2016. He has been such a blessing to us all, and has brought so much joy and happiness. My friend Alison of the Alison Show said it best when she said her baby was proof that some people bless your life just by existing. That is Raleigh for me, too! ncc_3058Definitely worth the wait and it makes me sad how fast he is growing! He’s 6 months now, rolling, sitting up, eating anything I put in front of him, clicks his tongue and cocks his head to the side when he gives you the flirtiest smile.dsc_1449

Callum is 5 and has grown so much this year with Pre-K! I could’ve put him in Kindy but opted out. He has taken all the tinier kids under his wing, helps them with their letters, and is really shining with the chance to be the bigger kid and leader in his class. Callum is our entertainment for better or for worse, and we’ve had lots of parenting opportunities arise with Callum around, he stretches me to be a better parent everyday.12ncc_3204

Hayes has loved first grade! He is the best big brother and helps me so much. He is whip smart and loves math and vocabulary. He’s reading at the top of his class but hates doing it, ha! He loves making lists and planning and really hard on himself when he makes mistakes — he is a lot like me in that way. He loves his friends and being social and is always thinking of others. I learn so much from both my boys each day!8ncc_3186


We had Nicole shoot a few quick photos for our card this year and both Russ and I laughed when we both loved this one the most. His head was just out of the frame, but he still loved it the most because of our boys. He sacrifices so much for our family especially this year and this picture symbolizes that all too well! His construction company has grown like crazy this year and his team continues to expand so he’s working crazy hours, but still manages to be home and make my life easier whenever he can. I always nag him about taking time for himself, and one night when he finally had some time to go do whatever he wanted he decided to go cash in on some killer coupons at our local grocery store (his words.) His dedication to our family is the biggest blessing in all our lives.

8ncc_3167-copyThree kids has been my challenge and blessing this year. A new baby just forces you to eliminate things that are unnecessary in life. Like when you get cold and you just naturally pull your arms to your chest to keep warm, that has been this year for me. Pulling everything in tighter. I know it won’t be forever, but I am enjoying my simplified life so much!  I shared this quote this a month so ago, but Glennon Doyle Melton said “You can never have enough of what you don’t need” and that rings so true for me. I don’t get any fulfillment out of scrolling Instagram or reading political opinions on Facebook so I cut all that way down. Honestly staying off my phone in general has been so huge for me. Less shopping, less of other people’s voices, more of my own. Quieting all that out has made room for my spirituality to flourish, too. I am more intentional about when I work and try an do that just on my laptop when the time is right instead of doing things here and there on my phone throughout the day.unspecified

This is in no way a sales pitch, but the Amazon Echo made it all happen for me. I tell Alexa to add things to my shopping list, to remind me to do something, to set a timer, play my music, my audio book, ask her a question I would normally google. All things I would pull out my phone for and then find myself opening all my favorite apps “just to see what’s new” and I’m down the rabbit hole. I hope that when my kids need me I am not looking at that dang phone, I am looking in their eyes. I can’t really think of all the times that wasn’t the case, it makes me feel so ashamed!

It’s almost 2017, I am almost 31 and at this point in my life I know how to foster the best in myself, in my relationships, and my focus will be going to doing what I already know is best. (I won’t bore you with the specifics) That has been the best gift of growing older, is that time-earned wisdom. To make it all happen each and every day, to reset and recommit with each stumble is my resolution!

Happy New year everyone, thank you so much for your support and friendship all these years! We are all so blessed to have you all here. Check back later for Nicole and Jenna’s as well!




Card is Candy Cane Stripes by Postable!

EMILY: bell sleeved dress( (its only $60 now!) // sock booties // pom pom earrings // my boys’ birthday bangles! 

RUSS: Baseball tee // Leather boots

BOYS: are wearing sweaters from Zara last year Sorels and Hunters // Raleigh is in a Rags to Raches romper and Freshly Picked moccs!