Happiest FRYday, friends!

While Em is in heaven with her sweet little baby, Jenna and I are here to celebrate FRYday with you! We always love sharing with you our best and latest purchases, we hope you find it useful! We love you, and stay tuned, Em is sharing her birth story in a few days! HEART EYES!!




Reading: Not much but what I AM reading on is this incredible thing!! We added it to our beach arsenal and it’s seriously LEGIT.

It inflates with air from the wind and is the coziest beach side accessory.

Wearing: Le specs have become my favorite. So inexpensive and made so well! I also love that prime gets them to me in two days. These are my newest!

Sea folly swimsuits are the BEST. So classy, well made and last forever! I have talked about a few of them i’ve purchased this summer. This one I LOVE.

I’m trying to be a grown up and wear eye shadow: this palette has helped this amateur get started.

Summer = white t shirts: this one is my current favorite



Wearing: These Karen Walkers. They are just the best classics that everyone should own! They are flattering on everyone! If you are ready to dive into the sunglasses addiction, here is the perfect place to start!

I want all the colors of these Nike Runners. Ill start here.

And while we are Nike-ing, these are my pool shoes.

Reading (but lets be real, its more like decorating):

Ive collected all of these Photography coffee table books by Slim Aarons, they are just the prettiest! I want to dive into every image he captures. Here is the 3rd one I’ve purchased.

Okay, this one is a little spendy, but I’ve always been infatuated with private air travel, and these images have me swooning! The Art of Flying is a must own for your coffee table book collection.






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Homemade Mac & Cheese

We are back with the third installment in our Similac Go & Grow Series. If you don’t know what we’re talking about you can read our past recipes here and here! But if you’re new to Go & Grow, here are the cliff notes: It’s an incredible tasteless powder jam packed full of vitamins and nutrients to help regular kid food pack a punch in the nutrition department! And you can get a free sample to try here!20160515-IMG_4343-2

If you’re a Mom than you know if all else fails, feed them Macaroni & Cheese. It’s always a win at our houses and when we’re desperate to get these kiddos fed – it always does the trick! We particularly love making homemade mac and cheese. It’s no more difficult but full of more wholesome ingredients we can get behind….liiiiiike good old cream and butter 🙂 Operation fatten those kiddos up in full affect! 20160515-IMG_4356-2

You’ll need:

1/2 lb Cavatappi Noodles

1 c Shredded Colby Jack Cheese

1/4 c Cream

3 T butter

3 pouches Similac Go & Grow20160515-IMG_4376-2

Directions: Cook the noodles al dente, mix in cream, butter and Go & Grow until smooth, add cheese and stir till melted!20160515-IMG_4377-2


Similac partnered with influencers such as us for its Go & Grow by Similac Food Mix-Ins Launch Program. As part of this Program, we received compensation for our time. Similac believes that consumers and influencers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Similac policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.



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Fourth of July BESTS

Its almost here, the very best holiday of the year (says Nicole, at least), but we think we might agree! Isn’t it the best? Just gathering with friends and family without the pressure to  bring gifts, eating casual American foods and celebrating the incredible freedom we are so blessed to experience everyday.

From pool floats to party decor, Nicole has rounded up some of her favorite American supplies to make it the best Fourth of July yet. And, all of these she found on Amazon.


Table Cloth //  Party Decor //  Flag Bunting //  Beach Ball //  Flag Pool Float //  Popsicle Pool Float //  Tattoos // Flag Towel //  Ice Cream Pool Float //  Cotton Candy Maker //  Snow Cone Maker

Happy Celebrating!



















snow cone


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the baby cubby!

Getting ready for this baby with my youngest being nearly 5, I feel like such a rookie! Even running a blog about kids and all the latest gear I have been feeling lost about what I need, what brands and items will fill that need the best and how to sort through the millions of options. The Baby Cubby is a brick and mortar store in Lindon, Utah really close to my house so I’ve been spending lots of time there testing out all their brands and samples for everything from a carseat to baby toys. They also have Resource Guides on their site (scroll to the bottom navigation to see the list!) so if you can’t go into the store you still get that customized experience. One guide they have on their site that I love is the Diaper Bag Guide! They go through all the features you might want or need and break down which brands and styles fit which need. GENIUS! I ended up going with Petunia Pickle Bottom’s new Pathway Pack – it is absolutely beautiful in person and all the features of the bag sold me. Pathway PackYou’ll have to check out the comprehensive buying guide here, but here’s a little taste of it so you can see they mean business.Diaper-Bag-Checklist

When you first start spotting Petunia Pickle Bottom bags you can’t help but notice that SO many moms carry them and swear by them. I had never used one before but actually holding the Pathway Pack in my hands at the Baby Cubby’s store you realize why the brand is so popular. They think of everything and include it in the bag. From the matte black wipes case, to the laptop sleeve. Back pack straps or cross body, It was seemingly made for me. Then the cherry on top is the coated linen. You get that beautiful bone color and the texture of linen and the contrast with the stark black but since it’s coated you can wipe it off. If a diaper bag needs to be one thing it’s durable, but I love that I can still have that beautiful color combo.

Just my weekly pregnancy PSA for you guys! Anyone who needs a little guidance like I did — Diaper Bag Buying Guide to the rescue!

FRYday, already?!


Wearing: Has it really already been a week? It feels like the longest week of my life and also the slowest. The end of a pregnancy can do that to you! I packed a few things for a hospital bag the other day and am super excited to try out Belly Bandit’s compression belt to help my hips go back down, and their Mother Tucker nursing tank.

Nursing tanks are historically my jam since I am a t-shirt lifter-upper. Always nice to have that layer underneath that keeps everything concealed.

Also bought a couple of these for the hospital and the pajamas 24/7 phase right after delivery. They’re super pretty in person and crazy cheap. Anything to feel a little bit put together, right?

Reading: I told you last week I was on a reading rampage and it still continues. Finished What Alice Forgot and LOVED it. SO much.

I’m mad that no one told me sooner to read it. It’s totally easy and entertaining but it was such catalyst for deep thinking. Also further proof that I can be easily swayed because it’s sort of a rollercoaster and with every character’s stance I was like “Yeah! You’re right! And then like Yeah! You’re right, too!” It’s basically why I can’t watch politics.

Decorating: Actually finished the nursery last night. Hey-o! Had my Interior Designer buddy Lindsay come over and make me wrap it up, I had a serious mind block about getting stuff hung. It’s always nice to have a fresh set of (formally educated) eyes. She had me pick up this pillow for the rocker which was the perfect add and such a good price for the quality.

Feeling: I had a false alarm earlier this week that totally disrupted my zen and I had to work really hard to get it back. So I spent a day painting a huge canvas for the nursery and listening to the most brooding classical I could find. It helped so much! I am now back in the relinquishing control state of mind and letting this baby do what he will when he will.

Listening: Playlist for aforementioned painting session.




Wearing: Not enough! (oops face emoji!) We have been spending the majority of our time at the beach and pools so just living the dream in bathing suits. Some cover-up situations I’ve been loving the most are these. Old Navy Chambray dress and these Madewell Denim Overall shorts. 

Decorating: This bookcase amazon find is near perfection for the ever growing collection of books in my home.

Reading: Another great coffee table book find for my loyal followers (bah, does ANYONE care about my coffee table books?) No, Nicole, you are the only hoarder here.

Im starting a new category here, guys. WANTING. THIS is what I’m WANTING. This iconic lounger has been needing me, and I it for years. I have found this perfect replica, I think its time I take the plunge. Who is with me? Its so doable when its not the real deal, right?




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#amazinghood surprise

When Dreft offered to partner with us to help spoil a mother-to-be we jumped at the chance! We always love an opportunity to give back to one of you amazing readers. Having a new baby staple like Dreft on board only made it feel more doable as three busy moms ourselves! We got the sweetest email from Julie’s sister-in-law and we could hardly believe what we were reading. It is like something from a movie, but in reality it is Julie’s everyday experience for the last two years.#amazinghood surpriseJust two years ago Julie had her first baby, a beautiful boy. While she was waiting out the labor process in the hospital, her mother had a fall that caused a serious head injury. Her mother ended up in the same hospital in a bed a level below Julie, and has been in a coma ever since. Hearing Julie talk about how one of the happiest days of her life was clouded with grief and worry was so heartbreaking. Almost like she traded her mom for her son,  entering motherhood not being able to talk or communicate with her. Now two years later she is set to have her second baby any day now, while her mother still remains in that coma.#amazinghood surprise#amazinghood surpriseWe can still hardly wrap our minds around this, shed lots of tears at the thought and totally woke us up on some things we take for granted everyday. We couldn’t wait to meet Julie, give a little gift and our well-wishes. We surprised her with her sister-in-law’s help and luckily she had heard of Small Fry before so it wasn’t a total cold call. 😉#amazinghood surpriseJulie was so peaceful and resolved and has taken on so much in the last two years. She said her son was the best gift she could’ve been given the day of her mom’s accident and she looks forward to delivering her new baby in happier circumstances. Maybe we can talk Julie into sharing more of her story here, the complexities and details taught us so much in the time we spent with her! To keep her privacy in tact we’ll just stop at the quick version summary. When we packed her gift bag that Dreft smell hit our noses and we instantly had memories of our own babies, folding tiny onesies and swaddling blankets. Isn’t amazing how smells can do that? We hope that smell will remind her of happy times, too!#amazinghood surpriseHer little gift included the detergent in both the Stage One formula for newborns and Stage 2 which is especially created to get stains out of your more active toddler’s clothing. They also provided Blissfuls which you can toss into any laundry load for that sweet Dreft smell.We also threw in our favorite baby gifts – Freshly Picked moccasins, a Solly Baby Dolly Swaddle for her son to practice with, a Little Standout teether, MAM binkies#amazinghood surpriseParenthood is one big messy beautiful journey and everyone has a story to tell. We’re grateful to have heard Julie’s!#amazinghood surpriseThanks to Dreft for sponsoring this fun event!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

SO happy to have the guys from Tosan here today sharing what they’d be stoked to get for Father’s Day! They have such great taste and we’re loving all these picks! Catch more of their goodness on their site here. Welcome, Tosan!

Father’s Day is coming up fast. And while we know you appreciate all the dads in your life, you might not have figured out that perfect gift just yet. We’ve put together a guide of carefully selected products that are all US made and personally tried and tested by us here at Tosan, for every budget and every guy.Small Fry x Tosan1. POP + TOT Fleece set ($75) What’s cooler than matching your kid in a non matchy way? Pretty much nothing.

2. Aloha Sunday Waterline Tee ($40) A rad graphic and on the softest tee.

3. Eroix Dawn & Dusk Underneathwear Pack ($64) Just when you thought underwear couldn’t fit better or be more comfortable, along comes Eroix. Bonus, they sent along the code SMALLFRY15 for you guys to save 15% off.

4. Beeteeth Eye See You ($8) A cool, graphic, wearable way to say you’re with him til death do you part.

5. Norden Kaaterskill Hand Wash ($25) This smells so good, he’ll make you buy your own to use.

6. Tosan This Year of Us Notebook (3 for $25) Part journal, part baby book, all easy. We designed this to be a non-intimidating way to document all of the beauty that happens in everyday life.

7. Tracksmith Longfellow Short ($90) Four way stretch, moisture wicking, tailored. For the guy who doesn’t do short shorts but doesn’t want baggy ones either.

8. Winding Wheel Whiskey Cloth ($24) A classy and rugged addition to his bar kit.

9. Food Faces Coloring Book ($15) A fun activity with the kids or adult coloring books are all the rage now. Bonus, you can check out the photo book project that artist and dad Ferris Plock did as well.

10. July Nine Moresby Tote ($79) Cordura nylon in a rad camo print and leather handles. No one needs to know it’s filled with Goldfish crackers and old receipts.

11. Andytown Wind and Sea Blend ($9.50) Let’s be real. Dads need coffee. A lot of it. Might as well be the best.

12. Canoe Leather Coasters ($64) These will naturally darken to rich brown over time and your nice coffee table will stay in mint condition.

13. Wood & Faulk Camp Stool ($165) A staple in our camp kit, this guy folds for easily storage and will only get more beautiful and more comfortable over time as it wears in.

14. Apolis Indigo Wool Chore Jacket ($328) We know, wool. In June? But this is that good. The fit is impeccable and this will truly last him a lifetime.

15. Almond Joy Surfboard (Custom) He can take his surf game to the next level with this versatile board.

Patriotic Party Spread

You know our love for the 4th of July runs deep so we had to share a little side proejcts we did with Zurchers for their site! We grabbed all their red, white and blue and created a party spread for their website and here’s how it turned out!Patriotic Party SpreadOur love for a one-table festive party spread runs just as deep. It makes the best impact for the least amount of effort! We also love their new striped balloons up against the flag backdrop. Festive sodas just add to the fun!Patriotic Party SpreadZurchers has every color of the rainbow in these tassel garlands. Another great element that adds texture and is reusable again and again.Patriotic Party SpreadAnd a few more details! Patriotic Party Spread Party treat bags:Patriotic Party Spread Star cups!Patriotic Party Spread The 4th is only a month away so snag your party supplies while they’re still in stock! Find the whole party spread linked up here.Patriotic Party Spread


Mama to Be Mornings

We have an amazing event to share with you Utah locals today! Our friends at Ergo and BabyList are putting on a brunch for all you mamas and mamas-to-be next Saturday, June 11th! Tickets are only $15 early bird (early bird ends June 6th, but use SMALLFRY20 for a discount!) which includes a brunch as well as the following:Ergo Event June 11th in Provo

Mama to Be Mornings is an educational feast that includes a panel of experts. Moderator Erica Chidi Cohen doula and founder of The Mama Circle will lead a dynamic discussion on: Cultivating a Healthy Pregnancy and postpartum shift. With a panel featuring 5 experts including Provo’s leading midwife ,OBGYN, Pediatrician and IBCLC Lacation Consultant. Ergo Event June 11th in ProvoThe 4th trimester is such a sensitive time filled with so many emotions! We are so excited to hear this panel and continue the conversation about taking care of ourselves throughout the whole pregnancy experience. Check out some images from their previous events in LA and New York!Ergo Event June 11th in Provo

There will also be a collection of the best brands and gear for you to see and handle in person. See that list here!Ergo Event June 11th in ProvoUse SMALLFRY20 for a discount and early bird pricing ends this Monday, so be sure to scoop up your tickets! Event Page here.

Oh and hey Jenna from Pretty Little Liars. 😉Ergo Event June 11th in Provo

Images by Morgan Pansing @morganpansing


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Happy weekend everyone!! The first official weekend of Summer for a lot of you, yeah? Whether you love Summer or dread it you have all our love and support. Here’s what we’re thinking about this week:

NICOLE:Untitled-2Eating: After a long search for my favorite popcorn, I’ve concluded that Amazon is the easiest and most reliable place to find it. The only issue (which I hardly see as an issue) is you have to buy a box of 12. HIT ME!

Wearing: These minimal pretty Ray Bans have made their way to the top of my ridiculous sunglass obsession. They are the least cool, and the most bangarang.

Feeling pretty chubby lately (maybe I should reconsider that 12 pack of popcorn?), but instead I just drape myself in a lot of overalls and jumpsuits. Here are a couple of my go-to’s this week. SO forgiving, and I’m so grateful. This one is on sale at Madewell and another Madewell fave *(not on sale but worth every penny).

For the hair: Im always interested in trying new dry shampoos. Up until now, this Living Proof has been my fave. But the scent of this Elizabeth and James has me swooning!


Wearing: This Fryday is basically a summary of all the things I’ve copied off my Small Fry girls this week. Ha! Sorry babes. Love Jenna’s Madewell vest and thinking it’s the perfect layer over all the loose dresses I’ve acquired this pregnancy. Hoping it helps with that awkward post-partum stage. 20% off right now!

And the aviators she posted about last week really are super incredible. I ordered them the second I saw her in LA and LOVE them! Awesome price, too!

Reading: I am such a binge reader. I either don’t read anything for months or I shuffle through several in a short span. We’re on the latter right now. Just finished Grace – A Memoir  which is so fun to read for a retired stylist like myself. I definitely don’t miss those marathon photoshoots. Our Souls at Night, such a sweet, simple story that prompted me to start Plainsong by the same author. Ordered a bunch more in preparation for non-stop nursing, too! I’ll be sure to share how I like them!

Listening: Listened to this whole Nick Drake album while we roasted s’mores. It’s a good campfire album for sure!

Decorating: I love when people with great taste design something that fills a need of mine, it’s so convenient! Our friend and yours, Mandi of Vintage Revivals started selling these awesome temple prints (for any of you Mormons or LDS folk out there) and I just put mine up and LOVE it. You know how hard it can be to find religious art that also matches your design aesthetic but Mandi nailed it in my book! // Operation Baby Room is in crunch time. Snagged Indigo dyed curtains (on sale right now!)  (lined them with a heavy blackout curtain behind) and at Nicole’s recc ordered the small version of this Sputnik chandelier. It’s the perfect size for a nursery!  We just have a few more things to wrap up and we’ll be done! Phew.Vintage Revivals Shop


Untitled designREADING: I am LOVING this story called Sweet Thumb. It’s such a darling children’s story that teaches the importance of healthy foods in a fun way for kids. My boys loved reading it as they’ve started to have an added interest in nutrition. It’s a great story to encourage good eating in kids!

LISTENING: I’ve been a podcast junkie the last few weeks and ones I’m loving are The Lively Show for motivational/business and Actual Innocence for entertainment. You’ll be hooked. And I’ve been listening to them on the prettiest wireless headphones known to man kind. These rose gold ones I’m dying over.

EATING: If you follow me on @jennaskitchen I’ve been super in to Macros the last few weeks. I really like how it works and the challenge of trying to eat certain grams in certain categories (fat, carbs, protein.) The key to starting is a food scale and I love this one I found on Amazon. I also finally took the splurge on gold flatware and it’s gorgeous and makes all my meals brighter!

DECORATING: Just picked up this vase at Target, and since we recently saw Nate Berkus when we were in LA I feel like it’s made by my bestie!