On Breakfast

Lets talk about breakfast. Sometimes its eggs, here and there its cereal, and not the healthy kind. (wait, did someone tell you I was the healthy Small Fry?  WRONG!) But the reality of it isn’t what is pictured here. It looks more like this: Me in jammies, and Sunny for sure in undies, if we are lucky. Typically Dash is the only one put together and we rush through it in about 5 min or less to get him out the door to school. Tell me it looks like that at your house too?

But, you know what I can do in 5 minutes? This. 4 pieces of toast (two for me duh, we don’t have a dog) and 3 green smoothies. Boom. And you know what, more often than just eggs or ultra healthy cereal, we actually accomplish a well balanced meal!


Crux sent us their new 4 Slice Toaster from their collection of stunning copper detailed appliances. If you know me, you know I love copper. But you know what I actually love even more than that that you don’t know about me? Toasting 4 slices of toast at once. WHY HAVE I NEVER HAD A 4 SLOT TOASTER BEFORE? I could have saved at least an hour or two of my life if I hadn’t been doing two slices at a time these last 30 years. Sheesh. DSC_5862

Im preaching to the choir here but there are a zillion ways to help your kiddos enjoy a green smoothie. And a zillion ways to be super sneaky, too. Like, of those zillion? Pour a couple Emergen C packets in there.



It never looks this pretty, but its always this easy. Join us!


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May is for Maytag Month

Guess what!? May is Maytag Month and they’ve got some killer deals for all of you building, or buying or replacing appliances this Spring! If you’ve been eyeing our favorite Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel NOW is the time! Here are the deals:

  • Purchase 3 select appliances receive $250
  • Purchase 4 select appliances receive $400
  • Purchase 5 select appliances receive $600

And! Buying select laundry pairs will also make you eligible for a prepaid card in the mail ranging $50-$100!

Air Dry DIYWe wanted to share some fellow bloggers’ posts that joined us for this campaign so you can get more opinions and reviews on this Maytag line! You can find all our posts here:


May is Maytag Month! and The DIY Playbook wrote about her stackable washer and dryer here.

How to Organize French Door Refrigerators here.

May is Maytag Month!May is Maytag Month!

Washing tips for your duvet and comforter here.May is Maytag Month!Loading your Dishwasher for a maximum clean here.May is Maytag Month!

Happy May is Maytag Month, everyone!

Casting Call Results

Friends, family, Small Fry readers alike, we are overwhelmed by the amount of submissions we got for the casting call. We want each and every one of these kiddos in our Mothers Day Film. I WISH WE COULD!! We thank you ALL for being willing to share their brightness with us. How wonderful to hear mothers raving about their littles ones and the joy they bring into each of their homes! We wish we could bring them all into ours! But, for now, here are the 5 that have been chosen. This is the mothers first name and last initial. If you see your name below, you will be receiving an email shortly with details about shoot days and times.

Don’t be discouraged, we have many many films in the works and will continue to draw from this list of incredible kids you have all so graciously submitted. We are so grateful you are willing to share your little ones personalities here with us at Small Fry. Thank you, Thank you!

The following have been chosen for the Mothers Day Film.

Kamana K, Ceci H, Becca A, Mckenna G, Summer R, Stephanie O

With all this casting, we almost forgot about the purpose. MOTHERS DAY! We have been spotting cute t-shirts around the web that all our little ones would love, and will be sure to melt us mommas hearts!



Strong like Mom // I love Mom // Mom is my Super Hero 

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Weekend Deals

We found a pretty good shoe sale going on now over at Asos and here’s some easy grabs to help freshen up your Spring wardrobe or snag a pricey favorite at a rare discount.

These are nothing new but if you’ve had your eye on the hugely popular Free People Royales you can grab them for $150!! Hurry before they sell out. // Adidas Slides for $28 //  Pretty Pink Pumps with a trend for Spring taken from Celine – the pointed opening instantly brings your outfit to 2017. // If you don’t want something too trendy but still on point and so feminine, these scallop pumps are only $36! // Sneakers with literally everything these days, Stan Smith’s $20 off! // If you’re in the market for Hunters, these are $40 off. We’re loving the new fit! They have lots of colors too! // The discount is spread across most all accessories so snag a pom pom beach tote, sunglasses a hat or two while you’re at it!shoes

And if you’re looking for a good warm weather maxi we spotted these three for under $30. WHAT?! BRIGHT FLORAL // MIXED STRIPED // CREAM FLORALdresses

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