Pin The Kiss

Valentines Day celebrating is in full swing here at Small Fry! Today after school the kids came home to their own giant faces on the wall, and a bunch of kissy lips waiting. It was so easy and such a giggle fest for them all!

Here is what you need:

11 x 17 prints of close up kiddo faces // Lips printable below // Blindfolds


DSC_3499DSC_3518 DSC_3534 DSC_3470

Pin The Lips PRINTABLE here.

Rubys Ruffle Blouse can be found here. 


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Easy Budgeting Tips

By Jenna, brought to you by Progressive.

By now you’ve all heard our exciting news I hope! We will be moving back to Utah and building a home there!  Ever since we started saving for our house I’ve been trying to find new ways to budget. I’ve done the whole Dave Ramsey thing (you know, the no nonsense budgeting guru) that I love but just can’t see going as far as the cash envelope system. Maybe one day, but for now I’m sharing super easy and tangible tips you can apply to everyday decisions that aren’t overwhelming, or at least they weren’t for me!


1. Make a list of your last 25 credit card transactions. Not kidding this is life changing. It revealed so much about myself! Scary stuff. I was able to see where I frequent — and I chose to avoid those places for a month. I know, sounds crazy, but I did it and it saved a TON. (Want to know my top 3? NO shame in my game. Target, Chick Fil-A, the gas station.) YIKES!


2.  I stopped going to bulk warehouse grocery stores. Sad day, but I had read once that it should be the first to go. Excessive food buying (I blame the samples) and unnecessary purchases were killing me there (yes, I for sure need 30,000 AA batteries). I’ve saved $300/month not going. Yep, I was buying $300/month in unnecessary items.  I just buy diapers and wipes in bulk with Prime now.


3. Re-sell your goods! Open an Instagram shop, hold a yard sale, or there’s several buy sell and trade groups on Facebook.  I recently started using the app ‘Poshmark’ which makes it incredibly easy, even down to printing a shipping label for you. I started organizing our closets, which felt super satisfying and sold some gently used name brand clothing on it. We donated the stuff without resale value and ‘dejunking’ felt awesome. I told myself I could only buy clothing for our family with the money I earned from selling the things we didn’t need anymore. I made $700 my first month, so cool!

4. Budgeting Apps! We use “Mint.” The top rated apps of 2016 (by the Huffington Post) were also Wally, Level Money, GoodBudget and Unsplurge! Mint specifically helps track your purchases, automatically categorizes and files them away. So you can set a budget and it will go on red alert when you go over budget in any given category. So typically mine will start yelling at me “stop buying clothes!” It really is helpful. I think the best part of budgeting is not to restrict, but to make you aware of how much you’re actually spending! Once you know the real numbers you can make more intentional efforts to be better.

5. Make your savings automatic. What that means is your saving should be just like any other payment –not optional. So, just like our car payment, we have a certain amount of money withdrawn from our checking every month and put it into a separate savings that can’t be transferred online. That way the money feels like it’s gone forever and not touchable until we close on our home. I think it can feel very overwhelming when we decide we want to “budget” and I think some of us like to go harder than others with it. But I’ve found that it’s really small changes that make the habits last for our family! What are some small tips that you have for saving money? How have you saved for big life changes? I really would love to hear your suggestions in the comments because we need all the help we can get!

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DIY Valentine Bath Bombs

By Jenna.

I’ve been wanting to make my own bath bombs forever and I did it! I’m passing them around the neighborhood for Valentine’s and I’m planning to be the favorite 🙂


What you’ll need:


Place dry ingredients in a bowl and whisk them thoroughly, do the same with your wet ingredients!bathbombs3

You can buy natural food coloring but I simply used a T of the juice of cooked beets I had on hand and it worked perfectly to make such a pretty pink! I love using Rose, Geranium, Lavender and Passion essential oils but really you can use just about anything!bathbombs4

Mix it all together!bathbombs5

Act quickly and place them in the bath molds. I didn’t have any on hand so I used a bundt cake pan I had. It worked alright but I’m sure that a mold would be a TON easier! Let dry 4 or 5 hours in the mold and boom it’s done!bathbombs6

I love it because it seriously does fizz in the bath and is made of all natural ingredients. Often the bath bombs you buy in stores are totally deceiving and have lots of chemicals in them anyway. This is incredibly easy, cheap and a fun DIY project with the kiddos!!


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FRYday! By Nicole

Its looking like everything in my life revolves around one thing: STAY WARM! This winter in Utah has been epic. More snow than I can remember in years. Its been incredible, but I’ve been focusing heavily on keeping myself and the kids warm. So, lets call this FRYdays theme “Stay Warm With Nicole”, shall we? Here are some of my favorite items from this season that have been the key players in this cold, cold world.


Adidas Zip Hoodie // Hestra Ski Gloves // Woolrich Blanket // Sorel Carnival Boot // Fjal Raven Beanie // Woolrich Slippers



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Modern Valentine Printable

By Emily.

Hayes has just now hit the age where he doesn’t want to appear to “like” girls. He has lots of darling little girl-friends, but for sure lets me know that is where it ends. So, we had to make him a Valentine this year that keeps things nice and professional. No funny business.  He’s not one to lead any babes on, which I can respect. Anyway, the printable download is below if you dig it an need something easy for your own Valentine celebrations!DSC_2959DSC_2980DSC_2968




Pop Art Nursery!

We were sent the most darling graphic DC Comic Kids Book set and had to share! The titles and graphics are amazing and brighten up any kiddo’s shelf!IMG_0512If you’re feeling inspired, they also sent over this Pop Art inspired nursery! A couple items have sold out but catch our back-up options below.Pop Art Nursery

Small Fry Picks: Valentines Cards + Walmart Protest

By Nicole:

Raise your hand if you are still running to Walmart the night before your kids Valentines Day exchange party at school? Im embarrassed to say that some years that has been me! But WHY?! Look at these gorgeous printable and DIYS we found across the web. There are dozens of darling ones, that wont leave your kids feeling embarrassed. Here are my personal favorites! PS you still have 14 days! Lets not find ourselves at Walmart this year. Deal?

One of mine, and Dashs, very favorite from this year is this Star Wars theme, naturally:


Here are eleven more that we are drooling for!


Smores // Deer Please Bee // Pop Up // My Everything //  Lets Cuddle // Cars // You Are A Gem // I Love Cactus // Sending You My Love // Minecraft // Candles //

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FRYday: Emily

I am currently typing this sitting on the floor surrounded by boxes — moving day is here! We sold our house and it closes in a couple days, so we took advantage of the overlap with our new place and started moving in early! I have been pretty quiet around here about plans and I promise to share as soon as I can! Things have been rolling, however slowly, but they are moving in the right direction, so that is exciting!fryday


So let’s get right down to it! You saw on Instagram that we went skiing for my birthday. Had a lot of questions about my ski pants! You cannot beat this price ($30??), and while they didn’t stay perfectly dry (but let it be known I spent a lot of time on my butt thinking I could hit jumps like I used to) I was super happy with them.

Next I picked up this sunglasses case and love it! I had all my sunglasses rolling around in my car and getting ruined and feel much better about this system. // I have employed the rule that if I want something new I have to sell or donate something first. I have enough stuff, you know? Trying to figure out which pair of bootiesI can part with to make room for these. Such a great Spring addition!!

We have a trip to San Diego coming up in a couple weeks and I am praying for some high temps. I love the look of One Teaspoon shorts and bought these with good faith, don’t let me down SD!

READING: Since my last Fryday — A Man Called Ove (so sweet and charming and reminded me of my husband and his brother) and also Where’d You Go Bernadette? I know it’s old news, but I love love LOVED it. I also read Daring Greatly which I talked about in my end of year wrap-up, but it changed my life. You can read why here.

WATCHING: We watched a ton while we packed, dejunked and rested from packing this past month. The OA. Just so weird, but I ended up weeping, re-watching, and weeping again at the end. I don’t even recommend it because its that weird, but the pay out at the end was really beautiful. Also Black Mirror if you want to turn your world upside down and make you want to destroy all technology.

LISTENING: Lately – Bahamas (listen to Waves to start), Hamilton Leithauser (1959), Wild Belle (Love Like This). And when I work out, Salute by Little Mix. I am certain if the women’s march would’ve had a choreographed flash mob to this it would’ve blown the roof off. 😉

DECORATING: Oh heavens, anytime you move to a new space it’s like nothing fits or works how it did in your old place. I am sure I’ll have lots to share as we get more settled. For now, new dining chairs, a perfect bench for getting shoes on, more light for dark nooks and those pillows I WON’T STOP RAVING ABOUT!

FEELING: My mom is into numerology and said 2016 was all about endings, big ones. Painful and exciting. Closing chapters, burning bridges. 2017 is about new beginnings and chances and opportunities. I think from what I hear from my friends online and off, that has been wildly true in huge and small ways for most of us. On the very last day of the 2016 we sold our house. The very first day of 2017 we put an offer on a lot. So far numerology is onto something! Happy 2017, may the bridges we’ve burned light the way!

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Recycle Those Candles

Doesnt it just irk you when your beautiful, delicious candles come to the end of their wick life? Im am a candle fiend, and waste so much perfectly good wax with the ending of each candle. I finally found a way to maximize the candles life! This simple trick will buy you hours more candle time. Ready? Here is what you need to start:


1. Your used candle. 2. A small shallow pot. 3. An unused birthday candle.

Most likely you already have all of this sitting around the kitchen.

Next, fill the pot with an inch or so of water.


Then set the candle into the water and place on the stove. Bring to a boil.


Once the wax melts about half way (as shown above) remove from stove and heat. I recommend NOT letting the wax melt all of the way, as the next step will take much longer.


Take one birthday candle and stick down into the wax.Since the wax wasnt fully melted, it should be stable enough to support the candle until cooled. If your wax was fully melted, you may need to stand holding the candle until the wax around it hardens enough to candle up.

And boom. When the wax is hardened, light the candle as if it was the original wick of the candle. It will burn as good as new until you’ve burned that candle silly. No more wasting perfectly good wax!

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