three more tiny dos

We are so pumped to have another Tiny Dos post today for you! It has been far too long since our last hair tutorial post. We called on our favorite stylist Bethany at Salon K in Provo show us how it’s done! Here’s three more awesome ideas to add to the list!Girl's Hair Tutorial!

First up: the Bang Braid! This is such a great option for keeping hair off your girl’s face. Or if she’s growing out pesky bangs, this is going to be your go-to hair style!

bang braid hair tutorial

Bethany has a video tutorial for this one right here, but keep reading for the steps!

Bang Braid How-To

1. Start by taking a deep side part.

2. Then pull hair from the crown of the head down to the forehead pulling the three strands underneath each other, each time pulling a new piece from the crown into the braid. This braid style is called an Inverted braidor a Dutch braid.

3. Continue pulling hair down into the braid until you get to the end. Then use your fingers to separate the pieces and fatten them a bit. Bobby pin or use a clear elastic to keep it in place!

We topped this braid with Hello Shiso’s star clips!

Next up is the The Sweet Roll!

Girl's Hair Tutorial!

This one is a quick little up-do that is gentle on those little scalps. Even as adults doing a tight top-knot or bun starts to hurt after a while, so this is a nice pretty style that you can wear all day!

All you need is a stretchy elastic headband and some bobby pins for this one! Steps below…

The Sweet Roll - easy updo for your girl 1. Place the elastic headband over all of the hair.

2. Wrap small sections up and around the headband and pin at a 90 degree angle to help hide the bobby pin!

3. Continue to grab small sections all the way around until all the hair is tucked under.

We topped this one with this neon pom pom clip.

And lastly, we wanted to concoct something that would be good for days at the pool, beach and lake! We call this one the Mermaid Braid!


Where their hair can get wet and dry multiple times, they can swim and splash and they won’t need to worry about getting tangled or trapped.

Mermaid Braid - Hair Tutorial for the pool!

1. Start this one either post-bath or shower, or by wetting the hair.

2. Slick the hair back and part the hair horizontally in a half-up half-down. Separate the top half and begin a french braid.

3. Once you finish the braid, comb and slick the bottom half upward into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Note: Bethany wrapped a section of hair around this pony-tail base and secured it with a bobby pin for a little extra polish! We love this idea if you’re heading straight from the pool to dinner!

Locals if you’re looking for a new salon, we are big fans of Salon K - a full-service Bumble and Bumble salon! Call (801) 226-7985 to book and follow their Instagram and blog for awesome hair tips and ideas! Huge thank you to their stylist Bethany for helping us out with these!!

Tops C/O Wunway

Galaxy Garland

It’s Cricut project time! For us as Explore™ users, our favorite thing to make is simple decor for our homes and special occasions. We love how much it brightens up a party or holiday and our boys take notice that today must be extra special, too. We made this Galaxy Garland for our craft lounge at Alt Summit last year, but love it as a little 3D decor for a nursery or play room!

Here’s how you’ll do it:Galaxy Garland

This Galaxy Suite has images like rockets, stars, planets and more and to give it an extra spacy feel we used fine glitter paper to cut them out on. Then once they were cut we made two small vertical and parallel cuts to the middles of each piece. That way when you string them up a little piece of the neon string shows through. Galaxy Garland

Find the suite right here along with all our other projects on our Small Fry Design Space!

Galaxy Garland

Download the Galaxy Garland all ready to print right here and Make it Now! Find all our Explore projects right here.

arvo wear

Brought to you by Arvo Wear watches! Get 15% off your order with “SMALLFRY15.”

We were planning out our ideas for Father’s Day this year and joked that we love giving them gifts that we can steal every once and awhile. Whether it’s a baseball cap, or a perfectly distressed t-shirt, a new album, or a great razor (they love when you do that!) sometimes the men’s section is the place to be. This year we’ve partnered up with Arvo Watches to give our favorite daddy-os these beautiful (and so affordable!) leather watches, that of course, are just begging to be swiped. Here’s how we are wearing them:


Arvo Watches | How We WearRay-Ban 58 mm // Arvo’s “The Sawyer” Watch  // Dress via Called to Surf  // Chuck Taylor Converse // Anna Bee Horizontal Plate necklace

Arvo Watches | How We WearArvo Watches | How We Wear
On NICOLE:Arvo Watch

Stella McCartney Sunglasses //Sawyer watch in black // T-Shirt via eBay (Paris inspired , tees here, here, here ,here and here) // H&M Zipper Jeans // Clutch via Asos (similar!) // Earrings & Necklace via Jcrew //

Arvo Watch Arvo Watch


On EMILY:Arvo Watch

White Time “Sawyer” watch with Navy band // Zara Marbled Skirt $25 // “Oui” Tee via Jcrew $35 with SUMMERTIME code // Striped Flats via F21 // Old Gap wrap bracelet (similar) // Midi Gold ring via Soel Boutique (similar here)Arvo Watch Arvo WatchFind your favorite combination right here! Don’t forget to use SMALLFRY15 for 15% off!

Meg’s Cookie & a Father’s Day Gift

I had a neighbor a couple years ago who made THE BEST chocolate chip cookies out there. I know I know there’s a lot of people on pinterest claiming to have the ultimate recipe…but Meg’s takes the cake. I basically have asked her one hundred times to let me share it and she finally succumbed, I think to get me to stop texting her about it. Pestering does work my friends! I’ve listed the recipe below as well as included a fun little free download for your Father’s Day!the best chocolate chip cookie of all time

Meg’s Chocolate Chip Cookies
(if you don’t eat the half the dough then this should make 24 cookies)
1cup crisco (yepppp)
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
(Mix together)
1 1/2 tsp salt
1tsp baking soda
2 1/2 cups flour (may need a l/2 cup more, add slowly until dough is desired texture)
Choc chips
Bake 375
9-10 min
Now let’s give these famous chocolate chips to our Daddy’s this year! Print off these tags & buy yourselves some paper CD sleeves.

father's day printable for cookies!

Wrap the label around the sleeve & tape at the back. Easy, cute & there is no better way to tell a man you love him more than through a cookie.cookies2

Home Office Organization

Do you have a home office? Somehow, for three women who run multiple businesses mostly from home – none of us have a dedicated “office.” We have small corners of our living rooms. We often fantasize and even looked at some office spaces to lease last year, but working near our families is part of the appeal! Even still, for those of you who are like us and work right where your family plays, you know it can be challenging! Post-it Brand has really been upping their game on tackling home organization, so we were excited (read: desperate!) to try out the new Home Collection by Post-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands!

We love how the whole collection is created with flexibility in mind. Everything is installed with Command strips so you can easily change your mind, move around, and grab without damaging your walls. Here’s how we use them as moms and business owners!
Post-It OrganizerThese Post-it Reminder Tags are so helpful! The tag simply adheres to itself so you can easily mark lunches, backpacks and coats without having to actually write on them.

Post-It OrganizerPost-it Reminder Tiles are great for lists and jotting down quick to-dos! Having it out in the open makes it that much easier to remember and refer back to. These tiles don’t lose their stick so no need to worry about Post-it Notes falling off under the fridge to be forgotten forever. Happens to the best of us!

Post-It OrganizerPost-it Magnet Grip Discs are pretty genius. We usually have a baby on our hip, so you get used to doing things one-handedly. These magnets have an open grip, so you just slide the paper, tickets, menus right in and it grabs it. All with one hand!

Post-It OrganizerThe Post-it Grip Display Rail is a sleek platinum color so it doesn’t grab your attention like a wall full of chaotic magnets tends to do. It looks intentional and allows your eye to go to the items it’s holding. It holds lots of pictures, documents, receipts, so you don’t need to have a dozen magnets on hand.  The Post-it Dry Erase Grip Tile is another great item for quick jotting, but then behind the dry erase tile it has the grippers so you can easily insert papers. If you have limited space this one is a great option!

Post-It OrganizerThis collection has been so great for our small office nooks. One thing we will say is that without a desk and drawers, you learn to only hold onto what’s necessary, hoarding is not an option! So having additional organization for those necessary things makes us feel that much more on the ball! Check out all the Home Collection products by visiting

Find Post-it Brand on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest via @postitproducts!