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We’ve been running a sort of unofficial Active Week this week and when we think of some of our favorite ideas for getting active with kids, we can’t help but think about Tiny Yoga! We ran this post years first ago, but our kids still talk about the sun and we’ve carried on doing yoga with them by video ever since! Yoga With Kids

Yoga With Kids(The boys are wearing the new line from Mini X Style throughout – SO cute right?!)

So today we had to revisit! Now that they’re bigger and more coordinated it was even bigger of a hit! Here’s how you’ll do it:Yoga With KidsStart out the kiddos with paper plates and yellow, orange, red, paint. They get to create their own “sun” which will help you guide them through the poses.Yoga With Kids

Once dry, you can lead them through the poses by telling them where their sun is going to shine. Through arm and shoulder stretches – Raise the sun to the top of the sky! Yoga With Kids

Yoga With KidsA little downward dog:Yoga With KidsOnce they’re all stretched out they can put the sun to bed for some trickier poses!

Warrior! One and Two:Yoga With KidsAnd Warrior Three:Yoga With Kids And a full lotus for some deep breathing to top it off!Yoga With Kids Our kids couldn’t have been more into it, definitely a fun one to try at home!


Cactcus Sweatshirt and Leggings

Sprinkle Pants, Sprinkles Snapback, and White Shirt

And our favorite mats!

Manduka is the top rated for several years in a row! The Pro is great if you like a thicker mat, the ProLite for a thinner version. The best budget-friendly mats have been haied from Gaiam! We love Lululemon’s too!

Summertime New Finds

Living in Utah, we spent the winter dreaming about getting our kids outside to play! We accumulated a few dreamy new toys we have been so excited to put to use, and we would be selfish not to share! Summer, we are ready for you!


Bunch O Balloons are literally blowing or minds! We found these this spring and are DYING for summer to hit so we can really get into them! The attachment hooks to the hose and it fills dozens of balloons with water at once!

Inflatable Unicorn, just cause, how amazing is this!?

Dash and Sunny have been using Swim Fins already in their heated pool. It help float them on their tummies and are really improving their swim skills, on top of feeling like real life sharks!

Geyser Blast Sprinkler is thrilling! Who needs the splash one, we have one in our yard!

Garden Set, because what kid doesnt want to be like dad?

iBert Front Child Seat isn’t new to us, but has been a staple ever sine our first little small fry was old enough to hop in! It is by far our favorite bike seat we have found, and the kids LOVE riding in the front of the bike.

Nutcase Kid Helmet has SO MANY designs, our kids love them. None of us own this exact print, but we are dying over it!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint..PAINT! How genius is this?

Micro Scooter‘s are also not new to us, but they have been the MVP of our life since Small Fry #1 could walk.

Jungle Jumparoo, I meannnn, just check out their site and videos. It speaks for itself. HEART EYES!!!


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We’re all coming off our kids Spring Breaks this past month and feeling the itch for Summer big time! We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and last couple days of your own breaks!
Wearing: Overalls! Yep I finally took the plunge and i LOVE THEM. They’re so so so easy, comfy and a killer quick outfit. I was also surprised to find my husband doesn’t hate them.

// Been collecting hoodies…cause you know how much I need them here in SoCal. // I am such a fan of self tanner at home and have found the perfect one I”m obsessed with and have been using for over a year now. The key to it though is really applying it with this mitt.
Decorating: I’ve been holding off on more decorating as I have been in serious dejunking mode. I swear my life and house and car are always filled to the brim with CRAP and I am so over it! Any tips to cutting back and getting rid of junk? I read this book and while it’s awesome it’s a little TOO extreme for my consumerism 😉
Eating: I am ashamed to say I’ll buy ANYTHING STAR WARS. My kids love it and I can’t help myself! I guess I should refer to this sentence when discussing my desires to cut back..ugh! But you guys I had to have this waffle iron.
Feeling: Andrew’s little brother is getting married in Austin in a couple weeks and we are SO EXCITED!! Any tips on traveling there? Would love to hear your foodie favorites!
Wearing: Summer on the mind! A friend recently showed us these! The kids are obsessed! AND they are helping them learn to swim! Keeps them afloat but also in good form for swimming. // Loving this Kingdom and State suit, and this one from Albion Fit. Brought these Sandals back, such a summer staple.
 Eating: I made my own version of Cubbys Quinoa Salad – the best – I could and literally eat it everyday.
Listening: Justin Bieber all day everyday.
Reading (nothing as usual, just buying coffee table books) Prettiest!
Wearing: I bought three colors of this dress last Summer and they are so cute on a regular bod, but proving their worth big time for this 28 week belly. Just send me all your links to easy tent dresses, please and thank you.
Reading: Still thinking about this talk I watched last week. So encouraging and poignant! Read or watch it here.
Listening: Eagles of Death Metal (the band that was playing during the terrorist attacks in Paris) encouraged other musicians to cover the song “Love you all the time” and the line-up is super impressive. Hearing that song over and over in so many amazing ways was super touching. All proceeds benefit terrorist attack victims! See all the versions here.
Decorating: I suppose its’ time to buckle down on the nursery! I feel like I’m starting over with Cal and this baby being 5 years apart. Gee, I wish I had a blog about babies I could read up on what are the hot, new products. 😉 But, really, first on my list is a video monitor, our old one is just audio – #dinousaur. This one won Babycenter’s Best of 2016 award, but it only has three stars on Amazon, interesting! Anyone have a favorite they want to recommend?Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 7.12.58 AM
Feeling: Currently heading to the airport  with my boys after our Spring Break in Arizona. Russ told me months ago he wouldn’t be able to take anymore work off the next couple months, and 10 days off possibly cooped inside with Utah’s Spring weather being such a rollercoaster sounded awful to me. So! I took a risk and flew us down to my brother’s house. It has been so nice to just be outside – at the park, the pool, in the yard. They’ve taken such good are of us and for sure a good call, but we are all missing Russ! Hayes has teared up every night for him, poor guy!
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Target KILLS IT in every department but the Home Department is seriously top notch right now! We love how it give us an affordable way to have a stellar house. Right now tons of items are on sale and on top of it you get $25 off of $125 by using the code ROOM at checkout. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites for you to check out!

28 beautifulweddings

Round Coffee Table // Hexagon End Table // Mid – Century Inspired Lounge Collection // Modern Stacking Chair // Brass Task Lamp // Molded Chair // Tufted Chair // Modern Coffee Table // Honeycomb Barrel // Heart Ottoman // Tripod Floor Lamp

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Kids Activity Learning Books

We had some interesting stats send to us that had us thinking more reading with our kids before age six (we’ll include the stats below!) This has made our kids new found love of workbooks even better! They love feeling like they are getting smarter and being creative, while we sit back with pleased smiles on our faces. All of these books encourage creativity while perfecting skills they need. AND, each are affordable. Perfect additions for Spring and Summer breaks for road trips or just down-time!Kids-Learning-Books

1. The Wipe Clean series are the kids very favorite right now. They come with a dry erase marker, and when you finish each page you can wipe it clean and start over again. It has been such a great addition to Dash’s learning how to perfect his letters and Sunny beginning to learn his numbers. 2. Things That Go 3. Letters Wipe Clean 4. Paint By Sticker 5. Paint By Sticker Kids – These came in our Alt Summit swag bags and Hayes works on a page almost every night. Its so calming to do as an adult so of course it’s a great option and way to work on those fine motor skills while decompressing from the day. 6. Doodle Book for Boys encourages them using their imagination to complete pictures. 7.The Girls Doodle Books. 8. My Book of Numbers 9. My First Book of Cutting

Back to those stats! 95% of our behavioral patterns established by age 6, wow! And o top of that changing those set behaviors in adulthood occur with 9 to 1 odds. This one stat especially had us thinking about how to lessen the weight of negative conditioning, whether it be from us or at school, or friends. It made us think even more about how we can add those important lessons into their everyday reading and conversation. Thanks to the authors at Inspirational Nursery Rhymes for giving us the heads up about these! Such great topics to instill those important traits, before that important age of 6! If you need a few more ideas to add to your bookshelves here are their offerings:





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Petunia Pickle Bottom Giveaway!

You guys! We are so stoked to be announcing a SUPER exciting and limited release happening over at one of our favorite bag brands, Petunia Pickle Bottom.petunia1The Downtown Tote with fabric from Malhia Kent, a high-end design house in Paris known for its exquisite fabric work and design for Coco Chanel, among many others! These high end releases will be coming from Petunia 2-3 times in a year and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

petunia2We LOVE how Petunia is constantly evolving, changing and moving with the modern Mom. Not only have they created the Downtown Tote that can transition from day to night, diapers to lipstick, this limited high fashion release is something for every girlfriend to swoon over!petunia3So here’s the deal guys – THEY ONLY MADE TEN PIECES. Yes you heard us – ten bags. That’s it. They sold out in one day. WAH!petunia4Never fear.

You know us girls at Small Fry always have your back and want to give you the chance to win one of your very own!! Ack! Enter below and GOOD LUCK!

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babyganics dryer balls

Such a great new product coming from our friends at Babyganics we had to share! They recently launched their own wool dryer balls – have you all ever tried them? Here’s the scoop:Babyganics Dryer BallsThese are Babyganics’ 100% natural wool dryer balls. They are designed in partnership with Made to Matter and sold exclusively at Target which you all know how much we love and adore. Essentially these dryer balls eliminate the need for conventional fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Babyganics Dryer BallsThey are fragrance and chemical-free and non-allergenic. And from what we’ve read about traditional dryer sheets the chemicals used can cause some serious damage to sensitive nervous systems, especially tiny babies! Babyganics Dryer BallsMade to Matter issued a challenge to their partnering brands to create a product that solves one or more of the following 5 challenges:

1. Closed loop
2. Clean Label
3. Reduced Packaging
4. Down with Sugar
5. Dietary & Allergy Restrictions

These dryer balls actually fixed three out of the five (closed loop, clean label, and reduced packaging! And probably would’ve done all 5 if the last two weren’t for food! Super cool.Babyganics Dryer BallsBut also, these dryer balls reduce drying time up to 25% and last for up to 1000 loads of laundry! So cool, right? When used with their ultra safe line of detergents and stain removers you’ve got yourself a baby-safe, earth-friendly alternative to your regular laundry routine!Babyganics Dryer Balls Babyganics is so committed to safe products for families and we love them for it! The wool comes from a collection of sustainable farms in the East Coast, the sheep are all individually named, treated humanely, never offered hormones or additives, and then sheared by expert-shearers. The wool is then cleaned with Babyganics plant-based detergent, and balled by local artisans by hand!  its 100% biodegradable and compostable so reduces waste as well as improves the local economy.

Find them here!



SLC Bieber Concert Tickets

Such a fun giveaway for you Utah locals today! Our friends at Arvo Watches have been giving away a handful of tickets to the sold-out Justin Bieber concert happening tomorrow and we are giving two away today on Small Fry!

Jenna saw him in LA and Nicole will be seeing him in Salt Lake, and even Emily can’t help but enjoy that “Sorry” diddy. So we are stoked to be able to give someone an opportunity to enjoy him live right here in Salt Lake City!bieber

Ready to enter?
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It’s lunch time! For the last year or so with Quinn being in 1st grade Jenna has packed the best whole lunches and we wanted to corral them all here for you guys today! (If anything to give Nicole and Emily inspiration as we send our oldests to all day school next year, heartbreak!) Here are 15+ lunch ideas from her personal collection #jennakiddolunch on Instagram!wholelunch

Tip #1 Pack small portions from every type of food on the pyramid. They don’t have to be sauced or seasoned or even that exciting, just having options is so wonderful! They don’t need a ton to eat, either so overwhelming portions usually go uneaten anyway. Kids need healthy fats to function at school so don’t shy away from full fat yogurt, cheeses, or eggs.

#2 Get a collection going of silly cookie cutter shapes. We don’t know why, but kids always eat more when it’s shaped. This Wilton Set is a great deal and has 50 to start. Adding fun napkins or silly straws always helps, too!

#3 Find a great lunch packing system that works for you.  We love the Bento-way because it’s compact, keeps things fresh, and separated which all kids tend to favor. We love this new one from Bentgo because it is absolutely air-tight so nothing, sauces especially, will slip out or even into a different compartment. They’re offering readers 10% off with “SMALLFRY10” from now until 4/7/16.#jennakiddolunch

Okay let’s get started with some ideas!

First here’s a packed Bentgo so you can see what we mean!

Mini apple, Veggie straws, Hard-boiled free range egg (kiddos love to peel these!), if your kids waste the bread on a sandwich try taking it off! Our kids love these Applegate turkey and organic String Cheese roll-ups. Slide a pickle slice in there for a kick! Baby Carrots with Paleo ranch for dipping (the roll-up is great dipped, too!) And a little bundle of berries! #jennakiddolunch

  • Smoked Applegate ham, celery, cherry tomatoes, honey and peanut butter sandwich on organic 10 Grain bread and organic blueberries!
  • Blackberries, strawberries, Free Range hard boiled egg, sea salt cucumbers, Applegate Turkey Breast, banana, Baybel Cheese, honey graham crackers.


Kiwi Berries // Strawberries // Kettle Corn (Boom Chika Pop!) // rotisserie chicken // cucumbers, carrots and paleo ranch.#jennakiddolunch

Applegate Smoked Turkey, Provolone Cheese on Supergrain Bread. MCClures Dill Pickle, veggie sticks, strawberries, banana and a lilttle ginger cookie during Christmastime.


Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil (Trader Joe’s), blackberries, pomegranate, PB and Honey sandwich on 10 Grain Bread and pepperoni.


Stawberries, snap peas, carrots, Applegate honey ham, Red Lentil Pasta with Butter and Salt.#jennakiddolunchOrganic Berries, mixed nuts (check for no allergies in your class before sending), Salted cucumbers, hard boiled egg, Applegate Ham and Pita Crackers.#jennakiddolunchRaspberries, Babybel Cheese, snap peas, egg and ham sandwich on whole wheat.And a few more for your viewing pleasure!#jennakiddolunch








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Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.36.21 AMWe are all about finding products that make our lives as busy moms on the go – easier! So when we came across BEACHMATE we about had a heart attack. As women who have schlepped a million belongings and our children across sandy beaches in the summer time, we breathed a huge sigh of relief when we found BeachMate.BeachmateBeachmateBEACHMATE is a super cool system that comes with all your beach necessities in one.BeachmateThere are industrial shovels your kids will love and never break, a cooler, buckets to compartmentalize your food and use to keep your food out of the sand but also serve a multi-functional purpose as buckets for stellar sand castle building! AND there are even velcro straps to hep hold your rolled up towels to your new best friend. This thing is seriously legit.


The cooler is so awesome and fits perfectly inside the BEACHMATE. NO more lugging around enormous coolers.IMG_6022 IMG_6028

Check out everything the system comes with:Beachmate What’s so cool to is the BEACHMATE will attach to your beach chairs making hauling the world across the beach a BREEZE. Another incredible feature of this innovative system is that you can have it monogrammed! We all know how beach stuff gets mixed up and lost in the shuffle – not anymore! BEACHMATE JUST launched their website March 15th so get the goods and get on with your summer!!



Find the BEACHMATE family of products here!