All photos by Hayley Kaze.

Here is the story of how Raleigh Rex Frame finally joined our family on June 10, 2016 at 12:54 pm. He weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 20 inches long. Raleigh Rex  | Birth Story Besides some jaundice, gratefully he is healthy as can be even though he was technically 1 day premature. So, onto the delivery! Is there an echo in here? Now that I am on the other side  I can say, yes, yes there is. After a few weeks of basically the same events, false alarms, contraction history, things were looking like they might be a verbatim copy of my other deliveries. Strep B positive – check! Dilated to a 6 at 36 weeks – check!Raleigh Rex  | Birth StoryNo one can really tell me why, but my body dilates (with Callum I was dialed to an 8 at 37 weeks and not in active labor) quickly and not necessarily in tandem with any contractions.  So the fear of delivering at home or in the car is overwhelming for both Russ and I, and as much as I love him that’s one adventure I don’t need to experience. Luckily the team of doctors and midwives discussed my situation and just one day before I would hit 37 weeks they finally sent me to the hospital. With lots of pre-labor contractions that week, I was so grateful to finally get admitted! Raleigh Rex  | Birth StorySo! As what has now become a routine in my deliveries, they admitted me, started a round of antibiotics for the Strep B (healthy but dangerous bacteria that a baby can pick-up in the birth canal that I apparently carry all the time and really, in combination with dilating, the only case they can make for inducing someone at 36/37 weeks.)Raleigh Rex  | Birth Story Then similarly my midwife told me once the antibiotics were administered she’d break my water and we’d get the show on the road. Something must’ve changed since my last delivery 5 years ago, because what was a 4-hour round with both Hayes and Cal’s delivery was only 1 hour with Raleigh’s. I had told everyone that the baby would likely be coming at 4-ish – my sister watching my kids, our birth photographer, my family, etc. etc. We had decided that since it might be our last baby we’d do the delivery just us two. No one else in the room, but Hayley who would be taking pictures. We thought we had time and honestly hadn’t even texted everyone we should have (whoops, Russ’ mom!) Then, at 12:30pm my midwife comes in and says “Okay, ready to do this?”

Exsqueeze me?Raleigh Rex  | Birth StoryI immediately got butterflies and luckily we had warned Hayley so she was already on her way. They broke my water and then literally everyone just stared at me. Waiting for something to happen. A contraction? For that dumb smile to be wiped off my face? I was still feeling great so my midwife went to get a soda or something, presumably. I rolled to my side since Raleigh was posterior and was told that might help with his descent, and then WA-BAM. Hey actual labor contractions, nice to see you again.Raleigh Rex  | Birth Story Russ coached me through two sets while I breathed like my life depended on it and asked him for an update on our girl Hayley. On that third set I looked at my nurse and said sort of incredulously “I think I need to push.” She ran out to the hall and I heard her yelling at my midwife, “Get in here now or you’re gonna miss this.”Raleigh Rex | Birth StoryMy midwife checked me and she said “Okay, if you’re ready, push on your next contraction!” I felt like I was on a runaway train watching nurses all run around setting everything up. I looked at Russ and said “Where’s Hayley now?” then we looked out the window and saw her full-on sprinting with her camera bag into the hospital. It was hilarious. So I opted to wait out one more contraction and the second I saw her face through the door, put my feet up in the stirrups and got to town. This is the actual first picture she took of the event (so intense, I wouldn’t normally post such a thing but it illustrates the speed perfectly!)Raleigh Rex  | Birth StoryNow for all of you who say (and I agree) my deliveries are too easy and it’s just not fair… I do not get out of any pain when it comes to pushing. As soon as I started I was not a happy camper and really just half-heartedly into it. Can I back out now? They kept telling me to pull my legs up closer to my chest, but I just didn’t wanna. Don’t make me do it! Raleigh Rex | Birth StoryLuckily it only took 5 (3 rounds of total wuss-fest pushing and a couple of actual okay, you’re not going to get a baby here by being a baby, Emily) rounds of pushing to get him here and that sweet relief washed over me. I couldn’t stop crying, and I have that same feeling wash over me often ever since. Just absolute gratitude. I am so grateful he’s here. Raleigh Rex | Birth StoryThe long wait, a miscarriage, the 36 weeks of nausea, throwing up, hip pains, what-have-you. So grateful to hold his tiny face in my hands. Raleigh Rex | Birth StoryThe anxiety and anticipation, the wondering and hoping, the praying. He is a miracle to me and he is absolutely everything to me and to my boys and to Russ. We have stars in our eyes for our Raleigh Rex.Raleigh Rex | Birth Story From every face he pulls to burp he rips it is cheered on by a family who loves him. (This was taken right before Hayes and Cal walked in to meet him!)Raleigh Rex  | Birth StorySometimes when I am in a big crowd of people I think to myself – Every. single. person. here had someone carry them for 9+ months. Every single person here had a mother who shared their body, felt the pain and worry, and I’d say (and hope) the majority of which did it with love in their hearts, honored at the chance. It blows my mind! Raleigh was born the same day as the shooting in Orlando, and I thought about how scary of world I was bringing him into. Panicked for a moment. And then I thought about that crowd of people – each one with a mother who lovingly carried them, delivered them, cared for them. There will never be as much hate or fear as there is love in this world. It is just statistically impossible. Mothers alone ensure that the scales will never be tipped.Raleigh Rex | Birth Story


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Happiest FRYday, friends!

While Em is in heaven with her sweet little baby, Jenna and I are here to celebrate FRYday with you! We always love sharing with you our best and latest purchases, we hope you find it useful! We love you, and stay tuned, Em is sharing her birth story in a few days! HEART EYES!!




Reading: Not much but what I AM reading on is this incredible thing!! We added it to our beach arsenal and it’s seriously LEGIT.

It inflates with air from the wind and is the coziest beach side accessory.

Wearing: Le specs have become my favorite. So inexpensive and made so well! I also love that prime gets them to me in two days. These are my newest!

Sea folly swimsuits are the BEST. So classy, well made and last forever! I have talked about a few of them i’ve purchased this summer. This one I LOVE.

I’m trying to be a grown up and wear eye shadow: this palette has helped this amateur get started.

Summer = white t shirts: this one is my current favorite



Wearing: These Karen Walkers. They are just the best classics that everyone should own! They are flattering on everyone! If you are ready to dive into the sunglasses addiction, here is the perfect place to start!

I want all the colors of these Nike Runners. Ill start here.

And while we are Nike-ing, these are my pool shoes.

Reading (but lets be real, its more like decorating):

Ive collected all of these Photography coffee table books by Slim Aarons, they are just the prettiest! I want to dive into every image he captures. Here is the 3rd one I’ve purchased.

Okay, this one is a little spendy, but I’ve always been infatuated with private air travel, and these images have me swooning! The Art of Flying is a must own for your coffee table book collection.






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Homemade Mac & Cheese

We are back with the third installment in our Similac Go & Grow Series. If you don’t know what we’re talking about you can read our past recipes here and here! But if you’re new to Go & Grow, here are the cliff notes: It’s an incredible tasteless powder jam packed full of vitamins and nutrients to help regular kid food pack a punch in the nutrition department! And you can get a free sample to try here!20160515-IMG_4343-2

If you’re a Mom than you know if all else fails, feed them Macaroni & Cheese. It’s always a win at our houses and when we’re desperate to get these kiddos fed – it always does the trick! We particularly love making homemade mac and cheese. It’s no more difficult but full of more wholesome ingredients we can get behind….liiiiiike good old cream and butter 🙂 Operation fatten those kiddos up in full affect! 20160515-IMG_4356-2

You’ll need:

1/2 lb Cavatappi Noodles

1 c Shredded Colby Jack Cheese

1/4 c Cream

3 T butter

3 pouches Similac Go & Grow20160515-IMG_4376-2

Directions: Cook the noodles al dente, mix in cream, butter and Go & Grow until smooth, add cheese and stir till melted!20160515-IMG_4377-2


Similac partnered with influencers such as us for its Go & Grow by Similac Food Mix-Ins Launch Program. As part of this Program, we received compensation for our time. Similac believes that consumers and influencers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Similac policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.



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Fourth of July BESTS

Its almost here, the very best holiday of the year (says Nicole, at least), but we think we might agree! Isn’t it the best? Just gathering with friends and family without the pressure to  bring gifts, eating casual American foods and celebrating the incredible freedom we are so blessed to experience everyday.

From pool floats to party decor, Nicole has rounded up some of her favorite American supplies to make it the best Fourth of July yet. And, all of these she found on Amazon.


Table Cloth //  Party Decor //  Flag Bunting //  Beach Ball //  Flag Pool Float //  Popsicle Pool Float //  Tattoos // Flag Towel //  Ice Cream Pool Float //  Cotton Candy Maker //  Snow Cone Maker

Happy Celebrating!



















snow cone


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the baby cubby!

Getting ready for this baby with my youngest being nearly 5, I feel like such a rookie! Even running a blog about kids and all the latest gear I have been feeling lost about what I need, what brands and items will fill that need the best and how to sort through the millions of options. The Baby Cubby is a brick and mortar store in Lindon, Utah really close to my house so I’ve been spending lots of time there testing out all their brands and samples for everything from a carseat to baby toys. They also have Resource Guides on their site (scroll to the bottom navigation to see the list!) so if you can’t go into the store you still get that customized experience. One guide they have on their site that I love is the Diaper Bag Guide! They go through all the features you might want or need and break down which brands and styles fit which need. GENIUS! I ended up going with Petunia Pickle Bottom’s new Pathway Pack – it is absolutely beautiful in person and all the features of the bag sold me. Pathway PackYou’ll have to check out the comprehensive buying guide here, but here’s a little taste of it so you can see they mean business.Diaper-Bag-Checklist

When you first start spotting Petunia Pickle Bottom bags you can’t help but notice that SO many moms carry them and swear by them. I had never used one before but actually holding the Pathway Pack in my hands at the Baby Cubby’s store you realize why the brand is so popular. They think of everything and include it in the bag. From the matte black wipes case, to the laptop sleeve. Back pack straps or cross body, It was seemingly made for me. Then the cherry on top is the coated linen. You get that beautiful bone color and the texture of linen and the contrast with the stark black but since it’s coated you can wipe it off. If a diaper bag needs to be one thing it’s durable, but I love that I can still have that beautiful color combo.

Just my weekly pregnancy PSA for you guys! Anyone who needs a little guidance like I did — Diaper Bag Buying Guide to the rescue!