mamaroo giveaway [closed]

Congratulations to Kimberly N. for winning this giveaway!

Another awesome giveaway for you guys today, via the geniuses over at 4moms! We’ve shared our love of the mamaRoo before, (remember when they gifted them to NICU moms for us¬†two Christmases ago? We love them forever!) but we hadn’t had any new Small Fries of our own to really test them out. Time to get to work, Lolly! ūüėČ We’re going to share our favorite features later on but before you get to reading, you can enter to win one for yourself!



Now for a little info on why we love this mamaRoo so much.

1. We love their little slogan and totally agree! Parents don’t bounce or swing they rock and sway, and this pretty contraption does just that. You can watch it in motion right here, and just watching it makes us sigh and breathe a little deeper. It looks so relaxing! How cozy does Lolly look?

2. The mamaRoo is now an app in the iTunes App Store! You can sync all the commands right on your phone. Set the music, the rhythm, the timer, all from your phone!



3. The design is sleek and the colors are soothing. It is not obnoxious as so many other pieces of baby gear can be!

4. The mamaRoo is SO quiet. The movement is fluid and unless music is on you don’t hear it. Such a refreshing feature for us and our history of squeaky swings.





5. There are so many different settings you can use it for so many different purposes as your baby grows!

6. It will buy you an extra half-hour for a shower. Win! Obviously for purposes other than a quick photo for this review the the straps are soft and secure easily so your little bundle is snug and safe!

Good luck, we hope you win!

Belly Bandit [giveaway!]

We already shared our favorite nursing bra with you earlier this month, so today we’re excited to be able to give it, plus a couple other Belly Bandit favorites away to one lucky mama! Here’s what you can win:
The BDA is the perfect day or night bra, it slips right over and the secures right back. There are no clasps or buttons and that is a definite plus for those late night feedings. ($37)
And that Bandita again, so pretty! This has more support and form and great for day use and going out! ($47)
Bandita Bra
Lastly, the Mother Tucker Corset! We have all dabbled in postpartum binding, which European and Latin cultures do religiously. Have you tried it? It’s so nice to feel supported and held in all around your core, and on top of that it helps your hips shrink back to their pre-baby width. ($90)
Mother Tucker Corset
$180+ ¬†in Belly Bandit favorites can be yours, just enter below! Good luck, and have a ¬†great weekend! We’ll be back with more goods for mama and baby next week.

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best newborn gowns

Gowns and sleep sacks instantly transport us to the newborn stage. It’s our favorite clothing item during the day for the first several weeks and night for even a few months! Being able to easily access diapers or make a quick outfit change without having to deal with snaps or buttons is the best! Especially when you’re tired beyond reason and you end up snapping them out of order four times in a row. Been there! Here are our favorites:
Favorite Newborn Gowns

Best Bargain: Carter’s is carried at big box stores all over, and for good reason! These are great for stocking up.

Longest Lasting: For a gown that will last forever, look great through multiple siblings Kate Quinn Organics is the way to go.

Softest: Carter’s might be the best deal, but it definitely isn’t the softest option. If you want silky smooth, warm and cozy, Kickee Pants is hands down the best. We hoard these like crazy!

Heart Eyes: Electrik Kidz has an awesome line up of graphic gowns. How darling is this ruler set? We love that you can tie up the bottom as well for extra warmth.

Chicest: Or is it most chic? Either way, this classic look will put all eyes where they belong, on your beautiful baby!

Warmest:¬†HALO SleepSack Swaddles are amazing and we love that you can swaddle with arms out or in, to avoid those startle wakings (uncontrollable limbs is sort of the most hilarious¬†part of having a newborn.) We’ve heard of babies that like one arm swaddled and one out. Some who need their arms free, and some who change their minds everyday. HALO is all about options.
Did we leave any out that you love? Let us know below!

10 graphic nurseries

We’re ditching the serene and going with bold and graphic for this next set of nurseries in our series! It’s all about bright elements and textures. You can take such fun risks in spaces for kids, and heres some of our favorites!

1. Colorblocked walls add interest without overpowering.

10 Graphic Nurseries

Indie Days

2. Starting with¬†organic elements like wood paneling and live greenery make a great backdrop for adding big pops of color in the decor. This art, mobile and quilt couldn’t be better coordinated!

10 Graphic Nurseries


3. You all know our love for black and white. While it might feel stark for a nursery, all the shapes are really great for new eyes to learn to focus on.

10 Graphic Nurseries

Apartment Therapy

4. Color palettes are such a fun way to take risks. Layering shapes and colors makes an otherwise boring flat green wall that you might get sick of, exciting.

10 Graphic Nurseries

Fawn & Forrest

5 & 6. The triangle stencil is a definitely popular choice over the last few years. It’s not overly sweet like a polka dot, while adding those nice lines!

10 Graphic Nurseries

Apartment Therapy¬†above¬†‚ėĚ and below ‚ėü

10 Graphic Nurseries

7. Another example of that color blocked wall we love! We like how they’ve brought the wall paint choice up into the shelves too to tie it all in. How great are those colored light fixtures, too?

10 Graphic Nurseries

Home Edit

8. This wall packs a huge punch but all it is is a quick painter’s tape job. Swap out some of the decor and it could easily be a room for a boy as well.

10 Graphic Nurseries

Domaine Home

9. Stenciling is great for simple designs, but when you want an intricate look, wall paper is the only way to go. We love how the painted trim breaks up all that white.

10 Graphic Nurseries

Domaine Home

10. Maybe you want something special for your nursery but don’t have a lot of budget? This painted wall mural is so unique and all simple shapes. You don’t have to be an artist to accomplish something like this!

10 Graphic Nurseries


So where do you land — serene or bold? Or maybe somewhere in the middle?

Need more inspiration? Head to our LIVE pin board!

DIY baby headband

You all know how we love an easy repurposed DIY for our kids, so now that we have a little Small Fry lady on board we’re excited to add DIYs for her, too! This one is a super easy headband you can make from an old t-shirt!DIY headband


Grab a t-shirt:



DIY headband


Cut a 14″x3″ strip, straight as can be lines, and raw edges are great!DIY-headband-3


Tie the knot, if you don’t have a baby on hand you can use a ball or bowl as a measurement.


DIY headband

This one is such a great quick project, makes a great gift and we love being able to choose the fabric’s pattern and feel.

DIY Baby Headband


Find more repurposed DIYs: Leggings & Knotted Beanies!