kid costumes : home alone

We’re back with our second set of costumes from favorite movies of our childhood! Home Alone is one of those movie we anticipated showing our boys knowing how much they would love it, and now that they’re older, we were right. It’s just as funny as we remember, and they agree! The Wet Bandits, Marv and Harry have provided a lot of laughs, so here’s our homage to them!
home alone kids halloween costume

We love this idea because it’s all sourced from things kids already have in their closets, with a little theatrical makeup and accessorizing. Thick canvas coats like this one, with high top boots like these, topped with a fold-over beanie are great (and warm!) bases for this costume.

Home Alone Halloween Costumes

Then add little touches like feathers, an empty paint can-turned-candy-holder and of course Marv needs a little iron-burn and five o’ clock shadow courtesy of mama’s makeup!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 10.43.17 AM


Check back tomorrow, for one more set!

Land of Nodtober pt. 3

There is a little over a week left to enter Lately Lily’s Land of Nodtober Sweepstakes, and their awesome Pop-up shop party with Land of Nod on October 25th in Chicago! We wanted to share some of the awesome products you’ll see at the Pop-up and later on the site as well!

The Letters from a Traveling Girl line is so sweet and inspirational. A breath of fresh air from some of the sassy and bad-attitude type graphic tees we see for girls.

Lately Lily

Travel Flash Cards to learn all about the awesome places Lily visits, and a book all about her adventures.

Lately Lily

The trio sets for tiny girls via Land of Nod:

Lately Lily

And for boys, too! Our hearts are a-flutter!

Lately Lily

The packaging makes these orders so much fun, we still have our yellow suitcases from our first post with Lately Lily last year!

Lately Lily

And of course, our third interview with Land of Nod’s Creative Director, Danielle! Danielle does an amazing job at creating and maintaing that recognizable “Land of Nod” look and feel.

Land of Nod Creative Director


Keep reading to see our interview with the inspiring Danielle! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway here!


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kid costumes : the sandlot

It’s COSTUME time! We wanted to go with a little theme of movies we loved while growing up and how to get an at-home super easy costume out of it. We have three sets of costumes to share, and we’ll be posting the throughout the rest of the week! First up, The Sandlot! We’ll spare you the incessant quoting, but we will warn you if you haven’t seen this coming of age baseball flick, you’re missing out. So many good one-liners and memorable scenes, but who can forget the (temporarily) unrequited love Michael “Squints” Palledorous had for Wendy Peffercorn, a much older pool lifeguard and all-around hottie.

Here’s how you can put this together at home!

the sandlot halloween costume


For Wendy:

A thick white headband, white Cat-Eye Sunglasses, a gingham dress (we scored this one at Whirliss an awesome vintage Etsy shop (grab a 10% off coupon below!) and a little coy attitude and you’ve got Wendy down pat.

The Sandlot - Squints & Wendy Halloween Costumes

For Squints: An open button-down shirt, a white undershirt, cuffed denim (via Rowen Christian Couture), some high-top Chuck Taylors, and some Wayfarers (try either the fake reader style or pop the lenses out of the sunglass version!) and you’ve got yourself  Squints!

The Sandlot - Squints & Wendy Halloween Costumes

This couple’s costume is so good, and of course can be scaled up for adults, no problem. Check back Thursday and Friday for the rest of our favorite childhood movies turned kid costumes!The Sandlot - Squints & Wendy Halloween Costumes

Also, the vintage shop we scored Wendy’s dress at, Whirliss, is offering 10% off your purchase! Enter “SMALLFRY” at checkout! Shop here!

Find last years’ costumes here: James and the Giant Peach, Floyd from “Stuck”, Gnomes, and Vector and Minions from Despicable Me!

**To see if you’re the winner of the Little Black Legging Giveaway go here!**

SnapRays Guidelights

We’re going to go ahead and say it, after being sent approximately one million pitches for “the next big product” for kids, SnapRays Guildelights took the cake for us this year! With a few toddlers between us, we are all in different stages of transitioning from cribs to beds, and from diapers to undies. With each passing day our boys become a little bit more independent right before our eyes, and SnapRays Guildelights has filled a big need for all of us!  So what is this amazing product?Snap Power SnapRays Guildelights is a new start-up that essentially replaces your outlet covers with covers that have three small LED lights installed right into the outlet! The LEDs last for 25+ years and cost about ten cents a year in electricity. They are activated when the lights are turned off, so they only run when other light isn’t present.

Snap Ray Guildelights

We’ve all installed them in our kids’ bedrooms and down the hallways to their little bathrooms, and we love that we don’t have remember to turn them on or off, curious little brothers can’t unplug or misplace them. We don’t have to replace lightbulbs or worry about something overheating or burning near the bulbs. The light is soft and just the right amount of intensity. When we stumble through the hallways at night to assist one of our kids, no more stepping on toys or stubbing toes. It really is such a wonderful product and we know you all will love them, too!

Snap Ray Guildelights

You can order them in two different outlet styles, for those with the switch style, that one is coming soon! As moms, being able to install these on our own with no headache, and everyday tools is so awesome.

SnapRays Guildelights

These little covers have had a ton of positive press so we’re sure you’ll be seeing and hearing of them a lot in the future, but we knew we had to share this one with you as soon as we saw it. After using them in our homes for a couple of weeks, we don’t know how any home has done without them! Check out SnapRays Guildelights in action:

Thanks to SnapRays Guildelights  for sending us this product to review, as always, all opinions are our own. We choose to share products we know our readers will love, and these definitely fit the bill!

See how the Guidelights fit into any home and decor via their Pinterest Page, follow along with their crazy growth and new products via Facebook and Twitter!

FRYday : Nicole

Happy Fryday everyone! Had to share what I’m picking up (and what I’ve already bought NOT at a discount, dang it) during this crazy awesome J.Crew sale going on right now! Enter “WEEKENDPLANS” at check out for a whopping 40% extra off sale. Yes please.

J.Crew Sale for Me

When I’m at home, my number one priority is comfort, this sweatshirt ($32) and drawstring twill pant ($43) are on heavy rotation! // I love the stripe chiffon peeking out of this perfect Fall sweater. ($54) // And the real leather detailing on this wool sweater. ($66) // I love a polished flat and this red suede is gorgeous! // I bought this phone case months ago and haven’t removed it since, which is a welcome surprise as I usually get the itch weekly. And ($9), really? // It’s All Good, and when in French, especially so. ($15) // Another chic option for my most trusted accessory. ($15) // Toothpicks at ($54)? Everyone get a couple pairs, stat! // A leather bag is hard to find at such a great price. This embossed cross-body is such a perfect everyday bag, too! ($126). I also picked up this darling sunburst skirt and mixed media sweater, too! Who can resist?

Here’s what I’m eyeing for Dash and Sunny:




Jcrew Sale for Boys

Love this button up for school or church, it goes with everything and keeps it’s shape. ($15) // Buy this for your guys, steal it for yourself! ($14) // Most perfect raglan, ever. ($19) // Can’t pass up the striped sleeves, obviously. ($15) // Great graphic tee for ($13) // Can’t resist a tiny guy in a tie! ($9) If mama is getting cozy, everyone is! ($15) This henley is so cute layered under a cardigan, over a long sleeve shirt, or plain! ($14)

And to be fair (and because I couldn’t resist) here’s some musts for girls:

Jcrew Sale for Girls


First, bright Sunnies for ($9)! // Next, striped tees to go with everything ($13) //  More French for your little lady. ($16) // Toothpicks for her with a little moto edge. ($36) // Wishing these zip sweats came in my size! ($22) This pom pom tunic, too! ($26) The only thing that could make these MacAlisters better was glitter, so go you J.Crew! ($70)

Happy shopping and Happy WEEKEND!