Happy weekend everyone! We are extra excited because both Nicole and Emily are heading down to California and the Small Fry fam will be together again at last. We’ll be sure to share the fun but face time is always the best and vital for our work morale. Who are we kidding, we’re besties and what other reason is there?
Wearing: ALERT! Karen Walker’s are finally at Nordstrom. They’ve been hard to track down where we live so yay! Love these. // Also soaking up my last few skiing days. It was so hot yesterday I had to shed my layers and just wear this vest!
Contemplating: Permanent makeup brows! I know, I’m shocked too!! But her work is incredible. Have any of you tried it? Check out her instagram at @allure.artistry or her site.
Anticipating: LDS General Conference. It’s literally my favorite holiday!
Reading: ANOTHER new coffee table book! Can’t be stopped!

frydayWearing: I am obsessed with really easy dresses that make it simple for me to function as a Mom but also feel put together. I’ve found a couple that fit the bill. When I am buying a dress like this they may be a little bit more expensive but I consider then a staple in my close that will last forever. This T-Shirt dress is soft, cozy and so flattering. It’s seriously the BEST summer dress. // Look no further because I have found the BEST summer sandal and for $22! Target come THROUGH! Love these so much. You can dress them up or down and they’re SO comfortable.

Decorating: I’ve been loving working on my mantle for spring! Of course everything is pretty much from Target! This wood vase has been so good to me and transitions through every season. This egg and these. Super cool too but when you use the code HOMESTYLE you get 10% off!
Feeling:  A lot! Ha! I love these moments we get on our Fryday’s to sit and reflect on our week because so much can change in a week. One week I can feel totally in control and high on life and the next week I’m like ALL THE THINGS ARE WRONG! Trying to gain control of a very busy life and looking forward to a happy positive week ahead! And a weekend spent with my SF babes who are coming to town!
Eating: Clean. It’s horrible. But I started BBG with the “Sweat” app and I feel the old motivated Jenna coming back and that’s super exciting!

Working It Out: I’ve recently purchased this awesome work out bundle. I’m trying to work out more at home and it’s super awesome, convenient but still freaking hard. I love that it uses resistance and your own body weight to really give you a killer workout. There’s tons of cool tips on the site and it’s a cool little startup so an incredible company to support.


Wearing: I swore off the resurgence of overalls when they started popping up a few years ago. But I don’t know why the pregnant belly has me reconsidering. I am bringing these on our trip and am still not sure, but I know they’re friggin’ comfortable. I’ll be sure to post and we can all chuckle together. H&M is proving to run a size bigger than everywhere else for me, so maybe size up? Also BEST news, they finally started accepting onli
ne returns in the store. Welcome to 2016 H&M!

Thrilled About: Another hilarious pregnancy purchase, the HOLO! You gotta say it like “Hoooo-Loooo” Yolo-style. All I want for my last few months of pregnancy is to just lay on my stomach. I am so looking forward to soaking in the pool in this baby. You literally stick your belly into the hole and lay down. Genius invention!

Reading: Heading out on a road trip and I need a good audio book! I feel like there’s an art to a good audio book and want recommendations! Any ideas to keep both me and my husband entertained? This list looks promising!

Listening: You guys are always so nice about my music picks. Love it! For those who asked I try and keep this playlist updated with favorites — follow along if you’d like! Loving Flume and a couple by Chet Faker this week!

Feeling: My siblings (well 4 of the 6) are finally kicking off our hopeful tradition of a sibling and cousin trip this week! We’re meeting at the beach and Disneyland (don’t tell my kids, last thing I need is the incessant when are we going to Disney questions) and I am so excited! My parents divorced when most of us were adults and trying to reconfigure how are family works without two parents that speak to one another 😉 at the head has been a learning experience for sure. We’re all taking charge and it should be fun!


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Munchkin Latch Bottle!

By Jenna:

By the time I got to my third child I thought, oh it’s fine I’ve got THIS. In came Lolly who broke all the rules, one of which was NOT being a bottle baby!! She ONLY liked to nurse and it was such a difficult experience as I could never feel comfortable being away for longer than 2 hours! Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.00.10 PMIn came Munchkin’s Latch Bottle. Guys I tried every SINGLE bottle. And while this is a sponsored post – the only reason we took it on is because I can 100% tell you from first-hand experience that this was the only bottle Lolly would take! Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.00.20 PMMunchkin designed the Latch bottle to help babies transition back and forth from breast to bottle with ease. The nipple is an accordion style that helps reach back to the baby’s palate thus creating a correct latch. Awesome stuff.Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.00.29 PMNow that Lolly isn’t breastfeeding it’s been tough to keep her full of liquids. Finally after a couple weeks I decided to try this bottle again and here we go she’s drinking almond milk like a champ! Why didn’t I think of it before?!Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.00.38 PMBut of course she’s STILL  a diva and won’t hold it herself…oh girls. 😉Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.00.47 PMI really do miss breastfeeding and the fun accessories that come with it but 13 months was long enough for us. Lolly was SO whiny and upset every time she would see me and she’s just become such a happier baby since we weaned! I loved the place breastfeeding held for us but we still have beautiful bonding moments while I’m bottle feeding – it feels much the same to me! Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 4.00.53 PMMaybe one of the best features of the Munchkin Latch Bottle is it’s affordability, but right now the deal just got sweeter. Until March 12th you can get these bottles 15% off using this link on Target’s cartwheel app! This is a great gift to stock up on for showers or even for future babies in your life!

Photo Credit // Morgan Pansing


We’re long admirers of Minted and so excited to share a few pieces we were gifted by them recently! There are so many amazing ways to acquire art, but we love their vast collection and representation of so much emerging talent. We’ll be sharing all of our picks over the next month or so, first up are Nicole’s picks!minted1 This print is by Melanie Severin – “Enliven.” I have loved creating my own abstract art this year, but when it’s your own you can’t help but point out mistakes or flaws, or even how you felt when you painted it. When it’s someone else’s piece I tend to just enjoy it as a whole so much more. I love the serene colors and that pop of coral, too!minted2 My last pick is “Lawless” by Jihye Back Kim. Another representation of what I spoke of above, but the movement always causes me to pause. I love that it goes anywhere in my house too so my constant shifting will always have a place for it. It might be hard to have every aesthetic element I love in a house with two zesty boys but art will always be one of them. I hope having a great collection will instill a love and respect for it, too!minted3To add that rustic calming touch, I chose this “All is Quiet” photograph by Jennie Kupelian.   Horses might have this effect on everyone, but every time I look at it I can’t help but breathe a little deeper. I wonder what he’s thinking and I love having it in my house!minted5 Find your next work of art at Minted! Their framing options are totally great and the collection is categorized to make it easy to track down a piece that suits your style and needs!minted6More of our homes here!

best of: easter eggs!

We’re back with our “Best Of” series, highlighting our favorite Holiday ideas from around the web. With Easter falling in March again this year we wanted to get a head start! Here’s some seriously amazing ideas we’ve spotted and pinned. Follow our boards here!8 Modern Easter Egg IdeasBrit Co.’s Fruit Series is incredible! Check all these ideas out. They map them out step by step here.Fruit and Veggie Easter Eggs

This series was created after the NYC Subway system, but we just love the graphic typography and pops of bright color! See how they did it here.Initial Easter Eggs

For those who love a good crisp line and can’t see to get it with tradition dyeing methods, this washi tape decorating is so genius!Washi Tape Eggs

Pantone Eggs – You know how much we love Pantone paint chips. (Remember our giant Pantone art here?) Such fresh and modern!Pantone easter eggs

This one is arrogantly from our own archives, but our kids loved it and we loved displaying them! Never run out, re-do a million times, the favorite: Chalkboard Eggs.Chalkboard EggsWe love all these clever sayings for your eggs from Lovely Indeed! So cute!Typography EggsThe Queen of the Emoji, Kelly of Studio DIY slayed this one!Emoji Easter Eggs

This one is so pretty! Gold leaf marbling from She Knows!Gold Marbling Egg

Find more of Small Fry’s Easter Archives here!

DIY ideas: A Miffy Easter Egg Hunt Tote, Sweet Bunny Onesie, and bunnifying your sneakers!

For your parties: Our Annual Brunch Year One, Two, Three and Four. Printable Games, Mask Ideas,

Our Favorite Swaddles!

The way to dress up a baby these days is a gorgeous blanket. The perfect and multi functional accessory in our ways! See some of our favorites we’ve rounded up for you today!swaddle1 // Little Lotus — We absolutely LOVE what these swaddles stand for. The Little Lotus products use a special fabric that was first developed for NASA spacesuits. It keeps babies at the ideal temperature by drawing away excess heat when babies get too warm, and releasing it when they start to cool down. Fewer temperature fluctuations enable your baby to stay more comfortable, helping them to rest better. Their temperature regulating fabric is safe for your baby to use, and feels soft and luxurious to the touch. For every Little Lotus product purchased, a preterm infant in a developing country will be saved with an Embrace infant warmer.

2 // Lou Lou and Company — This Utah local company has hit it big with their darling and unique prints on the super soft (and large) swaddle blanket. From bows to blankets their taste is impeccable.

3 // Two Tykes — We adore this Australian owned brand and all their flawless prints on certified organic muslin, it’s seriously like rolling your baby in butter!

4 // aden + anais — You MUST own these as part of your swaddle arsenal – it’s a total necessity. All white is best and we love having these for every day use, your new born shoot etc…!

5 // Little Unicorn — We’ve never had a chance to try these swaddles but by the looks of it online THEY’RE A HIT. The prints are stunning, versatile and look sooooo soft.


Another weekend here! Here’s what we’ve been loving and thinking about!

JENNA:jfryWearing: Okay I’ve been on a “spending freeze” of sorts but found myself at Old Navy recently dying over EVERYTHING! Seriously they’ve done such a good job this season and everything is 40% off right now! I grabbed these high waisted bottoms, this awesome poncho, these neon pink sandals and this killer shirt.

Reading: I am reading and re reading this book I recommended a few weeks ago. I really can’t tell you enough how it’s changed the experience in our home! Everyone, including myself are happier!

Listening: Well mostly Periscope. Honestly I’ve stopped watching TV or listening to Podcasts so much since I follow some amazingly inspirational people on that app. I LOVE IT!

Decorating: I just got this art print framed and I’m dying to have it done and up in my room!! Can’t wait to see it!! Also have this rug on the way! More on both these items later!!

Watching: The Bachelor. Always.

Feeling: At peace. Since I weaned Lolly and went on our trip to the Philippines I’ve had terrible anxiety. From what I’ve researched and read online it’s really common to feel this way when you stop nursing. I’ve been doing some natural things to regulate my hormones and am also seeing a naturopath! Anyone have experience with this? It is getting better and I’m glad to have relief and looking forward to feeling all the way better!


emfryWearing: With our girlfriends’ trip to Vegas last week I basically just took dresses. Loved each of these options and how easily they could be dressed up or down depending on where we were headed. Loved this off the shoulder pool cover-up, the laser cut detailing on this blue dress, and this red number is so slimming!

Reading: Finished All the Light We Cannot See. I’ve read a lot of World War II books and this had such a fresh perspective for me. From Hitler’s acquisition of valuable art to the preparation of Nazi soldiers as young as 12. It was so thought-provoking! Beautiful writing, too – of course, he won the Pulitzer.

Listening: While in Vegas eating (of course) I heard this song – Happiest Man on Earth by Broken Back. It stopped us all in our tracks. Downloaded it immediately. Don’t you love it when that happens?

Decorating: You can see from my Instagram here, but even though we don’t have a gender yet, I’ve been haphazardly collecting things for the nursery. I loved using Framebridge’s service to frame my Parisian Souvenir. You mail your art in and they frame and ship it back! I picked up this Map of Paris from Minted and these plexi Cacti from Love and Victory! What this nursery will end up as I have no idea. But it’s a happy, sentimental start!

Watching: My buddy Kimmy recommended this show to me after we both loved Grand Hotel — Velvet! Have you seen it? Based around a fashion house in the 1950’s and I’m on episode 1 but already loving it. So far up my alley! Subtitles but get on board, people!

Feeling: Mild panic? Trying to pace myself and take one day at a time, but the next couple months are crazy! Next up, a surprise trip to Disney for my boys with most of their cousins!  Park Savers to the rescue, as always!

Eating: Had to update for those who asked – we tried the rest of the Good Table’s crusts from our partnership this month and they are killer! My kids love Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and this Peanut Crust for chicken was a huge hit! Hayes loves salmon, but that’s about it fish wise, so we snuck this Lemon and Herb crust on tilapia and they both went to town. Sweet! Find our original post and printable here!unnamed


Decorating: As you all know by now, I have an affintiy for coffee table books. This is my latest love, for any Apple lover!
Wearing: I’ve been wanting a new fresh lip color for spring. I spotted this on our trip to Vegas over the weekend and it seemed perfect! It’s ultra wear and stays for HOURS. // Also just bought these (i bought the black ones last year and loved them so much i needed Tortoise as well). I think it was a really good move.
Drinking: I learned about Soma last year when I went on a retreat they sponsored in San Francisco. Never have I loved a water filtering system like I love this. IT’S GORGEOUS! I love having it on the table for get-togethers. People always ask me about it, so I thought id shout it from the rooftops here.


By Nicole:

Hi everyone! I try not to hop on Small Fry and get super personal, but Erbaviva is a really good excuse to do so. SO here I am, in all my vulnerable glory.

February was a really fantastic month for me, and I want to tell you a little bit about why. As some of you know, I’m a single mother to sweet Dash and Sunny. I have been for about 2.5 years. Things are going really well for our little family. With Small Fry, family, friends and everything happening in our world, we feel extremely blessed. I have been dating and hoping to find a good match for me and the boys, but recently have been feeling really…exhausted. Dating is exhausting! Does anyone remember? Or, is anyone currently dating? The conversation, the time away from the kids, its just A LOT. After a recently short relationship I decided to give the NOT dating thing a shot. I called it my February Fast.

I spent the month doing all of the things I really love to do. First and foremost, time with my kids. And focusing on being a really good mom. Not just the sort of good mom that I have been, but a really, super, wonderful mother. The kids and I have done so much studying and praying and reading a coloring and adventuring. All the things we really love and need in our life.

Second, I re-found some of what used to be my favorite hobbies. Skiing, exercising, being outside, strengthening relationships around me, serving and just loving MY life again. The life that God gave me. The hand of cards I’ve been dealt. Rather than frantically dating to spring my life back to where I thought it should be.

Third, I started taking care of myself. Really well.ErbavivaOn top of going to the gym, and my regular nightly regimen, I’ve added some new products and some really wonderful baths. Yep. Baths. I love them and they just got a whole lot better.Erbaviva2Erbaviva is a line of Organic Personal Care that I got the opportunity to explore, right at the beginning of my February Fast. Timing couldnt have been better. Here are some of the products I used that I fell in love with for myself. (They have a whole line for mommies-to-be AND baby too, that I cannot wait to use someday. Ya know, after the fast is over and then comes love and marriage and the baby carriage.)Erbaviva3The Relax Bath Salt (and the whole relax line) and I are having a really intense love affair right now. First, the bottle is HUGE which is always so appreciated. To not run out after two baths, am I right? It smells like a bright and sunny piece of Heaven and my skin does too.

The Firming Salt creates a toning effect on the skin. I love to use this after the gym, just in case I didnt work out quite hard enough (which is always). Truthfully, I like to work out by sitting in the sauna.

The Shaping Oil stimulates blood circulation, so I use this as well, just after the tub and salt usage.


I have really truly felt a transformation this month due to many things, but Erbaviva has been the cherry on top. I think I’ll keep this fast up for a few more months, as long as I can keep dating this perfect Farm to Bottle brand of luxury.

That Periscope thing!

Have you heard of Periscope? If you hear the word and your head spins and you’re thinking “NO NOT ANOTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM.” We are with you! But here’s the thing…try it, we think you’ll like it! It’s such a cool place where some of your favorite people come at you LIVE! It’s super exciting, interactive and really fun. The best part is, if you are yourself, that’s the best thing to be! There’s no hiding behind filters or good angles…you’re just yourself, we love that about it.

You don’t any tools to help you get started – just have to download the app. But should you want some extra tools to make yourself all fancy here are the one’s Jenna (@jennaskitchen) recommends as the resident ‘scoper.scopeRing Light // I have loved this light. It’s super intense at first but it is GORGEOUS once you figure out how best to use it. I love to even put on my makeup with it, it’s so good.

Mini Ring Light // Looking for something a little less intense? Try this guy. Small, easy and cheap it will give you just enough light!

Cell Phone Tripod // At first I propped up my phone on books, mugs, children… whatever I could get my hands on but now that I bought this it’s THE BEST. Keeps the phone stabilized and adjustable depending on what you’re scoping about. I find that scoping while you’re holding the hand makes everybody watching you nauseous!

Phone Car Mount // I have yet to get this tool but it’s definitely a next purchase for me! Sometimes I want to periscope in the car (not while driving of course) and it would be nice to have this super easy gadget.

Also there are a lot of up and coming Periscopers so we thought we’d give you a list of our favorites, although there are many more! Have a favorite? Leave their handle in the comments we’d love to check them out!


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forest fort DIY

Pillowfort – the stellar line of kids furniture, decor and bedding – launched at Target a little over a week ago and we’re weak in the knees. Pillow fort for TargetWe can never get over good design for kids and seeing SO much of it all in one place like Target is almost too much to handle. So to celebrate, and because our boys are all about forts we knew we had to create a little reading tent for them. Pillow fort for TargetThere are so many themes to pick from this line but the Camp Kiddo line was our favorite for this DIY. Camping, woodland creatures and pine trees really called out to both the mamas and the boys. It’s a perfect fit for a tent fort reading nook and our Utah loving souls really dig the mountain motif! Here’s how you’ll do it:

Start with a sheet and rope, attach the rope at two ends of the room and drape the sheet over securing it in place on the floor in each of the four corners. Because everything was  so expertly curated for each room style we had so many great pieces to choose from that all felt like go perfectly in this space. Time to fill it up!Pillow fort for Target Pile up with cozy blankets like this amazing Bear Comforter (you gotta see it up close here!) and Forest Plush blanket. The cream base and graphic bold black pine trees totally speak to our design aesthetic and it’s the coziest blanket too, so everyone wins! Top it with cozy pillows and stuffed animals for extra snuggle-appeal. We love the bold initial pillows from the line, this darling fox pillow:Pillow fort for TargetThe stuffed bear is that same plush material as the throw and is a hot ticket around here. It can be tricky to find stuffed animals for boys that we love too. The bear and the alligator totally fit the bill! Everything is so soft but durable, just as children’s bedding decor needs to be. We also love that the Initial pillow will never be grown out of, its such a great piece that they could take it college, assuming we let them leave. 😉Pillow fort for Target Fill it with books to read and let the magic happen. Needless to say this space is the highest traffic area of the house lately.Pillow fort for Target

Here’s some of our other Pillowfort favorites! These are taken from all of the collections – mostly Modern Mirage and Tropical Treehouse – but love how each collection can be re-thought in new and fresh ways to create your own vibe! pillowfort

Tassel Throw Pillow // Zebra Head // Confetti Cool Comforter // Pineapple Throw // Midcentury Side Table // Cactus Throw //  Cloud Sheet Set // Wilid & Free Wall Hanging //

Sometimes we just want the answers before we tackle a new space, so seeing all of Pillowfort’s themes styled into rooms makes it so easy! Simply shop theme and get lots of great inspiration!

Lots of bold colors and animals to choose from with these boys’ rooms.

And we love all the color choices in these girls’ rooms. Certainly feminine, but not in an in your face way.

Slow claps for Pillowfort! Which room is your favorite?

This post is brought to you by TargetStyle. Shop the new Home collection in stores and online.


spring essentials

As Spring approaches, we are all experiencing a myriad of climates! Jenna has her heat waves in Southern California, Emily and Nicole are seeing snow, rain, sun, wind, and anything else mother nature can throw our way in Utah. Either way we’re ready to shed our Winter layers and get ready for something new. We picked our favorite transitional pieces on  Zappos and here’s what we’re loving!


As soon as the snow melts I’m ready for Utah’s beautiful hikes again! My favorite outdoor brands have such amazing selectiions on Zappos and I am a notorious phone shopper so I always love using the Zappos app, and its one the of the few that is as easy to use as the desktop version.spring essentials

(Beanie // Backpack // Nike Pegasus // North Face Hoodie)

Even if the Valley is super warm the mountains always have that crisp cold air. Loving this hoodie and warm beanie as options to keep warm or shed into this Nike backpack.spring essentials It holds everything and is the sturdiest material so its great for getting a good hike beating. Also, my latest sneaker obsession. These have so much personality and I love to wear them whether or not I’m exercising.spring essentials If you need some local hike ideas, here is a post of our favorites! I’ve done all of these and each is amazing and doable with kids!spring essentials


It’s officially tradition – every Spring I scoop up a couple colors of Natives for my boys! spring essentials


I’ve been putting them in Natives since before Hayes could walk. They’re the absolute best for warm weather. Super soft, no blisters, breathable and waterproof, and wearing them without socks is no prob, smell-wise. Cal still doesn’t love taking a pic, what can you do?spring essentialsThey come up with the coolest prints each season and the Jefferson is perfect for my boys’ narrow feet. Nothing makes me feel more hopeful for warm temps than seeing Natives delivered to my porch. (MARBLED // BLACK)spring essentialsFor my own picks I can’t help but grab a few trendy items each season to help bring my fairly basic wardrobe up to speed. I love that the tassel trend is carrying through this season and this neutral color sandal goes with EVERYTHING. Such a good deal, too! (Steve Madden Daryyn) I paired them with a floaty maternity top and raw edge denim. Raw edge denim and a straight leg “girlfriend” fit are also huge trends this Spring! Why not combine both? I cut my own in this high-low style. I figured I’ve seen high low tops and skirts, why not jeans, too? Spring EssentialsSandals are always on the top of my list when transitioning to Spring. I always grab Hayes a new pair of Havaianas for the pool (Cal wears his Natives in the water and isn’t a huge fan of the flip flop) and I might never take these Adidas Adilettes off. Perfect shoe for when you just can’t bend over one more time! The arch support is awesome too.spring essentials


Since there is no Spring in California we’re heading right on in to Summer! I love to get a couple really great dresses that I can function as Mom in but also keep me cool — Free People is always THE BEST at achieving that effortless style. I love the selection of FP that Zappos provides, they pick the best of the best and this dress is no exception. It truly is so gorgeous in person.

zappos1 zappos2

Every Spring I like to buy a new pair of gold flip flops. They get worn over the year but I love to have a fresh new pair moving in to the summer season. These Yosi ones are flawless and so comfortable. Gold goes with everything so they are such a staple in my wardrobe.zappos4

And since I’m always running late I wear a watch, even to the pool! I love the way a good dress accessorized with a watch makes it loo like a very intentional look.