twink + sis winter party

We had to share this darling Winter Party from Twink + Sis before we head out for our Christmas break! This is such a refreshing take on Holiday themes, with bright colors and natural elements. We love it!! Welcome, Marlan!
“My sister and I wanted to create a fun holiday playdate for our kids (Mila, 3 and Brixton, 2) and their friends. Inspired by gold bells, we set out to create a backdrop resembling that look. We came up with a balloon installation made up of huge gold balloons from Koyal Wholesale.Winter Party Ideas
We loved the idea of bringing Christmas trees to the table, so we filled the space with three Noble fir tabletop trees from Mr. Greentrees, dripping in paper ornaments that we DIY’ed.
Winter Party Ideas
Our centerpiece is a homemade naked cake (gluten-free pumpkin with cream cheese frosting) topped with sugared fruit (persimmon, pear and grapes) and pine branch.Winter Party Ideas

Meri Meri’s partyware provided the perfect setting with kraft star plates and napkins, accompanied by Santa and reindeer cups with matching straws. Winter Party Ideas Winter Party Ideas

The kids had a blast getting to pop open all the Meri Meri Christmas crackers.We love a little custom element, so each place setting has a pine branch on the plate and a gold pom pom attached to the fork.
Winter Party IdeasWe asked the kids to wear their favorite jammies, but not necessarily Christmas jammies, because we wanted it to be fun and cozy without pushing the Christmas theme too far.

The kids did a toddler-friendly pine cone craft, while sipping on hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music.

Winter Party Ideas

Winter Party IdeasEvery family took home an eeBoo Rabbits’ Den puzzle as their party favor.unnamed

Party Vendors:
Design: Twink + Sis 
Photographer: Jenna Elliott, One Eleven Photography 
Plates, napkins, cups, straws, Christmas crackers: Meri Meri
Puzzle party favors: eeBoo
Balloons: Koyal Wholesale

Trees: Mr. Greentrees 

Nashville Inspired BBQ

We’re back with another Hulu favorite: Nashville! Do you watch it? We’re obsessed (even the non-country music lovers!) The show might be all about the music, but true-to-form, Small Fry is all about the food. How about a streaming BBQ party? On the Nashville Menu: The X’s Pulled Pork Sliders, Teddy’s Criminal Corn Bread Pudding (so good it should be illegal), Scarlett’s Chopped Coleslaw, Maddy’s Mac and Cheese, Beverly’s Heavenly Baked Beans (assuming she ends up there after giving up her liver) and Bluebird Banana Pudding.

PULLED PORK: Marinate a Pork Shoulder in rub of choice over night. Smoke at 220 for 3 hours, spray every hour apple juice (in a spray bottle) after that for 6 1/2 more hours until internal temp reads 190.nashville1nashville2
This one is a big one, so click through to read all the rest of the recipes!

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An especially happy Fryday to you all today! Today is the last day of school for Nicole and Emily’s boys which means the Holidays are officially beginning for all. Jenna made it yesterday to Turkey with her crew to see her parents who live in Istanbul and we couldn’t be more excited for her! Can’t wait for her recap! Here’s what’s on our minds this week:


Wearing: There are few times I love the internet more than when I am announcing a pregnancy. It makes it so fun! Thank you ALL for such kind congratulations and well wishes. It means the world to me! In case you missed it from those pics I am wearing this mock neck sweater 40% off at Nordstrom and the softest sweater I own! I have the coordinating skirt (also 40% off!) and love wearing them together and separate. The striped dress is Asos and basically a sleep sack but with that t-neck it feels more polished to me. Stools are Nicole’s, she’ll share more about those! // Also, these super lightweight Chelsea wellies are my new favorites. They’re so easy to get on and off which isn’t the case with my Hunters, but they do the same job. 30% off today with GIFTNOW!

Listening: I can’t even blame this on hormones, but Adele brings me to tears every single time I listen to her new album. That voice! I am sure my fellow road travelers are feeling real bad for me as I drive along, but I’m feeling great. Everyone needs a good cry every now and then.

Decorating: Our bunk beds backfired. BOTH our kids were coming into our bed every night and making life miserable. So Russ sawed it in half Solomon style so they both have beds on the ground and they’re loving it now. You do what has to be done in the name of sleep! Also reunited with my Bump Nest already. Hello, old friend.

Watching: I have been watching a ton of TV. I wake up super early (like 5 or 6) nauseated, so I just watch Netflix. Then I watch it again when I am super naueasted and trying to fall asleep at night. (Waiting for Unisom to kick in.) I love when they add old movies like An Affair to Remember, That Touch of Mink, Great Gatsby (Mia Farrow.) Any suggestions?

Reading: OH MY GOSH! Last month my book club read “Room” and I’ll never get over it. As a literature nerd I am just slow-clapping over what Emma Donoghue accomplished. It will rip you apart and make you think long and hard. I don’t even want to blow it, but for sure read the premise before you buy.

Eating: Eating is like playing Russian Roulette lately. You just never know what’s gonna stay down. So far peanut butter is the only trustworthy ingredient. Also per the norm I just crave my personal favorite comfort foods. I was feeling super guilty about my diet (Salads, gross. Water? Please no. Celery? Is their peanut butter on it? Maybe.) So I am so grateful of our partnership with Annie’s and getting to try so many of their organic and all natural foods. Their Mini Pizza Bagels are changing my life because they taste like the comfort food I used to eat growing up but with organic flour and tomatoes, whole grains, real cheese.


Wearing: We definitely switched climates getting to Turkey so I had to really prepare. I felt so at ease after I ordered this 7 AM Enfant Stroller blanket. Love the new grey line! // Also some of my favorite Madewell items are on sale plus an additional 25% off like the best jeans on the planet, this cozy sweaterthis one too in the perfect red and this vest I’ve been sporting non stop this Winter.

Listening: SERIAL!!! It’s baaaaaack!!! Don’t believe you’ll love a podcast? Listen to Season 1, Episode 1 and I promise you’ll be hooked!
Watching: Some super cool business people on Periscope! There is so much good free information out there and Periscope is one of the many places I like to go to get really amazing people’s insight on business!
Decorating: I went crazy for Christmas. You can see my mantle here. I love how Caravan Shoppe has these gorgeous pieces for so inexpensive to print and make such a statement in your home.Caravan Shoppe Mantle
Also I am absolutely obsessed with this bed that’s now 30% off. If i hadn’t just bought a bed I would buy this one!
Anticipating: The holidays and spending them with my family!! So happy to be with my parents again!!!

Decorating: Some of my latest pieces picked up for Studio Forty Six! So many of you asked about the stools which are 1/2 off on Amazon right now! They’re great quality and low profile which I love. Also picked up this awesome brass + marble lamp, plaid pouf for Wintry months and these drawers are holding all the props!

Reading: Latest coffee table book is this look at luxury post WWII through the 80s so fun to flip through!

Wearing: Can’t get enough of these cocoon coats! 30% off right now, too! Too hard to pick a favorite so I got a couple. 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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just like mindy

We’re back with Hulu and another favorite Fall TV show… can you guess? The Mindy Project! When network TV canceled the goodness that is that show, we were all sighing with huge relief that Hulu took the reigns. More Mindy!

Our friend Meg said why we love and need Mindy in our lives way better than we ever could several months ago, but it begs repeating. Mindy is unapologetically herself. She has drive, she has flaws, she is confused and she is sure. She is all the things we feel as women each day and try to stuff down to be more palatable and Mindy allows us all to forget being palatable and just be our whole selves.

Her twinset pajama collection alone is enough for us to be her fashion cheerleaders, but Mindy Lahiri’s fearless sense of dress is something we look forward to weekly. One thing we always notice is her bold accessories. Headbands, big cocktail rings, bracelets and of course her statement earrings. mindyWe brought our best crafters over to make their own Mindy style accessories! This one is a super easy after school DIY that only requires a few supplies while it offers endless creativity and pleases a crowd with ease.Mindy Project DIYJust grab some treats, a jar of gemstones. A bag of barrettes, earring posts and backs, and headbands and a hot glue gun!Mindy Project DIYThe girls didn’t need any encouragement on being daring Mindy-style. mindy3We love that they still have that innate sense of fun with what they wear!mindy4.26 PMSo glad Hulu picked up our girl Mindy. Saying goodbye after 4 seasons would’ve been cruel! Our next Mindy DIY is going to have to be a Wreath Witherspoon, don’t you think?                  mindy2

Catch the The Mindy Project right here!

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fresh wave

By Emily.

Now that the news is out (scroll down one more post!) I can finally write this post! I’ve been using these Fresh Wave products like crazy the last few months and had to share. Fresh Wave is a line of odor eliminiation products, but the best part is that its non-toxic and is just plants, oil and water. So instead of trying to mask smells with fragrances that can be harmful, it eliminates them with molecular science. I don’t pretend to understand that, but I do know that they work!Fresh WaveMy pregnancy nose is no joke. People, places, things, and some of my favorite normal scents all send me to a nauseating tail-spin. My number one nemesis is my sweet pup, Leo. He is an outside dog who loves to dig in dirt, roll in the sandbox, run like crazy and its really hard to keep him smelling good. I can hardly go near him the last couple months of this pregnancy and it makes me so sad! The worst part is that I can smell him long after he’s gone. So if I take him in the car or in the house I am paying for it for hours later.Fresh WaveFresh Wave is one of the only products I’ve found that are safe for pets. I put the crystal gel in the car and don’t worry about it because its not harmful!Fresh WaveLeo isn’t the only one, my husband who is a contractor isn’t much better so he’s getting the Fresh Wave treatment as well! I love these Pearl Packs which you can drop into boots, gym bags, linen closets, or trash cans. Fresh WaveThe spray comes in super handy for cleaning and touching up closets, bathrooms, and specific items of clothing.Fresh Wave Russ’ sweet Grandparents, Pip and Pop both have pretty serious health problems that stem or are aggravated by fragrances. I’ve learned some scary things about the chemicals in fragrances and seen first hand how they effect them from asthma attacks on down to arthritis. We are sure to avoid having any fragrances in our home when they visit, but the more I learn the less I keep them around. So happy to have Fresh Wave as an option to keep my house smelling great!Fresh Wave

Find all their products, informational videos and so much more at their site