new pantry rules

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A quick refresher: the town we are moving to has no stoplights, gas stations, or stores of any kind! So once we move this summer, quick trips to the store aren’t going be so quick anymore. Now we’re only looking at about 20 minutes to the store so nothing TOO crazy but I am actually super excited at the prospect! To ease myself into this new life since so much will be changing so quickly, I have been focusing on a few changes right now and most of those are taking place in the pantry!

Instead of finding a recipe, sourcing the ingredients and cooking it, I am finding recipes based on what I already have. This means that my pantry has to be ramped up big time. When I go to the store I buy an extra one or two of the ingredients I know we use a lot. The week when I don’t have to go to the store at all is a win in my book!Bread Making + Storage I know I am going to have to be a lot more organized and intentional when I do go to the grocery store and a big hurdle for me is being able to SEE my food. What is getting low, what needs to be refilled.  I teamed up with Rubbermaid® and BRILLIANCE™ Pantry line to get this done and seriously swoon at their crystal-clear containers. Bread Making + Storage Another element to eliminating some trips to the store is identifying the food that we go through quickly and coming with a plan on how to store enough of it to last. Milk and bread are big ones for my family, so for milk I started buying extra gallons to freeze! Bread also freezes really well, but in addition I made it a goal to make bread for my family each week.Bread Making + Storage We have a breadmaker so I really can’t claim to really even be “making” as I just toss ingredients (I’ll put our favorite whole wheat recipe below!) in and it mixes it and produces a beautiful loaf every single time. The first pantry items I switched to the BRILLIANCE line were all my bread making ingredients. It is SO much less mess than the bags they all come in and since they stack beautifully I can get everything I need out in one handful.Bread Making + Storage The containers are air-tight so ingredients like brown sugar (which I swear I have had to throw out every bag I ever bought because it got so hard) lasts me exponentially longer. And I don’t have to worry about it tipping spilling with the locking top. Add stain-resistant, microwaveable (it has built in vents!) and dishwasher safe to the list of reasons to love it! I went to buy myself a few more sets after this post and looked at the aisle of options. BRILLIANCE really is one of kind and look so high quality and luxe in comparison to the rest of the aisle. I know you all share my love of aesthetic and I think it makes such a difference.I am still learning and I am sure will have a sharp learning curve once I actually move, but so far I feel good about the changes! Are any of you outside of city limits or have successfully detached yourself from weekly shopping trips? I would LOVE and and all tips! Don’t make me beg. 😉Bread Making + Storage

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Put these ingredients in this order!

2 C. Water

1/3 C. Honey

2 tsp. of kosher salt

4.5 C. Whole Wheat Flour

1/2 T. Active Yeast (you don’t want this to touch liquid)

Then you just set the machine to BASIC 3 hr. 45 minutes and let it do its thing!








weekend deals

A few random finds from Cotton On. If you have a wedding or party to host these crates are 60% off. Hang it on the wall to display little knick knacks, do you need more ideas I can go all day. $10 backpacks
Ann Taylor 50% off – here’s my three picks! Striped Sweater // Velvet Dot Shift // Smocked Blouse
Anthro –

West Elm‘s sale is ending soon but here are some favorites. These swivel chairs would be PERFECT in the new house. The sale prices aren’t showing up on all of these widgets, but they’re all pretty reasonable!

Old Navy has select items for two days only. Like this faux fur for toddler girls. $15? Hello!
A few at CB2 (I have this shower curtain) and I think this towel bar might be a good option for the new master. These Germain stools are $150 — which you can find lots of places but this price is great! These were literally at every cafe in Paris. I love the graphic pop!

Seen any other good deals?



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head to toe II

You guys loved last week’s skirt post and it got me thinking about a new series! Tell me what you think, but basically I’ll style a few outfits from head to toe each week! If you have outfits you’re trying to shop for drop me a comment or email and I can include it! And for those who asked, for 10 years – most of my twenties – I worked as a stylist! I was a fashion editor for a local magazine and worked with a commercial photographer as his stylist as well. Then I branched off to do freelance for different sites and projects and once I started Small Fry, I closed up shop! It’s been a huge part of my life and I am remembering how much work it really takes! But, so glad you liked last week and if it continues to be helpful I am all over it! So today is for the girls. I picture a spunky little thing who loves to get dressed up but has that tomboy edge, too!

Park Date

head to toe II

These amazing culottes with a tucked in tee! Add these polka dot sneakers that will go with everything and a gingham headband + most darling purse ever. Polka dots gingham and basket purses are all big trends for Spring. Would I wear this outfit? Totally.

Pizza + a Movie

head to toe II Graphic retro tee + gingham trousers. Add in these perfect ankle strap flats and a fun accessory like these cherry clips!

School Day

head to toe II The loose fit on these pants + the fluttery top are a fresh easy going look that I don’t see often on girls, and she will love it! Add in a pop of color with these flats and she’ll feel extra studious with these faux glasses.

Going to a Game With Friends

head to toe II

Dress with classic chucks might be my favorite combo on a little gal. Toss in a (gingham again) hat and these sporty socks peeking out. She’ll be the cutest little slugger in the stands!

A good stylist always has options so here are a few pieces I loved that didn’t make it into the outfits:


Norman Rockwell

I saw this painting at an exhibit a few years ago and couldn’t stop the tears from streaming. Seeing it span the whole wall (it had to be 12 or 15 feet long and 6 feet high) just overcame me. This brave girl. Her brave parents. Who stopped waiting for change and were the change. I’ve often said I was born in the wrong era, but I think I was wrong. 2018 already looks so bright! I hope to be more change instead of waiting for it. To teach love and kindness. Equality and respect for all. No matter what or who is watching.

It really should only be seem full size so be sure to click on it to expand!


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