DIY gifts for Miracle Children

Today we have a very special post dedicated to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Jenna’s sweetest baby cousin Brewer was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and spent a full month in a CMN Hospital. Here’s what she recalls about that time:

“I remember thinking, here is this cosmic event in our lives, that seemed to stop time, but these nurses see this or something similarly devastating everyday! Because of this I assumed that the staff would be hardened and disconnected to Brewer’s condition. It was so the opposite. They were Brewer’s biggest cheerleaders who triumphed at every success and who shed tears along with us at his set backs. The halls of this hospital represent such a wonderful community drawn together by one purpose, which is to cure children. I truly felt angels walk those halls all the time I spent there, it’s an amazing place!”

Primary Children's

It is almost heartbreaking to share, but did you know that a million children will spend this Christmas holiday in the hospital? Every single minute, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provides $6500 in care to those children – they call them all a “Miracle Child” – totaling $4.7 billion dollars since they founded in 1983. Most of those funds were raised just one dollar at a time. We are so lucky to have a CMN Hospital locally and any funds we donate will help children right in our own community.

In honor of CMN Hospitals and the wonderful work they do, we wanted to create a DIY for those Miracle Children! Those of you who have spent time in hospitals know that there are strict rules for the types of gifts you can bring inside, like no fresh flowers, no balloons, no stuffed animals,  etc. So, we wanted to come up with an inexpensive gift, made with love, to bring to those kids. Here’s what we came up with!

You can purchase a pretty great train set at Ikea for about $10, and then with a little trimming and craft foam you can make it extra special. Grabbing some mini trees, plastic animals, and these foam skylines and they can create a whole city scape!

handmade holiday gifts that are hospital approved

For the doll-lovers, we whipped up a foam “paper doll” set. Using a paper doll template, (this one is great) cut out your basic doll. Then add pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories and hair styles! We used a roll of double sided tape to hold the pieces on while playing.

handmade holiday gifts that are hospital approved

This post is brought to you by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. We’ll be back later this month with an update on a special project we collaborated on for our local CMN Hospital, in the meantime if you have any room in your holiday budget, donate $5 and give a miracle to a child in the hospital this Christmas! CMNH Logo

Holiday Felt-aments DIY

We’ve been loving these Maypole felt balls as a base to making minimalist decor for the holidays! We last used them for Halloween, here, and came up with a couple more to decorate the tree with!

First, tiny wreath ornaments!

diy felt ornaments

Here’s what you’ll do:

Thread a needle (the larger and thicker, the easier to go through the felt.) Then pull the needle through the center of each ball, we used six per ornament, finally connecting them and tying a knot on the other side. Grab a package of ornament hooks to hang them onto your tree, and you’re done! Easy enough.

felt ball christmas ornament wreaths

For the snowman:

felt ball snowmen christmas ornament

You could use the above threading technique or hot glue to secure three white felt balls on top of one another. If you’re threading, you can pull a loop through the top to hang, or if you glue, stick a ornament hook through the top. To give him the perfect snowman scarf we simply added a baker’s twine!

felt ball snowman christmas ornament

We like the threading technique because you can easily cut it and reuse the felt balls for a different project after the holidays. (Glue is definitely easier though.)


‘Tis the season for cold and flu, unfortunately. If you’ve followed this blog for awhile you know we like to do a mixture of traditional medicine and and natural and holistic when it comes to our health. When the kids are ill, sometimes it’s that helpless feeling that’s the worst part. We wish we could take it all away! Sometimes those extra things we can do to make them comfortable and to soothe, offer the most peace of mind. Leslie Burket, the founder, CEO and creator feels the same a way and created Lilapops to help soothe and treat her kids’ coughs naturally!

Lilapops | Small Fry


So what is in a Lilapop? First here’s what is not: dyes, artificial flavors, gluten or dairy. What is in them, the money ingredient, is Marshmallow Root. Not the squishy white stuff, but the natural root. It reduces swelling in the mucus membranes and respiratory tract, soothing that cough the natural way! And we’re certain you’re wondering, so let us assure you, they taste like candy! Our kids have loved them, and we’ve loved having another thing to offer them when they aren’t feeling so hot.

Lilapops | Small Fry

Buy Lilapops online here, or check out where you can find them in a store near you!

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holiday gift guide: stocking stuffers

Only two more gift guides to go and today’s is all about the stocking! Perfect for tiny gifts and treats and a great way to stave off the troops a couple more hours when they come a-knocking before sunrise. Here’s our favorites!
holiday gift guide: stocking stuffers

1. We’re all about stockpiling toys for indoor Winter playtime. This wood handled fox jumprope is perfect for it, being that it is actually rope, and won’t damage your floors like the plastic can! [$17] Seedling brand Via Giggle.

2. Jack and Jill all-natural toothpaste is amazing! Made in Melbourne, Australia for the last 60+ years, it is fluoride, preservative, artificial coloring free! Not to mention darling packaging and yummy flavors that are okay if ingested. [$6.99]

3. Would it really be Christmas without the gift of socks? It’s funny how it’s become such a cliche, but without our yearly sock re-stocking, where would we all be? Sockless, we’re sure. Polarn O Pyret makes our favorites. Stripes now and forever, amen. [$11.50/pack]
4. Add these Hexagon crayons from Pkolino to that indoor play pile! We love their jumbo size and you can’t beat the price. [$2.99]
5. A darling take on the winter necessity: gloves! We love JCrew’s description “perfect for the shy guy” we’ve got a couple of those over here! [$29.50]
6.  We love these sweet bird whistles from Kid O. Fun to play with or sitting up on the shelf once you’re all whistled out. [$3.00]
7. Did your parents put oranges in the toes of your stockings growing up? We’ve got two updated ideas to keep your tradition alive. First, the fruit cutting set from Kid O
8. And second, EOS’ Tangerine Medicated lip balm ! When the harsh weather and dry heated air start coming on, everyone needs a little extra lip coverage. We swear by EOS’! [$3.29]
9. Twig’s “Pixie” wooden cameras are gorgeous! Such a fun addition to any nursery decor and wonderful for imaginative play (remember this post?) [$40]
10. CubeBots are such a cool take on the toy robot toy. Suspended by elastic and made of wood, they have a mobility unlike most plastic toys. Design Public has every color under the sun! [$18]
11. You’ll hear more about LilaPops tomorrow, but to sum it up, they are all natural cough drops that kids might just confuse for candy. A must-have for the Winter season! [$8.99]
 12. This Cargo Plane Balancer is great for develping precision and balancing skills. Keep it even or it may tip! [$29.99]
Do you have any items that make it into your stockings each year? See the rest of this year’s gift guides here. For Pop, Mum, Lil’ Sis, and more!