FRYday : Nicole

I feel so empowered lately by all my insanely healthy friends. It seems that most people around me are involved in some healthier lifestyle or another. I try and stay honest with myself, and admit I probably can’t give up the Snickers and Doritos. But, I do feel like all these friends seeing such incredible results in their skin, their energy, their clear minds and their overall happiness has really brought light to the idea of healthier living.


I feel like an fairly active person. Rarely do I take a break in the day from chasing my two toddlers. I think as a mom, we all feel this way. Rarely do I feel the need, or have the energy to go run a mile or two. Although, lately, I have felt more inclined to take a walk with my kids, choose the stairs over an elevator, or walk to church rather than drive. I’ve felt it easier to choose a water over the usual diet coke at meal time. All of this, just being surrounded by people who have chosen (and are real, real strict) about living and eating in a healthier way.
Emily and Jenna (and Kelsey and Kayti and so many of my closest friends) are head strong on the Whole 30 wagon. I have been so beyond impressed with the transformations in their skin, their energy, their bodies and really their overall happiness and confidence. We often joke that I am too afraid of Whole 30, so I’m going to give Whole 3 or 4 a shot. That I could do! But in reality (cause eating whole for even a whole day would be a major feat for this junkie) just being around these motivated humans, making such incredible changes in their lives has been a game changer for me. I feel like I’m on top of the world just making one or two healthier choices a day.
Im SO lucky to have these motivators around me. I hope their strength and courage continue to rub off on me. Maybe one day, I’ll have a whole day. Why not? Why not tomorrow? Wish me luck, and if you see me with Doritos, don’t tell anyone.



Last Summer we were so honored to be filmed for Christopher Wiegand’s documentary “American Blogger” he traveled over 40 states and tens of thousands of miles filming women with blogs across the U.S. The film is now available for purchase and it is so touching. Grab a tissue! It really brings to light the human story of pain and triumph that unites us all. Check it out! You’ll see us a few times throughout. You can download it here.

American Blogger - The First Journey Poster

Lastly, we are gearing up for our 2nd Annual Adoption Week in a couple of weeks and wanted to let anyone who might be interested in participating know! We are looking for stories of birth parents, adoptive parents and families, parents hoping to adopt and anything in between. You can see all the posts from last year to get an idea of what we like to include right here. Email us at hello at smallfryblog dot com if you’d like to submit or have any questions!


We shared a little bit about this free app on our Instagram feed a couple of weeks ago, and our Instagram friends were so excited we wanted to be sure and share it with all of our blog readers as well!

Kidizen combines everything we love about Instagram shops, but without clogging your feed. It is a separate app where you can list, buy and sell your gently loved clothes and accessories for kids and maternity. We love their concept about pre-loved clothing. As moms each item in our boys’ closets conjure a memory and it’s always a little sad when their favorite things get a little too tight around the seams. Passing them along to a new child is such a lovely thing, and kind to the environment, too!

They’re genius, right? Let’s take the tour:

For shoppers:


You fill out a few things (everything is private to you) about your kid(s), like size and gender, making a profile for everyone you’re hunting for, and Kidizen will filter and show you only the preferences you’ve selected. This weeds out unwanted/unneeded information but of course you can always remove preferences so you can see all the goods, too!

You follow your friends, bloggers, and favorite shops which will also be placed in your feed!

For sellers:

Kidizen - ListingListing couldn’t be easier, it takes about one minute per item or less and it factors shipping for you! The listing is similar to eBay where you select brand, size, condition, and you can add a description and multiple pictures for extra detail.

Kidizen has a great blog that features items that are currently listed and lots of great content, and we have a shared Small Fry profile with several items listed under @smallfryblog! Let’s be friends!

If you need a little pick me up, don’t miss this darling video they created inspired by the app:

Download the free Kidizen app here. Keep up with Kidizen on their blog, and socially: Twitter // Facebook // Pinterest //Instagram

homemade binoculars

Photos by Jylare.

Now that the weather is warming up, we’ve been adventuring outdoors more often which is always wonderful news for the boys. Today we’ve got an easy home-made (which to us always means made from stuff found around the house) binoculars we can take along. These are great for the little boys who can’t quite figure out how to make the real thing work, but still want to be cool like their brothers!

home-made binoculars

Here’s how you’ll do it:


All you need is duct tape, a couple rolls of empty toilet paper, or one empty paper towel roll cut in half. Then you’ll need some duct tape and string and you’re ready to craft!

home-made binoculars

All you need to do is cover both rolls completely. Once you get to the end, you can duct tape a string to the outsides of each tub in place. This will act as the neck strap. Then hot glue the tubes together down the center and you’re good to go!

home-made binoculars

Quinn’s tee by Good Boy Friday - find it here!

Happy adventuring!! Find all our DIY posts with household items right here.


winter water factory [giveaway!]

Winter Water Factory is here today with a fun giveaway to get you all set up for Summer! They make the most fun prints and the epitome of awesome play clothes. Every piece is simple and sturdy but also bright and fun! Here’s our boys rocking their Winter Water Factory around town these days:

At the park and at Cubby’s in Ropes & Anchors, shopping with mom in Outer Space and touring the new Natural Curiosity Museum in Construction Electric Blue.
winter water kids line

And here are some of our favorites from their Spring/Summer line:

winter water kids line

Are you ready to win? Enter below and you’ll be considered for a $100 credit towards your favorite Winter Water Factory gear.
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Interactive Books

We’re happy to have Janssen of Everyday Reading guest posting today with her favorite interactive books for kids! Books where they don’t just read the words and look at the pictures, but they can actually participate, touch, feel, and experience elements of the book, too! Janssen is an ex-librarian, turned mother and we’ve loved being able to follow along with her book reviews, and we recently participated in her “In My Book Bag” series which you can find here. Welcome, Janssen!

Small Fry Interactive Books1. Press Here by Herve Tullet. This book is just SO fun. Each page gives you an instruction (“tap the yellow dot twice” or “shake the page up and down”) and on the following page, the picture has changed according to your actions. My three-year-old never gets tired of reading it. (Tap the Magic Tree just came out this summer and has a similar concept, but revolves around the seasons).

2. Adventures in Cartooning: How to Turn Your Doodles Into Comics by James Sturm, Andrew Arnold and Alexis Frederick-Frost. I bought a copy of this for the library when I was an elementary school librarian and I didn’t shelve it once the entire year. As soon as one child brought it back in, another would snatch it off the cart and check it back out. I especially like this book because it’s both a story and provides drawing instruction.
3. Out of Sight by Francesco Pittau and Bernadette Gervais. Like many children, my daughter is obsessed with animals and animal books. This is my all-time favorite one. Each page shows some part of several animals on flaps (a collection of tails, or paw prints or coat patterns). Once you lift the flap, the corresponding animal is revealed with some interesting fact about the animal (I learned so much!). Our whole family was sad to take this one back to the library.
4. Busy Bunny Days: In the Town, On the Farm & At the Port by Britta Teckentrup. Originally published in Germany, this book is a cross between Richard Scarry and Where’s Waldo?, with tons of details to look at and a tricky badger hiding on each page. The illustrations are bright, detailed, and beautiful, and I could look at the different spreads all day long.
5. The Jolly Postman by Allan Ahlberg and Janet Ahlberg. This book is such a classic. A postman goes on his daily rounds, delivering letters to various fairy tale characters. At each delivery, there is a letter, with a pocket on the page where you can pull out the actual letter. We owned this book, unopened, for years before we had children, but once our first child was old enough to enjoy books, this one became part of our regular rotation. Opening those letters never gets old!
6. Round Trip by Ann Jonas. Oh, this is an amazing book. All in black and white, it begins with a trip to the city. And then when you reach the end of the book, you flip the book upside down and read back the other way, returning home. It’s mind-boggling to see all the pictures turn into completely different images just with a 180 degree spin. (I remember reading it with my dad, who loved how clever the whole idea was).
Find more of Janssen on her blog here.