Owlet Baby Monitor Review & Giveaway!

We are absolutely OBSESSED with the Owlet Baby Monitor and so thrilled to introduce our readers to it today as our New Year New Baby Week continues!! What we wouldn’t give to have this incredible tool with our first babies – it is so awesome and must have for peace of mind. Keep reading for a promotional code AND giveaway!!

How does the Owlet Monitor work?? The Sock Electronics use pulse oximetry to gather your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. The electronics send your baby’s information via Bluetooth 4.0 the Base Station. The Base Station then sends your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels to your Apple device.And we had to steal this shot of Ashley’s girl sporting it because #babytoes.Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.44.24 PMWant to take your chances at winning an Owlet of your very own?! Enter below! Good luck!

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amazon, baby!

Our affinity for Amazon (Prime specifically) knows no bounds, and they have so many wonderful programs running to make your transition with a new baby even easier. New BabyDiscounts on essentials like diapers using Amazon Mom, their new Dash Button – running out of wipes? Click the button and they’ll send it right out. So awesome. As we figure out what our new babies prefers we are constantly making trips to the store, which can be heartbreaking when you’re recovering, they’re sleeping, you have kids to tend to. We come to rely heavily on that quick shipping option!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.56.41 AM

Here’s some of our favorite items for purchase with Prime!

Amazon, baby!


4moms Mamaroo. Saves your bacon time and time again and the features are so ahead of their class its crazy. // Free shipping on this perfect crib that will transform through all your baby’s stages, such a great deal, too! // Super sensitive all natural wipes by Bloom Baby, a new find for us and we’re in love! // If your babies take pacifiers you know what chaos it can be when you can’t find that dang paci. Keep them coming on loop! Soothies here. // Mustela is a household favorite around here. Find your favorite lotion and stick to it with your kids (pending they like it, too!) the smell will forever bring those sweet new baby memories back. // Puj tub is an absolute must for those newborn baths. // Aden Swaddles, duh. // Halo Bassinet swivels 360 degrees, the side lowers down so you can scoop them out right next to your bed, and raises height with ease. Such a must! // Teethers because you never know when that fun stage will strike! // Happy Yogis, its always such a fun transition when they start snacking on solids, we love HappyYogis! // Comotomo bottles are basically as close to a boob as we’ve ever found bottle-wise. A+! //  We love having rockers for more than just the nursery, its a must when you have other kids and need to be where they are. Easy transportable rocker to the rescue! And lastly, the Comfort Cam baby monitor!


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new year new baby | feeding giveaway!

What do you do most in that first year of life? FEED.THAT.BABY! We have some of our baby feeding favorites today for you to win! Check out why we love them below and enter to win!newbabyfeeding

  1. Oat Mama // These superfood packed Granola Bars will get that milk flowing and keep you full in those HANGRY stages of nursing!
  2. Baby Brezza // This glass one step baby food maker is one of a kind and there isn’t anything like it on the market. Provides you with 4 cups of pureed food perfect for those tiny little gums and teeth. Seriously a game changer.
  3. aden + anais // Our favorite swaddle company just came out with a nursing pillow that’s just as good. Soft, sweet, plush and comfy — this little guy is sure to become your best friend in those first months.
  4. Comotomo // Whether you’re nursing or not, these favorite bottles of ours in design are also a babies bottle of choice.

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How I dealt with Postpartum Anxiety

We are so grateful to have this thoughtful, open and raw guest post by Cynthia from We are the Jaquezes today sharing her journey and tips on Postpartum Anxiety. If you have other helpful tips that you know of we would love to create a discussion to support other suffering Moms in the comments.

By Cynthia:Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.01.37 PM

“Johnny!!! Get him! Get him now!”

“Babe, what’s wrong?”

“I am not sure. I feel ants crawling all over me and I just envisioned myself launching Oliver across the room.”

3 a.m. and I was a sobbing mess telling my husband that I had just envisioned, and had to contain myself from, launching my 2-month-old across the room. I didn’t know why this was happening. It was such a scary and dark time that was filled with guilt for feeling the way I did. All I wanted to do was nurse my baby, but every time he would latch on, this anxious feeling would come over me. It did not take long for me to realize that I was dealing with anxiety and a visit to my midwife and doctor confirmed what I already knew.

When women become mothers, they enter this new chapter of life with many unknowns. No one really tells us that, not only will our bodies change, but so will our hormones, health, and emotions. It isn’t always a negative thing, but for many women it can be. After having Oliver, I started to develop anxiety. I’d heard people talk about how crippling anxiety could be but I had never really experienced that kind of anxiety, but in all honesty I really just thought, why can’t they just fix their thoughts on Jesus and choose to be happy? After experiencing anxiety, I learned that it really isn’t something that we can just choose to turn on or off. Luckily I was able to recognize that I was dealing with anxiety and leaned on a community of women who’ve walked this path into motherhood before me. I received so much support and direction.

Mamas out there, I want you to know that what you are feeling is real. You are not exaggerating, and you aren’t doing anyone any favors by ignoring it. Get help, speak, reach out. There are many women/professionals out there willing to help you overcome this. In my opinion, anxiety is not generally something you want to treat with prescription medication. It’s not that prescription medications are bad necessarily, but there are several side effects and addiction risk that make them less than ideal. In many cases, the problem is not resolved and you are just left with more problems.

Here are a few of the things I did to deal with anxiety.

  • Prayer, lots and lots of prayer. Find your quiet time and allow your mind to slow down and pray.
  • CALM POWDER. Magnesium plays an important role in our overall health. Magnesium is found in leafy greens and many of us simply don’t get enough greens in our diet and therefore are deficient in magnesium.
  • Essential Oils. Yes I know that many of you are probably rolling your eyes but I am only sharing what worked for me. I used these therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living; joy, valor, white-angelica, cedarwood, frankincense, and lavender. If you have any questions regarding the use of them please connect with me, as I am happy to chat.
  • Get moving and your brain will start producing happy hormones. Seriously anything is better than nothing, so even if its just 5 minutes a day, get moving.
  • Lots of healthy fats, gut healing foods, pastured meats (1-2x wk), supplements, lots of water, and just treating food as a form of self-love.

Sweet sisters, I pray that you find a community that supports you as you deal with this. I want you to know that what you are feeling is real. You are not over-exaggerating and there is light and hope! You will feel like yourself again and soon you’ll start to see the beauty and joy that your sweet baby has brought into this world.

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