Back to School Fashion Week: Picture Day!

Next up in our Back to School Fashion Week is our favorite finds for picture day! We did a little research across the web for the best Picture Day tips (at the bottom of this post!) and put them all together for you here! Whether you dress up or keep it casual, here are some great options that go along with what we’ve read!


Picture Day | Back to School Shopping

1. For a more formal picture try this white button down, with a extra comfortable knit blazer, and a classic striped tie!

2. Going the other direction with something extra casual (but still picture appropriate!) like this  Chambray Shirt with Polarn O Pyret’s perfect Striped long sleeve top as an undershirt! The stripe is wide enough to be photographed just right! Boys don’t get too many accessory options that are picture friendly, but we love this smart little Neff watch to add a little something extra!

3. For a middle of the road look we love a Short Sleeved Plaid button down with a contrasting pop of color underneath like this Simple pocket tee!

Picture Day | Back to School Shopping

1. For something colorful and cute we love the pattern mixing this dress and Polka Dot Headband combo create! Dress it up a little bit with this cute denim Moto Jacket!

2. For something a little bit more formal how cute is this (on sale!) chiffon jumper with the always beautiful Tipped Blazer and a pair of brown riding boots?

3. For something easy and comfortable with just a hint of interest, this Chambray Two Tone Dress is so great! Just top it with a sweet little Floral Headband and you’re set!

And now, here’s our Back to School Picture Day Tips!schoolpic Read more

Manic Morning

By Nicole.

Hi. I’m that mom that stops for donuts for breakfast on our way to school. Every morning. We don’t feel that bad about it either ;). Actually, I have a lot of mom guilt when it comes to the way I feed my kids. I’m recently divorced and and find eating out so much easier than cooking a meal for one adult (myself) and two kiddos who more than likely won’t eat it. So, eating out seems like the best option. Our trouble is we eat out the fast food way. Even for breakfast.At Home Breakfast

That’s where Made To Matter, Handpicked by Target comes in. I’ve spent the last week making an effort to eat AT HOME. But not just leftover donuts from the breakfast the day prior, but actually making something substantial. I don’t think I’ll EVER be that mom that makes pancakes and eggs and bacon and fresh squeezed OJ every morning, but that’s okay, because I’ve found some super quick, easy, and better-for-us answers.Screen shot 2014-06-30 at 5.49.33 PM6-30-14

My kids love oatmeal. But instant oatmeal is packed with sugars. I took a leap of faith and cooked this the Simply Balanced Multi-grain Organic Oatmeal, drizzled with Simply Balanced Maple Syrup and garnished with some sliced fruit on top. At first Dash was apprehensive, who could blame him. Where are the donuts?Manic MorningBut after a moment, they GOBBLED it up. I like to mix the fruit selections up so it’s exciting to them each day. Strawberries, peaches, pears, berries, apples and bananas. Our morning felt smooth and healthy. We made it to our classes on time and the kids seemed all around happier being filled with something heartier than donuts.

Manic Morning This breakfast worked for us in so many ways! It is instant for the days I’m in a rush, it is still sweet so it appeals to my boys, and I can keep it fresh and exciting by the toppings we choose. But, ultimately, I know the ingredients are good and healthy and my boys enjoy it.

Manic Morning

Now that I’m cooking more at home, I’d love to know what heart breakfasts you’ve found work for your family? We all need a tried and true arsenal!

This post is sponsored by TargetThe Made To Matter line has been handpicked by Target to bring you brands that make things better for your you, your family, and the place we all call home.

Back to School Fashion Week: Backpacks!

With the exception of our next update for the Made to Matter challenge tomorrow, we’re taking this whole week to share the best of Back to School 2014 fashion! Our own Fashion Week if you will. Move over Mercedes Benz! First, what is more official then picking out a back pack? We scoured our favorite stores and these are our favorites for preschoolers on up!

best of backpacks


1. JcPenney always pulls through with awesome clothing and accessories at unbelievable prices. We love this camping style backpack for girls!

2. & 4. Gap wins for the best backpack collection this year! Everything is so darling, minimal but not boring, and of course they always have matching lunch boxes and accessories to add to it so you have a complete set! This stripe and dot combo is so cute and if you like Herschel but not the price, this combo version is a great imitator! (This week they have 40% off regular priced items if you’re card holder!)

3. & 5. Herschel Supply Co. has only been around for a few years but they’ve taken over our favorite retailers as their pack of choice. The two founding brothers have got it down pat. Every combination and shape is so great! Bone + camo version here // Striped versions here

6. Beatrix’s illustrated backpacks are so sweet and youthful! If you’re not ready to buy a mountain-man looking pack for your little guy, check out Beatrix!

7. DwellStudio is another one that always pulls through! This one is perfect for your dinosaur lover!

8. & 9. If you’re looking for an inexpensive but totally cute option this next school year, look no further than Cotton On Kids! $9.95 and they come in all sorts of on-trend patterns! Find them all here.

10. We’ve reviewed Dabbawalla lunch bags before, but didn’t realize they had backpacks, too! Their fabrics have proved to be pretty indestructible which is great for those kids who are extra rough on their packs. Find the monkey pack here!

11. Messenger bags have been hard to find so far, but Hanna Andersson’s striped styles are super cute! If your gal likes a cross-body strap versus the standard pack, this one is a great option! (If you’ve seen any other cute ones online share in the comments, we had slim luck!)

12. Cath Kidston really knows how to make a feminine backpack! If you’ve got a girly girl all of her back packs are so wonderful!

Didn’t see one that grabs ya? Don’t worry, we’ve got a bunch more in the carousel below (mobile users, you might have to click over to see this!)

Fryday: Jenna

Happy Fryday! Can’t believe another week has flown by. I’m feeling summer slipping through my finger tips and I’m not ready to part with it just yet!

This week for my Fryday I wanted to highlight a few of the Moms around the web that I’m admiring lately. There are SO many wonderful women online and here are some you should get to know (if you don’t already!)

First UP:

Anna // In Honor of Design

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.25.24 PM

This Mother of 3 is as you can see fun, creative & a beauty. I love reading her blog about design, family, travel, recipes, you name it. She has a beautiful and honest space where she shares openly with her readers. We’ve never met but I think if we did we’d be great friends.

Mandi // Vintage Revivals

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.49.51 PM

Read Mandi’s blog for five seconds & you can’t help but fall instantly in love with her. This mom of two is as she says, FEARLESS when it comes to DIY, but as her personal friend I know her as fearless in just about any area of her life. She’s courageous, brave, honest, kind and craaaaazy talented.

Casey // The Wiegands

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 9.10.41 PM

Casey is a mamma to three and her blog is like one huge beating heart. She puts her whole soul in to it & is an incredible writer. I connect with her on a lot of ways but especially when she writes about her pregnancy losses. It’s the way I wish I could give words to mine. She’s talented, gracious, beautiful and loving. There is always something to gain from her words.

There are a so many more women I could highlight but I’ll stop there…whose blog are you reading these days and why?

xo -J


Our friends at Arvo (see how we styled their awesome watches here) are putting on a Dare to Care 5K for the local Granite School District August 2nd. This district shows that 63% of their students are below poverty line and can’t afford to buy school supplies. All proceeds to this race go to the Granite Education Foundation and it is such a worthy cause!

Dare 2 Care 5KRegister here for the race here and use “Dare2Care” to get $5 off your registration fee! Make sure you pre-register to ensure you get your t-shirt! Also local vendors who might want to sponsor or donate to the race, or for those who simply want to make a donation to the foundation email!

hanna andersson

Thursday Threads is back with our favorites from Hannah Andersson! This brand is one of our favorites for so many reasons, but number one being they are so long-wearing! You can pass their pieces down to the next siblings in line and they look as good as the first wear. We also love their dedication to soft wearing items, where seams, and collars, and waistbands are made with comfort in mind, we’ve seen comfort become secondary with lots of brands, but not Hanna! Here are our favorites from their new line!


Bright easy pieces that mix and match and are easily layered for transition from Summer to Fall! Just throw on knit tights or leggings and a jacket and all of these items last all year!

hannah2For BABY:

Perhaps our favorite items to buy from Hanna Andersson are the pajamas, so soft and so classic, they feel classic wear and year after wear and year. We love the kimono style wrap onesies too which add a little extra warmth and comfort than the typical front snappers!hannah3

and BOYS:

How fun are all these pieces?! So bright and fun and again, interchangeable for lots of different outfits out of only a few pieces!hannah1Check out Hanna Andersson’s complete line here! And Happy Pioneer Day to our fellow Utahans!