learning board games

Once your kids get to a certain age, board games become a lot of fun and not just a box of pieces ready to be lost or stepped on. Today we’re rounding up our favorite educational games in the board game genre. We shared our favorite educational toys here, too if you’re looking!
Learning Board Games


1. Rory’s Story Cubes: You roll dice which become elements of your story and use your imagination to construct a tale for your other players. Great for artistic expression!

2. Let’s Go Fishin‘: This game is so good for fine motor skills. It’s also good for finding patterns and colors.

3. Memory Game: We love this beautiful game from Petit Collage. Matching helps with memory, rule following and even teamwork.

4. Sum Swamp: Exactly like it sounds! An adventure through a swamp that helps fine tune kids’ simple math skills.

5. Dominoes: A must for every home! You can use these for the real game and number learning, or you can use like blocks and knocking them down in a patter for fine motor skills, too!

6. I Spy Game: Great for beginner readers, promotes matching skills, team work and rule following.

7. Q’s Race to the Top: This game is a great combination of active play (you draw cards having you do silly tasks like rubbing your tummy and patting your head) social and etiquette skills, and asking engaging questions that help you learn lots about even your own kids!

8. Connect 4 Launchers: A fun twist on the classic! Launch your way to connect four and learn hand eye coordination and strategy.

9. Where is Sock Monkey?: Helps engage kids in problem solving with hiding the sock monkey and creating clues to help find it.

Do you have any board games you guys love? Another fave we love is Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, we featured it here!

bunny masks with kohl’s

Today we’re teaming up with Kohl’s to show you one more Easter and Springtime themed craft before you celebrate this weekend! This one is fun for kids from start to finish and makes for a cute photo op, too! Even better it won’t hide their cute Easter outfits.

Dash chose this super cool glow-in-the-dark bug t-shirt layered with this perfect for Summer jersey tee that we bought in every color, it’s the best! And awesome seersucker shorts that are so perfect for Sunday or play! For Hayes he loves the breezy (his words, not ours!) feel of a button-down shirt and we love stocking up on their Chaps flat front shorts, they’re so great and always look polished.Spring Fashion with Kohls

Now here’s how you’ll make these cute bunny masks!

Just grab cardstock – we love the black cardstock and white crayon. Cut a bunny face out and then trace the face shape with your crayon for effect. Please note both Hayes and Dash’s concentration faces. Priceless!

Spring Fashion with Kohls Spring Fashion with Kohls

Then you can add the face and a fluffy bunny nose (felt balls found here!) Then tape on a craft stick and you’re all set!

Spring Fashion with KohlsRabbit Dip plate from here.

Thanks to Kohl’s for helping us make today’s Spring craft so stylish! We can’t get over how great each piece is, high quality and super affordable too! See all their Spring sales right here.

baby shower hits

This post is for my mom who while amazing in every single way is perhaps not up on the times when attending a baby shower! I don’t blame her, it’s been 30 (gasp) years since she’s had a newborn! So here are my favorite baby shower gifts for you to bring that will for sure be a hit and subsequently get you invited to all baby showers forever. newborn1. The Keekaroo Peanut Changer // this has been a new item for me this go around & I wonder where it’s ben all my life! It’s so comfortable for baby & easily wipes down after an inevitable explosion while changing a diaper! Anything I don’t have to stick in the laundry is a friend of mine.

2. Freshly Picked Moccs // there isn’t much I can say about this shoe that hasn’t already been said but they’re beautifully made, can be worn with everything & every girl will eel like the luckiest when she receives them as a gift.

3. Puj Towel // This heavy weight but super soft towel is the perfect after tub snuggle friend. I love that it’s simple & doesn’t have some strange animal motif so it looks gorgeous hanging on your bathroom hook.

4. Aden + Anais Hand Towels // speaking of tub time–our favorite blanket makers have done it again by making the softest blend of wash cloth ever. Perfect for fresh newborn skin.

5. Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddle Blankets // These are classic + a must have for every baby. Not only are they breathable and make for the best swaddler….they double as a nursing cover for me. Love them.

6. Alexandra Rose Cloths // These burp clothes are h e a v y duty. They don’t mess around and are gorgeous to look at. Plus they’re handmade by a fellow mamma.

7. Puj Tub // We’ve been raving about this one for years & the review still stands. It’s cozy, comfy & safe for baby & can easily lay flat for storage. It is THE BEST.

8. Kickee Pants // No matter how many cute outfits I buy I go back to the simple and ultra soft Kickee Pants. They are thin but warm, buttery soft & can cover tiny newborn hands to avoid scratches. I love a baby in white so I have several of these.

9. Mustela // I have used Mustela products on all three of my babies. The smell is euphoric & takes me back to such blissful newborn times, I love it so much. This French brand is sensitive & delicate on baby’s skin. We have yet to have a baby with eczema – although my other Small Fry’s have and they both swear by their Stelatopia line! – and I owe it to Mustela. I found some on sale here. If you’re looking to try the Stelatopia line the bundle is awesome and the Milky bath oil is a must, too!



chalkboard eggs

With Easter being only a few days away we wanted to share a quick DIY that our kids LOVED, chalkboard eggs! We love this new take on the traditional dyeing and as always can’t get enough of the black and white color palette. Here’s how you’ll do it:

Chalkboard Easter Egg DIY

Start with regular plastic eggs, white or colored, doesn’t really matter and Chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard Easter Egg DIY

Coat them generously and then let them dry completely.

Chalkboard Easter Egg DIY

Then let your kiddos go to town with white and colored chalk, if you want more precision we suggest using these chalk pens.

Chalkboard Easter Egg DIY

And how cute are these Clark’s Desert Boots? They sent us some for our boys’ to try out and we’re converted. They’re such high quality and so reasonably priced, too! We love the bright laces on these Tan Suede pair.


Chalkboard Easter Egg DIY

Here’s all the colors they come in:Clarks

And a couple styles we’re loving for girls, too! The Volkin Sandal and the Dance Bee:

Clarks It’s not too late to grab an Easter pair for your kiddos! See all their styles here.


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spring cleaning with zappos

Spring is here and we couldn’t be happier! We all grew up in a four seasons environment, so we can’t help but sort of nest each time a new season is upon us. Clean out shelves, rotate out our thick sweaters for our light weight tees and pull out our sandals. Deep clean, organize, and of course seek out some new items that feel weather and trend appropriate. Today we got the awesome chance to shop for said items with Zappos! You all know how much we use Zappos as a go-to, we have definitely become spoiled by fast shipping times and they are the culprit. Jenna and Emily picked out something they’ve each been eyeing for Spring and here’s what arrived a mere two days later!


“I think everyone comes to this realization somewhere in adulthood and that is that acquiring quality is better than quantity. Normally, each Summer I head to the nearest store (that I am no longer in the target age demographic for) and buy up several cheap pairs of sunglasses. I feel great about it because if they break or get lost it’s no big deal. The trouble is, they break and get lost. I end each Summer with ZERO sunglasses. So a couple Summers ago I invested in some quality sunglasses. Classic styles that have real life warranties and repair options. Just like a big girl! As I suspected knowing I had spent more on them made me extra careful where I set them down, if I left them at the park you bet I was driving back to get them. Keeping them in their case and basically hiding them from tiny hands.Spring Cleaning with ZapposI’ve had my eye on these red lens Ray Ban Aviators forever but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet! Zappos gave me the push in the right direction with their easy 365 day return policy so I could try a couple different sizes on my face. I went with the 58 MM (they measure the width of the frame) with the gold frame.

It was torture trying to choose something to buy myself on Zappos. The selection is incredible and they have so many of my favorite go-to brands. But, I am so happy with these Ray Bans, they’re exactly what I hoped they’d be and I haven’t taken them off in days.Spring Cleaning with ZapposThe red lens changes with every direction you look at it. It looks orange, yellow, deep red, and I love it! They just scream Summer to me and instantly add a little edge to any outfit. I love how flexible they are and lightweight, I can wear them all day without any irritation. I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots more of these babies!Spring Cleaning with ZapposJENNA in FREE PEOPLE:

“For me it’s vital to find clothes that can transition into many purposes. It’s nice to have pieces like this that can do it all! That’s why finding a dress like this one is such a score! Spring Cleaning with ZapposDress it up with a strappy sandal for church, flip flops for the beach or wedges for date night. It’s also comfy enough to run errands in and I love clothing I’m not afraid to be a mom in. And SCORE when a dress is button down which is worth it’s weight in gold for a nursing mamma! This is just what I need for my life at this point.

Spring Cleaning with ZapposI love the weight of this dress, its gauzy and lightweight, but not sheer at all which is another part of its ease. The embroidery is sweet and Springy and I feel like the color is really in line with what I want to be wearing.Spring Cleaning with Zappos Spring Cleaning with ZapposHead to Zappos to get your Spring shopping on! Thanks to Zappos for sponsoring this post, we love love love you.