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By Emily. This post is sponsored by The Quaker Oats Company, but all opinions are my own. 

I am now to the stage of pregnancy where sleep is futile. So I usually wake up like a zombie and am scrambling to get myself together on top of trying to get the kids ready for school. Hayes actually had to have a heart to heart with me about wearing pants and shoes to the bus drop off. Ha! I turned to overnight oats because I wake up starving and rarely have time to get a satisfying morning meal for myself!Overnight Oats Overnight Oats are hugely popular online, but for those of you who haven’t tried it (some of us included!) here’s a quick summary.

Convenient, filling, breakfast, made ahead, up to three days in advance. If you have crazy mornings like us, a breakfast you can prep at night is everything! We love Quaker Old Fashioned Oats for this and all you need to do is grab a jar with a lid (keeping it air-tight helps with that whole make-ahead business.)Overnight OatsFill it the jar with 1/2 cup of oats. Then 1/2 cup of milk or yogurt (nut milk, soy milk, cow milk, raw milk, goat milk – whatever dairy/dairy alternative you like!) Your yogurt choice can be plain, vanilla or flavored depending on what your fruit toppings will be! You can also add in chia seeds, flax seeds, or whatever yummy crunch you like with nuts and more!Overnight OatsNow for your toppings! You can go so many directions with this your head will spin. For me, I know I’ve mentioned this pregnancy that my sweet tooth craving is next level. I love anything with chocolate, peanut butter and banana so that is the jar I made for this post! Just call me Elvis. If you want to lighten the calories, ditch the chocolate chips and just add chocolate almond milk! It give it just enough chocolatey flavor with a little less guilt! Also you can swap peanut butter for the powdered peanut butter which (80 calories versus about 30.)Overnight Oats

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana Overnight Oats 


Prep time: 5 mins

Total time: 5 mins

Serves: 1


1/2 cup Quaker® Old Fashioned Oats

1/2 cup almond milk (vanilla or chocolate)

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp peanut butter

½ banana (sliced)

Chocolate chips (for garnish)


Stir together the oats, almond milk, and chia seeds in a jar (with lid). Layer on peanut butter and banana, secure jar lid and let soak overnight. In the morning, remove the lid and garnish with chocolate chips. Enjoy!

Need some more ideas?Overnight Oats

Want it to be warm and spicy? Try a pumpkin spice blend in your yogurt, maple syrup and pecans.

Want something to wake you up? How about a lemon yogurt, blueberries and lemon zest combo?

Need to feel like you’re on vacation? Add mangoes, pineapple chunks, dust with coconut shavings.

*Disclosure! We are working with The Quaker Oats Company all year long to bring recipes and ideas using our favorite Quaker products! With 140 years of bringing us kitchen staples, we’re excited to work with such a long-standing favorite.

Berry Yoghurt Quinoa

As much as we emphasize whole nutrition and challenging your children to eat healthy, we also know how HARD it can be on us moms to get all the nutrition our children need to grow strong! We are working this Summer on a campaign with Similac Go & Grow (get your FREE SAMPLE here!) introducing their new toddler mix-in packets which are jam packed full of protein fiber, Vitamin E, DHA and a ton of other goodies. What we love most about this campaign is Similac’s focus on first, getting whole foods in those tiny bodies and then using these mix-ins on occasion for added vitamin support. We will be sharing 5 recipes over the next month including these packets that we think your kiddos will enjoy!similacyogurt (1 of 6)

First up: Berry Yoghurt Quinoa. This one is a favorite among the little babies of the group! What you’ll need:

-1 packet of Similac Grow & Go 

-1/4 c cooked quinoa

-1/4 c plain or flavored yoghurt of choice

-4-5 chopped strawberries/blueberries/blackberriessimilacyogurt (2 of 6)

Mix one packet of Similac Grow & Go together with yoghurt, cooked quinoa and berries. Mix thoroughly and chill for a bit – we find this helps with those teething gums to have it cold! similacyogurt (3 of 6) similacyogurt (4 of 6)

That’s all! So simple, so easy and SO filling. similacyogurt (6 of 6)

Oh…and SO messy 😉

Get your Similac Go & Grow FREE SAMPLE here!

Similac partnered with influencers such as us for its Go & Grow by Similac Food Mix-Ins Launch Program. As part of this Program, we received compensation for our time. Similac believes that consumers and influencers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Similac policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.


Happy Fryday! Here’s what we got for you this week, so sorry for the link issues.


Loving these jeans for Summer!

We just bought this Child Carrier for the bike. Sunny still likes to ride with mama, and this one holds a child up to 40 pounds!

Thrilled about this find. The price is incredible and I’ve been eyeing similar ones for 4x this price! I bought the medium size.

I’ve been a lover of the Lumineers for years now, and this new album is thrilling me. 24/7!

Target ALWAYS does it again. Loving my new toteTOTE!!!

I have been helping a friend re decorate his new home, and I cant stop dreaming about this hardware for his bathroom faucet.



WEARING: My favorite Mom jeans that don’t feel so momish! Love the high rise and distressing on these so much. My favorite crewneck for summer that I am attempting to own in every color and now that it’s on sale I think it’s possible! I’ve been getting so many swimsuits lately and just clothes in general from Asos. They have such fun options and I’m obsessed with the wide selection.

Did you shop the Nike Sale? I know I did (yikes) ! I NEVER see this style shoe on sale so I bought them in both colors. They’re my favorite for working out and every day. They’re so weightless and incredible.


I’ve been obsessing over podcasts as usual. If you’re in to Serial you’ve got to tune in to Breakdown – it’s just as riveting. I’ve also really been liking the Relationship Alive Podcast my friend Lindsay recommended! it’s super great and been teaching me a lot of great tips to use in my relationships.

ALSO! Follow Emily on Spotify. Everything is amazing but I’m particularly loving tuning in to her Spring Bijou Market Play list.


Great! I’ve actually been in to counting my Macros lately which is a whole new type of eating I’m not accustomed to but I REALLY have resonated with so far. If you have any experience with it or tips I’d love to hear from you in the comments! I’m a total newbie and it’s a learning curve (hello I do NOT eat enough Protein!) but it’s been such a fun challenge. Along side my BBG Sweat App I’ve been finding a lot of success! AND! My favorite EVER Align pants now come in a cropped version and that’s something to shout from the roof tops!

Oh also! If you’re thinking of doing Macros you’ll definitely want a food scale and I really like this one.


Kardashians and Real Housewives. I mean how predictable could I be?



Wearing: All about the slip-ons this Summer, I have officially retired from bending down to do anything, let alone lacing a shoe! I had been on the hunt for this very color since last Summer and about died when I finally found them! It’s the perfect blush/nude and goes with everything. They keep selling out, so hurry and grab yours! Pairing it with this dress  (just size up a few if you’re pregnant!) for an easy Summer outfit!

Reading: I had this book recommended to me for post-baby and I am excited to check it out. It’s all about nourishing yourself in the many stages of Post-Partum-ness and what to do for each of the next 40 days. The right foods for the many moods. Looks gorgeous!

Listening: A lot of BØRNS! Every time I hear Electric Love I start to cry. The words remind me of this crazy non-stop kicking baby and how excited I am to meet him! Get me to July 4th! Also don’t let his nutty stage name throw you, he’s from Michigan.

Decorating: We have one the thing on the agenda this weekend, get the baby room ready. My old glider broke (too much Frame brother wrestling will do that) but we are in crazy saving mode, so the budget isn’t huge. I was stoked to find such a good deal on Amazon, of course. Perfectly neutral and so affordable, comparatively!

Watching: Veep is back and I am convinced it’s the only TV worth watching. Although I am biased because it is the only TV I’m watching.

Feeling: All of it. My side joints have caused major chaos this pregnancy making basically any movement painful. I sneezed the other day and it actually brought tears to my eyes it hurt so bad. HA! Sometimes I wonder if my hips are actually broken and I just don’t realize it! Sleep is a struggle and working out is totally impossible so I just feel like a big blob. Who wants to party with Emily, I’ll bring the complaints! New life, magical, blessed. If I add all those qualifiers, I’m safe right?

Eating: My #1 favorite flavor combo this pregnancy is chocolate, peanut butter and banana. Since I can no longer be left alone with no-bake cookies I started making a morning protein shake and it’s satisfying so many cravings and I definitely don’t feel as guilty.

Wanna try? A scoop of this Plant based protein powder. A tablespoon of natural peanut butter, a cup of almond milk, a ripe banana, and two handfuls of ice (10+ cubes.)


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#thankorama with Mo Willems!

We love Mo Willems so much over here so we’re are so excited to be working with Disney Hyperion this Summer! May is all about gratitude in celebration of his last book in the Elephant and Piggie series, (check out the video trailer here!) and they sent the funnest supplies for having your own #thankorama party!#thankorama with Mo WillemsWith the end of the school year on our heels there are so many amazing people that touched our kids’ lives that deserve a thank you! Whether it’s their teacher, bus driver, librarian, principal, teacher’s aide, reading buddy, room mom, coach, we will never run out of ideas to help them think of others and show their thanks! You can download your own bubbles here! (Pink // Grey)Mo Willems FavoritesA pile of thank you cards, treats, pretty blossoms and an attitude of gratitude are all we need for our little #thankorama party! #thankorama with Mo WillemsWe also love the idea of giving a good book as thank you and we polled our Small Fry Instagram followers and found one theme across almost all of their favorite’s by Mo Willems – it makes their kids laugh and it makes the mom tear up. To have so many books elicit that reaction in a family makes us even prouder to represent Mo this Summer!! Such an accomplishment.mowillems

The Thank You Book is the last in the Elephant & Piggie series! Already a best-seller! // Leonardo is terrible at being a scary monster but he is good at something else! // Listen to my Trumpet!: A book about opposites and how you don’t need to have everything in common to have a friend. // The entire Pigeon series is hysterical and a big favorite at Small Fry. // Another hilarious one from Mo — We are in a book! // There is a bird on your head! // Edwina — the dinosaur who didn’t know she was extinct and Reginald Von Hoobie Doobie who has to make her see. That name alone will have you all chuckling. // The Knuffle Bunny, One, Two and Free series is another one that jerks the tears.

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go crocs!

When Zappos and Crocs asked us if we wanted to review some of Crocs’ new Summer shoes we were admittedly hesitant. Historically, we have yet to purchase any for our kids, Crocs has picked up a bad wrap along the way for these fashion-loving (vain) mamas, but when thought twice we saw these amazing rain boots and slip-on style sneakers! Go, Crocs! Crocs! The rainboots are that super light-weight Croc material which we have yet to find in another rainboot. Typically our boys boots have been clunky and thick soled, which really isn’t necessary for a romp in a rain puddle! These are easier for them to manage and don’t hinder them from getting all those wiggles out.crocs3They come in all these fun colors too, so each kiddo gets to pick their very favorite. Find them in BLUE // RED // GREEN // the classic YELLOW and PINK too! The style is minimal and totally functional which we love. We have to also note that we got one of our kids’ sizes wrong on this and they were so sad to not be able to wear them. With Zappos crazy amazing return policy (365 days, seriously?) they actually floated our exchange for us. Meaning, they overnighted the new pair of shoes, and instead of charging us for them they gave us two weeks to get the wrong size mailed back in – on them! A true exchange. The only downsize to online shopping for us has been waiting for funds to come back to us when we do returns, so this feature is so incredible!!Crocs!The next style we love are the Bump-It Shoe! This slip-on style is so great for the pool, beach, or any activity where you’re going in an out of different elements. It breathes wonderfully and is soft so it won’t cause irritation or blisters. BLUE // GREYCrocs!So if you’ve been like us and counted Crocs out, don’t go too far! These styles won us over and our kids couldn’t be more excited to rock them all through the sprinklers, puddles, pools, beaches, hikes, parks, playgrounds, night games and whatever other excitements this Summer has in store for them! Thanks to Crocs at Zappos for working with us on this review!


By Emily, in partnership with Baskin-Robbins.

With a new baby on the way we are really thinking ahead on ways to make both boys feel at ease with the transition. For five years it’s been just the four of us and getting one on one time with them hasn’t been too challenging. Each week Russ and I would take Cal or Hayes one on one to run a fun errand, sit side by side while we were doing chores, even bedtimes they get ample time with each of us solo. But now that we’ll be outnumbered, we know we need to be more intentional about this, it won’t come as easily for sure. NCC_7799 Baskin-Robbins recently launched their Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches and we partnered together to test them out (when have I ever turned down a baked good, never)! They cleverly called the campaign #sandwiching and thus our new plan was born!  "Sandwich" Date Russ and I decided that each week we’ll take one of our kids out just the three of us, a “sandwich” date if you will, with our kiddo in the middle. With mom and dad focusing on just one kid at a time it feels extra, extra special, right? It doesn’t have to be crazy or elaborate just intentional time focused on them. "Sandwich" Date Hayes hasn’t really known what it’s like to be an only child, Callum was born when he was only 16 months old, so the non-stop smiles we got from our date were priceless. He’s such a good boy, a wonderful brother and an even better son, I want to give him the world, and a Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich with sprinkles felt just as good from where he was sitting."Sandwich" Date You can try these Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches out now at all Baskin-Robbins locations! It is customizable from top to bottom. Hayes mixed and matched with a Dark Chocolate Chunk cookie on top, strawberry ice cream with sprinkles for the middle and a warm Double Fudge cookie for the bottom! The cookie is warm and gooey and it’s such a fun treat, especially for a cookie lovers like us!"Sandwich" Date Read all about The Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich and #sandwiching on their site!

Munchkin Diaper Pail

By Jenna:

Did you know that you change something like 3360 diapers in a year? Mind BLOWN. So even after a zillion diapers, three kids and a lot of smells I’ve been unable to commit to a diaper pail mostly because I could never find one that didn’t stick out like a complete sore thumb in my house!munchkindiaper (2 of 8)

When I discovered the Munchkin Step Diaper Pail I was thrilled. Look how pretty it is!! It fits right in to the corner of my messy living space and no one notices it and if they do they just notice it’s so pretty!munchkindiaper (3 of 8)

On the top part of the lid is a Diaper Pail Baking Soda Cartridge by Arm & Hammer so odor seriously does not stand a chance.munchkindiaper (4 of 8)

Also I found that at Target when you buy online you will receive a $15 gift card back when you purchase the Munchkin Step Diaper Pail! What’s super cool too is that for every diaper pail sold Munchkin will plant a tree, yes!munchkindiaper (8 of 8)

Buy your Munchkin Step Diaper Pail here.

This post is sponsored but as always all our opinions are our own and we only promote what we love!

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family photo tips

By Lily of Lily Glass Photography. Catch her Mother’s Day Special right here!
Preparing for In-Home Family Portrait Sessions / How to Take a Family Portrait and Actually Enjoy It 

Family photos. Just the mention of it can cause your heart to race and your mind to spin. We all want lovely images of our family laughing and playing peacefully together, but is it really possible to get those pictures without threatening “stand still or no ice cream” through gritted teeth? As someone who gets to capture these moments, I assure you, it is. And my favorite place to photograph a family is in their home. Lily Glass Photography - Family Photo TipsI know what you’re thinking: it’s hard enough to get the entire family ready by a certain time not to mention clean my house! But it’s within that space that your love has grown. Where the hard work is done. Where you argue and makeup and teach and gently guide and snuggle and wipe noses. It’s the everyday love that I want to remember as a mother and so as a photographer, it is hands down my favorite thing to document for other families. So today I’ll be sharing a few tips to keep in mind when having portraits taken inside your home while maybe even enjoying the process. Lily Glass Photography - Family Photo Tips1. Dress mom first. Choose something comfortable that makes you feel confident. Then coordinate the little one’s outfits and lastly dad. Keep things casual like it’s a day in your home and try to avoid that matchy-matchy look.

2. Embrace the chaos. At some point a bed is going to be ruffled and the lego bin tipped over. Let it happen. Heck, be the one to make it happen! People live here, remember?Lily Glass Photography - Family Photo Tips
3. Let go of “cheese.” Remember that the point of this session is to capture your love-filled daily life. The more the kiddos forget that there is a camera nearby, the more genuine the final images will be. So tickle and chase away but resist the urge to say “look at the camera!”Lily Glass Photography - Family Photo Tips
4. Trust your photographer. I know that when I ask you to sit on the couch the only thing you’re thinking about is that dying plant in the corner. I see it. And I chose this spot because the light is extra magical. Choose a photographer that is experienced in this kind of portraiture and you’ll feel more relaxed in the confidence that they want to capture your family in it’s best light (quite literally).Lily Glass Photography - Family Photo Tips
5. Have a few activities in your back pocket. Nothing over the top — a run through the sprinkler in the backyard or a few minutes baking together in the kitchen can add variety to your photos and document some of your favorite family activities.
Lily Glass Photography - Family Photo Tips
Thanks so much, Lily! Aren’t these great tips?
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