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When I think about having my first baby nearly eight years ago I look back at that girl so fondly. She was so uncontrollably excited to be a mom. I had graduated college only a few months before my due date and decided to quit my job about a month before my son came. I had been running at a break-neck pace most of my 4 year marriage. Full-time student, employed full-time and also working on side part-time projects and a business I had started. It all came to a halt a few weeks before I delivered and for the first time ever I could just sit around. No homework to be done, no deadlines at work, my entrepreneurial endeavors weren’t pressing. I didn’t know what to do with myself! And then he was born. Who knew the process of feeding and keeping a baby clean could take so many hours!? 

New Baby Prep
The advice came rolling in “Sleep when he sleeps” (YES, DO THAT!) “Enjoy every second” (Pretty sure that’s not possible but I guess with the right outlook, sure!) SO much of the advice contradicted other advice and it is so easy to become overwhelmed and ashamed that you can’t be the right mom for your baby. New Baby Prep
That is where we are wrong, ladies. No one is a more perfect fit for your baby than you. They’re the only ones who have heard your heartbeat from the inside, you know your intention and your desire to do things right by them. The best part is they will love you no matter what. That unconditional love that can only come by being a parent is the most healing, encouraging, motivating thing in the world.
Getting advice bombs dropped on you? Just smile and nod. Take in what feels right to you and let the rest roll off your back. Nothing can compare to your intuition, to your gut, it has proven itself to me in my parenting thousands of times. The best advice I ever got was to trust myself and that has made all the difference.New Baby Prep
Now for the fun part, THE STUFF! It is so fun to prepare a space for your baby. While there are loads of products you and your baby probably won’t need, here is what I swear by!
You’ll find with a newborn there is asleep and then there is eating, and then there is sleeping again. So here’s what I think are musts for those two important times of day. 😉
Wal-Mart has such a great collection of Babyletto which has such great modern pieces and accessories. You can’t go wrong with this Crib and Bedding Set.  It’s such a good deal, too! Black and White a great a neutral starting point, add pops of color with the decor and other accessories and you can use it for either gender and for multiple siblings to come! Pro tip: You’re gonna want a second and third back up crib sheet. These are my favorites: HERE and HERE.New Baby Prep
I don’t like things to be too matchy-matchy, so I veer away from buying sets and try to collect pieces that all go together! This shelving and changing pad combo is so minimal and airy and goes great with this crib which is so on trend with the light wood details!
Perhaps the place you will spend the most time in in the whole house is your nursery glider. Make sure it’s comfortable! I love a swivel glider and have this one in my nursery. I still rock my one year old to bed each night so it gets A LOT of use! I wish I knew to skip the ottoman, I found it was always in the way especially at night when you’re stumbling around.
 New Baby Prep
Whatever decor you decide on make black out curtains a priority. Studies have shown that sleeping in total darkness or, at the very least, dimness allows for a deeper sleep. All three of my boys are stellar sleepers and I attribute this partially to a dark room with a fan to block sound. But what I wish I knew with this is that whatever environment you create for them at home you’re going to need to recreate when traveling. So yep that means we carry a fan everywhere!
As your baby gets older you’ll notice they get very handsy, wanting to grab at everything and it gets especially trying while you’re chasing their diaper or getting them dressed. Lay your baby on something soft and tactile and you might get a few wiggle free moments. Love this small area rug for just that!
My babies live in sleeping gowns in those early months. So many diaper changes you gotta keep it easy as possible. Then since you’re not giving them a blanket in bed until a year old, sleep sacks are an excellent way to keep them warm and cozy!  I wouldn’t bother with too many outfits those first few months, I always just want them to be comfortable, so I say keep them in PJs as long as you can get away with it!
 New Baby Prep
For me, helping my babies find good sleeping habits from the start included a good nighttime routine. Something we did every night to help calm and settle them. Usually a bath, lotion and massage, lullabies. With those calming scents and sounds they seemed to fight me less! Since half my kids have had sensitive skin issues I just start out with all-natural products like California Baby. This makes a great shower gift, too! Also Butt Paste is my go to for rashes, stock up!
I am always surprised at how early my babies are ready for a little bit of stimulation. Having ways to soothe and also engage them are equally important and something I wish I knew! This rattle is a great starter! Shiny, bright, different textures and easy to grip!New Baby Prep
I know this is an investment and it is really the only one I make for this stage. If you’re planning on having multiple kids it will easily last you and after trying other brands I won’t go back. I swear by the Uppa Vista System and wish I would’ve treated myself to the bassinet attachment for all three kids instead of just my last! So much of my mental health after having a baby is getting out of my cave. Whether it’s for a walk or a solo trip to the store for more diapers. The bassinet attachment makes it so easy to be outside, they’re so comfortable and it is everything to me as a new mom! New Baby PrepMy favorite way to carry baby outside of the bassinet is a soft baby wrap! If your baby is fussy and doesn’t like to be put down, this will save you. If you have other children, this goes from a nice thing to have to an absolute must. Once they outgrow their infant seat get a convertible car seat! I love this one.New Baby Prep
Okay mamas and papas to be, I hope this helps! You truly have got this, and I am here and all ears with any questions you’ve got!

spun sheets

Today’s post makes me so excited, if you’ve read Small Fry for awhile you know I get this way when I spot innovative new products and today is for sure one of those days! Say hi to Spun Sheets!Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 9.35.39 PMBed Sheets are one of those inventions that has hardly been perfected over the last 100 years. Sure the fibers have gotten softer, but the functionality has largely stayed the same. Then London and Chloe came along.Bedroom UpdateThere are so many improvements the Spun team has made on making your bed it makes my heart sing. And also question why no one had thought of it sooner. Ready to see them all?

And of course I had to try it out before I shared with you guys and it is really as good as they say. Check it out! First off for you packaging buffs — so cute right?Spun SheetsSpun SheetsMy first favorite feature is the grippy, extra strength elastic fitted sheet. It DOES NOT budge. Nothing is worse than having the fitted sheet pop up on you at night.Spun SheetsNext for the top sheet! Historically I don’t even bother because they drive me crazy, they usually get ripped off and end up in a pile at the bottom of the bed. So their promises of a better way was a tall order for me.

Here is the top sheet, right now its just settled on, not “made” just yet. It fits right over your mattress and then…Spun SheetsYou just slide your hand over that flap and tuck it in. It looks so good with hardly any effort. You can leave the side flap untucked or tuck it in like this. It comes easily so you aren’t trapped in your sheet by any means.Spun Sheets And a few more pics of the babe for ya: Bedroom Update Raleigh sits with me while I get ready and I think he’s noticing more than I realized:Bedroom UpdateAlso an update for you following along on the Intellibed journey. I still love it and my lower back pain is basically non-existent. I can tell the bed is “broken in” now and there is slightly more give then at the beginning but I prefer it this way, its comfier to me! That SMALLFRY10 code is still live for a few more months so don’t forget about that as you plan out your holiday shopping. It’s an investment for sure, but that 30 year guarantee is unmatched and if you never have to buy another mattress again the cost is totally worth it to me.


Spun Sheets – back their Kickstarter and order here!

Duvet Cover – West Elm and $70 right now!

Silver Longhorn bust 

Raleigh PJs


trend watch: peek-a-boo sleeve

Fall is for sure my favorite season for fashion and so I always jump the gun a little bit with the transitional dressing. Wearing things that have no business in 80 degree weather while I impatiently wait for things to cool off is my M.O. So! Here is one of of my favorite transitional trends this year. Making use of all those crazy sleeves I know we’re all buying because every brand on earth is shoving it down our throats. 😉 I am not complaining, but I love seeing them filter into Fall so we can get more wear!Runway to EverydayLayered with a blazer, leather jacket, coat, vest, under a sleeveless, short sleeve or even 3/4 sleeve dress. These peek-a-boo cuffs are my go-to this Fall! Here’s where I spotted and liked what I saw (I’ll put the non-collaged full looks after the jump)Fall Trend 2017 - Peek-a-boo SleeveVersace Ready-to-Wear FW 2017 // Loewe FW 2017 // Madewell FW 2017 // Ari Abidari // Atlantic Pacific // 5,7,8 Refinery 29 Streetstyle Roundup (it’s ALL over this slideshow.) //

And how I styled it this weekend:Runway to Everyday

Runway to Everyday

SHOP MY LOOK: BLOUSE // JEANS DIY raw hem, they were too long // SHOES (old Zara) better options below // BLAZER love the stretch of this one // LIP in Beso

I am sure you have a top to recreate this trend at home (if you like of course) but if you need some in store now, here’s some nicely priced options!

Happy over-heating/dressing! Runway and Street Style looks below:

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modern family photo ideas

So we’re gearing up for family photos again, t’s been only about 7-ish months, but everyone has already changed SO much. It’s been such a sweet time in our lives, Raleigh is at this amazing stage I can’t stand to forget and it. How often is too often? 😉
I have been collecting canvas enlargements of our family photos since the beginning of time and so they take up quite a bit of space. It’s hard to decorate with them and although I will always find a place, I am ready for something a little more minimal for now! Our wall is currently in the hallway on the top floor of our townhouse (beige on beige rentals for the win), right in between the boys and our room.gallerywall

But I caught a glimpse of friend Stacie’s (she owns the DARLING Alice & Ames shop) wall forever ago and never forgot it, check this amazingness out:

Modern Family Photo IdeasI love the oversized and intimate feeling. The candid moments, the levels and scale. It’s all so good! The set of 3 is so easy on the eyes, too!Modern Family Photo IdeasAnd wanted to collect a few more inspiration pics for any of you in the same boat. Modern Family Photo Ideasvia Design Milk

via Chris Loves Julia — this whole home reno is UNREAL!!Modern Family Photo IdeasThe reason why gallery walls get tiring is because they’re so busy! SO much for the eye to take in. Controlling the size and balancing the busy-ness with those large white mattes, and of course taking the actual photos black and white, has a calming effect to me. 10 Modern Family Photo IdeasVia Studio McGee

Another great use of black and white photos, uniform frames and major mattes to keep things feeling minimal!10 Modern Family Photo Ideasvia Curbly