lemonade bar!

As promised here is the mixology for the lemonade bar I posted yesterday! This is such a fun one to have while hostessing. Its early enough in the party that I always welcome the distraction for guests while I get last things prepared.Lemonade Bar=PEACH RASPBERRY – Screams summer doesn’t it? Just mash peach puree and raspberry puree and add a heaping teaspoon or less of each (this is for a 6 ounce cup.)Lemonade Bar Lemonade BarBLUEBERRY MINT – Blueberry always has that minty, herby taste to it so i think these compliment each other well! Just muddle the mint by crushing the leaves to release the oils. I like leaving the blueberries whole it makes it for a fun pop of flavor.Lemonade BarBASIL + WATERMELON. This is one of my favorite Summer combos as a side dish or in a jar of lemonade. So good!Lemonade BarLastly, CHERRY + LIME. I’d add grenadine for a more classic taste but lime with a stemmed cherry garnish is the cutest.Lemonade BarOf course guests can make up their own combos and you can have loads more mix-ins but these four are so Summery and fresh and are sure to please!LEMONADE BARAlso, YES to ice, it was making it hard to see the ingredients for these photos but ice is a must and ball ice is even better since its about the same size as all the ingredients I cut up for the drinks. I buy mine in bags from Sonic! Or you can get yourself a pebble ice maker. They’re $3000 usually OR I am excited to buy this Opal version for the new house at only $500, anyone have one?

how to: shower games

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Shower activities get a real bad rap, maybe it’s being spoon-fed baby food with a bib on that started it? Over the years we have one tried and true shower “game” and one new dark horse that we wanted to share today! We’ll never do away with shower games completely because most of the time the showers we throw have a mix of family, close friends, work friends, neighbors and it’ totally necessary to break the ice and help make people more comfortable and get to know each other. And since there is only one diaper for a new baby in our eyes (and literally all our friends, sisters and everyone we’ve ever asked), Pampers Swaddlers could be a perfect match for your baby! It helps your baby stay comfortable and clean, while also offering a handy wetness indicator to let you know when it’s time for a diaper change. Fun Baby Shower Games

So what are these shower activities you might ask? Here’s a few easy ideas that get people out of their shell, talking and creating! First a lemonade bar! Creating their own special concoction or one of our favorites:Fun Baby Shower Games


Provide lemonade and all the add-ins and let your guests create their own concoctions! It’s the perfect first activity while guests are still arriving, is easy to talk about and discuss and everyone is all smiles while they’re doing it! Here’s 4 recipes that we love to get people started:



SECOND: Write a note on a diaper! Unwrap a package of Pampers Swaddlers and grab a felt tip pen. Let guests write words of wisdom, encouraging notes, funny thoughts, or wishes for baby and mama on the diapers. Shower Games with Pampers These messages can be hung on a clothes line at the Shower for the mama to be to take a photo with at the end of the day. Take that picture, put it in a frame and hang it in baby’s room – it will be a great way to remind mom she is doing great, even on those crazy days! Shower Games with PampersGive them the confidence they need when they aren’t sure what to do and that they truly are the perfect parent for their new little one!Shower Games with Pampers

THIRD: Another creative craft we love to have for guests to work on is DIYing their own swaddles! You can buy bulk packs of muslin swaddle blankets online now and with fabric paint and some brushes they can each create their own swaddle for the mama-to-be. If she has a motif or color scheme she loves for the nursery it’s so easy to customize to fit! This tribal DIY was so easy with triangles and straight lines galore, perfect for your anti DIY guests!picnicblanket1-700x465Here’s the end result in giant form! picnicblanket2-681x1024You can also swap out the swaddle idea for t-shirts. IMG_5775-copy-679x1024FOURTH: Now for the dark horse game! Now before we get too far into this, please know I KNOW this is whackadoodle. It came to me in a dream basically and it was for a shower for my friend’s 5th baby (1st girl!) where we knew we would need ice breakers and also that she was a good sport. The shower guests laughed all night at this, it ended up being so fun. Simply get quick phone photos of all your mama-to-be’s kiddos, husband, siblings, whoever you want included. Make sure they’re taken on the same plain wall and distance away. Print enough for each guest to have each person’s portrait and then provide scissors and glue.Fun Baby Shower GamesFun Baby Shower GamesLet them create what they think this new baby is going to look like! We told you – totally weird but it was still a blast.


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Diaper Raffle Printable

Sponsored by Pampers Swaddlers, all opinions are our own.

Have you guys done Diaper Raffles at showers you’ve attended before? We had never heard of this, but after a quick Pinterest search it was clear that it is in fact a thing! A smart one at that.

Of all the shower gifts you could give, it’s arguable that a pack of diapers is always a home run. It’s the one thing we can never seem to get enough of and encouraging guests to bring diapers not only helps the mama-to-be out but takes some of the anxiety of gift shopping away for the guests, too! Fun Baby Shower Games

I can’t count how many times as a new mom I had to get diapers in a pinch. The last thing I wanted to do was bundle up a newborn to go get more diapers, yet there I was! If you end up with extras of a certain size there are always mamas in need if you ask around.

If you have just a small amount of leftovers you can even start a little collection of diaper sizes in your closet for when you’re entertaining and other parent friends come over! I have a little stack in my guest bathroom and my friends are always grateful when they need a diaper during a play date.

So how does this work? Basically to get it started you send these raffle tickets out with your invite (or at least let the guest know in advance) and then every pack of diapers they bring gives them a raffle ticket and potentially a shower prize! Anything to encourage building our diaper collection, right? Diaper Raffle PrintableAll we use for these new babies is Pampers Swaddlers so we always request these when asked! They have that perfect fit without irritating, the famous notch to give the umbilical cord plenty of space. Those perfect stretch tabs to get a snug closure. The mesh liner to pull away any wetness or mess. I also love how the tabs are colored so it makes it easy to find during those bleary middle of the night changes. They’re as soft as any swaddle blanket and they’re the #1 choice for hospitals.

For the prizes you can go as simple or extravagant as you like! Homemade cookies or treats. Bath bombs, your favorite lotion, a fancy beverage, a bargain DVD, pretty prints or hand-lettered quotes. Gift cards you’ve had lying around to restaurants you can’t seem to make it to.  Diaper Raffle PrintableThe world needed a pretty and modern raffle printable so we’re happy to have that for you today! Designed by our go-to, Collected Design, it’s chic and easy as can be. Print it on colored paper for a bigger pop, stay white and clean, this is sure to go with any motif you’ve got going. Download below! It prints off in a sheet like this so you can get a few per page!Diaper Raffle Printable

guardian bikes

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I remember when I was 11 of 12 going mountain biking with my family in Moab and doing an end-over onto the rocks. It was awful. It made me sort of scared to ride my bike after that and so when I did it again in front of my 9th grade crush (die inside) bikes were dead to me. 😉 When I saw the Guardian Bikes crew on Shark Tank I knew I wanted to check this out! (Spoiler alert: they landed a deal with Mark Cuban, go Guardian!)Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 9.41.50 PM\So they created this Sure Stop technology to prevent this very accident from happening and then also started making bikes for kids since the industry is seriously lacking and who needs this safety measure more than kids?! Guardian BikesThe pad slides that back wheel to a halt keeping the decrease in momentum even through both wheels. Genius! Hayes is outgrowing his bikes like every year so I am stoked to have this big kid bike for him to grow into!Guardian Bikes Look at this face?! He’s so grown up but his baby face flashes through sometimes. Heartbreaking to be honest. 😉Guardian Bikes You guys know I have been wildly enabled by my husband to the point that I don’t do anything hard or hands-on when it comes to building things or home stuff. But I put this bike together by myself and it’s still in one piece. Go me!Guardian Bikes

Disclosure: Guardian sent us this bike to review, which we are so grateful for!