ROMWE faves

After our post yesterday we realized some of you babes have yet to discover Romwe! There are probably lots of shops just like this but we’ve had great luck with them. Their sizing, collection and info have rarely steered us wrong. What is Romwe? It’s basically your ticket to China. Instead of buying these items through a big box store or a boutique, get them straight from the source at incredibly cheap prices. Like nothing is over $30. Sweet! Here’s some more faves on top of the items we wore in yesterday’s post! Also for those who asked the platform oxfords in today’s Instagram are right here.


ALRIGHT TEE // MESH INLAY ONE PIECE // GUCCI REPLICA LOAFER // FLORAL MAXI // NAVY MAXI // GOLD READERS // ANGLED LENS SUNGLASSES //  WARM-UP JACKET // We love their huge selection of jackets and coats! Its such a great spot to find something bold like this COLOR BLOCK JACKET or this TASSEL MUSTARD version. //

SO many good swim suits, one pieces galore! This MESH WAIST // SCALLOPED HALTER // MESH SIDES in WHITE and BLACK


Mini Sliders

It’s officially Spring Break over here for us and to celebrate we’re throwing a BBQ! You’ve seen sliders, but what about mini sliders? We wanted to make something small enough to skewer and these turned out so great! Here’s how we did it.The CowShare We season 2 pounds of ground beef with a teaspoon of salt and plenty of black pepper. The CowShareThen we rolled golf-ball sized patties out and stuck them on the grill. Depending on how rare you like them, flip and then remove. The CowShareWe used hot dog buns and cut them in half. The CowShareThe flat end makes it so easy to plate, but they still look perfect from the front! Stack your favorite burger fix-ins and enjoy!The CowShareThe CowShareThe CowShare


EMILY: mules // jacket // lip “monday” // jeans 

NICOLE: blouse // pants // mules // sunnies

One Last Jenna FRYday

Small Fry Tribe:

I can’t believe the time has come to tell you, I am closing my chapter here. It is time for me to do less with more focus, a mantra I have held dear and learn and relearn often (remember this post and awesome printable?)

Don’t panic – Nicole + Emily will be here making this place as beautiful as ever, they’re the better halves anyway. ❤IMG_80981

Photo by Ashley Thalman circa 2012

From the moment we came together to create this blog I felt so ignited and alive with every post creation. I look back on the pages and pages of archives and see all the love, life and energy we put in to every post.

My kids grew up here. I struggled with infertility here. I moved away from my home town, learned how to adult, fell in love with community and stories, all here on Small Fry. I found my voice and you gave me the permission to speak it.

Thank you for years of openness, for coming back to the blog for more and supporting us and my family. The beginnings of my online journey were born here and I learned so much about myself.

When we started I didn’t know how this would end. Three women running a business, we had the odds against us. Friends have come and gone, but my sisters Nicole + Emily always remain. They know every last thing about me. They know all the annoying things I do, all my faults, all my strengths and they embrace them all. They are my family – my best friends – my sisters.

Nicole – spend one minute with her and you’ll understand why the world is addicted to her. She lights up the room with love and affirmation – she is always thinking about how to lift those around her and is uninterested in tearing anyone down. She has endured so much heart ache in the 5 years since we started this journey, but on the other side I see the most magnificent woman who has been refined and not defined by her experiences. Nic, I love you. Thank you for showing up for me, for rooting for me and my family.

Emily – since we were running around in braces in the 8th grade till now, this girl has never been afraid to be herself. She knows who she is and never wavers from the course she has set out for herself. She is determined, focused and a warrior friend. I can spend hours on the phone with Em talking ideas, raw feelings and honesty. She’s always given me the space and permission to grow, evolve and change. I love you Em. Your fierce loyalty has been a constant in my life and I am forever grateful to you.

To our readers – I love you. Thank you for riding this ride with me. Thank you for lifting me out of darkness, laughing with me and maybe at me sometimes. Thanks for letting me be human, make mistakes and ask for forgiveness. Small Fry is a space where you, the real you, is welcome, any time. It’s about you, your kids and your life. I hope you feel of my love and my love for this space from here until forever!

Xo –

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This Tribe Ballet Class

You may have noticed an influx in film around here and that is because our own photographer Nicole has been dabbling and as with all her talents and skills, became crazy good real fast. So we wanted to share her latest film with This Tribe a darling girls leotard brand for everyday or dance days, too! We grew up as ballerinas, but if class had been this fun, we might have stuck it out longer! This Tribe is launching this line today at 10 am MST so don’t miss it, because as with all This Tribe leos, they go fast!Here’s a peek at their other combos, we love them all!! Also if you’re a brand or shop that wants to see your product come to life on film Nicole is offering up a few spots, email us for more info! This Tribe