rockstar family costume

Photos by Heather Mildenstein.

A bunch of you asked for shopping links to our family costume reveal from yesterday! Here you go m’ladies. Rockstar Family Costume

Bob Dylan – Suit c/o Appaman // Button down // Wayfarers // Harmonica Holder Set // Shoes // Hair was done in pincurls like this!

Bob Dylan Costume

Angus Young of ACDC. Suit c/o Appaman // Russ’ tie for fatness // Shoes c/o Florsheim //  Riding Cap // Guitar c/o LoogAngus Young Costume

Baby Freddie Mercury of Queen. Henley Jumper // Shoes // Mustache and Hair Spray

Freddie Mercury BabyStevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac! Top Hat // Kimono // Platform Boots // Tambourine (go for a bigger size if you order, this one is mini!) // Extensions // Lip

Stevie Nicks Costume

Water Activated Face Paint! Doesn’t much matter what you wear on bottom when you have this iconic of a face!

And a few more photos that kill me dead.Freddie Mercury Baby Costume Kid rockstar costumes Kid Rock Star CostumesHappy Halloween everyone



hi-chew halloween

So excited to partner up with HI-CHEW today to share our family Halloween Costumes!! Since we moved to our rental we’re in walking distance from a corner store and every time without fail my kids pick HI-CHEWs. It’s their favorite so as far as dream partnerships, this one might be it for them. 😉 HI-CHEW has these Original Mix gusset bags filled with  multiple flavors perfect for treat bags or pinatas, they’re perfect little bites! Hi Chew HalloweenThese sticks are what we’re handing out for trick-or-treaters! You can buy all of these candies at Wal-Mart, Target or Amazon!Hi Chew HalloweenI have wanted to use this theme for my family most of my adult life. My kids knew that this was important to me and I think they caught on to my passion… OR they had a plethora of HI-CHEWs on hand and basically free reign to eat them while we got our photos. You be the judge.Rock and Roll Family CostumeThese boys don’t agree on much but Strawberry is both of their favorite flavor HI-CHEW. Cheers to that! Mine is Kiwi, Russ loves Green Apple. Which is your favorite?Rock and Roll Family CostumeYou already know my love for closet costumes and my tip for big group theme costumes is to find your inspiration images and then try and divvy the costumes out based on what each person already has in their closet! So Freddie Mercury in a singlet? Raleigh wears one basically everyday. Done.Rock and Roll Family CostumeEach holiday I like to get my boys a suit for the next year and so I strategically worked these suits into the costume ideas. Why not find multiple uses, right?Rock and Roll Family CostumeThe only thing I had to source for my costume was the top hat! I am sort of obsessed with it now.Stevie Nicks Costume

Russ could care less about Halloween but he’s always a good sport so if anyone would be cool with a full face of make-up it was him! Since it’s just an iconic look I didn’t worry too much about what he wore on bottom which I am sure he was grateful for because Bowie loved him some spandex.HiChew HalloweenThanks to HI-CHEW for making this dream a reality, a family band is all I ever wanted.








Holy smokes this week was nuts. There are so many wonderful things in the pipeline for Small Fry and that always means exhaustion and then waiting and then I get to share. So, step one is hopefully complete for while!

We have UEA this weekend so the kids are home and it is also mine and Russ’ 12 year anniversary today! We had plans to go to Vegas for a couple days but we had to cancel due to some needs at the house. So we’re sticking around here! We’d love to go somewhere special for dinner either in Utah County or SLC? Any recs?

A few weekend deals for you:

Madewell extra 30% off sale! My faves:

WATCHING: On my flights last week I finally started Poldark. I totally get the hype. In the back of my head I am constantly trying to plan out a time to watch another episode. Ha.

READING: I finished the three self-help books I talked about last time here’s my quickest review. If you are like me and don’t want things to be too serious, or more specifically self-important I’d say read You Are A Badass over The Universe Has Your Back. Jen Sincero is just more my speed. Super funny and easier to process. Also Love Warrior was beautiful. She says things that people (or maybe just me?) feel to ashamed to even think sometimes and the whole book is hard but also a relief. If you want something moving and real, read it! Also reading Salt to the Sea for my book club, so far so meh. Why am I not getting into it?! It’s incredibly well rated. We’ll see how it turns out!

LISTENING: I met Bev in Vermont and her playlists are legit! This one is particularly charming. If you just need something to turn on and forget she’s got a playlist for just about any need. Also Small Fry is on Spotify too if you want kid-friendly beats that won’t make you want to die. Looking at you Wiggles. Our Lullaby playlist is my fave.

DECORATING: Basically that’s all I think about but haven’t actually made any purchases.  Except for a small fortune on windows this week, but you know what I mean. How does one build a house and then afford to fill it with things to sit/lay on? Asking for a friend. But in effort to not make this section of the post totally pointless here are some inspiration images for what I hope to accomplish in the kitchen!

This is probably the closest I have found to what I am aiming for: two tone cabinets, waterfall island. So good! // Source#framefarme Inpso

Source#framefarme inspo Source#framefarme inspo The styling literally hurts my eyes but lots of you asked about the loft in Insta Stories, here’s a good representation for the feel of it. Glass railing across the top for super open feel. // Source#framefarme inspo One more … major inspiration for the laundry room in the basement! I figure I won’t get sick of it because I never do laundry. 😉 We’re sort of winging it but I hope it ends up this rad!#framefarme inspo

Happy Fryday, Fall Break, and anniversary everyone!!


budget home: dot and bo

Dot & Bo has a sale going on today so let’s check them off the list of Budget Home stops I love and haven’t covered yet! ALSO! Sharing a quick video tour on Insta Stories of the house progress if you want to check it out! We have a busy week up at the house and our next update the house is going to look a lot different! Eek!

Top Row – Love this chaise slash bench for an entry way. // I LOVE these chairs, and know several of my friends do too, these are 2 for $150 which I feel like is a freaking steal! // This couch comes in a few colors and is $800 down from $2000. Super long and great lines could be styled to suit so many different decor tastes!

Middle Row- For those of you on the hunt for outdoor furniture this set is under $1000. I know they’re hard to find and this one comes in to colors! This set of shelves with built in hanging bars is genius. Comes with 2 and would be a nice break from the regular towel bar we’re all forced to buy. // Another sweet bench for dining, entry, the foot of a bed. Easy and beautiful.

Bottom Row – Had to show the couch in gray. Its crazy how color totally changes the vibe. This easy end table with hair pin legs lends itself to so many different decor styles. On sale, too! In my experience you can’t even buy the supplies to DIY this table yourself for this cost, so for sure a good deal! // This modular set of shelves is such a great idea for a growing evolving family. If you move often, or like to switch things up in your house these are great! Change them up to fit whatever space or shape you like! I always love orange, too.Dot and Bo