Hoping to Adopt: Hayley and Nat

First you’ll need to know a little bit about us. Nat is from Haiti and I (Hayley) am from San Diego. We met at a bus stop at BYU Hawaii, fell in love at first sight and got married. We dreamed of having lots of kids and spending our lives helping others. Shortly after graduating we moved to Haiti where we taught and helped people.adoptionweek

One week, for some reason or another we found ourselves vising three different orphanages and seeing the great need there was. After our visits we knew one day, when we were able to afford it, we would for sure adopt.hayley

The very next day we got a call from one of Nat’s sisters. She told us that she could no longer care for her two little boys and she was going to drop them off at an orphanage. We told her not to do that and although unprepared immediately decided to take the boys as our own. When we arrived to pick them up we saw how desperately they lacked care and love. We bonded instantly! Instantly they became as close to us as if they had been born to us. Little did we know that my body would not allow me to get pregnant. We know that Samuel and Joel (our boys) were meant to be our sons!

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A Birth Mother’s Story: Jessica

 Like most young adults I thought I was invincible, it won’t happen to me, it can’t happen to me. I thought these same things about pregnancy.  It doesn’t happen to girls like me. However I soon learned that it can happen to “girls like me” or any girl who is willing to take the risk of having sex and yes, that means protected or not.  I was not the single exception to the rule, and the time had come for me to face the consequences of my actions.adoptionweek

Adoption was always the only option for me.  I was just freshly 20 I didn’t have a job, a place to live, money or a car. Read more

Hoping to Adopt: Myka and Georges

unnamedHi, we are Myka and Georges.  We’ve been together for 14 (yes 14!) years.  We married 4 years ago and started trying to have a baby immediately.  We always knew we wanted to be parents and we were so excited to grow our little family.  Well, our journey took a different route then we anticipated.  4 years of trying to start our family and simply said it did not happened for us (you can read more about it herehere and here.)
So, we are very very very excited to announce, that we have started the adoption process.  We have completed our home study and are currently waiting to be matched.  Our hearts our open and we are so very happy to see where this journey takes us. “our journey to our little.”
xo, Myka + Georges


An Adoption Story: The Nanney Family

I don’t even know where to begin; our adoption story has been a long journey and it has all melted together in such a tender way.  My husband, Brandon, and I were married for several years before we felt that it was time to add a little bundle of joy to our family.  We struggled with infertility for years.  It was a very challenging time for us as a couple.  We wrestled with thoughts of adoption, but after the help of a fertility specialist, we were pregnant!  After a healthy, happy pregnancy, our daughter, Chloe, was born.adoption1  We found such joy in parenthood, and I was truly overwhelmed by how much I loved our new tiny miss.  Two years later, we were very pleasantly surprised to discover that I was pregnant again!  It was an amazing treat for our family, and when we learned we were expecting a boy, we were ecstatic!  It felt like my fairy tale family was just falling into place.  When I was 28 weeks along, I developed severe pre-eclampsia.  After a very scary night in the hospital, I had an emergency C-section.  Our tiny son, Talon, was born very prematurely, and he was fighting for his life.  Read more

Hoping to Adopt: The Hunt Family

Each morning this week, we’ll be featuring an essay about adoption. Then each afternoon we’ll be sharing a profile for a couple looking to adopt! We hope our reach will help these couples connect with the people they need to complete their own families! After such a heavy introduction to Adoption Week, we knew we needed to cap off the first day with this amazing couple, The Hunts! Remember the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air? Read the following to that tune, and you’ll be sure to have a smile on your face. Welcome, Hunt Family!


Now, this is a story all about how

Our lives got flipped-turned upside down.

And I’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there

I’ll tell you how we became the parents of a girl with brown hair.

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