valentine’s day cards

We’ve gone just about every route for Valentine’s Day cards for our boys. Designing our own, you can see last year’s card here, buying the cheesy grocery store kind that our kids die over but we cringe at. But this year, (just like our Christmas cards, ha!) we really just wanted someone to take care of business for us. We used Pear Tree Greetings and once again feeling pretty good about ourselves for taking this shortcut! Here’s what we picked for our kids Valentine’s day cards:

This darling fish themed Valentine is perfect for Dash’s classmates! Pack it up with Swedish Fish and Bubble-gum (get it?) and you’re ready to go! Nicole loved that this one was more understated in color and theme.

Valentine's Day Cards


For Hayes, Emily loves sending Valentines not just to classmates, but to to neighbors,  and family members near and far. The Valentine’s Day photo cards options are so vast, but she chose the Photo Booth strip design and added two of Hayes’ happiest photos.

Valentine's Day CardsThe card is about the same width as an Airhead so that was an easy sweet treat to add.Valentine's Day CardsQuinn picked the super hero themed card and got a kick out of sticking his head on this buff guy body! What are you guys whipping up for your Valentine’s cards this year? We have some mailboxes coming your way that we think you’re going to love! Stay tuned.

Thank you to Pear Tree Greetings for hooking us up with these darling cards!

Best of Bows + Headbands

By Jenna.

I’ll admit that when the Ultrasound Tech told us we were having a girl I text Nicole and Emily and said “does this mean I have to start buying bows?!” Hair accessories were sort of the last thing I was excited about as I’d been turned off by the huge sunflower sitting atop of my neighbor’s babies head (you know the one I’m talking about.) As it turns out though I’ve found some beautiful (subtle) and well hand crafted bows and headbands that I’m obsessed with. Best of all these are ALL made moms themselves and I love supporting their small businesses. bows1. Baby Bling Bows // These super soft bows are gorgeous on a little peanut head. I LOVE their color choices, different knots and styles. I’m especially a fan of the ‘sailor knot.’

2. Happiness Lives Here // I can’t say enough good things about these mini felt bows! They are the PERFECT tiny size for a newborn and have a thin adjustable strap that makes it the best I’ve seen for a little bitty head! The colors are perfect too–I want every one.

3. Laurlelu // My good friend gifted me these and I love their unique shape. They’re made with super soft leather too which is fun!

4.  A Little Lady Shop // I LOVE these little felt bows on clips for longer hair! The bow shape is super classic but with clean modern lines. I especially love their neon color choices!

5. Little Hip Squeaks // LHS makes the softest & well made baby clothes in the business &  their headbands are no exception. They’re thick, soft, durable & best of all the patterns are always rad.

6. ZoZuBaby // Can NOT get enough of these mini newborn felt bows. So scrumptious on a tiny head & comfortable to boot! Also $10 for three bows is such a great price you won’t feel AS depressed when your girl manages to lose one every where she goes 😉

We’re obviously still new at this, so what bows and headbands would you add to this list? Excited to hear!

munchkin at heart [food]

Photos by Lindsey Orton.

We were so lucky to have the amazing private chef Aubrey Niccoli (@aubreyniccoli) and her husband Marco Niccoli (@marconiccoli), President of Catering Operations for Prime Restaurant Group executing our theme with their incredible food. The food was out of this world and so we knew we wanted to highlight it all on its own.Private Chef Aubrey Niccoli & Husband Executive Chef Marco Niccoli of Culinary Crafts You can see the rest of the party here, but to summarize, we picked the theme “Kid at Heart” for our Alt Summit Dinner with Munchkin and knew we wanted the food to be our childhood favorites but elevated the way only the Niccolis can. Bon appetit! Read more

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munchkin at heart party

Photos by Lindsey Orton.

We are always thrilled when we’re asked to host an Alt Summit Dinner, it really is the best part of the conference for us! We loved being able to create this vision with Munchkin! Since our brands both represent childhood, we knew we wanted to create the party around being a Kid at Heart. We’ve got a whole slew of photos if you’d like to see!
Munchkin at Heart Party

The party is this a-way, after the jump!

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love day picks

You knew it was coming, so here it is! Our favorite picks for festive decorating, dressing, and gifting, all for your little ones! Valentine’s day is such a fun holiday to go all out for, and so much of our favorites are easily used year round – because who doesn’t love love?

FOR GIRLS:valentine's clothing for girls

A crochet sweater that can be worn no matter what the season! // Sweet pajamas that can be mixed and matched. // Gold foil smooch shirt! // Blush sneakers that balance femininity with function. Also, no laces to slow her down! // These sewing cards are such a fun project for the kids and then you can double them up as Valentine’s cards for classmates or loved ones. // A twirl dress that she will love. // Mini hearts bleached into our favorite style of jeans. // A festive sock collection is of the utmost importance.// Another Valentine’s card kit that is calling her (our) name. // These rad wellies!


valentines clothes for boys

The perfect hat (in 3 colors and cheap, too!) // Natives new line of 80’s Babies style shoes are so amazing. These are perfect for Valentine’s! // Our friend Alison of the Alison Show loves love like we do, so her new collection with & Apparel is of course, amazing! (Guapo Tee) // Freshly Picked’s floral print is a fun direction for Valentine’s when you need a break from red + hearts. // These Secret Message kit is right up our boys’ alley! // This famous Commes De Garcon heart knock off shirt is now in tiny sizes! // Bandaids for your little bruiser/heartbreaker. // Sometimes a standard striped tee is harder to find then you’d think. Old Navy has a whole trundle! // This Magna board is a fun quiet time activity. // Cutest, festive PJs.

FOR BABY:love day for baby

This soft knit blush suit is incredible! // A cozy friend is always a great gift, and so many options! // This soft coral zip up is a great unisex piece. // Socks in all her favorite colors, blush and bashful. // Another great unisex collection in this great coral pinwheel print. // One more heart print tee for the road. // A cozy twirl skirt for any day of the week! // Perfect little striped tee. // For sweet kicks, Zuzii is our top pick. // What babe wouldn’t like to pound out a love song to you on this piano? // We tend to turn away from graphic tees with cheese messages, but on socks? We’ll take ’em all.

FOR THE HOME:valentines decor

As we said above we love decking our homes out for this sweet holiday. Here are a few picks that caught our eyes:

A plush heart garland. // Cookie cutters and stamps to make your cookie session extra special. // Two festive trays: Love letter and Watercolor. // A blush + gold side table that has us swooning. 20% off too! // Brush stroke pillow cases. // Books of course. // A gold tiny heart mug. // Heart shaped molds for ice, yellow, and whatever else you can think of. // This Toymail raccoon is really a Wi-Fi hub where you can send voice message to and from devices. A great way for kids to keep in touch with grandparents, cousins and far away loved ones.

Nothing gets us out of our Monday slump like a little shopping, enjoy!