Easter with Land of Nod [pt. 1]

Photography by Ashlee Raubach. 

We are so thrilled it’s April, its such a wonderful month of new beginnings, fresh starts, sunshine and flowers, and favorite holidays. What’s not to like? To kick off this month of endless possibilities, we wanted to share our latest endeavor with the Land of Nod! An Easter themed beach party! When you have the most amazing scenery, the Oh So Delicioso girls on food, and Land of Nod’s Easter party suite, your Easter Party can be a snap, too!Small Fry | ©AshleeRaubach

When Land of Nod sent over their Easter Party suite, we about died of cuteness. Chicken baskets, bunny cups, garlands, a tablecloth, serving and eating plates and so much more!

Small Fry | ©AshleeRaubach


A link garland that your kids can help assemble:

Small Fry | ©AshleeRaubach

Paper goods and accessories to decorate your table:

Small Fry | ©AshleeRaubachSmall Fry | ©AshleeRaubach


Bright and happy colors to compliment fresh Spring scenery:

Small Fry | ©AshleeRaubach

Small Fry | ©AshleeRaubach

And everything you need to have a hoppy Easter egg hunt:

Small Fry | ©AshleeRaubachSmall Fry | ©AshleeRaubach

Small Fry Easter| Ashlee Raubach

Check back tomorrow for part two, devoted to our favorite part of any party: the food!

Photos by the incredible Ashlee Raubach!

Autism Awareness Month

We’re so honored to have Luke and his mom Keisha for today’s Meet a Small Fry. April marks “Autism Awareness Month” and it is a diagnosis that effects 1 in 68 children now. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention didn’t start really tracking Autism until the early 2000s, and since then numbers have increased by leaps and bounds. Now, we don’t have any answers, we wish we did, but we are so appreciative of Keisha to shed the light on her experience with Luke and her thoughts on early diagnosis.

Autism Awareness Month

“Autism. One word that changed me as a mother, wife, and human being forever.  It is a word I couldn’t say for almost a year without sobbing every time it was said out loud. There are really REALLY hard things that come your way as a parent when you have a child struggling with tantrums, self regulation, sensory issues, language delays, social awkwardness, or any of the signs of autism.  Autism Awareness Month

You naturally have these dreams as a mother when you’re pregnant with your baby of what they will be like, the friends the will make, the things they will say, but when those dreams you’ve been dreaming about don’t seem to be happening, it pierces your soul.  You long for those special moments with your child that never seem to come.  You want them to tell you about their day, show excitement when you take them to a new place, or interact with the neighbor kids… it eats you up not having those moments. But when they do happen, we call them extraordinary normal moments at our house.  Because we’ve worked so hard to get them.  It has taken countless hours of therapy to have that moment where your child kindly shares a toy, or says something to you about what they did at school that day.  When those moments happen that you’ve longed for for who knows how long, it brings you to your knees in tears of joy.

Autism Awareness Month

I think that is the ironic thing about autism for me is that I hate it but I love it all at the same time.  I hate it because it is something I can’t control or fix (and I’m a control freak!)  I hate it because it makes Luke different and not always in a positive light for others around him. I love it because it is a part of Luke, and I’m obsessed with him – every part of him.  It has introduced me to families that are fighting so hard and accomplishing miracles every day.  It has changed me as a mother for the better, I’ve gained so much patience and understanding for all children.

Autism Awareness Month

I’ve become a fighter, an advocate, and it has brought out this passion and fire I never knew was inside of me.  I have a mission as a mother.  I’m out to help my son Luke and all children with developmental delays have a better chance. At the end of the day, I just want my son to be happy, and right now he is.

Luke is one of the happiest kids I know.  He is really never in a bad mood.  His smile lights up the room as well as his words. I melt to butter when he tells me I’m the best mom in the entire world.  He’s fiercely loyal.  Confidence in who he is is remarkable. If you say you are a goofball to him, he will promptly correct you with “No mom, I’m Luke- the kid.” Obviously from that statement, being literal is one our family favorites about him. There is no messing around with that. EVER. (We learned never to say ‘liar, liar, your pants are on fire’)          His sidekick Graham (our almost 2 year old) is his greatest treasure. I write about their relationship here. Trains fascinate him. But most importantly, he loves to be loved.

Autism Awareness Month

If Luke and I could leave you with one challenge it would be this, don’t wait!  If you think your child has signs of autism, find help immediately, even before a diagnosis.  Our pediatrician gave us great advice when we were starting to address Luke’s issues, he said this “Keisha, ages zero to five you are laying and building a foundation and structure like you would with a house.  You can add and remove rooms etc. if you need to. After five it becomes more difficult and you are just working on the finish work and decor.” We’ve taken that to heart and hit therapy and early intervention hard and we’ve seen results.  There is help out there, it can be hard to find, but it is out there. And one last thing, love your child (with autism or not) for who they are, and celebrate the things they are good at.”

Catch up with Keisha and Luke via her blog about Autism, Toast With Cheese.

Photos by Chelsey Searle.

April Fool’s + Boon Giveaway

Have you guys seen Boon’s Instagram? We’re not sure what’s happening, but it looks like their PR guy’s phone got swiped by a toddler. See what we mean via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. While they try to sort out a case of the Baby-gramming, WE are giving away a bunch of awesome Boon toys for the bath. Bath-time for kids is a sanctuary given to parents when almost nothing else will do, a bath will give you that much needed break. Boon is giving away their best goods, and here’s what you’ll win!
boon inc bath time giveaway

One lucky reader will score a gift box packed with tons of new products:

LINKS 3-D Foam Toys – for when you need a break from splashing // PIECES Foam Puzzle that stick to the walls, or float, but don’t absorb water and house mildew // RAY Drain Cover – that covers and plugs even the most stubborn bath plug, while protecting little bums // The classic FROG POD Bath Toy Scoop – for quick toy clean-up and storage // FLEET Stacking Boats – that scoop, rain and stack //  ODD DUCKS Rubber Duckies – that show as much personality as your little kiddo has // BUBBLES Suction Cup Bath Toys – like building blocks for the tub!

Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Boon for sponsoring today’s post, and thanks to all of you for supporting the brands that make Small Fry a reality!

DIY Lightning Bolt T-shirt

Photos by Jylare.

We have a couple boys around here that are really fixated on certain things. Scratch that, all the boys. We all know Dash’s love for superheroes. The Rammell Brothers have really taken to Legos as of late, and Hayes won’t wear anything but the color red. For his birthday he asked for red pants, red shirts, red belts, red socks etc. etc. Boys sure are loyal! So, we’ve really loved being able to whip up quick DIYs for their clothes for when these passions strike. Here’s a super quick DIY to dress up their favorite color, to satisfy their favorite heroic symbol, and you can make one for everyday of the week for $20!

Lightning Bolt Shirt DIY

Here’s what you’ll need:

Cotton T-shirts (Wal-Mart has these for $3!), Painter’s tape, a foam paintbrush, and acrylic or fabric paint (acrylic works and washes up just as great as fabric!) The last time we did a DIY like this a few readers said “HELLO! Use freezer paper, its so much easier!” But guess what? We’re not that fancy, today. We hope you’ll still be our friends.
Lightning Bolt Shirt DIY

Tape off the desired pattern. We also did a test to see which painter’s tape was better, blue or green. Green, although a bit more expensive, keeps the most crisp edges and is wonderful for projects like this!

Lightning Bolt Shirt DIY

You can print off the image, cut it out and tape around it, but again, not that fancy today: eyeballin’ it.

Lightning Bolt Shirt DIY

Then, you’ll be ready to paint! But first, stick in a sheet of cardstock, scrap cardboard, or something to protect the other side of the shirt from excess paint. An 8×10 sheet of paper is usually plenty for kid projects like this. Then take your sponge brush and paint away!

Lightning Bolt Shirt DIY

Wait just a moment, and then remove the paint. We’ve had issues letting it dry and then moving the tape, sometimes it pulls paint up with it! So, remove the tape, let it dry completely with the paper still inserted in between and then you’ll be good to go!

Lightning Bolt Shirt DIYFind all our fashion DIY projects right here. But here’s some of OUR favorites:

Stamped Pants | Ballet Flats 3 Ways | Patriotic Tees 2 Ways | Helvetica Initial Tee

Thank you to Jylare Smith for being our contributing photographer this month! Follow her on Instagram (@jylaresmith) to see her California, Washington DC, Utah and Idaho shooting schedule!

FRYday : Emily

Nicole, our eternal optimist, is exempt from this but Jenna and I often joke that our Frydays are a touch depressing. When you are given one shot a month to analyze your feelings about the previous few weeks, it seems the failures and the road-bumps are the most vivid memories. Jenna asked on Facebook (you can still weigh in here!) what other topics you’d like to hear from us, and so many great suggestions were sent in. One reader asked what swim-suits we are buying for our kids and ourselves and so I took the liberty to take a break from the angst and gather the girls’ and my favorites for one HUGE run down of our web-based favorites. Let’s start with kids!

Summertime is my happiest season of the year. My kids are outside either swimming in a pool or playing in the yard from sun up to sun down, my husband is BBQing and playing softball with his friends, everyone is in their happy place, and all the sudden my job is so much easier. Summertime pays me back ten-fold for the six long months of Winter. Being stuck indoors, making feeble attempts to do anything other than watch Paw Patrol and picking up those darn legos again, that kind of Winter.


1. Rufus Bather via Cotton On // 2. Bobby Boardshort Striped Shortsvia Cotton // 3. Neon banded Swimshorts via Mini Boden // 4. Grey Trunks via Target // 5. Red Stripes via Zara // 6. Benny Boardshort via Cotton On // 7. Anchor Shorts via Target.


You might be asking, Hey Small Fry, didn’t you JUST design a line of suits for girls with Albion FitWe sure did, and they launch in just two weeks, yay! And you guys will die. Just die of sweet swimwear shock, they’re so cute, and we’re so proud. Once those babies launch you will be seeing nothing BUT those suits on this site, so we figured we’d get some other alright suit picks out of our system. So here’s some not-as-good-as-the-Small-Fry-for-Albion-Fit-suits, but they’ll do:


1. Mixed Pattern suit via Mini Boden // 2. Jojo Rashy via Cotton On // 3. Stripe frilled one piece via Old Navy // 4. Marimekko suit via Nordstrom // 5. Rash guard and brief set via Gap 6. Dino Suit by Stella McCartney // 7. Pear suit via Mini Boden.

And now some suits for you! Before I get the comments that I just know are coming, let me preface. The dear reader that emailed in asked for options for when taking her kids to the beach or pool that cover problem spot and are still cute. When I am taking my boys down the slide at the pool, I don’t want to have to make that split second decision to keep them above water, or retrieve my bikini top. And don’t say “What about bandeau tops?” because those suckers have betrayed me before. Let’s also not talk about bottoms, because then I’d have to recall the experience in which I wasn’t ladling bites of sno-cone fast enough for Cal’s liking and he yanked a little too swiftly on my tie-bottoms. And really, how hard is it to find a cute bikini? Not hard at all, there are thousands, so we took the challenge. Here are some suits found all over and at all kinds of price points ($19.99 on up.)



1. Remember that swim line from Albion Fit that isn’t launching for two weeks. WELL! They loved our Eiffel Tower print suit so much that they made it for adults, too! This suit is ready for purchase right now. It has our exclusive Eiffel Tower print, a high-waisted ruched black bottom and flattering for all! Find it here.

2. This style of suit is great for us long-torsoed gals where one pieces just can’t cut it. You still get coverage and the high-waist is great for hiding stretch marks. (This might be a good time to ask: When will I be comfortable showing those? 2 1/2 years Post-partum and I still look like I got attacked by a three foot bear.) Antigua Floral via Albion Fit here.

3. Back when we were in high school Esther Williams suits were one of the only options for suits like this, and they are still amazing all these years later! You pick the cut, and the fabric and give your measurements and they send a top quality suit just for you.

4. Rash Guards are gonna be big this year, we’re certain. This floral version is so pretty!

5. While we were designing the girl’s line, our friends Brooke and Summer of the Girls With Glasses were designing these awesome pieces for women! One shoulder stripe suit and Dotted Rash guard.


Lime Ricki | Downeast Basics |  | Lime Ricki | JCrew | Downeast BasicsJoe Fresh

And 14 more I put in a nice little slideshow for you. Happy swimsuit season everyone!

xo, Emily