Every month we meet together as a team and brainstorm content for the upcoming weeks ahead. Last year we had “reusable applesauce pouch” on that list because our boys love the squeezable fruit pouches and can easily go through a box in one sitting. That little habit adds up fast!  So, we looked into the concept for a moment when we realized we didn’t have the know-how or resources to make it happen, and it fizzled out as many of our ideas have. Turns out, the founders of ReSqueeze were thinking the same thing, but didn’t give up so easily. Thank goodness for that! We’re so excited to announce this much needed product is here and totally affordable. At $7.99 for 2 you’ve made your investment back in less a few uses, and it’s much better for the environment!


The coolest part is you have absolute control over what goes into said pouches. These, next to popsicles, are the one food that we can make healthier and our boys will still eat it. Just one healthier option we tried was putting just about 1/4th of the pouch with carrot or squash puree and the rest with apples. The boys didn’t even notice! One point for the moms. ReSqueeze has a whole page of recipes to try out as well!

REsqueeze resuable pouches

If you head to our Instagram page you can win your own set of ReSqueeze today!

More ReSqueeze via Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest

holiday gift guide: for mum

It’s our turn! We tried to be an unbiased party, but we couldn’t help it, so here’s some items we love, covet and crave.

holiday gift guide for mum

1. Our friend Joy picked Lo & Sons as her favorite must have item in our birthday giveaway a couple months ago, and we took notice. Lo & Sons has the most incredible line of carry-all type of bags. They’re easy to clean, hold everything, yet feel luxe at the same time. This Catalina Weekender [$120] is calling our name! Even better they’re offering 20% off orders with the “PRETHANKSGIVING2013″ code at check-out!

2. We can’t help but be sentimental about our families and we love little reminders that we can carry with us everyday. The Shine Project‘s shop Threads makes the most affordable necklaces and even more amazing is their cause. They employ at-risk youth, and their charity provides them with funds to attend college. Many are first generation college students with big dreams, and we love that the Shine Project has taken an interest in them. // Initial Necklace [$26]

3. If you follow us on Instagram you already know that we’re working on a very special design project for Albion Fit for Spring 2014! We’ve been spending a lot of time pouring over their line, testing and reviewing products and we can happily vouch: they’re amazing! We love their thick work out pants that rival some much more expensive brands we’ve tried. Top it with this sweet but tough Alpine jacket! [$64]

4. We grapple with keeping a good family record. We know we want to, but journaling, personal blogging, and scrapbooks have totally escaped us! One thing we are good at upkeeping is Instagram! After testing out several companies, Artifact Uprising is our brand of choice for beautiful Instagram books. For the busy mom, completing a book like this for her might be the best gift we can think of! [$12]
5. Jewelry can be a tricky purchase for another person, but simply beautiful pieces we can wear everyday with any outfit are always a home run! I Love You Couture has awesome everyday wear and then those stand out statement pieces as well. [$29]
6. Have you ever gotten emotional about a blanket? No? Us Either. ;) Our boys have loved and used their Little Giraffe blankets since they were tiny babies and there aren’t many material things we can think of that have stood the test of time quite like these blankets. Can we get a hallelujah for the adult sized blankets?! This one is the Dolce Moroccan Throw [$159]
7. If there’s one thing that a crazed mum can easily forget it’s to hydrate! And since Diet Coke doesn’t count, finding the perfect portable reusable bottle is vital. Life Factory makes this beauty. [$22]
8. A trip to the spa is always a good idea. It’s the kind of thing that some women avoid buying for themselves, but are secretly dying to go. A medical spa – we love Spa Trouvé in Orem/Highland – is even better because you can take care of problems like adult acne, hormone therapy, spider veins, unwanted wrinkles and hair removal, but also more relaxing treatments, too!
Locals,  Spa Trouvé is honoring their Black Friday deals a week early just for you! Check out their special prices below:
Spa Trouve
So now that you’ve seen our list, what are you asking for this Christmas? We’d love to hear!

cozy indoor play

flatout frankie cardboard toys & skylar luna pjsA couple of months ago we sent Jenna to Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo. It’s one of the largest collections of brands for kids in the world and we were so excited for the chance to go! Jenna kept us up to speed with pictures and when she sent an image of the Flat Out Frankie booth, we were all drooling. Based in New Zealand, and all constructed out of 100% recyclable materials, they are all about promoting creative and active play. Now, before you ask why not DIY it, let us tell you: we’ve tried! Handling and manipulating cardboard in this detailed of a manner is no cake-walk, and we were thrilled to see Flat Out Frankie had done all the work for us. They have such an awesome collection of play things from ride-on horses, to kitchens and dollhouses, shelving and of course, transportation! You can buy them blank to get creative and color yourself, or with their cute detailing as seen below.

flatout frankie cardboard toys & skylar luna pjs

Flat Out Frankie‘s pieces are great for indoor imaginative activity. As the temperatures drop and the chances to play outside decrease, we start really relying on these types of toys!

flatout frankie cardboard toys & skylar luna pjsWe’ve been loving pulling the toys out on cold weather days when we want to stay extra cozy indoors! All the boys are wearing their Skylar Luna pajamas because there’s really no cozier attire we can think of!

flatout frankie cardboard toys & skylar luna pjsWe love Skylar Luna for their super soft organic fabrics, they leave off those stiff flame-retardant chemicals that turn soft jammies into something in the burlap family.

https://www.facebook.com/BlickenstaffsDash is in Red/Silver Stars // Quinn is in Forest/Silver Stripe // Hayes is in Gray/Cream Stripe

Local Utah residents can find Flatout Frankie toys now at Blickenstaff’s!

no sew leather upgrades

With leather being such a huge trend this Fall, we have been excited to incorporate it into our kids’ wardrobes! Our local leather supply store has two huge scrap bins and they sell  any of the hides, finishes, and weights at $10 per pound. With small details like these, you’re only going to spend about $5 total! We tried out four easy no-sew leather upgrades to add a little something extra to our favorite Fall staples:

leather upgrades

LEATHER EPAULETTES // Adding a simple strip of brown leather to the shoulder seam of your favorite denim, plaid, or flannel top makes it feel cozy and rustic! Go black for an edgier rock and roll feel.

MOTO KNEE PATCHES // Moto jeans are a favorite trend for us, so why not translate it for the littles? For this one you’ll want a super thin, supple leather that will bend and move with the knee. Going too thick with an upholstery grade leather isn’t going to fly. This is a smart upgrade for any jeans that have unwanted holes or stains and need a cover.
leather bow upgrade

LEATHER BOW // A simple sweater has so much potential when you add a little extra leather detailing. Draw the desired pattern on the back-side of the leather and then cut out with some sharp scissors!

leather elbow patch

ELBOW PATCH // This is an old favorite, but such a classic! Be sure and mark the center point of the elbow when the cardigan or sweater is actually on the wearer before you adhere the leather.

Now, let’s talk how to affix the leather. We tested two options. An industrial sewing machine would be awesome for any of these projects, but since we don’t have one on hand, we tried out this leather-safe Barge All-Purpose Cement. It is awesome and will last forever. The second tested option is a craft spray adhesive. Here’s our pitch for that: it works awesome, but isn’t permanent.

leather knee patch

  This is a great option if you want to try out the leather detailing but don’t want to commit to it. We totally get it, we’re all about extending the life and versatility of our kids’ wardrobes, too! The adhesive worked great for these Moto jeans, but when it was time to wash them (note: four to five minutes into the first wear… boys!) with a little tugging they peeled right off and left no trace on the denim.

Any trends you’re loving this season and want to see Small Fry-ified? Let us know in the comments!


Denim Shirt [found cheaper here], Striped Sweater and Cardigan // H&M

Denim Jeans // Old Navy [Similar]

Undershirts and Cozy pants // Skylar Luna

Leather Scraps and Barge Glue // Tandy’s (local!)

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FRYday : Emily

Oh, November. Due to the nature of Small Fry and another business I run, and just plain being the crazy Holidays, it is the busiest month of my whole year. It packs a real punch of emotions, awesome highs, and despairing lows. A lot of interested parties ask Jenna, Nicole and me: “How do you do it?” and I think a lot of times that question comes with a motive of trying to undermine and poke holes in the “how” of it all. So, I thought for those interested, I’d share! I wouldn’t dream of speaking for my other Fries, but here’s my “how”.

fryday : emily

I (after thoughtful discussion with my husband) choose to work in, and on occasion outside, the home. Russ owns his own business too, so at times it is out of necessity for our finances, at times it is just a personal desire to contribute, and also at times just to use my talents and feed my interests. Luckily these things are almost always with my children in tow. If I can’t bring them along, I schedule everything during their life-saving shared naptime (naptime don’t ever leave us!), and if it’s a bigger time commitment, which is rare, I call on Russ or our parents (parents, don’t ever move!)

I used to think I could do it all. But, I’ve quickly learned that I have to protect myself and my family from that trap. I had to learn to say no. And re-learn it, and learn it one more time. It’s not easy, I hate missing out, I have a little bit of F.O.M.O. no matter where I am. I miss my kids and my husband when I have to be away, and I feel the momentary longing to be at the party, or styling the photoshoot, or the girl’s night. Maybe from an outside perspective it looks differently, but I say no to a lot, and choose to be home. I wish I knew the exact quote, but something a long the lines of “Don’t trade what you want most for what you want at the moment” rings in my head often. I have such a clear vision for the type of marriage, family, and life I want, and that makes it easy to see when the choices I make are building or hurting that vision. At this moment in my life, I can gratefully say that my kids are getting the best of me.

With that being said, my house is always a mess. My dinners are simple, and a lot of times take-out. My husband is patient with me when he has no clean shirts to wear because they’re all in the wash. If I get a meaningful text out to a friend I feel like I’ve conquered the world. Sometimes I’m face down in a pillow crying over how I wish I could do one thing well versus ten “just enoughs”, but then I remind myself that this life is a choice. Even the smallest of choices are building me up to the woman I hope to be one day. I think when that day comes, I’ll look back at this frazzled and worn person and be grateful, because I fought for her. Everyday. I hope you all have a happy weekend!




We had two awesome print articles published for us this month! One via the Nov/Dec 2013 Texarkana that you can view online here.

And an essay and spread for Somerset Life. You can buy this Autumn 2013 issue in most craft and book stores, but here’s a little peek!

SL 1

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