FRYday at Alt

Today’s FRYday is all about our weekend at Alt Summit! This being their last conference in Salt Lake City (basically our hometown) and also Emily’s 30th birthday we knew we wanted to make it happen. We have such great memories at Alt in the passed and this year was no exception. Next year in Palm Springs is sure to be the same! Here’s what we packed:Alt Summit


WEARING: 1. I am obsessed with this top and I just discovered it in white too! Need them both .And at this price point it’s totally doable. 2. Look no further, I have found THE PERFECT T!!!! YES it’s expensive, but look you’ve bought 12 black tees this year so let’s just count this as the one that will last forever okay?! BUTTERY soft, perfect length, perfect cut on the arm. Perfect. Just perfect. Okay? Stop worrying and just do it – you’ll thank me later.

3.Okay obviously black was a huge theme for me this year because I”m still dealing with a post baby body I’m not familiar with. Black helps take the guessing game out too! It’s always stylish and classic and everything goes together. I haven’t taken the plunge on a good pair of jeans in FOREVER and I’m so glad I did. There really is such a difference in a quality pair of denim. Seriously I LOVE these.
USING: Answering a ton of questions here, because I recently did a Periscope on my makeup routine and I want to break it down for y’all who watched!
 Jenna's Makeup Routine
This Primer gives me LIFE. It gives such a beautiful glow to your skin. I love it so much. NARS Sheer Foundation is a came charger. I’ve been wanting a foundation with more coverage and this totally does the trick without being too heavy! This concealer is my favorite because it has a perfect yellow tune and calms down red spots and is LONG lasting – seriously the pot will last you a life time, mine has lasted two years now. This TARTE blush in tipsy and BB Bronzer are also a favorite!! Of course you need Anastasia Brow Pomade but to take it next level invest in the brush – I Just did and I don’t have ANY idea why I didn’t before.Alt Summit
For our first dinner I wore the thing I wear pretty much everyday (thanks to Nicole for the find!) a swing turtleneck with Jcrew Toothpick Maternity Jeans and Over the Knee Boots. It’s so great for the stage when your belly isn’t nice and round and still a little flabby. It hides it all! I got every color from Zara, but they’re gone now – sad! Asos has a few similar styles that are crazy cheap though. // For our day of classes and meetings I wore this floral dress, these split shaft boots (which are the best deal in town and such great quality!) and this two-tone cross body bag! // Then for the Starrry Night party I kept it easy in all black but made it special with these glitter platforms! Such a steal and pretty comfortable, considering.
Alt Summit
[With our Chapbooks and Raising Wild fam! Check out  RW’s  new suit – perfect for V-Day, no?]
You all know how I love a bold lip so I alternated between Pure Zen
during the day, and Diva and So Chaud at night.
Also it should be noted that we received the most amazing gift bag from our dinner with Collectively! I’ve been using all the products since and wanted to share:      Collectively Swag
Bare Escentuals new line of facial care. This cleanser gets my face feeling so clean an soft and the moisturizer is one of the few I’ve tried that doesn’t feel like it leaves a film or residue. Also been loving Kleenex’s new exfoliating pads and make-up removing cloths. The packaging is so great, too. They also gave us a few products to try from Living Proof! Jenna has been raving since she worked with them for this post and she’s right, everything is amazing! Also another gift to note is the Rosy Lip balm from Vaseline. I love anything rose and this has been vital for my dry Winter lips. You can get it at any drug or Target style store.
WEARING: I’m on an Overall kick – love this pair! For our first Alt dinner I wore it with this perfect tee. // The next day in my favorite high waisted denim with this rad sweater. It’s only $35 and still comes in every size, which is such great luck! // And for the evening those favorite high waists in black with my new (old) obsession: the body suit! It’s so feminine and slimming for a high waist pant. Love this one, and I have these two (1, 2) as well! I wore a version of these boots all weekend long, mine are sold out but these are awesome, too!
 Alt Summit

Feed Me! Valentine’s Box

By Emily.

Oh man, we’ve been laughing about this DIY since it was hatched. Hayes loves to be creative with me and plan out projects. We were talking about what kind of Valentine’s Box he’d want for his party at school and he worked this one out pretty much all on his own. It’s totally whacky maybe even a titch disturbing, but he and Cal are both so proud and can’t wait to show their friends, so really what more needs to be said? They can’t all be perfectly beautiful, sometimes they gotta be weird, too. So, with that, we give you: The Feed Me! Valentine’s Box:Feed Me! Valentine's Box

Here’s how you’ll do it:

First, take a high resolution picture of your kids in front of a pretty plain wall and tell them to open up those mouths nice and big. Then print them out at your local print shop on a 100 pound semi-glossy cardstock. They can recommend their best material, but for sure something photo quality! You’ll want their faces to be about a foot tall and just about the same wide, simply so their mouths are big enough to actually fit Valentine’s in them. I printed these onto 11×17.Feed Me! Valentine's BoxCut their faces out and carefully, their mouths as well. Leave their lips or they’ll look even more insane. 😉Feed Me! Valentine's BoxOnce their mouth’s are done you can sort of map out on their actual Valentine’s box where the mouth hole will match up. Using a knife or scissors mark a dotted line showing where the mouth will go. Then use a serrated knife to cut out the cardboard.Feed Me! Valentine's BoxCover with duct tape. We always go for the duct because it reinforces the cardboard and makes it that much sturdier for transport.Feed Me! Valentine's BoxNow affix the face. Lots of tape, hot glue, whatever you prefer. Feed Me! Valentine's BoxTo keep the face from bending and to allow it to stand on its own, back the picture with a BBQ skewer or paint stirrer. Tape it in place and stick the skewer down far enough that its sort of planted between cardboard and the picture.Feed Me! Valentine's BoxThere you have it! We’ve been storing ours in the garage and it actually scares the crap out of me every time I pull in!Feed Me! Valentine's Box


Love Around the Web

February 1st!! We are officially kicking off our Love Day marathon. What could be better than a holiday celebrating love that gives an excuse to decorate and dress in excessive amounts of pink?? NOTHING. See our favorite Valentine picks from around the world wide!vdayroundValentine’s Party Decor // Heart Teether // Heart Kid’s Scarf // White Heart Banner // Big Heart Dress //  Tiered Heart Dress // Heart Tulle Dress // 100% love blanket // Spearmint Love Heart Blanket // Heart Jumper // Heart Flutter Swimsuit // Heart to Heart Rug // State Heart Pillow Metal I Love You banner //




baby + mama [giveaway!]

One last giveaway before we get back to our regular scheduled programming – how about a bundle of goods to help you while you’re carrying, preparing, and caring for your new bundle! Lots of great products and brands, ready to see what you can win?baby giveaway

  1. You already know our love of the Bump Nest (if you follow us on Snapchat during Alt you saw just how much) Its the perfect solution to getting good sleep while pregnant. It cradles you on your side, or cradles your belly for all you stomach sleepers. Retails at $99 and so many awesome covers to choose from that you can zip off for easy laundering. Check it out here!
  2. Little Giraffe blankets are a staple around these parts, but their new Dolce blanket might take the cake. Winner chooses their favorite color from their Chevron line! Retails at $78. Every baby needs their lovey, right?
  3. Babyganics takes all the guess work out of finding baby safe products. Their growing product line is so great, we’ve tried just about everything and love it all! This Essentials pack will get you started with all your household necessities. See all it includes here! (over $50!)
  4. We love backpacks for new babies because having your arms free without trying to keep a strap up is vital. Especially with more than one kid in tow. This Newlie pack has insulated pockets for bottles, waterproof, wipe away liners and a spot for everything! Winner chooses whichever bag they desire from Newlie, we just happen to like the Louise. 🙂 ($106!)
  5. HealthyMama is new to us and a life saver for Emily! With lozenges, drinks, vitamins  for morning sickness, prenatals, solutions for leg aches, constipation, sleeplessness and more. They thought of everything. Win $50 toward whatever ails you!
  6. PureGrace Mattress Pads offer so many great features, keeps dust mites out, waterproof layers, protection from bacteria and hypoallergenic! Also a little extra layer of softness never hurts. Small Fry readers use “SMALLFRY” to get $4.99 off here! ($40)

Enter here!

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Freshly Picked [giveaway!]

We couldn’t talk about new babies without including Freshly Picked! FP needs no introduction at this point, but we’d like to think we were some of the earliest adopters. We’ve got some 1st generation mocs in a baby box somewhere if you can believe it. We are obviously huge long-time fans and believe every new baby deserves a little leather crib mocc (or ten) for their tiny feet. Enter to win a pair of your choice below!FP Giveaway!

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Owlet Baby Monitor Review & Giveaway!

We are absolutely OBSESSED with the Owlet Baby Monitor and so thrilled to introduce our readers to it today as our New Year New Baby Week continues!! What we wouldn’t give to have this incredible tool with our first babies – it is so awesome and must have for peace of mind. Keep reading for a promotional code AND giveaway!!

How does the Owlet Monitor work?? The Sock Electronics use pulse oximetry to gather your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. The electronics send your baby’s information via Bluetooth 4.0 the Base Station. The Base Station then sends your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels to your Apple device.And we had to steal this shot of Ashley’s girl sporting it because #babytoes.Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.44.24 PMWant to take your chances at winning an Owlet of your very own?! Enter below! Good luck!

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amazon, baby!

Our affinity for Amazon (Prime specifically) knows no bounds, and they have so many wonderful programs running to make your transition with a new baby even easier. New BabyDiscounts on essentials like diapers using Amazon Mom, their new Dash Button – running out of wipes? Click the button and they’ll send it right out. So awesome. As we figure out what our new babies prefers we are constantly making trips to the store, which can be heartbreaking when you’re recovering, they’re sleeping, you have kids to tend to. We come to rely heavily on that quick shipping option!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.56.41 AM

Here’s some of our favorite items for purchase with Prime!

Amazon, baby!


4moms Mamaroo. Saves your bacon time and time again and the features are so ahead of their class its crazy. // Free shipping on this perfect crib that will transform through all your baby’s stages, such a great deal, too! // Super sensitive all natural wipes by Bloom Baby, a new find for us and we’re in love! // If your babies take pacifiers you know what chaos it can be when you can’t find that dang paci. Keep them coming on loop! Soothies here. // Mustela is a household favorite around here. Find your favorite lotion and stick to it with your kids (pending they like it, too!) the smell will forever bring those sweet new baby memories back. // Puj tub is an absolute must for those newborn baths. // Aden Swaddles, duh. // Halo Bassinet swivels 360 degrees, the side lowers down so you can scoop them out right next to your bed, and raises height with ease. Such a must! // Teethers because you never know when that fun stage will strike! // Happy Yogis, its always such a fun transition when they start snacking on solids, we love HappyYogis! // Comotomo bottles are basically as close to a boob as we’ve ever found bottle-wise. A+! //  We love having rockers for more than just the nursery, its a must when you have other kids and need to be where they are. Easy transportable rocker to the rescue! And lastly, the Comfort Cam baby monitor!


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new year new baby | feeding giveaway!

What do you do most in that first year of life? FEED.THAT.BABY! We have some of our baby feeding favorites today for you to win! Check out why we love them below and enter to win!newbabyfeeding

  1. Oat Mama // These superfood packed Granola Bars will get that milk flowing and keep you full in those HANGRY stages of nursing!
  2. Baby Brezza // This glass one step baby food maker is one of a kind and there isn’t anything like it on the market. Provides you with 4 cups of pureed food perfect for those tiny little gums and teeth. Seriously a game changer.
  3. aden + anais // Our favorite swaddle company just came out with a nursing pillow that’s just as good. Soft, sweet, plush and comfy — this little guy is sure to become your best friend in those first months.
  4. Comotomo // Whether you’re nursing or not, these favorite bottles of ours in design are also a babies bottle of choice.

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