Collapsable Coat Rack DIY

Now that we have a hat rack for the boys, we realized we didn’t have a great entry, mud room option for ourselves! We tend to walk in drop a pile of stuff we bring in from the car and it just sort of stays there. This DIY is super easy and incredibly transportable, not to mention folds completely flat when you want to tidy up.
NCC_9774Here is all you need:coat-hangerWooden Dowels. We chose 1″ thick dowels 4 ft long. They are just a couple of dollars at any lumber supply store.

A couple feet of white string.

Paint. We chose black and white cause we had it in the garage, and cause it always looks clean and chic.

Paint the dowels and let dry.

Lay them flat out on the floor and wrap the string around all three, about 3/4 of the way to the top. Tie the string as tight as you can in a secure knot. Then stand the dowels upright and spread the three out until it stands stable.NCC_9750Then fold it up and put it away until the next guests arrive. Or keep it out for daily use!NCC_9818Whats on our rack? Madewell Transport tote, the best Panama Hat, Hunters, and Sunny’s Cloud PJs that we just die over.Untitled-1

artifact uprising [giveaway!]

We along with our kids get pretty spoiled here at Small Fry, so we’re always looking for ways to show our appreciation for the daddios who can seem overlooked in this space. We’re excited for Father’s Day this month and the perfect excuse to plan ways to spoil the wonderful fathers in our lives. Today we’ve teamed up with Artifact Uprising – a favorite source for beautiful prints and accessories from our Instagram feeds – to share an easy way to spoil your man this Father’s Day (order by June 14th to get it in time!) And don’t forget to enter below to win a $150 credit!Father's Day DIY All you need are a set of square prints from Artifact, printed right off your Instagram feed. Then photo-bomb (get it?) his office, car, bedroom, bathroom, wherever he will stumble first thing Sunday morning. We simply used wall tacky to adhere the prints right to the wall, writing “Love Dad” then he gets to take a chance to look at each print and take in just how much he’s loved. We love the idea of starting a secret Instagram feed to take pictures just of him and the family so it’s all new-to-him photos. Father's Day DIYIf you’re looking for more gift ideas we love these beautiful hard cover books which make perfect additions to any coffee table or book shelf.Fathers Day DIY Father's Day DIY And of course Instagram friendly books that make printing our memories so easy and beautiful. We love the idea to print the occasional blank page to make room for wiring memories and special notes. Another added element that we know dad would love!Father's Day DIY


Need more ideas for your prints? A display system for your wall and a bedroom headboard!

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3 Steps to a Happier Boy

By Jenna.

I’ve talked before on here about my happy, emotional, bold, fun loving, intense little Jude and I took to Instagram to recently share the successes we’ve had with him lately and wanted to share an extended version of my thoughts here. To be honest things got really bad right before and after we had our third baby. He LOVES her, but I think not being the baby anymore threw him and his needs weren’t being met as well. Here is some unsolicited advice that I’ve found helps with our high spirited child!cents11. Eliminate or drastically cut back on sugar, juice and in our case dairy. I notice significant dips in good behavior when Jude has eaten an excessive amount of these things. We still allow them but are very conscious of the portions he gets. FIRST getting him full with healthy fats, protein and fruit is crucial. Often times he was filling up on liquids or empty calorie foods that wouldn’t help feed his brain properly. cents42. Limit screen time. This one has been a game changer for us. I no longer give him the iPad, my phone or any handheld device. They are a rabbit hole of entertainment that he can’t tear himself away from and gets VERY upset when it’s time to move on. It over stimulates him and in general just makes him angry. Giving him opportunities for educational computer games occasionally has been so beneficial and also giving him a 5 minute warning that his time is almost up! I honestly wish I could be brave enough to get rid of TV all together. cents33. Setting a routine and sticking to it. He LOVES a routine. Being conscious of what triggers him has helped me establish one that works for us. For instance he needs to eat the moment he gets up. If we wait then things get off to a bad start. Also he loves a routine of essential oils we do before bed. I massage his feet and we talk about his day, say our prayers, sing a song. He just loves that and it wraps up our day so well. cents2I’m sharing this with you because perhaps you have a sweet little soul like my boy and are needing help like I was a couple months ago! We definitely haven’t arrived and he still definitely tries my patience to place I didn’t know existed, but we have TRULY come leaps and bounds with these small changes.

Isn’t it such a privilege to love a person so deeply that you are anxiously engaged in understanding them, figuring out why and how they tick? His happiness means the world to me and bringing that out more in him has in turn made me happier!

Thanks to Cents of Style for helping us get dressed for today’s post!

Clothing Details:

Jenna // Sandals // Rings // Sweater // Jeans // Watch

Jude // Shirt //  Pants // Shoes // Cloud Pillow


From hero capes to princess crowns to digging for fossils, Seedling has your kids’ interests covered! We have had so much fun with our kids working on our projects, and you know who else loved them? DAD! Sometimes when dad finally gets home from work, or has a free Saturday, it’s hard to work up the energy to plan an activity fit for him and the little ones. Well, we found the perfect fix-it for those days. We are so excited to share some of our favorites with you!Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.07.28 AMSeedling is a flawlessly designed brand, originally out of New Zealand, that has encouraging kids’ creativity perfected! They specialize in creating awesome activity kits for empowering children, made to spark hours of creative learning through play! Their selection of activity kits, toys and party decorations is enormous and all products inspire families to imagine, create, and play together, while staying design centric and affordable.superheron_1024x1024-1

When our packages arrived we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful packaging and flawless branding. HUGE selling point for us here at Small Fry.

Everything we needed to do the project from start to finish was included in the package. Once we sat down at the table, we didnt need to get up until it was time to put the mask on and play heros!

seedling1The best part was that every cut out included was ADORABLE. So no matter how the kids styled it, it couldn’t help but be darling.IMG_5876

seedling5Here are some of the other seedling projects we are loving!

Spy Kit (swooning over this for the kids with Dad)spy-kit_LR_1024x1024

Gone Fishing (also a perfect father/child activity)Gone-Fishing_LR_1024x1024

Create A Dragon


Check out Seedling for your next family project, this one is a must for Summer break!

Follow along with all their wonderful creative ideas via Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

hat rack DIY

Nicole needed a good system for her boys’ hats and packs and so today’s post was born! hat rack DIYHere’s what you’ll need: hat rack DIYAfter you get all your supplies ready to go, here’s how you’ll do it:

Measure and mark board for dowels 4-5 inches apart.hat rack DIYDrill in with 5/16″ drill bit and your dowels should fit in perfectly, mount on wall with 3″ screws and then putty over the screw holes.hat rack DIY
Sand putty when dry and then paint a color of your choice. Nicole picked white, but we love that you can customize this any which way you choose. Stripes, triangles, clouds, color blocked, you know, all the usual suspects.hat rack DIY We also love being able to add other hangables like packs and costumes and coats. You can check out our first hanging costume idea right here!hat rack DIY  

Curious what’s on our racks? Here’s all the sources!


Striped Pack // Mamoo Kids Messenger // Dino Pack

HATS (for reference our 5 year olds wear between a 6 5/8 or 6 3/8:

NY Giants // NY Yankees (in red, too!)  // LA Dodgers // Red Sox // Dino and Whale hats are old but we love these: Junk Food // Botanicals // and H&M‘s line up!