Mother’s Day Giveaway : Loom Goods

Mother’s Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than to spoil our loyal readers!!! We want to bless your lives with some of the things that makes us smile, make our home brighter and our life easier! So even if you’re not a mom but want to enter for someone who is or for your future self – go for it! We want everyone to participate and feel the love. —————— Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.11.57 AM We can’t get enough of Loom Goods. If you’re like us then you buy.all.the.pillows and these ones are the kind you will add to your collection and NEVER get tired of! Pillows are such a fun way to change up a room and we love these unique and one of a kind mud cloth designs. I mean people loved the print so much that Susan made them in to moccs! Flawless. Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.11.52 AM We love you guys and Loom Goods loves SF so we’re giving $200 credit to TWO readers! Yep two of ya! So get entering below!


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Mother’s Day Giveaway Week : Rugs USA!

Mother’s Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than to spoil our loyal readers!!! We want to bless your lives with some of the things that makes us smile, make our home brighter and our life easier! So even if you’re not a mom but want to enter for someone who is or for your future self – go for it! We want everyone to participate and feel the love.


First up an ode to our long favorite, Rugs USA, We’ve loved this online rug mecca for a LONG time. Rugs are such an easy (and at Rugs USA, affordable) way to shift and change up a room. And with kids you KNOW how things get so it’s nice to switch out a rug when the inevitable juice stain happens ūüôĀ¬†IMG_5995

Jenna’s been talking about this rug a ton since she got it – gorgeous right? And so soft! Before she switched out this one she had a previous one by Rugs USA she loved as well but look how much it changes the room!

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 10.50.57 AM

(image by Morgan Pansing)

On to the good stuff cause we’re giving one away!! Don’t want to wait? That’s fine….Rugs USA is doing SEVENTY PERCENT off their rugs right now…what!

Enter below!

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Fit Fryday

Keeping with our Active Week theme we wanted to tailor today’s FRYday toward questions we get most often about our personal health and wellness. A peek into the day to day and what works for us and doesn’t! Ready?

 Must-have sneakers?sneakers(Pictured Top to Bottom)

Emily: If I am running (ha barely walking lately) I love this Adidas Fly Knit. Otherwise I’m a Nike monogamist. I love all the Air Max Thea’s¬†and if I’m just going for a sporty look but the shoes are coming off for Yoga or Barre I will forever love the Nike Blazer Mids. Just got these and love them!

Jenna:¬†1-¬†Nike Flyknit Roshe¬†// Andrew bought these for me recently and I am obsessed. Obviously they’re freaking amazing but more than good looking they are SO light and awesome to work out in. //¬†2-¬†Nike Free 5.0¬†// I love this shoe. I have it in the white/black and they’re so comfortable. //¬†3 –¬†New Balance¬†// I love a show that transitions from active to fashion and I feel like NB does that so beautifully.

Nicole: I am a Nike Free 5.0 collector. They’re so lightweight and easy. Love all three of these! Black // Red // and Print.

Best Work-Out Apparel? athletic
Jenna: My favorite workout gear is of course from lululemon. Obsessed with the High Times.
Nicole: Shorts for Running, Sweats for staying warm, the perfect jacket to feel polished in afterward.
Emily: Oh man I miss my high waisted leggings. That held everything in nice and tight? The best. For now, I am doing my best with the under the belly maternity collection at Target. I love over sized tank tops that hang nice and loose for up top.
Must-Have Work Out Accessories?
workout accesories
¬†Jenna: I feel like I’m always preaching about the¬†Hydro Flask…cause I am. It’s the water bottle I can’t live without. I love having¬†smaller dumb bells¬†at home,¬†exercise ball,¬†matt and my most important fitness gear of choice lately,¬†jump rope!
¬†Emily: Do I look tough in my white skeleton boxing gloves? Haha. Also can’t live without a nice yoga mat. I¬†can’t bring myself to use the gym’s. Also My Fitness Pal was an app that totally changed my way of going about fitness. Eating is such a huge factor in my success and although I don’t really limit myself (I’d rather die than diet) knowledge is power! I find it easier to make smarter choices¬†when I have it keeping track. I can make a smarter entree choice at a restaurant or see that I need to up my protein. Lastly, good music. Music that pumps me up and keeps me energized is everything. I could never run in silence. Anything from Sia to Rage Against the Machine.
Nicole: Perfect little headbands that go with everything and a foam roller to stretch out sore muscles and break up cellulite.
 What types of exercise have you tried in the past and what has stuck around as a favorite?
Emily: I swear I’ve tried it all. Pretty much any type of class offered at the gym. I fell in love and studied yoga when I was in college. Swimming, running, biking, kick boxing and lately being pregnant I am loving Karve (Ballet barre + Pilates). I get the best work-outs in a class setting with good music though!
Nicole: I LOVE when I get the opportunity to do Yoga, unfortunately I never get around to doing it on my own. I love to run, and most of all, spend time sweating in the sauna.
Jenna: OMG me too.¬†Seriously I love working out and being active! I’ve done diligently in my life Spin, Kickboxing, Crossfit, Pilates, Yoga, Running etc.. .Right now I’m doing the Sweat App (Kayla Itsines) and having a lot of success. For me right now it’s not a phase in my life where I have the time to drive to the gym and stay there an hour and a half. This work out is 30 min and I’m done – that’s all I can do for now and so I do it!
What is one food indulgence you have no self control with?
Emily: Mexican food, I am a bottomless pit in that arena. And baked goods. I keep baking myself batches of those no-bake cookies and I actually consumed 8 in one day. HELP!
Nicole: Doritos and more Doritos. I love chips. It’s horrible.
Jenna: Chips and Guacamole kill me. Like I could eat it for every meal.
What is one popular indulgence that doesn’t entice you at all?
Jenna:¬†¬†I can’t get behind cupcakes. They just don’t thrill me!
Emily: I don’t know if anyone else considers it an indulgence but I don’t drink soda, energy drinks or anything with caffeine in it. It makes my heart race and my eyes buggy and I feel jittery. I’m super sensitive to it and so I just avoid it at all costs. Instead of caffeine I just crash in the afternoon and have to nap. Usually just 20 minutes is all I can get, but it’s funny how I used to be embarrassed to admit it. Like running yourself ragged is a badge of honor or something. Naps for President!
Nicole: Ice Cream!
What would a typical day of meals look like for you?
Jenna: BREAKFAST is Avocado and Eggs on toast SNACKS: Muesli, fruit and yoghurt LUNCH Quinoa, Cucumber and Tomato salad SNACK 2: Lunch meat, hard boiled egg, veggies and almonds DINNER: Salmon, Brown rice, Veggies and fruit!

Nicole: ¬†A typical day of meals typically includes green smoothie in the morning, and usually a piece of Dave’s Famous Bread toasted with Tilamook butter.

Lunch, I try and eat at home as much as I can, but find myself eating out a lot. At home I make a lot of quinoa salads! Dinner is the hardest because at the end of the day I’m lazy. So we eat whatever is laying around. We try to have chicken and veggies (my kids hate fish and it kills me.)
Emily: This ALL depends on how stocked my fridge is but if I have the goods I like then BREAKFAST¬†is typically a banana and peanut butter or if I have more time Costco has whole grain waffles that are so good with that Kodiak berry syrup. My kids love egg in a frame, so I’ll make myself one too if they are requesting it. For LUNCH I love a good sandwich or wrap. I toast it up add turkey, cucumber, pickles, tomatoes, avocado, cheddar and a drizzle of honey mustard. DINNER we got out to eat a few times a week, or I make Mexican food (tacos and fajitas never get old) or we have “graze” nights where everyone eats what sounds good out the fridge. Once the kids go to bed I always treat myself to something sweet. I want nothing to do with it unless they’re actually asleep so I’ll wait until 10 pm if I have to to fully enjoy it. A baked good or ice cream, or Vanilla yogurt with whatever fruit we have around and the zest of a lime. Heaven!
What is one thing you’re proud of and one thing you want to master about your health?
Jenna: I am proud of my ability to stick with a program. I am sometimes in a phase where I eat all.the.things and that’s okay too!! We can only do so much and sometimes it’s not a phase in our life where we are kicking ass and taking names. But when I do decide to go for it – I go for it and that makes me feel proud!
Nicole I am proud of my Vitamin intake. I’m super consistant. I want to master¬†my water consumption. Some days I am REALLY great. And other days I drink none at all, and way too much Diet Coke.
Emily: This pregnancy all bets are off. Things I am usually proud of are nowhere to be found. Drinking water is hard for me, all I want to eat are carbs and working out is getting trickier and trickier. I loved reading this Nutrition Log on Cupcakes and Cashmere – so many things rang true for me. Like when her nutritionist kept saying “Where are the veggies?” and to stop saving sweets for only a reward or consolation and just owning it. “I wanted a donut, so I ate one.” ¬†I am up 17 pounds so far this pregnancy which is still in the normal range but just barely, so I am trying to find the balance of giving myself some slack and wanting to show self-control because I know I will be glad I did after the baby is born!
Phew! If you made it this far, bravo! We hope this answers some of those FAQs and if we forgot anything comment below! Happy FRYday!

3 ways to jump start good eating!

and not hate yourself.

Ya, we all know how this goes. You read a blog post about a girl who “chases her kids and eats yoghurt” and that’s how she weighs 105 lbs and you sink lower in your seat while gnawing furiously on a celery stick. We are built different and it’s a beautiful thing, but always take fitness/nutrition advice with a grain of salt (LOTS of salt if you’re eating clean ūüėČ ) and listen to your body and mind and figure out what works best for YOU!

That being said, here are 3 really SIMPLE things you can do to get starting living a healthier life!

1- Apple Cider Vinegar.


You’re groaning I know. But listen. THIS STUFF IS ELIXIR. Stop ignoring it and start taking a shot of it. 1-2 T a day and you’ll notice a difference in your skin, your immune system, your appetite, everything! Need more reasons? Here are 25. I buy Bragg’s.¬†The other day I also found ACV in pills too if you can’ hack the taste! I recommend combining it with Cod Liver Oil (lemon flavored) to help it go down as well ūüėČ Add a drop of grapefruit essential oil and you’ve got my morning shot!

2- H20


The benefits are limitless when it comes to intaking TONS of water. You should be drinking 1/3of your weigh in ounces a day and the best way I know how to do it is with my hydro flask. This thing is seriously magic. It keeps my water ICE cold, like it could sit in my 200 degree car and still the ice would not be melted it’s incredible. I also really recommend getting the straw lid because it’s a known fact that water is better out of a straw.

3- Stop the Sugar


This is simple but definitely the most challenging of the bunch. Need motivation as to why Sugar is so detrimental to the body? Check out this article. The gist is there are NO nutrient in Sugar and it literally does nothing but hurt your body. I’m all about the balanced life so if you’re eating the best doughnut on a trip to NYC, eat it! You won’t get that opportunity back But on a daily basis do your best to avoid artificial sugar and I promise you’ll have more energy, clearer skin and feel better!

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tiny yoga!

We’ve been running a sort of unofficial Active Week this week and when we think of some of our favorite ideas for getting active with kids, we can’t help but think about Tiny Yoga! We ran this post years first ago, but our kids still talk about the sun and we’ve carried on doing yoga with them by video ever since! Yoga With Kids

Yoga With Kids(The boys are wearing the new line from Mini X Style throughout РSO cute right?!)

So today we had to revisit! Now that they’re bigger and more coordinated it was even bigger of a hit! Here’s how you’ll do it:Yoga With KidsStart out the kiddos with paper plates and yellow, orange, red, paint. They get to create their own “sun” which will help you guide them through the poses.Yoga With Kids

Once dry, you can lead them through the poses by telling them where their sun is going to shine. Through arm and shoulder stretches РRaise the sun to the top of the sky! Yoga With Kids

Yoga With KidsA little downward dog:Yoga With KidsOnce they’re all stretched out they can put the sun to bed for some trickier poses!

Warrior! One and Two:Yoga With KidsAnd Warrior Three:Yoga With Kids And a full lotus for some deep breathing to top it off!Yoga With Kids Our kids couldn’t have been more into it,¬†definitely a fun one to try at home!


Cactcus Sweatshirt and Leggings

Sprinkle Pants, Sprinkles Snapback, and White Shirt

And our favorite mats!

Manduka is the top rated for several years in a row! The Pro is great if you like a thicker mat, the ProLite for a thinner version. The best budget-friendly mats have been haied from Gaiam! We love Lululemon’s too!