Kicking off our gift ideas this Holiday we knew we had to start with Seedling. You’ve heard our philosophies about giving experiences over things, although sometimes those can be hard to unwrap come Christmas morning! Seedling is the best example of doing this well because it’s a perfect little package that packs fun for your whole family, so we’re so excited to partner with them today!Seedling - Gift Experiences Not Things It taps the creative side, fine motor skills, imagination and story-telling and so much more. They recently launched their new line with Disney which of course makes it all the more fun recreating elements of their favorite movies! Here’s a few we tried out!

Seedling - Gift Experiences Not ThingsDesign Your Own Bear Mask and Paws! Comes with everything you need to look just like Baloo, felt, glue, pre-cut shapes and more! Seedling - Gift Experiences Not ThingsDesign Your Own Dragon,  how cute is Sunny’s Elliott? This easy to make DIY kit comes with wooden dragon, paint, faux fur, and more to paint and create a dragon all your own.Seedling - Gift Experiences Not Things

Seedling - Gift Experiences Not Things

Design Your Own Fintastical Mermaid Tail from the Little Mermaid! This comes with with tulle, glitter glue, shells, stars, and more, this easy to make DIY kit has everything you need to design your own magical mermaid tail just like Ariel!

Seedling - Gift Experiences Not Things

Mermaid Tail - SeedlingOf course Seedling packs everything you need to finish the kit which we LOVE! No melt-downs when you start the project to realize you don’t have any white glue. But, come one, how cute is their glue?! Every detail is so darling and well thought out!Seedling - Gift Experiences Not Things

Of course Seedling has loads of other themed kits besides this new Disney series, you can find them all right here!

Target Holiday

Don’t we all love snagging a few new pieces to add to our Christmas Decor collection each year? I know I do, and I have loved watching my collection grow over the years. So much of my decor is from Target, so this year I wanted to pull together all of my Target Faves! Sharing early this year since things sell out fast lately and right now they’re offering 20% off decor! Hurry over!


Buffalo Check Stocking // Grey Faux Fur Throw // Tree Blanket // Tree Garland // Boxwood Wreath // Copper Wire Ornaments // Tree Skirt // Stocking with Poms // Brown Wrapping with Trees //  Monogram Gift Toppers // Scallop Gift Boxes // Honeycomb Side Table //

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Laundry Schedule

This post is brought to you by Maytag, all opinions expressed are our own.

By Emily.

I think it’s safe to say for the majority of you readers (and us) laundry is a nemesis. The least favorite household task, the never-ending, nagging, particular and finicky job of keeping our family’s clothing clean. What if your washer or dryer could fit infinitely more laundry than it does now. How about 22 towels in one load? I just got butterflies.

Exhibit A: 22 Towels:Maytag Top Loader - Fits 22 Towels!Maytag’s new top loading Washer and Dryer is the largest capacity washer with agitator in the market. It has an agitator and a deep fill option to really soak your clothes and get even the crustiest situations out. I personally love the detergent tray that slides out, I always hated looking at that in my old washer, with the build up it just never looked clean, but this stows away and keeps it looking brand new!Maytag Top Loader - Fits 22 Towels!Their dryer has moisture sensors to ensure that large loads are evenly dried. Especially helpful if it needs to sit in the dryer for awhile after (guilty!)Maytag Top Loader - Fits 22 Towels!My favorite feature next to the size is that it has a steam dry setting. I have long preferred steaming my clothes to ironing and instead of putting it the bathroom with me while I shower, or plugging in my large steamer, I toss it in on a steam setting and it refreshes like a charm!Maytag Top Loader - Fits 22 Towels!

Mixing a washer and dryer like Maytag’s with good old fashioned organization we feel more excited than ever to figure out this task. So first, I wanted to get to the bottom of what laundry looks like for those of you who feel on top of it, or at least aren’t re-washing the same load three times because you forgot and it started to smell bad.Laundry Adventure

After polling our readers and friends I got the answer, over and over: a load a day. I can hear the groaning from here! We also got a resounding solution if you’re a working parent  and that is doing all of it one day a week, but that it will take you all day and there’s no getting around it.

Now, here is where we part ways. Those I polled all seemed to say that they pre-sort into darks and lights and then pull from a giant pile of everyone’s belongings and wash them all together.

I don’t do this. I do it by the person. And that is mostly for the reason that I know exactly where to find X,Y,Z belonging. If Hayes needs his jersey I don’t need to sort through huge piles at varying stages of being sorted, washed, dried, folded, I just go to either his dirty pile or his clean pile or his closet. Knowing where everyone’s XYZ item is gives me a lot of peace of mind and a better sense of control over the situation.

I wash all my air drying at once so I know just to pull it all out of the washer and hang it up instead of trying to sort as I transfer to the dryer. I’ve shrunk far too many sweaters to pull that rookie move again!

I do all my sheets, towels, pillowcases together because that load is easy and actually fun to fold and put away. I do this load on the day I dread laundry the most because to boosts my confidence. 😉 Look at me I’m doing laundry!

Back together again for the folding. Have your kids put their items away. Have them match all the socks. Get the piles out of your hair and off your mind!


15 Scout Elves at Play

Brought to you by Elf on the Shelf! Check out their new Idea Book and Accessories Pack “Scout Elves at Play” here!

Did you know that we have a few extra “sons” we’ve never formally introduced you all to? Meet Chip and Cringey!Small Fry | @ericapatten@ericapatten

We adopted them a few Christmases ago and are kids are always extra excited when they make the trek down from the North Pole to spend the Holiday season with us! Of course we love having them around because they keep an extra eye on our wild bunch and remind them Santa is always watching. Small Fry | @ericapatten


This season Santa himself sent us an extra special kit “Scout Elves At Play” along with our Elf sons to help make their stay extra exciting. We had to share it with a few of our other friends with their own adopted Elves and today we get to share all the fun they’ve been having ever since!Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf


@rashellejohannson | Small Fry@rashellejohansson

If you don’t know the story of the Elf on the Shelf, Santa allows a handful of his best elves to stay with boys and girls across the world to keep an eye on them and help create extra fun and excitement around the Holidays. Once they’re adopted and named they are magic! And no human hand can touch them or they lose their charm. Small Fry | 15 Elf on the Shelf Ideas


So of course this accessory kit makes their excitement extra easy to accomplish, which they appreciate (and so do us moms.) Each night our Elf kids find magic and fun while we sleep and we get to discover what they’ve been up to each night. Catch some more from our fellow mamas who live for this tradition like we do!@rashellejohannson | Small Fry


The tags that come in the kit help remind kids to do good deeds and be extra nice. @dearlizzy’s elf is reminding her kids to brush those teeth!Elf on the Shelf Elf on the Shelf

More Scout Elf fun after the jump! Read more

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