4 greek yogurt dips for parties

This post is sponsored by Dannon. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

By now you’ve probably caught on to my hostessing M.O.: let them do it! I love having something interactive for guests to do and that usually involves the food. Making their own drink, choosing what goes on their kebab, or in today’s case making their own dip for crudite or fruit! 4 Greek Yogurt Dips for PartiesThe Dannon® Greek Yogurt line Oikos® (grab a coupon here!) has a huge selection of yogurt flavors, including their Triple Zero line (zero added sugar, zero artificial sweeteners, 0% fat) so guests can gauge how they want to eat while they’re at it! You can see the consistency of these is velvety and thick. No matter which cup you grab you’ll have that tart Greek Yogurt bite and creamy spoonful.Greek Yogurt Tzatziki Dip

Here are 4 dip recipes (3 sweet, 1 savory) that guests simply stir in ingredients and enjoy! Added bonus: you can make the dip right in the Oikos cup so less dishes for you!

Let’s start with my favorite first: Greek Yogurt Tzatziki Dip.

Take your Plain Greek Yogurt Cup, thinly sliced English Cucumber and fresh Dill. Fresh garlic and lemon juice gives it that perfect kick. Mix it all up and enjoy! dannon1

2. Chocolate lovers! All this is is the Dannon Triple Zero Chocolate with a dollop of peanut butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon. You can swap this out for your favorite nut butter, but it makes every dip of fruit chocolatey and delicious!

4 Greek Yogurt Dips for Parties

3. Mixed Berry Fruit Dip – my favorite favorite fruit dip has marshmallow creme and cream cheese, not exactly good for you. But with the fruit flavor bomb of the Mixed Berry and the cream cheese (reduced fat, full fat, whatever you prefer!) it gets pretty close to that yumminess I love!4 Greek Yogurt Dips for Parties

4. This one is simple flavor profile dip that will appeal to the masses. Just shave off some vanilla beans from the pod for that speckle of color and flavor, drizzle with honey, and enjoy! Simple and tasty!dannon4At least one of this round-up of mix-ins should grab your guests taste buds, give them something fun to work on and converse with the other guests about, and again, easy easy clean up is what we aim for!4 Greek Yogurt Dips for Parties 4 Greek Yogurt Dips for Parties

Sponsored by Dannon Oikos, find them at Walmart and use this COUPON to get $1.00 off the single serve cups!

DIY Personalized Notebook

You guys know how I feel about a good monogram or personalized piece. Naturally forcing that onto my kids with today’s SUPER easy DIY. DIY NotebookYou just need these stickers and your favorite notebook. I love these ones because they have no branding or writing on them anywhere and they wipe off which is cool! Notebooks get so grubby but I think these will hold up a bit better.DIY NotebookAlso for the record I brainstormed a short song lyric for this DIY for hours.  I could NOT think of one that was short enough and not cheesy. Sit Down Be Humble (Kendrick Lamar, stuck in my head of months and more swears than non-swears) was one of the first ideas I had, but just know I would never let my kids listen to it.;) Also these Yoobi Notebooks are killing me and ALL their Back-to-school goods are 20% off right now with BTS2017. On top of which they donate to schools in need in the U.S. BLACK + WHITE STAR // GALAXYDIY Notebook Let’s just take the meaning of this phrase literally for a classroom. Stay in your seat and don’t talk back, kids! DIY Notebook


A BUNCH of lunch packing ideas! // Jenna’s Whole Foods Lunch Ideas // Morning Routine Printable // Make your Own Pencil Pouch

budget home: urban outfitters

Happy Fryday everyone! Next up in this Budget Home series is Urban Outfitters! Urban shines, for me, in it’s art and wall decor and also its smaller furniture pieces. Art in the home is what makes it YOURS and gives it life. It’s what takes something from a showroom or catalog feel to personal and lived in, and something worth talking about! I like decorating with a little humor and try not to take it so seriously and UO has that on lock. I know UO comes across SUPER boho and layered and even messy at times, but I think when used in doses it adds so much character. One of my favorite old Home Tours cites Urban Outfitters products throughout the whole house and I think when you check it out you’ll see it’s done just right!

Also a mother perk, if you have a small space UO is for you. Their scale seems to be tailored for smaller spaces and they do it so well!Budget Home: Urban Outfitters

Here’s my favorite pieces currently. All so affordable and on trend. I also love that Urban Started offering framed art which makes it SO much easier. They carry all the best finishes and then you can also buy frames separately in walnut, black and white, too! I can’t believe what people are charging for framing these days, so these are great affordable options in the finishes you want!

favorite organization tips

School starts for us in three short weeks and I’ve started to crave that routine and schedule that having kids in school can bring! It will just be me and Raleigh each morning and he sleeps most of it so I can almost taste the productivity. Like an airplane oxygen mask, I can’t get my kids organized unless I am, so I wanted to share my favorite organizational tips and gear to help make it possible. While we’re at it here is some serious organization inspo from around the web.

Organization InspoTHE HOME EDIT

HOME: I am a firm believer that everything should have a place. This makes clean up harder than say chucking whatever is on the ground into a bin and pushing that bin into a closet (sounds amazing!) But tell myself knowing where stuff is saves me time and money overall, and I can find it quickly. I did this last year while I was pregnant and I went through every room and drawer and cupboard in my house one day at a time. I picked a spot for that day and decided what types of containers I’d need. Got rid of junk and I felt lighter than air afterward. Totally worth the time!

Organization Inspo


This is more a time and hassle saver, but Self Watering Pots from here on out. No need to feel bad I can’t remember to water. There are so many beautiful options now, you don’t even have to sacrifice style! // This past year I’ve found Amazon’s Echo “Alexa” so helpful for making my lists, timers, alarms, holding my spot for Audible and answering questions without pulling out my phone and falling down the rabbit hole. The less I use my phone the better for all! This is more of a sanity thing but when I feel myself in a down mood or getting triggered left and right. Irritable, quick to snap, I just tell her to turn on some music and start dancing around. It instantly brightens my mood and all the kids join in. Its such a quick reset for the day. Not that you can’t do it with other devices but that voice control option has been the difference for me! // Organization Inspo


Feeling like you’re running out of space? Sick of digging through cupboards for things you use every day? Over the door everything. The backsides of doors are wildly underused. Hang hats, your soap and sponges, hot hair tools (Raleigh loves to tug on cords and this keeps them secure) your ironing board (I’m so done unfolding that dang table!) And these are so pretty no matter where they’re stuck. Add them to your mudroom lockers, next to your computer desk, wherever your mail usually gets dropped. A great renter’s option as you can remove easily with no holes.Organization Inspo


I moved everyone except my shoes to the garage and it has made a world of difference. Russ nailed in some 2x4s and these organizers hang right over just like they would on a door! Since I can remember to bring mine all the way to my room, I get to be the exception. Ha. No shoes have any reason to cross the threshold and it has kept my house cleaner and the floors less cluttered. It makes getting out the door quicker because it’s all right there. // I also clean on zone schedule. I wrote about it here! And I do laundry by person or type (towels, linens) and you can find that info here.Organization Inspo


WORK: Google Calendar for long term planning and then weekly pads like this for right in front of my face (keyboard.) I’ve missed far too many deadlines because I wasn’t looking for them! // Genius Scan for getting documents singed and returned. // My bank has mobile deposits which has saved me an incredible amount of time. Maybe that seems stupid but if you don’t use it look into your bank’s options and never drive through that line again! // Package return…FIND A PLACE that takes all mail carrier returns. Local Print stores usually have package drop off and then you can leave USPS, UPS and FedEx all alt once without stopping to their drop-off points.

Organization Inspo

THE CREATIVITY EXCHANGE (they print labels for you!)

A planner that fits your needs is a must. I cycle through them like tissues (see my colleciton on Insta Story it’s embarrassing.) and so I was so excited to pledge with Golden Coil – get on the computer and order the EXACT planner pages for your needs. Meal planning, goal setting, planning by the hour. You can import your calendar dates and have them printed along with your addresses. Watch their Kickstarter to see it in action, they show it so much more beautifully than I can express! Pledge and get a planner for cheap!871c3648a9e16cdb3667242494ea55da_original