gift guide: first birthday

Raleigh’s first birthday is on SAT-UR-DAY! Just wipe me up off the floor cause I can’t get up. It hurts, but it is also such a freaking pleasure to celebrate him so I’ll be alright. He has been nothing but joy the last 12 months and I will give him all the things to help lessen my heartache at how fast he’s grown. Time is a thief! But here are some amazing options for a first birthday gift! Something to help develop those fine and gross motor skills. Music and bath time fun. Next steps in feeding time. And books galore! first birthday ideasTOUCH & FEEL BOOKS

TouchThinkLearn series is incredible! Grab Opposites // Shapes // Animals // Numbers // This Touch and Feel ABC book by Petit Collage is a must! // I have yet to find a milestone book that I can keep up on, its so challneging for me!  But a letter? I can write a letter! This is so cute and I had to show it close-up so you can see just howwww cute. It comes with stickers and everything. // If you’re gonna teach colors do it with the Pantone pros! Comes with six board books and their epic graphic talents. // This unfolding counting book via Petit Collage is so darling and they gradually get bigger as you go along! // Paris via Shapes. We’ll never get over you, Paris.Letters to Baby


Training Cup from Skip Hop that is no spill, easy to use and of course transitions right to a regular cup. // We met the EZPZ team a few years ago at the ABC Expo and they had so much freaking energy and passion for this mat. So happy to see it doing so well and well-loved and reviewed. It doesn’t budge and its all one piece so they can’t throw it when they’re “all done.”


Pull and Go Monkey Submarine // Skip Hop’s Waterfall Rinser has a forehead flap to keep water out of their eyes. GENIUS! // Make it rain with this pretty cloud! // Another fountain option in a darling bee form.


Three melody makers that are perfect for those 1 year old hands to grip. // I love that this is a music activity center with a few options. No need to pull out the box o’ instruments!


This modern little shape sorting house is so cute! // Kid O kills it in the modern toy arena. Love this three size stacker. // These Alphabet blocks are some of the prettiest blocks Ive seen and I’ve seen my fair share! // Trains are a must for boys or girls and this circus set just happens to be the most darling. // A modern bunny stacker that has so many cute possibilities! // This fox stacker has such a refreshing color palette. If you’re over primary colors or need a more muted tone for your nursery, try this one! // Looping stacker set but again in that awesome color palette! // Cute woodland creature animals that wobble to help with that hand eye coordination!


I like that this Fox ride-on turns to give them a little bit more to work on then a standard straight line ride-on // This Vespa look alike ride-on kills me. // Pull toys are pretty much the cutest for new toddlers. Theres a million cute options but we love this doggy and this elephant. // We’re always digging Nutcase Helmets for boys of course but how amazing is this floral?! // A bike seat for all your adventures together and of course for that floral helmet! This one is top rated, light weight and grows as tall as you need it to!

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summer musts for mama

We have covered (and covered and covered) Summer fun for your kids but what about ideas for keeping things smooth for US? It’s hard out here for a mom! Here’s some universal gotta-gets to make it a titch easier and of course pretty while you’re at it.summermusts

  1. We aren’t 19 anymore (or maybe we are, hey girl hey!) but cover that face either way because you’ll regret it. Big ol’ hats, visors, straw hats with straps. Whatever you gotta do. Go bright with the visor if you feel weird, it’s less serious! Resting Beach Face // Natural Visor // Billabong Hat
  2. When you’re rocking a baseball hat or lower brim hat the only sunglasses that work are aviators. Getchoo some good ones. Quay (said KEY) makes awesome ones for a good deal! Aviator // Brow Bar
  3. Colorscience Mineral Powder SPF. No oil, a light dusting, and mineral is WAY better for you!
  4. UV Protectant. My hair gets so worked in the Summer this is a great option to keep it shiny!
  5. Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner! No joke my hair fees like straw most of the time. When I use this I get to feel like I have goddess hair. It works AMAZINGLY well.
  6. Summer time means you’re schlepping all the things. Anytime we can find two-for products we’re game. This backpack beach chair also has a cooler pouch. You’ve got snacks a bevy and a seat all in one!
  7. Coverups! Dresses or my personal favorite easy shorts. I don’t really want to walk around the pool making sure my bikini line, or bum isn’t showing too much. Remember that beach bod I was supposed to have? Didn’t quite get there. Abstract Graphic Shift // Striped Maxi (nursing friendly!) // Tassel Dress $15 // White off the shoulder $20 //
  8. Slides. Its gotta be easy and slides are easier to chic-up then flip flops. Waterrpoof Birkestocks! One // Two // Three // Don’t laugh but I DIG these yellow platform babies and they’re $15. // Multicolor heeled mule for an extra fancy get-up // Cork looking mules // Platforms for a little height and edge!

Crib Times Up

From what we hear, A LOT of you Small Fry readers are in the same phase with your little ones. That phase when they try to climb out of their cribs, scaring you silly. As much as we wish those crib years would last, our little ones all want a big kid bed eventually. And unfortunately, this always happens sooner than we’d like!

Whether you are ready for one step up into a toddler bed, or ready to skip that and jump right into a twin bed, we have some of our favorites from the web right here for you.4

Oeuf Classic // P’kolino Little Modern // Grey Toddler Bed // Oeuf Twin // Legare Twin // Upholstered Twin

DIY Popsicle Overhaul

This Breakfast on the Go was the inspiration for this Popsicle post! Yogurt, fruit and granola all frozen together on a stick might be the best thing I’ve seen all year. Try this one out, because it isn’t just pretty, its delicious! Here is the recipe and instructions, and keep reading for more revolutionary homemade popsicle ideas for your summertime sweet tooth.


Candy filled and frozen into Sprite. Less healthy, but so what, it’s summer. These are so so darling, delicious and genius!2

Rainbow Popsicle // Gummy Bear Popsicle 


Real Fruit // Coconut Popsicle // Peanut Butter Chocolate


Raspberry Yogurt // Strawberry Passionfruit // Mango Lime Coconut 


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