first eye exam

By Emily.

I started noticing my three-year-old Callum sitting too close to the TV, holding books and iPads inches from his face, squinting at people, and literally closing his eyes when he ran -as if keeping them open didn’t improve the situation at all. So, when LensCrafters reached out to see if we wanted to learn a bit more about healthy eye care I was ready to hear more! They invited Cal to get a good old eye exam and I asked one hundred questions while they worked. Nicole and Sunny came for moral support and her usual crazy amazing photography. Ready to go on this wild adventure with us?Lenscrafters Eye Exam

My first concern was that Cal was too young to sit still, or sight read small letters from far away. LensCrafters has a new AccuExam system that is perfect for little kids because it’s digital and quick. It analyzes sight and can reproduce it on a screen so parents can see exactly what the child sees. Lenscrafters Eye ExamThey recommend that children receive their first exam at 6 months and then again at age 3. They told us that by 1st grade only 7% of kids have had a comprehensive eye exam even though 1 in 4 have a vision related condition. Crazy!Lenscrafters Eye Exam

Even though Cal rocked the machines and was able to give answers and sat so still my heart almost burst with pride, LensCrafters still had their doctor check out his eyes the old fashioned way.

Lenscrafters Eye Exam

The result? A standard case of farsightedness. They said that it is pretty normal in kids his age but to keep an eye on it and continue to receive eye care as he gets older. It was so reassuring to hear that his eyes were healthy and that he was on the right track! I had nightmares of him having headaches and blurred vision and me totally over looking it, so I was definitely relieved.

Lenscrafters Eye Exam

Even though he was off the glasses hook, we still had to try some on. LensCrafters also has a system called myLook where you can upload a picture of your face and see as many frames as you want and how they’ll look before making a decision. Since selecting their own frames is a key in them wanting to wear them, this seems like a great time saver, especially for moms with multiple crazy kids who would have to come along!

Lenscrafters Eye ExamLenscrafters Eye Exam   Lenscrafters Eye Exam

For those of you who were like me, and sensing something might be off, here are the red flags to look for via Dr. Mark Jacquot, Clinical Director of Vision Care at LensCrafters:

  • If your child squints or blinks often, especially when trying to look at something far or up close, it is likely that he/she has a refractive error preventing their eyes from focusing well. The most common refractive errors are astigmatism, or dual focuses inside the eye, myopia, or nearsightedness, and hyperopia, or farsightedness.
  • Tilting their head while looking at a picture or a TV screen may show your child’s unconscious attempt to adjust an angle and find a clearer picture. This often happens when vision in one eye is significantly lower than in the other or when eyes are slightly misaligned.
  •  If your child experiences trouble following an object with his or her eyes, it is a telling sight that the problems lies in the area of visual tracking, a condition which can be mistakenly diagnosed as dyslexia.
  •  Rubbing of the eyes when not sleepy may indicate dry eye, especially if he/she spends several hours a day looking at laptop, iPad, etc.
  • Recurrent headaches at the end of the day may indicate different problems from hyperopia and astigmatism to strabismus, which is an eye turn that is either constant or intermittent. Consulting your eye doctor is a crucial step.

We were grateful to be able to take this step with so much help and guidance along the way, if your kiddo is ready for their first eye exam or you have any concerns about their vision, we recommend LensCrafters whole-heartedly! Nothing is better than relief and peace of mind.

Small Fry Films: Marty Family

If you remember earlier this year, we had a contest to give away a Day in the Life video with Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films! We’re so excited to finally be able to share it with you! The Marty Family – John, Chloe and their 18 month old son Raffa, currently reside in Colorado! John is finishing up is MBA and then the world is their oyster! Chloe loves to run and be active and gets up at 5 a.m. each day to get her run in. She has a graphic design business and is a mama to Raffa and when we asked Chloe what being his mom means to her she said, “Although he is just a baby/toddler, Raffa truly inspires me to be a better person – to want less, to be more happy, to be more thankful, to be kinder, to be less judgmental, and to be more patient – and he doesn’t even realize he has inspired so much positive change in my life. I find the best thing about being a mama is watching Raffa grow, learn, and explore: watching the joy he gets from seeing and learning and doing new things, anything. Being on the receiving end of Raffa’s love is probably one of the best things ever … and loving him back is a honor.” Welcome, Marty Family!

You can find more of Chloe via instagram @chloechristinemarty, on their blog and via Chloe’s typography shop Remember the Day!

You can see all our Small Fry Film collection here! It is crazy to think our very first film with Jenner posted the same week we launched Small Fry back in 2012.

Catch all our Day in the Life Films below:

Joy Cho // Laura Wiertzema // Natalie Holbrook // Sydney Poulton //Kristen Howerton // Brooke White // Naomi Davis

and several more beautiful families (see them ALL here.)

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christmas tree cones

Do you all tackle the gingerbread house each holiday? We’ve found that with small kids that can be quite the undertaking. So we wanted to simplify the experience without losing what is so fun about it – the candy decorating of course. Enter Waffle Cone Christmas Trees! This is a great addition to a gingerbread house making party, or a standalone project.

Here’s what we used:Christmas Tree Waffle Cones

Colorful candies, sprinkles, pearls and colored sugar flakes for decorating. Waffle ice cream cones for the trees, and store bought frosting (right from the can!) to bring them all together. Also, for crafting like this or any baking we do, you gotta have a Wilton cake spatula. You have so much more control than using a knife or regular spatula and it makes frosting a dream.

Christmas Tree Waffle Cones

Here are four we whipped up. Of course when we remake these with the kids in tow they’ll be much more… colorful. So for your viewing enjoyment:

Christmas Tree Waffle Cones


If you notice the far left tree with the green sprinkles, this little whipping action was done with Wilton! Simply pull the frosting upward and it takes that snowy tree look. If you make these with your kids tag us #SmallFryDIY!

shine on

We love Crazy 8’s new campaign, Shine On, which is all about celebrating individuality and what makes our kids special. They asked us to share the one word we’d describe our big boys and some outfits that help them be comfortable in their own skin, and here’s what we picked!

QUINN: Maybe the best word to describe this kid is ADVENTUROUS. He loves the thrill of life. Whether it’s finding the best shrimp taco, riding the fastest roller coaster or swimming in the ocean searching for sea creatures, he’s always happily looking for the next fun thing to do! Being 8 months pregnant it’s been tough for me to keep up! I really try every day to ensure his adventurous spirit isn’t squashed by my slow self! Since it’s still warm here in Southern California I love all these great layering pieces for when the mornings an evenings are chillier!#ShineOnCrazy8

Puffer Vest // Skinny Twill Jeans // Camo High Tops

HAYES: Hayes is so many things, but the word that really stands out to me is SWEET. As his mom I feel so privileged to see so many quiet moments when no one is looking where his sweet and kind heart really shines. When I catch him tickling his dad’s back out of the corner of my eye. Coming in from school and saying “I missed you today, mom!” When he tells his brother “Good job Cally!” when he wins a game, even though I know Hayes wishes it was him. Leaving a friend’s house and telling me it was because they weren’t being nice to his brother. (Cal scored in the brother department!) Or holding a new baby on his chest for forty-five minutes while his friends play around him. He’s as sweet as they come!


This plaid top has a fur-lined chest, and nylon lined sleeves! It is as good as a coat but perfect for this guy who thinks that coats really cramp his style.

Puffer Vest // Plaid Fur Lined Shirt // Moto Jeans // Slip-On Sneakers


This boy, he feels more than most. His feelings are tender and his heart is enormous. If someone is hurting, so is he. I’ve seen this demonstrated by Dash daily in the past few years of his life as our family has dealt with some difficult things, Dash has comforted each of us through tears and hard days. He’s tender, yet strong. He can be the rock of the family without us even realizing it. I see him reach out to friends, and notice people in need. I see him cuddle his brother and kiss his momma and do his very best (in his shy little way) to make friends and include everyone. He’s my little feeler. He loves to look sharp (he honestly uses that word when asking how he looks) with a touch of casual (adding a hat an sneakers to his button up is the usual go-to). What’s interesting is he has a very different taste in clothing then me (how is this possible?) and is super adamant on what he wears. From his head to his toes, he chooses, every day.


Puffer Vest // Plaid Shirt // Cap // Skinny Jeans // Lace-Up Sneakers

Crazy 8 is doing a contest that launched this week, and they want to see what one word you use to describe your kids. Post your entries using #ShineOnCrazy8 via Instagram, Twitter, or upload directly to their Facebook page. They’ll be picking winners weekly for gift cards! See more of our guys below! Read more

holiday gift guide: for dad

Are you all shopped out yet? We hope our gift guides and collections for the biggest shopping weekend of the year were helpful! We still have a couple gift guides to go and next up might be the hardest on our list: for daddy-o! All the men in our life are the types that if they need something, or want something they will usually just buy it. So once the Holidays come around we have to listen extra carefully for something special that they might like. Here are 9 picks that fit the bill!holiday gift guide for dad

1. Man Cans are so clever with their vast array of manly smells like a new Leather Baseball Mitt, Santa’s Beard, Sawdust, and Bacon.

2. These minimal playing cards are so far up our Vegas-loving men’s alley! These gold or rose gold sets are super cool, too!

3. If you need a cologne for a man’s man, Jo Malone’s Saffron is the one. It’s Robert Redford in a bottle. An old leather couch, plus sandalwood, plus bourbon.
4. You already know how much we love Arvo! This all black version is so great for dressing up or down.
5. Stance is another staple for guys. SO many awesome options, and the cliche of buying socks for Christmas is a cliche because they totally need new socks by the time the weather cools off every year.
6. For any desk-based business men, you cannot allow them to have a plastic black stapler. This gold version is must and instantly makes their space polished and impressive. This lucite version is gorgeous, too!
7. We’re saving up for Madsens, and when that year they make it under the tree comes, we know our guys will love it! So fun for Saturday adventures!
8. We’ve noticed that guys tend to either suffer through a manly looking (read: ugly) phone case, or go all risky business on us and don’t use a case at all. Let’s solve both problems with this gorgeous wood case. 
9. All men need a a place to store all their stuff, too! Ditch the murse and stick with a sleek looking pack. State’s Mercer bag is perfect.
What are you buying your guys?