Cal’s 3rd Birthday

By Emily.

My little guy, Callum, turned three at the end of July and when I thought about what I wanted to remember most about him this year, it had to be his little dialect. He has his own way of saying just about everything and it brings a smile to my face everyday. So why not throw party all about exactly who he is at this moment. We focused everything on his favorite foods said only the way Cal can.

Now, I am an anti-party planner. I avoid going all out at all costs, but my lifelong love for a good craft will never die. So we recreated this one simple element of the party for you guys today! It was so fun watching all our loved ones sound out each sign and repeat it in Cal’s native tongue. Can you guess them all?

Callum Says - Birthday Party with all his favorites said just the way he likes them!

Chocolate Milk || Watermelon

Callum Says - Birthday Party with all his favorites said just the way he likes them!

Spicy Jalapeño Chips || Popsicle

Callum Says - Birthday Party with all his favorites said just the way he likes them!

It was so easy and added so much personality to an otherwise pretty straight-forward pool party. It was truly all about Cal and the pictures will always remind me of our little guy at age 3. To recreate it, print your signs out on card stock and tape them to those free paint stirrers you get at hardware stores (spray paint or covered with colorful tape) and you’re set!

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Small Fry Films: Paper Toys

This film has been on our list since our Giant Paper Airplane post last year, so we’re thrilled to share it today! Made with our main guy Jenner of Lumineux Films and for any parent who’s ever needed to impress their kiddo with some skilled folding abilities. Small Fry Films presents – making the perfect paper airplane, boat and hat!

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Monday Giveaway!

We’re joining our fellow friends, Lunchpails & Lipstick again for a giveaway! This time we’ve partnered with Little Miss Momma, Kelli Murray and Cupcake Mag. We’ve collaborated with each of these awesome ladies before, find an interview with Kelli here, a Tiny Tour of Little Miss Momma’s here, and in Cupcake Mag‘s famous Holiday gift guides, too! So we’re happy L&L brought us all together for this killer giveaway! Keep reading to see what’s up for grabs – nearly $2000 in awesome stuff for you and your kiddos.

Blogger Giveaway

1. Pick a 14k gold charm from the 6 shown above. Winner will get a 14k gold 18″ chain to put it on. Helen Ficalora charms are incredible. Value at $270!

2. HOBO wallets are perfect for busy moms. The new fall line is just simply too good to pass up. Winner gets this indigo blue wallet valued at $140

3. Mustela is bringing you the best in sunscreen. The “play safe in the sun” kit will keep your kids sunburn free. Along with the sunscreen, winner gets a sunscreen bag from Hayden Reis. Value:$50

4. Nursing just got a whole lot easier with COVERED GOODS nursing cover up. Soft and breathable fabric makes it easy for baby and mom to be in public while feeding.

5. PCA skincare is a medical grade line of products that will change your skin! We are giving away the rejuvenating serum. You will be glowing in no time! Like really.Value:$82

6.The new Baby Bjorn We carrier is amazing! From birth to age 3 this carrier keeps you comfortable! Love the ability to position in front or the back. Value:$140

7. Lily Jade handbags are worn by all, even celebrity moms can’t pass them up. We’re loving this silver bag and know you will too! Value:$150

8. The Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair has changed dinnertime for families. Every kid in the home (even infants) can pull right up to the table in this elevated chair. Value at $150

9. Ahh…we are so in love with the Britax Affinity Stroller. You choose your frame and color pattern. Easy to open/close, lightweight for quick maneuvering. We love! Value:$700

10. Henry Mack made muumuu’s cool again. The newly updated version of our beloved housedress now has pockets! I’m wearing mine now. Value:$85

11. We found blankets that replicate what we imagine it would feel to sleep in a cloud. Seriously, the Saranoni blankets are unreal and we’re offering one XL adult + one receiving blanket. Value:$140

Good Luck!! Enter the Rafflecopter below.

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If you follow us on Instagram – @smallfryblog – you saw that we spent the weekend at our favorite (and only!) 5 Diamond Hotel in Salt Lake City, The Grand America! We have had the pleasure of staying there a few other times and it is our favorite escape to take with our families. Our weekend stay was sponsored by them specifically to review their Poolside Movies and we’re excited to share our review! Luckily there’s still one more next Saturday, August 29th, so you locals still have a chance to go check out this awesome family event!

How magical is this? Curl up in one of their ultra plush lounge chairs, or watch the movie while you float in the pool!
Poolside Movie at The Grand America

Poolside Movie at The Grand AmericaEach week has themed concessions like rainbow lollipops and Emerald City’s cotton candy for the Wizard of Oz. Or interactive toys like furry monster gloves and a goggly eyes headband for Monsters, Inc.

Poolside Movie at The Grand AmericaOur boys had such a blast (and so did we!) snuggling up and snacking the night away. The Grand treats their guests like gold so we shouldn’t have been surprised when they came by once the lights went down with pre-warmed blankets and big fluffy pillows.

Poolside Movie at The Grand America
If you’d like to see, here are a few more snaps from our awesome Staycation! We spent a lot of time at their gorgeous pools (indoor and out!) eating from their amazing menus and doing our best to just relax (it wasn’t hard!)


Spending a good hour at Jou Jou – which is a toy store slash museum. It has the most incredible little displays and interactive vignettes throughout. Our favorites are the light-up, musical candy organ (below) #grandstaycationthe cheeky talking Robot, and the monster family photo wall that comes to life! The store is filled with things to delight the senses and unique toys and gifts.

#grandstaycationFor those who’ve asked the Grand America Hotel is not only an incredible experience for adults but kids as well. Here’s a glimpse at all they offer for a family stay. Their #grandstaycation hash tag online is so fun to look at. So many families enjoying their Summer with a stay at the Grand!

Don’t miss their last Poolside Movie of the Summer this weekend!

Fryday: Jenna

Happy FRYday to you all!!! I’m using an excessive amount of exclamation points because today marks the end of 7 weeks of my husband being gone for work. Let’s just say the last six months (okay fine: year) didn’t go as planned and we’ve spent A LOT of time apart due to his job. We’ve said uncle and are going through a lot of changes and adjustments to make it so our family can be together again. I’m REALLY excited for this new chapter!


In the last year I’ve calculated that I’ve spent about 5 months single parenting. With sometimes 5-7 week stretches. Now it goes without saying, but let’s just say it loud and clear that I’m really glad that I have more time with a spouse to help then I do without it. For sure. All this time on my own has taught me a lot of things, but perhaps what it’s taught me the most is that single mothers walk on water. You are truly the most selfless, brave, courageous, beautiful and inspiring lot their is. I want to be your best friend forever because you have A LOT you could teach me about how to pull it together.

But in my relatively small time doing it on my own here’s a list of lessons I acquired that I’ll take with me everywhere, alone or not:

10. Toast and eggs are a food group. When worse comes to worse, kids, at least mine, will always eat it. Sometimes twice a day and I’m okay with that. Technically eggs can be cooked a thousand different ways too, so basically they’re getting all sorts of variety!

9. Baby Wise can go to hell. Look I don’t mean to be rude because I was a Baby Wise (or any parenting book) religious follower before all of this. But then I had my second baby who doesn’t follow the rules… any of them. And after a month of trying to fit his little round personality in to the square hole of a structured bed time routine, I realized he just wants to snuggle for five minutes to fall asleep. And I’m okay with that. Boy I feel like an idiot for the two hour nightly battles just to get him to fall asleep on his own because someone on Facebook said that’s the right thing to do.

8. You will lose your mind and occasionally be unable to find it. You’ll look for it everywhere, in a nap, in a doughnut, in taking your anger out on someone at the post office, but even then you won’t find it. Your sanity’s lost for a minute. It will come back. It always comes back. But until then don’t make any sudden moves.

7. You are stronger than you think you are, and then some. Seriously I pretty much think I’m the cat’s pajamas. Not because I’m the skinniest, smartest, prettiest or any of those ridiculous things I surely am not. But because I freaking do this job day in and day out, and MOST of the time I do it happily. My kids are bathed, fed and somewhat normal. And guess what? At the end of the day I pat myself on the back because I did it all myself.

6. There is power in online shopping and a pedicure. Don’t underestimate what $35 and a hot stone pedicure will do for your soul. One hour alone and freshly painted toes or a new shirt are basically like winning the lottery. Treat yourself.

5. A park date with a blanket, friend and a diet coke are like therapy without the fee. It’s as relaxing as it sounds. Plus your kids will play with each other and think you’re the best mom ever cause you went to the park. Win, win.

4. Your kids love you. I repeat, your kids love you. They will do EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER to convince you they don’t. And sometime they’ll down right TELL you they don’t love you. Take a deep breath and don’t believe them. It isn’t true, it’s the farthest thing FROM true. They love you more than any other soul ever will, they’re just REALLY pissed you didn’t buy them a sucker. It will blow over I promise.

3. You’re the boss. And that’s awesome! While it feels overwhelming at times to be the only person in charge, there is freedom in dictating your day. Go to Target twice! Get a sitter for longer than you can afford! Let the kids watch too much TV some days! I don’t judge and no one else will either.

2. You’ll need a body pillow. A friend once told me jokingly that her body pillow got her through her divorce… but then i got a body pillow (I recommend the Bump Nest) and I realized she probably wasn’t kidding. Good sleep is key and if you like to be snuggled, this is the next best thing to a human. Plus it will never ask more of you then to spoon.

1. You’re not alone. Even when it feels like you are quite literally the only person left on planet Earth. Whether it’s God, your family, friends or carbs that are your comfort, cling to them. For me it’s all of the above that gets me through the really tough days and celebrates triumph with me on the wonderful ones. Feeling lonely has been for me the number one enemy. Doubt creeps in when night falls and you begin to believe the negative thoughts you’re telling yourself. That’s when I stop, drop and pray. But if that doesn’t work, call a friend! They’ll remind you you’re not in this alone. Even if it’s just a sliver of emotional support they can lend, it might just be enough to get up and conquer the next day. And the really good ones will bring over cookie dough and Sabrina and forgive you when you are snoring within the first 10 minutes. We really are all in this together, no matter what your circumstance.