Road Rally 2014 Recap

Photos by Chelsey Searle.

We had our 2nd Annual Road Rally this past week and have a whole slew of pictures if you’d like to see! This year we co-hosted the event with Freshly Picked, Little Hip Squeaks and ChatBooks! You can check out last year’s event here, but we wanted to share some new things we added that were a huge hit!

Road Rally 2014



Road Rally 2014First up, was the Bike Washing Station! We all kept wondering why we don’t set our kids up with a bucket and a sponge more often! They all scrubbed their bikes and scooters until they shined. This was such a cute pre-race activity, some kids stayed for an hour!

Bike Washing Station | Road Rally 2014


Bike Washing Station | Road Rally 2014


Bike Washing Station | Road Rally 2014Last year we held this event mid-day and it was blazing hot. So this year we moved it to the evening and it was … still blazing hot! But, not AS bad and we were definitely cooled off by Lick’D Pops! They’re a local gourmet popsicle vendor that sells at Farmers Markets and local events and full-time at Harmon’s Grocery! With flavors like Plum Basil, Key Lime Pie, you can’t go wrong! They were so generous to donate all those pops!

Lick'D Pops | Local Gourmet Popsicle Stand Lick'd Pops | Gourmet Popsicle StandA Temporary Tattoo Station || People Water‘s Hydration Station

tatswaterRiding a Madsen bucket bike || The Road Rally tattoo in action!

Road Rally 2014

The Chatbooks Winners Lounge (everyone got a medal, so it wasn’t THAT exclusive.) Chatbooks is a new app for printing photos, right from your Instagram account! 60 photos for $6. So awesome! Chatbooks LoungeRacers Ready!Road Rally 2014Perhaps the best part about the event was looking across the track and seeing families genuinely having a wonderful time together. The interactions were priceless!

Road Rally 2014

Road Rally 2014

And of course it’s always all for the kids!

Road Rally 2014

Road Rally 2014

Attendees: We have all these photos and a BUNCH more in right here for you to view and download! Photo Credit goes to Chelsey Searle!

Pantry Talk with Phil

We have such an amazing six weeks ahead of us and we’re so excited to share all about it! Just yesterday, Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target launched — it’s a collection of products: grocery, beauty and for home that they sell in their stores and online! All focused on healthier, more eco-friendly options for your family. The list of products is extensive and growing all the time, they are making it so easy! To help kick off this new venture, we are joining their charge to make healthier eating choices over on their Made Real & Tasty food section. To start, we are setting some goals for ourselves and to do so we jumped on a Skype call with Jenna in Virginia and Phil Anson in Colorado! Phil is the founder of Evol Foods and the perfect guy to help us set some individual goals!

Made-to-Matter Campaign Kick-Off

Phil shared with us his awesome story – basically falling into a multi-million dollar idea when he saw how grim the Frozen food aisle is and wanted to see a change. He created Evol Foods (love spelled backward!) and with it an amazing line of food with substantial protein and awesome ingredients. Truffle Mac & Cheese, a Kale, Tomato & Goat cheese breakfast sandwich, and Butternut Squash & Sage ravioli are just a few of their fan favorite items. Listening to Phil’s passion for picking high quality ingredients, even for frozen food. And only items that you can pronounce, which Jenna has been devoted to this year. Her goal is up first!

Made-to-Matter Campaign Kick-OffJENNA:

“I consider my family to be very healthy. We pride ourselves on sitting nightly at the dinner table, and cooking for my family has been a top priority for me! I love the way it feels to gather around the table, conversing over whole and home-cooked meals.

The struggle that I have is that while I feel I might have this process dialed in, it is still very time consuming. So that makes busy summer days and rushed school nights even busier by the fact that I feel I have no alternative but to make these somewhat time consuming healthy meals! What I want to gain from these next six weeks with Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target is the knowledge of what’s in the store that will work for my family and how we’ve grown accustomed to eating, that can make cooking at home quicker! I’m very conscious of reading labels and being aware and I’m glad to be working with these brands who have done a lot of the foot work for us in providing whole and clean ingredients in their products!”

Made-to-Matter Campaign Kick-Off


“We can’t even fake being healthy over here at our house. We LOVE potato chips and soda way too much. Really, it’s as bad as it sounds. I feel like I was on the verge of yelling “Help!” from my roof top when this project fell into our laps. What a perfect opportunity to completely turn my family’s eating habits around.

I think our unhealthy habits originate from being super on-the-go, always heading somewhere and typically spending the majority of the day out of our home. My first goal will be to begin each day with an at home breakfast! I think it’s a fair place to begin, and after time slowly incorporate another healthy meal of the day at home. I have my pantry stocked full and ready to knock this goal out of the park!”
Made-to-Matter Campaign Kick-Off
“I am somewhere in the middle of this Small Fry health spectrum. We eat really well at home: we have chickens roaming the yard and a big garden, and I am constantly plotting how I can get more fresh food into my boys. But, when we are in a rush, all bets are off. Convenience becomes the top priority, and as inhabitants of this Earth I think we can all agree, convenience does not usually equal healthy. My goal with this next six weeks is to swap out my less-healthy go-to quick snacks and meals for the Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target line-up. To plan ahead, look at my week in advance and see how I can better prepare for the events to come so I’m never left with only one option (we’ll miss you, drive-thru!)”

Made-to-Matter Campaign Kick-Off

Wish us luck! We’ll be updating you weekly on this project, and would love to have you all join us! Let us know what simple and attainable goals you have for your families, this is the perfect time to implement them before the back to school rush!

This post is sponsored by Target. The Made To Matter line has been handpicked by Target to bring you brands that make things better for your you, your family, and the place we all call home.

Giant Pantone Wall Swatch

We’re back with our favorite babes from across the four corners of the Internet for our quarterly color challenge! We’ve already done orchid, gold, and hot pink, but today it’s all about that sunshine yellow! We love the iconic and graphic look of those Pantone Color swatches. Why not have some giant ones hanging on the wall? This little project is so easy it’s silly, but we love how it packs a big punch of color you’d get from painting a wall, while still having that modern and graphic element. Here’s how you’ll do it:
Make your own giant Pantone Color Swatch


White Poster board (or foam core if you don’t intend on framing it!)

Color poster board – we showed yellow and red in this post!
Chartpak 2 Inch Black Vinyl Letters if you want to add the color name below the Pantone logo Chartpak makes 1/2 inch letters that would be perfect, too!

Glue stick or double sided tape

Make your own giant Pantone Color SwatchSteps:

1. Trim. Start by trimming your board for the frame. Then trim the color poster board to fit over the white leaving about 8 inches of white space for your letters.

2. Stick. Glue the colored poster board onto the foam core. Then, on the white board right underneath where the colored board meets the white, use the letters to spell out Pantone. They are vinyl and came off nice and easy if we misplaced so don’t be afraid!

3. Hang. It’s easy as 1,2,3. Hang it up and enjoy your easy masterpiece!

Make your own giant Pantone Color Swatch

And now for our friends!

Color ChallengeClick on each project to see how our friends’ interpreted the color challenge!

Image Map

flag towel DIY

Maybe the 4th of July has come and gone, but it’s one of our favorite holidays collectively, and the valley we live is the best celebration around. We couldn’t get enough of our painted patriotic wear from last year, so we kept the theme rolling for two more ideas to add to your 4th of July attire! (We’ll be wearing ours all month long!) The first is this distressed black and white flag towel DIY, here’s how you’ll do it:
Flag Towel DIY

Use that Frog Tape we love so much to tape off stripes and a box for your stars. Take your acrylic paint in red and blue or black as shown here, a foam brush, and start painting in between the tape markers. The cool thing about towels is depending on how many dabbing coats you do you can have a really bold vibrant hue, or you can go the distressed route, but dragging the paintbrush. Dabbing = vibrant, Dragging = distressed.

Then take a finer tip paint brush for the stars, using the same techniques above:

Flag Towel DIYThen let it dry completely, and hit the pool!

Flag Towel DIYWe shared the second idea over at the awesome Paging Supermom this week. It’s a simple dollar store trucker hat DIY – find it here!

Flag Hat DIY

Popsicle Garland

It’s raining garlands hallelujah (or we’re really sorry, depending how you feel about garlands!) We whipped this garland up for a BBQ we had all together this past week and Cal can vouch for it’s authenticity as he tried to lick one. They couldn’t be easier, and definitely doable without a Cricut, but with the Explore this only takes a few minutes!

Here’s how you’ll do it:Popsicle Garland

Gather 12×12 craft foam sheets in multiple colors (we used 7 here repeating them each twice) The project page has both bitten and whole popsicles so as you make each color you’ll have lots of options! We alternated every three or four with a bitten one stuck in there!Popsicle Garland

After you’ve run each sheet through the machine you’ll arrange them in the desired pattern, the hot glue the popsicle sticks onto the backs of each one. We glued it with about half the stick showing. Popsicle Garland

Once they’ve dried you can attach the string or twine of your choice to the backs. We wanted to be able to use the popsicles on their own or on a garland multiple times so we just taped them to the neon string! Then display at your next get together and watch some eyes light up (or some tongues come out, depending.)
Popsicle Garland

Find this project sized and ready to cut right here, and find all of our projects for Cricut on our Design Space homepage.