emoji pumpkins

Hello pumpkin season!! Our kids love the whole process: picking the perfect pumpkin at a patch (accidental alliteration, whoa!) But then once those suckers get carved, enjoying your hard work has an expiration date. So, we love decorating pumpkins without the knife! Whether it’s paint or embellishments, we love that they last all season AND our kids can be hands on from start to finish instead of handing the sharp tools over to us. Today’s idea… emoji pumpkins! Emoji PumpkinsWe created our favorite emojis, but you could cut lots of shapes and have your kids make their own faces Mr. Potato head style. We’ve shared before that our group texts are pretty epic at Small Fry, here’s how we use these… “I’m dead” emoji – used when things are really cute, or really irritating.Emoji PumpkinsThe “You’re not going to like what I’m about to say” or the “sorry not sorry” emoji:Emoji PumpkinsWhen you see the inbox after a long day away:Emoji PumpkinsWhen you clean the inbox out:Emoji Pumpkins  When we’re brainstorming ideas and lightning strikes! Or anytime Jenna sends a pic of Lolly.Emoji Pumpkins

Add these to your list of Pumpkin activities! The boys had a blast.

Emoji Pumpkins

More pumpkin ideas – Chalkboard pumpkins, free printable templates, a penny pumpkin.

store bought costumes

Maybe you’re like me and you had the best intentions to whip out something super creative for your family this Halloween. Or maybe deep down you knew it was never going to happen (also me.) We’ve got you non-crafters covered! Character costumes are a-plenty and we’re sure you can handle that, but here’s some store-bought costumes from around the web that you might not have thought of. (Prime to the rescue!) You can mix and match to create and awesome group or couple’s costume! You’ll have all the Instagrammers saying: #squadgoalsss!

Fruit of the Loom: Peas, Banana & Grapes (see all the fruit options here)Fruit of the Loom - Store-bought Group Costumes

Gingerbread & Christmas Tree (more Christmas costumes here!)Store-bought Group Costumes

PB&J:Store-bought Group Costumes

Movie Night! Popcorn & SodaStore-bought Group CostumesCookies & Milk

Store-bought Group Costumes

Hot Dog & Cool Cat + add shadesStore-bought Group CostumesWolf & Red Riding HoodStore-bought Group CostumesEwok & YodaStore-bought Group CostumesCop & ConvictStore-bought Group Costumes

Find all our past costumes here!

Ticketmaster for Family Fun!

By Jenna:

I recently got introduced to Minimaster which is a super cool part of Ticketmaster that lists and promotes specifically kid friendly events! I love it because it shows different deals, games, events, shows etc… that are perfect for the entire family.Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.22.40 PM

While we were in NYC I bought tickets for the boys to go with their Dad to the Anaheim Angels game! I love opportunities like this where one parent has the chance to devote specific time with a child. It’s been super important to us, especially since having our third child has made our life even crazier!Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.23.01 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.23.41 PM Andrew of course decked out the kids in Angels gear and while we’re Yankees fans it’s fun to be rooting for a team while we’re living in California too.Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.24.39 PM

I was over the moon to get these pictures while Lolly and I were in NYC. What a special bond these boys have and I cherish these memories being created! Thank you Ticketmaster for helping us get to a game…it’s been on our Summer Bucketlist!


This post is sponsored by Ticketmaster however all opinions and feelings are our own.

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fall favorites at DisneyLand [giveaway!]

Congrats to winner Sarah Chaney!

We are so stoked to have another post sponsored by Park Savers (the best and only way to get discount Disneyland tickets.) And top it all off we have Julie and Emily here from Magic Kingdom Mamas which is an awesome Instagram you have to follow if you’re ever visiting the park! Today they’re sharing with us all the ways that Disney changes in the Fall and read to the bottom to find out how to win two free tickets to Disneyland from Park Savers!


Hi! We are Julie and Emily, the sisters (and mamas) behind Magic Kingdom Mamas. Using our Instagram account (@magic_kingdom_mamas), we share helpful daily tips and hidden gems for a fun-filled, stress-free visit with kids to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. Fall Favorites at Disneyland The changing of the seasons at Disneyland is always a magical time, and “Halloween Time” is no different! This family-friendly, 6-week long celebration of all things “fall” is one of our favorite times of year to spend in the park. In addition to a total resort facelift (complete with more pumpkins that one could count), Disney also introduces new Halloween-themed attractions/shows, seasonal merchandise, and even fall foods! Fall Favorites at DisneylandPumpkin Beignets, Pastry Twists, Chile Lime Corn on the Cob, Boysen-Apple Freeze, Dia de Los Muertos dipped apples…these are just a few of our favorite fall things! For a complete list of “Halloween Time” seasonal treats added throughout the parks, check out this post on the Disney Parks Blog. If you’re like us, you’ll treat it like a checklist of sorts and work your way through as the season rolls along…YUM! http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2015/09/complete-guide-to-eats-during-halloween-time-at-disneyland-resort/Fall Favorites at DisneylandIn addition to seasonal eats, various attractions have been “updated” for Halloween Time. Most notably, the ever-popular “Nightmare Before Christmas” has again invaded the Haunted Mansion! The long lines and enthusiastic park guests are evidence of its popularity. We actually think the “Haunted Mansion Holiday” version of the ride is much less frightening for kiddos – but as with any ride, we always say, “you know your kids” – meaning what they can/cannot handle. That said, we’ve seen all ages enter & exit this attraction with smiles on their faces! Additionally, “Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy” has also hit the parks. Space Mountain itself is a thrilling, fast-paced roller coaster…but the Ghost Galaxy overlay adds an extra layer of terror that is totally scary and totally not for the faint of heart…haha! Again, you know your kids…but we think this ride is pretty terrifying! Use discretion with your young ones. Thrill-seekers must be 40” tall to ride.

Lastly, “Mickey’s Halloween Party” is a separately-ticketed event that occurs on evenings when the park closes early (typically beginning at 6 or 7pm). This is SO much fun! Attendees are invited to show up in full, family-friendly costumes, meet characters that are not usually in the parks, dance along to fun music, enjoy open rides & attractions, trick-or-treat, & experience the special “Halloween Screams” fireworks show. The tickets can be a bit pricey (start at $70 – ticket includes parking), but Disney truly pulls out ALL of the stops for this extra special experience. Added bonus, a ticketed event means that the park is much less crowded than it usually would be – meaning more fun (and CANDY) for all! OH by the way, we’ve heard rumor that Peeps (yes, the neon marshmallow miracles) have been added as official event sponsors this year, so…you’re welcome! More info can be found and tickets purchased here: https://disneyland.disney.go.com/events-tours/mickeys-halloween-party/

There is SO much more that we could share, as the close of each year at the Happiest Place on Earth is just such a blast! Lots of fun events and changes are in store between now and the end of 2015! That said, be sure to follow us on Instagram as we guide you through Disneyland’s exciting updates and continue to offer our most helpful day-to-day tips (like where to nurse your baby, how to beat the heat, save time, save money, save your sanity, etc.)!



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