trendy ties + dapper dudes

Since our boys are a little too young for official school photos, we thought it would be fun to snap a few formal pictures of them to mark this year in their lives.  A picture to send to grandparents, far away cousins, and even to frame for their dads’ desks at work. Trendy Ties sent these gorgeous thick cotton adjustable ties to help them look extra handsome, and all the sudden look like grown-ups! We also wanted a little card to send with the pictures, and if you’re interested it’s available for free download at the end of this post.Dapper Picture Printable

Trendy Ties Trendy Ties

We loved these ties not only for their awesome prints, thick and luxe fabric, but also for the adjustable and clip-on neck feature. You can loosen and tighten the width of the neck with ease, so they won’t outgrow them so quickly. Then the enclosure is easy for mom to take on and off, but near impossible to yank off from the front. Also, something we’ve noticed as moms to boys: ties, even when sized for toddlers, still seemed to come with thick neck straps. A lot of times the straps hang out way below the collar, and it drives us crazy! Trendy Ties’ neck straps are skinny and flat enough to fit under the smallest of collars and we so appreciate it! Here are some of our favorite designs from the tie line. Don’t forget the bow ties and ties for men (which are so affordable) and come in all these awesome designs as well!


We loved hearing about Rachel, Trendy Ties founder’s story. Before becoming a mother she worked in the fashion industry, specifically bridal, working closely with designers and soaking up all she could. She now has two boys, (welcome to the club, Rachel!) and couldn’t help but notice how boy’s fashion lacked. She spent countless hours taking apart ties, tweaking designs, selecting fabric until she came up with this awesome design! After 1,000+ Etsy sales, she has moved to her own site, and we are cheering for her from the sidelines. Check out Trendy Ties, we know you’ll love the high quality like we do! Follow them on Facebook for exclusive deals for followers here!

Click “Download” below for the Dapper card printable! Inspired by Nicole’s Christmas card last year.

Small Fry Spooky Songs

Halloween is almost here! The excitement is building, the non-stop requests to try on (sleep in?) costumes has begun, has it at your homes as well? We found ourselves needing a good playlist to accompany pumpkin carving, cookie baking, and the costume parties lining up. Here’s a little compliation of some of our favorite classics and unexpected new favorites. All more silly than spooky, but sure to get you in the Halloween spirit!spookysongs

This playlist can be found on our Spotify profile (type spotify:user:smallfryblog into Spotify’s search bar) along with some of our other playlists we’ve created in the past. A playlist for a good old kitchen dance party, love songs to sing to your little ones, and more!

Check out all our music posts here.

FRYday : Emily

I think each of us says this every Friday, but it bears repeating: Yay! It’s Friday!! There are plenty of reasons to be excited (sorry to those of you who work retail, I know this statement is bogus, I’ve been there!) the biggest being that it is Russ’ and my eighth wedding anniversary this Sunday! Man, is that a substantial chunk of time or what? October 20th proved to be the most beautiful day to get married I’ve ever seen. Perfectly warm, with just a hint of bite in the air, after the ceremony we walked through rows and rows of orange and red trees, with crazy butterflies and bright-eyed excitement at all we had ahead of us. I can still hear the sound of our feet shuffling through the dry fallen leaves. That sound will forever remind me of our wedding day.FRYday : Emily


As each year passes, we layer on new memories, and new faces, new heartbreaks and new triumphs. Each year right around this time I feel it all swelling up, and can’t help but feel massively grateful. No matter where I look the evidence is there, up down, and all around: life is beautiful.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and get to celebrate your own good fortunes! Our honeymoon was centered around a rock and roll concert and somehow through thick and thin, broke and really broke, we’ve made the anniversary concert tradition stick, eight years running! So we’ll be heading to see a couple of our favorite bands, and I’m excited to see what surprises Russ has up his sleeve, as I’ve got a few of my own, too!




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homemade despicable me costumes

 Here’s our last of this year’s Halloween costume series, phew you made it! Jenna’s oldest Quinn has known since March that he would be Vector from Despicable Me. There would be no sidetracking, no alternatives, no plan Bs, just Vector. They’re having a bit of a bromance you could say. In turn Jude made a perfect little minion! Here’s how Jenna turned the sweat suit wearing Nerd slash Villain that cracks us all up with every viewing into a homemade no-sew costume:despicable me halloween costumes

For The Minion: Grab a yellow long sleeve tee, a standard pair of overalls, and some sneakers and you have your costume’s base. Easy additions are a white helmet and goggles, or if you want to go oversized, Jenna used the plastic rings that connect two bottles together, attached with a length of elastic.

Yellow Tee // Osh Kosh Overalls // Chuck Taylor Converse High Tops

despicable me halloween costumes

For Vector: Jenna ordered an orange hoodie with matching orange sweat pants. Stuff the belly with a small pillow or blanket for Vector’s signature pooch. Add glasses, sneakers, a “V” cut out of white duct tape, and a laser gun and you’re all set!

Orange Sweatsuit via H&M Hoodie & Pants // Fake Glasses// Toy Gun
// Sneakers

despicable me halloween costumes

Thanks to Kid’s Foot Locker for supplying the boys sneakers for this costume!

Quinn is wearing the Nike Air Max and Jude is in the Chuck Taylor Converse High Tops

 For more Halloween Costume Ideas check out our Pinterest Board!

all things baby

Just peeking in on our day off to let you know about this cool baby giveaway we’re helping to host! Check the fellow hostesses and prizes up for grabs! All these items are super affordable, so even if you don’t win, there’s lots of new favorites to be discovered below!

Meet The Bloggers: 

Pretty Providence

Hi! We’re Jessica and Sarah. We’ve been friends for most of our lives
and share a passion for living frugally. We know you don’t have to spend
a lot of money to have fun, look stylish, eat well and play a lot! So often the media portrays a spend, spend, spend mentality, and we hope that here you will find strength to go against the grain to secure yourself a happy financial (and all around) future! We hope this
blog will encourage & motivate you, like it does for us when it
comes to saving for your dreams.

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Over the Big Moon

Hey, we’re Pam and Lisa from Over the Big Moon.  At Over the Big Moon you can find ideas for: traditions, teaching,
playing, learning, organizing, cooking, crafting and anything else that
helps make a house a home!  We love sharing Free Printables, Pre-K Packs
and offering lots of fun tutorials! We’d love for you to stop over the
say “Hi” sometime!


Small Fry Blog

Small Fry is a children’s lifestyle blog run by three mamas where we highlight
the food, adventures, parties, make it yourself fun you can do with
your small fries!
Small Fry is a declaration to ourselves
and to our boys that every moment with them is a gift and also a choice.
A choice to let the magic of childhood find us, and to look for it in
everything we do. If you want to learn more about our purpose and motto, click here!

Somewhat Simple 

We welcome you to THE place for creative inspiration! Get inspired by thousands of projects, recipes, crafts and more, all at! Stephanie is a stay at home mom to four kids and the creator of Somewhat Simple, if you’d like to meet the rest of the team click here!

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A Girl and a Glue Gun

Hey everybody, A Girl and a Glue Gun
is a blog about more than just gluing crap together! It’s all things
crafty–and everything is nice and easy! I like INSTANT satisfaction!
If I can do it…YOU can do it! Come plug in your glue guns and
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Newlyweds on a Budget

I’m Kari and I blog over at Newlyweds on a Budget.
My blog is all about getting the home design you want on the budget you
have. Everyone has a budget of some kind, but we all have Pinterest
boards full of rooms we wish we could afford. That’s what Newlyweds on a
Budget is all about, putting together dreamy rooms without breaking the

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Now, let’s get on to the PRIZE DETAILS!!!
$25 credit to Baby Girls Glam

Welcome to Baby Girls Glam! In our store you will find a
wide selection of beautiful and affordable hair accessories, baby booties,
crochet headwear & more for newborns, baby, toddler and big girls. I love
making fun & unique fashion accessories at very affordable prices so you
can pamper and indulge all the special little girls in your life. Our
accesories are perfect for special occasions or every day wear. Our quality and
custom-made accessories set us apart from others! I Hope you find something you
LOVE! Happy Shopping!

Etsy Shop || Twitter || Facebook 

$25 credit to The Little Bunny Store

The Little Bunny offers a little bit of everything for
babies & toddlers! Unique Handmade Soft Sole shoes, leggings, mittens &

Etsy Shop || Website || Instagram || Facebook

Spits N Giggles Baby Boutique Chevron Minky Baby Blanket

Hi, I am April, owner, designer & creator of Spits
N Giggles Baby Boutique.
Self taught in all things creative with a little help from tutorial friends! I
love the freedom and creativeness that comes from running my own handmade
business. A mother of two little peanuts, G & S and wife to a wonderful,
loving and supportive husband who I thank so much for encouraging me with
everything in life :=) Check out my Etsy Shop, Spits N Giggles Baby Boutique, where
you will find baby blankets, sheets, changing pad covers, lunch bags, activity
bags and more…don’t see it, just ask and I can make it. I love custom orders! I
have a new line of diaper bags and clutches that will be launching in
October….so exciting!! When you buy
handmade you know that you are receiving a high quality product that was made with

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A custom name banner from 22fiftythree 

Welcome to 22fiftythree. A place for one of a kind unique handmade
goods. Specializing in occasional burlap bunting banners. Perfect for a
gift, a celebration, or for yourself. Customer orders always welcome!

Etsy Shop || Facebook

American city blanket from VILLA & LONDYN 

Hi – I am Sabina, the owner and creator here at VILLA & LONDYN. I am
originally from Germany but live now in Michigan. I recently married
the love of my life and could not be happier. I love to make products for women, children and babies. I hope you find something you like in my shop.

If you are interested in custom orders feel free to email me at

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$25 credit from Lopella Designs

Lopella Designs was created by me and my mom. My mother has
always had a crafty side to her and when I was pregnant with my first little
girl she made the most adorable carseat canopy for her. It was unique, handmade
and mine! I got stopped everywhere I went with people asking where they could
get one of their own and that is when I knew we had something special. We
created Lopella Designs in October 2012 and love “having” to get
together to create customized carseat canopies! All of our items are unique,
and handmade specifically for you and your little one!

Etsy Shop || Facebook || Instagram

Baby Gown and Turban from Baby Pint

have one vision: style starts at day one. We carefully choose each
fabric for every piece sold in our shop to make sure that each piece is
unique, stylish, and comfortable for your baby. From hip and stylish
baby gowns to fun and modern blankets, Baby Pint has something special
for your little one. Each piece is carefully packaged in a baby pint bag
to make that the gift is truly special. Each
gown is made in the USA with a sweet fabric knit, so it is both comfy
and hip. Fold-over cuffs protect baby from scratches and the elastic
bottom make diaper changes a breeze. The hat or turban will make a
fashion statement right from the very start.

Etsy Shop || Instagram

Winner’s choice of any item from Little Lee Studios

love printmaking!! Childrens clothing started as my main focus but has
quickly progressed to adult t-shirts as well. I am glad I have this
opportunity to share my little creations with everyone. I am taking my
hand drawn illustrations and converting them to be printed on tshirts,
onesies, bags, and whatever else I love. It has been a great adventure
working and building my site, and I am constantly adding new designs as
soon as I can get them posted!
little history about me…I graduated from the University of Kansas
with a degree in Painting and Printmaking. Since then I have shown my
paintings in a few small galleries, worked as a photographer, frame shop
manager and then deceided to pursue my own adventures in business and
opened LITTLE LEE STUDIOS. I got married and had a wonderful little
daughter who had been the inspiration to open this shop. Life is crazy
with my shop, a husband, two daughters, but that’s the way I like it! T-shirt printing is fantastic!!! :) I am constantly working to get my
new illustrations listed online, so check back often to see the new
designs. Hope you enjoy little lee studios!

Etsy Shop || Website || Facebook 

Winner’s choice of any leggings from Little Nugget Noggins

have been sewing ever since I was 3. My sweet Grandma would give me a
needle and thread (don’t know how they trusted a 3 year old with a
needle!) and a wash cloth and I would just go to town sewing the
washcloth! We would spend hours making clothes for my barbies – I absolutely loved it and those are my best memories with her. When I was a
teenager and in my early 20′s I lost interest in it. About 4 years ago,
she passed away and I picked it up again and I have been sewing every
day since. Creating is my passion! There is just something so awesome
about having some cute kid in New Zealand that is wearing my leggings,
something that I made with my two hands! My leggings range in size from
NB to 3T.  When I’m not sewing, my time is spent with my supportive
husband Landon and my crazy 19 month old son Cash!

Etsy Shop || Facebook || Instagram  

$25 credit to So Bebelicious 

Home of delicious baby fashion!
Handmade baby photography props, loafer booties, baby shower gifts,
headbands & more.

Etsy Shop || Facebook

Winner’s choice of a matching beanie and bootie set from
Fiesta Kids Boutique

I design and create personalized baby clothing and accessories with a fiesta
touch, using colorful, fun fabrics and top quality materials, specializing in
coming home baby outfits. The newest addition to my shop are Baby Booties and Beanie Sets and they can be
custom made in any color scheme for a special occasion or everyday cuteness!!

Etsy Shop || Facebook



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