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Let’s get one thing straight, most guys we know are scrambling last minute for Mother’s Day, so a Prime shipping option is a necessity at this juncture. Today for our Mother’s Day gift guide we’re sharing 5 new-to-us ideas to try and 5 tried and true favorites. If you’re feeling dangerous or you just want comfortable, you’re covered.Prime Mother's Day

  1. Snail Mucus. Apparently snail secretions are full of properties used in beauty products anyway so why not just use it in its whole form? Sounds gross but after reading up, it’s totally backed up by science and has amazing reviews.
  2. Squalane oil. Not new by any means but this oil is a saturated version of Squalene which is found in sebum. Yeah that gross stuff that clogs your pores. Well you need it to turn over healthy skin cells and it’s the damaged or oxidized sebum that causes you to breakout.
  3. Round bags. They’re huge this season and this one is so pretty. Such good color pop.
  4. Shape Tape by Tarte. Cult favorite concealer. Tried and test by us and totally approved. Dark circles be gone, no creasing, lays on so nice and thick but doesn’t cake. Smells amazing. The price might make it feel dangerous but we vouch for this so hard.
  5. The Four Agreements. Neither of us have read this, but in the last week we’ve seen at least 4 people rave about it, say they read it again and again and that is a life changer. Get it on Audible and don’t feel guilty about the fact that you can’t seem to pick up an actual book lately.

And tried and true favorites:

  1. Petifee Gold Eye Patches. A must for aging skin. Wake up looking like you got 12 hours of sleep and aged in reverse a bit. A Beytouty Bureau pick we can’t get enough of.
  2. Mesh mixed suit. Coverage of a one piece that gives the lines and break in shapes like a two piece. In black so you feel chic and put together no matter how many times you chased your toddler or wiped spilled snow cone off your lap.
  3. A box of bath bombs. Whatever helps you relax and gets you to take that me time, do it. Bath Bombs do it for us!
  4. Yeah yeah yeah we’re all trying to find NMD R1 or R2 without dipping into our retirement. These are less than $100, give you that Adidas fix and are super comfortable.
  5. Super flattering perfect for Spring, that middle of the road price that promises a good fit for years instead of months. You’ll find these jeans on mega Internet babes Cara Loren, Rachel Parcell, Ginger Parrish. We vouch too, they’re awesome!

Charcuterie Skewers

By Nicole brought to you by Mini Babybel®.

Maybe not hard to guess but we LOVE a good charcuterie board. When we go out on dates or out with our girlfriends it’s always a must. Turns out our boys love them too! What’s not to love?Charcuterie Skewers

(Shown here: Salami, Gherkin Pickles, Sliced Pear and Olive and a side of Mini Babybel cheese!)

We’ve found it’s a great way to broaden their palette horizons and introduce new tastes and flavors to them in a format they recognize. Mini Babybel cheese is a favorite around here because it’s tasty and fun to eat! So when they asked us to come up with the perfect movie night snack in tandem with their Family Film Festival campaign with Fandango — learn more here — we knew exactly what we wanted to create! Charcuterie SkewersThe perfect charcuterie skewer! Everything we love about the cheese plate but without the spread and chance of mess. Just line your favorite elements up on the skewer and hand out to your cuddle buddies. Charcuterie Skewers


We used Gherkin Pickles, Apple and pear slices, olives, salami with a side of Mini Babybel Cheese here, but you could add prosciutto, pepperoni, bread chunks, or any of your other cheese plate favorites! Then have dips on hand like mustards or honey and enjoy! Mini Babybel also included this darling PDF filled with fun ideas to make your next movie night extra special! Printable tickets, a Bingo game that you can mark with Mini Babybel wheels when they cry, when you see a dance party, etc. etc. Find all the fun here!Charcuterie Skewers


Wood plate // Camel Club chairs // Plaid Pouf (old but found here) // Plaid throw // Basket Pendant Light // Coffee Table // Glass shade lamp // Gold round shade lamp // Black Cantilever Floor Lamp //


By Emily. Disclosure: ABCmouse sent us subscriptions but made no obligations to mention them, just wanted to share how it helped us and offer you a free month!

I have of course heard lots about ABCmouse (try it free for 30 days here!) with their commercials on my boys’ favorite channels, but it wasn’t until I heard it vouched for by my friend Kim that I tried it out! ABCmouseMy middle guy Callum has a July birthday and I hesitated big time with whether or not to start him on time for Kindergarten (making him among the youngest in his class) or putting him in the following year (making him surely one of the oldest.) I followed my mama intuition and held him back and it has been confirmed to me many times that it was the right choice. ABCmouse

In short summary Cal is his own man and learns how and when he likes, and coming off learning styles with my very different son Hayes, I felt so frustrated at how to get him to enjoy learning the way I saw Hayes do only a year previously. One thing I did know I could get Cal on board with was enjoying a game on my phone or computer! As long as we do so in very regimented routine amounts, technology has been a great motivator and teacher for him in times when I wasn’t sure how else to engage him!

ABCmouseABCmouse has been a great option for him as he gets ready for Kindergarten. After focusing on reading with him for only a week his preschool teachers both took me aside and said he had just exploded at school with his grasp on sounds and letters and his desire to read. This was the best news ever after long years of navigating what works for Cal.ABCmouse

So add my voice to the many others you’ll hear on TV or elsewhere about this awesome game! If you’re looking for a way to help your little one (it covers preschool to 2nd grade!) or you want to keep them fresh this Summer, ABC Mouse has been so awesome! They’re offering a free month right now for Small Fry readers, use this link to claim it!

ABCmouseOf course they don’t just cover reading they cover language arts, math, science, health, social studies, art, and music!

Gather for Goats

So you might see a Gather For Goats party similar to this in your area, but for us Utah County locals we are getting together tomorrow afternoon to raise money to provide 800 goats to the most vulnerable Syrian refugees. You can read all about the project here in partnership with Lifting Hands International which we have followed closely for a couple years and they do amazing work! Milk with vital nutrients will make such a differenence in these young families lives!

This event was so amazing, people showed up by the hundreds, the local companies donated in droves and the raffle produced enough donations to provide money for 10 goats to those refugees! So many people were involved but Cayleen Haynie and Sarah Thompson and Shelly Hyde broke their backs to get this thing off and Nicole created this beautiful film to remember what we’re able to do when we work together.Gather for Goats

You can find all our sponsors on Instagram:

@freshlypicked @gathre @juneandjanuary @chatbooks @raisingwild @singstreetlindon @sodalicious @chipcookiesco @pizzeriaseventwelve @communalrestaurant @mtnwestburrito @heirloomgrp @smallfryblog @soelboutique @madebymarywithlove @aubreynelson_ @quickquackcarwash @nicolecalleen @houselarsbuilt @thealisonshow @jennaskitchen @loomgoods @gigipip

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On Breakfast

Lets talk about breakfast. Sometimes its eggs, here and there its cereal, and not the healthy kind. (wait, did someone tell you I was the healthy Small Fry?  WRONG!) But the reality of it isn’t what is pictured here. It looks more like this: Me in jammies, and Sunny for sure in undies, if we are lucky. Typically Dash is the only one put together and we rush through it in about 5 min or less to get him out the door to school. Tell me it looks like that at your house too?

But, you know what I can do in 5 minutes? This. 4 pieces of toast (two for me duh, we don’t have a dog) and 3 green smoothies. Boom. And you know what, more often than just eggs or ultra healthy cereal, we actually accomplish a well balanced meal!


Crux sent us their new 4 Slice Toaster from their collection of stunning copper detailed appliances. If you know me, you know I love copper. But you know what I actually love even more than that that you don’t know about me? Toasting 4 slices of toast at once. WHY HAVE I NEVER HAD A 4 SLOT TOASTER BEFORE? I could have saved at least an hour or two of my life if I hadn’t been doing two slices at a time these last 30 years. Sheesh. DSC_5862

Im preaching to the choir here but there are a zillion ways to help your kiddos enjoy a green smoothie. And a zillion ways to be super sneaky, too. Like, of those zillion? Pour a couple Emergen C packets in there.



It never looks this pretty, but its always this easy. Join us!


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May is for Maytag Month

Guess what!? May is Maytag Month and they’ve got some killer deals for all of you building, or buying or replacing appliances this Spring! If you’ve been eyeing our favorite Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel NOW is the time! Here are the deals:

  • Purchase 3 select appliances receive $250
  • Purchase 4 select appliances receive $400
  • Purchase 5 select appliances receive $600

And! Buying select laundry pairs will also make you eligible for a prepaid card in the mail ranging $50-$100!

Air Dry DIYWe wanted to share some fellow bloggers’ posts that joined us for this campaign so you can get more opinions and reviews on this Maytag line! You can find all our posts here:


May is Maytag Month! and The DIY Playbook wrote about her stackable washer and dryer here.

How to Organize French Door Refrigerators here.

May is Maytag Month!May is Maytag Month!

Washing tips for your duvet and comforter here.May is Maytag Month!Loading your Dishwasher for a maximum clean here.May is Maytag Month!

Happy May is Maytag Month, everyone!

Casting Call Results

Friends, family, Small Fry readers alike, we are overwhelmed by the amount of submissions we got for the casting call. We want each and every one of these kiddos in our Mothers Day Film. I WISH WE COULD!! We thank you ALL for being willing to share their brightness with us. How wonderful to hear mothers raving about their littles ones and the joy they bring into each of their homes! We wish we could bring them all into ours! But, for now, here are the 5 that have been chosen. This is the mothers first name and last initial. If you see your name below, you will be receiving an email shortly with details about shoot days and times.

Don’t be discouraged, we have many many films in the works and will continue to draw from this list of incredible kids you have all so graciously submitted. We are so grateful you are willing to share your little ones personalities here with us at Small Fry. Thank you, Thank you!

The following have been chosen for the Mothers Day Film.

Kamana K, Ceci H, Becca A, Mckenna G, Summer R, Stephanie O

With all this casting, we almost forgot about the purpose. MOTHERS DAY! We have been spotting cute t-shirts around the web that all our little ones would love, and will be sure to melt us mommas hearts!



Strong like Mom // I love Mom // Mom is my Super Hero 

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Weekend Deals

We found a pretty good shoe sale going on now over at Asos and here’s some easy grabs to help freshen up your Spring wardrobe or snag a pricey favorite at a rare discount.

These are nothing new but if you’ve had your eye on the hugely popular Free People Royales you can grab them for $150!! Hurry before they sell out. // Adidas Slides for $28 //  Pretty Pink Pumps with a trend for Spring taken from Celine – the pointed opening instantly brings your outfit to 2017. // If you don’t want something too trendy but still on point and so feminine, these scallop pumps are only $36! // Sneakers with literally everything these days, Stan Smith’s $20 off! // If you’re in the market for Hunters, these are $40 off. We’re loving the new fit! They have lots of colors too! // The discount is spread across most all accessories so snag a pom pom beach tote, sunglasses a hat or two while you’re at it!shoes

And if you’re looking for a good warm weather maxi we spotted these three for under $30. WHAT?! BRIGHT FLORAL // MIXED STRIPED // CREAM FLORALdresses

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Sonnet James [Giveaway!]

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and we have the best giveaway for you guys with our friends at Sonnet James today! We are giving away THREE dresses to THREE winners – one here from the blog comments, one on Instagram and one on our Facebook post.

So to enter, leave a comment here on this post, follow and comment on Instagram and like and comment on Facebook! Easy peasy. Here’s some of our favorites from the new line and even better before we pick a winner next week they’ll be launching a brand new line May 4th so you’ll have access to all those new pieces as well!

Emily has this Ava dress with the long loose sleeve: “I love this freaking dress. I love that the arms are loose and forgiving, its so good for hot temperatures and I love that it has that laid back boat vibe.”Sonnet James Giveaway

They also have a brand new Playsuit in this floral shade that Nicole snagged. “This new venture of Sonnet James has me thrilled. Its so modern and fresh and of course comfortable.”

Sonnet James Giveaway

This same lightly woven floral comes in this round neck dress and also a shirt dress version!

Sonnet James Giveaway

And of course all the t-shirt dresses you can dream of that made Sonnet James a fan favorite too! Check out the rest of the line here!Sonnet James Giveaway
and also Sonnet James is running their own killer giveaway on Instagram too!

RULES for #sjdanceitout:

  1. Enter as many times as you want between April 24th and May 22nd •
  2. Must enter on Instagram – no DM’s
  3. Must have public profile during contest (so we can see it)
  4. Tag #sjdanceitout
  5. Anyone can enter! Have fun, let go and dance. it. out. Winner gets 10 pieces from the new collection! And another dress for best effort! Also, like last year give lots of likes and love to all those who enter. It’s a great way to boost one another and get to know your fellow Sonnet James lovers!

FRYday: Emily

Oh man it feels like ages! Here’s the latest and greatest from my neck of the woods!

  1. STILA STAY ALL DAY LIP WEAR — Okay my babe friend Laci Davis always has THE greatest lip colors and finally I made her send them to me, turns out they’re all Stila’s all day liquid lip. If you are looking for a bright lip for Summer these colors are epic. It wears so well and it only takes a couple swipes so I can see it will last me a long long time. Off Laci’s suggestions I got Amalfi, (sold out at Sephora but still in stock at Amazon!) Bella ($3 cheaper than anywhere else here!) and Carina and am obsessed. Carina might be my new signature hue. I sent back Fiore (another hot pink) and Venizia (bright red) and as it turns out Amalfi and Bella are SO similar like you can’t even tell here probably, but I can’t decide which one to keep. Bella (far right) has more purple in it so I am thinking Amalfi is more of a true hot pink and might be my winner. Also, I searched for good swatches to show you and there aren’t any so I made some myself. THIS IS EMBARASSING. Still Stay All Day Swatches
  2. You all know we’re renting while we build so we’re in a townhouse with no yard to care for and I am missing our garden so bad! We have a little patio deal and so I bought this planter to hang over our railing. It’s self watering and has kept everything looking amazing. Despite Utah’s weather they’re thriving somehow. Its no blackberry bush but fresh herbs make me happy too! Self Watering Railing Planter
  3. READING– I finished All the Bright Places (hated it not the writing but I felt like it was irresponsible), Nightingale (loved it and thought it was really redeeming for anyone with an imperfect family), Dark Matter (not my usual style but it was hard to put down) and now reading Nothing to Envy which is a retelling a four families in North Korea, which is fascinating. I just can’t even believe places like this exist, no electricity, hardly any food, and they are seemingly grateful and respectful still to their leaders. What!books
  4. Batiste for blondes. That regrowth got ya down? That blond looking a little too muddy? This is actually great.
  5. I’ve been using a ton of this dry shampoo lately because Nicole got me into Hot Pilates and Yoga and I cannot get enough. I feel like weight is literally dripping off me both physically and energetically and I’ve loved it so so much. If any of you are into it I found this semi sticky yoga mat towel that doesn’t budge while you’re using it. The bottom has grippers and the top is just regular microfiber. Perfect!!
  6. Shandali Stickyfiber Yoga yoga

Have a great weekend guys!!

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