New Baby Advice : Say Yes

Welcome Liz from Say Yes! Liz is funny, gracious, and so wise. She takes such good care of us and we look up to her so much. Her style is so effortlessly cool (this!) and We all jumped for joy at the news of her second pregnancy after a long hard road of Secondary Infertility - read all her posts about it here – and with every picture of Edie is a reminder of hope and a fresh start. Here’s Liz’s new baby advice with photos by Rachel Thurston:

1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?

SF New Baby Advice : Say Yes

Breastfeeding isn’t worth it when you feel like you’re fighting with your baby everyday and think you might pull your hair out! I had a horrible time nursing my son and am shocked and a little embarrassed how long I went struggling with it (over a year). I’m so much more relaxed about that stuff this time around. Generations of smart, well-adjusted, happy people have been fed formula (my parents being some of them!)

Also, don’t jump into baby outings too soon. You have the next 18 years for that! My group of friends at the time I was a new mom all had older children so I felt like I was always hanging out at the park with a 3 month old. So silly. Why wasn’t I toting my baby accessory around the mall and out to fancy cafes while I still could? Live it up while you still can. There is far too much Dora and playground babysitting already scheduled in your future.

2. Was there anything surprising or shocking that happened that no one warned you about?

SF New Baby Advice : Say Yes

Oh, yeah. That big fat lie that breastfeeding doesn’t hurt at the beginning. It kills! Even in the hospital this time around, the lactation consultant was trying to tell me I was doing it wrong soley because it was hurting (once again I had been lured into the lie!) Truth: It will kill and you’ll want to scream. But just wait 2 weeks and your beautiful bionic nipples will emerge!

3. What’s your bedtime routine?

SF New Baby Advice : Say Yes

My son hates when I sing. I know, he’s trying to torture me. But, so far, my daughter loves it. My favorite right now is “Moon, Moon Moon’ by Laurie Berkner. It’s pretty and simple to learn, and she’s usually dosing off by the second verse.

Such great advice! And we’re so thrilled that Liz could be the first to utter the word nipples on Small Fry, a momentous day!

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New Baby Advice : Brickyard Buffalo

The mamas of Brickyard Buffalo are here! Two inspiring business women and mothers whom we love and adore. And don’t forget their third Blair, who is as hard-working as she is hilarious and will make the best mother some day!

First up, Kami!

My mom had just arrived to town and I took a big sigh of relief. The two people that calm my nerves are my husband and mom. Now that she was in town, baby boy could come! As we sent my husband off to school, we headed to Wal-mart for a few last minute things. The next thing I know, my water broke…in Wal-mart! We had a good laugh. I mean, of all places! My husband was carless for the day so he bummed a ride to the hospital from his buddy who just so happened to ride his motorcycle to school. I wish so badly that I had a picture of those two on the bike– his friend with the handle bars in his armpits and my husband dangling off the back wheel to avoid too much contact.

Fast forward through 4 nurses, 1 epidural and 23 hours of labor with 4.5 hours of pushing and my beautiful first born son came into our world. I will never forget his goofy looking cone head and his chubby cheeks. Love at first sight!

New Baby Advice : Brickyard Buffalo

1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?
Calm down! It’s really hard to not be anxious bringing a newborn home. You’ve heard so much advice and it can be hard to sift through it and determine what is useful. I would tell myself, it’s fine if your baby uses a pacifier. It’s fine if your baby doesn’t sleep through the night at six months old. It’s fine if you get the baby blues.

2. Was there anything surprising or shocking that happened that no one warned you about?

It seemed like every friend of mine just popped their baby out in 15 minutes. I was shocked to push for hours! Why didn’t someone tell me that most people don’t push for just 15 minutes?
3. Do you have a bedtime routine? Our nightly routine varies a little but one thing that is consistent is a snuggle song. As an infant I would choose a song for them but now that they can express their opinion on which song they want– they request it and we snuggle and sing.

And next we have Karlee:

Our little Perry Shea Dutson safely arrived on Friday, October 29th, 2010. This is her birth story.

New Baby Advice : Brickyard Buffalo

At my 39 week OB appointment I was informed that I had an “unfavorable cervix.” (Sounds harsh, right?) Long story short, I was carrying her very high and it was unlikely that she was going to drop on her own. After discussing some possible scenarios, we decided a C-section was our best option. Just like that, we were scheduled to meet our little girl the following morning!

The rest of my day was a blur. I got in my car and drove around aimlessly as it sunk in. Once I made it home I took the longest shower of my life, packed our bags (that’s right, I still hadn’t packed the bags), and we headed out on our final childless dinner date.

Waking up at 4 A.M. the next day was a cinch knowing we were about to meet our baby. We hit up McDonalds and headed up to the hospital. As soon as I stepped foot into the OR I couldn’t stop shaking. I’m talking major shakes, people. I should have felt right at home given I spent 40+ hours a week working in the OR. But I knew too much and I was scared. Brad held my hands as the anesthesiologist popped the spinal block in my back and I immediately felt relaxed.

Surgery began and it was time for her to come out. Normally, they would just scoop the baby right out. But, as my sore ribs already knew, that little gal was tucked way up under my rib cage. After a lot of (them) pushing and pulling, I heard the cutest little cry. My doctor held Perry up long enough for us to spot some dark hair and fall right in love with her. Brad and Perry were swept away to clean her off and I was closed back up.

We spent the next couple of days at the hospital recovering and cuddling our little girl. We were blessed with a perfectly healthy, happy and sleepy baby. We didn’t know we were capable of loving her this much and can’t wait to raise this little beauty!

New Baby Advice : Brickyard Buffalo

What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?

To stop crying! No really, I was a never-ending waterfall of happy, sad, scared and crazy tears. I would tell myself to relax and soak up that newborn baby love.

Was there anything surprising or shocking that happened that no one warned you about?

I read Jenny McCarthy’s book, Belly Laughs, so I was prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly. The only thing that truly surprised me was how much fun it is to be a Mom. I knew I would like being a Mom, I didn’t know I would love it.

Do you have a bedtime routine?

One of my favorite routines was smothering Johnson & Johnson’s Bedtime baby lotion on her every night. (Purple bottle.) The smell of that stuff will always bring back the greatest memories of our little Perry Shea as a baby.

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New Baby Advice : In Honor Of Design

Meet Anna. A designer and blogger at In Honor of Design with so much inspiration and style to share! She shares all about her career as a designer, her beautiful family, and a lovely life lead in Atlanta. We love following along with Anna’s adventures and beautiful captures of it all. If you need tips on taking in Atlanta, check out her series!

“I remember after my third child Max was born I was throwing myself mini victory parties if I made it through a day! For the first six weeks I lived in sweats and a topknot, never really feeling rested, but continuing to get up and move because I had three little people who needed me. They needed me to survive in a sense…To feed them, keep them clean, steer them from danger, change diapers, referee fights, feed them again, cut their fingernails and hair, bathe them, give them endless amounts of hugs and kisses because they need those too (and so did I), feed them again, read them stories, change more diapers, and rock them to sleep…it’s what made our little world go around. If it wasn’t for my husband Gabe’s help during those months I might have drowned in my own tired delirium.

SF New Baby Advice : Anna IHOD

However, despite the incoherent sentences and sleepless nights my heart was never so full. You don’t realize it has the capacity to love that much or receive so much love. As I have found our new rhythm in the last few months, I have started to hug the days. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Because this is it. This is the life I have freely chosen and desired. These three children are the reason I know what deep joy feels like. I feel honored to be a mother!

1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?

It’s totally okay if you don’t bathe your child every. single. night. They will still survive. It’s okay if you don’t fold your child’s clothes in perfect stacks. Throw it in the drawer and save yourself those precious moments of your day to day life. Throw that schedule out the door and just hold your baby. The moments are fleeting and you won’t regret getting behind on your to-do list as much as you will regret not cherishing their little hands and feet.

SF New Baby Advice : Anna IHOD

2. Was there anything surprising or shocking that happened that no one warned you about?

Um yeah, no one told me your hair falls out in the masses post baby! Then again, maybe I wouldn’t have signed up had I known… ;)

SF New Baby Advice : Anna IHOD

3. Do you have special bedtime routine? We read books and prayers as a family and although sometimes you want to skip bedtime routine it is the most important time of day for my little ones and no step in the routine can be missed. I made up this silly song called “Goodnight moon” for my first son, and for some reason it has stuck, and still requested every night.

Keep reading below for an awesome giveaway from 4moms! Anna reviews her own Rockaroo here if you’d to see it in action.