Home Tours: Jenna’s Kitchen

I feel like the luckiest to have our OG Small Fry, Jenna Rammell of @jennaskitchen back today to share part of her beautiful home today! You’ll have to beg her for more, but I can’t wait to show you a glimpse! Don’t be confused, it is not her kitchen as the title says, but master bathroom! They did such an amazing job as you will see. If YOU have a space you’re proud of and want to share, e-mail me! I’m excited to present this series and to have my best boo Jenna here to kick us off!

HI Small Fries!!
It’s been a minute since I’ve been here and I’m SO honored that Emily invited me back to share with you our newly finished Master Bathroom! Since I’m not an interior designer I’m totally nervous to share this with y’all and I know that interiors are such a work in progress, so here are the beginnings of this space we love SO MUCH!Home Tour: Jenna's Kitchen
 We spend a lot of time here so I wanted it to feel spacious and breezy! One of the first things I chose was our shower door. I knew I wanted something modern and euro where the glass meets the floor and feels seamless – I think this opens up the space so much!Home Tour: Jenna's Kitchen
 I chose our shower door from Coastal Shower Doors. They are serious industry leaders in modern and gorgeous shower doors,  just check out their website to see what I mean. We chose the Value Line Illusion Door and have been super happy with it so far and haven’t had too hard of a time cleaning it which I know was an initial worry for me! I’m also OBSESSED with their Gridscape line as well and debate with that.
Home Tour: Jenna's Kitchen
All our plumbing fixtures are the Champagne Bronze finish from Delta Faucets. They are SO GORGEOUS. I wanted to be sure not to have too brassy of a look but still achieve that gold look and this finish achieves that perfectly. I love our sink faucets, they’re very simple and straight forward and also I love that no build up happens on them since they’re wall mounted, they’ve stayed so clean and nice looking. Home Tour: Jenna's Kitchen
I’ve been loving our shower too (obviously)! After having smaller showers you can’t beat this large one – big enough to hose my entire family down in 😉 I love this shower head and handle because you can control the water volume and the water temperature separately which is a cool feature. I also feel like it’s the perfect amount of heating up or cooling off so babies don’t get shocked when you change the water. I love the modern sleek look of it as well – it’s so subtle yet so pretty.Home Tour: Jenna's Kitchen
Our tub is probably my favorite part of the bathroom. I’ve dreamed of a freestanding tub and now we have one and I love it! My husband is 6″4 and he wanted one that was big enough for him and also didn’t flex or bend when he went in it and we’ve been super happy with this one! Definitely the best part of this set up is the tub filler from Delta.  It is the prettiest thing EVER and has a detachable hand shower as well which I really like and has been so helpful with babies and shampoo! Home Tour: Jenna's Kitchen
When we built the house I was excited about this layout of the master bathroom that we chose. Typically you’ll see dual sinks right next to each other but I love having them across from each other to create a bigger feel. Here are sources for the wall sconcesmirrors and flush mount which I think eventually I’ll trade out for a larger fixture. Home Tour: Jenna's Kitchen
I always get a ton of questions about the cabinetry too. The color is and the hardware is from good old Amazon! I hated covering up our herringbone tile floors but I needed the bathroom to feel a bit cozier and this Caitlin Wilson rug does the job! The vanity paint is “Paint It Black” by Sherwin Williams.
I think that’s it! If you have any questions about sourcing leave them in the comments and I can edit the post for you!!
I hope you enjoyed this little peek in to a corner of our home we love so much and thanks for having me back today 😉
Sink Faucets



BUY + DIY: Thanksgiving

I L-O-V-E Thanksgiving. Maybe almost as much as Christmas. Maybe more in some ways. It’s all the love and food and family with none of the chaos and materialism. I don’t need to tell you again that gratitude is my secret to solving all problems so the whole concept is my jam. Here’s my favorite ideas from around the web and some things worth a purchase that you should snap up for your own celebrating.

Sugar and Cloth are you. for. real.?!

10 Modern Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Live greenery shaped around wire! I love this so much. HOMEOHMY

10 Modern Thanksgiving Decor IdeasPainting mini pumpkins basically makes any color palette feel holiday appropriate. I already posted the hot citrus color scheme via Oh Happy Day – this one is a little more muted. Via Casa de Perrin10 Modern Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Keep things simple and make it about the menu. With graphic place cards and this printable! ALMOST MAKES PERFECT

10 Modern Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

A simple grateful tree to add to all month long! SMALL FRY

10 Modern Thanksgiving Decor IdeasHate the Fall color palette? Go this route! Wheat and white pumpkins! HELLO ALLISON10 Modern Thanksgiving Decor IdeasThis window pane setting is freaking crazy good. Add pears to make it Fall-ified. I love that chicken wire over the vase idea to hold blooms in place. DUDE! REMODELISTA

10 Modern Thanksgiving Decor IdeasHAY THANKS! A modern kids table setting with chalk + burlap! SMALL FRY10 Modern Thanksgiving Decor IdeasA pretty setting from Jenna’s Thanksgiving last year!10 Modern Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

10 Modern Thanksgiving Decor Ideas


Love this coloring poster for keeping everyone busy while the food bakes!

And a set geared towards kids, too!





vermont recap

As promised here is a recap about my trip with Stonyfield to beautiful Vermont! I have been to New York City in the Fall but out in the country on the east coast is a whole different story. SO unreal. Stonyfield took us on a tour of two of the dairy farms they not only get supply from, but actively support and mentor and I loved it more than I can say! They’re also giving a way a month supply of their yogurt on my Instagram @smallfryblog so don’t miss that!Vermont Recap Here is the crew we went with, along with the biggest babes from Stonyfield (Kristina and Mairead) -linking to their recaps too, if you want to hear more! Erika / Claire (her photos!)  / me / Sonja / Bev / Julie / GabbyVermont RecapWe had sunshine and fog and rain and it was magic. I learned so much on this trip and it’s weighed heavy on my mind because I knew I had to change some things at my own house. And, I want everyone to somehow absorb what I saw firsthand, too! Vermont RecapIt challenged a lot of what I thought I knew about farming in general and rethinking some of my notions about Organic.Vermont RecapI am going to go backwards with this post. I am starting with my answer and then I’ll give you the reasons that brought me to this conclusion. I know we’re all busy here and I am hoping that my plan might help some of you and maybe we can even do it together?

We’d like to buy ALL Organic, but the price can hurt. Our finances don’t allow additions right now. Maybe you feel the same way? But, I also can’t deny the benefits to my family, the animals, the farmers, and of the Earth. And the only way to drive these prices down is to increase demand. So, what to do?Vermont Recap I am starting by switching one food each month. This month, happily, I switched to organic milk. And to cover that cost we’re eliminating one drive-thru meal each month and doing a pantry meal in it’s place. Meaning, I have to get creative and use only what I have in the fridge and pantry! No additions to the budget, just a little rearranging! A “Pantry meal” is a skill I want to get better at anyway and now I have the perfect reason to start! Vermont Recap(On the tour they showed us all the different species of plants in the pasture and how the cows pick and choose them based on their needs. So cool!)

Then for December I am picking again off the “Dirty Dozen” list (the top 12 most pesticide-infested foods -list is below!) and switching one a month for 2018. And depending on how much of a price difference I’ll update you with how we’re making the swaps happen! My goal is not to spend any more money than I already am! Just to make these smart swaps.

Want to join me? I would love to have a way to talk with other parents doing this, where you’re making your own swaps, good deals you’ve found. Having support would be amazing and I am open to suggestions!Vermont Recap(A pic of the cheese plate at one of the many amazing meals they fed us!)

Okay now for what I learned in Vermont!

  1. ANIMAL TREATMENT. Interestingly, I have bought organic eggs for several years. Brown or bust, I don’t even think twice about it. And that is because I saw a documentary on conventional chicken farms. The more I know about how things work the easier it has been for me to make the switch. I saw this weekend how organic farmers treat their cows and the humane, happy lives they lead. Each farmer we visited said once switching from conventional to organic farming practices their vet bills nearly disappeared. These cows just don’t get sick. And in turn they don’t need antibiotics. They graze and are pastured the majority of their day and aren’t fed foods that don’t suit their dietary needs.
  2. WHAT AM I EVEN GETTING ANYWAY? One thing I really respected about something the founder of Stonyfield – Gary Hirshberg (his episode of How I Built This is amazing!!)- said at our closing night dinner, was that he felt that the Certified Organic Industry had let the consumer down in some ways because some (myself included) had this inherent distrust with Organic. Feeling like we don’t know what we’re paying for, or that the Farmers could somehow pick and choose what standards they stick to. FALSE. It made me wonder who is behind the rumors in the first place, but Organic Farming has the same basic standards across the board. You can read up on the Certified Organic standards here. But in summary with produce, the organic standard prohibits the use of toxic persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, sewage sludge as fertilizer (WOOF!), or irradiation. A produce farmer must also have an organic system plan in place that details how they are going to build soil fertility, avoid pests, rotate crops, etc. A farmer couldn’t just decide to do only one of those things and sell their produce as organic – they need to demonstrate how they are compliant with all aspects of the standard.
  3. GOING GREEN. My vegan friends all say the same thing. If we all stopped eating animal products we would basically save our Earth and solve all our many ecological problems. I believe them, but also I don’t see that happening. Just the logistics of enforcing such a thing. I would wager people will always eat animal products and so what can we do but make the best of our situation? This element of the weekend was by far the coolest and honestly gave me chills. I find it to be earth changing and when my friends have asked about it they laugh at me because it sounds silly, but I AM SERIOUS!

A survey taken of 700+ farms from 48 states shows that organic farms have 44% higher Humic acid levels than conventional farms. Humic acids retains water better and absorbs carbon. ABSORBS CARBON. If all our farms (2 million of them) could increase carbon absorption what could that do for our greenhouse gas issue? They call it Carbon Sequestration and it’s a huge deal. Huge. Another amazing benefit to supporting these practices!

And a few more perks to pepper in like organic produce is higher in antioxidants (cited here!), organic milk is higher in Omega 3s (which we need) and lower in Omega 6’s (which we are getting too much of) -Source. Organic crops have less pesticide residue which means less cadmium (a toxic metal we ingest when we eat conventional produce.) –Source. And while we have no proof GMOs hurt us, the problem with GMOs lies in the purpose they were created — to stay viable after being sprayed with various pesticides, herbicides, and weed killers. The trouble is with evolution that these pests and weeds evolve to withstand the sprays, needing different, heavier options. We simply do not know the long-lasting effects of these chemicals. And they last in groundwater up to 100 years.

So, today, after all that this is my plan! Switch one food each month, making these small changes might take longer than a cold-turkey switch but this is doable for my family.

Here are the “Dirty Dozen” I’ll be switching from first!

  • Peaches
  • Apples
  • Sweet Bell Peppers
  • Celery
  • Nectarines
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Pears
  • Grapes (Imported)
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Potatoes





Weekend Deals

Just a random killer amazing 40% off Nordstrom sale filled with all my favorite things. I’ll take it!

SHOES — nearly all 40% off off, a few are 50% and a few are 30%. Boots for your holiday parties, sneakers for everyday and working out, booties I swear by and a few I am seriously ogling. I bought these 25% off because a few buddies suggested for a narrow foot. Non-slip but the color palette caught my eye most! (THEY SOLD OUT BUT HERE’S A PRICE MATCH OPTION IN ALL SIZES!)

JEWELRY! Eyeing all of this. Brow bar sunglasses are huge for this season and surely into Spring!

CLOTHES! The jeans alone are worth checking out. Topshop Jamie and Leigh are two of my favorites ever!



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