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Have you seen Amazon’s new feature Explore? Customize, curated, beautiful and modern collections for just about everything! While you browse lists you can “heart” your favorite products and then it will tailor the curations to fit you even better the next time you hop on! You’ll have to click over to see what we mean, its so pretty! No offense Amazon, but its very un-Amazon looking. Very minimal and pretty and all white just like we like it. Here are some of the lists we’ve been loving!

Curated Mid Century Modern Furniture // Just for Kids // Best Korean Beauty products // Kooky Office Products // Vegan Taxidermy

And all these items below were on our Explore pages. SO good right?!amazon explore

Black Matte Tissue House // Mix and Match Animals // Face Blocks // Kids Hand Bells // Farfalle Pot Holders // K // Striped Hopper // LED Longhand Time Clock // Marble Air Case // Bamboo and Melamine Servingware // Ice Magna Tiles // Pastel House Shelf // Walnut Floor Fan // Futuristic Paper Towel Holder // Dessert Decorating Pen // Unicorn Wall Bust // Multi Vase Stand //  Patterned Sneakers // Striped Ukulele

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Modern Brass Wreath

By Emily.

One thing evaded me decor-wise moving into our temporary rental was our glass front door. It has a giant pane and then terrible tan painted wood casing around it. To make a long story short in a row of the same types of doors it can be confusing which one is ours and so I’ve been trying to find something that fits my style and stands out amongst a sea of boxwood circle wreathed glass pane tan doors. Ya feel me? I freaking love Boxwood PS, I just needed something different to help our poor mail lady. 😉Modern Brass Wreath or Wall HangingSo how about a simple brass wreath with the option to add or take away seasonal foliage and floral? Done.

Here’s what you’ll do and a few links to other options I weighed before moving forward with this DIY.

1. Brass Tubing. You can buy this on eBay or Amazon but make sure you figure out your diameters. It is the actual width of the circle not the length of the circle if it was unrolled. Like I thought. Ahem. Anyway this is an 1/8th inch and knowing now I probably would’ve wanted 1/4th.Modern Brass Wreath or Wall Hanging

2. Using metal cutters I did one 1 foot piece and 2 2 foot pieces to get that elongated triangular shape. Once you cut the tube just take a hammer and hammer it back out so you can fit the fishing line through.

3. String the tubes onto a length of fishing line and then tie a knot tightly at the top.Modern Brass Wreath or Wall Hanging

[Dress via Sonnet James // Shoes (sold out but similar) // Cuffs R and E Avenue Raleigh’s Romper // Shoes]

4. Use extra line or a wreath hook and stick that baby up on the door or wall.Modern Brass Wreath or Wall Hanging

5.You’ll need to add your floral or foliage greens with either floral wire or that extra fishing wire (floral wire is way easier.) This is fresh lavender which smells and looks amazing but for my door I’ll be doing faux!DSC_5389

modern wreath alternatives2. DIY Himmeli 3. Spoon Wreath 4. Cardboard Wreaths via Etsy  5. Reclaimed Wood Wreath 4. Straw Wreath 7. Sputnik / Atomic Wreath DIY

If you’re looking to purchase a brass hanging piece this one is cool, too!

Easter for Boys

And of course we would never forget the boys! Since this is our speciality here’s our trie and true very favorites. And since we’re procrastinators of course these can be shipped Prime or Next Day if you’re a Zappos VIP! (Not one? Sign up for their Rewards Program or don’t quote us, but if you simply ask a rep they have given us VIP status before. No lie!)

Need a SUIT? We have tried lots of options and the suits we can vouch for are Jcrew’s Ludlow, Zara’s separates and our favorite suit sets for sure are from Appaman. Most are washable and the fit is so great!

Looking for great DEALS? $14.99 for a shirt + tie or bowtie // Jersey Blazer $9.99 // Chino Shorts $9.99 // We love Old Navy for button down shirts, and as they often do everything is 40% off right now so you can snag lots of great options for less than $10! We love to stock up on plain white ones especially. // Lots of great casual shoe options like this boat shoe for under $15. Boys Easter

Light blue suit // Striped Short Suit // Tan Suit // Chambray Tie // White Suede Oxford // Double Buckle // Multi Color Neon Lace // White Button Down // Bird Print Button Down // Plaid Button Down // Plaid Tie //

AND EASTER BASKET FILL-INS for all price ranges!

Easter Boys

Darling Chipboard Baskets // Lego Cup // Superhero Joke Book // Penny Board // Emoji Eggs // Shark Kite

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Easter For Girls

EASTER is this weekend but you still have time to get a darling Easter outfit for your little girl! Keep scrolling for our favorite basket fill-ins, too!Easter Best for Girls

Striped Jersey Swing Dress + Navy Star Lace-up Flats // Chambray Ruffle Eyelet + Leather Mary Jane Moccs // Floral High Low Hem + Gray Lace-up Flats // Striped Tassel + Fringe Ankle Strap // Floral Ruched Waist + Scalloped Lavender Strap

And our favorite ideas for your chica’s Easter Basket:Girls Easter

Basket // Marble Eggs // Wooden Flowers DIY — we love this little set, it makes for a great DIY paint project or even left plain for a cool installation for their room. // These Puffin in Bloom Set classics are painted by Anna Bond and GORGEOUS. Add these heirlooms to the shelves. // Doll Kind makes these darling dolls and accompanying kindness tokens to encourage kids to pay kindnesses forward! We love this!! You can use SMALLFRY to receive $10 off any order over $59. It expires Easter Sunday (April 16th 12am CST! // Seedling Bunny Kit — Seedling does it again with this awesome activity set!  //  We also included this pre-order for Feminist Baby published by our friends at Disney Books! They’re sponsoring a giveaway for this book on our Instagram! The book is all about a little girl and this excerpt tells you all you need to know:

Feminist Baby likes pink and blue.Sometimes she’ll throw up on you!Feminist Baby chooses what to wear and if you don’t like it she doesn’t care!

Its all about owning your power as a woman no matter how big or small! Super great messages to pass along to our youngest feminists. No matter what your feelings on the F word 😉 I think we can all agree that empowering girls from a young age is so important!