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For today’s Wellness Week post we wanted to first readily admit that we have so much to learn in this area! Part of the reason we chose this series was because we wanted to be more knowledgable and have more healthfullricks up our sleeves when illness, boredom, and hunger strikes! We have found so many great resources to share! Here are a few links from our favorite online resources regarding wellness as a family.


We love Jillee’s 16 Simple Ways To Be Happier, such a great place to start! She also has an amazing list of all natural ways to sooth colds and flus right here!

Read our very own editor, Jenna’s, weight loss and journey to becoming more healthy and self-aware right here.

For wellness in the kitchen (for anything from cooking for kids with allergies to nuts, dairy and eggs, gluten intolerance. Introducting vegetarianism, and Paleo to children, or just plain healthier cooking) we love: Honey We’re HealthyPeas & Thank You, Super Healthy Kids, The Allergic Kid, Stay at Stove Dad.

For a total lifestyle overhaul as well as quick education on a vast variety of topics (who has time for it all?), head to the Root of Health.

And, finally do you remember our own post about Tiny Yoga? It’s still one of our favorites, and definitely something easy and fun to try!

These cold months are so tricky with kids, taking them out into the world means they’re picking up all kinds of germs, keeping them in is a surefire way to cabin fever and too much TV (we’re as guilty as anyone!) Whether your home or abroad, here’s some of our favorite activewear for kiddos, so you’re ready to run, skip, hop and jump no matter what’s on the agenda!

For BOYS //

Featuring: Gap, Neff, Mini and Maximus, Life Factory, Nike and American Apparel


and GIRLS //

Featuring: Old Navy, Time Co., Skull Candy, Nike, Polarn O Pyret, Life Factory, and Target.


If you have any favorite online resources for family health, we’d love to check it out, leave a link below in the comments!


juicing 101

Welcome to wellness week! With a fresh new year ahead of us, we wanted to focus on creating healthy habits and best practices for ourselves and our kids! A huge thank you to Jylare Smith Photography for these beautiful images, she shoots in Utah, Idaho and California and is a real artist!

Emily’s two-year old, Hayes, is a pretty picky eater. If you have one of these at your house, you know how frustrating it can been to get them to try new foods, let alone feeding them a well-balanced diet. A little over a year ago, she started juicing fruits and vegetables and to her shock, Hayes loved it!

The secret combination for their success was to let Hayes drop the produce in, use the presser, and give him a fun straw to drink it with all the while making a huge deal about how awesome it is that he made this juice, and please can mama try some!? The thing that makes juicing so great is that it really is delicious, so it’s not hard to convert your little ones. On top of that, knowing our kids are getting a full cup of fresh fruit and vegetable juice means we don’t have to fight so hard during meal times.

Their favorite combination is apples, pears, carrots, beets and some sort of leafy green like spinach or kale. It’s mild and sweet and the color is totally enticing to kids! Since Hayes has free reign to throw it all in, it’s always a different “recipe” and it’s pretty foolproof. They keep it interesting each day and throw in whatever is around! Another great feature of juicing is that you waste less produce. It rarely goes bad because before that point you can throw it all into the juicer! (Update: Emily uses the Breville Juice Fountain Elite and loves it. There are also $100 (or less) options made by Breville and Omega that have great reviews!

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prescribe nutrition giveaway [closed]

We were talking about resolutions the other day, and how inspired we feel to set them, how motivated we feel to start them, and then how demoralizing it can feel when we lose steam a few days in. For the small or large resolutions that really stick, don’t you feel so proud? For Nicole it’s praying with her family everyday, Jenna committed to eating clean and working out (forty pounds gone in the last year!), for Emily it was kicking caffeine (five years and counting!) each while personal and varying, truly improved all our lives. We’re excited to join Prescribe Nutrition’s course this upcoming Monday and hope you will join us, too!


Prescribe Nutrition

We thought it might be helpful for those of you who are feeling motivation to improve your health, or getting to the bottom of a behavior, allergies, mood swings, or other health issues in yourself or your family members, to know about this course! This crazy smart and caring team of women behind Prescribe Nutrtition- MeganKatie and Anna – nutritionists, yoga, spin, ballet barre class instructors, and mothers, who have started the “New Year, New Rules” 15 day course that lives by the adage of teaching you how to fish versus handing you a plate of salmon.

With their in-depth knowledge into digestion and how it can be the root to a whole slew of health and behavioral problems and their solutions of making simple improvements to your diet, you can get back that natural energy that as mothers we all so desperately need. These women know that getting to the root of our health will make all the difference versus trying to treat problems that arise from less than healthy choices. A great example of this is how a migraine isn’t a deficiency of migraine medicine but a possible food sensitivity, magnesium deficiency, toxic overload and then some. Prescribe Nutrition is all about solving health problems at the very root.


In this 15 day course you will have 24/7 access to their team, and they will provide you with a lifestyle overhaul. Here’s what it’s not: a fast, a cleanse, low-carb, low-fat, low-taste, torture or even boring diet. What it is: is fifteen days to a better understanding of ourselves, easy changes to help us kick those nasty habits that hang on our resolution lists January after January. Here is a sample post of the types of meals you will be eating during your course and hopefully forevermore! All certifiably tasty, and healthful! This is something you can do on your own or as a family, and Anna talks all about detoxing as a family here.

This course is is such a steal at $149, and starts January 7th, 2012. You’ll learn in two weeks what takes some years, as well as having two nutritionists at your beck and call (what a dream!). If you’re ready to change your life, here’s how you can win your own spot with Prescribe Nutrition’s “New Year New Rules” course or if you don’t want to risk it use the code “nynr20” for 20% off the course here.


To enter:

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Because this course starts Monday the 7th, you will have until Sunday the 6th at 12:00 pm MST to enter and we will contact the winner ASAP, be ready to claim your prize by 7:00 pm MST Sunday the 6th or we will pick a new winner!

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It’s funny how some content for Small Fry gets planned days, weeks, even months in advance, and then sometimes we’re scrambling to recreate a post after the magic already happened. This is one of those posts!

Jenna had her niece over for a sleep-over and decided to make it a little extra special. Using stuff around the house, like a family sized camping tent in their living room, twinkle lights (headed for storage with the rest of the Christmas decor) for a starry sky, adult-supervised s’mores over the stove, and tin foil dinners to make it all feel authentic. Although the uncontrollable giggling emitted from the thin tent walls was more than enough magic for the evening!

So after, the sun had already risen, Quinn and cousin Arleigh had already (surprisingly!) slept the night through, we had to come in a snap a few pictures for memory’s sake.

A fun addtion to the events, that also goes along with our camping theme, is this darling woodland game by Educational Insights called Sneaky Snacky Squirrel. It is a perfect pre-school aged game that teaches coordination, strategy, handwriting and motor skills. We highly recommend for your three-on-uppers!