five tiny ‘dos with salon k

Update: We’ve added three more hair styles to this series, check them out here!

When Bloomies approached us about doing a post about hair for girls, (and 30% off for readers and $200 giveaway in the post above!) we knew we’d have to call upon some professionals. Salon K, a local full-service salon had us over and brainstormed some awesome easy hair tutorials for little gals as well! Check out Salon K’s blog and Facebook page deals and more hair inspiration!

First up, Pearl and the BRAIDED TOP KNOT with a Bloomies bow:

1. Create a ponytail on the crown of the head. 2. Leave a piece of hair the circumference of a dime (or so depending on how thick you want the braid to be!) out and put the rest of the hair in a messy bun. 3. Braid the piece of hair you left out and twist around the base of the bun and secure with a bobby pin.

girls, hair, long, style, easy, bloomies


BASKET BRAID with a bloom clip: 1. All you need to do for this one is use the same braids as above, but instead pull each braid down and around the base of the head and secure with bobby pins. 2. If the hair is pretty long you may need to zig-zag the braid across the head and pin as you go. 3. Pin the other braid as before. 4. Tuck the tails under the braid and secure with bobby pins.

MILK MAID with a bow: 1. Create two pigtail braids on the side of the head just behind the ears. 2. Separate the braid a little with your fingers to create thickness. 3. Pull one braid up over the head (like a headband) and secure with bobby pins. 4. Pull the other side up and over (either a little ahead of the first braid, or a little behind) and secure with bobby pins. 5. Tuck the tails of each braid into the braids and pin in place.

girls, hair, long, style, easy, bloomies

Kennedy and THE BOW BUN with a bloom clip:

1. Pull the hair into a loop at the crown (see image 1) of the head leaving tail out on the top of the loop. 2. Separate the loop into two equal parts (see the bow?) 3. Using the tail of the original looped ponytail to secure the two parts of the loop to the sides, pull that loop up and over between the loop. 3. Secure the tail in place with bobby pins.

girls, hair, long, style, easy, bloomies

and a pretty side-fish tail with Pearl after the jump! Read more

happy valentine’s day!

Let’s be honest, what else could we possibly post today that would do a better job wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s day than a repost of this film? We are so blown away by its reception! It’s been on the news, and shown on websites from here to Timbuktu, and we’ve even heard it will be played at a few Valentine’s Parties across the world.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned from interviewing these kids, and subsequently sharing it with internet, it’s that love is the universal language. We hope you have endless opportunities to show and tell the special people (small and big!) in your life how you feel.

And of course, we hope you all have hot dates to Hobby Lobby tonight!

Filmed by Jenner Brown of Lumineux for Small Fry.

family gallery walls

We’re talking all about decorating with family pictures over at Kristen Duke Photography today! We all have different design aesthetics and different color schemes, but we all agree that family photos should be bright and full of color! We all tend to cluster our photos so they have one focal point in the house, and it might be a little instinctive too. Not only does free up ledges, tables, and shelves for other decor, but it also keeps those fragile frames up and away from tiny hands. Keep reading for a full list of sources, and head to Kristen’s blog to see a whole month’s worth of awesome bloggers gallery walls!

art, family, home gallery wall, frames

art, family, home gallery wall, frames art, family, home gallery wall, frames
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small fry valentines!

Designs contributed by Jenna Robert, see her portfolio here, and shop here.

Two of our big boys are in preschool now, and so they have the awesome opportunity of a real-deal Valentine’s swap at school! Not wanting to leave out Hayes (next year, buddy) we brainstormed with them on what kind of Valentine’s treat they’d like to hand out this year. They were all emphatic about their selections and we along with our flawless friend and graphic designer Jenna Robert took their ideas and created these darling Valentine’s we have for you today! Even better, she’s offering them to you as a free download! If you’re like us, we are usually pretty last minute about these types of things, so hopefully her designs can benefit of you if you’re in a pinch!

Quinn’s pick: Hi Chews! No surprise there, as  it is Jenna’s family mascot. The love them some Hi Chews.
valentine, kids, printable, candy, february, love
Hayes’ pick: Doughnuts! We affixed the card to a regular bakery bag with washi tape and if we can keep him from eating them all we’ll be taking his treat to loved ones on the big day!
valentine, kids, printable, candy, february, love
Dash’s pick: marshmallows! And superheroes! Jenna Robert created this perforated mask that also doubles as a disguise, which is pretty genius!

valentine, kids, printable, candy, february, love
Click below to dowlnoad Jenna’s designs! And head to her site for more.