drip dye tank

We’ve dripped dyed a few times in our day, and boy is it a fickle process! You never quite know what you’re going to get. We are loving tank tops for our boys in these triple digit months, so when we found these simple tanks at Wal-Mart for a few bucks, we started brainstorming ways to make them unique!

We played with the saturation levels of the dye, usually Rit brand would suggest you dilute the dye into gallons of water, for this tank we just dyed it straight into the mixture. It gave it such a rich color and is something to keep in mind when you’re looking for that ombre effect: diluting as you go can help to create that effect in less time! (Note: dye yours in a large tote, sink, or bucket, we used this too small bowl for the sake of the pretty picture and it was humorous to say the least!)

We love the messy look of this one, and are excited to tweak the saturations on more dyed projects!
drip dye tank
Have you crafty readers had any luck with Summer clothing upgrades? We’d love to see! If you have a tutorial let’s link up! Just comment below or email us: hello at smallfryblog dot com.

etiquette place mats

We are always on the look out for simplified ways to start teaching our boys manners, and good old gentlemanly etiquette. Opening doors, offering their seat, and saying please and thank you are easy concepts to teach, but table manners are giving us a run for our money!

Thankfully when we brought this idea to our friends at Caravan Shoppe, (Melanie designed this very site!) they caught our vision and created this beautiful free printable for us! The concept is simple enough for a toddler to understand, and we’ll admit, it is pretty darling to watch them setting the table. Although, keeping those elbows off may take a few more tries.

caravan place setting

They’ve created four awesome designs, all free for everyone to download! Thanks Caravan, you’re the best!caravan place setting
You know we’re going to ask, what successes have you all found at teaching manners? We are ALL ears!

Tip: Laminate these babies for multiple usage.

See more of Caravan Shoppe’s printables for kids here.

Fryday: Emily

A month or so ago I was scrolling through Instagram when a friend had posted picture of her and her daughter with the caption that was something to the effect of “we’re so alike we drive ourselves crazy.” I laughed and immediately went to comment, because I can so relate to that! My oldest son Hayes and I are alike in the most frustrating ways. Neither of us have any real sort of patience with life. We love things to be on our own timeline, when we have our minds set on something, good luck trying to sway us! We are needy of our loved ones’ time, easily disappointed, unreasonable at times, and overly senstive. Wanna have a play date? Just kidding.

Now don’t get me wrong, Hayes is one of the most incredibly sweet and amazing kids I’ve ever known, and I am insurmountably proud of him everyday. It’s just that when those all too familiar frustrating personality traits witness themselves in him, it sort of throws me back to my childhood. To a time when those same things got me into trouble, caused me heart ache, made me feel sad or small. I simultaneously want to hug him and tell him it will be okay, and also run and hide, because seeing how hard it is to deal with a Mini-Me shakes my self-concept to the core.

frydayemNow back to this Instagram picture. I was reading the comments on the feed, another friend said something that sort of changed my life. (See darling husband? Instagram isn’t a complete waste of time!) She said that she believed we are sent children that are just like us as a way to teach us to more fully love and accept ourselves. Even now, a month later, reading those words sort of paralyzes me into a deep reflection. I am constantly holding myself to this invisibly high and unattainable standard. To do better, be better, lose the pride, forget the need to be right, say “sorry” first, be less critical, be more fun, be less self-absorbed, be better understood. A never ending game of personality addition and subtraction. I picture it like those cartoon accountants with their green visors, never-ending calculations and miles long strips of receipt paper, and it’s exhausting.

So what does this mean for Hayes and me today? It means nurturing the noble qualities, and teaching him better ways to cope with the frustrating ones. It means asking myself everyday, “How would three year old Emily have wanted to be treated in this situation?” and trying my darndest to do that. To picking my battles, to saying “yes!” and “sure!” and “of course we can, Hayes!” as much as I can in a day because positivity means everything to the both of us. After a few short weeks of this, I almost can’t recognize myself as Hayes’ mother, and I am seeing more of the amazing Hayes, and less of the frustrated short-tempered Emily. It has been absolutely wonderful, self-healing, and my Fryday breakthrough.


petit collage giveaway! [closed]

Congratulations to Esther for winning this giveaway!

We have an awesome giveaway brought to you by Petit Collage today! We’ve shared our love for Petit Collage before here, but just highlighting one of their awesome products doesn’t do them justice! Their so-sweet minimal and modern collection is filled to the brim with pieces that have that retro feel that is so hard to find done well.

Founder Lorena Siminovich, who is a mother to one and author and illustrator of 20+ books, takes her upbringing in Buenos Aires, her new life in San Francisco and combines all these influences to create a truly unique aesthetic. Today, Petit Collage is offering one lucky reader $150 towards anything in their shop! Here are some of our favorites:


From wooden wall decor, to beautifully crafted mobiles, puzzles, and dolls, you could easily decorate a room or two, and add to your collection of beautiful keepsake toys and games. Ready to try your luck?

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