finger puppet nativity

We cannot believe Christmas is tomorrow! As kids, Christmas Eve always felt like one hundred years, and this year we have tried to compile some things to help take the edge off our kids’ anticipation. We partnered with Say Yes to Hoboken for this project and you can read all the details over at this post.

This is a pretty quick craft considering you can keep it forever, and finally! A nativity that kids can not only touch, but play with. Finger Puppet NativityFinger Puppet Nativity Details

We hope you have a wonderful holiday! We are simply blown away at all the support from our Operation Sandy Hook benefit over at Brickyard Buffalo. We have sold more than 1,000 prints so far and with each sale we hope some of the weight has been lifted over the people of Newtown. We’ll be taking this week off to spend extra quality time with our loved ones. We have an awesome week of healthful posts to kick off the New Year when we return!

Merry Christmas!


The Small Fry Editors  — Emily, Jenna and Nicole.

holiday pajamas

We all grew up with the Christmas tradition of opening a new cozy pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve, did you as well? We are happily carrying it on with our own families and wanted to share a few of our favorites in any price point (starting at $11.00) this season:

1. Crimson Birch by Kicky Pants.

2. Reindeer Stripe by Gap.

3. Flannel One Piece by J.Crew.

4. Fair Aisle Pajamas by Hanna Anderson.

5. Moose Buffalo Plaid by Old Navy.

A few years ago we had a Christmas Pajama Party and it was such a great time! We highly recommend. Here’s a write with all the all details.

Christmas Pajama Party

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! We can’t thank you enough for your outpouring of love and support as we shared our own personal stories and then launched Operation Sandy Hook. The response was truly astounding, and we are so humbled. New prints are being added often so check back to Brickyard Buffalo.

operation sandy hook

It seems like ages since the tragic news from Connecticut on December 14th, but we can’t imagine how much pain and grief those families are still enduring and will continue to endure at the loss of their little ones. Since then we’ve looked for ways to aid and support the people of Newtown and the families effected at Sandy Hook Elementary. So many of our friends were also searching for similar calls to action, when finally we just decided to join forces and make it happen!

Today is the day! From December 20th until the 26th Operation Sandy Hook will be underway.

We have teamed up with Brickyard Buffalo and several other artists and graphic designers to do a capsule collection of downloadable prints, all at $5 each, and profits will go to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund through United Way. You can also donate in any amount of your choosing directly at United Way here. Once purchased you’ll have access to the PDF and can print at your convenience!

Here’s a sample of the prints available:

“Let Them Be Little” handlettered by Aubry Bennion of Maypole.

“Dream Big” by Jenna Rammell for Small Fry.

“Hold On” by Melanie Burk of Caravan Shoppe.

“Love” by October Ink.

“Stegosaurus” by Ashley Hoiland of Birds of Ashmae.

“My Heart Carries Me Through” by Kelli Murray.

“Roots” by Livy Love Designs.

** Any re-distribution of these prints for personal or commercial profit is strictly prohibited. **

Small Fry Films: Brooke & London

After a pretty heavy few days, (we can’t thank you all enough for your loving words and support!) we knew exactly what we’d need: a shot of sunshine. There is no one better for the job than our friend Brooke White. Singer, songwriter (Christmas album out now!), former American Idol contestant, editor of the darling site The Girls With Glasses and mama to the chubbiest, sweetest baby girl, London. Within seconds of Jenner’s rolling film, we were all behind the scenes in tears. Brooke has the uncanny ability to dance through life with contagious effervescence. She is the first to admit her faults, shortcomings, and defeats, but she does it all with a beaming smile. Brooke does not have a self-conscious bone in her body, and it was so refreshing to watch her mother London with such joy and free-spiritedness. This is simply her morning routine, and she infuses every step of the way with great love. Their lives are filled with music and dancing and when the camera stopped rolling we simply didn’t want to leave, you’ll see why:

Film by Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films.

(This film’s track “Little Bird” was recorded live by Brooke White, purchase the studio version here.)

We talked with Brooke about how she balances motherhood with such a demanding career, and she simply said, it is family and her principles first, and career second. She has turned down many an opportunity if it didn’t fit with those priorities, while in the same sentence exclaimed that her successes wouldn’t be as sweet without her family by her side. Brooke White you inspire us all.

Here’s where you can find more of Brooke:

First and foremost, the very best of Brooke can be found on her new Christmas album White Christmas on iTunes. $8 for 12 beautiful songs with that beautiful raspy voice? We’ve been playing our copies around the clock. Run don’t walk!

Still need more Brooke? We don’t blame you:

Brooke White official website, Brooke’s personal blog Brookie Babble, The Girls with Glasses,  Pinterest, Instagram (@realbrookewhite), Twitter (@brookewhite).