Moms You Should Meet: Katie Richardson

You’ve all heard our love for Puj, but what about the force behind it? Meet Katie Richardson: the founder and designer for Puj Tubs and other awesome products!


Even as a young girl Katie loved creating and making things, so naturally when it came time for college she studied Industrial Design. It was in college where she met her husband, the father of her three boys, and her business partner. We are so excited to have such a revolutionary designer for this month’s Moms You Should Meet!

1. What has been your most fulfilling job outside of motherhood?

It didn’t take me long to realize I wanted to design for myself and not freelance. Very early on I received encouragement from family and local baby boutiques that said my baby shoes, bags, blankets, etc. were “hot”. I figured, “what do I have to lose” and went for it. In the beginning, I spent a lot of time developing the Puj brand to have a solid foundation. I believe in family, freedom, simplicity and WOW! These core values still stand and are what give direction and meaning to everything we do at Puj. I design all my products to have a soul and meaningful purpose. People can sense the love and care that goes into all of my products and it is very fulfilling. I receive emails from moms all over the world whose lives have been improved by Puj products. It always makes me emotional because we are now connected in some small way.

richardson fam

2. What’s it like working with your husband?

I am a wife, mother, and designer (in that order). We are a very adventurous family who loves traveling all over the world or finding adventure in our own backyard. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world when I work side-by-side with the man of my dreams. He believes in me and helps me to see my potential. We work really hard to make our dreams a reality and it is so rewarding to share that with the whole family.

3. How do you find a career/home life balance that works for you?

Because I am a full time mother and work in my “spare time” I have to be flexible. It’s important for me to know when to put down my work and play hide-and-seek or go have a carrots and hummus picnic in the backyard with my four year old. Work will always be there, but children grow up. This time I have with them is so precious.

4. What is your typical day like?

I am extremely committed to taking care of myself and having “me” time. I start my day at 5:30 am and either bike, run or swim. It is my alone time where I can clear my mind and prep for the day. Exercise is the best stress reliever and I come home a more patient and loving mother. I get the boys off to school and then head to work. Like most entrepreneurs, I wear many hats at work. I am a tribe leader, designer, photographer, graphic designer, stylist, the “boss”, and team leader. I am extremely passionate about Puj and the opportunity I have to connect with other mothers through my products.pujproducts

4. What is your must have mom product – something you don’t leave the house without?

I always keep a little Moleskine drawing pad in my bag so no matter where we are going the kids have something to entertain them. Hungry kids are cranky kids, so I try to keep a water bottle and some sort of snack in my bag. I love little Fuji apples or raw almonds. We prefer glass water bottles with a silicone sleeve like LifeFactory.

5. What is one thing you hope your children learn from you?

I want my kids to enthusiastically go after their dreams. The world has changed and you no longer have to sit at a cubicle and punch away on a computer to make your living. You can design your life to be however you want it to be. The only limitations are the ones you put in front of yourself. Therefore, if you believe it, anything is possible.


Isn’t she awesome? We love how Katie puts marriage first, carves out “me time” everyday, and is never too busy for a picnic. What did you connect with?

Pictured above: The Snug whale tub spout cover that offers a padding for bathing babies / The Hug towel, a hands free improvement on bathing those slippery newborns! / The Puj Flyte foldable sink tub.

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Sweet Made Sweeter

This post is brought to you by Wendy’s new Frosty Waffle Cone, where good times are made sweeter!
wendys, frosty cone, kick ball, kids, athletics, fun
We went on a Small Fry family vacation last weekend in the mountains and had such a lovely time together. We didn’t see our big boys all weekend it seemed as they were off playing together for a solid seventy-two hours. To get some quality time in together we headed to the park for a game of kickball.

wendys, frosty cone, kick ball, kids, athletics, fun
Our big boys are getting to the age where they can be involved in team sports. We can remember when we were little and on soccer and dance teams, how time flies! We each remember after a game or a concert going to get dessert as a family. We love that tradition and celebrating the everyday together.
wendys, frosty cone, kick ball, kids, athletics, fun

So after our strenuous game of kickball and watching the local little league team, what better way to cap off the adventure than with a treat?

wendys, frosty cone, kick ball, kids, athletics, fun

While we were fairly certain there would be no topping a french fry dipped in a chocolate Frosty, Wendy’s has outdone themselves with the new Frosty Waffle Cone. Hayes certainly enjoyed it!

wendys, frosty cone, kick ball, kids, athletics, fun

Find your nearest Wendy’s location here.

Thanks to our girl Sydney for taking these photos for us!

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brickyard buffalo guest editors!

We’re so excited to be Guest Editors over at the flash deal site Brickyard Buffalo this week! We’ve been working hand in hand curating an awesome week of sales featuring our favorite brands and goods. Here’s a taste at what you can snag and save with our friends over at Brickyard Buffalo this week:
brickyard buffalo,small fry, deal site, kids, brands

1. Polarn O. Pyret Rainboot $35 – BB deal $28!

2. Goose Grease Undone DIY family kit $27 – BB deal $18!

3. Bla Bla Cloth Dolls $34 – BB deal $23.99!

4. Walls by Mur Small Fry Dots $35 – BB deal $24.50!

5. Goat Milk Pant $50 – BB deal $35!

6. “Love You” night light $24 – BB deal $19!

7. Goat Milk sleeveless onesie $32 – BB deal $26.50!

8. The Wet Brush $14 – BB deal $8!

9. Urban Nester dinner plate $16 – BB deal $12.50!

10. Goods by Grinn pillow $34 – BB deal $22!

11. Munkstown t-shirts $28 – BB deal $19.60

12. Mason and the Tambourine leggings $28 – BB deal $21!

We will be sharing how we use all these awesome items on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds all this week,  we hope you’ll follow along!

Small Fry + NYC

Our NYC trip last month was a whirlwind, and although it’s a departure from our normal Small Fry posts we wanted to recap the trip for those of you who asked for details!

It all started with a red-eye flight. Despite masks, ear plugs and pillows, and a whole lot of effort, none of us could manage to get any sleep. Excitement and those tiny airplane seats got the best of us.

Small Fry / NYC

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