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We’re talking all about decorating with family pictures over at Kristen Duke Photography today! We all have different design aesthetics and different color schemes, but we all agree that family photos should be bright and full of color! We all tend to cluster our photos so they have one focal point in the house, and it might be a little instinctive too. Not only does free up ledges, tables, and shelves for other decor, but it also keeps those fragile frames up and away from tiny hands. Keep reading for a full list of sources, and head to Kristen’s blog to see a whole month’s worth of awesome bloggers gallery walls!

art, family, home gallery wall, frames

art, family, home gallery wall, frames art, family, home gallery wall, frames
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small fry valentines!

Designs contributed by Jenna Robert, see her portfolio here, and shop here.

Two of our big boys are in preschool now, and so they have the awesome opportunity of a real-deal Valentine’s swap at school! Not wanting to leave out Hayes (next year, buddy) we brainstormed with them on what kind of Valentine’s treat they’d like to hand out this year. They were all emphatic about their selections and we along with our flawless friend and graphic designer Jenna Robert took their ideas and created these darling Valentine’s we have for you today! Even better, she’s offering them to you as a free download! If you’re like us, we are usually pretty last minute about these types of things, so hopefully her designs can benefit of you if you’re in a pinch!

Quinn’s pick: Hi Chews! No surprise there, as  it is Jenna’s family mascot. The love them some Hi Chews.
valentine, kids, printable, candy, february, love
Hayes’ pick: Doughnuts! We affixed the card to a regular bakery bag with washi tape and if we can keep him from eating them all we’ll be taking his treat to loved ones on the big day!
valentine, kids, printable, candy, february, love
Dash’s pick: marshmallows! And superheroes! Jenna Robert created this perforated mask that also doubles as a disguise, which is pretty genius!

valentine, kids, printable, candy, february, love
Click below to dowlnoad Jenna’s designs! And head to her site for more.


small fry favorite love songs

We all have vivid memories of our parents singing to us. For Emily, her dad worked around the clock as a doctor, but whenever he could he’d pull out his guitar and sing “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac by her bedside. In that instant the world felt so safe and calm, and watching his tan hands strum and pick the song out a million times over just solidified her love of music at an early age. For Nicole, her sweet daddy passed away when she was just a teenager, and no matter how dark the days felt, her mom would sing “I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills, I love the flowers, I love the daffodils” and she was immediately reminded of all the beautiful things of this world. That song perhaps shaped her into the eternal optimist that we know and love to this very day. Jenna’s earliest memories are dancing with her dad by their record player to the Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Elvis. You’d think you couldn’t fit all that soul into such a tiny girl, but she carried it with her and loves and sings along with her dad even still. (We attribute her killer dance moves to this education as well.) We are all tied to our parents even tighter because of that shared love of music, and we hope to pass it to our own kids!

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Having our own children deepened our love and respect for our parents, and it’s even more so such an extension of our love for our spouses! That moment when you sing one of “your” love songs to your little one it’s sort of this magical full circle moment. It represents a time where you held hands and kissed through dates, movies, concerts, long drives, all the while they were just a dream in our heads. We wondered what they might look like, or funny things they might say, and then fast forward and there we are rocking them to sleep, singing those very songs. Here is a list of the ones we love to sing with our little families that no matter how many times brings a lump to our throat, tears to our eyes, and make our hearts feel like they just might burst.

Take a listen, we hope you enjoy!

the lost party

We have an awesome cause to share with you today! Our dear friend Ashley Mae Hoiland-Christensen, mother to Remy, poet, first class friend, artist behind Birds of Ashmae on Etsy has written and illustrated the most beautiful book for children called “The Lost Party.” A story that every child should hear, but especially girls, she says:

“I wrote the story in response to a feeling so many of us have become far too familiar with: the feeling that we aren’t good enough or that we have to wait to be part of something special, when all along, we possess exactly what we need to be happy and do big things.”


Ashley has placed her book on Kickstarter and there is only 18 days to go and the funds raised so far are huge, and we are so proud! We want to keep the momentum going for her dream of an elementary school book tour, and we are certain there are plenty of you out there that want to see such a positive and beautiful piece of art published.

Ash Mae 2

Have you heard of Kickstarter? It’s a revolutionary funding site that allows creative entrepreneurs and dreamers alike to pitch ideas online and accept backers. You don’t need a publishing firm, or a team of PR people, you just need an idea that the public believe in! These projects have goals set beforehand and if the goal is reached then those who have pledged donations send their payments and the project is officially funded. It is such an amazing outlet for creatives around the world and Ashmae is no exception.

Head here to read all about her Kickstarter campaign and to pledge your support! Even $1.00 helps!

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