great spaces: CWD giveaway [closed]

Congratulations to Erika B who won this giveaway!

Decorating a nursery or kid’s space is such a fun project to undertake. There are so many areas to take risks we might not otherwise try in a family living space. Bright colors, mixes  of patterns, fun art, and sweet details are all part of interior and fabric designer Caitlin Wilson‘s expertise and we are such huge fans! Caitlin is a mom of two darling kids, Olivia and Penn, and juggles work and family in a beautiful way. Her interiors are flawless, (see below!) and her fabric designs and pillow line are all lust-worthy, so we’re so excited CWD is giving away a signature deco border pillow to one of you!

Caitlin Wilson Nurseries

Caitlin Wilson Nurseries 2

All interior images courtesy of Caitlin Wilson.

To enter, fill out separate comments for each entry:

1. Visit Caitlin Wilson Textiles and comment with the border pillow color you’d choose for your home.

2. Follow CWD  on Facebook, Instagram (@cwdesign) or with CWD blog via Google Friend Connect.

3. Follow Small Fry on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (@smallfryblog) or Google Friend Connect.

4. Add Small Fry’s button to your site for five additional entries.

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The randomly selected winner will be chosen and announced Thursday December 6th at 5:00 am MST.

christmas countdown

On this, the last day before December, we want to share a darling junior sized Christmas countdown chain, just like we used to make as little girls. We debated an advent calendar, but all our kids are four or younger, and trying to keep those mitts off twenty-five tiny presents is almost laughable. This paper chain is a lot less headache and you can personalize each link with a holiday activity, act of service, or even a little love note.

Tori of That Pair of Crutches (a must read, darling blog, and also an Etsy shop, enter SMALLFRY for 15% off) whipped up this free printable for us and we know you’ll love it, too!

Here is what’s included in the download, click “download” at the bottom of this post to access the file. If you’d like to make the links a more standard size, print double the amount of link strips and connect them together, easy enough! We just love anything mini, and this goes for our countdown chain as well.

Christmas Countdown Printable 1

 Small Fry Christmas Printable 2

Small Fry Christmas Printable 3

Read or Shop That Pair of Crutches

Also, congrats to Paige Young and Lindsay of Run Lucas Run for winning the pairs of Freshly Picked moccasins via Brickyard Buffalo! Email us your addresses and we’ll get them sent right over!

from head to toe: crewcuts

We are all about a mixture of high and low brands in our own wardrobes and for our kids.  When we’re looking for high quality, classic pieces that will last forever, J.Crew is the place to go. The same goes for their kid’s line, Crewcuts. So much high-pitched swooning happened while shooting these outfits, we hope you love them too!

Gracie Belle:


While a lot of their pieces are definitely investments, J.Crew and Crewcuts have great markdowns, and if you’re on their e-mail blast list, you know all about their coupons that come periodically. All making it that much easier to get our hands on their impeccable quality and design.

To see the rest of our From Head to Toe posts that include outfits for $25 on up, head here.

snowman dress-ups

Playing in the snow is such a wonderful activity, in theory. It’s a lot of work to get kids ready to face the elements, that is if the elements will come to you at all in the first place. So far we haven’t seen much snow where we live, so this is an awesome project that you can use all winter long with or without snow on the ground and snow gear is optional. To keep it extra cozy, might we suggest Kicky Pants pajamas? There is virtually nothing softer out there. Here’s what we did:

Using felt we cut out a giant snow man – one large white circle, one medium, one small. Then let your imagination run wild! We cut out classic snow man accessories and some fun additions like boots, glasses, and a moustache. Affixing velcro to the back of each accessory is what makes this activity so fun. The silly combinations are endless, as we quickly found out.

Thanks to Kicky Pants for providing this unbelievably snuggable indoor snow man building gear. Check their line out here, we can’t recommend it enough.