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We’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day with our kids and have a few easy projects for you over the next couple weeks!  Since we had never seen this idea done before, we called upon our friend and tie-dye expert, Kylie for some back up! She shares her super cool upcycling and refashioning projects via her Instagram @warpaintweekend.

Kylie figured out an awesome technique, and here’s how you can get your own heart shaped tie-dye leggings just in time for V-Day.

tie dye, hearts, valentines, leggings, kid, fashion

Here’s what you’ll need:

Cotton leggings (all the ones we’ve used are $3.88 at Wal-Mart!), rubber bands, a washable marker, gloves, and bleach or dye depending on the look you’re going for.
tie dye, hearts, valentines, leggings, kid, fashionStep One:

Take the leggings and take them from their normal hip-to-hip fold, and fold them front to back so the fold goes right through the center of the knee.

Step Two:

Now that there is a fold down the center of the knee draw half a heart dotted line going outward.
tie dye, hearts, valentines, leggings, kid, fashion

Step Three:

Now that you have your half heart in a dotted line, grab the fabric at the dots and gather it together like an accordion. Once you’ve scrunched the whole half heart rubber band it at the base. Wrap it as tight as you can so the dye and bleach don’t leak through.

Step Four:

Two get the illusion of concentric hearts going outward from the knee rubber band the design all the way up the leg stopping at the thighs. Rubber band as often or as few as you’d like!

tie dye, hearts, valentines, leggings, kid, fashion
Step Five: Now your leggings are ready to be bleached or dyed! For these pairs we are showing the bleaching technique, which is great for darker hued leggings. If you have white leggings, Rit dye will do the job perfectly!

Step Six: Put a cup of bleach into a high walled pot, or sink. Saturate the leggings to the desired effect and let it sit. Once they look the right shade, using rubber gloves, rinse them out in the sink. They’ll need to dry so we set them on top of a cookie cooling rack over a regular sheet pan to catch any bleach drippings.

tie dye, hearts, valentines, leggings, kid, fashion

Step Seven: Once they’re rinsed and dry, you can wash and dry them sink just like normal. You should have an awesome tie-dy heart effect!

tie dye, hearts, valentines, leggings, kid, fashion

As always, if you do a Small Fry project we want to see your results! Post them to our Facebook page, or use the #smallfrythreads hash tag and mention (@smallfryblog) so we can see your awesome results via Twitter or Instagram.

Copelin is wearing Freshly Picked moccasins, American Apparel tee, and Gap sweater.

wild things

We’re all starting to experience the imaginative play stages for our oldest boys and it is so sweet to witness. Watching their minds in action, and listening to their sweet voices spin wild stories… it’s such a wonderful stage to be in! We love anything that sparks that creativity and imagination, and dress-ups is always a sure fire way to do just that!
opposite of far masks

We love these BHB Kids Style play masks and tails all the way from Portugal!  Check them out, they are impeccably made and oh so sweet.

moms you should meet: Kelli Murray

Photography by Small Fry contributor Eliza J Photography.

One of our California trip stops was to see San Diego based artist Kelli Murray. We had been developing a major collective crush and knew we wanted to learn more about Kelli’s life as an artist and mama.

Kelli Murray Small Fry

We grabbed lunch and talked about what most working mothers talk about — work and family — and how to happily navigate the two.

Kelli and Rylee

Kelli’s artistic career led her to being a designer for California based clothing company, Jedidiah. Working crazy long hours, but loving the ability to express herself creatively, she then married and settled down in San Diego. It wasn’t until Kelli became pregnant with her little girl Rylee that she really thought about what she wanted for her life and how to achieve it.

While we hear often that family can throw a wrench in the progression of your career, it was Kelli’s family itself that inspired her to go after it.

She knew she couldn’t put in those crazy designer hours and be with Rylee the way she wanted to be, so she scaled way back and took a leap of faith and started selling her art online.

Now a full-time mom AND full-time artist under her own name, we couldn’t be happier for Kelli’s success! Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite Kelli Murray’s art all found at her website here.

Kelli Murray Art

We just love Kelli and are so inspired by her story of motherhood enhancing and propelling her dreams. See more of Kelli at her website, Twitter (@kellimurrayart), and Instagram (@kelli_murray.)

cardboard airplane

We have an awesome guest project for you today from Connie in Mesa, Arizona!

Here’s what she has to say about today’s DIY:

“As soon as my four year old, Brody, saw the aviator hat his brother got for Christmas, he put it on and started running around like he was in an airplane. I had seen cardboard box airplanes before and realized it was the perfect time to make one for him. It was a very simple activity, and he enjoyed making it with me! It was hilarious watching him run around in a cardboard box… and cardboard or not, it was the coolest plane in his eyes! Every little kid should do this at least once!”

kid's DIY project airplane DIY project for kids - cardboard airplane DIY project for kids - cardboard airplane DIY project for kids - cardboard airplane finished product

You can see the original post and more about her cutie Brody here, and Connie’s photogaphy site here. What an awesome mom to take the time to do this with her little guy. We also love the idea of a beautiful set of photos of our kids playing with their very favorite toys of the moment! Isn’t that a fun way to document their ever changing interests and imagination?

Thanks Connie!