home cozy home

We’re in that funky time of year where there isn’t any snow (and hence no fun snow activities to be had) but it’s still bitter cold. We’ve been cataloging ideas for great indoor activities to do with our kids that don’t involve a screen, and Roxy Marj is topping the list!

The Roxy Marj Etsy shop is incredible and has such a vast collection of cool pieces, and we especially love the coloring posters! While it takes some restraint from the more controlling sides of us, letting the boys fill it with color provided us all a morning of fun and an awesome piece of art for our walls.

Head to Roxy Marj on Etsy to see the series of coloring posters, we all have the “Home Cozy Home” piece in our own houses and love it! And if you’re needing a jolt of creativity this morning, may we suggest Roxy Marj’s blog. Just try to go one page without pinning something.

family christmas tree

We shared this project over at Say Yes to Hoboken today, and it’s a super easy and modern addition to any holiday decor! You can read all the instructions at Say Yes, and even download a free printable for this awesome antler tree topper! Head over and say “Hi!” for us!

Check out the post over at Say Yes to Hoboken here.

Thanks to Pebeo for the craft supplies and Nico Nico Clothing for the darling t-shirts!

Sponsor Info:

Pebeo is a leading art supply company based in Canada, they make paints that work on any type of surface or material and they have generously donated craft supplies for all of our holiday projects this month. Check them out and spark your creativity!

You’ll be seeing lots more of Nico Nico Clothing, they are based in LA and manufactured in the US as well. We’re smitten with their line and can’t wait to show you more!

my mum’s threads no.3

We have three awesome women today for Mum’s Threads! They are each wildly talented in their own right, work hard at home and away, and have effortless style in any case.

Mom Uniform

Meet Kelsey, who hosts her own cooking show “Kelsey’s Essentials” on the Cooking Channel, writes her popular food blog, calls New York City home, and is a mother to darling Oliver. She has a real passion for anything delicious and we’d follow her into a dark alley if she said one of her gourmet meals was waiting for us there.

“As a nursing mom I’ve become a huge fan of any shirt with buttons, in fact it’s rare that I sport a shirt without buttons these days. (I have had a lot of luck at J Crew outlet stores for cute and affordable button down shirts) Being a city mom I spend lots of time outside pushing a stroller–  this time of year is perfect for layering so that I can leave my bulky coat at home which makes being on the go easier (think lugging a stroller with a baby down subway stairs!) Colored pants with stretch: I’m a big fan of color and have really bought into the colored pants trend. It’s nice to not find myself wearing jeans everyday and I feel that pants with personality are an easy way to make a very casual and comfortable outfit more playful. (I particularly love pants from Zara as they tend to be a great cut for petites – I’m only a measly 5″1) My shoes MUST be comfortable as my feet take me everywhere I go in the city with a baby in tow. Because I’m so short, I like to have a bit of a lift and find that a wedge is the most comfortable way to do it. Tall boots are also essential for the colder months here as they help keep my legs warm as well.”

Photo by Kylie Whiting.

Sarah, one click to her blog and you’ll be instantly inspired. She is a wizard with a seam ripper and upcycles drab, baggy clothes into beautifully tailored pieces. She is mom to the spunkiest little girls Adi and Ana and her motherhood tales are always brutally honest and humorous. Anyone, who answers when asked, “When do you get it all done?” with “Naptime!” is alright in our book, because that’s our answer, too!

Here’s what Sarah had to say about her mamattire:

“I love wearing dresses because not only is it more comfortable than jeans or tight pants (that makes your mommy tummy roll out when your sitting down, you know what I’m talking about!), when you’re on the go, it doesn’t require as much time to decide what to wear.  Because it’s a one-piece, you got your top and bottom covered all in one, so you only need to accessorize.  I love wearing colored scarfs because it can make any dull outfit pop and look more polished.  I wear tights under my dresses to keep me warm in the cooler seasons.  Rain boots are easy to slip on and off, and also water, oil, & stain resistant.  You never know what you’re going to step on when you’re chasing two little kids around! A shoulder bag is a must, so I have my two hands free while I’m carrying everything I need in the bag.  My make-up essentials are concealer, to make my eyes look more bright & less tired looking, blush, to look more youthful & energized, and pink lipstick to help all my facial features pop.

and Shelly: you can follow her and her darling crew on Instagram (@shellyhyde) but she inspires us everyday! When we started this blog we wanted it to be a motivator for living life with our kids deliberately each day. One melt-down in line at Target can turn anyone into a sweat pant wearing hermit, mumbling “I don’t know why I ever leave the house” under our breath for the rest of the week. Shelly grabs life by the horns and is always hitting a museum, a fun park, or a dance class. She regularly hosts (large!) play dates and her feathers are seemingly unruffled by chaos, which is a trait every mother needs to learn.

“Leggings with an oversized sweater are comfortable and flattering for a post-baby midsection, with a newborn and nursing still being a little bit cumbersome, stretchy cotton tops are a must! These thrifted Justin Ropers are hardy boots and go with everything!”

We have three more awesome mamas’ threads on our Facebook page, check it out here.

Small Fry Films: Winter Workshop

Meet the McPhersons: Kristina, Bella, Coco and Miles. Today while the man of the house, Ben, is busy being a professional painter, Kristina is concocting tiny works of art with her three beautiful kids for their tree. Kristina’s interactions with her kids were so consistently sweet, it reminded us of this quote by Rose Kennedy, “I looked on child rearing not only as a work of love and duty but as a profession that was fully as interesting and challenging as any honorable profession in the world and one that demanded the best that I could bring to it.”

Even when she thought we weren’t watching, when the camera wasn’t rolling, Kristina handled her children with the care that you would a glass ornament for the top bough of a tree. Her ongoing patience and concern for her children was something to aspire to, especially in this season devoted to showing our loved ones how we truly feel about them. Check this film out to get you in the holiday spirit in a hurry!

Film by Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films for Small Fry.

See more of Kristina and family on instagram @kristinamcpherson.

Watch the rest of our Small Fry films here.