Kicking Off Summer with PediaSure SideKicks!

unnamed-3We are so excited today to be kicking off a series of posts in partnership with PediaSure SideKicks! With 6 hungry boys between us we know the demands of getting these boys full, fed & with all the nutrition they need!_ysTCiI4yTdwEdBA84AYjrG1OQfa-0Tu5NE47rnNe7A,Z-DksEWudMk5kjCHQ4OtbfFTAyfVnBG6jGmHVR0o5JUDid you know that 90% of kids don’t get enough veggies in their diet?! That’s why when we were introduced to the new SideKicks Fruit & Veggie Smoothie by PediaSure we were so impressed! This new smoothie with kid-approved taste provides fruits and vegetables that kids need and helps fill the top four nutrient gaps in kids diets–fiber, calcium, vitamin D & potassium.AHaza72fKqacmoN0_UJTfB_CAKgtawkEpEVYM9EcWro,x1m7aVIWfQ9-Wxe2M4bTHtFcOFu0rSh5qeVsRRcABIk

This tasty mix in can be blended with your child’s favorite smoothie to give them an added boost! We put SideKicks to the test and it quite obviously was Quinn approved!dXnVrhvosc8le5EAD1XsHEXCjjNQsF9YT4IrnFGEecE e5KT8rHjlsIRf6ziPaohCLVqVQmqBgPQGVYJB2SCVIEWe blended our favorite fruits Strawberry, Blackberries and added in some Carrots, Water & Chia Seeds! Topped it off with some SideKicks mix in and we’re golden! qbdWDCqWRyA1hER8LshmLXzRSeoobUxjvRhUyijDa54

Look for more posts to come with this partnership over the Summer as we share creative ways to get your child’s nutritional needs met! Also, head to Pediasure’s site for more ways to incorporate SideKicks into your meals!Pediasure SideKicks

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[GIVEAWAY] Bumbleride Indie Jogger

BUMBLEWe are SO stoked to be partnering up with Bumbleride to giveaway an Indie jogging stroller just in time for all your Summer adventures! We are obsessed with Bumbleride! Gone are the days of sacrificing beautiful design in order to have a jogging stroller that fits your active lifestyle. The Indie Stroller is beautiful, sleek, comes in a multitude of on trend colors but yet is still so functional for your busy family. The seat reclines entirely, it folds up easily and has all sorts of adjustable settings to make it a customized fit for your little one. Now that we’ve raved about it how about we GIVE ONE AWAY!!!!

One lucky Small Fry reader [U.S. and Canada only] will receive an Indie Jogging Stroller in the color of your choice!! This stroller retails at $499.

Now let’s get entering.

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Summer Essential Oil Recipes!

Essential Oils have become a new rage which we are so very excited about since we’ve been blogging about the benefits of them since our blog began 3 years ago and they have actually been used for thousands of years for their health benefits. One of our most popular posts is our original summer essential oil recipes and we’ve updated them for your summer fun this year.

A NOTE ON SAFETY AND EDUCATION: Always dilute your essential oils with 3 drops fractionated coconut oil to 1 drop essential oil on your children! While these are certified therapeutic grade, organic and safe…they are powerful and must be used properly!

Keep reading to find out how to win your very own starter kit!

summer essential oil recipes


Enter to win The Family Physician Kit + Wellness Advocate membership below! What’s so cool about a membership that people don’t realize is that you are 1. not required to purchase monthly and 2. never actually have to purchase again should you not want to!

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Don’t want to wait to win? Purchase the Home Essentials Kit as a wellness advocate and the first 10 Small Fry readers only will receive Tangerine, Dil, Spearmint and Cumin Oil as well as In Tune which is a focus blend made of precious oils to enhance focus and support healthy thought processes. Get started here or feel free to e-mail us with any questions!fb45931b-23df-40a5-8d5d-a80888f6d927

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We are giving our FRYdays a little makeover today, we hope you like it! Just a little peek into different elements of our lives each week in the form of these little lists. We hope you’ll share yours with us, too!


FRYday: Nicole

WEARING: I can’t help it, I love a beautiful neutral and a crisp classic. This Summer I am loving this Popover, these sandals and these fantastic earrings.

READING: “Boys Should Be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons: helps parents restore the delights of boyhood and enable today’s boys to become the mature, confident, and thoughtful men of tomorrow. Boys will always be boys–rambunctious, adventurous, and curious, climbing trees, building forts, playing tackle football, and pushing their growing bodies to the limit as part of the rite of passage into manhood. But today our sons face an increasingly hostile world that doesn’t value the high-spirited, magical nature of boys.” That summary alone sold me!

LISTENING: Bijou Market’s Spring Playlist, I can’t quit it!

ANTICIPATING: Kindergarten for Dash. Ugh!

DECORATING: I love decorating with beautiful coffee table books, some of my favorite recent purchases Christian Louboutin, Tom Ford and Harper’s Bazaar’s Greatest Hits. Locals, Alice Lane’s Wonderland has an incredible selection!

WORRYING: Always worrying about raising Dash and Sunny in a split family.

WATCHING: I don’t watch TV (it’s true she doesn’t, ever! -Em) but my boys have been loving the Leap Frog shows on Netflix!


FRYday: Jenna

WEARING: I am obsessed with these Lululemon pants. I know a lot of products say you can wear them from working out to everyday activities, but these you actually can. // Wearing these sandals like crazy, such a great Summer staple that can be dressed up or down. // Also, this highlighter is crazy amazing!

READING: The Smartest Kids in the World. I’ve been thinking lots about how what we focus and praise our kids for is what they become. I’ve seen how the school system can try to label and confine and I always hope to celebrate children for being just who they are! Loving this book.

LISTENING: This American Life on NPR. Always so good, but the “Batman” epsiode is not to be missed.

ANTICIPATING: Visiting Utah this month and eating all the things!!

DECORATING: With plants! Ivy, rubber plants, Hydrangeas, succulents, whatever I can get my hands on!

WORRYING: About vaccinating Lolly. For some reason it’s been really tough for me this time and I can’t bring myself to do it even though I believe in it!!

WATCHING: The Sandlot is on daily at my house, my boys are obsessed. Don’t blame them!

EMILY:FRYday: Emily

WEARING: I’m having a fringe moment. I can’t explain it. These sandals and this top for starters.

READING: I’ve had These is My Words recommended to me one hundred times, and I finally bought and devoured it. It lives up to all the hype.

LISTENING: I have listened to Sia’s Elastic Heart on repeat for days. I tend to do that, overplay until I’m sick of it. The lyrics stay with me long after the song is over.

ANTICIPATING: My older sister and her little guy (and her little gal in utero!) are coming to stay with us for a month while her husband moves them cross country and I can’t wait!

DECORATING: Nicole and Jenna got me on the pouf train. I switched out my ottoman for a giant one from Home Goods and this one, too! I love that its multifunctional and the boys never stop playing with them.

WORRYING: My little brother got himself into some trouble and is facing the consequences. I am praying non-stop for his welfare. It has re-bonded my family together which is a definite silver lining!

WATCHING: I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the Jinx after we watched it a couple months ago. Until I watched Going Clear. This world, man. Both are on HBO (the HBO GO app is free for the first month, so get it and watch both immediately. That is if you can handle insane people.)



best baby rattles

Everyone we know is pregnant. Have we said this before? It feels like there is a definite pregnancy wave – it rises and falls – and right now it’s high tide! As we prep for Baby Shower season here are some beautiful modern options for the perfect addition to any gift. We love tying these to the packaging on our gifts as a little added touch.
Modern Baby Rattles1. Baby Bear Shaker // 2. Jack the Sailor // 3. Plan Toys Preschool Rattle // 4. Floppy Ear Dog Rattle // 5. Hape Mr. Magic Rattle // 6. Triangle Castanets // 7. Graysen the Sailor

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