avengers training!

We have done quite a few super hero themed parties around these parts with our friends at Target (find Spider-Man and the Ninja Turtles here), but the Avengers might just be our favorite. Our kids have been in love with each character on their own for years now, so seeing them each come together and do their thing as a team is just about the coolest thing our boys can think of! Today is an easy at-home playdate idea or even just a fun adventure to take as a family! All you need are a handful of training stations and your super hero gear so each kiddo can give their favorite character a whirl! Avengers Training PartyFor the at home training stations all you need are some laundry baskets, yarn and some imagination! We created the city scape with skinny duct tape and slips of black paper!Avengers Training Party First up, space the baskets apart for agility training. Being quick on your feet and avoiding obstacles is a vital super hero skill.Avengers Training PartyThen with your trusty yarn you can create a tunnel of lasers to avoid by ducking, jumping and having the utmost balance and control.Avengers Training PartyThen stack towers for target practice! Shooting them down with only your Iron Man laser glove (or a bouncy ball!)Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.51.12 PM Avengers Training PartyOr your Captain America Disc Launching Shield (find the mask here):Avengers Training PartyOr maybe just smashing with your Hulk Fists!Avengers Training PartyAs we mentioned in our sneak peek on Instagram this week, Hulk Fists are for everyone.Avengers Training PartyOur kids happily Avenged all afternoon and the only clean up was a handful of baskets! That is a win-win if we’ve ever seen one. Find a whole set of Avengers dress-ups here!Avengers Training Party




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little girl swim

We’ve scoured the internet yet again to bring you the best in little girl swim. These pieces are unique, durable and fun plus most are discounted! Happy Shopping.girlsswimHeart & Stripe Swimsuit (30% off with code SALETHERAPY)

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little boy swim

It has been awhile since our Thursday Threads series saw some action but we couldn’t get too far into this amazing Summer weather without sharing our favorite suits from around the web! First up, boys! And check back tomorrow for our picks for girls!

girlsswimHalf & Half Swim Trunk (Extra 25% off with code XTRAPOP20)

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Shark Trunks

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the laundress

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After we did a whole week devoted to Spring Cleaning we heard from lots of you that you hadn’t quite yet found your cleaning routine as far as products go. Usually whatever grabbed your interest at the cleaning aisle is what came home with you. We have totally been in that boat and it has only been since Small Fry times that we’ve all settled on our own favorite products. We’ve got another gorgeous product idea for you today and we think you’ll drool over it like we have been! Say hello to the Laundress!The LaundressWe tried out all these pretty products for the last few weeks and wanted to share our thoughts. First thought of course is how gorgeous they were! Laundress products look so nice sitting up on the shelf and the packaging and branding feels totally luxurious. Cleaning products (like toys) has fallen in the realm of being loud and being noticed on that long cleaning aisle. We love this simple beautiful packaging!The LaundressActually using the products? Another home run! The stain remover system is super cool. Using that pretty wood brush, you can rub it right into your spots to pre-treat, mix it together with their dry bleach detergent to create a nice thick paste, and add it right to your detergent in the wash for a heavy duty load. We tried several other cleaning products and loved the smell, effectiveness and clean use. Everything dispenses evenly and easily which we can’t say for all the other detergents we’ve tried (drip and spills galore!)The LaundressThe scents are so fresh, even down to their Scented Vinegar which is such an awesome addition, vinegar cleans just about anything but the Laundress’ scent addition makes it hard to tell you’re even using vinegar which is welcome progress. These are all non-toxic and biodegradable as well as plant derived and free of Allergens, SLS, Petroleum, Phthalates, Phosphates, Parabens and Chlorine Bleach. So you can happily add it to your roster without worry!The Laundress If you check out their site you’ll be blown away like we were at just how many products they have! Virtually everything you need and some beautiful accessories, too! We love some of these old fashioned extras. Wood handle, thick goat bristles, wash basins and more. We’ll take it all, please.laudnressIf you’re wanting to give Laundress a whirl don’t forget to use the 20% off coupon “SMALLFRY20″ on their site! They’re also hosting a 30 Day Home Cleaning Challenge where you can share your successes and challenges with the #TL30DayClean hash tag!The LaundressWhat is your criteria for finding favorite products for your house? All-natural, trusted brand? Pretty packaging, price?

Bath Time with Mustela

By Jenna.

When I had my first baby six years ago, my sister-in-law gave me my first Mustela bath wash. I had no idea how much this line of products would mean to me many years and a few more kids later. I have never used another line of soaps and lotions on my newborn because I really feel it’s the most gentle on their fresh skin. mustela2We love bath time at our house. I dare you to find a more heavenly thing than a freshly bathed babe! When they’re tiny and so new it can be a scary first experience so be sure to have an extra set of hands for that slippery precious cargo.mustela4Take your time and be diligent when applying lotion on your baby. They may hate it at first but it truly becomes their favorite time of day…and mine too! I find that especially if you’re breastfeeding your babies, bath time can be a great bonding experience for Dad. mustela3I love giving a tiny baby massage. Spending lots of time on their feet and tummies, especially for extra gassy babies. Lolly is fussy, but doesn’t make a peep during this time of day, it’s really our quiet hour that we cherish with her!mustela1When I open the bottle the undeniable Mustela fragrance takes me back to warm baths and soft cuddles with all three of my babies and now it’s the gift I give to all new moms. They’re gifting $100 in products to two winners a day on their Facebook page here! You can also purchase now on Diapers.com — they’re offering 25% off 2 or more Mustela maternity products with the “BUY2MOM” coupon! Click here to redeem, and the offer is good until 5/10/2015!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Mustela through their partnership with POPSUGAR. We were compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Mustela, and as always all opinions are my own.