target BOGO sale

TARGET is having their annual Spring Break sale! This year is all shoes and swim and here are my favorites for women, girls, boys and babies! Combine however you want and get the deal! So much good stuff but here are the ones worth a second look, in my opinion. 😉

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weekend deals

Old Navy kids and baby sale – Easter is in a little over a month and they have so many good Spring finds! Grab an Easter Best outfit on super sale and check it off your list before everything gets picked over!

Nordstrom’s sale has SO many good options and most are under $70!

spring reset

This time last year I was so frustrated that my body just wasn’t bouncing back with my 3rd pregnancy like it had in the past. I felt so gross and tired and just not myself.  I did an eating plan called Get Fit 21 and it was the trick I needed. Inches + pounds melted off and I felt AMAZING! I am hypoglycemic and for my whole life the way I ate was putting such a damper on the way I felt. Energy levels, moods, headaches, etc. So I was shocked to find out that a low glycemic diet offered me a consistent, stable energy level and mood. I found I didn’t even really need to eat every two hours like I was doing my whole life, because my glycemic levels were rarely triggered.

Ignore the milk that I am unable to drink right now, (their unsweetened one is good to go though!)NSNG IdeasPS This hoodie is the softest thing I own and all of Lennon + Wolfe’s pieces are the same way. If you need a luxe hug check them out here! // Fly Knit Shoes

All this to say, I ate that way as best I could but this Winter I sort of dropped off those things I learned. And now found myself feeling actually ill after most meals and looking 5 months pregnant. SO! Back to the low glycemic diet. We’re sticking to the NSNG Diet which is no sugar, no grains and fruits very low on the glycemic index. Cherries, grapefruit, pears, apples, strawberries, peaches, oranges. (Definitely not bananas!)

I am sharing here because I need to stay accountable and anyone who has done this eating plan —  I’d love to hear your favorite recipes or short cuts! And if anyone is looking for some tasty meals here is how I’ve been eating this week:

Breakfast is my hardest meal because I am used to grabbing a Costco protein drink and running out the door. So I grab a handful of nuts and an apple while I get through the morning rush and then make myself a bigger breakfast when I get home from drop offs. Over medium eggs, bacon, avocado, egg cups, scrambles, I love this egg cup idea because you can reheat them so it might help my chaotic mornings:NSNG Ideas

For lunch I make myself a big salad with the Costco kale mix, turkey, cashews, cucumbers  and a sugar free dressing. Lots of options from this brand. Don’t expect it to taste the exact same as your sugary favorites but it totally does the job!

Hot dog (yeah I said it) with mustard, jalapeños, banana peppers, pickles. Lettuce wrapped or sliced into bites. ImageNSNG Ideas

Guacamole (Coscto’s packs are sugar free!) mixed with canned tuna fish and bell pepper in lettuce wraps. (This is an OG recipe from Jenna back in the Whole 30 days!)


We eat fajitas probably once a week so this was an easy swap out. Just get butter lettuce for cups and the same ingredients as normal. There are several salsa options with no sugar and hot sauce is huge for me when I eat this way because it adds flavor without any issue. (And supposedly speeds up metabolism!) ImageNSNG IdeasTrying this philly cheesesteak idea tonight!NSNG Ideas

Lots of skillet meals like this – just dive right in, who needs a taco shell.

NSNG Ideas


I buy a bag of key limes (they’re tiny and I feel like I waste less!) and I put the juice on everything. When I have a sweet craving (so, every night) I make plain yogurt with fruit and lime zest and juice all over it. (Image via Martha Stewart)NSNG IdeasCheck insta stories today, I’ll be sharing all my meals! And taking ALL your ideas, too! We didn’t set a time limit on the eating but 3 weeks was great last time, so we’ll see where we’re at then!

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weekend deals

You guys would you believe me if I told you I actually bought some new things? I know, crazyyy. It really has been forever and I am a pretty piss poor fashion blogger. Since I am still on a budget all of these things are on sale or really good deals, so I’m counting it as  weekend deals. Ready for a shopping haul?     


My friend Kim turned me onto Le Labo and some of the best smelling perfumes/colognes I’ve smelled in years are from there. For Valentine’s Day I got Russ this Discovery Set (it’s $30 and unisex so I suppose it could be for both of us) to try them out and pick his favorite to cash in for a bigger bottle later. Can I just say everyone should be buying gifts at Net-A-Porter. It came wrapped in the most beautiful black box + ribbon and it was free. So far The Noir is his and my favorite. These scents take 2 years to make and are unbelievable!


This sweatshirt is $10 and my fave language! #cliche. It means stars for those who might not parlez vous. I don’t either. // A maxi dress for Spring and Summer that is so happy it hurts. $30! // Two basic black tees – a muscle tee with a rounded split hem at the back. // Perfect cool girl black tee. 


I have been so uninspired by the tops I’m seeing in stores right now. But, stripes never fail. Navy Stripe with Red Amour // This one has a longer elastic sleeve. Fits amazing! // Long sleeve, red contrast pocket, so cute. // Girly take on a stripe tee with this flutter detail. // Viscose striped shirt that holds its shape so well. 


I got these tux trousers that I posted about last week, I love them! They’re such great quality and I love when they have a flat front with elastic waist in the back.

Trousers // Mules


I’ve been on the hunt for black mules like this forever, there’s other options on line but for a faux leather I didn’t want to pay too much. These are $23! Also grabbed these platform mules for Summer with dresses and ankle jeans.

Ankle boots are such a staple for me. Year round. These boots haven’t arrived yet but if they’re as a tomato red as they look in the pic we’re going to be inseparable.


Snakeskin loafers. If I’m not wearing ankle boots I am wearing a loafer or mule. Such a great price on these!



Caught the Spring bug with a few items for the kids like these amazing rubber Birk look alikes. A couple cool graphic shirts since Hayes is growing like a weed. Oh Yeah // Whatever No Way.