PO.P Art

We’re always excited when brands take a special interest in exciting imagery and design that boys (and girls) will love!  We just wanted to share Polarn O. Pyret’s new PO.P Art line of limited edition posters and t-shirts, which are all so vibrant and modern and right up Small Fry’s alley.

PO.P Art


Here’s how we’ve stuck them into our decor:

PO.P Art

The style has that fine art quality, you can see the brush strokes and splatters and it all feels very youthful but still clean.

PO.P Art


Even in three very different homes the poster pops!

PO.P Art


Enter to win a $200 by submitting your child’s art with the #popartkidsusa hash tag! Find all the details here.

Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend, everyone!

yoobi [giveaway!]

This post is brought to you by Yoobi.

As we mentioned yesterday, we have an awesome giveaway today both here on the blog and on our Instagram with Small Fry favorite, Yoobi! Yoobi has swept us away this year with their vibrant, youthful, high quality arts and crafts supplies. They have ignited excitement back into even the most simple creative moments with our kids. Yoobi GiveawayOn top of their amazing products, for every Yoobi purchase made at Target or Yoobi.com, they donate an item to a classroom in need right here in the U.S.! Yoobi aims to impact more than 30,000 K-3rd grade classrooms nationwide by the end of the school year, changing the lives of over 750,000 kids and that is a goal we can definitely get behind!  We used their craft bundles for our Valentine’s Breakfast decorating that awesome Caravan Shoppe table cloth and we’ll be giving away all these awesome Yoobi supplies, so keep reading to enter!Yoobi Giveaway

Yoobi is giving away your choice of either the Kids Bundle or the Grown Ups Bundle of supplies, these sets are full of awesome products to get a jump start on any creative projects! The Kids Bundle has their awesome triangular crayons (those babies aren’t rolling anywhere!), mini highlighters, washable markers, a paint kit, stencils and stickers kit filled with stickers to create your own funny faces.

Craft_Bundle_1024x1024_98c696c0-7448-4294-9384-cc2c2fd3ba23_1024x1024Yoobi Giveaway

The Grown Ups Bundle includes Yoobi’s awesome gel pens, striped colored pencils (our fave!), layer markers, retractable highlighters and the mini-back pack pencil pouch.

SNYCw_vCdWGUZR26sUQ3w0yfUnGukPiVqjEFRUc6qW4_1024x1024As you can see Yoobi pays close attention to the look and feel of all their products. They make beautiful, happy items, and as parents who will usually pick aesthetic over just about anything, we love that we’re not only getting the prettiest pick of the supply aisle but also the most well made, and charitable too! We really can’t say enough good things about them.Yoobi Giveaway

Catch up with Yoobi on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and enter to win below!
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Valentine’s Day Breakfast

We whipped up this special love day breakfast, which is pretty simple for one festive pay-out, so if you’re looking for a way to make this Saturday morning extra special we’ve got you covered! First we started with Caravan Shoppe‘s darling line-up of digital downloads for Valentine’s Day: their back drop and  table topper are so pretty and the kids can color right on both!

Valentine's BreakfastA bundle of tulips, plump raspberries and sliced strawberries with whipped cream on our favorite Kodiak Cakes pancakes.Valentine's BreakfastValentine's BreakfastNext coat glass milk bottles (we use these – over and over again!) with a little icing and dunk in a plate of sprinkles and top with a cute straw or two.Valentine's BreakfastAnd because it’s only Valentine’s once a year, powdered donuts sprinkled with this Wilton set.Valentine's Breakfast Valentine's BreakfastAnd to top off your stack of pancakes, a little pipe cleaner heart! All you need is a skewer and a red pipe cleaner. Start with the middle of the pipe cleaner and form your heart. Then take the two remaining tails and wrap them down and around the skewer to keep it in place. Easy enough!Valentine's Breakfast

Need more Love Day food? Check out our Love Day Lunch (with printable lunch sacks!), and this gorgeous heart shaped pita and hummus!Love Day Food


Pixelated Valentine’s Box

Just in the nick of time for our kids’ classroom Valentine’s Day parties! Valentine’s boxes are tricky for boys, so here’s a colorful and cool option that avoids all that yucky love stuff. Their words, not ours.

You’ll need colorful squares in a small color palette:
Pixelated Valentine's BoxGlue or glue stick and a cardboard box. Cut your envelope hole and then start glueing on the squares.Pixelated Valentine's BoxCover the box overlapping only slightly and trimming squares when you hit corners and slots. (Card via Paper Bandit Press)Pixelated Valentine's BoxBest of all, the boys could do it basically from start to finish (except for cutting the slot) and they love being able to be involved, so this one wins!Pixelated Valentine's BoxWould it be the week of Valentine’s Day if we didn’t dust this baby off? It’s our pride and joy and it never gets old!