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Today we have a cute little food art idea for you! We typically don’t have a lot of time in the mornings but our kids always, always appreciate creative gestures like these, so we found one great shortcut to help make this fun project doable. Frozen pancakes! We’ve loved a good frozen waffle for years, but had never tried a pancake — these are De Wafelbakkers and were perfect!

SUNSHINE:Pancake Art

Sliced oranges and nectarines with an orange infused syrup. To make the syrup simply bring 1 cup of your favorite maple syrup and the zest and juice of two oranges to a boil on the stove. Reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes and enjoy!

Pancake Art

Take two large buttermilk pancakes and one small. Cover the first large in chocolate hazelnut spread. Cut the second large pancake down the center and set on top the first with a triangle of the Nutella showing. Layer thinly sliced strawberries and top with halved blueberries. For the head, slice a mini pancake in half and top with cake decorating pearls.


Pancake Art

This panda is one large pancake and two mini. Taking Nutella spread on one halved mini pancake for the ears, and spread on tear drop shapes with blueberry eyes onto the large. Take one more mini for the nose and spread on a nose.




This one is a savory pancake! Taking your favorite tzatziki (a yogurt and cucumber dip, we love Costco’s!) to one large pancake. Then top with thinly sliced cucumbers. Totally refreshing and tasty, and a great lunch option! Even better with sliced turkey.

Thanks to De Wafelbakkers for helping execute this quick ideas! You can find De Wafelbakkers in most major retailers in the frozen breakfast aisle (find a store near you here.) Just look for these:De Wafelbakkers

Find more food art ideas on De Wafelbakkers Pinterest // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter.

Also head to our Instagram @smallfryblog to win a year supply!

oakwood homes progressive dinner

With all of us in the same zip code we always like an excuse to hang out together while supporting local businesses and their endeavors and somehow calling it work. Life’s funny sometimes isn’t it? Today’s quick recap was a fun night out with Oakwood Homes which is a local builder that is popping up everywhere. They had us tour their homes in South Jordan which might be the prettiest place to build a home we’ve seen in awhile. Way to go South Jordan! Here’s some of our favorite aspects of the homes we peeked in at.

FIRST! Each of their main floor living spaces had these wall to wall windows. So stunning!! Oakwood Homes

Oakwood Homes

You can also see they have really open floor plans, loads of space for gathering and hosting and luxe additions at every turn. This might be more of their awesome Interior Designer’s job but they used color so well in each space we toured. Dramatic, deep, vibrant hues that make the spaces feel modern and inviting.Oakwood Homes Oakwood Homes


Everything felt on trend but not trendy. Nodding to the styles that home builders are wanting but not over the top where it will be dated in five years.

Oakwood Homes


Our favorite part of any work event, the food! While we snacked away on a summer BBQ Stuart Edge the magician entertained us. Blew our minds really. We’re trying to talk him into our next kiddos’ birthday party. He’s GOOD! Photo credit to @alyciagrayce of Crowley Party.

Oakwood Homes Oakwood HomesOakwood Homes

Dinner by Rodizio Grill at Trolley, Appetizers by South Jordan Costco, and fun gifts from Williams-Sonoma at Trolley and Cosset Bath & Body.

Outfit Sources:

Jenna – H&M Fringe Bag and peach dress, Forever 21 Sandals (similar.)

Emily – Gap Muscle Tank and belt, Zara Coated Trousers and Sandals, Red Ray-Bans.

Nicole – Jcrew Dress and Cyprus Slides, Madewell Tote

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Oh Joy To The Rescue!

Last week Jenna was able to attend the launch of our friend Joy Cho’s collaboration with Band-Aid brand! We have a special place in our heart for Joy for many reasons, but when our blog was in it’s infancy she opened up her home and let us film her family for our Small Fry Films series. We were such a baby blog and for Joy to support us and work with us on that project has always solidified her in our minds as a friend.BAEph6s85-3O4wU_X1gAFbKlghq2T9Dt5Z4Kdiy-tk0

Since that filming Joy has taken over the world with her flawless collaborations and her Band-Aid brand collab is no different. As if your children couldn’t love Band-Aids more–these fun and quirky designs are enough to make you yearn for a scraped knee.suzvk26EmzGXmpkDlS3oOxzL-QHQJmva_uX45v_oJo0,mFyWjR2k6UO5PpZ7Fpa3IGOJsmSt92oR58U5mBJs1o4

What’s fun is that when you purchase 3 First Aid items from the Target Pharmacy will you get the Oh Joy Striped First Aid Kit FreezzB_lZh9_H487oSDMaFf4qAfF76Zh_j-mNetRja_GQ8,eSkvUpYMfRM2KrkwRoWbE8y4lIh0Bl6piyIQc40eaFQSo so proud of you Joy!!

Exclusively at Target

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Five months in and dressing the one and only Small Fry-ette still hasn’t lost its charm! We wanted to share a little bit of the online (and local babe!) shop Lot801‘s new line and how Lolly is rocking it. They’re offering 20% off so use the “small20” code at check out!

Peach Star Leggings with her favorite beverage tee, a sweet felt bow and soft sneaks.

The Honeycomb Pattern legging with her on-trend chambray tunic, amazing two-tone turban, and sweet FP moccs.

The Aqua Scribble legging with a simple tee and a big bold pop of color!IMG_6667Shop Lot801 here!

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Happy FRYday everyone, here’s what we’ve been thinking about this week. We hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see you Monday!! xo, Emily Jenna and Nicole

EMILY:FRYdayWEARING: Another obsession this Summer has been the muscle tank sleeve. I don’t even love it on my self but I love it on everyone else. This tank and this dress are heavy in the rotation.

READING: My most recent read is the Alchemist but listen, I thought it was just okay. So a not so recent but pretty amazing read Brain on Fire would be my next rec. So fascinating and gripping!

LISTENING: Icarus by The Staves. The other night putting kids to bed Hayes asked what other songs I knew (I guess he got sick of the same three over and over) and so I brought house down with this one, (wink!) such a pretty lullaby. Also: No Me No You No More, are you kidding me?

WORRYING: That brother I mentioned last week lives with us now, and giving me insight to how it feels to raise a teenager. The worry increases ten fold! Happy to have my boys in the cocoon of not quite toddler, not quite a youth for a little while longer.

ANTICIPATING: Jenna’s 30th! She’s treating us to a spa getaway (we’re ticked, we wanted to plan her something, typical J.) I can’t wait to relax and celebrate!

DECORATING: I can hardly keep up with my house now that Summer is in full swing. Back to using big bins to gather toys and clothes throughout the day and doing one big put-away at night. This one is great!

WATCHING: I am unfettered by crass television, sadly I prefer it. Not proud. Veep has my heart forever.

FRYdayWEARING: Two of my favorite Summer dresses are on sale this weekend 30% off! I got black and white in this one, and you can’t beat a simple white shirt dress whether at the pool or dinner.

READING: Have you picked up this new-ish Oliver Jeffers book yet? It’s beautiful and has the cutest story all about the ABCs and a new favorite around here!

LISTENING: Fisher Price has a Safety Songs album that the boys are loving!! It’s full of catchy songs that help teach safe practices like looking both ways, and how to call 9-1-1 and more!

WORRYING: I hit 30 this year and have seen my skin start to age more rapidly. Yikes! Any tips?

ANTICIPATING: Strawberry Days! It’s a week long carnival (and lots of other things) that is put on where we live and we live for it in the Summer.

DECORATING: For those who’ve asked, the greenery in our photos lately is a Fiddle Leaf Fig! I picked mine up at the local Sun River Gardens.

WATCHING: Song of the Sea is such magic, if you need a beautiful film to watch with your family this is it!


WEARING: Starting a little Target sandal collection. These come in loads of colors so you can go crazier or stick to this pretty cognac shade. (Here and here.)

READING: Maybe one day I’ll take a vacation where I get to read! This Utah trip is looking like it will be read-free sadly.

LISTENING: Top 40! Something about that pop beat that just feels like Summer.

WORRYING: Worrying about my weight, honestly. The process has just been such an emotional roller coaster after my third baby. Some days I’m patient with myself and other days I’m just so annoyed it’s not coming off faster!

ANTICIPATING:  My parents departure to Turkey. They’re going for three years, and while we’ve done it once before so it seems like old hat, there are a lot of mixed emotions with their new adventure!

DECORATING: I’m obsessed with the Loom Goods Bolga Baskets.

WATCHING: Nothing! Summer is so awesome because we just pool and park hop and everyone’s happy!

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