confetti art

By Emily.

My 5 year old Hayes is “project” obsessed. He loves working on things together whether it’s making cookies, folding towels, or art projects. It brings him so much joy I am always brainstorming fun and easy projects he can handle and we can tackle together. Cal usually ends up joining too, and I feel like the best mom in the world for a few minutes. Here’s an easy one we whipped up recently, confetti art!

Confetti Art Here’s what you’ll do:

First, you can always buy circular tissue confetti online. As usual I didn’t plan ahead so we ended up cutting out our own circles. Fold up your tissue a few times and you’ll get lots of circles per punch. We used a¬†1 inch circle punch and it was a great scale.Confetti ArtThen once you have your circles, let your kiddo arrange the circles on the page. They’re floaty little guys so avoid air vents and fans. ūüėČConfetti Art

Then once they’re arranged how you like, take a spray bottle of water and mist over the pieces soaking them to the page.

Confetti Art Let it dry just a bit, but not totally. They should all stick pretty good so you can transport your page to a frame!Confetti Art

Place it in a frame of your choice and make sure you secure it tightly so it’s right up against the glass.

Confetti Art Then you’re done! You’ve got a beautiful and graphic piece of art for your wall and it was made 100% by your sidekick and partner in crafting crime.Confetti ArtFind all our kid art ideas right here.


fall hats!

By Nicole.

Yes, I’m still talking about my love for fall fashion. And I’m no where near through. I wear hats all year long, to block my face from the sun in the summer, to keep my head warm in the winter, but in the fall, it’s mostly just because I love a good fall hat! Here are my favorites that I have purchased for this fall for me, and for my kids. Note, these kids hats are totally unisex! JUST as cute on the little girls as the boys. And if you are with me, doing the kids hair every morning for school is sometimes a headache. This way not only are you hiding their bed head, but you appear to have made EXTRA effort in topping off their day’s get-up.

Mom:Fall Hats for Mom


Knit Beanie // Biltmore //  Wide Brimmed Felt // Quilted Baseball // Urban Outfitters always has a great selection of trendy hat styles, this wool panama hat is on sale, too!




Fall Hats for Kids

// Knit Beanie // $6.99 Five Panel Hat! // Classic Baseball Cap // Perfect Fall Herringbone Five Panel


Happy weekend everyone! We’ll be spending the next several weekends working hard on hosting a party with our friends at Munchkin and June & January in NYC! We’re so excited to go back and sourcing a party from across the country should be interesting. If you’re a party vendor or NYC local shop, we want to hear from you, email us! And, as usual, here’s what’s on our minds this week.


Wearing: Loving oversize lately. Picked these up and loving both! Madewell has got a hold on me this fall  Button-down / Oversized Tee

Decorating: Love this sleek chair addition to my living room! Two of them side by side.

Such perfect sent this candle, its feminine and so sexy. You NEED this.

Listening: Out of Frequency! Just keeps me and the kiddies dancing.

Reading:¬†This article Jenna sent me. Over and over! Cause hey, I’m a mending and confused woman.

Worrying:¬†Like so many of you, my 5 year old is off to kindergarten. He suddenly looks so mature, tall, handsome, and grown. It’s breaking me up inside.


Target Summer Sale

Wearing: We’ve still got a few months of warmth in us and Target’s shoe clearance is full of sandals (and even some boots!)¬†Check them all out here.

Worrying: I have a lot of work things happening in the next couple weeks and I’m stressed as always about juggling it all! Sometimes having a mom or sister close by would really be nice, but I always find it just forces my husband and I to work together more closely!

Anticipating: Our Juder-Pop’s birthday!! On Sunday he turns 4!! And since we only do Disney SoCal style (a few hours a time at most) I thought it would be fun to do the real deal and stay at the grand Californian Hotel! The kids are gonna FREAK. Andrew and I are all about buying experiences for our children vs. gifts. (And for the record I found a killer deal on Park Savers.)

Watching: RHONY, duh. The reunion was too good and I’ve been DubSmashing the one-liners to my friends all week.

Eating: We had the opportunity to stay at Terranea Resort for a couple days and am looking forward to staying there again representing Small Fry with our Orbit Fam next weekend! (Spoiled.) I can honestly say I’ve never had better food at a resort. Sometimes the hotel service is so good while the food lacks,¬†and that’s definitely not the case at Terrenea. Everything is good, but if you’re ever there be sure to get the Burrata burger from Nelsons, chocolate chip cookie from Sea Beans¬†and the filet at Catalina Kitchen.



WEARING: I wanted a pair of oversized thick matte black framed sunglasses (how’s that for adjectives) for awhile, but couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for! Trust me, I am a deal hunter so these wouldn’t have been my first choice, but nothing held a candle to them so I made the splurge. The oversize feels edgy and not too tame, and matte black looks so luxe, I’m ruined! Get rid of all my glossy sunnies and bring in the matte, please. They’re so classic and I am sure I could wear them for decades, assuming I don’t accidentally leave them at Del Taco per the usual.

READING: The sweetest reader (hi Whitney!) recommended Making Babies to me and I have been overwhelmed with how many different things I can try to help get baby #3 cooking, I was feeling like I was starting to run out of options. Anyone else read it? (Sidenote: What do I do if I fit in multiple categories?)

LISTENING: My family is largely LDS and we’re reading the Book of Mormon (similar and read in tandem with the Bible) together in 90 days, it’s an aggressive schedule for me so it’s allll about the CDs in the car, in my laptop, but full of great things that remind me of the type of person I want to be. You can get a cheap download here.

DECORATING: One of my favorite Small Fry stories was in our earliest days we made a list of brands we loved and wanted to work with and Roxy Marj was on the top. Nicole drove up to her house to get these coloring pages¬†for a post. The way Nicole tells it is hysterical because the kind RM folks probably thought we were insane. Still obsessed with Roxy Marj years later! This pennant is the perfect addition to my boys shared room and every baby needs their Tiger Skin rug. ūüėČ

WATCHING:¬†Watching¬†RHONY too, Jenna. So glad¬†Bethenny is back, she’s the reason I started up again. That spot-on Dorinda impression makes me roll.

FEELING: All of it. My boys are starting their first year of preschool and kindergarten respectively. I can’t get back those early baby days, they’ve just evaporated into thin air it seems! It’s a completely new stage of parenthood and those free mornings to myself are a constant reminder that a baby would be a welcome blessing at this juncture. Trying to stay in a grateful space and take advantage of the ease that goes along with having two older boys!

disneyland + [giveaway!]

You all know how much we love Disneyland, and try to go as often as we can! Unless you’re a resident like Jenna and have season passes, you know how expensive a Disney trip can be! We love and use for this reason. Anyway we can cut costs makes the trip that much more enjoyable in our eyes! So today, we have teamed up to offer one lucky winner TWO 2-Day Hopper Passes to Disneyland!

2 Two Day Hopper Pass Giveaway!

Ready to enter?

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And to remind you of the magic that awaits — some of our favorite DisneyLand snaps!
Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.51.31 PM Disney Parks Giveaway

Disneyland Giveaway

Disney Parks Giveaway


Thanks to for this fun giveaway!

rock the lunchbox

You all know how much pride we take in a healthy packable lunch with today being the first day of school for many of our Small Fries we wanted to share a few more brands to help you not just make the grade, but Rock the Lunchbox!


Here’s how we’re using these four brands to create healthy options for Back to School! And luckily they have a whole site of additional ideas and coupons for you to grab, here! You can also submit your own lunch ideas on their site.rocktheboxGet healthy proteins and lots of Omegas for brainpower with hardboiled eggs and avocado on Rudi’s organic bread. Wash it down with an Honest Kids juice pouch and fresh fruit! Honest Kids is all about organic and sustainably sourced ingredients and only sweetened naturally!

Rock the Lunchbox

If you have kiddos that like to ditch the bread and eat the middles out try these skewers! Applegate sliced meat, cheese a pickle and a tomato re-think the sandwich and make it extra fun. Your kids will be smiling when they see this one, we guarantee! Hydrate with a juice pouch and a little sweetness with Annie’s Bunny Crackers. Some people ask “Why Organic?” and Annie’s says its so succinctly: They¬†believe that sourcing organic ingredients is one of¬†the most direct ways to prevent pollution, improve soil health,
protect biodiversity, and decrease our carbon footprint! So when you buy organic you’re not just feeding your family in a more pure form but also living more eco-friendly too!

Rock the Lunchbox

Another idea for your main course is a wrap! Rudi’s Wheat Tortilla filled with goodness and lots of Applegate meats. We’d do just about anything for Applegate, they are GMO, hormone and additive free and the leading the industry in products that we feel safe feeding even our littlest kids. Read their standard check list here, its worthy of applause. Perfect snack additions with Honest Kids juice and Annie’s!

Rock the Lunchbox

Our kids go through a ton of bread whether it be for breakfast lunch or dinner. Rudi’s Bakery is also GMO, preservative and corn syrup free. It’s as good as homemade and another switch over we’ve made this year in an effort to eat more cleanly.



Head to Rock the Lunchbox for more ideas and coupons to try all these delicious ingredients!