Fryday – a night in Beverly Hills!


I recently was invited to a California girl’s overnight in LA and had a blast. Its aways fun to connect with my friends who also happen to be bloggers! We get to chat about business, how we manage our families and our successes and frustrations. I miss the community of bloggers I used to have in Utah so it’s been fun to build these new friendships! And since these girls are all killer fashion bloggers – they have you get in a bed with matching robes for pictures. I was an active, willing participant and these Plum Pretty Sugar robes are to die for.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.48.26 AM

Leanne // Lisa // Kailee // Merrick

We stayed at The Beverly Hilton which was so iconic and absolutely amazing!! I mean the pool area lights up pink at night – what more do you need for a girl’s night?! The atmosphere is so easy, chill and uber chic. Also the fooooood. We literally had a 3 hour lunch sitting around talking and just feasting on the most gourmet grub. I was SO impressed with the food there – which obviously means I’ll go back. I only wish I had this caftan i just found on prime….YES PRIME. So there will most definitely be a next time.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.20.44 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.04.59 AM

My aviators here but I also found almost an identical pair for $12 here. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.30.09 AM

My dress and sunglasses.

We ate dinner at Ceccoinis in West Hollywood which was a recommendation from a friend. Appetizers were stellar but my main dish was okay. Ambiance is super LA and cool but it was sooooo loud! It’s kind of a hot spot but I’m just telling the real truth on it in case you’re considering it 🙂 After dinner was Sprinkles Ice Cream, always.

I blogged about these shoes earlier in the week and they’re just THE BEST and a fall must have for everyone. I also found a similar grey tone in an awesome boot for 1/4 the price here. Also can I just say about bodysuits that I TOTALLY remember wearing them as kid and was astonished when they made a come back. But here’s the thing….your shirt NEVER comes untucked. That’s huge. And worth it. I love this one because it’s actually not tight. It’s mean too be a looser fit body suit so if you’re going to start somewhere, here’s a good place to.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.47.58 PM

Pedicures at Olive & June only the prettiest place to ever get your nails done. I want to live in there it’s THAT good. Their nail art is seriously on POINT too and so detailed.


Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.36.01 AMI convinced everyone we should work out! And then we gabbed till 2:30 am and had to go to a spin class at 8 am. Worth it – we had the best time and I’d never been to Flywheel before. I’ve been wearing a hat I got there religiously. My leggings are a random Lululemon purchase which means you won’t find them online BUT I found these crazy cute similar (and inexpensive) ones – love the laser cut. Also my Nikes are on sale here.

And to end I’m just going to share with you something I learned and love about each of these women. I think online as bloggers we can assume a lot about people who share their “lives” when really it’s just a tiny portion of who they actually are.

Leanne // is hilarious and unassuming. Do you follow her on snap chat? Then you may know. She is witty and never at the expense of others – she is so kind hearted.

Kailee //  is smart, savvy and such an inspiration to me. She NEVER complains online but her husband has been in medical school/residency for 9 years now and she has 4 kids! I mean she’s a freaking rock star and doesn’t pat her own back about it when she totally should.

Lisa // is strong. You could easily think her life is “charmed” when in reality it’s just her perseverance and fierce love for her kids that has made her have a life that you might envy. She’d give you the shirt off her back – in fact she offered to lend me the dress off her own body for a trip I had coming up 😉

Merrick // is quietly confident. She is so humble but knows her boundaries. She knows that she’s doing the best she can and doesn’t carry guilt around her as a constant burden. She is light, easy and focused. She has so much I can learn from!

Omg this was long (as always) but hope you enjoy getting to know these women like I have!


puro sound labs

We heard some crazy sad stats from Puro Sound Labs and had to share today!

1 in 5 teens in the U.S. has Noise Induced Hearing Loss!
Teen hearing loss up to 30% since mid 90’s
50% of people worldwide between 12-35 yrs old are at risk of NIHL due to increase use of portable audio devices (1.1 Billion people)Puro Headphones 20% off coupon

And all of this is 100% preventable! When Puro Sound Labs shared this info we started panicking, because our kids are getting to the age where they want to wear headphones. Before this we probably would’ve grabbed the nearest ear buds but now we’re thinking twice. Puro sent these headphones which have a built-in sound inhibitors so the levels will never cross the safe level threshold! Phew! Our second priority after our kids hearing health is the aesthetic and they nailed that, too. Look how pretty!! (Save 20% off with the coupon below!)Puro Headphones 20% off couponThese are specially sized for kids and come in these pretty three colors! Of course they make headphones for adults, too!Puro Headphones 20% off couponThe third best feature is that they’re wireless and bluetooth up to thirty feet! So no tangles and tripping of wild boys. We love this for travel, who can deal with cords on top of everything else when you’re on a flight or in the car?Puro Headphones 20% off couponWe’re giving away a pair on Small Fry’s Instagram! And if you’re in the market get a whopping 20% off with “SmallFryPuro” at check-out! SHOP PURO HERE!

fall transitions

This post is brought to you by Zappos.

This month with Zappos we are sharing Fall Transition pieces. We love easy purchases that help update our existing wardrobes for a new season! Here’s what we picked, keep reading to get the scoop!zapposfallNICOLE:

It might sound like a silly transition but walk with me… Summertime I wear the largest sunglasses possible. We’re all worried about wrinkles, right? I feel a little bit more protected from that harsh sun with that extra coverage. As soon as it starts to cool down and the sun isn’t so strong, I pull my more minimal frames back out! These also fit right in with all the 90’s throwback styles which are EVERY.WHERE.!Fall TransitionI love both of these classic Ray-Ban frames. The gold frame is so great for everyday or dressing up. And then the tortoise is perfectly casual and cool. Fall TransitionYou honestly can’t go wrong with Ray-Bans, they’ve been around and in style since 1937. Not going anywhere! And if you have any issues, Zappos has 365 Day Returns. Not joking.Fall TransitionJENNA:

I’ve been eyeing these Free People Royale beauties for months and finally pulled the trigger now that Fall is upon us. And yes those are the Le Spec Princes and yes I havethem in three colors now. They’re KILLER!Fall TransitionLiving in California “Fall” doesn’t really mean anything, but I still like to dress accordingly. 😉 These have that ankle bootie feel but they’re not hot. Super comfortable and flattering too. I recommend to all!Fall TransitionFree People always does great at essential shoes with a twist. Find them all here!Fall Transition


I am so excited for Fall so I can get away with all-black-everything without roasting! Even when you drop the pounds post-baby, your (or at least my) body is still super different. Fall TransitionNow there’s lumps and bumps and the shape I’m used to is a little bit skewed and things just don’t always fit the way they used to. So black makes me feel slimmed and polished even if I don’t feel it underneath. All black everything needs a killer shoe to keep things interesting! I saw these Vince Camuto Ossie pumps and died. The studs! The D’Orsay toe shape! Fall TransitionThey’re so sexy and feel like a shoe I’d wear forever. The little studs give it the edge I love too. They’re from his special occasion line “Imagine” but I love these with an everyday look. Fall Transition

What pieces are you loving for your Summer to Fall wardrobe?

Small Fry Lullaby

By Emily.

Time for a Raleigh update and the best lullaby playlist of your life! But first, LIPS!Ergo SwaddlerRaleigh is 2 months now and we finally got our act together and bought a baby monitor so he’s officially sleeping in his own room in his crib! He was either in our bed or a bassinet and like I’ve already learned twice before, but keep forgetting, we all sleep better this way!Small Fry LullabySince the move he’s already starting to form a little bit better sleep routines and longer stretches between night feedings. Right now we get from about 10 pm – 3 am and then two to three hours between feedings until 10 am. (You’ll hear no complaints from me! Hayes was every two hours for 8 months and Cal was only marginally better than that!)Ergo SwaddlerThen he’s up for a bit and right back down for a big morning nap. The kid can SLEEP! Now that we’ve established a “bed time’ it’s been so much easier to get a routine going at night. He showers with dad (I have my kids shower with Russ until they can sit up, it’s just easier, and of course Russ loves it!) gets nice and lotioned up, pajamas, feeding, rocking and singing and then he’s out. Small Fry LullabyIt’s so funny to me now, but I (and every doctor, nurse and sonogpraher, too) felt like he was a big ol’ wiggle worm. He was CONSTANTLY moving in my tummy and seeing how he moves out of my tummy confirms it. He’s such a flailer! His own arm and leg jolts were waking him up from sleep constantly, so swaddling was an absolute must. There is no busting out of this Ergo one, so this is our go-to! I love that it’s breathable and vented fabric so he doesn’t get too hot!Ergo Swaddler Once we’re all settled, I sing and rock him for a bit. I get all sorts of nostalgic. Singing songs my dad sang to me like “Landslide”, singing Hayes’ favorite, “Edelweiss”, and Cal’s, “Buckets of Rain.” Each boy seems to have their preference, and for Raleigh I sing “Tonight You Belong to Me.” NCC_5009I asked my Small Fry Girls what their lullaby favorites were and then I also polled all our Instagram followers! The responses were SO GOOD! I cried reading the comments and picturing parents all over the world singing the lullabies they love most. I had to make a Spotify playlist, it’s embedded below, or if you can follow it here. I can’t take credit for it, so I can say it – it’s freaking good. I’ve been listening to it 24/7.Ergo SwaddlerJenna named both her boys with songs in mind so they sing “The Mighty Quinn” and “Hey Jude” at night, also “Here There and Everywhere” her dad is huge Beatles fan and of course passed it down! Moon River is another fave! Nicole loves “I love the Mountains” and “Lavender Blue” (the new Cinderella version!) for her kids!

Here’s the trick for this playlist – I picked all super calming versions of each song, but if those weren’t available then some are more upbeat. They’re at the beginning so you can actually play this for bedtime, just skip the first five songs if you want it to be quieter. Have a song you’d like to add? Comment below!