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We may all have different resolutions and goals for this year, but one each of us can all agree on is eating and snacking healthier. It seems that we do pretty good at our homes, but it’s hardest when we’re out and about, is it that way for you too? Drive-thrus are so convenient, inexpensive and reliable. We know our kids will eat a chicken nugget, but that bowl of lentil soup? That’s a gamble. So, we’re making a goal as a team that instead of swinging through the drive-thru, we’ll stock up our kids’ favorite healthier snacks beforehand! The tried and true favorites we know they’ll munch. We packed them all in these darling lunch sacks from Dabbawalla and wouldn’t you know, after a few trips out, guess who’s asking for their Monkey bag?

QUINN + JUDE’S Rocket bag

fun & unique lunch bags for kids!What they’re munching: Lifefactory sippy, apple, almonds, hardboiled eggs, and celery sticks with Costco’s Cucumber Dill dip and Honest anti-bacterrial hand spray for pre-snack clean-up.

Make it fast: Jenna bakes a big batch of hard-boiled eggs at the beginning of the week and then snacks on them throughout.

*To bake your own hardboiled eggs, bake them at 325 degrees for 30 minutes, then places them in an ice bath for ten minutes to stop the cooling. Jenna uses a cupcake pan so the eggs don’t roll around and cook evenly.

DASH + SUNNY’S Stars and Stripes bag
(how cute is this Union Jack flag bag too?)

fun & unique lunch bags for kids!

What they’re munching:

Juice box, grapes, turkey and cheese sandwich, a clementine, with a handful of cookies, Vitamin C lozenges, and a couple bandaids for any boo-boos acquired on the road.

Make it fast: cookie cutters get those pesky crusts off in a hurry. Find the copper cookie cutter used for this post right here.

HAYES + CALLUM’S Monkey bag

fun & unique lunch bags for kids!What they’re munching: Salted edamame, peanuts, orange slices, a frozen Simply Go-gurt, and a matchbox car for playtime.

Make it work: It’s funny how Cal won’t eat a regular peeled orange, but will eat the orange “smiles”. They both love shelling edamame and peanuts (punching the peanuts with their fists and elbows more like it), but they make a royal mess so save it for the park or pack them pre-shelled! Lastly, frozen Simply Go-gurts make way less mess than their thawed counterparts and doesn’t have corn syrup, or artificial color or sweeteners.

We’re always looking for new snacks to try with our kids, and would love to hear: what healthy snacks do your kids love?

Tiny Tour : North Shore, Hawaii

The excitement of the holidays has passed, our trees are taken down, decorations put away, but where we live we still have a couple months of cold, cold Winter. These are the months where our need to head to warmer pastures becomes greatest and today’s Tiny Tour isn’t helping matters. Not to mention that more than one of us dreams of raising our boys at the beach, our envy is at an all time high today! Please welcome, Monica the The Grommom, who is sharing her favorite family-friendly stops on the North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii.Tiny Tourist Series | Small Fry

“Aloha! I’m Monica, and I live on the North Shore of Oahu with my husband, and our four sons…
I happen to think that our North Shore community is one of the greatest places on earth, so I am really excited to share it with you!

Tiny Tour | Grommom

When most people think of Oahu, they immediately think of Waikiki…A busy city, full of tourists, and crowded beaches. But up here on the North Shore it is an entirely different world. People still consider the North Shore “country,” with miles and miles of uncrowded beaches, and a much slower pace to life. There are farms growing tropical fruits, horse farms, and only two-lane roads.

Two of my boys are competitive surfers and skate boarders, and around here we call kids like that, “grommets,” or “groms,” (thus the name of my blog, “The Grommom.” ) As a family we thoroughly enjoy this beautiful place we call home. I’m doing my best to cut my list down, but trust me when I say that the North Shore of Oahu offers you plenty of options for as much activity, or relaxation, as you could want.


There are a lot of places on our North Shore that are great for snorkeling and playing in tide pools, but Sharks Cove is a favorite. Our ocean is almost always warm, especially in the shallow tide pools. They are absolutely beautiful, and there is always something fun to discover. Shell collecting, and hands-on-marine biology, at your finger-tips.

Tiny Tour | North Shore

Tiny Tour | North Shore


The perfect beach for sand and swim! Big kids love to JUMP off of the famous Waimea Bay Rock, and Little ones can play in the sand, splash in the water, or (on a lucky day,) watch dolphins swim through the bay.

Tiny Tour | North ShoreTiny Tour | North Shore

Tiny Tour | North Shore

(My nine-year-old, Luke, surfing North Shore waves.)

Tiny Tour | North Shore

Our North Shore has a number of great, shorter hikes that even little ones can handle…
Once you climb up the trails, you can enjoy the view from the top! Or, if you’d prefer to stay on flatter grounds, we have a wonderful bike path/boardwalk that goes for miles…with peeks at the ocean and the surf, all along the way.

Tiny Tour | North Shore

5. SHAVE ICE. (of course!)
It’s just what you do when you’re in Hawaii.

Tiny Tour | North Shore Tiny Tour | North Shore

There are many different spots to choose from. But we recommend ordering it with the ice cream in the bottom, (and my boys love the “snow cap”–a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk on top!)


Tiny Tour | North Shore

We love our Farmer’s Market which is held every Thursday afternoon in Waimea Valley. There are also a couple on the weekend locally. The boys and I also stop by roadside stands to get tropical fruits, fresh coconut water, and sweet sugar cane to chew on! The locally grown flowers are pretty amazing too.

7. TURTLE WATCHING! Tiny Tour | North Shore

I can’t leave out the mentioning the HONU. (Honu is Hawaiian for sea turtle.) Our sea turtles are loved by both locals, and the tourists who come to visit. You can often find turtles sun-bathing right on public beaches.
Or if you prefer to swim with the turtles, jump in and go for it. There are laws against touching the turtles, or even getting closer than a few feet, but you can sure enjoy watching them. My fourteen year-old loves underwater photography, and he has a great collection of sea turtle photos, like this:

Tiny Tour | North Shore

If I had more space I’d begin to tell you about our favorite restaurants, and shops. (There are a lot!) Surf lessons, sky diving, deep sea fishing, and shark tours are just a few more fun activities to enjoy on the North Shore. I do keep a listing of our “North Shore Favorites” on the top menu bar of my blog, so feel free to visit here. I can promise you a visit to the North Shore of Oahu will not be disappointing!


You know that saying, “If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach, than you’re lucky enough”? We’re thinking this definitely applies today. To follow along with Monica and her cutest surf-boys head to the Grommom blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Find all our Tiny Tour series’ posts right here. Warning: Wanderlust to follow.

FRYday : Making 2014 Count

We’re back with the link-up we mentioned last week, and so excited to read everyone’s responses. We hope you’ll join us, and to do so, read this post for the prompts for the month, and keep reading for link-up instructions! Make 2014 Count

We each grabbed the questions we liked and we’re ready to take 2014 by storm and celebrate all along the way! (We’re thinking having confetti on hand wherever we go is a good start. Rocking pajamas is a close second.) Read all about it after the jump.  Read more

2014 favorite calendars

Welcome back, friends! We hope you all had wonderful holiday, we loved having a little breather, and got the itch to post more than once! We all had really kid-centric celebrations on the 31st and loved it, we’re really excited to share our resolutions tomorrow with you, but for today it’s all about starting out our years extra organized!

We all sort of live for a good calendar. As business partners we share a Google calendar (Calenmob is a great free iPhone app to sync it onto your phone’s calendar!) with all our important dates and events, and our editorial calendar for the month. On our own we each have our individual favorites. Jenna loves Rifle’s Cities calendar here. Emily has loved her giant Stendig calendar (already sold out for 2014, bummer!) and Nicole’s loving this Helvetica calendar/print, too!

Here’s six more that have caught our eye:

2014 calendar favorites


1. Dog lover or not, these sweet pup faces calendar is making us puppy hungry! // Via Shop Ruche.

2. This amazing illustrated calendar features animals each month that are known to mate for life. Cute cute cute! // Via Littlelow on Etsy.

3. Finnish shop Marimekko is the ultimate in bold patterns. Their calendar is no exception!

4. We must have pets on the brain, because here’s another bold and dare-we-say flawless animal calendar? You’ve gotta see all twelve months! // Via Loopz Art on Etsy

5. We’re huge fans of Caravan Shoppe and love their print-your-own option. This calendar of bikes and scooters is gorgeous and so cheery! (And only $5.00) // Via Caravan Shoppe.

6. This calendar features silly, but very real, holidays every month. From International Respect for Chickens Day to Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face month after month! // Via Dirty Bandits on Etsy.

Note: Our original list of about ten calendars got edited down quick, calendars are selling out all over the place, scoot quick to buy yours!

make it count 2014 link-up

Just popping in from our vacation to let you guys know that when we return we’ll have an awesome Fryday series with six other awesome bloggers, and YOU! (if you want to, of course.)

Make 2014 Count

Friday January 3rd, 2014 each of the hosting blogs will be posting:

1. Casey Wiegand
2. In Honor of Design
3. Kelli Murray
4. Oh Dear Drea
5. Little Baby Garvin
6. Summer Saldana
and Small Fry, too!

We’ll be answering one or more of the below prompts and linking up so that we can all ready one another’s responses.

1. What is something you want to change, or a goal you want to set for the New Year, and what is your plan for making it happen?
2. Many people choose a word to reflect on, live by, or aspire to for the New Year. Let us know your word, how you decided upon it, and how you hope to incorporate it into 2014.
3. I will make 2014 count by…

If you’d like to participate we’ll have details on the 3rd of how to link-up and be sure to use the #making2014count hash so we can share our messages via social networks as well!

We’re so excited to be more intentional with our goals for this year and to share them with one another! We’re excited to get to know our awesome readers and friends even better this year! See you in 2014!

Photo by Chelsey Searle for our Year Anniversary Post.

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