Small Fry Films : Alpine Meadows

With the weather cooling off, we can’t help but think back to warmer days. We’re happy to present Alpine Meadows, a film shot with Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films with Sydney and Everett Poulton of The Daybook.

Sydney is one of those rare gems where effortless beauty (no really, we’ve seen her roll out of bed looking gorgeous) meets quiet wisdom, and is punctuated by a hilarious sense of humor. You will not find a more genuine person, with more love to give, then Sydney. You can see it plain as day, isn’t that tiny Everett a lucky boy? One thing we so admire about her is the support she offers her husband. While he works full-time and attends school and studies until late in the evening, her attentive devotion to her boys is unwavering. Yet you’ll never hear her complain, unless it’s to offer sympathy for her hardworking partner. Sydney’s Daybook is a definite must read!

Follow along with her lifestyle and fashion blog The Daybook, and her day to day happenings via Instagram and Twitter (@sydneyliann) and Pinterest.

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FRYday : Nicole

Nic-FRYdayToday was a wonderful kind of day. Fall is here, the air was cold, wind and rain scattered through the day and the kids and I didn’t leave the house. I’m always grateful for all the adventures I get to take with them, but life is busy! It’s so incredible to take a day to cuddle on the couch and do nothing but kiss their faces and soak up being a momma. No distractions. I think i’ll do it all weekend long. I hope your Friday is wonderful! Happy Weekend!



ballet flats 3 ways

Nothing gives us greater craft-joy then upgrading simple basics. Today we tried out three simple techniques to give your girl (or your) flats a little extra something. We snagged these at H&M, but Joe Fresh has some perfect ones here, too. Here’s what you’ll do:

DIPPED //  For the asymmetrical gold dipped flats, all you need is painter’s tape and gold spray paint! Tape of your desired design and then cover the rest of the shoe with paper towel to avoid getting any over-spray. Let each coat dry, we only needed two, and then remove the tape! Easy, right?

ballet flats three ways

CONFETTIED // These were taken from our friend Kelly over at the flawless Studio DIY. We told her we had to make a mini-pair and she so sweet to let us snag her tutorial. Find the steps here.

TASSELED // We found this simple metallic gold cording at our local craft store. There are lots of techniques for making tassels, but we created an even easier way!tassle flat and miss j handmade headband Cut 5-6 strips of cording and then using a glue gun you’ll dot each one, one at a time, right in the middle. Then layer each piece of cord on top of one another, creating this sunburst shape. Then fold all the pieces down and wrap with the last piece of cording, glueing it in place. Then super glue the tassel in place on the shoe and you’re done!

how to make a tassel

So do you have a favorite? If you make these (or any of our other crafts) tag #SFprojects so we can check it out and share with everyone!

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✔H&M Flats with the bows removed

✔Glitter paper, gold cording, and gold spray paint found at Hobby Lobby.

✔Our model is sporting a Miss J Handmade headband, MJH launched their new site and fall line of blankets, leggings, headbands and more today, we’re loving the Big Dipper line.



halloween garlands

Happy October everyone! We have shaped this month’s line-up around easy crafts, activities and recipes. We’re all about cutting the Halloween corners so we can better enjoy all this season has to offer! First up, quick decor to make your house feel a little bit more festive.

Here’s what you’ll need:
halloween felt garlands

Maypole felt balls in black and green, String, paper, and scissors. That’s it! For the flying bat garland, string the row of black felt balls and then simply cut out a proportionate rectangle out of the black cardstock. Then take your scissors and cut out the wave pattern for the winged look and hot glue the paper on!

halloween felt garlands

For the witch hat garland, this will change depending on what you want to use it for. If it will be seen 3D, you can cut out a circle for the witch’s hat’s brim, and glue it to the top of the felt balls. Or, if it will be laying flat against a wall, this will make it look a little funky, so you can ditch the brim as we’ve done below, or cut out a half circle for the brim, leaving the back open to lay flat against whatever surface it is up against. We ditched the brim so that it would look great no matter if it was moved from wall to doorway. For the witch’s pointy hat, picture your card stock like a clock. You’ll want the shape to be as if the clock’s hands pointed to 9 and 4 o’clock. So a little less than a half circle, a little more than a quarter.

halloween felt garlands

Have you seen any super easy Halloween decor around lately? We’d love to see!

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poached pears

We’re thrilled to have Jessica Ellingsworth contributing the perfect Fall recipe today! She lives in Austin, Texas with her musician husband, two daughters, and son. She loves makeup artistry, interiors, travel, being in the kitchen with her kids, fashion, and exploring the streets of Austin for inspiration and the best food dives. She concocted this delicious (and pretty healthy!) recipe for poached pears and if ever blog posts needed a scent, today’s the day, because these are incredible!

cinnamon poached pears
“When I start seeing eight different varieties of pears at the market, I know Fall has finally arrived. Jessica of Mayvn here, and I am excited to share one of my family’s favorite ways to savor the season: poached pears. I chose Seckel pears because they are a small variety; just a tad bigger than an egg and the perfect size for kids. They are in season right now, and are naturally very sweet. Poaching them in a honey and spice infused liquid will satisfy any sweet cravings without added sugar. This recipe is foolproof — basically one step beyond boiling water — and will fill your home with the smell of vanilla and warm spices. My two year old son, Sam, loves his served with a dollop of plain yogurt!

6-8 Seckel pears (or any variety will do)
2 quarts of water
1/4 c. honey (optional, only use if a sweeter poaching liquid is desired)
1 whole vanilla bean, split and seeds scraped out, save the pod!
2 thin slices of fresh ginger
6 whole cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
1/2 of a lemon, sliced

Handful of raisins (optional)

Method: Peel and core pears while leaving the stem. I used a melon baller for coring,which made it super easy. cinnamon poached pearsLay the pears in a stock pot and cover with water. Toss in the vanilla (pod too!), spices, and lemon.cinnamon poached pears Cut a round piece of parchment paper to lay on the top. This will keep the pears submerged to ensure even poaching.cinnamon poached pearsBring it to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer. Add the honey and let them simmer for about 15-20 minutes — the small pears won’t take very long. They are ready when your whole kitchen smells like Christmas. Turn the heat off and throw in theraisins if desired, while the liquid is hot and they will get soft and plump.cinnamon poached pearsServe warm or cold and store in the poaching liquid in the fridge for up to 5 days. My girls love them in their school lunches with extra cinnamon on top.cinnamon poached pears**Note: Spices and additions to the poaching liquid can be adjusted according to your preferences. Try adding star anise, substituting orange instead of lemon, or steeping green tea bags; the options are limitless. These are so delicious, you’ll never want to buy another can of grocery store pears again!**”

cinnamon poached pears

Thanks again Jessica! Follow along with Jessica (we could stare at her gorgeous images all day!) on her Blog||Instagram ||Pinterest

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