Freshly Picked Giveaway!

We’ve got an awesome giveaway today for you from our friends at Freshly Picked! Last  year we hosted a giveaway to celebrate the launch of their camo pair and today we’re keeping with tradition and giving away the WHOLE line of camo including the new Camo Punch pattern. One lucky winner will get the whole line! Two pairs of moccasins: one in Camo Punch and one in Green Camo, plus matching tees for each! Check out this darling line in action:Freshly Picked Camo Line Freshly Picked Camo Line Freshly Picked Camo Line Freshly Picked Camo Line Freshly Picked Camo Line
Ready to enter? We’ll announce a winner next week, good luck!!

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Land of Nodtober pt. 4

This month has flown by and we are already to the week of Lately Lily’s Pop-up shop at the flagship Land of Nod store in Chicago! They’ll be picking the winners of the trip for 4 to Chicago and $1000 Land of Nod shopping spree – ENTER HERE! – along with hosting the party on October 25th! (We’ll be sharing the winner on our social media, so look out for that!) or those of you close enough to Chicago, here’s what’s in store for the party!Lately Lily Party in Chicago


Location: North & Clybourn Store 900 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
Time: 10-1pm

  • Learn how to draw Lily in one of her favorite Chicago destinations with the incredible author/illustrator Micah Player.
  • Decorate and pack your very own sunny yellow Suitcase and fill up your Passport activity book!
  • Announcement of the winner of the Delta Vacations giveaway for a family of four to Chicago + 1,000 Land of Nod Shopping Spree
  • Shop ’til you drop! They will have their book, activity set, flashcards in addition to a collection of 5 new tees called “The Traveling Girl”. This collection is really special because the designs are all about getting to know Lily as a person. Each tee is a glimpse into a different part of her personality.
  • Grab a party favor! A limited edition Lately Lily Halloween tote + Chicago City Guide illustrated by Micah Player (while supplies last)

And now for our last interview in our Nodtober series, with Michelle the managing director of Land of Nod!

Michelle Interview
We love Michelle’s two rules she never breaks: “Be kind and generous, everything else is up for grabs.” What a great motto!


We can’t wait to see all the details of the party unfold, both Lately Lily and Land of Nod both have cultivated a culture of magic and wonderment as Michelle states and those two ideals will make one heck of a party!


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halloween party

Are you throwing a Halloween party this month? We’ve got two tips to make your hosting gig that much easier. First, start with this Halloween Party Kit via Land of Nod!
Land of Nod Halloween Party Collection Kit

We love how you can buy the whole collection in one neat kit, or pieces to fill what you have on hand already. Like these witch cups!

Land of Nod Halloween Party Collection KitLand of Nod Halloween Party Collection Kit

Or these amazing gold foil napkins! You can have a super stylized setting or minimal with touches of color and pattern, you choose!

Land of Nod Halloween Party Collection Kit

We’ve found that sourcing all the materials for parties is usually the most overwhelming part of hosting (running to multiple stores with kids is never fun!) so we love this shortcut. Land of Nod Halloween Party Collection Kit
And for our second tip, you need to try out these party hats. They are super easy, bright and festive! We’ve also made matching 3D balloons  that would be perfect for this too, find that post here. 

Halloween Party Hats!Land of Nod Halloween Party Collection Kit

And here’s how you’ll make these hats at home! Download the hat template at the bottom of the post, either directly onto the color of paper you want, or by tracing it.

Halloween Party Hats!

Punch holes or cut slits for the ribbon or elastic, and then add the face decorations and accessories!

Halloween Party Hats!

  • For the pumpkin, yellow triangle eyes and a toothy grin, with a green stem on top.
  • The ghost gets black eyes and smile.
  • For the bat, tape or glue wings to each sides.
  • For Frankenstein, use a black marker for the stitches, circles of black paper for eyes and the neck screws.

Halloween Party Hats!

Download the template below! Tag us #smallfryDIY if you whip these up this Halloween!

All tees C/O the shop & Apparel! Might we recommend this “Boo Yah” t-shirt is to compliment the theme?

Party Hat Template

Make Your Own Rainstorm

We have the most amazing local interactive museum that opened earlier this summer called the Museum of Natural Curiosity. We took a tour for their grand opening and the boys talked about it for weeks afterward! We kept hearing that it was packed with excited kids the rest of the summer, so we avoided going even though we were being begged often. Now that school is back in session, we were itching to go again during regular elementary school hours to get another peek with less chaos. Every square inch of the museum is something educational and interactive, and almost all of the exhibitions are about nature. So on the way up to the museum, we pulled out our boys’ favorite DIYs to prep them for a day of learning!
First up, the Cloud Guide! With our trusty cookie sheet, this DIY works awesome even on the go! Just grab a bag of cotton balls, a glue stick, and the printable (download below!) Then glue right onto the paper and stick the cotton balls on accordingly!

Cloud Guide Printable

This one is fun because you can explain what each cloud represents for weather and then have your kids pick out the types of clouds they see along the route! For reference:

Cumulus: the “fair weather” cloud. Puffy cotton-ball looking clouds, which sometimes appear with flat bottoms, are a sign of good weather!

Cumulonimbus: a vertically built cloud that usually brings lighting, storms and blizzards in the Winter!

Nimbostratus: the rain cloud! Gray and and cotton candy like, these carry rain wherever they go.

Stratocumulus: another dark gray cloud that travels in bunches. It usually comes at the beginning of a storm and is the “sprinkle” cloud, where you’ll only feel little droplets of water.

Cloud Printable

Hayes loved putting this together and after talking about each cloud, he absolutely lit up each time we were able to point one out through the window. This DIY made him even that much more excited to get to the museum, if that was possible! There are several weather-related exhibits there, so we talked about how the skies can tell us a lot about what to expect each day to tie it all together. Seeing them make those connections is always so rewarding as a parent, isn’t it?

Since you can’t have a nimbostratus cloud without rain, we brought out the rain sticks for the drive, too! Here’s how you’ll do this one:

Rain Sticks DIY

Grab an empty paper towel or wrapping paper tube and cover it with tape!

Rain Sticks DIYBefore closing off the top, fill it with rice for a sprinkle, popcorn kernels for a Spring shower, and marbles for a serious storm.

Rain Sticks DIY

For thunder, simply clap the two sticks together … the boys love this part. After touring the exhibits about windstorms, earthquakes and a feature all about flooding, Hayes was  anxiously checking out the museum windows to see what the sky had in store for us! He was disappointed to see nothing but blue skies upon our exit, so needless to say we had a lot of fun making our own rainstorm in the car on the way home!

Rain Sticks

These two crafts are household favorites of ours and really get curiosity peeked about the weather. It makes for great conversation and great observation while we’re on the road!

The Museum of Natural Curiosity serves up so much inspiration every time we go there. Here are some of our favorite exhibits! Photos by Alyssa Vincent.

This content was created in partnership with Ford to help make creativity a part of every drive.

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kid costumes : say anything

Here’s our last costume inspired by our favorite movies growing up, we’re sad to see this fun little Halloween series go! Say Anything is just about as old as we are, and still such a classic.
say anything kid's halloween costumesay anything kid's halloween costume

A bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, a diamond ring, and holding a boom box playing a love ballad over your head. All acceptable forms of the expression of love. Thank you Lloyd Dobler! Here’s how you can recreate the famous coming of age romance.

Say Anything Kids Halloween Costumes


For Lloyd you’ll need a trench coat (this is Emily’s with the sleeves tacked up) but this trench is perfect and sized just right! Then some elastic ankle trousers and sneakersChecker Vans are pretty classic, too! For costumes that are sourced mostly from your closet, adding something like make-up or even spraying their hair adds a little extra special festivity. Then grab a cardboard box for your boom box-turned-candy-holder!

Say Anything Kids Halloween Costumes


For the boom box, cut a slot at the top of the box, then grab acrylic paint in black and white and start painting! You can tape on a handle or even poke wholes on each side and use string to make it more of a messenger style bag!


Say Anything Kids Halloween Costumes

Diane is a hard studying, my dad is my best friend type, and Lloyd insists on helping her enjoy her Summer before heading off to four more years of studying. With flowers in her hair and a sweet white dress, Diane is forever seared into our memory. We enlisted the ultra talented Dream Catcher Baby for this dress (check out her killer selection here!) and topped her off with some simple white sneakers and a hair clip filled with glued-on white blooms. Say Anything Kids Halloween Costumes

We hope you enjoyed a little blast from the past! What movies would you add to our list? You may just see them next year. 😉


We recently gave Instantly Framed – an app where you can print, frame and ship your favorite photos – a try and were so impressed! With the Holidays coming we love the idea of printing meaningful photos, giving them a beautiful matte and high quality frame. Sending them off to your loved ones, all without leaving your couch. Is their a better gift than that? They’re offering $10 off one frame or $20 off two by entering “CISMALLFRY10” at check-out! We’ll be sharing ours later today @smallfryblog. Download the free app and check it out! The code is good through the weekend, so don’t miss out on this awesome deal!