One last love-themed project before we the big day tomorrow! LOVE BOTS! Save your next online shopping score’s box and you can make this one in five minutes or less.

love bots made out of a a cardboard box

Grab some duct tape, scissors and your box and you’re ready to go! Cut out a hole for your kid’s head and arms, serated knives work best for this part, then time to decorate! The best part about striping with duct tape is that it looks precise and clean with minimal effort. Start at the top and work you way down alternating colors. Then grab a contrasting color to add a little heart and time to play!

love bots made out of a a cardboard box

What’s that you need more robots? Sure thing:

robot finds for your baby

1. Robot Mobile in eco plastic via DasWoodDesign on Etsy. 2. Robot sleep-sack via Gap. 3. Printable DIY Robots from Caravan Shoppe 4. Two piece Robot PJs via Gap 5 & 6. Two onesie options via Old Navy here and here. 7. Robot plush toy via Smallable 8. Robot Dress via Stardust Kids 9. Robot Rug via Kohl’s 10. Robot pillow via Land of Nod 11. Robot bedding via Sheldon. 12. Robot Backpack from Amazon.

Is it just us or every time we see a robot we’re singing “Our mental synchronization can have but one explanation…”? Spring, come quick!! We gotta get outside more.

Heart-Shaped Pitas with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

We have a gorgeous easy recipe just in time for Valentine’s Day! Our kids love hummus so we’re excited to see how to make it at home! Welcome, Oh So Delicioso!

“Hi Small Fry readers! Aubrey here from Oh So Delicioso. We are a cooking lifestyle blog sharing recipes, cooking tips, holiday fun and generally foodie love. Yet somehow one of our love/hate relationships with holidays is the food…baked goods, sweet treats and sugary drink! So good right?! But oh my, so not healthy. We are all about having a happy medium with food. Enjoying a sweet treat here and there is nice, but there has to be a balance.

We have a healthy yet festive Valentine’s option for you today. Switch out those heart suckers for some heart pita chips dipped in Roasted Red Pepper Hummus! With a mild tang and smoky smooth flavor, the whole family will fall in love.

healthy Valentine's Day snack: red pepper hummus and heart pita chips

We are big hummus fans over here. From Pesto Hummus, Layered Greek Hummus, to Traditional Hummus, we love it all. If you haven’t tried hummus before, don’t be afraid. It’s basically a bean dip with some sass. Typically made from garbanzo beans or chickpeas (the same thing, two names), but you can also sub Great Northern White Beans and just use slightly less water. So really it is a bean dip. Just try it already.healthy Valentine's Day snack: red pepper hummus and heart pita chips

And get your kids to eat it! Incredibly healthy and loaded with protein! If you are going low-carb style then skip the pita bread and load up your veggies.

Ingredients for Roasted Red pepper hummus

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

2 (16oz) cans of Garbanzo Beans, rinsed and drained
1 large Red Pepper, roasted and seeded
1 ½ large Lemons, juiced
2 T Tahini Paste
¾ C Water
2 Garlic Cloves
2 tsp Cumin
Salt to taste
(optional garnishes: red pepper flakes, cilantro, red onion, or pine nuts)

Roast your red bell pepper either under a broiler or over an open flame gas stove. When skin is blackened, allow pepper to cool in a paper bag. Remove from bag and peel off majority of black areas. (It’s ok if some remains, it will add to the smoky flavor.) Remove stem and seeds, if you haven’t already. In a large blender or food processor place all ingredients. Pulse until smooth. Add more salt or lemon juice to taste. It’s totally normal if you have to scrape the sides and pulse it a few extra times for an extra smooth hummus. Pour into a bowl and garnish as desired. Serve with pita chips, pita bread, or vegetables for dipping. Store refrigerated.

Heart Shaped Pita Chips

Heart Shaped Pita Chips Recipe

Pita bread
Garlic Seasoning Salt

Break pita bread in half, then separate by opening up the bread into a pocket. You should have 4 pieces. With a small heart shaped cookie cutter, press firmly into each side cutting out hearts. Line a baking tray with foil, and align the hearts. Brush each side with the oil and sprinkle with a little garlic salt. Bake at 350 degrees F for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown. Serve with Hummus.

healthy Valentine's Day snack: red pepper hummus and heart pita chips

Share with loved ones and enjoy your healthy Valentines!
xoxo- Aubrey and all the Oh So Girls

Gorgeous, right? Thanks Aubrey!!

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Browsing not recommended when you’re hungry, you’ve been warned.

Alt Summit 2014 Recap

This year we admittedly bit off more than we should chew with our week with Cricut + Alt Summit. With the Cricut Explore Launch Party at the beginning of the week, planning, creating and decorating a sponsor dinner, teaching two roundtables, hosting a craft lounge, we were so swamped! This is no exaggeration, we had time to attend only bits and pieces of a few panels. Why do we do this to ourselves? It’s that “Dream Big” motto we’re always chanting, we suppose.

Alt was such a great opportunity to meet friends we’ve been in correspondence with for the past year. To represent the companies that we believe in like Cricut, and to learn and be inspired by the amazing talent that this genre of publishing represents.

Here’s a few pictures we gathered along the way for those who are interested!

Cricut Explore Cocktail Party:

Getting ready with Mandi, Susan and Alison // Mirror Shot (All clothing details at the bottom of this post!)

Small Fry + Cricut Explore

Settling in for Alt, do we have enough luggage? // Alt’s color scheme was speaking our love language. P.S. For pictures from our Cricut sponsor dinner head here.

Small Fry at Alt

A close-up of those Ulive photobooths. We can’t help it, we’re like moths to a flame! // We salute you Willow Smith, whipping it is harder than it looks.

Small Fry at Alt

Thursday! Check us out in Flipboard‘s favorite bloggers at Alt picture book. We were dying, and so grateful to be included! They interviewed us too, if you want to read it we’ll post it after the jump!


We were so lucky to have our dear friends Kayti and Ashleigh of the BeYOUty Bureau come up and do our make-up for the evening. They recently launched a inner and outer beauty YouTube page and we’re loving all their tutorials. Subscribe here. And follow along via Instagram here.

Small Fry at Alt

That night was Cricut’s huge Green Party. We were sworn to secrecy on the real theme, which was a bug-filled garden party. It was as if you lived in Honey We Shrunk the Kids. Everything was giant and amazing! See all the details here.

Small Fry at Alt


Friday was all about the Craft Lounge, we designed and printed the craft using our new Cricut Explore machines, made enough for a house full of Alt attendees, and then crafted the afternoon away! We’ll have the Constellation Garland we created for the lounge available on Cricut’s Design Space at the end of this month!

Small Fry at Alt

Here’s a look at the Lounge Cricut created! This was awesome! We pitched them a storyboard and the idea of “Head in the Clouds” and they executed it. Now that’s the way to do Alt!

Small Fry Cricut Craft LoungeIf you made it this far, congrats! You might be wondering what happened to the Friday mini-parties? We decided it was time to head home and see our families after a long, long week, so we skipped Friday evening’s festivities. Sorry, we know that’s no fun, but we feel great about it!

Keep reading for a shopping list of our Alt outfits and a look at our interview for Flipboard!

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Small Fry + Cricut Alt Dinner

Our week could’ve started and ended with this dinner. It was such a highlight, we met so many wonderful people, and celebrated an exciting new chapter with our dear friends at Cricut. Here’s a peek at our dinner with Cricut at Caffe Molise in Salt Lake City. (Try the Brown Butter Butternut Squash Ravioli, whoa.) Huge thank you to the amazing Becky Kimball for taking all these beautiful photos! You can catch all the festivities and how everyone has been using the Explore on their #explorecricut hash tag.

The table, with a gorgeous garland by Lizy’s Lilies.

Black, White and Green Dinner Party

The menus were hand-written by Cassie from @theprintshop and then Jenna loaded the images into Cricut’s Design Space and this machine simultaneously cut the menu out, and wrote all the text, in one pass. Every letter every flourish was written by the Cricut Explore, tt’s truly remarkable!

menu made with the cricut explore

Succulents for everyone take home from from the dream world that is Sun River Gardens in Orem, Utah. It’s a beautiful nursery and gift shop and it is our happy place.

succulents at dinner party

Heather rocking our vine crown (another project designed and created using the Explore!) and showing off the menu.

Paper Crowns for each Guest

Emily, Jenna and Nicole, happily hosting! We had an all-black dress code and everyone looked so chic. Shopping guide after the jump!Black and White party

We loved how these 3 foot balloons from TomKat Studios instantly added a festive feeling to our green table decor.

Small Fry + Cricut Alt Dinner

Becky took a step outside to catch the whole scene. You can catch a little shadowed glimpse of our cloud and rain drop garlands cut with, you guessed it, the Explore!

Small Fry + Cricut Alt Dinner

A birds eye of the table lined with mercury glass votives.

Black White and Green Party

Our dinner was such a good time. Lively conversation was happening at every turn and friends were made instantly.

center piece of long garland and 3 foot balloons

A peek at the gift box we had for each guest. It was a killer grouping (see this post for a breakdown of each item), but Cricut’s surprise stole the show…

Small Fry + Cricut Alt Dinner

After dinner we had each guest blow up a balloon, and then pop it!

Surprise Gift hidden in the balloon!

Where they found a voucher for a complimentary Cricut Explore for each of them!

Small Fry + Cricut Alt Dinner

Cheers were shouted, neighboring diners were startled, and we hear even a few tears were shed. We totally get it, for an avid crafter, a small business owner, for someone who just wants an easy way to make a project happen, the Cricut Explore truly changes the game. It makes your wildest creative dreams a reality, and as you’ll see over the next year of posts, we’ve had an absolute ball incorporating it into our crafting and blog content.

Guests react to their free Explore!

We weren’t sure how long we would be able to dine with Cricut’s inspiring CEO, Asish. Luckily we showed him a good enough time that he stayed the whole evening with us! His career and background are impressive to say the least, so when he says that bringing Cricut to this new level of creativity as a lifestyle has been his favorite project so far is so exciting!


To the awesome staff at Caffe Molise, our second family at Cricut, and our thirty incredible guests, THANK YOU! We hope you had as great a night as we did!

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Small Fry + Cricut Alt Dinner Gift Boxes

We relish in giving a great party favor, which is usually a box full of our favorite things to share with our guests. We love watching their faces as they pull each item out and of course the key to a great gift box is great vendors to fill it with.

Here’s what we put in the box for Cricut’s Alt Summit Sponsor Dinner:Small Fry Dinner Swag

1. The Harlow Drop earring by ILY Couture. On super sale for only $9.99! // @ILYcouture

2. Artianguis is a local artist who does pottery, design and also makes these super cool handmade geometric notebooks. // @cherylynmonroe

3. There’s a local shop, Soel Boutique, in Provo, Utah that is a go-to for pretty much all of our friends. It’s like Anthropologie but only the good stuff condensed into a smaller shop. They carry an awesome variety of Baggu bags, easy foldable bags for on-the-go, and we loved this black and gray llama one for our guests! // @soelboutique (awesome outfit-idea posts daily!)

4. Agnes and Dora leggings. Softest leggings on the planet, you’ll never want to take them off. Seriously, that’s all that needs to be said. But, it could also be said that they have a killer array of prints and graphics for every mood. // @agnesanddora

5. Stance makes the coolest socks, period. Can a sock be considered luxe, because Stance’s would be the first. These socks are a cotton/mesh combo so when you slip your foot some of the sock is sheer It turns and everyday striped sock into something feminine and dare-we-say sexy? // @stancesocks

6. We’ve shared our love for Utah-based boutique (we wish we lived closer!) Koo De Ker a couple times – see our outfits from there here, and fashion-blogger super star Cara Loren’s last year when she had like 2,000 followers not 200,000! KDK gifted our guests this chic black and gold bangle. // @koodeker, the shop owner Kyong has the most flawless style and we love seeing her daily outfit posts. Even better, if you like something but don’t live in SLC, she’ll ship anywhere!

7. Lucky ducks all got a print from Skoope Home! If you’re like us and love all things black and white, don’t miss Skoope’s impressive collection of prints and calendars for the home. They’re just perfect. // @skoopehome

8. Last, but certainly not least, Maypole Felt Balls! We’ve incorporated this home decor basic necessities into pretty much every project and social function and we couldn’t do things like this without the support of companies like Maypole! // @hellomaypole

Then of course we can’t forget Cricut’s amazing gift to each guest, a Cricut Explore! Head to this post to see a recap of the whole dinner and some pretty priceless faces of our winners. But first, don’t miss Cricut’s hilarious new promo video. We’ve all been there!