Have we adequately voiced how much our boys love superheroes? So much. In fact, most of the day they are dressed as them, and for moments when they’re soaring from couch cushion to couch cushion, casting webs and you catch that look of joy and determination in their eyes, it’s plain to see: they believe they ARE Spider-man. They have amassed quite the collection from our favorite (and theirs!) stop, Target. Earning a new toy, and a trip to Target is such a happy time for each of them, and an easy way to enlist help around the house and added responsibilities. Each time they all pull out their gear to play, it reminds me of a bittersweet memory a couple of years ago.

Spiderman | Anti Bullying

Spiderman Full Costume // Dash’s Shirt // Spiderman Figurine

We were all spending the afternoon at the park as we often do. Stretched out on blankets, snacking on fruit and enjoying the sunshine. The playground was more crowded than usual and we lost sight of the boys more than a time or two, before they’d run back around to say hi.

I hadn’t seen Hayes in awhile so I walked around the slides and monkey bars to find him, when I spotted him through slats in a fenced walkway, surrounded by bigger boys. These boys pretended they couldn’t see or hear him, but would not move. He tried to wiggle under their legs, but they put their knees on his back to trap him. He whimpered and they laughed. At this point I was running to Hayes, my heart pounding, when Quinn and Dash and a couple of the other park buddies swooped in. They bulldozed through the boys, yelling “We’ll save you, Hayes!” Honestly, I’m thinking it was all part of an elaborate heroes and bad guys role-play activity, that was taken too far.

Spiderman at Target

Spiderman in Black // Spiderman Muscle Suit // Spiderman Figurine

After what felt like hours, I finally got to him. The big boys had heard me calling after Hayes (and them!) and had disbanded out of sight. Really, I didn’t even care, I just wanted to hold Hayes. I tried not to make it a big deal, to make him feel even more scared, but I couldn’t help it. My eyes welled with stinging tears and every muscle in my body was shaking.

It took me much longer than it did Hayes to quiet my heightened emotions, but I still get a lump in my throat when I think of Hayes’ brave friends who whisked in and saved him, even though they too were much smaller than the obstacle at hand. We all praised them each for being so brave, just like Spiderman, for standing up for those who couldn’t do so for themselves.Spiderman | Anti Bullying Of course, all three of them have been bullied, all three of them have had moments where no one was around to help them, but all three of them chose not to pass that hurt onto the next. Everytime they choose kindness and peace, I’d like to think that it was the superhero in them! All those Target trips paid off. ;)

Spiderman at Target

Dash’s Shirt // Spiderman Figurine

We have talked nearly since the beginning of Small Fry about addressing bullying, it’s a sadness we all deal with as parents on one side or another. We’ve discussed the many angles we could take, how we can really help. One thing we’re certain of, it starts with us. Me and you. I know I could stand to talk and think more kindly, to stand up for the little guy, and befriend the lonely. They always say children learn by watching, more than listening. As we navigate how to take on such a sensitive subject we’d love to hear your thoughts! What has worked for you in teaching this topic to your kids? How have you handled situations where your little one has been bullied, or been the bully?

This post is sponsored by Target. More Spider-Man, More Amazing: Blur the lines of fantasy and reality with your favorite superheroes at Target.

Kid Quote Tote

Our next DIY in our string of Mother’s Day ideas is this Kid Quote Tote! Things our kids say that make us cry, laugh, or laugh until we cry. Next time you hear one, jot it down and then you can whip out this tote in a few minutes using the Cricut Explore. Don’t have one yet? You still have one more day to enter to win your own Explore, plus $1700 more in goods, right here. But, back to the tote! This quote comes from young Dash, who melts hearts on the daily with this phrase.

Kid Quote Tote for Mother's Day!

Here’s how you’ll do it:

– Grab a tote (you can buy one at any craft store!) and iron out all the creases.

– Then upload this project onto your Cricut Explore and cut it onto Cricut’s Iron-On (it will guide you how to insert it, but face-down, and click the mirror image button)

-Once it’s cut, weed out the middles leaving the conversation bubble and empty letters.

– Place the image on your tote, then using a super hot iron, seal it to the fabric. This takes a few minutes so keep at it if any of the edges peel up at all.

Kid Quote Steps

Then once its firmly secured, you’re ready to go! This would make the best gift for a mom, grandma, or friend. With the Cricut Explore it is easy as can be and you can edit and put in new quotes for everyone on your list!

Kid Quote Tote for Mother's Day!

We debated on a couple quote ideas for this one. How about when Hayes was trying to butter mom up for a popsicle and said “Mom, you’re looking really like Elsa today!” or Quinn’s latest tear- jerker “I’ve always wanted to be in a family!”

Kid Quote Tote for Mother's Day!

What would you put on your tote?


fairy princess kit

We’re always thrilled to be crafting with Scotch® Duct Tape and we’re back with them today using their new designs for Summer! We really stretched the limits today and created a DIY for the dress-up loving princesses in your life. And even better for you moms, you can wear them around all day Mother’s Day to assume your rightful position as Queen for the day!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Duct Tape Princess Kit

  • Cardboard scraps
  • A 1/2 inch diamater wooden dowel rod
  • Scotch® Duct Tape rolls in Purple Paisley, Metallic Cheetah and Neon Green.

First up, the crown:

Cut out two pieces of rectangular cardboard, taking zig zag notches out of the tops of both. Lay side by side, notches pointing in the same direction. Then cover both sides with the Metallic Cheetah tape, using tape to connect the two pieces. Once it’s covered and combined, go through each rib of the cardboard and bend to create the rounded shape.

Duct Tape Crown DIY

Now for the wings! Cut out two identical tear drop shaped wings and cover with tape. Connect the two wings with two pieces of duct tape stuck together. The best part about this duct tape is it’s strong as can be so you can tape down rubber bands, or ribbons to tie around their arms to keep the wings in place.

Duct Tape Fairy Wings DIY



For the wand all you need to do is tape the dowel up and down with the Purple paisley. Then attach the dowel to the a star shaped piece of cardboard. Tape the star with the neon yellow simultaneously attaching the dowel to the star.

Duct Tape Fairy Princess Kit

Now you’re all set!

Duct Tape Fairy Princess Kit

Follow along with some seriously amazing projects on the Scotch® Duct Tape Pinterest Boards and Scotch® Duct Tape Twitter for when they update on new projects and products!

We are proud to be a 3M- sponsored blog, and, as part of our responsibilities, we get the opportunity to evaluate new products from Scotch® Duct Tape. Opinions are our own and additional product used in the project were selected by Small Fry.

handprint flower

We’ve got a few more Mother’s Day gift ideas up our sleeve before the big day this weekend, and this one is a classic: the handprint flower! We love fresh flowers, but these will last a lot longer and will always be a reminder of your kids each year. Make a whole bouquet for a print or card and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, thoughtful and easy gift.

Handprint Flower - Mother's Day

No surprise here, but kids love to make these prints! First, cover their little hands with paint:

Handprint Flower - Mother's Day

Create the flower by spreading out each finger:

Handprint Flower - Mother's Day

Clean hands and add stems:


Handprint Flower - Mother's DayAnd leaves:

Handprint Flower - Mother's Day

Let it dry:


Handprint Flower - Mother's Day


And hang it up!

Handprint Flower - Mother's Day


Update: for those who asked about where to find the toys on the shelves, we included links after the jump! Read more

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Oh mothers, do we have a doozy for you today! We’ve teamed up with the ultra stylish mom and kid fashion blog Lunchpails & Lipstick to bring one lucky winner all of this amazing loot. It is valued at over $2000 and filled with all our favorite things.


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3. Now that you’ll have all these new things to carry around, how about a giant carry-all beach bag from Hayden Reis? Stripes forever$144

4 You’ve heard us (and everyone you know) rave about the Clairisonic Mia. Spa Trouve is hooking you up so can see what all the hype is about. $120

5. Sonnet James makes play dresses for women! The kind you never want to take off, the kind that unrumple out of the clean clothes bin and look great no matter what. $98

6. Hobo has made the most beautful leather wallets for as long as we can remember, and we  each have a pretty heft collection, but this Lauren wallet in Rose Garden is making us feel like we might need one more. $128

7. Albion Fit is gifting $100 to this year’s winner to buy whatever you need. Whether it’s fitness apparel a swim suit for you or your little gal, they’ve got you covered! $100

8. A sweet everyday necklace that looks anything but ordinary by StellaBella Boutique! $20

9. Yosi Samra’s flats are so great for the woman on the go. They fold up nice and small so you can keep them in your bag for when you need to switch out your heels for something more practical. They look great and give you that added polish to even the most basic outfits. $130

10. Whether you have the space for a garden, or barely enough room for all your shoes, everyone can use these darling little micro green growing kits from Uncommon Goods! $50

11. Every mom needs something that can hold her thoughts, her plans, her schedule, and her needs. This planner from Personal-Planner.com makes it all custom depending on how many kids you have, their ages, your interests (fitness, shopping etc.) and so much more. $30

12. House dresses are the most underrated article of clothing. Flowing, roomy, yet still flattering, this house dress can go anywhere! Via Henry Mack$85

13. You can usually spot a mother a mile away, with kind and tired eyes, but stretch marks? We can do without those! This unbelievable cream from VitaMedMD works miracles! $135

14. A Cricut Explore! The Explore has changed the way we craft and create and helped us make holidays and special occasions even more special without a lot of effort. $300

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