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Congratulations to Esther for winning this giveaway!

We have an awesome giveaway brought to you by Petit Collage today! We’ve shared our love for Petit Collage before here, but just highlighting one of their awesome products doesn’t do them justice! Their so-sweet minimal and modern collection is filled to the brim with pieces that have that retro feel that is so hard to find done well.

Founder Lorena Siminovich, who is a mother to one and author and illustrator of 20+ books, takes her upbringing in Buenos Aires, her new life in San Francisco and combines all these influences to create a truly unique aesthetic. Today, Petit Collage is offering one lucky reader $150 towards anything in their shop! Here are some of our favorites:


From wooden wall decor, to beautifully crafted mobiles, puzzles, and dolls, you could easily decorate a room or two, and add to your collection of beautiful keepsake toys and games. Ready to try your luck?

To enter:

Visit Petit Collage and let us know what you’d buy with your $150 credit!

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Follow Petit Collage on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow Small Fry on Facebook // Instagram @smallfryblog // Pinterest // Twitter // leaving additional comments for each.

This giveaway is open until Thursday June 13th at 11:59 pm MST. A winner will be notified via email, good luck!

cereal box jet packs

Our boys are really into super heroes lately. (Do they ever grow out of this? Summer Blockbuster movie themes would suggest no.) Needless to say this super fast five minute project upped our cool points.

cereal box, duct tape, diy, boys, jet pack

Here’s what you need:

cereal box, duct tape, diy, boys, jet pack
We are really loving Scotch Duct Tape’s new colorful line and have found loads of uses for it so far! We used some colorful rolls, some empty cereal boxes, tissue paper and ribbon and a couple empty toilet paper rolls!

cereal box, duct tape, diy, boys, jet pack

All you need to do is cover the box in tape, affix some ribbon arm straps, tape on the halved toilet rolls, stuff with tissue paper, and you’ve got yourself a real deal super hero!

Small Fry Films: Field Trip

We are so excited (and lucky!) to share this film with you today! Created with Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films for Samson, Eleanor and their mama Naomi, better known by the world wide web as Taza, a nickname given to her by her husband Josh. It means “tea cup” in Spanish, and we think Josh is spot on in this sweet moniker. Naomi is feminine and graceful; as we tread blocks and blocks through the city, she seemed to dance. She is traditional and classic, refined and warm. All the things a Taza would be. As we watched and talked with her there was one thing we all took away: Naomi puts her family above all else, at all times, and her priority and focus on her children cannot be derailed.

She talked with us about her daily struggles, heartaches, hopes and worries, she said that she leads the same sort of life that everyone else does, it’s realistic and regular. But, she chooses to focus on the positive, both online and in her everyday. It is no act, it is an extension of who she is at the very core.

We so admired her long standing desire to raise a family. It guided her every move, even as a teenager, it gave purpose and meaning to her life’s path up until that moment Eleanor was born, then a mere sixteen months later when Samson joined their family, and everyday after it.  Although some friends, instructors, and administrators questioned this dedication to a concept far off into the the future, she held firm to that desire while at Juilliard and after graduating.  She told us that wanting something so badly helps her cherish it more fully now that it is here.

Naomi is a rare find, she is every bit as lovely as she seems, and watching her commitment to her little family inspired us to be a little better than we were before.

Find Naomi on her blog, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest feeds.

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stars & stripes for tops & toes

We can’t say enough about Independence Day, and we’re already counting down the days! It is such a magical holiday, so full of excitement and pride, it is easily one of our favorites. We love to dress up extra patriotically and while you’ll find lots of options in stores, why not recycle an old tee, or pair of sneakers and make your own?
4th of july, patriotic, kids, paradeHere’s what what you’ll need:

Paint brushes, tanks and sneakers (we got these at Kmart – $7 for the kicks, $3 for the tanks), spray paint and acrylic paint!

4th of july, patriotic, kids, parade
We made two kinds of tanks, one with spray paint and one with regular acrylic. You can tape off your lines, or freehand, either look super cool!
4th of july, patriotic, kids, parade
Read the step by step instructions after the jump!
4th of july, patriotic, kids, parade

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one more mushroom design tips

We’re so excited to have Meta of One More Mushroom on Small Fry today to share her knowledge and tips about interior design for kids. Meta has the most incredible style and we can’t help but drool every time she shows glimpses of her home on her blog or Instagram. She recently designed the awesome “Henrik” bed you see in these photos, which is now for sale here! Designing for children’s spaces can be tricky, we’re excited to share her know-how with you!

Here’s what Meta has to say:
“I am an interior designer and a budding children’s furniture designer. I really enjoy decorating for children, they are so creative, fun and carefree. I love expressing their personalities through their spaces.Interior Tips

Here are a few tips I use when decorating children’s spaces:

1. Pick furniture they can grow into. When decorating children’s spaces I like to pick furniture that is fun but with a modern clean design. For example, The Henrik Bed was designed with the idea that it could be in any bedroom in the house and that hopefully Henrik will want to take it with him when he goes away to college.

2. Keep the walls neutral. I usually keep the walls white (sometimes gray). A room can be too busy and dark if you add color on the walls. White walls reflect so much light on dark dreary days. Add color and pattern in the accessories and toys.

children's interiors

3. Don’t worry about having everything match. Pick items that you love and make it work in your space. If everything matches, side table, bed, etc. it looks like it’s from a catalog and not like someone actually lives in the space. You want the space to feel loved and lived in.

4. Use the child’s interests when thinking of the design. For example, in my son Henrik’s room he loves pirates, ships and exploring. So I wallpapered one wall in his room with the Ralph Lauren Out to Sea wallpaper. It makes him feel like he had a say in the design and that is important and a fun way to show him his opinion matters.henrik2

5. Have fun with patterns and accessories. Here is where you can really have fun and be wild. Add color and pattern in the bedding, curtains, accessories and toys. Pick patterns and colors that will work well with each other. Patterns with varying size and complimentary colors work best together.”

Thanks Meta! Isn’t that bed gorgeous? She’s offering 10% off to readers here.

Photography by Meta Coleman Ashley Thalman.

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