lucky charms garland

With St. Patrick’s right around the corner, here’s a super quick garland to add to your decor! Here’s how you’ll do it:Lucky Charm Garland | St. Patrick's Day All you need is card stock, twine, and tape! We used 4 inches as a general rule for cutting so they would all end up roughly the same size. Cutting favorite charms like a horseshoe, heart, stars, wishbone, moon and of course a four leaf clover! We’re not sure how they’re lucky, but if they made it into the cereal, they’re good enough for us!Lucky Charm Garland | St. Patrick's Day Then tape or glue it to the twin and stick up for extra luck this month.Lucky Charm Garland | St. Patrick's DayStay tuned for more lucky ideas this week!Lucky Charm Garland | St. Patrick's DayNeed more?

Lucky Popcorn // A Scavenger Hunt for that Pot of Gold // Green Slushies //St.Patricks

baymax birthday party!

For the party of freshly turned 3 year old Sunny, there is only one theme suitable theme: Big Hero 6. Here’s a peek at the awesome spread Nicole prepared for him for his big day!

Welcome to San Fransokyo!Big Hero 6 Party: Dinner SpreadSteam some rice and edamame, pick up your favorite Chinese Food take out and hit your local Asian market for yummy drinks and snacks! Take out boxes and chopsticks included of course.Big Hero 6 Party: Dinner SpreadLike Banana Milk with Strawberry Boba, perhaps?Big Hero 6 Party: Strawberry Banana BobaPocky Sticks, Mango and Lychee juice boxes and hard candy, too!Big Hero 6 Party: San Fransokyo SpreadFortune cookies with Baymax’s favorite encouragement, Ba La La La La.Big Hero 6 Party: Baymax Fortune Cookies


The cake was a no-brainer, Nicole used a favorite local bakery, ordered their simple $12 8 inch round cake and they added the eyes free of charge. Awesome!

Big Hero 6 Party: Baymax Cake

For activities, there isn’t anything better than a birthday party Piñata! Nicole had this one specially made to look like Baymax, which was surprisingly hard to hit that sweet face. The party goers used extra take out boxes to collect their Piñata candy in.Big Hero 6 Party: Baymax PinataThen grab a few tubes of black icing and you can make your own Baymax Faces with Oreo cookies:Big Hero 6 Party: Baymax OreosAnd for Baymax masks, simply grab a stack of paper plates, black circles (punched out with this), small strips of black paper, glue and tongue depressors.Big Hero 6 Party : Baymax Mask DIY

Sunny was in awe the whole party and as always Nicole makes it fun for all ages (especially with those take out boxes of yummy food!)

post baby work out

We have another awesome guest post this week from Brecke of @purefitfood. We LOVE following Brecke and are so excited to have her on Small Fry today. You will love her Instagram, so be sure and follow here!

Hi I’m Brecke! I have 3 kids my newest baby is 3 months old. I’m a certified personal trainer and have been training for 10 years. I love fitness. I think the worst thing people can do is push it too hard right after a baby. It’s important to move your body when you are ready, but make sure you are doing the right exercises. For example, jumping into planks and crunches too soon after baby can do more damage to your stomach than good. Your stomach needs to heal. We need to retrain our muscles and build up the strength again in our core. I have three awesome exercises that can get more intense when you are strong enough. Think about sucking in your navel to spine the whole time you are doing these exercises. Core work can be in almost any exercise we do!

Post Baby Work Out


Totally doable, right? With Summer around the corner we are looking for just about any motivation to get swim suit ready! If you’re like us and find that extra boost in some new excretes apparel, here are a bunch of cute options — all on sale! — from around the web. (Except the sneaks, those never go on sale it seems.)

California Dreamin’

By Jenna.

One of the hardest parts of moving to California was no doubt leaving my best friends behind. When I think of where we all were and how well we knew each other when we started Small Fry, I never imagined that bond could grow to the place that is. Together we’ve weathered a lot of storms and celebrated a lot of joy. I don’t have hardly a memory of the last few years without Nicole and Emily in it. They are some of my family’s greatest cheerleaders so when we welcomed our precious new baby in to our crew–I was definitely missing their presence in my life. But being the selfless friends they are, they arranged to leave their kiddos behind to come and help me with mine. Such a sacrifice that I will always feel so endlessly blessed by!!california1Emily: Blouse // Pants // Zara Bag (similar) // Flats (similar) // Valley Eyewear Sunglasses Nicole: Hat // Sweater // Leggings // Backpack // Sneakers // Sunglasses // Marc Jacobs Disc Earrings // Jenna: Tunic // Elastic Waist! Pants // Bag // Sneakers // Sunglasses

When they flew in to LAX I picked them up in my sexy mini-van and we ate at 26 beach. Ever been there? It’s only 15 minutes from the airport and always worth it. There is every kind of french toast on the planet, and well…french toast. I of course collapsed in to their arms and they began to lift my spirits right back up! Hard to believe there was so much to catch up on, even though we talk several times a day.

We ate and ate and ate and ate with friends, (hi Melanie!) and snacked some more. It’s what we do best!Calfornia Dreamin'

LEFT– Emily:  Sweater // Jeans // Zara Bag (similar) // Shoes (similar!) // Lip Nicole: Button-up // Jeans (on sale!) // Shoes // Jenna: Tee // Elastic Waist! Pants // Sandals (on sale!)

RIGHT–  Emily:  old F21 Sweater (similar!) // Skirt // Zara Bag (similar) // Sandals // Valley Eyewear Sunglasses // Nicole: Tee //Jeans (on sale!)// Shoes // Sunglasses // Backpack //

Carseat is an Orbit G3!

We spent an afternoon at the horse races in Pasadena:california2

Emily: Dress // Shoes (similar!) // Valley Eyewear Sunglasses Nicole: old Zara Dress (similar!) // Sandals // Sunglasses Jenna: Jumper // Wedges // Sunglasses // Marc Jacobs Bangle //

The next couple days were just bliss I wish I could live them all over again. These girls changed bums, did bed time, played legos and snuggled all the kids with so much love. They filled in the holes I’m lacking as a new crazy mom to three kiddos–we all miss them so much.

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sleep regression

We have an awesome guest post today for you all from Heather Turgeon the author of The Happy Sleeper: The Science-Backed Guide to Helping Your Baby Get a Good Night’s Sleep from Newborn to School Age. She recently published this amazing book and offered to share her best tips with you today on the blog, and then also give away books for any of you who need (who doesn’t?) some help in this area on our Instagram! A sleeping child is one of life’s most beautiful scenes and best gifts, and this couldn’t be more evident then when we scrolled waaay back into our Instagram feeds and saw just how often we shared our sleeping angels with our followers

Heather asked us what sleep troubles were ailing us for this post and we all agreed: Sleep Regression. The never ending cha-cha dance of one step forward two steps back. You think your kiddo is sleeping like a rockstar and then they pull an all-nighter… like a rockstar. Here’s what to do!


“Your baby was sleeping well, but now she’s waking up every 1-2 hours, or your preschooler was going down smoothly her first month in the big bed, but now she pops up and joins you in the living room after lights out.

When my partner and I work with families in sleep consultations, we hear the words “She thinks she’s a newborn again!” quite a bit. Here’s why sleep regressions happen, and what you can do to get your family back on track for a full night’s sleep.

The Silver Lining
Whether it’s a 4-month old baby who has reverted to around the clock wake ups, or a formerly champion sleeper who starts resisting bedtime, the good news is that sleep regressions start from your child gaining a new skill. A higher level of consciousness (the main culprit for regressions between 3-6 months), new motor abilities, greater powers of creativity or negotiation (the culprit at 3 years)—all come with novelty and excitement to practice. Every time something changes in your child’s brain, body, or environment (illness, travel, nightmares, new developmental skills…) there’s a chance it will disrupt her sleep and that’s perfectly normal. Your baby’s sleep regression has no bearing on her future sleep habits, so don’t worry that you have a “bad sleeper” on your hands. Good sleepers and bad sleepers actually wake up equally at night, it’s just that the good sleepers have practiced self-soothing and know what to do when they wake up.

Sleep RegressionThe Myth of the “One-Time Fix”
We don’t use the word “sleep training” for a few reasons (most importantly, that sleep is natural, not trained!), but one is that it feeds the notion that sleep should be “fixed” and magically stay good forever. It makes a lot of parents frustrated and confused when sleep derails at some point in the future. Don’t think of healthy sleep as a training program, think of it as a family philosophy that lasts for years and years. That philosophy varies from family to family but it could be: We all prioritize and value our sleep, we keep regular routines and schedules, we have our sleep “stuff”—the loveys (see the Rammell boys with their respective loves below!) and good room environment that make us comfortable, and we fall asleep independently in our own beds at bedtime. (For families who share a bed for part or all of the night, that philosophy will be personalized).Sleep Regression Tips

Helping a Baby Through Regressions
The key to helping a young baby through a sleep regression is to weather the storm by responding to her, but trying not to add in a lot of soothing tricks like bouncing and rocking that the baby didn’t need before. Your baby is excited and much smarter now, so she’s very aware of exactly what you’re doing. Try to discern her sounds at night—is she really calling for you seriously, or is she making all the normal sounds babies make at night, like grunting, fussing or moving around? If parents pause and see if a little less does the trick (patting, shushing, re-inserting the pacifier…) their baby will eventually move through a regression and come out on the other side sleeping well again. The most common reason babies wake up in the night is that they’re placed in their cribs already asleep. As they grow, going into bed awake becomes very important.Sleep Regression Tips

Helping a Child Through Regressions
Sleep regressions come from developmental or environmental changes (imagination leading to fears of the dark, or changing rooms, etc.). The key is to respond to your child’s needs while also keeping the family sleep philosophy intact. Make the room dark during the day and talk about shadows and light to help your child feel safe, and come up with techniques for feeling comfortable at night (share with your child how you do this). One of our favorite techniques for older children at bedtime is to set up an automatic 5-minute check after bedtime (called the Reverse Sleep Wave in our book)—your child only has to lie quietly in her bed and you come to her every 5 minutes until she’s asleep. It shifts the dynamic of bedtime and gives her the peace of mind to know you’re coming back for a small check, so she can relax and fall asleep.”

Thank you so much Heather, we are excited to try all these tips out! You can buy her book and get lots more info on her website, or you Amazon Primers can find it here. And of course, enter to win a free copy at @smallfryblog on Instagram.

Photos taken from our personal Instagram feeds! @emilyframe | @jennaskitchen@nicolecalleen |

bogo 50% target swim!

Just a quick PSA that Target is doing a buy one get one 50% off sale on ALL their swim for Men, Women, Girls, Boys, and Babies too! Even better they are doing free shipping for spending $25. Hurry hurry! As things sell out, don’t fret, buy the wrong size and exchange for the right one when everything restocks!

Here are our favorites!

For Women, so many great One Pieces:

For Girls:

For boys:

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shared nurseries

During our month devoted to new babies and mamas we featured some amazing nurseries from around the web – Graphic Nurseries, Minimal Nurseries, and our favorite DIYs and hacks for them as well! We had a similar question from a few of you, which was “what if they can’t have their own room?” so we wanted to add one more post to the series, shared rooms! Rooms for your new baby and their brother(s) or sister(s)!
Shared NuseriesDeborah Gordon’s shared room. Her whole house is black and white – see the tour here -it’s incredible!38121001Scandinavian DekoShared NuseriesApartment Therapy5370fd638313c$!900xStyle Me PrettyShared NuseriesTwo Points for Honesty (full room tour + sources here.)Shared Nuseries

Melissa Esplin’s kids room.Shared NuseriesBrit + Co. 

We love how each space embraces both ages, that there is plenty to do for any age and can easily transform as they get older! Got any favorite shared spaces to add? Comment below!

nununu sale!

Happy Saturday!!! One of our all time f a v o r i t e kid’s line nununu is having 30 % off EVERYTHING (even sale) today on their site!! If you’ve wanted to purchase one of their uniquely designed & high quality pieces now is the time. We are obsessed with them! See our favorite selections below & also our kids in nununu fashion. nunucollage nunu3 nunu2 nunu1Happy weekend!


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Small Fry Films: Lolly

We are kicking off a year long collaboration with our friends at Ergo and Orbit today and we have already had so many questions about this system, so we’re really excited to finally share! Every couple of months we’ll have another film to show you that updates on how these beautiful products are growing and changing to fit the needs of our newest Small Fry, Lolly! This film was taken when she was just eleven days old, and time as parents we all know how cruel time can be, and how fast our children grow, so these films by Jenner Brown of Lumineux are priceless!

As you can see the Orbit G3 Stroller System is innovative and just plain cool from top to bottom. The round base is the first and only of its kind and makes getting the car seat in and out of the car a breeze. As you’re strolling you can easily turn the base around to face you or face out. If you’re eating at a restaurant, pull the stroller right up to the table and turn it as needed. The shield is an absolute genius feature that makes keeping Lolly protected from the elements and undisturbed when needed. We’ve noticed that people will actually remove a car seat cover or blanket, but they won’t touch the shield. The Sidekick Convertible Stroller Board makes traveling with multiple kids a breeze! We love that you can put them on either side of you and still walk with ease. They don’t get in the way at all, and the boys love that they look just like skateboard.

The Ergo Swaddler is such a cool addition to their line of carriers! They have thought of things that even as mothers we didn’t anticipate and are so impressed! The swaddler simulates the hand to heart position in the womb, so there isn’t any startling awake or flailing like newborns tend to do. We love that it operates in two pieces so you can leave baby’s arms swaddled and access the bottom half for a diaper change.

Have a question about something you spotted in the film? See all the sources below! Read more

40 % off SALE items–JCREW women’s

We shopped the JCREW women’s sale this morning & had to share the love. Use code SWEETSALE for an additional 40% off sale prices….we’ve rounded up the best killer deals for your kiddos below! Scroll through the carousel for even more selections! Sizes are going faaaast.jcrew2gold linen pant // ivory zip top //  belted puffer coat // sweater tipped sweatshirt

broken in boyfriend jean // stella printed pumps // berta dress

mini high waist short // blah phone case // vintage hat


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