Tiny Tour : Washington, DC

We are so excited to have Rebecca and Suzanne from A Fêteful Life sharing their favorite family friendly stops in Washington DC today! A Fêteful Life is a one stop destination for all things party. Party ideas, recipes, printables, favors and everything in between, their motto is “Always simple, never plain” which we are so on board with! You guys will love their DC stops, welcome ladies!

Small Fry | Tiny Tour | Family Friendly Stops in Washington DC

“1. Art Museums – the National Portrait Gallery and the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden both have fabulous kid-friendly art and activities. The National Portrait Gallery’s Kogod Courtyard offers a great spot to cool off on a hot day, too. And since both are free, there’s no problem if your small fries last for just a little bit.
Small Fry | Tiny Tour | Family Friendly Stops in Washington DC

2. Lunch Spots – Ted’s Bulletin (serves breakfast anytime, including a kid’s pancake with a bacon smile, out of this world shakes, and homemade pop-tarts. AND there’s a location in the newly-revitalized 14th street district full of great design and homeware stores) and Comet Ping Pong (fabulous pizza and, not surprisingly, ping pong! plus great beer for the adults) are our favorites.

Small Fry | Tiny Tour | Family Friendly Stops in Washington DCSmall Fry | Tiny Tour | Family Friendly Stops in Washington DC

3. Outdoor Play – Yards Park is the best summer spot in the city for waterplay and on Friday nights during the summer, hosts free music concerts with food trucks. The National Arboretum is our go-to most anytime of the year. It offers city kids wide open places to run, play and discover, and has a special children’s garden. And we can’t resist adding the National Zoo to our list of outdoor play spots. In addition to all the great animal exhibits, the zoo has an outdoor “tidal splash pool,” a carousel, and a kids “pizza garden” playground that are always favorites with our kiddos.

Small Fry |Tiny Tour | Family Friendly Stops in Washington DCSmall Fry | Tiny Tour | Family Friendly Stops in Washington DC4. Other Museums – The National Building Museum has a great discovery room for the younger set and plenty of building opportunities for kids of all ages in its “Play Work Build” exhibit, which includes a huge lego table and mini and oversized Imagination Playground materials. And in the summer, the Building Museum sets up a super awesome architecturally designed mini gold course! We also love the National Museum of the American Indian, which has a wonderful interactive exhibit where littles can build an igloo, participate in a daily craft, and stamp their American Indian passport as they travel through. And a really great cafeteria, too!

Small Fry |Tiny Tour | Family Friendly Stops in Washington DCSmall Fry |Tiny Tour | Family Friendly Stops in Washington DC

5. Random – the infamous The Mansion on O Street (part “spooky mansion,” part treasure hunt, part bookstore and antique store, and part art gallery) has provided our kids with hours of entertainment as they treasure hunt for 32 secret doors. We’ve never been anywhere else like it and highly recommend it for the 3 years-old and up crowd.”Small Fry | Tiny Tour | Family Friendly Stops in Washington DC

How amazing are all these stops? We hear DC in Spring is something to behold with all the Cherry Blossoms, it might be time to make the trek! Don’t forget to visit A Fêteful Life for more!

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FRYday : Nicole

Those of you who know me personally, and maybe some of you who don’t, know that our little family has been learning quite a lot about addiction over the last few years. We’ve seen it in all stages, and felt just about every emotion as we have been in the midst of it. Some days I can stare it bravely in the face, and others, I feel hopeless want to hide and let it win. I have to be honest, most days, it’s the latter.


But on both of these kinds of days, I have to sit back and say to myself, “you can’t control this.” Like a lot of things in life, addiction of a loved one is out of our control. And sadly, but in reality in some ways, out of the addict’s control too. I like to be in control, don’t we all? Its been super hard to grasp this idea that I am powerless. But when I learned this, things changed for me.

Regardless of where my family is at in this recovery, and despite the outcome, I am grateful to have this opportunity to learn about this disease. Wow, it is prevalent in our world! Now you may wonder why I’m wasting my breath, and I’m certain there is a large portion of you who don’t feel the need to be enlightened, and that’s perfectly fine! But there is also a another portion of us who are dealing with it first hand, or know someone that is. I know that the more light we can bring to this topic, the more likely our struggling loved ones are to get help.

Why is this written on a children’s blog? I would have asked the EXACT same question before this struck our family. But let me tell you, the most important thing I’ve learned thus far in my husband’s recovery, is that it GREATLY impacts our children.

One of the leading players in addiction is shaming. I’ve heard countless addicts talk about being shamed as a child. A lot of the time, in mild criticizing, and many times, completely innocently by the parents. But these are things that stuck with these children throughout their life and caused them feel less than, worthless and have a lack of hope, and in result, turned to things that can cause addictive habits. I’m as guilty as anyone. But I feel that learning this lesson early in my children’s life is one of the most beneficial things I’ve ever been taught. As a 4 year old, your mistakes are small and simple, (although sometimes they seem to be the end of the world, when our couch or rug is ruined because of a accidental spill). As they grow, their mistakes may be more substantial, and sometimes even occur out of rebellion. In any case, shaming them for wrong doings will cause damage that sometimes is irreparable. Instead of shaming, there are healthy ways to help children learn from their mistakes, without bringing them to such a low place and causing these emotional wounds. I’ve decided as a mother to constantly build them up, and help them feel valuable and important, always. When mistakes are made, they already feel sad enough. As humans, we have guilt built into us, our conscience, and we know what we have done is wrong.

Now, I’ve also learned that addiction is a life long disease that cannot be cured. But I do know people can overcome it and be in remission, sometimes forever! I don’t know what this will mean for my family tomorrow, or in a year from now. But the lessons I’ve learned have changed ME and will change the life of people around me permanently, especially my children and how I treat them.

If you are in as great need as I was to learn more about Addiction Recovery, I have found this resource to be the most wonderful and beneficial to me.



Read Nicole’s brave first post about addiction right here.

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

Photos by Jylare.

Today we’re taking part in a Spring inspired link-up to celebrate the First Day of Spring!

Spring Fling Banner

You all know how much we love to craft with Maypole Felt Balls, so how about one more super easy craft that will also double as nice little 3D art for your favorite gallery wall or display. Rainbows scream SPRING to us, so this is the perfect afternoon craft.

Here’s how you’ll do it:

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

Taking a square shaped Ikea frame (this RIBBA Frame 10×10 works perfect), and put a sheet of chipboard underneath it. Trace around the edge of the frame and then cut out slightly inside the marking lines. This will give you the correct size base to add the felt balls too.

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

Now you can add the felt balls! We just hot glued – you only need a small dot of glue – them in an arch shape right onto the chipboard. If you’ve got a big kid in the house, they can usually handle this part, but make sure you’re right there with them. Nothing’s worth a hot glue burn!

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

Then you simply drop the chipboard in, and secure the frame like usual, and display!

Rainbow Felt Ball Art

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An InLinkz Link-up

Part of today’s awesome link-up is a pretty sweet giveaway! Spring Fling Giveaway

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Today’s gorgeous photos were taken by Jylare Smith, check out her site for more!

Small Fry for Love Leeves Pillows

Design Collaborations are so fun for us, we get to share our ideas and sketches and then watch someone with far more talent put it all together! Love Leeves created these pillows with Small Fry in mind and they launch today! We wanted to share them with you and also offer you 25% her shop (“SMALLFRY25″ at check-out.)

Love Leeves Small Fry Pillow

Love Leeves is a company run by Lauren, a true Californian as you can tell by her designs, who over the last few years has developed quite the celebrity clientele! Read all about it on her About page, but first, check out how Lauren took our notes and created a fun piece of decor!

Of course, we couldn’t drift too far from our Small Fry cloud. You can find it in stripes or a plain white sky scene.

Love Leeves Small Fry Pillow

Her line is all produced right in California, with ethically sourced fabrics from India, and each purchase includes a down insert!

Love Leeves Small Fry Pillow

See the whole line of pillows on Love Leeves, and don’t forget to use the “SMALLFRY25″ code at check-out for 25% off! If you’re feeling extra lucky, hop over to @loveleeves on Instagram, she’s giving away one of each on her feed!

monster clothespin puppets

We’re to the point in the seasonal transition where there has been enough warm days that our kids know what they’re missing outdoors and are none too happy when the weather turns cold again. It seems to alternate cold to warm every other day the last couple weeks, so we’ve had to be ready with exciting and fresh things to do inside. On today’s blustery agenda: Monster Clothespin Puppets!
Monster Clothespin Puppets

Here’s what you’ll need:

Monster Supplies

Take your favorite bright color scrap paper and cut circles (we use this 1-Inch Circle Punch like crazy!)

Monster Clothespin Puppets

Then cut the circles in half, gluing each half to one prong of the clothespin creating the Pac-Man style mouth.

Monster Clothespin Puppets

Then you can add hats, teeth, eyeballs and funky hair to create your monsters. Ours are definitely party monsters, we couldn’t help it! Then let them dry completely and you’ll be ready to play!

Monster Clothespin Puppets

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