Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blends!

It’s that time of year for all the Fall things! Did you know that candles are highly toxic?! They release fumes that are similar to diesel engine fumes in your house. OH BOY.

That’s why we’ve grown to love using essential oils in our diffuser! The fragrance is just as good while cleansing their air and supporting our immune systems. Here are some of our favorite fall diffuser blends…be sure to pin it for later!fall-blends-smallfry

Need essential oils? Contact Jenna! 

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modern halloween

Halloween time is just around the corner!  Here’s our favorites lately from around the web:

A Modern Kids Hallowen Party

Modern HalloweenHow good are these balloons? Recreate the bouquet with these balloons and these letters.Modern Halloween

Paint Drip Pumpkins in spot-on color schemes. Find the DIY here!Modern HalloweenHand lettered pumpkin DIY here.Modern HalloweenWhite and minimal messages:Modern HalloweenEasy purchases to amp up your mantels and party scares:hallo

Shop below!


Happy Saturday!!!! We rounded up our very FAVORITES from the Anthropologie Sale which ends next week! 30% off Sale items make these beautiful pieces SO affordable. Happy shopping!


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FRYday: Nicole

Happy Fryday everyone! It’s the last day of September and this perfectly rainy day has got me feeling all sorts of cozy! Here’s what’s been happening:fry

Sweatshirts cause it’s Cougar season! I wear them every game day! Grey and my favorite White of course. Love this shop on Amazon they have tons of NCAA teams but all their designs feel very Ivy League, find your team!

Updated chandelier for my dining area! I love how this one is more haphazard and less structured. Such a good deal too, considering the size.

Runner for the hallway cause the concrete gets so cold in the winter, I like everything to be covered. And it’s only $46, come on now.

That Popcorn mix is my life. Different cheeses and caramel?? Also available at Costco!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Meals for that newborn haze!

If you’re like us than you’re having friends having babies all the time! It’s such a joy!! And the best thing we know how to show them love – is to bring their family a meal. It’s so wonderful when you’re in a newborn haze not to have to worry about dinner. Here are some of our favorites to bring from around the web.


1- Alfredo Baked Ziti 2- Garlic Baked Shrimp 3- Red Thai Curry 4- Butternut Squash and Zucchini Pasta 5- Chicken Taco Casserole 6- Sausage and Spinach Stuffed Shells 7- New Mom Meal 8- Freezer Meals

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