Comfort Cam

By Jenna.

Before I had Lolly I knew I wanted a new video monitor and so I took to our Facebook page to ask moms what they’ve liked and it was honestly crickets. Not a single response! And I think it’s because there really hasn’t been one that I’m aware of that is worth the price of what a video monitor takes, until I found the Comfort Cam.IMG_4256Isn’t it so pretty?IMG_4257This thing is legit, you guys. It’s reasonably priced at $150 which the others I looked at were twice that much. The quality is picture perfect and you can access it from your phone ANYWHERE you are! It’s secure and password protected so only you can see it. IMG_4266You can buy more than one camera (up to 4) and they discount it so I think I will get another one for the boys’ room to peek in when they have a babysitter! Did I mention you can talk to them through the app?! Maybe creepy, maybe genius, either way I love it.IMG_4279Andrew loves too that he can peek in and see the baby at work also, it’s fun to feel like he can be involved a little bit on long work days

Another great addition is the digital clock, so easy to track late night feedings with a new baby. The best part is its all free if you use the Wifi in your home or $10/month to have access the feed anywhere! Our family is definitely pleased with this purchase and I would highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a video monitor!

Purchase a ComfortCam here.

petite + pois

We’re always happy to find local artists to share with you guys, and today we wanted to give you a peek at Petite + Pois! This shop is a curated collection of original art and custom commissions put together by Holly Addi and we loved adding these pieces to our collections! Here’s how we incorporated them:

This bright, graphic piece “Coeurs” adds such a pop of color to any room, but Nicole loves it amongst her own original photography, pictures of her boys, and greenery.
Petite + Pois Petite + Pois Petite + Pois

For Emily’s piece, this “Tout Va Bien” fits the color scheme of her kitchen and living room perfectly. The metallics and peaches compliment the other decor elements already in the room just right. And the French saying for “All is well” is a perfect reminder for the room they all congregate in most.

Petite + Pois

If you’re looking for a local artist to support and add to your own home art collection check out the brand new shop Petite + Pois here! Jenna is working with P+P to do a custom piece so we’ll be sure to share it when it’s all complete!

30th at The Montage Deer Valley

Well I did it. I went and turned 30! It wasn’t as hard as awful as I anticipated…mostly because my friends & I met in the mountains at The Montage Deer Valley–and well everything is right in the world when you’re there! montage1

We had the MOST incredible room. I definitely recommend the King Suite when you go–it was a perfect space for all of us plus two babies to pile in to!! The hotel staff greeted us with chocolate cake which coincidentally is also the way to my heart.montage2

THE POOL. Guys. We were only there 24 hours and it was simply not enough time to enjoy all the amenities but especially not the pool! I could be there for DAYS. It was so stunning nestled in Deer Valley. I know The Montage gets lots of play in the Winter because it’s a ski in resort with a lift but…summmmmerrrrrrr. WOAH! montage3

We enjoyed a couple hours at the Spa laughing our butts off and I’m sure disturbing the peace. I had THE BEST massage of my life a couple years ago at The Montage but this time we just enjoyed the complimentary spa amenities without even receiving a service and it was sooooo relaxing. Just what this old tired Mom needed.montage4

We ate dinner at Burgers & Bourbon which I actually didn’t get any pictures of because I was too busy STUFFING.MY.FACE. Everything is excellent. Even if you’re not staying in Park City it’s worth the drive up to eat. So so so good and I’m embarrassed to admit that the Fried Pickles are part of my daily conversation with anyone I come in contact with. “Hi, I’m Jenna…have you by chance eaten the fried pickles at Burgers & Bourbon?” Seriously they’re that important to me.montage5

Breakfast we ate on the patio at Apex in the Hotel. Just FYI I had the best Omelette of my life and an Eggs Benedict that rivaled my favorite one from Pastise in NYC. montage6

I love staying at hotels now and really seeing how they work for everyone and anyone. There were couples celebrating special occasions, single career folk looking for a break and kids running on the lawn. It’s a luxurious spot that invited anyone from anywhere. Lolly came along with and I can’t wait to take my kids back. They had real cribs brought in for the babies and Noodle & Boo for them to bathe in. We introduced Lolly to the Robe Life and all it’s luxuries. I’m sure this is the many of her girls trips to come! montage8

Last but not least after dinner we enjoyed a complimentary s’more roast with the most incredible handmade marshmallows. I’m thinking of hopping the fence every night and helping myself to the Mocha flavored ones–they were insane.

Now on to the good stuff–what we (more importantly what Nicole & Emily) wore.montage9

Nic loves a hat and I love her in this Yankee one she has. So simple and so good. Okay and this linen dress stop everything you’re doing and buy it. It’s long enough, pretty enough, amazing enough. It’s incredible. She wore this dress as a cover up and to breakfast and it was simply stunning. Also who doesn’t love a Sonnet James? Every Mom needs one in her wardrobe. Gold Ray Bans complete any look and these ones are ON SALE! Madewell Bag & Shoes are Summer staples too.montage10

Emily babe showed up in this lip color and I dropped dead. I’ve been looking for the perfect orange-coral for Summer and look no more cause Morange is it. Em looks killer in anything but this dress and chambray around her waist blew my mind. Also live in leggings, Nike Hoodie and shoes are a girl’s best friend. Emily always impresses me with her flawless but casual taste.montage11


Um I obviously was gong most casual here but like I said…Athletic Gear for LIFE. First of all these sunglasses. They are PERRRRRFECT. And $20. Yes t w e n t y dollars. I’ve had a lot of expensive glasses in my time and these ones are just the best-I’ve bought every color. This sports bra is my favorite right now. It’s got enough support for my nursing self and is adjustable so it’s comfortable. Love it. These pants are incredible and I don’t know kind of sexy in a leggings sort of way. Really love them. And this jacket is so great, lightweight and can fold in to itself in some kind of magic trick. And everyone needs a good striped swimsuit–here’s a great one for you.

And you’ve gotten to the end of the longest summary of a birthday getaway ever but it’s not every year you turn 30! Thanks to all of you who left comments and sent messages-I felt so very loved.

xo -J


FRYday is here! Today, while Jenna drives her family back to California, Nicole and Emily are working on a fun film for the blog for next month. By the end of today we’ll definitely be ready for the weekend! We hope you all have a relaxing one, here’s what we’re thinking about it this week:


WEARING: I’ve been loving this coverup this summer and now it’s an additional 30% off!! Such a great deal for a gorgeous dress. Also, my amazing Small Fry besties gave me this bag for my 30th. It’s everything I dreamed of and more. The color is PERFECT and the leather is freaking gorgeous.

 READING: Nada. Seriously I’ve had no time for reading this week and it’s a real bummer.
LISTENING: LDS General Conference on repeat.
WORRYING & ANTICIPATING: About getting home to California! I’ve been in Utah too long. My work projects are piling up and I’ve got to get home and back in the grind!
DECORATING: West Elm is having a killer sale (an extra 15% off) so I finally took the plunge on this headboard, this incredibly beautiful office chair and these fun plates for summer BBQ!
WATCHING: The Bachelorette. I have no words. But the Posessionista sums it up well.
WEARING: My hair has been a baby platinum blonde or several months and it was doing okay until Summer. The heat and pool water has made my hair feel like straw. I’ve been doing a deep conditioner weekly, and then spray this B&B primer in when it’s wet too. I can feel such a difference!
READING: My book club is reading The Aviator’s Wife, its a NYT bestseller about the pilot Charles and Anne Lindbergh’s marriage. I love a good historical fiction so excited to crack it open! I’ll let you know how it goes.
LISTENING: Long time followers already know this, but the Frame family dream is to get out to the country and have a big chunk of land all to ourselves. That desire has gotten palpable this year and Death With Dignity by Sufjan Stevens will bring me to tears just thinking about it.
WORRYING: For Callum’s 4th birthday next month we are giving him a puppy. He might faint with joy, but of course he got bit by a dog a few weeks ago. He is still obsessed with all dogs, but now I’m stressing. What’s a girl to do?
ANTICIPATING: The 4th of July! I enjoy the 4th more than any other holiday. Even Christmas. Every single one of my 5 siblings and I will be together, which hasn’t happened in three years. We put the fun in dysfunctional.
DECORATING: What sets the tone for your home more than the way it smells? This Summer I can’t stop burning this DANI Coconut Hibiscus candle. It is a tropical vacation in a jar.
WATCHING: I’ve heard a few times now that I need to start the Newsroom. Can anyone back that up? Until then, more Skylander YouTube review it is! #kids
WEARING: Summer pool days have me swooning, so I’m stocking up on pool dresses.
LOVE this black one. Pair it with this and you’ve got the perfect pool outfit.
READING: Reading this to my kids nightly, and never getting through it without tears.
LISTENING: To the the latest Feist album which is sadly 2011.
WORRYING: About Sunny’s three year old fearlessness at the pool. Runs and dives and belly flops like a mad man.
ANTICIPATING: The Small Fry Studio! Should be done in two weeks!!
DECORATING: This year I started obsessing over Turkish Towels, I have tons more to show you, but lets start with these. Perfect for picnics, beach trips, and adding texture to our home.

bitsy’s brainfood

On our never-ending quest for healthy snacks, we had to pop in and tell you all about a darling brand we spotted on the cookie aisle at Target! Bitsy’s Brainfood is organic, GMO free, full of whole grains, Vegan, and even Kosher too. They have a growing collection of fun foods like these letter cookies which were a huge hit over here:Bitsy Brainfood

Fruit and Veggie numbers:Bitsy Brainfood(Sweet) Vegetable cereal! Seriously!Bitsy Brainfood


And the overwhelming favorite, Orange Chocolate Beet cookies!Bitsy BrainfoodWe peeked at the Bitsy’s Brainfood and found a whole page of healthy recipes too, which is always welcome with our Summertime mental block towards cooking dinner.