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I’ve got a big update for you all today, but since no one wants to read an essay with no pictures here’s a few from our Lake Day this weekend! Kortni Jeane was so sweet to send my fam these mix and match swimmers! I am not a huge blatant matcher, but I love that all her pieces are so easy to coordinate with each member of the family. Kortni JeaneI love the polka dot line SO so much and grabbed the super flattering racerback crop top for myself and then the shorts for Hayes. I’d put him in the Euro fit forevermore but he isn’t down anymore so we went with the trunk which still has a little shortness to it which I love! The red stripe bottoms tie in with that perfect black drawstring and they’re such a bold bright red! I love that they’re a thicker stripe, too! Trunks for Cal and the Euro Short for Raleigh.Kortni JeaneI love that the tank is easy to wear out and about too, just threw on this high-waisted wrap skirt and these red sunnies! They’re coming from China so 2-3 weeks shipping, if anyone has found them in the states holler at me! And of course the Petunia Pickle Bottom Fair Trade Woven Bag which I am in love with. Adidas Slides.Kortni Jeane And now for the update! This is the first time at Small Fry we’ve gone out and shot our own post, Russ and I with our very own nice camera. I would never dare or care to do it with such a talented partner in Nicole, but now that I am the solo Fry it’s been an exciting endeavor to do and learn with Russ. He has been so supportive every step of the last couple months as we transition to just me running the show. To put it simply I would’ve run for the hills if it weren’t for him cheering me on. Although I feel super vulnerable every day, and some days are more rough than others, it’s been a big blessing in our life. And I know how fortunate we all are (Jenna, Nicole and myself) to have been able to dissolve a business partnership with friendship still in tact. I will always be grateful for that and have the best memories. When we started this thing Cal wasn’t even walking yet, it’s crazy to think about!Kortni JeaneAnd a few more pics and updates for good measure! Cal cracks me up in this. I never know what I am gonna get when I go through photos after taking a pic if him. He never ceases to surprise me! He has come such a long way this Summer, growing up, learning new things, caring so much for his baby brother. Heading to Kindy and turning 6 in a couple weeks. Kortni JeaneMy Hayes. Going into second grade, being so grown up. Makes me quiz him in multiplication all day. Listening to audio books and telling me big words he likes. Kortni Jeane Raleigh Rex. Putting his head on my shoulder, peeking around my hair to catch my eye when I fill up his bottle. Egging me to chase him while we crawls up the stairs. Getting more sass and teasing nature to him. Kortni JeaneMy man. He works his body to the ground everyday building our house (more on that soon!) and then comes home and backs me up every step of the way. Pulls through every single time. Also, he has gotten a few trunks (they have a shorter version as well!) gifted to him this season and he says these are his favorite fit, Russ Frame doesn’t give his stamp very often so that is saying a lot. 😉Kortni JeaneAnd I did the high-waisted bottom. Why do guys hate this fit but all girls love it? I love that it hides my stretch marks and gives me that hourglass figure.Kortni Jeane  There are so many exciting things to come for Small Fry and my family, I am really excited to share them all with you and am so grateful you’ve been along for the ride. Hopefully you haven’t felt the bumps along the way, but I always want to be open and transparent so thanks for hearing me out today!

Also if there’s anything you want to see from Small Fry or me, I am all ears! For now I am adding a big home element to things in this space with my favorite home tours and updates on my own home building process. Some of you might not know this, but Russ is currently building our house with his very own two hands so we’ll have lots to say on this as we get our stuff together filming wise. Yay I get to figure out iMovie, too! Aaaand maybe more fashion? For now I have been sharing my daily outfits on @smallfryblog Insta Stories and anytime I wear something current or linkable I put it in for you to refer back to. Anyway, I am here and listening so don’t hestitate to hit me with questions or suggestions.



#nsale tops, dresses + shoes

Welcome to Small Fry’s #nsale coverage. No doubt you’ve been bombarded today, but it still remains one of my favorite sales of the year so I am shopping it right along with the rest of the blogging world. This year instead of sending you link after link I am only sharing things I would actually buy and wear. This is going to be the most curated and edited #nsale coverage I’ve ever done and you’ll only find a few items per category but you can rest assured it’s linked with purpose.

Shopping the #nsale is easiest for me by brand or very specific category. I love shopping Topshop and Madewell as a brand category. And then activewear, shoes, tops and dresses (and usually edited down even further to midi or knee length) and jeans on their own.

Let’s get started! 8 tops. Yep, just 8.

Two Dresses and Two pairs of shoes. // Blue Dress // Black Dress // Studded Booties
V-opening shoes, they’re so flattering and modern!dresses

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#nsale kids + home

#nsale for the boys! nsalekids

Perfect little striped sleeve tee $12! // This Northface Fleece is less than $30 and a must for my boys. On Fall days or under winter jackets to keep warm in those classrooms and gyms that you can’t predict. Love this hooded plaid button up so so much. // Patagonia – Hayes wore his everyday all Winter long, he picked this color which I love! Comes in black too. // Perfect fun lighting bolt shirt for picture day or church. // Freshly Picked (less than $40! This is what us old timers were paying back when she sold at Bijou Market!) // We are doing a lot of hand-offs this Summer while we’re all working so hard on the house and keeping the fam afloat and Russ needs his own car seat – switching is so annoying! This is so sleek! // I love the look of Gazelles on my boys. RED // BLUE. // Somehow we lost ALL our Little Giraffe Blankets. It makes me sad since both my boys had them since they were tiny. Is it still sentimental if they’re not the originals? Such good price! // We have baby books on the floor ALL DAY EVERY DAY since Raleigh loves to pull them off the low shelf, I need something better and this shelf is super cool. // Cal’s birthday is in two weeks and he loves being cozy, this shark sleeping bag is $24 and right up his alley!


I need a new duvet cover so bad. This windowpane seems so easy to style into whatever decor you’ve got going on. // Copper / rose gold lamp with a marble base, done and done. // New shower curtain is on the list too, my husband comes home absolutely destroyed and opens the shower curtain with those grubby hands, RUINED! Making him wash his hands first and buying this for $20! // $20 Marble Tray perfect for little jewelry collections. // I am a sucker for monogram. This turkish towel for one. // Two pillows that would go in any room in my house. ONE TWO // I find myself buying baskets just for fun, these are so pretty! ONE TWO // Easy, beautiful serving tray for display for use, for perfumes in the bathroom. I’ll find a way. // I am in the market for a rad neon light for our new house in the entry, I was planning on doing a custom one but this is half the price (or more) of the quotes I was given and represents me as good as any saying I had come up with.


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#nsale: beauty + accessories

Favorite Perfumes, a few of my favorite products that I’ve bought straight away each time I run out. New products that I’m stoked to try and a whole lotta good deals in between:beautyacc

Three of my favorite perfumes on mega deal! Narciso for her // Elizabeth and James Nirvana // Miu Miu

Whish Deoderant Wipes — so cool and supposedly limits hair growth! These would be so nice after (or before) the gym, freshening up after a long day. Steal, too! // My life long effort to have everything in my space be beautiful and functional and speak to my aesthetic, I need this toothbrush. Who cares if you leave this one out? // I find myself needing these nail tools often on the road and especially when we’re out of town. Love this pretty little package. // I haven’t done any Fall 2017 trend research but I am starting to see a little bit a of a patter with collegiate striping on things. I dig it and this clutch! // $35 Quay alert! // Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner has been in my make up drawer for years and years, I never found a better match for me, this is $20 which is less than I pay usually and it includes a lipgloss! // Mario Badescu! Another #nsale staple purchase for me! The Rose water spray and drying lotion are my go-tos and the drying lotion is the quickest way to zap a zit! // Are these water bottles the prettiest or WHAT!? I have a whole water bottle drawer so you know nothing will stop me now. // Cashmere Mist is for sure a must-have and I always seem to be running out right around #nsale time. 😉 // I’ve been on the hunt for a passport holder for a long time and this one is super pretty, and also monogrammed, soooo. // Supergoop’s sunscreen is a new favorite of mine and stocking up at a discount is my love language.

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