New Baby Advice : The Girls With Glasses

We love Summer and Brooke from the Girls with Glasses so much. They are down to Earth, talented, and so refreshing to be around. We’re so excited to have both their birth stories and advice on that amazing time with a new baby today!
New Baby Advice : Girls with GlassesSummer:
1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?

I would tell myself, that everything is going to work out fine. However, even if I was able to convince myself, I think it would be hard to not have some anticipation for what is about to happen. Until you experience it, feel it, and survive it, the concept of birth and starting a family can be almost impossible to fully understand.

2. Was there anything surprising or shocking that happened that no one warned you about?
I felt I was overly prepared for most things, but my post baby body was the biggest shock. I didn’t realize how long it would take to get my body back to normal. I wrote about dressing your post-baby bod here. I didn’t realize I would look 6 months pregnant for a few weeks. Even if you didn’t gain a lot of weight, unlike me, that uterus takes it’s time shrinking.

3. Do you have a bedtime routine?
We always brush teeth, read a negotiated number of books, usually an average of three, say a prayer to thank God for each member of our family and all the great things in our life, and ask for his help in anything that “we” are trying to work on, like “not hitting our little brother,” or “not saying penis at inappropriate times,” then lots of kisses, and trying to get out the door.


And an excerpt from Brooke’s birth story with London. It is so beautifully written, with imagery that perfectly captures the feelings of new motherhood, and should be read in its entirety here.

“I looked at the clock, it was just ten minutes past six pm. It was go time, I tried to calm my shaking body with the deep breathing techniques I had learned in my pre-natal yoga class. I wanted to be brave, I said a million little prayers under my breath “please heavenly father, please help me do this”. I begged Dave to not “look”, to stay up above with me, but he couldn’t help himself and wanted to be a witness. He was amazing. I was relieved after my first push to feel pressure instead of pain… though the pressure was intense it was bearable to my worn out body. My tricky doctor would distract me in between pushes by asking me about how Dave and I met nearly nine years before at the Thanksgiving dance in Mesa. I would get to a certain part of the story and suddenly feel the strong urge to push. It was hard physical work. My dad waited just outside of the curtain to be saved from the visual of the birth, but I could hear him cheering me on from the other side. My mom and sister stood at my side wiping my forehead and taking photos that would document the most important experience of my almost twenty nine years of life. We never made it to the end of the story, and those final pushes I squeezed Dave’s hand with all I had left, the doctor exclaimed “she has hair!” I was over the moon with just the thought of her little head of hair and I started to cry, I could hardly wait to see her, and with one motivated last push and she was out by 6:41pm, it was so quick and yet played out in slow motion, she didn’t even cry, as they immediately placed her beautiful little body on my chest.”

And Summer’s birth story too, after the jump! Read more

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New Baby Advice : Little Green Notebook

We are so excited to have Jenny from Little Green Notebook here sharing her new baby advice and the most unbelievably amazing birth story we’ve heard to date, just try to read it without your jaw dropping! Jenny is one of the most wise and savvy women we know in this industry (her DIYs and decor style are so great!) and of course her advice for mothers is the same way.SF New Baby : Little Green Notebook
1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?
I would tell my new-mom self to really commit to writing in my journal at least three days a week. All of those mommy moments where you think to yourself, ‘I will remember this face/sentence/moment for the rest of my life! There’s no way I could forget something this cute, right?’ Wrong! You’ll forget like 90% of everything! Write it down. And unless you print them out in a book every year, instagrams don’t really count. :)
2. Was there anything surprising or shocking that happened that no one warned you about?
I was hit with a bout of postpartum depression after having my second baby, Claire. After months of slogging through weird sadness and emptiness, my friends and family finally helped me figure out that what was happening was treatable and not permanent. I started taking St. Johns Wart, which helped, and I started writing a blog about my favorite things (mostly interior design stuff), which really helped. And then I remember waking up one day when Claire was about six months old and it was like a switch had flipped and the fog had lifted and I was totally back to my old self. It was completely unreal.
A couple years later, when I was in my last trimester with Evelyn, I remember being so worried that I was going to have postpartum depression again after giving birth. My blog and design business had taken off and my two other girls were still so young – there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room in the schedule.
I don’t pretend to understand the psychology behind postpartum mental states, but for some reason I was fine (better than, even!) after Evie’s birth. I was on top of the world and I remember being so grateful every single day that this time I wasn’t experiencing any of that really hard stuff. Maybe it was her exciting entrance into this world, or maybe it was that
Evie was a super easy and happy baby, or maybe it was just plain and simple good luck? But being healthy and clear-minded was such a huge blessing for me then, and even now. We’ve struggled with infertility for the past few years and I’m coming to grips with the reality that Evie might be my last, even though we’ve hoped for more. I hold onto those beautiful, nothing short of heavenly moments in 2010, when all of my girls were still practically babies and life was simpler, and we could have cuddle parties in my bed until 10:00 am every morning. :) I’m equal parts thrilled about my future as a mother of older children, and devastated at how fast it’s going by. I’m so, so grateful for these angel-girls I have, who are always willing to show up for the long-standing cuddle party date in my bed every Sunday morning. :) How lucky am I?

SF New Baby : Little Green Notebook

3. Do you have a special routine for bedtime?
Each night we have family prayers and then we all pile into one bed for the book(s) du jour. My husband and I love when the girls choose Goodnight, Moon (such a classic) because it pretty much guarantees sleepy-eyes with only one reading! Baby Mine, that heartbreaking song the momma elephant sings to Dumbo, has always been our go-to lullabye. Evie loves it so much and always has.
And keep reading after the jump for Jenny’s birth story for her daughter Evie, born on Christmas Eve! You will NOT believe this story, it’s so incredible. Read more

New Baby Advice : Say Yes

Welcome Liz from Say Yes! Liz is funny, gracious, and so wise. She takes such good care of us and we look up to her so much. Her style is so effortlessly cool (this!) and We all jumped for joy at the news of her second pregnancy after a long hard road of Secondary Infertility - read all her posts about it here – and with every picture of Edie is a reminder of hope and a fresh start. Here’s Liz’s new baby advice with photos by Rachel Thurston:

1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self?

SF New Baby Advice : Say Yes

Breastfeeding isn’t worth it when you feel like you’re fighting with your baby everyday and think you might pull your hair out! I had a horrible time nursing my son and am shocked and a little embarrassed how long I went struggling with it (over a year). I’m so much more relaxed about that stuff this time around. Generations of smart, well-adjusted, happy people have been fed formula (my parents being some of them!)

Also, don’t jump into baby outings too soon. You have the next 18 years for that! My group of friends at the time I was a new mom all had older children so I felt like I was always hanging out at the park with a 3 month old. So silly. Why wasn’t I toting my baby accessory around the mall and out to fancy cafes while I still could? Live it up while you still can. There is far too much Dora and playground babysitting already scheduled in your future.

2. Was there anything surprising or shocking that happened that no one warned you about?

SF New Baby Advice : Say Yes

Oh, yeah. That big fat lie that breastfeeding doesn’t hurt at the beginning. It kills! Even in the hospital this time around, the lactation consultant was trying to tell me I was doing it wrong soley because it was hurting (once again I had been lured into the lie!) Truth: It will kill and you’ll want to scream. But just wait 2 weeks and your beautiful bionic nipples will emerge!

3. What’s your bedtime routine?

SF New Baby Advice : Say Yes

My son hates when I sing. I know, he’s trying to torture me. But, so far, my daughter loves it. My favorite right now is “Moon, Moon Moon’ by Laurie Berkner. It’s pretty and simple to learn, and she’s usually dosing off by the second verse.

Such great advice! And we’re so thrilled that Liz could be the first to utter the word nipples on Small Fry, a momentous day!

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