From hero capes to princess crowns to digging for fossils, Seedling has your kids’ interests covered! We have had so much fun with our kids working on our projects, and you know who else loved them? DAD! Sometimes when dad finally gets home from work, or has a free Saturday, it’s hard to work up the energy to plan an activity fit for him and the little ones. Well, we found the perfect fix-it for those days. We are so excited to share some of our favorites with you!Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.07.28 AMSeedling is a flawlessly designed brand, originally out of New Zealand, that has encouraging kids’ creativity perfected! They specialize in creating awesome activity kits for empowering children, made to spark hours of creative learning through play! Their selection of activity kits, toys and party decorations is enormous and all products inspire families to imagine, create, and play together, while staying design centric and affordable.superheron_1024x1024-1

When our packages arrived we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful packaging and flawless branding. HUGE selling point for us here at Small Fry.

Everything we needed to do the project from start to finish was included in the package. Once we sat down at the table, we didnt need to get up until it was time to put the mask on and play heros!

seedling1The best part was that every cut out included was ADORABLE. So no matter how the kids styled it, it couldn’t help but be darling.IMG_5876

seedling5Here are some of the other seedling projects we are loving!

Spy Kit (swooning over this for the kids with Dad)spy-kit_LR_1024x1024

Gone Fishing (also a perfect father/child activity)Gone-Fishing_LR_1024x1024

Create A Dragon


Check out Seedling for your next family project, this one is a must for Summer break!

Follow along with all their wonderful creative ideas via Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

hat rack DIY

Nicole needed a good system for her boys’ hats and packs and so today’s post was born! hat rack DIYHere’s what you’ll need: hat rack DIYAfter you get all your supplies ready to go, here’s how you’ll do it:

Measure and mark board for dowels 4-5 inches apart.hat rack DIYDrill in with 5/16″ drill bit and your dowels should fit in perfectly, mount on wall with 3″ screws and then putty over the screw holes.hat rack DIY
Sand putty when dry and then paint a color of your choice. Nicole picked white, but we love that you can customize this any which way you choose. Stripes, triangles, clouds, color blocked, you know, all the usual suspects.hat rack DIY We also love being able to add other hangables like packs and costumes and coats. You can check out our first hanging costume idea right here!hat rack DIY  

Curious what’s on our racks? Here’s all the sources!


Striped Pack // Mamoo Kids Messenger // Dino Pack

HATS (for reference our 5 year olds wear between a 6 5/8 or 6 3/8:

NY Giants // NY Yankees (in red, too!)  // LA Dodgers // Red Sox // Dino and Whale hats are old but we love these: Junk Food // Botanicals // and H&M‘s line up!

cabana life

Did you know that May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month? We were shocked to read that nearly 50% of Americans will have skin cancer at some point by the time they are 65. Regular daily use of sunscreen SPF 50 or higher reduces risk of Melanoma by 50%! That’s why when we were introduced to Cabana Life resort wear we were so impressed. Each item offers 50 SPF or higher when normal light weight clothing only offer 5 SPF! cabanalifeThe company carries lines for Women, Children & Men that are both protective and on trend. This terry cloth hooded dress is perfect for the little girl in your life and is ON SALE!cabanalife2Cabana Life also has these darling swim sets for kids & adults. Love this one.cabanalife1

The classic pieces for women are incredible and can be worn for summers to come. We particularly love this rash guard and shorts for covering up!

While Cabana Life is already reasonably priced (where else can you get a rash guard with this protection for $50?!) They’re offering 20% off exclusively to Small Fry readers! Enter SF20 at checkout the rest of the month & enjoy a healthy, safe & protected Summer in the Sun!

Cricket’s Circle

One of our most common questions via email is from expectant parents and they all ask the same thing: “What do I register for?” We’ve heard it from new and veteran moms and to be honest we wonder it, too! With so many new and long standing companies creating  innovative products, keeping up with it all can be daunting! We’re teaming up with Cricket’s Circle today to share our must have registry list! Did you know that there are SIXTY-EIGHT popular baby bottles on the market today? 68. Cricket’s Circle narrows each registry item to a top three popular choices and even gives you the pros and cons to each. Here’s our picks!
cricketscircleMustela PhysiObebe: Are you sick of us talking about Mustela yet? Sorry we’re not done! It really is the very best. We love this product because if you want to wash down a baby without doing a full bath this is the product for you. I love having this on hand for vacation, camping or any other place that bathing might not be AS easy to get to.

Honest Hand Sanitizer: Have you read what’s in your normal hand sanitizer? It’s frightening and it contains chemicals we definitely don’t want on our hands or our children’s! That’s why we love Honest’s Hand Sanitizer! It’s safe, really light and easy to spray. Spray down stroller carts, carousel rides, airplane seats etc. No surface is safe!

Boon’s Naked Collapsible Tub: Boon is known for it’s flawless design and their tub is no different. It is collapsable which makes it easy to store, which if you’ve ever had a bulky bath tub you know is important!

Ubbi Steel Diaper: We love this pail. It’s sleek design makes it a beautiful and functional fixture in any nursery. You might consider a diaper pail to be an unnecessary item, but changing 6-7 diapers a day in a small space? You need this.

Keekaroo Changing Pad: This is a new product that Jenna loves!  It was a new purchase for her with baby #3 and she has LOVED it. It’s so soft and cozy for their newborn tiny bodies and easily wipes off when they pee everywhere!! Less laundry is key. Love love love this one.

Pamper’s Swaddlers: Gasp. You might be surprised to hear that we prefer these for our tiniest babes. Between the three of us we’ve tried them ALL. Nope, not the most eco-friendly and for sure not as cute as some, but they hold in even the most disastrous blow-outs and are ultra soft. As babies get older moving to more eco friendly options is so great, but Swaddlers are our pick for newborn babes.

Ergobaby Carrier: A carrier is crucial for any new mom, especially a mom of multiple children! It’s the only way to ever have two hands! Cotton or jersey wraps are great in the beginning for their tiny bodies but as they get bigger Ergo is a must!

MamaRoo: If you’re on the Internet at all you’ll know the MamaRoo is a favorite amongst Moms. With all it’s adjustable settings it’s pretty much the Cadillac of baby swings. Worth every penny!

The Honest Company Laundry Pods: Changing our laundry detergent to items with less toxins has been something on our minds and this is how to do it! Love this product and love that it is safe for the whole family and you aren’t sacrificing that deep quality clean you might think you get with harsher ingredients.

What items would you add to our registry must haves? Check out Cricket’s Circle if you need more ideas, we are loving its easy navigations and searchable registries. We never get tired of hearing what products our favorite celebrities love and Cricket’s Circle is overflowing with them!

beach towels!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Before we head out to celebrate and so our gratitude for those who have come before us and currently protect us here in the States we couldn’t help but share a little Summer kick off post! All our boys are out of school and the local pools open today as well so it feels like Summer to us! We love collecting fun and bright towels for these warmer months. Leave them in the trunk for impromptu splash pad trips, park picnics or even just little make shift blanket for the cold nights.
beach towels!

1. Clovelly Sunny Life Towel // 2. Pendleton Towel // (on sale!) 3. Tamarama Rainbow Towel // 4. Gradient Blue // 5. Luxe Bronte Towel // 6. Scallop Stripe with pocket // 7. Stars Towel // 8. Polka Dots // 9. Zig Zag Towel  with pocket //10. Southwest Stripe