favorite’s favorite pt.2 [closed!]

Congratulations to Kymberlee for winning this giveaway!

Are you guys ready for Part Two of our birthday giveaway featuring our Favorite’s Favorites? We think you’ll like it, see what’s up for grabs and don’t forget to enter yesterday’s giveaway, too!



Jill Nystul // @jillsgoodthings

We got incredibly lucky to spend several months under Jill’s mighty wing as we launched this blog. Jill of One Good Thing by Jillee is a phenomenon to say the least, with several million readers and an archive that would make Martha Stewart feel inadequate. Jill is the hardest working blogger in the biz and we’ve learned so much from her this year!

Blendtec Blender :: $450

“I have milkshake loving boys in my house and my Blendtec makes quick work of our favorite Oreo shakes. But it goes well beyond milkshakes and has been a great multi-tasker in my kitchen. I’ve made everything from smoothies, to mayonnaise, almond butter, and even homemade paper!

Brooke White // @realbrookewhite

We could tell you the long and amazing story of serendipity that brought us to Brooke last year for this film. Simply put it was made to be, and after watching Brooke in her home with her Londy-Loo we will never forget how she made us feel, and how inspired we came away from our time together. Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Girl with Glasses, she’s one in a million!

Aden and Anais  Dream Sleep Sack :: $40

“I’m still using these with London, they are the best!”

Kirsten Krason // @kirstenkrason

A few days after our launch, Kirsten of 6th Street Design School sent us the most darling care package welcoming us to the blogging fold. Ever since we’ve had more than a few occasions that left us with dropped jaws at how classy Kirsten is and vowing to be more like her.

Land of Nod Kitchen Set :: $250

“My kids are obsessed with this kitchen set from Land of Nod. Jane will open and close the doors all day long and Jett loves to pretend to bake and cook for his sister. Any product that can provide hours of entertainment for my children is a lifesaver for me!”

Emily Jackson // @emilyijackson

Emily started her fashion blog around the same time as us and it’s been so exciting watching her sky-rocket. If you need inspiration for timeless, easy, but sophisticated fashion she’s your girl.

Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket : $65

“This is Capri’s favorite blankey. It goes everywhere with us. It has stayed in perfect condition after excessive use and multiple washes! It’s just about the softest thing I have ever felt!”

Karlee, Blair and Kami of Brickyard Buffalo // @brickyardbuffalo

One thing we’ve learned to value especially this last year is loyalty. It’s hard to come by in business, but we are absolutely blessed to have these girls in our corner. Every so often we get together for a meal and share ideas, and problem solve, and brainstorm together. Each of us sees a little bit of ourselves in them and it’s been so rewarding to share our first years together!

Freshly Picked Moccasins  :: $60

“We have more than a little crush on Freshly Picked moccs.  They are incredibly durable and easily stay on our kids’ feet. Plus, the colors they come in make us swoon.  Add in the fact that a favorite girlfriend makes them and we are sold!

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favorite’s favorite pt.1 [closed!]

Congratulations to Maria Elena for winning this giveaway!

Welcome back to Small Fry’s First Birthday Week! Let’s start this party the best way we know how: giving away some free stuff! When we talk about the best parts of this job, it is people, not things or events, that come to mind. So many wonderful influencers, mentors, inspirations, friends, creators and business owners have made this first year so amazing! We asked a few of them to share their favorite must-haves with us so that we could in turn together give them to you.  Check back tomorrow to enter Part Two, but let’s see what you can win today!

favoritesgive1 favoritesgiveaway2

Susan Petersen of Freshly Picked // @freshlypicked

We forced her to be our mentor and her generosity and smarts are unending. Susan is the most giving friend you’ll ever find.

Champion Juicer :: $250

“We have gotten really into juicing lately and both the kids love helping juice. Hattie likes watermelon and carrot juice, Gus likes bell pepper juice.”

Casey Wiegand of The Wiegands // @caseyleighwiegand

We met Casey for the first time in NYC and were each blown away at her genuine and kind spirit. She makes us all feel like a million bucks and has a heart of gold.

Tangled Tantrum Set :: $50

“I LOVE Tangled Tantrum for my kiddos. Is there anything more glorious than a babe straight out of the bath that smells like coconuts in their pjs. AMAZING! I love all of their products.”

Joy Cho of Oh Joy! // @ohjoystudio

Lo & Sons. The OMG Overnight Travel bag :: $275

Joy took a chance, invited us into her home, and let us film her and her doll-baby Ruby last year. She treated us like old friends, and of the million things Joy’s got going for her and going on in her life, she wants everyone to succeed and makes time for us. We’ve always felt like Joy was rooting for us, and there’s no one better to have in your corner!

“We’re currently on vacation in Paris, and I’ve been using this bag for travel all over the city (and on the airplane)! it’s been so handy with tons of pockets for babythings and comfy shoulder straps for lugging around the city.”

Kelli Murray // @kelli_murray

Barefoot Dreams blanket via Layla Grayce :: $55

Kelli was another friend made last year, that we’ve watched soar. Her talent is astonishing, her style is impeccable, her family precious. Kelli is laid back and so easy to be around, it’s probably better she lives in California or we’d make her hang out with us everyday.

” The softest plush blanket that comes in cute simple patterns.  This has become Rylee’s favorite.  It comes with us on road trips and in airplanes and always makes her feel at home.”

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We will pick one winner each from Parts One and Two of this giveaway on September 30th, 2013. Check back tomorrow to enter for the other items up for grabs!

happy first birthday, small fry!

We can hardly believe this weekend marks our one year anniversary here at Small Fry!

Are you guys ready for a party? We’ve got one in store for the next week!


We had Small Fry as a goal for a month or so before we launched, and didn’t tell a soul. Each of us spent hours toiling over every last detail, details that you’ll see on our very first post, to our very last, every feature, every button, every element, concept, and idea was crafted with care.  It was this same time of night (or early morning) that we hit “send” and surprised our friends and family with an email introducing our little baby blog. What a year it has been! We’ve made so many wonderful friendships, been touched by so many stories, and most importantly, and our very first priority, had an absolute blast with our six boys.


All next week we’ll be celebrating this milestone, and we hope you’ll join us! Small Fry is just pictures and words on a page without you here with us after all, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Here’s to a hundred more!bday4

Party Sources:

Chelsey Searle for these beautiful photos that we will cherish forever. She is an absolute dream to work with, and her works is gorgeous. Now is the time to book for Christmas card pictures, and she will knock it out of the park. Contact her here.

Thank you to Land of Nod for this AMAZING “Toot Suite” party kit. All of this party decor came in one awesome package which makes party throwing an absolute breeze. See all four party kits at Land of Nod, they even have a Halloween theme!

To Sweet Tooth Fairy, the best local bakery for the perfect birthday cake cupcakes! Their Funfetti center matched our polka dot theme perfectly.

Have a wonderful FRYday, we’ll see you back here Monday!



For you curious minds, keep reading to get the info on our party attire… Read more

a backyard BBQ birthday

We have a love for first birthday parties, and today we are featuring a very special one by  Erin Wakeman for her little girl Zoey. Here’s what Erin had to say about their special day:


When the time comes for your first baby’s first birthday, you pull out all the stops! I wanted to give Zoey a birthday party that felt like a big celebration of her sweet and colorful personality while capturing the essence of a perfect end of the summer backyard BBQ.
We filled the trees with balloons, banners and pennant buntings creating a backdrop of bright and bold colors. Guests filled up take out boxes (boxes from Shop Sweet Lulu / liners from Pink Lemonade Party) with gourmet sliders, homestyle french fries in paper cones (fort&field), berry cups filled with local produce (Shop Sweet Lulu), and coleslaw in berry baskets (Shop Sweet Lulu). Local handmade barbecue sauce (Trilby’s) was offered in condiment cups and favored water (strawberries, lemons, cucumbers and mint) filled mason jars with striped paper straws (A Charming Pretty Party). Glass bottles of soda and locally brewed beers were served on ice in a vintage wheelbarrow next to a rustic bottle opening stand (bottle opener from 2 Country Chics).

ZoeyFaye-19-X2 ZoeyFaye-27-X2 ZoeyFaye-39-X2

The birthday girl smashed a special anniversary cake topper from her baby shower made by her aunt Kate Reed. The guest enjoyed a s’more bar stocked with many varieties of chocolates and graham crackers, roasting marshmallows and we shared laughs around a fire late into the summer night.  ZoeyFaye-51-X2

Zoey’s birthday outfit was a work of love put together by three of my most favorite women. Both Zoey’s custom headband matching her dress and her Gatsby cake smash headband were created by Chelsea of Jameson Monroe. Her Gretel Jumper was custom designed and handmade by the incredibly talented Lauren of Vivi’s Jewels. And her moccasins were perfectly designed by the amazing Susan of Freshly Picked.ZoeyFaye-101-X2
The party was a fantastic combination of friends and family enjoying and celebrating the first year of my sweet one year old’s life. Such a special day made all the more sweet by the many details offered from our amazing vendors and captured in gorgeous photo by Becca Rich of Lady & Gent Photography.
Thanks so much Erin! We love how she created keepsakes down to Zoey’s outfit as a way to remember this big day. Read more of Erin’s beautiful blog here.

hot pink studded sneakers

Today is the online equivalent of a really good girl’s night out. A get together with your favorite people where you walk away feeling uplifted and inspired, and you didn’t even have to curl your hair! We’re linking up with six other fashion, beauty, baking, organization, parties, and home DIY wizards with only one stipulation: the result must involve hot pink! Keep reading to check out everyone’s projects! But, first here’s what we came up with:
hot pink!

Hot Pink Studded Sneakers!

hot pink girls studded sneakers

We used the classic white Chuck Taylor high-top picked out a standard gold stud from Studs and Spikes (super cheap and super fast shipping!) and then painted each one with nail polish. Why nail polish you ask? If you’re like us you have loads of it in every shade of the rainbow, and in this instance it works a whole lot better than spray paint. With such a small surface area you’d be wasting a lot of spray trying to get enough coats to get the desired color and consistency, so give those studs a manicure!girl's studded sneakers

Now here’s where you can choose your own adventure. None of us are quite done having kids yet, so hand-me-downs are a clear and present necessity. Here’s hoping there’s a girl in there somewhere for one of us, so keeping things wearable for the next round, no matter what gender, is usually on our minds. So, with that caveat, we didn’t actually stud these shoes…We super glued them! That way if the next kid doesn’t dig hot pink studded sneakers, you can just take them off!

To super glue them in place, fold the prongs down tightly and then cover the folded prongs with the super glue. If you’re feeling precise you can also glue around the edges of the stud’s border for extra coverage.


And that’s it! We always say this, but really the possibilities are endless with this one. Endless nail polish colors to try, multiple colors, ombre, and designs.

girls studded sneakers

Now for our featured friends! Click right on their image to visit their hot pink post!

Image Map

 Vintage Revivals for awesome home decor DIYs, Bake at 350 for beautiful confections, Hot pink make up tips from MaskCara, Cara Loren for on-trend fashion, I Heart Organizing for easy life changers, and Studio DIY for a pop of color and a party!