project juice

By Nicole.

It’s been awhile since I updated you all on the behind the scenes of my life! I’ve been spending a lot of weekends this Summer in San Diego visiting someone special! (Small Fry edit: Nicole is coy, but he’s more than someone special, and we knew when Nicole was crying happy tears with no sad ones that we’d be his biggest fan!) It’s been so fun but a lot of vacation time is rough on the bod, ya know? Eating out three meals a day, even if you are making healthy choices, is a struggle. So when I got settled back at home I knew I needed to reset! Project Juice to the rescue!Juice CleanseI chose to do a two day cleanse. I’ve done a three day once before in the past, and I loved it! But the two day seemed more doable since I’ve been out of practice.Juice CleanseMy experience with Project Juice was exactly what I was looking for! I went from feeling weighed down and tired, to feeling refreshed, clean and energized in two short days! I was reset after finishing the cleanse. Back on top. Back to myself. The energy to be active and the desire to continue again with healthy eating habits!Juice CleanseEach of the juices I chose were picked specifically for my taste and needs. Except the Black Magic chose that one because, I mean, it’s incredible looking! And it was equally as delicious!Juice CleanseI loved being able to tailor the cleanse perfectly to my liking. I enjoyed every moment when some cleanses in the past have been less enjoyable. Feeling like you are choking juice down isn’t the best way to spend three days, right?

mesa, vista, uppa!

By Emily.

I know I mentioned earlier that I really took my time choosing and researching a stroller system this time around. After two kids I had a really good grasp on what I wanted, didn’t need, and wanted to try out. I chose the UPPAbaby Vista System and am actually obsessed with it. Uppa SystemThe first thing I knew I wanted to try was a bassinet. Anytime I saw a baby in theirs they always looked so peaceful and comfortable and I loved the idea of having that restful sleep be more of a portable and mobile option, too! I was right, Raleigh loves it and it goes everywhere with us! Uppa SystemThe bug net that comes with it has been super handy when we’re outside at night or even by the pool, it keeps the splashes out without having to cover him completely up. You can also see how much storage is underneath which is vital for me. UPPAbabyFor instance last week when my kids were too tired to drag their scooters back to the car from the park so I had two scooters, my lawn chair, a blanket, a jug of water and snacks all under there. Life-saver.Uppa SystemAnother feature I was set on with my stroller hunt was that it would be light-weight and easy for me to collapse. I’ve had different systems that were bulky and heavy and it felt okay at the beginning but once my babies were twenty pounds it was torture. Or systems where I couldn’t ever get a grip on collapsing it and would fight with it every time and usually just shove it into my trunk half-closed.UPPAbabyThis one handles so nicely, is super responsive and easy to use. My boys love to help with it and I love that it has so many accessories I can add on like the Piggyback for my older boys to ride on, or the cup-holder.. a must! I love that UPPAbaby thinks of things being multi-functionall like the bassinet stand turning into a hamper.uppa

Parent Organizer // Cup Holder // Ganoosh Foot Muff // Bassinet Stand //  Hamper Liner  // Snack Tray //

Uppa System

Check out UPPAbaby for yourself HERE!

Back To School Fashion – Tops!

Next up in BTS Fashion Week are tops! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites and all a really good prices!tops

1- This great basic is on sale! 2- Pizza is bae 3- Always Do Your Best 4- This sweet little top is too much 5- Perfect for your mountain man 6- So many Star Wars fans over here 7- tiny letterman jackets foreverrrr 8- This flutter sleeve top HAS to be in our size somewhere 9- This darling fuzzy cardigan is a staple for Fall 10- Your boy will be a heart breaker 

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BTS Fashion Week: Lunch Style

We’re trying to process that school starts for us in a matter of days, so crazy! ALL of us will be packing lunches this year with our three big boys in school all day so we’re collecting lunch ideas really for ourselves. So for today’s post it’s all about LUNCH fashion! We’ve teamed up with PackIt and their stylish lunch carriers to show you guys a way we spice up the typical sandwich! Head to our Instagram to win $100 credit and find a 15% off coupon for PackIt in today’s post!11Since we always have a plethora of lunch meats around why not roll them all up! It’s a fresh take on the sandwich and when you layer a dry piece of lettuce first, right up next to the tortilla or wrap it keeps everything from getting soggy! Turkey, pepperoni, cheese, yum!12This Buffalo Check pack is great for boys or girls and the best part of PackIt is that they all self-freeze and refrigerate. The bag should be stored in the freezer overnight to freeze the gel packs.  Then in the morning, you can pack the lunch and it’s good to go.NCC_4802If you’re looking for something bright and fun we love the Viva print! Catch all of their awesome prints here. There’s a TON!Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.43.22 PM

Grab 15% off with “SMALLFRY15” at check out! Thanks PackIt for sponsoring this post!