Small Fry for Love Leeves Pillows

Design Collaborations are so fun for us, we get to share our ideas and sketches and then watch someone with far more talent put it all together! Love Leeves created these pillows with Small Fry in mind and they launch today! We wanted to share them with you and also offer you 25% her shop (“SMALLFRY25″ at check-out.)

Love Leeves Small Fry Pillow

Love Leeves is a company run by Lauren, a true Californian as you can tell by her designs, who over the last few years has developed quite the celebrity clientele! Read all about it on her About page, but first, check out how Lauren took our notes and created a fun piece of decor!

Of course, we couldn’t drift too far from our Small Fry cloud. You can find it in stripes or a plain white sky scene.

Love Leeves Small Fry Pillow

Her line is all produced right in California, with ethically sourced fabrics from India, and each purchase includes a down insert!

Love Leeves Small Fry Pillow

See the whole line of pillows on Love Leeves, and don’t forget to use the “SMALLFRY25″ code at check-out for 25% off! If you’re feeling extra lucky, hop over to @loveleeves on Instagram, she’s giving away one of each on her feed!

monster clothespin puppets

We’re to the point in the seasonal transition where there has been enough warm days that our kids know what they’re missing outdoors and are none too happy when the weather turns cold again. It seems to alternate cold to warm every other day the last couple weeks, so we’ve had to be ready with exciting and fresh things to do inside. On today’s blustery agenda: Monster Clothespin Puppets!
Monster Clothespin Puppets

Here’s what you’ll need:

Monster Supplies

Take your favorite bright color scrap paper and cut circles (we use this 1-Inch Circle Punch like crazy!)

Monster Clothespin Puppets

Then cut the circles in half, gluing each half to one prong of the clothespin creating the Pac-Man style mouth.

Monster Clothespin Puppets

Then you can add hats, teeth, eyeballs and funky hair to create your monsters. Ours are definitely party monsters, we couldn’t help it! Then let them dry completely and you’ll be ready to play!

Monster Clothespin Puppets

Find all our favorite crafts made with stuff you have around the house under our “household items” tag right here!

instagram print display DIY giveaway [closed]

Winner: Angela Tran!

Today we have an awesome giveaway with one of our favorite companies, Artifact Uprising! We found them on our own last year and have been ordering often ever since, so we’re excited that they’ve graciously offered one winner $300! in credit to a myriad of ways to print your favorite photos. Gorgeous Instagram books, photo print cards, calendars and hardcover books for higher quality photos to name a few. These make the most amazing gifts, they are sure to be treasured forever! Jenna made books for us for Christmas and gifted to them us at a lunch. We were all in tears – our fellow restaurant diners should be used to this by now – and needless to say our Artifact Uprising collections get a lot of love and use at our houses.

The books are so great, but we wanted to be able to see our prints ALL the time, so here’s two ways we’ve displayed them in our homes! Start with an order or two of the Instagram Print cards:

Artifact Uprising Instagram Prints

Then you can either create a gallery wall using removable wall putty, 3M strips, or whatever adhesive you like but won’t damage your walls!

Instagram Photo Wall

Or how about an Ikea hack? Ikea makes these super inexpensive curtain hanging systems, with small metal clips that hang on a suspended wire. Perfect for hanging photos! We’re loving that a lot of Ikea items can be found on Amazon, saves us a trip or two! Buy the Diginet Curtain Wire and Clips here!

Instagram Picture Display Ikea Hack

To install the Diginet, you simply drill the posts into the wall, top them with the clean silver covers, slide the cord into each post and trim. Then clip the photos right on! Since the  Diginet system is so reasonably priced, do like Nicole did and give friends the curtain system and a set of cards as a gift to create their own wall at home!

Instagram Picture Wall on Ikea Curtain SystemNow that you’ve seen a couple ways to display, is your mind racing with all the amazing things you could do with $300 worth of Aritfact Uprising prints? Email us if you need more ideas, we could go all day!

Enter below and even if giveaways aren’t your thing, anyone who enters will be sent a special discount code after the giveaway as a thank you! Winner announced March 24th!

FRYday : Jenna

A few days ago I asked readers on Facebook what they would like to hear from me this week on FRYday. I loved all the suggestions and will be using them all as prompts in the future. I’m still so flattered that our readers love to hear from us, we are so blessed by this community. My friend and loyal reader Kat Clark said “Tell me what you like about yourself and why that’s okay. And then tell me what you like most about your boys.” I LOVE THIS. Kat is the type of friend who reminds you what you should love about yourself every time you talk to her so I wasn’t surprised she asked me to tell her this. So as painful as it is for me to admit things I like about myself (why IS THAT) I’m going to. But only if you promise to tell me in the comments things you like about YOUR self? Sound good?

frydayI like that I cry. I cry when I talk about my kids, when I watch an Olympic commercial, when I accomplish a life goal and when I pray. I used to think it made me emotionally unstable, but I think it makes me emotionally secure. I feel everything. Whether it’s for me, my family or my friends. I’ll cry with you whenever you need me to.

I like that I invest in people. Sure it gets me in to trouble a lot, because peoples lives, struggles, pains can really affect me. But in the end I would rather be a person that has deep empathies then is careless with others feelings.

I like that I’m a party. I don’t have too many fluctuating moods and when I want to be I think I’m one hell of a time. I love to have fun, laugh and enjoy life.

Phew. That wasn’t so hard. Okay, well kind of but I did it! Why is it okay to like myself, Kat? Well I think I’m worth being liked by others and that certainly must mean I should be liked by myself. That’s a work in progress. Every day.

My boys.

I’ll start with Andrew, my husband. Who doesn’t get much air time on this blog but deserves all the credit the world has to offer. I like that he is kind. That his heart immediately lends to patience, love and appreciation for people around him. I like that he is positive, responsible, honest and hard working. I like that he is funny, has a million hobbies and is my friend. I like that his love and faith for God are interwoven into every portion of his life and he leads our family in integrity, love and happiness. I like that he likes Small Fry. Without his support I might have had a death by DIY by now.

Quinn. I like that the minute he was born I knew he was a party. Born 11 minutes before the New Year, he’s been loving a good time every since. I like that he is happy, funny, loving and energetic. I like that he befriends everyone, isn’t afraid of social situations and loves to try new foods. I like how good of an older brother he is. He protects Jude and loves him with all he’s got.

Jude. I like that the minute he was born, my soul found a part of itself that it was missing. I like that he’s tested my patience and made me a better person. I like that he crawls in to bed with me, tickles my back and tells me he loves me. I like that he is friendly, fearless and up for anything (except getting in his car seat.) I like that he loves an adventure. I like that he is the most perfect fit in our family.

And I like all of you. Honestly I do. Small Fry holds such a big place in my heart and you’re a part of that. Thanks for being here. Happy FRYDAY! xoxo -J

*Small Fry Note*  We love all these things about Jenna and her family, but she forgot one important thing. Her hair! It is one of our most requested tutorials and we’re so glad to be able to share it via The Be{you}ty Bureau! Subscribe to their awesome You Tube beauty channel right here.

Here are the products Jenna uses : Kevin Murphy Resort Spray // Big Sexy Powder Play // Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus // Oribe Superfine Hair Spray // Hot Tools Tapered Iron

Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 5.13.03 PM3-13-14•••


A Happy Little Life – the charming lifestyle blog. The OBaby App we use to write on photos before sending them to the printer is discounted at $4.99 here! We’re still taking sign-ups for the FREE! parenting webinar on March 26th, it should be a great time filled with new things to try to get your kids to listen without yelling and nagging. Sign up here! Also, if you’ve noticed the Fish Indie ad, it rotates everyday with new Etsy shop finds. We’ve seen so much great stuff showcased and love that Fish Indie represents handmade vendors! Lastly, check out some of our favorite picks from A Vintage Poster, great prints for any space!


Have  a great weekend, everyone!!

Together Counts

We are really excited to be guest posting all year long with Together Counts! They’re a family togetherness initiative that focuses on celebrating and enjoying life together as a family. Whether it be inspiration for holidays, meal times, family fitness or engagement at school, we, along with 15+ other contributors are sharing our best tips and ideas for doing it all together as a family.

Check out our first post here, a lucky charm scavenger hunt that teaches history, encourages acts of kindness, and getting active. Read it here! We’ll be sure to share the rest of the posts as they go live.NCC_8002

Here’s three more posts we’re liking from the Together Counts contributors!

Celebrating School Achievements

How Kids Snack Country by Country

Dinner Conversation Starter Plates DIY

Also don’t miss an awesome giveaway we’ve partnered with some friends on!!






We can’t even believe it’s time for spring! Our new spring issue is here and we’re celebrating with this AMAZING giveaway for ONE lucky new mom (or dad) or parent-to-be!

Mini Magazine’s Ultimate Spring Giveaway includes:

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2 Comotomo Bottles
1 Timi + Leslie Hannah Baby Bag in Mint
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1 pair Freshly Picked mocs
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1 Baby Sleepsack from Serena & Lily
1 Pair Belly Bandit B.D.A Leggings
To enter the Ultimate Spring Giveaway, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below. Each entry option will increase your chances of winning and BONUS if you follow each brand on social media! Links as follows:

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The Ultimate Spring Giveaway will run from March 17 through midnight on March 30. The winner will be notified via email and announced via the Rafflecopter widget, as well as on Mini’s social media platforms. Good luck and happy entering!

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