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Are you all ready for Christmas? We can’t believe how fast it crept up! Today we have a multiple-use free printable from the awesome shop Mod by Mel. Whether your need gift tags, a neighbor gift, decor for a party, a(nother) garland, this cute print can do all that and we’re sure lots more, too!
Mod By Mel Free Printable!

Download it below sized for both a 5×7 and 8×10 for free until Christmas! Mod By Mel is making this print temporarily free so hurry and snatch it up!

Check out Mod by Mel’s Etsy shop, it’s filled with gems like this!


Do you guys follow us on Pinterest? We had a fun pin-party with Mini Magazine and a few other bloggers last night, and the board is so festive and fun! Follow us here.

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glam blocks

We’ve got another super easy handmade gift idea for you all today. Keeping with the theme of gifts coming from the kids, but with a touch of class: Glam Blocks! Thanks to Carousel NY for teaming up with us on this post! Here’s what you’ll do:

glam christmas blocks

To start you’ll need unfinished wood blocks. There’s a few ways to accomplish this task:  you can buy them at the craft store, or have wood cut at the hardware store! Just make sure you sand the blocks before using them if you have them cut. From this point we painted them by taping off the down the diagonal, using acrylic paint. Let the blocks dry completely and then grab the Modge Podge (or mix Elmer’s glue with half the amount of glue in ounces of water, 6 ounce bottle of glue = 3 ounces of water. Cover the painted triangle with Modge Podge and then here’s where the kiddos can help!

glam christmas blocks

We used silver and then gold glitter and had the boys cover the Modge-Podged area. Shake off the excess and let it dry completely! Once its dry you can layer on another coat of Modge Podge to seal the glitter a bit better.

Like we mentioned earlier, we teamed up with the new online kids boutique, Carousel NY for today’s craft. We really can’t get enough of their site, it’s filled with fashion forward brands we’ve come to love like Shampoodle, the Brand, yporque, and Loud Apparel.

Here’s some items we’re loving for the boys!

Carousel NY


Leather Sleeve Jacket || Woo Sweater ||| Shampoodle Street Pants || Gorilla Sweater 

Dash is in the Bob & Blossom Breton Stripe Tee and don’t miss this The Brand jeans. Too cute.

Connect with Carousel NY for flawless fashion via Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


A couple of years ago we got knee deep in a Quiet Book making party. Basically 10 of our friends were to bring 10 identical pages they handmade and then we’d all swap leaving us each with a 10 page handmade quiet book. Dimensions and felt selections were sent out, page ideas were thrown around, and month after month the proposed D-Day came and went. We’d like to blame it on a natural disaster of some sort, but in all reality, hand-making 10 felt Quiet Book pages is hard. And time consuming. And frustrating. Our time is worth more than that, and so is yours!

pre made quiet books wuka

We’ve, along with several of our other blog-friends, tried out Wūka and you’ve probably already heard, but they’re awesome. Each square covers a basic skill like tying, buttoning, braiding and more! Each page has layers of activity and our boys have loved playing with theirs at home and out and about when we need them to be quiet.

pre made quiet books wuka

Wūka has patented their binding system as well, which is so innovative! Each square is placed on a Link, and Links can hold as many or as few pages as you like!

wuka pre made quiet books

Shop Wūka Here // Follow Wūka on Facebook and Pinterest for more awesome ways to entertain your kids this Winter!


The boys are rocking t-shirts and sweatshirts by Kira Kids. We’re loving the Boombox bear  sweatshirt, super soft Super Bears Raglan, and we can’t keep this Batman Mask tee clean!

service advent

After we shared our favorite Christmas countdown advents here, Emily decided to do a 25 Days of Service with her boys. It has been such an awesome experience for them, and really altered the way their Holiday season has looked and felt. So for our last post for under the Ford Fiesta Movement, with the perfect theme of Social Acitvism we thought we’d have Emily share a little bit more about it!

service advent for kids

This 25 Days of Service printable has single-handedly turned my family’s Christmas upside down. For the better, for the best. I had, and still have, so many hesitations sharing details of this special experience: for one, we’re not doing it for the recognition. Secondly, the blessing of serving others everyday, even when it’s small and seemingly insignificant, has changed my heart and feels so private and personal! Lastly, the amazing things that have come out of my boys’ mouths, the way they seek out people and opportunities to help has been so touching, sharing it feels like parental bragging. Let’s be honest, it is!

But, I think it’s important still. It’s so easy to forget the true meaning of the Holidays and to let commercialized things take over and get in the way. If I didn’t have Hayes asking me “What are we going to give away today?” (which I’ve had to curb, and remind him that serving is more than just getting rid of our stuff) each morning at breakfast, I’m sure I’d have already forgotten. But, we’ve stuck to it thanks to him, and we have a couple tips to help those with toddler-age kids as well.

1. Neither of my kids can read yet, and I use that to my advantage. I know the list pretty well at this point so I pick something that suits that day’s agenda. If we’ll be out and about, I have him pick a slip and then I read “Open the door for others at the store.” or “Leave encouraging notes on people’s cars.” If we have a quiet day at home, then I’ll do the crafts and activities like “Pick a toy to donate to a family in need” or “Make a cranberry and popcorn garland for the birds.”

2. I separated the bigger suggestions into two days. So if it’s “Donate old towels to the animal shelter”, on one day we’ll collect all our old towels, then another day we’ll actually bring them to the shelter. Or, we made encouraging cards one night, and delivered them the next. Otherwise it can feel like a big undertaking for one day!

3. Keep your eyes open. You’ll start to notice more and more opportunities to help others, so many that aren’t on “the list” so often times we do something completely different than planned. When I found myself trying to make whatever was on the slip of paper happen, I’m sure I missed opportunities right in front of my face.

We still have a week or so left, so I’m sure this might change, but my favorite moment so far has to be when we donated toys. Since Hayes was small he’s been a toy hoarder. More often then not I’d catch him trying to ride a scooter, or climb a playground with two handfuls of toys in his clutches. Teaching him to share has been a struggle, and still is. So, I wasn’t sure how giving away a toy would go. So needless to say, I was emotional to see him fill two bags full without blinking an eye. A couple days later we brought the toys to a woman who runs the nursery at our church. We walked up her steps, he knocked on the door, without any prompting, handed the bags to her and said “Merry Christmas!” She was so excited and Hayes might have burst with pride. As we walked down the steps back to the car he lept into my arms, wrapped both arms and legs tight around me (just like he did when we were next in line at Radiator Racers in DisneyLand) and whispered in my ear “That was nice.”

The feeling this little advent has brought our family each day has been so rewarding, it’s not hard to see it’s helped us more than anyone!”

Catch more of Emily’s (and several other Instagrammers who have joined in) adventures with the 25 Days of Service under the #DoGoodDecember tag.

This post is inspired by the Ford Fiesta Movement. 

a gilded link-up

Remember our color themed link-up a few months ago? We joined up with several other awesome bloggers and created DIYs all based on hot pink! Today we’re back together and this time, all that glitters is gold.

Here’s what we came up with, an all-gold snow globe! A gold-out, if you will.Small Fry | Gold Challenge

There is something especially magic about a snow globe, and we’ve seen our fair share around town, but wanted to make our own special version. So we sprayed everything gold, naturally. Here’s what you’ll need:

All Gold Link-up | Small Fry

 We found everything we needed at our local craft store, and most DIYs will suggest you buy glycerin, we tried it both ways, and water works just fine!

1. Take your gold spray paint and spray your sisal miniature tree, and minature plastic animals. Let them dry completely.

2. Using super glue or a hot glue gun, glue the objects to the lid of the jar. Make sure you test it before gluing so everything fits inside and still screws in. Otherwise you might need to lose a moose leg, not pretty.

3. Most globes are filled with the snow globe snow, but we swapped it out for glitter! It’s the prettiest little thing.

Here’s what our fellow link-up buddies put together, don’t miss them! If you want to play along with our color challenges post your pics with the #colorchallenge hash so we can check it out!

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