FRYday : Nicole

We hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into our beauty routines, find Emily and Jenna‘s here and here. But, here are my picks!

First and foremost, my beauty go-to tip is SLEEP! As a mom, I don’t always get in the hours I need. But boy, when I do, there isn’t enough makeup in the world to make me look and feel that refreshed. I am not a night owl, so getting myself into bed at a decent hour isn’t hard. Get those 8 hours! I even push for 10 if my kids will allow it.
Okay one more thing before we move into products. Every morning after the shower and every night before bed, I slip into this robe. Before I wash or brush or drench my hair in oil, I slick it back into a bun, put on my white robe, and forget about the tornado of a day I just had, and give myself a few minutes to feel beautiful. You can find white robes almost anywhere. Ikea even has some now! But this one is my very favorite.
 Back to the hair oil… Once a week I drench my hair in this Heavenly oil,
wrap it up into a top knot and let it nourish my hair through the night. After I wash the next morning with the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, my brittle dry Utah air hair feels like I live in Hawaii.
 This Korres Wild Rose Cream is my day cream. I apply this super generously. My skin is DRY as a bone and needs all the help it can get to stay moisturized. This cream smells like rose petals and has saved my skin. It helps my foundation go on super smooth.
 Again, Korres to the rescue. This Sleeping Facial is what I sleep in. This night facial while smelling like roses (again) nourishes my skin all night with Vitamin C and I love the bright fresh face I wake up with in the morning.
LIP SCRUB! This is a new found obsession. I try not to do it morning and night, because I’m so in love with it. I would assume it’s best to just use once a day. It makes my lips feel fresh and plump before I apply lipstick for the day or a moisturizing balm for the night.
Because black is always my go to nail color, here is my fave.
This color is my jam. I am not a red girl, and not a pink girl. So this orange “Cherie” has proven to be just my thing.
If you arent on the Cashmere Mist train yet, it’s time you jump aboard. I think everyone I know has fallen in love with this piece of Heaven. It’s a rockstar in doing its job as a deodorant, and it leaves you and your clothing smelling DIVINE.
This body scrub! I don’t have words. My skin feels like silk every time I shower. Just be sure and generously apply your favorite body cream following. Leave your skin slightly damp to lock in moisture!

nununu [giveaway!]

We’ve got an awesome giveaway for you today with one of our favorite brands for kids, Nununu! Check out our last post about them here (and our big boys looking like babies.) We love their ultra cozy and cool line. Everything has enough style to wear to a play date or school but comfortable enough to sleep in. We love how each piece in the line goes together and is fairly unisex, so they’re great pieces to build a wardrobe with  and share with siblings!

Here’s some of our favorites, but one lucky winner gets a $250 credit for the items of your choice!



The Square Patch Pull-over for cold days // Geometric Shift for your little lady // A Metallic Pull-over for your Little Personality // Star Leggings //  “No!” Onesie to celebrate your two year olds favorite word // Circle Patch Playsuit for the little guys // A French Terry Jacket with a cool slanted zipper

What pieces are catching your eye? Enter below, and good luck!!

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LittleList app

Brought to you by Pinwheel, formerly known as LittleList.

We were getting ready to launch our Gift Guide series for this holiday season when we learned about the LittleList app and wanted to share it with you guys! We think it will make gift giving such a breeze this year. Pinwheel is a gift wishlist brought to you by BabyList, a universal baby registry that lets you register for exactly what you want from the retailer of your choice – including your favorite local or independent shops (like Etsy). So many of the moms who used the registry for their baby showers were also using it make birthday and holiday list too! So that’s when Pinwheel was born!LittleList Christmas Registry

Just like a baby gift registry, Pinwheel let’s you create a gift wish list by adding items from any store. It even offers suggestions for what to add based on your childs age and interest – we found this part so helpful! They have categories for just about everything and if you don’t feel like searching the web, their suggestions are very well curated. To be honest, their suggestions might be a little dangerous because they’re all so amazing! Once you create the list anytime a grandparent or loved one asks “What does ____ want for Christmas” you can make it so easy and show them. Then they can reserve what items they want to give making sure that there aren’t any duplicates.

LittleList Christmas Registry

We’ve also found this app incredibly helpful as we start thinking and planning out what we want to buy the boys for Christmas, too! Have you ever gotten to the end of a Holiday season and realized you went way overboard? Shiny things caught your eye and before you know it you’ve over spent. We love that you can keep track of what you actually want to give this year and keep that focus that can be hard without something to organize for you!

At first we were hesitant about this app, would we really want to answer the question “What do they want?” with a giant list? But coming from a gift-giving perspective, it’s hard to think of something a child will want, need, read, or wear without asking the parents first.  It’s frustrating when gifts need to be returned, or when kids end up with lots of things they don’t really need (and parent’s don’t want in the house), less waste is always what we aim for and this is so helpful!

You can check out what we’ve picked for our own lists if you’d like to see how it works and get ideas!

For Hayes / For Dash / For Quinn 

eclectic nursery tips

We have a friend Jodee, of Harris Interior Design, who creates the most amazing spaces for every purpose, whether it’s a garden party, a reading nook, a space to cook together, or a place to lay your head, they are all thoughtful and inviting. Her little boy Richie’s nursery is no exception, and we’re so lucky to have her sharing her thought process for creating an eclectic nursery!
Eclectic Nursery Tips from Harris Interior Design
Rug – West Elm
Eclectic Nursery
I wanted the vibe of the nursery to be soft and soothing while he is so small and to be a bit of a clean canvas to inject his interests and personality into as he grows. That being said, I think one of the most fun aspects of being a parent is introducing your little one to the world. I peppered the room with details to pique his curiosity. Maybe as he grows he will see the moonscapes framed in the corner and become interested in the earth and space, the teepee will inspire playfulness and a curiosity for culture and history, the record player will remind him of his deejay grandfather and he’ll love a good party.  I hope to inspire this little man with a big appetite for adventure and knowledge and tried to create a space for him here that was reflective of that.Crosley Turntable

We built the house before I was pregnant knowing we wanted a third child and, having 2 daughters already, hoping to complete our family with a son. I painted the nursery-to-be a pale dreamy blue thinking if I’d build it, he would come.

Eclectic Nursery Tips from Harris Interior Design
I think every room should have some elements that feel really organic. To me the greatest peace and beauty is found in nature and so we of course respond accordingly to interiors that echo that. This nest-like chandelier spoke to my nesting sensibilities at the time. And I think the touch of black is important to keep things from being too sweet.Eclectic Nursery Tips from Harris Interior Design
Animal Elements
I love the nature element. And it’s a fun and easy way to inject a juvenile element into the space. What’s cuter than a baby telling you the sounds an animal makes when they’re just learning to speak? Or snuggling down for nap time with a beloved stuffed animal?
Tee Pee

The Tee Pee

I knew I wanted to have a little space for play and creativity in Richie’s room and I already had the Kevin Russ photograph of the horses in my home and loved the colors of it with the nursery wall. The art coupled with the teepee just felt like a collision of adventure and culture and curiosity that achieved the goals I had for the space. Also it served to keep his older sisters busy while I tended to diapers and feeding. They all always want to be at our feet, these children!

Pieces to Grow with Baby

Longevity and adaptability was one of my main goals in creating the space. I started with the wool ombre rug because I liked the depth and richness of color it added. It grounds the room in a way that feels interesting, but doesn’t really compete with any other patterns or motifs so I can change the room a hundred different ways and the rug would still work. The hand tufted wool construction makes it extremely durable as well. For the other 2 big ticket items, the chair and dresser/changing table I went with classic Midcentury Modern pieces. An Eames-style lounge chair (this one is a knock-off) has remained an iconic piece for nearly 7 decades and continued to look fresh all that time. I see these growing with him into adulthood.

Eclectic Nursery Tips from Harris Interior DesignI see the chair and ottoman both as being a bit of a surprise in form in a nursery, which I think is essential to a well-designed space. I like the pop of color that the tufted pouf ottoman adds and that end table next to them feels a bit Max-in-his-wolf-suit in form to me which I like for a baby man’s space.Eclectic Nursery

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 5.03.28 PM

Isn’t this space so wonderful? It will grow with Richie until he heads out for college and we love how much thought went into every decision and pick for the space.

our bedtime routines

Brought to you by Munchkin.bed time routine

We talked about sharing our bedtime routines last month and finally found a good excuse! Munchkin is one of those brands that we see every time we walk the aisles of Target, but didn’t realize just how innovative they are until we checked out all their products all at once. It’s such an impressive collection. We were happy to be able to incorporate them into our own bedtime routines and share how it all goes down with you today!

First up, Nicole!

Bedtime at our house is like anyone else’s, bananas. One saving grace however is bath time. Bath time is never short of an hour. We’ve recently incorporated these Munchkin bath toys and it’s now pushing 2 hours. Hallelujah for momma!

M8 M9

The kids have so much fun with these crayons because they wipe off super easy and dash is getting so good at writing his name! Perfect practice!

Sunny is a slippery little guy in the tub so I’ve really appreciated this Bath Mat, without it I’m sure we would have plenty of injuries.

We read, pray and sing, we talk about their highs and lows of the day. We talk about what they are grateful and what made them happy and what make them sad. This is the best way we have found to wind down.


Our bedtime routine is a good two hours long. Once I stopped fighting that process I realized that those hours are time well spent and some of my favorite of the day! I try to put my phone away and have it be the moment in the day I’m not multi-tasking 1200 things!

We start off with tub time. With two boys this can be super rambunctious, but they have a ton of fun! With Quinn now in Kindergarten he has the best time with the bath crayons. He’s been practicing math problems, and drawing his latest obsession: sea creatures! So of course, the Squirting Sea Buddies thrills him to no end.

M5After I dry them, I lotion them up and apply different essential oils to aid their immune systems and help them with sleep. At that point we usually crawl in to one bed and read stories. A couple simple stories for Jude and then we read a chapter out of the How To Train Your Dragon series which Quinn has been reading and loving! After that we say prayers. We used to take turns, but now both boys insist they pray. Since I’m on my own a lot this part is tricky, but I leave Quinn in his bed and take Jude to his. He’s a fighter so I spend some time singing and tickling his back before he finally drifts off! Honestly, I love that cuddle time with this high maintenance kiddo. By then Quinn has usually drifted off, but if not I’ll lay with him and snuggle and talk about our day. I love his insights about life, he teaches me so much!


We are morning bath and shower-ers so our bedtime routine is pretty short and sweet. Even though Callum is three years old, he still wants me to rock him while he drinks a sippy cup of milk. Then it’s into the crib he goes. Although, he climbs out in the mornings and after his naps are done, so I am totally dragging my feet on switching him to a bed. Sometimes I can’t believe he’s three and still being rocked with a sippy, but I try and remember those ladies in the grocery store who love to say “It goes by so fast!” and just enjoy it.

M2Hayes is our lifelong negotiator. He’s been negotiating anything and everything since he could talk. Bedtime is no different. 5 more minutes? 1 more piece of toast? 2 more books? 1 more song? Tell me a story! He can elongate bedtime into somewhat of an Epic. He has now learned that acting scared about something will usually get him some extra time so there’s always a monster, or he heard a mouse, or something in his sheets. Usually sometime around midnight he wakes up wanting a drink. The Miracle 360 Cup has saved us because instead of stumbling around for a drink we fill his up, stick it right by his pillow and remind him to reach for it. Since it doesn’t spill it can tip over and everything stays dry. Also, no need to fumble around for a light because you can drink it from any angle all the way around the lid. Genius!


What does your bed time routine look like? Anything unique or magical we should be incorporating? Tell us in the comments!

Munchkin products are available at TargetBabies’R’UsWalmartAmazon, and

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