Summer Ideas: Read-A-Thon

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Now that Summer is merely days away we’re scrambling to prepare ourselves. Prepare for the over exhaustion by packing too much in June, the lazy days after the 4th of July and then hoping they haven’t totally lost all they learned for the new year in August. No matter what month you’re looking at this idea is good for all! The Elephant and Piggie Like Reading! Series launched a new title “The Good For Nothing Button” and it is so cute.  Summer Ideas: Read-A-ThonIt’s all about a Button that does nothing according to its owner Yellow Bird. But Red and Blue bird discover the button DOES make them happy, and that is something? It just makes Yellow Bird mad, which is also something. 🙂Summer Ideas: Read-A-ThonAll you need to do is set up a comfy cozy read-a-thon area for your kids and surprise them with it! Set up cozy pillows and blankets and lay out a few favorites and a few new titles and see what happens. Put together up a yummy breakfast they can snack on and enjoy a lazy morning of reading!Summer Ideas: Read-A-ThonElephant and Piggie also shared with us this super great coloring kit you can download and print right at home! My boys love creating their own words in the thought and speech bubbles for their favorite characters. They also have this darling DIY where you can make your own Gerald and Piggie Paper Lanterns!Elephant and Piggie Coloring Pages

It’s the 10th Anniversary of of the Elephant + Piggie Series and if you’re looking to add to your collection here are our 10 favorites!elephant and piggie

Let’s Go For A Drive // The Good For Nothing Button // Elephants Cannot Dance // Should I Share My Ice Cream? // Can I Play Too? // There is a Bird On Your Head // Waiting is Not Easy! // I Broke My Trunk // The Cookie Fiasco // I Will Take a Nap //

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Kids Summer Travel Essentials

Summer is here! Let the traveling begin. Wether you are heading to the mountains or the beach, there are some key items we have learned fit the mold through and through. As we will get more detailed later on for specific destinations, today we are focusing on the basics. If you see us camping or on a road trip, you won’t catch us with out these few items.


Lookout Duffle // Meadow Backpack // Adventure Pak  // Gathre Playmat // Wipe Clean Travel Doodle Book // Natives // Life Factory Bottle //

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FRYday Sandals Shopping

Have you been sandal shopping like us? We are finding it’s not the easiest task. We want something chic, fresh AND comfortable. Here is a lineup of a few of our favorites that fit the criteria! AND they are almost all under $50Sandals-

Black Espadrilles // Gingham Espadrilles // Brown Leather Slides with Toe // Black Platform Slides // Black Slides // Katy Perry Color Block Slide // Katy Perry in Black // Two Tone Leather Sandal // Red Strappy Sandals // White Strappy Sandals // Braided Sandal // Striped Espadrilles 

And here’s a dupe for the Loeffler Randall Starla sandal from our insta today! Steve Madden’s for $60!Loeffler Randall Knock off