the Oil RN’s Summer Essentials [giveaway!]

The Oil RN is back with another great giveaway! We love Sarah, she works in the health care field every day, but incorporates Essential Oils whenever possible. You can read all about the basics of Essential Oils here, but basically Essential Oils are extracted from plants in a highly concentrated form. Because of this concentration they more rapidly enter the blood stream getting vital nutrients to your body faster. The use of these plant-derived oils has been dated back to ancient Egypt and is a wonderful addition to any family’s health care arsenal! Today we’re talking about easy remedies for all our Summertime needs:

Allergies, bug repellent and treatment, car sickness from all your fun Summer road trips, aches and pains, and more. Here are the recipes you’ll need, keep reading after the jump below to hear the run down of how much to use, why it works, and even more remedies (sunscreen and burns!):


Sarah is also generously gifting one reader with her Summer Survival Kit. Four of the most popular Essential Oils, Modern Essentials Oil Guide, spray bottle, rollers (perfect for diluting oil for quick use!) and the Lotus Diffuser. It’s a gorgeous diffuser that you hardly notice on the counter-top. On top of all of this, the winner will also receive a 6 week education course and a free wholesale membership to Do Terra, arguably the best Essential Oil company out there!

This is one giveaway you don’t want to miss. It’s the perfect launchpad for those of you who are interested in getting into oils and valued at $400, pretty sure us oil veterans could use it as well!

To enter:

Leave a comment on the Oil RN’s blog, specifically this post right here.

Sarah will pick a winner from those comments, easy enough, right?

Good luck, a winner will be notified by email June 5th… Now head here to enter!

More about the remedies after the jump!

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thrifting tips

Thrifting is one of those polarizing activities. Most either love it, or hate it. Find joy in the hunt, or can’t take the “old smell”. No matter where your stance is on the matter, you can’t ignore that there are some great deals to be had, and treasures to be unearthed. We are no experts, but it is fun! Here are our tips for thrifting for kids, things that have helped our hunt, and a little show and tell of two complete outfits that totaled $5 each.
thrifting, kids, tips, fashion
1. There’s vintage and then there’s just old… Read more

summertime school: handwriting wall

Now that school is coming to a close for most of us, we are trying hard to keep the momentum up for learning this Summer. Our Summertime School ideas will cover all subjects and easy ways to practice old skills and teach new concepts together as a family!


Today’s Summertime School is all about practicing handwriting… on the wall! With a simple can of chalkboard paint, you’ve got the perfect place to get those letters and numbers down.

school, summer, handwriting, chalk, diy
The project is super simple. Using painter’s tape, create a giant square box – this one is about three feet. Then using the painter’s tape, cover three horizontal lines through the box  and paint away! Once it’s dry remove the tape and you’re good to go! Our awesomely genius Small Fry Facebook Community had an awesome tip for cleaning chalkboards, too. Can you guess?

Soda! Wet a paper towel with your favorite (or least favorite, don’t waste the good stuff!) soda pop and wipe down the board. We’ve also heard to lightly cover the chalkboard with chalk before your first use will help the chalk come off easier.

Any other chalkboard tips you’ve found?

memorial day

Photography by the amazing Ashley Thalman.

“On Memorial Day, I don’t want to only remember the combatants. There were also those who came out of the trenches as writers and poets who started preaching peace, men and women who have made this place a kinder place to live.” –Eric Burdon
We love this quote especially today on Memorial Day. We have grandparents, cousins, and friends who serve bravely everyday, and then return home and spread kindness to others. They are inspirations to us and we are so grateful for their service!

Ashley Thalman Photography

 We met a mother who moved to America in her late teens and she told us that where she came from, life was so stressful and unsettled due to war. She said she had never heard a joke, or seen a silly prank, or even heard sarcasm. The people of her town, even the children, had become hardened and serious with so much destruction and sadness in their lives. We know how lucky we are to live in this wonderful country, in this peaceful city. It is because of those brave men and women we can live light-heartedly. The mere ability to tell a joke and be silly is a luxury for some, us included. To those men and women who sacrifice their lives, their time, and their safety to protect our families and our freedoms, our thoughts are with you today!
Ashley Thalman Photography


We called upon the unbeatable Ashley Thalman to get some, to quote ourselves, “Really professional head shots” for an upcoming feature, we are so grateful Ashley knew better and brought out such a fun photoshoot for us. We had such a blast and after working with her on other projects several times, it solidified our obsession. She is such a rare combination of talent, quiet observation, patience, and a love of the beauty in humanity. She captures moments, and feelings like no one we’ve seen, and we couldn’t recommend her more. See more of her work here and awesome instagram feed @ashleythalmanphoto.

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Fryday: Nicole

We’re so excited to roll out a new feature on Small Fry today! The original purpose and motivation for Small Fry is constantly on our minds. For those moments of frustration and isolation, we want everyone in this space to know that we’ve been there too. For every success and triumph and smooth-sailing days, we are here cheering you on. We hope that these peeks into our lives each week will not only give us a way to share, but to benefit from each one of you. Happy FRYday, everyone!

There are a handful places on earth I consider “the happiest.” One, our home. Two, any table that has food on it and loved ones around it. Three, the outdoors. And four, Disneyland, obviously.

Last week Dane and I were able to spend a few days one on one with our oldest son, Dash. Baby Sunny stayed with my family here in Utah while the three of us explored California. From beach to beach, to some of our favorite hole in the wall restaurants, and then, so happily, to Disneyland.  Every ounce of our attention was focused on Dash.  We were away from work, from stresses and obligations, in a place where all we had to think about was him and showing him a magical time.  It was therapeutic for all of us, but showed me how important it is for our kiddos to get some undivided attention from Mum and Dad once in a while with no siblings stealing the show.  We have a show steeler at our house, we call him Sunny. At fifteen month he is super demanding of my time and while trying to meet all his needs, I often put Dash off. I find it only makes Dash need me more. Dash floated through this weekend alone with us. And seeing him so thrilled did wonders for us as parents, too.
After that awesome weekend, we decided to make this a priority every week, to take each of our kiddos aside and focus on them, giving each of them our 100%. Clearly this doesnt need to happen at Disneyland. The backyard, or a car ride, even a walk around the neighborhood.  Carry on a conversation with that little one, hold their hand, get to know them a little more than you already do! Its Fryday, what are you waiting for?

Do you spend one on one time with your kids? Have you noticed a positive change like Nicole has?


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Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!