Home Office Organization

Do you have a home office? Somehow, for three women who run multiple businesses mostly from home – none of us have a dedicated “office.” We have small corners of our living rooms. We often fantasize and even looked at some office spaces to lease last year, but working near our families is part of the appeal! Even still, for those of you who are like us and work right where your family plays, you know it can be challenging! Post-it Brand has really been upping their game on tackling home organization, so we were excited (read: desperate!) to try out the new Home Collection by Post-it® Brand, Scotch® Brand and Command™ Brands!

We love how the whole collection is created with flexibility in mind. Everything is installed with Command strips so you can easily change your mind, move around, and grab without damaging your walls. Here’s how we use them as moms and business owners!
Post-It OrganizerThese Post-it Reminder Tags are so helpful! The tag simply adheres to itself so you can easily mark lunches, backpacks and coats without having to actually write on them.

Post-It OrganizerPost-it Reminder Tiles are great for lists and jotting down quick to-dos! Having it out in the open makes it that much easier to remember and refer back to. These tiles don’t lose their stick so no need to worry about Post-it Notes falling off under the fridge to be forgotten forever. Happens to the best of us!

Post-It OrganizerPost-it Magnet Grip Discs are pretty genius. We usually have a baby on our hip, so you get used to doing things one-handedly. These magnets have an open grip, so you just slide the paper, tickets, menus right in and it grabs it. All with one hand!

Post-It OrganizerThe Post-it Grip Display Rail is a sleek platinum color so it doesn’t grab your attention like a wall full of chaotic magnets tends to do. It looks intentional and allows your eye to go to the items it’s holding. It holds lots of pictures, documents, receipts, so you don’t need to have a dozen magnets on hand.  The Post-it Dry Erase Grip Tile is another great item for quick jotting, but then behind the dry erase tile it has the grippers so you can easily insert papers. If you have limited space this one is a great option!

Post-It OrganizerThis collection has been so great for our small office nooks. One thing we will say is that without a desk and drawers, you learn to only hold onto what’s necessary, hoarding is not an option! So having additional organization for those necessary things makes us feel that much more on the ball! Check out all the Home Collection products by visiting www.postit.com/home.

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Best Dad Award

We have an awesome DIY and printable for Father’s Day from the impeccably cool ladies at Paging Supermom! Welcome, ladies!

Hello! It’s Aimée and Bettijo from PagingSupermom.com, and we are so happy to join you all today on Small Fry. We come bearing a super-fun craft idea for Father’s Day. We decided to make Dad an official-looking award, since you know he’s the Best Dad around.

Best Dad Award | Small Fry

All you need to whip this project together are two mini paper plates, gold paint, scissors, glue and our free printable No. 1 Dad Award Template.

Best Dad Award Supplies

Begin by painting gold the back sides of two small paper plates. While the plates are drying, cut out the four ribbons and circle from our free template.

Father's Day Award How-To

Glue the No. 1 medallion to the center of one paper plate. Take the second paper plate and glue the four ribbons to the bottom edge of the unpainted side. Finish by gluing the rims of the two plates together with the gold sides facing out.

Number One Dad Award

We love how this gives the award such cool dimension. Seriously paper plates never looked so good — we are sure Dad will love it!

Thanks for letting us join in on the fun. We hope you will stop by Paging Supermom for more easy Father’s Day ideas, and we also have a bunch of free printable worksheets that will come in handy this summer. Follow along via social media @PagingSuperMom!

springtime fashion with skimmies®

Video produced with Be[you]ty Bureau team, subscribe to their beauty channel here!

We’re excited (and nervous!) to present our very first video review today ever! We’re testing out Jockey Skimmies®, which are an awesome little invention that crosses a slip with a really great pair of slimming and smoothing underpants.They’re super soft and the edges are almost non-existent so they create no lines under skirts, pants and dresses. As busy moms to active boys having that extra piece that always stays in place when we bend down, bend over, or chase kids is so freeing! See how we’re wearing Skimmies® with our favorite Springtime staples!

And how about a couple action shots? Here’s how we’re wearing Skimmies® on the go:Skimmies Around TownJenna at the Farmer’s Market // Emily at a BBQ // Nicole on an evening stroll (outfit sources after the jump!)

You can also check out  Rachel Zoe (stylist and world-wide girl crush and founder of the Zoe Report) review of the Skimmies right here! Oh Rach, you’re such a pro.

If you want to win your own pair of Skimmies®, Jockey is running a contest! This spring (May 27 – June 20), Jockey will challenge America to “Seize the Day in Skimmies®” and expand their comfort zones with a series of fun and fashionable daily challenges using the hashtag #SkimmiesPromo. Everyone who participates will have a chance to win a free pair of Skimmies® slipshorts and other great prizes.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Jockey Skimmies® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While we recieved  compensation to write a post about Jockey Skimmies®, all opinions are our own.

Outfit details below! Read more

Adoption Week: Where Are They Now?

For those of you who followed along with our first Adoption Week last year, you grew to love and care for the families who submitted just like we did! So hearing updates from a couple of those families brings us so much satisfaction and happiness! We wanted to share two with you today before we close everything up until next time.


Our daughter Sam passed away a few years ago and you featured our story in your adoption week. I thought I would let you know that we adopted a blond hair blue eyed baby boy almost a year ago. We got him straight from the hospital and we feel that he was born to be our son. He looks like me and has my husbands personality. He even resembles his big sister Sam who he never got to meet. Although it wasn’t the path we would have chosen for ourselves at the time, it’s the path I thank God everyday for sending us on. The love we have for Brooks is the same love that we had for our daughter. We are hoping our love story continues as we go for our next adoption. Hoping to Adopt : Success!


It’s crazy to think, this time last year, we were featured as a couple, “Hoping to Adopt”. Here we are a year later, thrilled to share that we are happier than we ever thought we could be, loving our little guy more than we ever knew we could.
After working through mountains of paperwork to complete our adoption profile, we were ready to share it with the world. Our profile was officially published through our chosen agency in mid-July, 2013. We were contacted end of November of 2013 by “C”, who changed our lives forever and will always be our angel. She selected and asked us to be the parents of her baby boy in early December of 2013. The contact happened faster than we ever expected and we feel blessed to have been selected so quickly. At the time, C was just over 20 weeks or so, so we had more time than most adoptions to get to know each other. We spent a lot of time corresponding through email, continuing to ask and answer get-to-know-you questions and making sure we had the same hopes and dreams for the little guy. We also had the opportunity to have a couple of “dates” with C and her family and really enjoyed the time we had with them before Carter was born. We also spent a lot of time preparing and shopping for the little guy, getting prepared for his grand debut.

Hoping to Adopt: Success!
Carter was born March 28th, 2014 – exactly a week before his due date. We were blessed with the opportunity to be a part of his birth and be in the delivery room. I was at her side, helping her deliver the baby and Brad came around the curtain and cut the cord after he was born.
It was such a sacred experience to be a part of and are so grateful that we were blessed with the opportunity to be such and intimate part of his birth.
The placement was the next morning and that was also a pretty special experience. Before leaving the hospital we gave C a gift (which you never feel is adequate for what you are receiving) and had her pick an outfit for her to change him into it and took some pictures together before leaving.
We continue to enjoy exchanging email updates and sharing pictures with C and will continue to do so forever and always. We have also had the opportunity to spend time together since Carter has been born. We are big fans of open adoption and feel like it has already blessed our lives in more ways than we could ever explain.
Our little man is now two months old and time is FLYING by! This has been the best two months of our lives together and will forever owe it to our angel: C – she is the most selfless, kind, thoughtful woman we know and hope that Carter grows up to be just like her.
Thank you for all of your love and support throughout our journey – we could not have done it without you!

Brad, Emily, & Carter

Adoption Week: Solly Baby [giveaway!]

* A note for ALT Summit SLC Summer attendees, we are hosting a Tuesday night dinner with our friends at Honest and would love to see you there! Sign-ups for dinner are tomorrow so keep your eye out for the Small Fry + Honest dinner! * Small Fry + Honest Alt Dinner





Back to the post!

It is always a bittersweet moment when Adoption Week ends! We love seeing this community rally to support, love, and share these families’ stories with the world. What if this community was the reason that these deserving families were able to find and adopt their child? It gives us goosebumps! We are so grateful to all the families who submitted, for sharing the deepest part of their hearts with the world.

To cap off this week we thought it would be fun to do a little bit of spoiling. We have so much hope and faith that all of these families will find their babies soon, so much faith in fact that we chose to give away Solly Baby Wraps (our favorite baby gift, and new-parent life saver!)sollybaby Solly Baby has donated EIGHT wraps to giveaway to eight winners! Here’s the catch though: to keep up with these feelings of love and sharing, we are doing this giveaway by nomination only! Nominate your spouse, your sibling, your parents, your best friend, a complete stranger that you follow online that could use a boost. A neighbor who has been kind to you, someone you’ve wanted to mend fences with. This wrap represents hope and possibilities and we are so excited to be able to gift 8 of you with this little memento. Enter below, and best of luck!

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