Novogratz for CB2

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We are huge fans of the Novogratz Family, Emily especially! Their Bravo show Nine By Design was the one and only iTunes television purchase she ever made, and when we ran into head of the house, Bob, in Greenwich Village while we were in New York City, she enthusiastically accosted him in a cross walk. Bob was incredibly gracious, although the cabbies were not. We can’t get enough of their quirky design aesthetics and free-sprited family. Living with seven kids (Wolfie, twins Bellamy and Tallulah, Breaker, twins Five and Holleder, and Major Novogratz, to be precise) in Manhattan seems impossible, but they do it, and make us want big families, too!


Needless to say, we’ve been loving following their design collaboration with CB2 in the CB2 and Novogratz Collection over the last couple years. Their new line is inspired by their vacation home in Trancoso, Brasil and it is colorful and vibrant and perfect for Summer! In celebration of the new line, the Novogratz family is opening their vacation home to one winner and three of their friends for a week! On top of that 10 more entrants will win $100 gift cards and a signed copy of their design book Novogratz Home. Enter the awesome sweepstakes until June 3rd here.

Here are our favorite pieces from the line!

Quadrado Rug // Luli Table Lamp // The Dupla Credenza // Rouge Coffee Table Robert & Cortney Bookends // The Breaker Chair


CB2 and Novogratz Brasil Sweepstakes

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dream bath giveaway! [closed]

Congratulations to Dantzelle for winning this giveaway!

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We’re so excited for for today’s Dream Bathroom giveaway! Everything you’ll need to deck out your kiddos bathroom valued at $250, but free of course to our lucky winner. We have the link list and details why these items make the cut, after the jump!


More about our awesome sponsor: The Home Scoop is a local website that brings together listings from all agents to one site. Browse to find your dream home, search with specifics like what elementary school you’d like your kids to attend, search by newest listings, and lowered asking prices, evaulate your current home’s worth and so much more! This site is so amazing, if you’re looking to buy or rent in Utah, you’ll be so glad you check out The Home Scoop!

To enter this giveaway:

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For extra entries:
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The winner will be announced and notified Sunday May 26th, good luck! Keep reading for this giveaway’s “Where to Buy” link list!

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chalk games

Today’s adventure is perfect for any kid no matter where they live. All you need is a sidewalk, an empty driveway or garage. Chalk Games will give you endless fun, here’s three we put to the test:
chalk games, kids, summer, diy, easy, free

Chalk portraits! Have a buddy do an outline and then get to work on a self-portrait. Bring a judge in to guess whose portrait belongs to who for prizes.

chalk games, kids, summer, diy, easy, free chalk games, kids, summer, diy, easy, freeMusical Farm! Like Musical Chairs, but with a little lesson in animal sounds mixed in. Once the music stops they have to find an unoccupied animal, and then do a convincing and correct impersonation to stay.

chalk games, kids, summer, diy, easy, free

Bounce a Shape! You call out the shape and they have to bounce the ball on it from a stationary point. A great lesson in shapes and hand eye coordination. (Do it with letters, numbers, states, or whatever subject you’re trying to tackle!)

chalk games, kids, summer, diy, easy, free

There are so many fun activities you can create with chalk! Do you have any more to add to our Chalk Games idea list?

ocean sounds stick

This post is brought to you by Lazoo.

We are such big fans of Lazoo, a site devoted to self-expression, fostering the creative process and empowering the imagination in children. What started as a site to house their award winning coloring books has now launched into an extensive library of crafts to do together!

Their newly launched Lazooniverse shares a new craft and project every single day! With Musical Mondays, Puzzling Tuesdays, Green Wednesdays, Foodie Thursdays, Friday Galleries, Seasonal Saturdays and Stationery Sundays there is no reason to ever hear the “I’m bored!” complaint this Summer.

One thing we love about Lazoo is that so many of the crafts can be done just with items around the house. No special trips needed. This Ocean Sounds stick is one of those crafts, and the boys were simply fascinated by the whole process.

crafts, kids, diy

Supplies needed:

  • Two empty paper towel cardboard rolls.
  • A bag of un-popped popcorn, rice, or beans.
  • Two 4-inch diameter circles of parchment paper.
  • Heavy duty tape (we used 3M colored Duct Tape)

First, start by cutting a 1/2 inch slit into one of the paper towel rolls. Insert the second roll into the first and tape in place.

On one end of the now combined rolls, cover it with a piece of the parchment paper and tape in place.

Now, empty the bag of corn, beans or rice into the tubes, and cover the open end with parchment paper, taping it all in place.


To make it extra sturdy, we covered the tube in duct tape, and now you’re ready to let it rain. We’re excited to have Lazoo as a craft resource, and our boys have already picked out their next projects! A rocket, an egg crate critter,


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winter to summer

It always startles us how fast it can go from chilly to hot where we live. The small golden period of “just right” is usually only a few weeks, and then we’re looking at triple digit days! If you’re like us and looking for ways to stretch out your cold weather wardrobes, we’ve got two easy no-sew ideas today.
no sew, fashion, diy, tutorial, refashion
First take those long sleeve sweaters and tees and turn them into the perfect Summer Tee. Cut the sleeve off at about 3/4th of the way down, roll twice and you’re done!
no sew, fashion, diy, tutorial, refashion

With crazy growth spurts, we usually find that the boys jeans are getting a little too short in the length even though they just fine in the waist! No need to get rid of them, simply turn them into some cut-off shorts! Tip: for the single fold cut-off, mark the knee caps of the jeans while your kiddo is wearing them for the most precise cut. If you just want a standard frayed cut-off, make your mark just above the knee before cutting.
no sew, fashion, diy, tutorial, refashion
Do you guys have any great tips for extending winter wardrobes, we’d love to hear!

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