aden + anais Giveaway!

We’ve been life long fans of aden + anais and they’ve really been the front running innovators in newborn blankets and swaddles. If you’ve ever owned anything aden you know– it’s buttery soft fabric and gorgeous prints are one of a kind! When we saw the new midnight prints we took it upon ourselves to believe the collection must have been inspired by Small Fry, right?! 😉 All that black and white, it’s gorgeous! Since we love it like crazy, we’re giving some away. Enter in the Rafflecopter below! adenDream Blanket // Burpy Bib // Muslin Swaddle 3 pack
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Target Baby Sale — Best of the year!!

It’s that time of year!!! Target is having their best of the best baby deals! MOST baby gear qualifies for a $25 gift card when you spend $150….so it’s like a gift from Target to you!! We’ve combed through all the deals to find our favorites and the best.targetbaby

  1. Ergobaby 360 Carrier // This deal on the newly released 360 carrier is AWESOME. The carrier does just as it says and the baby can face out or in depending on their/your preference. With this purchase you qualify for $45 in Target gift cards…killer deal! The Ergo pictured below is the original but also eligible or the gift card!IMG_1927
  2. Graco 4Ever All-In-One Car Seat // The only car seat you’ll need! We are obsessed with this car seat and know so many people who love it too! It works for babies weighing 4-40 lbs!! No more buying thousands of car seats…just this one. During the sale you can take 15% off and enjoy  $25 Target gift card back! Plus the black and white stripes help it’s cause 😉IMG_0570
  3. Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat // This is a killer deal on the seat I bought for Quinn and he has used for the last 3 years! It’s $20 off and should you combine it with any other baby items, get that $25 Target Gift Card as well!
  4. Up & Up Diapers // The diaper deals are all awesome but when you buy Up & Up Brand (which we love) you can get both the $25 Gift Card when you spend $150 and additionally $20 Gift Card back when purchase 3 qualifying diapering items. So if you have a couple kids in diapers or just want to stock up, now is the time!
  5. Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock n’ Play Sleeper // Stop everything you’re doing and buy this for yourself or someone you love. I (Jenna) have NEVER seen this on sale and I would know because I lived for this thing when Lolly was a newborn. I could not have done a colic baby (and my third child) without it. It has an auto rocking motion, sounds and vibrations. It’s so cozy and babies LOVE it, I also love that it’s light and easy to move around the house. Spend all you want on a fancy bassinet but this is all you need. It’s $12 off and in combination with other baby gear qualifies you for the $25 gift card! There is another version that doesn’t rock on it’s own as well.Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 5.31.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 5.34.03 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 5.36.53 PM
  6. Munchkin Mist Wipe Warmer // This thing is the newborn gift of all time. It’s the thing you didn’t know you needed till you get it. Free shipping and $25 Gift Card back when you spend $150!
  7. Munchkin First Latch Bottle // If you have a nursing fan who hates the bottle…try these because THEY ARE THE BEST! Also eligible for the $25 Gift Card back.
  8. Summer Infant Video Monitor // This is a CRAZY awesome deal. $45 back in Target Gift Cards with the purchase of this monitor! It has great reviews from our research.

Hope you enjoyed our best of the best Target Baby Deals and enjoy them all for your self here! Let us know what you find!!


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a very bitsy halloween

Trying to keep Halloween healthy is as easy as herding cats, but we can always try right? We wanted to share Bitsy Brainfood’s latest seasonal treat (we shared them with you originally here!) Super cute shapes, seasonal flavors, and festive single serving packaging make it easy to bring it to your next school party, costume parade, or spooky get-together or even offer at your door to trick-or-treaters! Bitsy HalloweenHealthier HalloweenAnother element to creating a healthier Halloween is after the fun of the trick-or-treat is up, giving our kids the opportunity to “sell” their candy back to us, to trade it for a fun toy or experience (that rock climbing wall is only a bag of candy away, kid!) We also have a friend who does a milkshake night where they toss in all their candy and make milkshakes and sundaes.Healthier Halloween

We found these yummy fall treats at Target and you can find a store near you on Bitsy’s site! Bitsy’s Brainfood also has an awesome charitable donations system where they donate to organizations and locations that serve elementary school aged children only, and they focus on schools that are lacking in healthy options for lunch. If you know of a school that could benefit from their awesome charity you can apply here!

Healthier HalloweenFind all Bitsy’s Brainfood options here! Do you have any tricks for making the Halloween candy-fest end quick and painlessly?

FRYday: NYC edition

In tandem with our NYC party post we wanted to dedicate today’s Fryday to our trip! Give you an inside look at each of favorite our notable moments. We are so grateful to Munchkin and June + January for believing in us and helping us throw such a fun party! Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 2.20.41 PM


Wearing: Here’s the run down of some of the outfits from the trip! Maybe cheesy to wear an NYC Tee in NYC but loved this sporty crop with my high-waisted jeans and high-tops! Worn with last years Zara anorak and orange Ray-Bans. // All black one day with these SuperRetrofuture sunnies, black wrap top, destroyed (high-waisted) denim – these fit so awesome! – and crazy discounted booties I wore all over the city without any discomfort. I love traveling with this State backpack, its still very polished looking but holds everything! //  At Matilda – same jeans, those T-strap clogs I raved about, and this top that was choking me all night but is sure pretty! Lip is Diva by Mac.IMG_1063Eating: So much good food in NYC. As Jenna said the Niccolis were the MVP, but my next favorite was this Asian Fusion restaurant in Brooklyn called Talde. Recommended by resident Brooklynite and fellow food obsessor slash friend, Kelsey (check out her Instagram @kelseyeats for more amazing city recs!). Talde and the truffle ravioli at Giovana Rana in Chelsea Market. Where we saw Geoffrey Zakarian and Scott Conant. In suits. They were so handsome. Jacqui was brave and got pics with them! IMG_0938

Seeing: I thought I’d be sad to be in Brooklyn away from the energy of the city but I wasn’t at all. Brooklyn is incredible!! Such a different pace with all the city charm. Dumbo (Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) was so beautiful. I could’ve stayed there all day.

Listening: Whenever we’re all together the stank music comes out. Stank-face as debuted by JLo. Basically we dance around while we get ready or ride in cabs and make stank-face. Hotline Bling by Drake really brought it home for me. Losers, right? But we always have a good time.

Watching: While in NYC we saw Matilda on Broadway and I couldn’t have been happier. I have never seen anything like it set-wise, and the choreography and how they interacted with the set was so ground-breaking to me. I was worried it would be old news since I’ve read the book a million times and love the movie just as much, but they had so many new elements that made it so exciting. The Trunchbull alone would’ve had Roald Dahl singing, I’m sure of it. Wish my boys could’ve seen it!!IMG_0971

Feeling: The sisterhood. People love to question if we work well together, if we’re really friends. Yes and yes. They’re my best friends and no one is perfect when it comes to business, but I love being able to share this weird job with them! If you still love each other after throwing a party on the other side of the country, not sure anything else is gonna touch us!



I was all about comfort for NYC. Traveling with a baby is just NO easy task! You gotta be ready to sweat from bouncing, change a diaper on demand and try to look like not too much of a run down mom. My number one thing I wore in NYC was definitely, the baby in my ergo. I wouldn’t even recommend taking a stroller to the city. Yeah it was a ton more work for me, but it was SO much easier just carrying her and having both my hands free. I wore this tote but wished I had worn a backpack like this one. Would have been even MORE convenient! Also these fun sunglasses!

For travel, I of course wore my Lululemon bottoms, Black Nike’s and this sweater. All three of those pieces get worn 3-4 times a week around here so they’re worth the investment for sure.

For walking (schlepping) around NYC I always go for comfort over fashion. I try to find basic pieces that maybe won’t WOW you but I”m comfortable in them and they can transition from all sorts of places and being a mom. I wore this denim mostly and a lot of white tees. Also, of course, white converse. Nothing crazy, but this is my momiform and it works!Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.44.08 AM

For our party with Munchkin and June & January I wore this dress which I am OBSESSED with. I bought it in Tall just to be sure it was long enough. It was perfect for nursing, cool enough for a hot summer night and also perfect for nursing!! GET IT. I got a lot of questions about the lip color I was wearing and you can get it on Amazon here.

Eating: Oh my gosh we ate SO MUCH good food. Above anything we ate in Brooklyn I was most impressed with our dinner the night of the Munchkin Party. Catered by Aubrey & Marco Niccoli it was truly out of this world. They were absolutely worth bringing out from Utah and we just love love love their work. If you’re looking for someone to cater your next dinner party or event, we love them.

Lolly loved eating (or rather chewing) on these chew beads which I adore. They’re wood and non toxic and a great alternative to trying to eat the Airplane seat belt (yuck!) She also was obsessed with this rattle from Bannor Toys which made us miss home a little.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.26.46 AM

Worrying: I was super worried bout the whole logistics of being in NYC and working with a baby in tow. Of course Nicole and Emily were so awesome and so helpful with Lolly. I could NOT have done it with out them! It’s tough for babies because they have a natural rhythm and schedule where they need to slow down and rest and it’s not happening in the Big Apple. She slept a lot in her Ergo and I would cover her up with this blanket from Aden. The reason I love using Aden + Anais swaddles so much is because they double as a nursing cover. I’ve tried a lot of things on the market but for me a huge breathable swaddle is just the best way to cover up in public. Can’t recommend them enough.


Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 8.47.27 AM

Wearing: Here’s my NYC outfit rundown! For Matilda I paired these high-waisted pants, white pop over, trench coat and boots. // For breakfast at Hunter’s these loafers, with this cropped top, this leather jacket and these jeans. // At Chelsea Market these sunnies // For our flight outta there this jean jacket and these sunnies. // And I was hands free and loving it with this back pack all week!

Eating: Not nearly enough, but EMILY, a darling pizzeria in Brooklyn, blew my mind. Ironically with the most amazing burger. Yep! It actually won best burger by the Village Voice, GO and try!! I’ll come even.IMG_1102

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! We hope you enjoyed a little peek into our trip. See you back here Monday.