Luminaria Giveaway!

LOCALS! Hampton Inn Lehi is sharing this giveaway for a sweet little staycation and tickets to the most sought after Holiday event of the season, Luminaria at Thanksgiving Point! Keep reading to enter!photo-dec-03-7-11-19-pmThis Weekender package retails for $260 and includes 4 tickets to the event and a 1 night stay at the Hampton Inn which is basically around the corner from Luminaria in I did this two weekends ago and it was so amazing. We dressed up in our ski clothes and sipped hot cocoa while walking through Luminaria and then drove back to the hotel and got in the hot tub and the boys swam in the They have a killer complimentary breakfast and amazing family friendly amenities. They also have a free Weekender Travel Club program which gets your special rates you won’t find on any travel site from a huge selection of hotels all over the West! photo-dec-03-7-01-06-pmWhat is Luminaria you ask? I almost don’t want to tell you and just let you expereince it, but! It’s like Disneyland, Temple Square, and a scene from your wildest dreams if you were sucked into the board game CandyLand. Ashton Gardens takes you through Winter scenes all enhanced with beautiful lights and smells (the Candy Cane Forest actually smells like Peppermint.) photo-dec-03-7-02-42-pmSee live reindeer, play elf games, roast s’mores, listen to the best music along the way. If you are looking for a spiritual and religious experience you can veer off into the Light of The World garden which is full of beautiful life size bronze statues that depict Christ’s life, death and resurrection.  Luminaria Giveaway

All in all Luminaria is a must-do this Holiday and we’ve heard from many of you that the price was a deterrent, so how about FREE! ENTER HERE:
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Holiday Jammies!

What’s the Holiday season with our a new pair of pjs?! Easily one of our favorite traditions of this time of year is to gift our kids a fresh new pair….and we’re all about matching! Since it’s getting a little later in the season, we’ve found AWESOME deals and once that will ship in time for Christmas!!

Hatley Green Holiday Stripes Printed Coverall (Baby Boys) • Hatley • $14.97
Toddler Tucker + Tate Christmas Gnome 2-Pack Crew Socks • $14
Burt’s Bees Baby Pj Set With Ornament (Baby) – Cranberry Rugby – 18 Months • $18.02
Hatley Kids Holiday Stripe Henley Pajama (Toddler/Little Kids/Big Kids) • Hatley • $29.99
Hatley Kids Holiday Stripe Henley PJ Set (Toddler/Little Kids/Big Kids) • Hatley • $29.99
Little Me Holiday Plaid PJ Set (Toddler Boys) • Little Me • $13.97
PJ Salvage Girls’ Holiday Reindeer Brushed Thermal Pajama Set – Sizes 2-4T • PJ Salvage • $44
Night Night Baby Sleepers In Pure Organic Cotton • $19–27
Kids Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton • $33
Kids Thermal Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton • $33
Kids Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton • $36
Kids Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton • $34.50
Kids Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton • $33
Dr. Seuss Baby Sleepers In Pure Organic Cotton • $40
Add to Basket • $16.95
2-Piece Fleece Christmas PJs • Carter’s • $20
Burt’s Bees Baby Fair Isle Pajama Set (Baby) – Ivory-24 Months • $19.95
Baby Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Striped Family Pajamas Set • $17.95
Girl’s Hanna Andersson Fitted Two-Piece Pajamas • Hanna Andersson • $44
BedHead Kids Long Sleeve Long Pants Set (Toddler/Little Kids) • $35.99
Little Me Baby Girls 12-24 Months Christmas Plaid Pajama Gown • Little Me • $22
Toddler Girls’ 2 Pack Polka Dot Christmas One Piece Cotton Pajamas – Just One YouMade by Carter’s® • $16.99

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Give Please A Chance: Please Jar

By Nicole, this post is sponsored by Jimmy Patterson Books.

My kids are visual learners. If there isn’t something in their face, hands and mouth, it’s hard for them to grasp what is trying to be taught. With Christmas coming, they seem to be getting a slightly more demanding, naturally, but it isn’t welcome. Give please a chance came in the mail just as we started our Please and Thank you Jar.

untitled-5Dash and Sunny each have their own jar and their own pile of felt balls. When they go out of their way to say please, thank you, or simply be kind to someone they get to toss a ball into the jar. At the end of each day they earn a small prize depending on the amount of balls in the jar. We start fresh with an empty jar each morning. To see their progress has made a world of a difference. And such a simple concept!untitled-4In Give Please a Chance, numerous illustrators share a moment in a childs life where using the word “please” comes in handy. Here are a couple pages:gpac_santagpac_doguntitled-4Join a long with as us we do our best to make this world a happier place by raising children with manners better than our own. You can get your copy of Give Please a Chance at here.

What’s In My Camera Bag

By Nicole brought to you by Focus Camera, where I get all my camera supplies!

When I was 18, my first friend was getting married. I picked up my Nikon film camera and went to work to cut costs for her. It went beautifully and I fell in love with wedding photography. I spent the next 12 years shooting almost every weekend. What started out as favors for friends and family turned into my career. I transitioned from film to digital work in 2005. I always prefer the look of the grains of film over the pixels of digital, but the ease of post processing and lessened costs of shooting with digital outweighed the appearance of those beautiful circular grains that only shooting film can achieve.

When I became a single mother in 2013, photographing weddings began to be less of a passion, and more of a necessary task to do to keep my family afloat. But as we all know, when a passion because a pressure things change. My work went downhill, and my anxiety about showing up to photograph a 3-day wedding began to be too much. I couldn’t be away from my kids for that long, and something needed to change. That is when Small Fry budded!untitled-3

I transitioned out of weddings to almost strictly lifestyle work. Now, THIS is where my passion resides. Lifestyle and editorial photography is what I enjoy and where I spend 90% of my working hours.

Often people email in to Small Fry and ask about my equipment. So, I wanted to put together a post to share links to all of the go-to lenses and my most favorite camera body and accessories. Although I have used many, this is what my current camera bag carries. These pieces are essential and to be honest, I don’t imagine ever needing much more. My list is simple, and not the most expensive equipment on the market, but it does the job perfectly.

First the body. A Nikon D 750.

Battery grip has become a game changer for me. I shoot a lot of my images portrait over landscape, so having this second trigger saves me. Plus the extra battery life gives me peace of mind. You can buy them in accessory bundles like this or get them standalone also!

My go-to lens I use for just about everything the Nikon 24-70 2.8.

For low light I always break out the Nikon 50mm 1.4

Back up lens the 50mm 1.8. Its inexpensive and takes almost as beautiful of photos as the 1.4. I would recommend this lens to anyone. Especially beginning photographers.

Reflectors, although I rarely need then when shooting in Studio, I use them often outdoors. You can never depend on evenly dispersed light outside. Tripods I use sparingly but are a must have. Especially when shooting video footage which the Nikon D750 does beautifully. Less than $20 on Focus and will keep everything looking great!

Check out Focus for the best in camera supplies, and be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions! xo – Nicole

Gift Guide: Books

By Emily. I love to give a few books to the boys each Christmas. It might not be their very favorite gift under the tree, but I want them to know how valuable they are and they should be treated like a gift! Brevity was never my strong suit, so here’s three guides filled with favorite titles. Broken down by the WORLD, HUMAN EXPERIENCE, and ACTIVITY. Add your favorites in the comments below! And find all our past book recommendations here.


This is the World! — I read this with Hayes almost every night, he is so curious and loves hearing about new places. // Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy — Her books are incredible and suck everyone in. // 50 States — Learn info about each state with awesome illustrations. // Out of Sight — great for younger kids, teaches about animals with the element of surprise. // Before and After — Cause and Effect in nature // Technicolor Treasure Hunt //

BOOKS ABOUT FEELINGS AND EXPERIENCES: Kids Book Guides - Books for the Human Experience Home — Written by the Decembrists’ Colin Meloy’s wife 😉 a beautiful book that talks about the various places people can live. Great for family’s who are moving, too! // King Baby — for families with new babies or babies on the way! Hilarious. // The Heart and the Bottle — A sweet story that talks about loss and staying open when we’re hurting. // I Can Do It Myself! (The whole Empowerment Series) — Great for toddlers with budding independence. // Vincent’s Starry Night – Children’s Art History Story Book — teach the stories behind art masterpieces. // Sparkle and Spin — A classic and so beautifully illustrated, all about words. // What Do Grown-ups Do All Day? — A book to teach about jobs and responsibilities // The Snowy Day — race and predjudice consciousness.

ACTIVITY BOOKS: (We did a whole post about these here, but added a few more to the list!) Holiday themed, this one is the best hands-down. So fun and makes the most darling ornaments!


activityPaint By Stickers — this has been a huge hit at our house, we LOVE working on them together!// Make & Move Robots – Pop Out Puppets // Pop Up Shadow Search — Shine a flashlight on them, search the shadows, lots of fun! // Pierre the Maze Detective Coloring Book — like I-Spy but you color it too! // Stickyscapes: Paris (All Stickyscapes titles here) — These are so fun and interactive, and amazing looking. // Under the Ocean Pop-up Book — One of the most beautiful books I own. I die over it!  Close up below.// Ocean Coloring Book — another awesome coloring book! //61nmpjq54l

Need more ideas for Coloring Books? Laurence King Publishing has the best collections! Our friend Brittany has published two botanical books!

Holiday Gift Guide – For Mom

We’ve got a gift guide for Mom that you don’t want to miss today! We tried to think outside the box with this one so you can give Mom unique gifts for Christmas!mom-2

1- We love this Dry Bar Blowout Kit. These are some of our FAVORITE hair care products and since Mom is super busy and can’t get to a blow out very often..she can do her hair up right with this at home kit!

2- We’ve been long time Chatbooks supporters and this is a MUST HAVE for mom this Christmas. This subscription service brings cheer to your door step in the form of books made up of your instagram pics! At $6/month this is an inexpensive gift for Mom that will keep her smiling all year.

3- Who’s says Mom doesn’t want technology? Since passing her phone to kids to get by during a Costco run, she’s probably pretty used to her phone dying. Not anymore with this Ventev Powercell Battery Charger that will give her 12 hours of additional talk time!

4- Silver Sneakers…..nuff said.

5- We love our Petunia’s and now this clutch is too much….LOVE it.

6- Sara Happ is the queen of lips and this lip slip is the best balm on the plaaaaanet. This stocking stuffer will make Mom FREAK OUT!

7- We love anything from Shop Ashley Lemeuix but this lace dress has our eye.

8- Sakura Bloom is gorgeous for Moms who love to wear babies…these baby wearing industry darlings make stunning prints out of gorgeous fabrics.

10- It might be December but that doesn’t mean Mom doesn’t need a swimsuit for her upcoming vacation. Our favorites, Raising Wild, are moms that make swimsuits for moms.

Hope you like some of these selections! Let us know some of your favorite Mom finds in the comments!

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Frye at Zappos

By Emily, brought to you by Zappos!

This month’s partnership with Zappos is all about FRYE! If you own a pair of Frye boots or shoes you already know this — Fryes are amazing. As soon as you slip a pair on you know that you’re wearing something expertly crafted with comfort in mind. The pillowy foot bed, the thick sole, that leather smell. As we prepared for this post and I was passing along info to both Jenna and Nicole we all said the same thing – “They just feel different than any boot I own.”      ncc_2675

Leslie Short

Maybe you’re like us and thought Frye would take a more western approach to all their boot styles,  but this season we are dying over their take on the classic Cheslea boot – the Dara or Clara styles – the over the knee trend and a slip on heeled boot!fryechelsea

I have two distinct memories of Frye boots. First, I remember when I was growing up my mom had a pair of Fryes in this oiled leather and she is a size 8 1/2 and I’ve always been a 7 1/2 and I would steal them anyway. I’d tromp around in these loose beautiful boots and feel like a million bucks. When I saw the same shade on Zappos website I knew I had to have them. jennazapposnov-2-of-6

Madeline Short

Then, as a struggling college student, I bought a pair of eggplant purple vintage Frye’s and lived in them! When I was purging my closet, I decided to sell them and did a bidding style listing. I actually made $100 off them! Frye’s hold their value so well it’s such a great investment!! Even better lots are on sale at Zappos right now!


Madeline Short

If you’re looking for an amazing gift to give (or for yourself) we are so sold on Frye’s they feel so luxe and with Zappos return policy you can have confidence in making this kind of investment. They have hundreds of options on their site, too! Such a great selection.jennazapposnov-4-of-6Also Frye is such an amazing casual boot, it looks killer with jeans but we all love them styled with dresses and Sunday’s best! Obviously, since we all basically wore the same look – funny how that happens unintentionally. 😉screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-7-25-00-amSo what is your favorite? Shiny leather, lush suede? Tall, short? Classic, western? So many options! We hope everyone gets some Fryes under their tree this year because they’re the best boots we own, by a landslide!ncc_2706

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Sierra Trading Post: Manly Gift Guide

We’ve got a gift guide for the guys today! Since Andrew is OBSESSED with Sierra Trading Post I took this on one. Here’s what he picked:untitled-design-5Hoodie — Mountain Hardwear is Andrew’s fave and this is like half off! // North Face Hoodie — 30% off // Fill Power Jacket — another 50% off coat that every guy needs! // Down Vest — Marmot is an industry darling and this is 50% off too! // Moc Toe Boots — Red Wing is a must for the outdoors, if your man works construction or any other super active gig. They last for years! // Sweater Jacket — for date night when you want him to look less like he just got off the mountain. // North Face Zip Up — A perfect little half zip as a base layer or the only layer if you live in California. // Sunglasses — almost 60% off // Minnetonka Slippers — perfect Christmas gift and only $30! // Active Comfort Shorts — something cozy for home or the gym! // Mid – Winter Snow boots — an awesome snow boot option that doesn’t scream snow boot!

Note from the man himself:

Hey guys! Andrew here. The reason why I like wearing outdoorsman gear as my every day is because it’s durable and stylish. Sierra Trading Post makes it affordable too which is really nice since I’m kind of a jacket junkie. I think they are a cool online outlet to find top brands at super discounted prices. You have to be on top of it because the deals go quick but you can find crazy deals. I recently bought this Mountain Hardware jacket which I love because I prefer down jackets for warmth and weight, but the downside to down is you shouldn’t get it wet. Both of these jackets are synthetic and crazy light weight. Great for layering and quick drying. The micro is a windbreaker and light rain jacket so good for hiking, biking, climbing. Both jackets fold into themselves in one pocket for easy packing. Mountain Hardwear and Patagonia are my two favorite brands for outdoor gear and apparel

And didn’t you just die over all the percentage off?! SUCH good deals for your mountain man. But never fear there’s also great stuff for women and kids too! Buying all our family’s outwear this year from Sierra Trading Post, they’re also offering Free Shipping on $75 or more with code ACJDEC6. Valid through December 31, 2016.

Rammell Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was so much fun this year. We have spent the last three Turkey Day’s in California and it’s such a special time just the five of us. I do love a kitchen full of family and friends but there’s also something super special about spending this holiday together with our little family. And in that case, I didn’t want to cook a ton of food…so we went to our family’s special place, Terranea. Andrew made this darling video I’m excited to share, hope you enjoy!

Music: City of Angels by The Head and the Heart. Purchase on iTunes.

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We are so excited about our church’s #LightTheWorld Holiday campaign. Each year they put out something beautiful for the world to enjoy and connect us closer to the true meaning of Christmas, but THIS year is the best yet. 25 Days, 25 Ways to serve others. That is truly what Christ, what Christmas is about. We will be participating with our families and wanted to share it with you all as well to get started on December 1st. #lighttheworldWe wanted to share a beautiful little DIY to help you kick off Day One: He Lifted Others Burdens. All you need is a wreath, some tags and your helping hands! First, decide who you want to serve, we have our kids pray and meditate and come up with a name. #lighttheworldIt might be a widower, someone who is ill or has lots of small children and needs extra hands. Maybe they’re lonely or disabled or just someone you want to get to know better. Have your kids fill out several tags with service ideas and then tie them to the wreath. #lighttheworldWhoever you choose to gift it to can cash in the service tokens whenever they need! Once its done, you get to deliver the wreath and the recipient can display it and remember each day someone loves them and is ready to serve. #lighttheworldSUPPLIES: Boxwood Wreath // Circle Tags // Red Twine#lighttheworld

Here is the first half of the month so you can plan ahead, too! Get all the details here.


DASH: Boots // Coat

SUNNY: Boots // Coat

Light The World

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