Hello + Goodbye

This past month, Jenna and her family moved to California! We miss her terribly, even though we talk Small Fry and regular bestie stuff everyday, but are so happy for their new adventure. To send her off, as well as shower her forthcoming baby girl, we had a Hello and Goodbye shower for her at, you guessed it, The Grand America. High Tea is such a wonderful experience and they take such good care of their guests we knew it would be the easiest shower we’ve ever hosted! Our girl Lindsey Orton took the beautiful pictures, if you’d like to see!

Grand America High Tea Baby Shower


And graphic designer and dear friend, Bri of Collected made these invites for the occasion.


Hello + Goodbye Shower invite


The guest of honor, glowing isn’t she? See the whole soiree after the jump!



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Holiday Gift Guide: dollhouse

We get asked most often when it comes to gift giving, where to find the best doll houses! Here are our favorites, the top rated and best reviewed, as well as best looking. If you’re making the doll house purchase this holiday you can’t go wrong with any of these!



1. Hayneedle’s classic dollhouse is such a refreshing site in a sea of hot ink plastic!

2. You really can’t go wrong with anything from Melissa & Doug, but this dollhouse
is definitely a favorite. We love that there are so many options and accessories to add-on and it’s always well designed and modern. Also, when you’re in a crunch, that Prime option is heaven-sent!

3. This dollhouse is a fun hands-on experience from Denmark! You put it together, add stickers and furniture from the kit and it really is your child’s creative control.

4. This one is a stunner! It’s got a great width to it, which is great for playing with friends or siblings, sometimes the high-rise style houses means there’s not a lot of room to play side-by-side, we love that this one is wide enough to allow for a few friends. Via Land of Nod.

5. You guys know how much we love cardboard, and this play house isn’t just for dolls, everyone can use it! We love that it comes all white so you can have that crisp clean look, or let your kids go wild and paint, draw, sticker the heck out of it! The whole Calafant line is so cool!

6. Plan Toys is another no-fail brand in style and construction. The size is smaller than most other toys, but honestly, we don’t care! Their Plan Toys City (fire station, airport, gas station, modern house, the list goes on!) is so flawless and would be such a great collection. Who needs Barbies?

7. This sugary sweet doll house is every little girls dream. We love that you can personalize it and that it is so beautiful from the outside in so it looks great on display, too!

8. Everytime we go through Ikea we die over their doll furniture set. Tiny replicas of their favorite items, all brightly colored and darling.

9. This one is the big mama house with a small price tag. It’s four stories, has six rooms, a patio swing and so much more! We sort of want to get lost in this house.

Which is your favorite?

baby girl & a sale

Jenna went a little crazy shopping for the new Small Fry girl coming her way. Gap’s latest sale is just.too.good! 40% off regular merchandise (use code SHOP) & 50% off if you’re a card member (use code BFRIDAY)! Get these precious items for next to nothing for the sweet little babe in your life.

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FRYday : Nicole

Hi! Happy Holidays guys!

Last week I was traveling and happened upon a darling little kids boutique in San Clemente called Red Balloon. There I spotted some darling red pajamas for the boys. I hadn’t started thinking about Christmas shopping yet, I typically wait until after Thanksgiving, just to make things easier on myself (wink). But this sparked my FRYday inspiration. CHRISTMAS PAJAMAS! In my home, we grew up opening one gift on Christmas Eve. Year after year it was the same gift, a new set of pajamas. This gift seems to be the clearest memory I have out of all the gifts any of my siblings and I received each year. I can think back through the years and tell you what pajamas we got. It is such a cherished memory of mine, I knew as Dash’s first Christmas approached, that I wanted to incorporate this tradition into my family. I want to do an entire round up of all the darling Christmas pajamas on the web, but, for today, I wanted to share what I’ve decided on for this year. Sometimes each cf ours are found at different shops. This year, it’s a one stop shop for everyone!!Christmas Pjs
For the papa: Navy and Red dot set
For the mama: Red striped set
For the little guys: Glow in the Dark Light Strand
More for the Littles: Red Union Suit
For the tiny girls: Gold Foil Trees
For their feet: Lodge Moccasins
Enjoy your FRYday!

petit collage [giveaway!]

We have an awesome $300 giveaway with our longtime friends over at Petit Collage! They have such great nursery items and have really been bulking up their toy collection as well! Petit is also so kind to offer a huge 20% off for readers “smallfry14″ all the way until the end of the month! Here are some of our favorites, find your own faves on their site!

Petit Collage Giveaway


Pop-out toy families, cities, animals and more! Mobiles, puzzles, blocks, and art! We’ll pick a winner next week (just in time for Holiday shopping!) and don’t forget to use that awesome 20% discount. Good luck!

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