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We’re so glad you all loved Lolly’s nursery reveal so much yesterday, we have an extra special surprise for you today! We are giving away $2000 worth of goods from the nursery to one lucky winner! Here’s what you can win:

Oeuf Arbor Classic Crib || GIGGLE: This crib retails at [$960] and is gorgeous! We love the combo of walnut and white and the clean and modern lines. This crib is the perfect base to any nursery!

Sleepytime Rocker || NURSERY WORKS: Maybe the most important part of the room for a parent. This cozy rocker is in Lolly’s nursery and such a pretty piece. We love that is looks sleek and streamlined, a nice break from the overstuffed rockers that are so readily available. [$499]

[$200] gift card || OILO STUDIO: Oilo is responsible for decking out some of our favorite spaces from around the web. Their site is full of amazing pieces to create that one of a kind nursery.

Smart Nova Baby Monitor || BELLY ARMOR: We met this company while at an expo in Vegas and loved their products. They are all about protecting us from the harmful effects of cell phone and other devices pulsing radiation and emissions. This baby monitor emits 97% less radiation then it’s industry counterparts! [$149]

Eames Replica Elephant Chair || Laura Davidson Direct: LDD is such an awesome resource for modern furniture. This Eames replica elephant is such a fun touch to any kids’ space. [$120]

[$150] gift card || THE LAND OF NOD: Our love for Land of Nod is limitless as you all already know, so $150 to deck our your space with decor, bedding, toys books and more, is amazing!

Bamboo Swaddlers || ADEN + ANAIS: [$45] worth of those super soft bamboo swaddlers are a must for any new baby! This is a set of three so you’ll never go without.

Mobil || BOHEM: Bohem is an online and local shop that we love to frequent. They travel the world and curate their store with their international finds. This mobile is so sweet and is full of character. [$46]

Daydream Blanket || ADEN + ANAIS: As much as your baby needs a bamboo swaddler, you need their Daydream blanket just as much. Our favorite favorite throw that you can cozy up in in the nursery, lay out for play time, build a fort in when they’re toddlers, gift to them on their wedding day. And now we’re crying. [$150]

[$100] gift card || DIAPERS.COM: And lastly, is a one stop shop for so many necessities while preparing for a little one. You’ll find a million and one things you need and want, and $100 might not be enough, but it’s a good start!

Enter below, and to make it extra easy for you to enter, check out Instagram @smallfryblog for a list of their handles! Best of luck!

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Lolly’s Nursery

*If you like this space, head to this giveaway to win the rocker, crib and $2500 worth of goods to Bling Your Nursery!*

By Jenna.

We just moved to California in November so I wasn’t planning on doing much of a nursery for Lolly but nesting got in the way and it became the most important room in our house to complete! Since it had been almost six and a half years since I had bought anything for a baby (we didn’t buy much for our second boy poor thing ;)) I took the opportunity to make a really clean and simple room that reflected the design style I’ve acquired over the years. I love everything about how this room turned out and I’m so excited to share it with you today!nusery5(Above image courtesy of Rachel Clare Photography)

I’ve loved the Nursery Works Sleepytime rocker. This Grey/Ash color is an exclusive to Giggle and is gorgeous. I was surprised when it came at how comfortable it was. I wanted a really minimal design and not the traditional overstuffed rocker so I figured comfort would be compromised but it isn’t. I spend A LOT of time in this chair feeding miss Lolly and I love it. I bought this pouf from West Elm and it’s a perfect foot stool. It’s since sold out, but you can find similar here and here.

baby girl nursery

This ‘Head in the Clouds’ pillow is also a fantastic Land of Nod item. I love ALL their whimsical pillows that add such a unique quality to a room.The small (faux) fur rug was a Home Goods purchase, but I found similar here and here.

baby girl nursery

I wanted a space that was feminine but not plastered in bubble gum pink. Finding pieces in that perfect blush pink color was crucial and so when I came across this rug I was so thrilled. It came and is the perfect pink and also surprisingly cozy. Also after scouring every rug shop online I was super impressed with the price. $200 for such a well made 8 x 10 rug is a fantastic price and I can tell it will last us a long time. That darling elephant chair in the background is from Laura Davidson Direct. She has a ton of incredible kid’s size (and adult) chairs that I’m obsessed with.

baby girl nursery

You’re going to think I’m insane but I’ve loved few things as much as this Oeuf Merlin Dresser. Obviously it’s a gorgeous design but the drawers are some kind of magic. They slow down as you close them so no tiny fingers get pinched and it closes in one fluid quiet motion! When you have 3 chaotic kids – it’s the little things, guys. Would totally recommend this dresser all day. Also, has this white glove shipping guarantee and the shipping guys brought this heavy sucker all the way up my stairs for which my nine month pregnant self was so grateful for!

baby girl nursery

Another perfect blush purchase was this Sweet Street at Dusk Wall Canvas from The Land of Nod. It’s the perfect amount of whimsy and fun in the room without having too much of a ‘baby’ vibe. I definitely want this room to be able to grow with her as she does! Also you’re probably thinking ‘what is this grey contraption?!’ And I was too. My friend Amy recommended the Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pad to me and this is probably the #1 new baby product I would suggest every Mom buy. It is so soft, safe and comfortable for baby and best of all is that at 2am when she decides to pee all over herself and the changing table… it’s the easiest of clean up! The rose gold lamp pictured on the left is a true gem and can be found here.

baby girl nursery


The Stokke Sleepi Crib is sort of a dream crib of mine. Since I was a little girl i’ve dreamed of having a oval crib for my babies and this is so beautifully designed and functional. This crib grow as the baby does and can go up to 10 years old! Blanket pictured is the Aden + Anais Daydream blanket which we’ve talked about before… it’s the softest blanket in all the land!


And since accessories make the room here are some of my favorites: Paper-Mache Zebra (on sale) // Periscope Floor Lamp // Winged Horses Mobil // Because Of You Print


I had to include a picture of Lolly girl dreaming away with her Aden + Anais sheets to send us off! I love this space so much and the peace and tranquility it provides us in the busy hours of the day and the still quiet hours of the night. I hope you like it!

baby girl nursery(Above image courtesy of Rachel Clare Photography)

what i didn’t expect when i was expecting

We are currently attending Alt Summit (recap of our dinner party with Munchkin to come soon!) and figured this is the perfect day to call upon our favorite mamas with blogs and businesses that we admire from across the web. We posed the question: “What didn’t you expect when you were expecting?” Here’s what they had to say! (We threw in our own thoughts, too!)

“I didn’t expect to surrender to (and embrace!) the limitations of this season quite as much as I have. Becoming the mother I want to be – one that is fully present and at peace – has forced me to leave a lot of the expectations of my former self behind. It’s funny; I think many of us fight really hard to maintain our identity as mothers and keep our old selves in tact, but the truth of the matter is – motherhood changes you. The challenges and surprises and ebbs and flows force you to prune your branches and stand tall in this new, better version of yourself.” — Erin, Design for Mankind.


“I didn’t expect to like my pregnant body so much. I’m pretty blissfully unaware of all the weight gained and naturally find myself embracing every curve. I gained almost 60 pounds with my second baby and if I wasn’t married, I’m sure I would’ve been picking up on guys in the supermarket.” — Elle, Solly Baby


“When your babe first arrives (especially your first one) you feel like you are the first to ever experience such a thing. It’s all new and seems as though its never happened to anyone before. It’s magical in that way. At the same time, its lonely in that way. I didn’t know if what I was feeling was normal, if it was depression, if it was anxiety, if it was normal or if I was crazy. I kept it to myself for months and months, until I heard a friend describe her feelings in the same way. Homesick. I remember when Dash was born, every time my milk let down and it was time to nurse, I had an overwhelming feeling of home sickness. Its the only way I can describe the feeling. It lasted most of the duration of my nursing sessions, every time. All the way until I stopped nursing him at 18 months. I wondered if it was a new mom feeling, or if I would feel it again the second time around. When Sunny was born, the same feeling rushed over me when nursing began. I have since met a handful of others who seem to describe the sensation of nursing in a similar way.” — Nicole, Small Fry.

What I Didn't Expect When I Was Expecting

“I wasn’t expecting how much I’d enjoy the newborn stage the second time around. With my first, I was so anxious and overtired that I couldn’t wait until the 6 month mark when he was “fun” but this time, I’ve been able to really savor it.” — Amy, Little Hip Squeaks

What I Didn't Expect When I Was Expecting

“There is such magic in a newborn isn’t there? Those first few days are like no other you’ll experience. The hushed voices, tiny cries, sleepless nights. I wish I would have cherished how utterly devoted those days were when I just had my first, Quinn. We doted on his every need & nothing interrupted our time with him. Now having two big boys who need care & a tiny newborn who needs A LOT of care I’ll admit it’s hard to juggle it all. Sometimes I wish time would freeze and the world would stop turning much like my own little world has. But it doesn’t. Time moves on, there are needs to be met and places to be and sometimes my emotional state doesn’t allow for me to take all that in stride. I’m euphorically happy but unequivatebly sentimental all at the same time. I cry because I love this time so much and cry because it’s slipping through my fingers and cry because they grow too  fast. So.Much.Crying!!” — Jenna, Small Fry

What I Didn't Expect When I Was Expecting
There are so many things that I didn’t expect when I was expecting. I didn’t even grasp how hard the job of motherhood would be and also how unbelievably rewarding it is. Being a mom is for sure the toughest thing I will ever do. I think one of the biggest things I didn’t think would be so hard for me is how much my body has changed. I have a petite frame and growing up I was very active and it was easy to have a fit body. When I got pregnant with my first son I put on a lot of weight which was probably needed since I was very skinny before. My husband is really tall so we expected that our son might be pretty big as well. After 14 hours of trying I ended up having a c-section and gave birth to a healthy + big 9lb. baby boy! It took a long time for me to lose the weight after having him and I started to notice that my stomach wasn’t going back to normal and I didn’t know why. It was really hard and frustrating for me because I always thought I would bounce back quick after having babies. I didn’t realize that there are things that can happen to our bodies inside besides just weight gain. After doing some research I realized I had a common disorder among mothers that I had never heard of or ever thought would be a problem for me. Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation) is when your abdomen muscles don’t touch and cause your stomach to push outward. If you have a really large separation like I did it can take years of special exercise and many times you need surgery to fully correct it. This is something that I’m still dealing with almost 5 years later and I actually don’t talk about it much. But this is something that many women struggle with and most don’t even know why their stomach still looks like they are pregnant. There are also a lot of exercises that moms do that can make this problem worse so I suggest that if you think you might have this to do some research as well on what types of exercises are good and bad for you! I continue to work hard to correct this problem on my own and it will continue to be a struggle for me physically and mentally. I know all moms can relate to some extent or another to changes of our bodies after having babies and I know it’s good for me to talk about this issue and to also hear from other moms who are dealing with the same issue. We can be support for each other! At the end of the day I’m so blessed to have two happy and healthy little boys and I would do anything for them. When I look in the mirror I see lots of extra skin and a non flat tummy…yes it’s hard to deal with at times but it was SO worth it!” — Megan, Little Peanut MagazineMeganBailey

“I was so happily surprised at how amazing mother’s intuition really is. It took me awhile to really embrace it, but I learned to start listening to that inner voice more than the outside noise. While it is super helpful to hear how other parents handle hard phases, illness, or other tricky parenting milestones, I really believe the answers are always within us. Also, the filter and frame on this picture makes me feel like I haven’t been pregnant since the late Seventies, I better jump on that.” — Emily, Small Fry.What I Didn't Expect When I Was Expecting

What would you add to our list? Share your thoughts below and we’ll be reposting throughout the day on our social networks! Happy weekend, everyone!

lolly girl

I woke up Saturday (January 3) morning not feeling very well. I had promised my kids we would go to the Farmer’s Market, so I got myself out of bed (but not out of my sweats) and we headed there to meet friends. Through the day I just felt really exhausted & almost flu like, I definitely thought I was coming down with something! Starting around 3 I began having contractions. Being that I’ve had pre term labor with all of my pregnancies, I really didn’t stop to think twice about regular contractions.Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 3.32.41 PM I usually get turned away from the hospital with contractions being timed 3 min apart because I’m just not in an active labor. Super fun! :/ We laid low around the house & hung out & I contracted fairly regular for the next few hours while watching cheesy Lifetime movies. By the time bed time rolled around I was so exhausted that I just wanted the contractions to subside so I could sleep. I took a Lavender oil bath & a Tylenol PM in hopes I could sleep off the contractions which I still was sure were all a part of another false labor! I was able to drift off to sleep around midnight.

1:45 AM I wake up….wet. Gosh there really is no other way to say it. Any men reading? Probably not but I apologize in advance for everything else I’m about to write. So I’m wet but not drenched & I think “weird.” I get out of bed (my water has never broken before I’m like a 7 or 8) and I instantly feel a contraction. FREAK. Every time my water breaks I have a baby within the hour sooooo I felt the pressure, literally, to get going.

1:50 AM text my most kind neighbor “I think my water broke.” She immediately replies “I’m on my way.” She’s a dream girl I’m telling you.

1:52 AM wake husband who acts startled but then drifts off for a second time as I’m shaking him saying “hi I don’t mean to be annoying but my water broke.”

2:00 AM drive away as my neighbor is driving in to come sleep with the babies. Contractions are coming on decently strong and I’m thinking “wellll this doesn’t feel totally right.”

2:15 AM husband can’t find a parking spot at the hospital because he’s obeying all traffic laws at two am. I start crying & panicking cause I can definitely feel that something’s about to blow & I haven’t got time to worry about a parking ticket.

2:19 AM waddle in to hospital and tell the young nurse guy at the entry way to the ER “hi I’m 37 weeks pregnant & I’m about to have this baby. I need you to get me to Labor & Delivery right now.” He looks panicked (I later learn he’s new) and starts fumbling with paper work while I’m giving him death stares (I later apologize.)

2:21 AM I am FINALLY at L & D where the lady there asks me to fill out paperwork & I say “NO ONE IS TAKING ME SERIOUSLY I’M ABOUT TO HAVE THIS BABY.” So they wheel me to a room.

2:30 AM I get checked, I’m only a 4. No one starts rushing but I am telling them “look I had my last baby naturally so I know that I’m feeling it much more than a 4.” Again no one’s rushing–they’ve heard that girl say she’s about to have a baby and she’s dilated to a 2…like 300 times right?


2:41 AM The nicest nurse delivers my sweet Lolly Kate Rammell, weighing 6 lbs 15 oz and 18 inches. No time for a doctor, an epidural or so much as a breath.


Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 6.51.19 PM

The last two weeks with our Lolly babe have been a special and deeply sacred time. We really feel like we’ve found the end of the rainbow with this magic tiny babe. Through much heart ache we longed for her & each moment we are eternally grateful for her. She is the perfect & a most cherished addition to our family & I feel so blessed to have her here safely in my arms.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.04.13 PM

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Best of SF Baby

When we mentioned some of our older DIY’s for babies last week we were shocked at how many of you hadn’t seen them before! We wanted to do a quick repost of some of our favorite ideas for recycling and upcycling for your new baby. These make awesome shower and hospital gifts and are all under a few bucks each.

First off, The Five Minute legging!

Baby leggings made of a Body Con skirt!


1. Take a body-con skirt (these are on sale and come in a bunch of colors!) and turn it inside out.

2. Using a fabric pencil or chalk draw up the leg making an inverted “U” for the crotch area.

3.Then take your sewing machine and sew over the white line you just drew. Cut the excess off and flip it right side out. Seriously, you’re done.body con baby leggings

Another favorite baby DIY is this beanie made from a t-shirt or sleeve:T-Shirt Beanie for Baby


Find more wardrobe hacks for babies and kiddos right here!