Lockers Three Ways sent us three mini lockers to try out and as predicted our boys are loving them! Here’s how we incorporated them into our homes.


Do you live with your very own mini superhero? Nicole is so lucky, during this five minute photoshoot Dash changed from Captain America, to Spiderman, to the Flash. This is their lives, all day everyday, so Dash’s locker of course became a storage system for his Hero Uniforms (don’t call them costumes.)

Super Hero Costume Locker

It is the perfect vibrant red, and with a few hooks, stores masks, weapons, and gear. Dash’s his costumes via Amazon: Flash CostumeSpiderman and Captain America.

Super Hero Costume Locker


Hayes just recently switched from a crib to a big boy bed. It was a good long run! As they’ve altered the space for his big boys things, this locker became the perfect side table.  For holding books, and a night light, and the always requested, glass of water. Inside holds his most treasured possessions, including a $10 bill snaked from dad’s coat pocket, and night time necessities like lotion for foot rubs, and stickers for the chart to keep him in his bed (we’re really missing that crib right about now!)

Small Fry Nurseries | Hayes

This mustard yellow is the perfect pop of color and seems to go with everything in the room, even without much planning. // Banjo and Guitar via Land of Nod. Man Cub t-shirt by Hannah & EliB Brand Jeans via Carousel NY ( Hayes’ favorite and on sale for $22.50!)

Locker slash Nightstand

Meteorite Quilt and log pillow via Land of Nod. Helvetica Initial pillow from a guest DIY post we did for Inspired by This! here. Family tree graphic print via iChart You. Animal Nesting dolls via Fawn Shoppe.

Small Fry Nurseries | Hayes


The Rammell brothers recently started sharing a room, so having a special place just for Quinn helped the transition. Having that special place be under lock and key to keep safe from little brother made even better.

Treasure Locker

He went through the house and picked his favorite treasures for safe-keeping. His personalized running shoes, his favorite book, money from his personally requested chores, Iron Man, his latest drawings and school work, his slippers and binoculars. Quinn’s world in a nutshell!

Treasure Locker

Seeing your little guy come home from school, kick off their shoes, and toss their backpack into their locker is a surreal moment. Quinn’s backpack is adorned with We Project buttons, check out their awesome cause here.

Treasure LockerFind the mini lockers shown in today’s post right here. (Note: Always anchor your lockers to a stable wall for safety!)

Exclusive Puj Treads Launch and Giveaway!

We’re so excited to finally be able to share the exclusive launch and giveaway with our friends at Puj! We are long time supporters of Puj, we interviewed owner, founder, a mama Katie Richardson here and with every new product they launch we only love them more. So we are of course flattered and thrilled to be exclusively launching their new bath treads on Small Fry today!
Puj Bath Treads Launch

Check out Katie sharing the ins and outs of these treads:

One thing we love about Puj is that they have created a whole bath time experience. Each product relates and compliments the rest, and they are well thought out in design and function. The Hug and Big Hug hooded towels are ready to hang and remove from the Nubs with the coordinating tag.

Puj Bath Treads Launch

The cotton on the Hug towels are thick and soft, coming in both infant and toddler sizes. Our boys had long grown out their hooded towels and were so excited to have big and soft options for their very own!

Puj Big Hug Bath Towels

The treads have made seamless additions to our bathrooms, coming in packs of 6, they’re bright and fun, and how many times have our boys slipped in the tub? Too many to count, so we’re grateful to have an aesthetically pleasing option to safeguard their favorite part of the day! The treads peel and stick, and then remove cleanly with no sticky residue when you’re done using them!

Puj Brand New Bath Treads

Now that you’ve seen the brand new Puj Treads, are you ready to win your very own set? Puj is giving away TEN sets to ten lucky readers. Check out the ways you can enter below, we’ll announce the winner right here on this post next Wednesday March 19th! Good luck!

Check out Puj’s whole bath time experience here! The brand new Puj Tread is as always with Puj, super affordable, buy your own set right here.

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St. Patrick’s Day Skewers

Photography by Jylare.

Today we put together a super easy fruit and veggie skewer with accompanying dip recipes. They are as tasty and healthy as they are simple and quick to whip up! We’ve found that most kids (not all) will eat even the most offensive of vegetables (they’re looking at you, broccoli) if there’s a tasty dip nearby, even if those dips are two ingredients or less!

Fruit and Veggie St. Patrick's Day Skewers with Avocado Ranch and Key Lime Pie dips!

So, here’s what you’ll do:

Grab all the green fruits and veggies you have on hand. We used kiwi, green apples, and green grapes for the fruit skewer. Then for the veggie skewer cucumber, green pepper, celery, and broccoli florets. Tip: If you’re planning on bringing this skewers to a party, or eating them a bit after you’ve prepared them, dunk the apple slices in lemon juice before spearing, otherwise they’ll turn brown.

Fruit and Veggie St. Patrick's Day Skewers with Avocado Ranch and Key Lime Pie dips!

Originally, we tested out dyeing the bamboo skewers green, total fail. Don’t waste your time! We did however like the look of the bottoms of the skewers with a little strip of green washi tape around the base. A little extra flair never hurt anyone!

Fruit and Veggie St. Patrick's Skewers and Dips!

Then, we assembled two dips. An Avocado Ranch dip and a Key Lime Pie yogurt dip. These couldn’t be easier. For the Avocado Ranch, just mash an avocado and stir in two tablespoons of Ranch dressing.St. Patrick's Day Skewers

Then for the Key Lime Pie Yogurt Dip simply empty the contents of a pre-made Key Lime Pie yogurt cup and then zest a lime for garnish and extra kick. Easy as can be!

St. Patrick's Day SkewersQuick, healthy, and festive! Just the way we like it.

Big thanks to Jylare Smith for capturing today’s photos! Locals, Jylare is back shooting in Utah! Californians don’t fret, she’ll be back March 24 – April 1. Small Fry readers get 20% of services so book away, she’s the best! Also, Hayes’ tee can be found here.

one lucky roundup

Welcome back, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful weekend, we’re thrilled to gain an hour of sunlight, although we’re definitely not going to be on time anywhere today. To help ease us all into a new week, here are some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day finds across the web.
st. patricks day for kids

1. Cozy striped pajamas via JCrew. // 2. A gorgeous and colorful rainbow flip book via Target. // 3. A sweet dream-filled tee from Peek Kids. // 4. A lucky charm to send with your little one everywhere they go. // 5. Pot of Gold moccasins via Freshly Picked // 6. A rainbow tank top for those sunny warm weather days via Bobo Choses. // 7. Land of Nod’s comfy rainbow throw blanket for picnics a snooze time. // 8. This classic Fjallraven Kanken backpack will keep you pinch-free all year long! We found it on sale here. // 9. These lamè gold leggings are such a party! Via American Apparel // 10. We love everything Clifford & Sons MFG makes, but this handmade wooden rainbow is a favorite at our homes!

We have an exciting product launch party with a favorite baby gear company tomorrow, and we’ll sharing more St. Patrick’s DIYs later this week, so check back won’t you? In the meantime, we’ve got lots of Springtime inspiration going on via Pinterest here.

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FRYday : Emily

I peeked back into the archives and realized I haven’t written a FRYday post since November! How did that happen? I’m feeling rusty, but let’s dive right in, shall we? Late last year, about the time we took a FRYday Holiday hiatus, I found myself back in therapy after several years. It’s funny because when I say that word, I can tell almost immediately who’s a fellow therapy-goer and who’s not. The Goer is like “That’s great! How is it going?” and the Non-Goer kind of winces and pulls in air through their teeth, ”Ssss. Are you okay?” I forget that it’s not a part of a lot of people’s lives, and for many it doesn’t need to be, they can figure it out on their own.

You Are Enough | Small Fry

For me, my grandmother has been a therapist since I can remember, my parents encouraged and sometimes demanded that we all have someone to talk to, it was like part of my self-upkeep. My roots are showing, get a weave. My insides feel like a mess, go to therapy. So there I was, sitting on The Couch, listening to an echoing of something I’ve had to be reminded of my whole life. “You are enough.” You are good enough. You are intelligent, and kind, and lovable. You are worth it, you are worthy.

These feelings of inadequacy, they are so real in my life. I hate them, but out they come like weeds in a flower bed. They are a battle I fight everyday. Thankfully it doesn’t stop me from trying, but it sure is scrappy. When my thoughts drift, it’s always to the moments where I’ve come up short. With my man, in my home, in my community, with my loved ones. But especially for my boys. I’m certain I’ll never feel worthy to be a mother to such amazing little guys and the times I fail them is enough to make me sick and it often does.

But, every time I read those words “You are enough” I get choked up. And it’s not because I don’t believe it, it’s because I’ve forgotten. Somewhere along the way I convince myself that I am only as good as my worst moments. Do you do this too? Let me be the first to remind you: YOU are enough, too. We are the combination of all the good and hard, the inspiring and frustrating and no amount of either changes who we are and our worth. Being enough doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying… it means I won’t stop loving myself when I struggle. That right there might be my lifelong goal.



Find all of Emily’s FRyday thoughts here, and Nicole and Jenna’s here too.


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• And lastly, we have a Facebook-only giveaway that starts today for you locals! We are so excited about Tumbleweeds Film Festival, a film festival created for kids that is running March 14-16 in SLC! It’s all about fostering the idea of storytelling and creative expression, and we’re so looking forward to taking the boys! Find the schedule here and enter to win 4 tickets on our Facebook page!