OLLY Smoothies!

By Jenna.
Being a busy Mom it can be tough to get my nutrition in. I remember hearing people say “I forgot to eat” and thinking how is that EVEN possible. Then I became a Mom! It IS possible.
We’ve partnered with OLLY before and my family is die hard over their vitamins, but now they’ve come out with Smoothies and I’m in LOVE!
kellyfondots_ollysmallfry-5-of-10-2These incredible line of smoothies are not meant to be meal replacements but rather a quick on the go snack or even a yummy dessert. They’re packed with protein and even better, TASTY!
One scoop and you’re on your way and seriously guys they’re delish! kellyfondots_ollysmallfry-10-of-10
And one cheesy pic for the road! I’ve seen them at Target but you can also buy them here.
Feeling lucky? Enter the incredible OLLY sweepstakes here.

Rugs + Updates + Simplicity

By Nicole.

A few weeks ago I mentioned we were preparing for a move. Well good news. We are staying put! We decided we love the roots we have planted here, and it isn’t time to leave. SO, now that we are going to be here a while, we are going to do some updating. I will try and keep you posted as we make changes around the house. As this first change is a small one, it makes a profound difference to our main living area.ncc_8486

I added this new rug from Rug Expedition We have gone from minimal, to loud, and now back to minimal for our living room. I like how this feels. Its hand braided and adds a simplistic look. Our life moto right now is keep things simple, haha, really though. Saying no to the unnecessary and yes to all things peaceful and good. Hello, pretty new rug, We are glad to have you!

ncc_8484We have a concrete floor that has been super cool and fun, but its cold and we are seeking cozy for this coming winter, so large rugs are a must! We may lay a new wood floor, too. Stay tuned!ncc_8479

Rug Safari CorporationThanks Rug Expedition for this pretty add!

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FRYday: Santa Barbara

Santa BarbaraBy Emily.

Hello! I writing this from Santa Barbara as a guest of our fam at  Zappos! We were one of their top performers this year and so we attended #CJU16 with them! Pretty cool! At the time I was the only one that could make during their dates and even though having an infant typically would get me a pass, I knew it was important, so here I am! Raleigh has been so good but man am I worn out! It’s not easy traveling solo with a baby. It’s also funny how certain cities and airlines people are just more baby friendly than others. United is the place to be if you travel with an infant. Also an UppaBaby System. Saved my life.

Santa BarbaraSome of you have asked how it works when we have trips for Small Fry – well, since lots of times brands or events don’t need or want to fly all three of us somewhere we started taking turns! Then we also decided if it’s for work or for play those would be separated. So as far as sponsored trips: Nicole did San Fran and I went to Mexico last year, Jenna recently went to Dominican Republic with hers and so Nicole is next up! Where she will go nobody knows. 😉

So that’s where I am at currently and here’s what’s been on my mind the last few weeks.

Wearing: You’ve seen my last month or so of outfits over on Off Duty, so you know I have really been enjoying my Old Navy haul, ha! It was sort of a temporary wardrobe while my body bounces back and I love not having the pressure of trying on jeans I know aren’t gonna fit. As always shoes are on my mind and I’ve been eyeing these, I can’t think of a more perfect shoe for Fall, Loeffler kills it! This pair is super similar and $200 less and thinking I could swap out the strap for cording and the ankle wrap option!Loeffler Rrandall Clara

Reading: I do a lot of scrolling during the couple of late night feedings Raleigh is still insisting on – Instagram gets so old so fast. There’s just a lot of the same thing over and over at times, right? So anytime I can follow an account that switches it up I am excited. Loving @JooleeLauren seriously super witty stuff beautifully illustrated and just dripping with sardonism. I LOVE it! And @everyoutfitonSATC, so funny to have the show analyzed and debunked through its fashion. If you love them.too, let me know cause I feel like we should be friends.

Watching: We recently watched The Night Of which was intense and really entertaining. Have you seen it? Basically revisits the night of a murder and the falsely accused suspect. While I’ve been in Santa Barbara I started devouring Chef’s Table on Netflix and it’s so beautifully done!

Feeling: Sort of panicked that Fall is upon us because that means Winter is bascially here. I’ve so enjoyed having my second Summer baby, it makes for the dreamiest first few months. Raleigh loves spending time outside he seems so content and I’ll be sad not to have that option without more effort (layers.) I love these options for warm one pieces:


We love sharing parenting game-changers on Small Fry and today’s is no exception. InstaTemp is new to us, so forgive us if we’re slow to the punch, but we’re so excited about it! This is a rare product that is instantly added to the must-have list, and would make the perfect shower gift!InstaTempThis thermometer simply put is a digital non-touch thermometer that provides an instant reading. It’s so easy to use, and non-invasive making it even more quick and efficient.InstaTemp When our little ones are sick the last thing we want to do is make them hold a thermometer in their mouth or under their arm, this is so wonderful!InstaTempWe hope you won’t need it, but grab yours just in time for cold and flu season!InstaTemp

See it here!

around the house

This post is brought to you by the Quaker Oats Company! All opinions are our own.

How is everyone feeling since the back-to-school rush? We’re finally settling into a more easy-going speed and have found that the more prep we do the night before the smoother the day goes in the morning! These  Quaker Chewy Granola Bars have been heavy in the rotation as we pack lunches for our kids for school or when we all need to grab quick snacks on-the-go! These bars mix 100% whole grains (that us moms love) and tasty ingredients like chocolate chips (that the kids love) come in over 15 flavors now so there’s truly a snack everyone can enjoy!quakerWhen we were conceptualizing this post Mr. Sunny said he wanted granola bar blocks, so that is exactly what he got! That is one of our favorite parts of parenting, and in turn running the blog. Seeing our kids’ brains at work, giving them the right environrment to be creative and we’re always blown away by what they come up with. It doesn’t have to stop at snack time either, we’re sharing our favorite DIYs made from unexpected materials below! Besides having fund with food of course, our favorite mediums would have to be cardboard, tape and different types of paper. quaker1Paper (tissue paper and bright colored craft paper to be precise!)paperAnd a few more mediums, too! quaker3

Confetti Art out of tissue paper // Superhero Cuffs from toilet paper rolls + duct tape // Lunchtime Food art // Make your own graphic tee DIY // Monster Clothespin Puppets // Toilet Roll Binoculars // Paper Bag Puppets // Rainstick DIY

What will you make?ncc_7378


cookie fiasco!

This month’s Mo Mail brought two new books in the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading series: Cookie Fiasco and We Are Growing! These books hit the shelves September 20th! What is the series all about you ask? Best friends Elephant and Piggie introduce kids to their favorite books – brought to life in original stories created by contemporary children’s book authors and illustrators. And of course fun and funny like Mo Willems is known for!

Fiasco.Cookie Fiasco is all about four how friends need to problem solve when there are only three cookies! Oatmeal Chocolat Chip Cookie Recipe Our kids are loving this one and of course with every reading they’re asking for one thing… cookies, of course! Earlier this Summer we had a picnic with friends and Nicole brought our friend favorite – this chocolate chip cookie recipe! Oatmeal Chocolat Chip Cookie RecipeWe thought we had found the best of the best, and then our friend Kim brought these. We had to share this amazing Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe — they are incredible!! Double that recipe so you don’t run into your own cookie fiasco. 😉Oatmeal Chocolat Chip Cookie Recipe

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 Cup Brown Sugar

1 Cup White Sugar

1 Cup Butter; room temperature

2 Eggs

1 tsp. Baking Soda

1 tsp. Baking Powder

1 tsp. Vanilla

1 1/2 tsp. Salt

2 Cups Oats

2 Cups All-Purpose Flour

1 pkg. Chocolate Chips; I prefer Milk, but any variety works well.

Optional: Nuts, coconut, etc.

Cream together brown sugar, white sugar and butter. Add eggs, mix until combined. Add baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, and salt. Mix together.

Grind 2 cups oats in a blender to make a chunky flour. Add oat flour and white flour and mix until combined. Fold in chocolate chips and/or any other accompaniments.

Spoon onto a greased baking sheet. Bake at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes.


Download the recipe below and find the new books at PigeonPresents.com

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Hip hip it’s Fryday!!! I did an extensive post last week on the Nordstrom Summer Clearance Sale but I wanted to simplify and of whats left in stock tell you the top 13 items you can’t leave the Sale without! It ends this weekend so hop on these picks quick as I know they’ll go quickly!

  1. I love the overall trend and these Madewell one’s are a staple for Fall.
  2. You can never have too many black jeans and at $45 dollars I’ll take two!
  3. The pointy toe lace up flat is everywhere this season and I a especially in love with this brown color.
  4. I bought this light sweater at the summer Nordstrom Sale and love it. Perfect for the beach, after workouts, around the house.
  5. If you get nothing else, snag this jacket. A military jacket is something I purchased 5 years ago and is STILL in style – you’ll have it forever.
  6. I of course love anything Zella so this top and this bottom are so freaking cute and a killer price.
  7. I’ve been eyeing this dress forever. Such a great piece for pregnancy, after and beyond.
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We couldn’t share a must-gift for kids without covering something for us, right? We’ve been testing out products from Withings and had to share. Each item is GORGEOUS, beautifully designed and functional. Here’s some of our favorites:

ACTIVITE WATCH – Monitors sleep, activity, syncs to your app and shares with friends to keep you motivated and accountable. Automatically resets when you travel across time zones. Beautiful and analog so it doesn’t scream “WATCH MONITOR”   vue-3-4-steel-black-1 bg-activite-steel-application

activite-steel-5-bHOME security + baby monitor – HD, night vision, streams live via Wifi or 3/4G, stream it on all your Apple devices (including the watch!) Alerts to motion, sound, air quality and other activity. It has two-way talk so you can communicate wherever you are! LED nightlight and night vision and the wood cylinder twists so you can block the lens whenever you don’t want to use it.withings-home-3iphone-1

BODY CARDIO- This scale tracks BMI, Water, muscle mass and bone mass. It shows you the weather and temperature for the day, while tracking your overall cardiovascular health. It sits on any surface, is sleep and thin and easy to store.body-cardio-hero

The Thermo which takes temperature by sweeping over your forehead. The Aura which gradually wakes you up with natural light so you’re more refreshed and peaceful. A sleek and wireless blood pressure monitor.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen one brand cover so much ground, so flawlessly. Go Withings!! Find their whole family of products here.

Must-Have Blocks!

We tend to jam pack all our Holiday gift ideas in November but realized lots of you are early bird shoppers and these blocks definitely should be on your radar! After we started noticing our boys drawn to these blocks every time we had a play date with our friend we figured it was time to invest in our own sets. These ones are called Magnetic Stick’n Stack and they are for sure the favorite toy around here.

Magnetic Stick'n Stack

As you probably guessed they’re magnetized, clear, colorful and come in a huge variety of shapes. It truly makes for endless imagination and fun as well as problem solving with building and creating. Since they’re pretty good sized they don’t seem to stay on the floor for days on end like legos, clean up is a lot more thorough.

Magnetic Stick'n StackThe sets come with idea books to help get your juices flowing, but our kids have really just loved being creative and making whatever comes to mind.Magnetic Stick'n StackFind all their set varieties here and on Amazon (where they’re in the top 3 selling toys!) They’re also a lot less expensive than their counterparts. And award-winning – they won in the Brain Child category of Tillywig Toy Awards, as well as a Parent Tested Parent Approved award!Magnetic Stick'n Stack

Add to your lists mamas, this one will be a huge hit, we promise!