small fry #8

By Emily.

So so happy to have this news to share today! Russ and I are expecting and due this Summer! You all know this one has taken a bit longer than we anticipated and I feel so fortunate to get another chance at pregnancy. If you’re interested, I wanted to share some info about this pregnancy, some FAQs if you will. ūüėČem4

  • First, my due date is 4th of July! Just two weeks shy of my pregnancy last year. This time last year I was heartbroken, I couldn’t sing a single Christmas song because singing the word “baby” made me break down in tears. Every pregnancy announcement I saw online or heard from family and friends felt like a slap in the face. If you’re in that place, I know how you feel. It’s a dark time and no one can get you out of that. My heart is with you!¬†Miscarriage (as so many of you already know first-hand) makes pregnancy the next time around a little trickier. I had to get a doppler to ease my anxiousness, and although just getting pregnant was happy enough news, I still feel like it could be taken away from me at any time. It feels so much more fragile than it has before.em1
  • We found out in Paris – as if we needed any reason to love that city more!! Every moment in that city felt like this secret happy gift, enjoying it all with that anticipation of new life, I’ll never ever forget it!
  • We had an appointment with a well-known and aggressive fertility doctor scheduled only a few days after we got back from Europe. Being uninsured (or the euphemism “self-pay” as I like to say) I had lots of reasons to be happy to cancel that appointment ;). I honestly don’t know why this pregnancy finally clicked. My hormones were all out of whack, my cycles (sorry) were crazy short and no one could tell me if I was ovulating or not. We were ready to take this situation head on, and seemingly as soon as I turned it over to the professionals, it finally took.em2
  • I told Nicole and Jenna by faking a conference call and telling them I was sending a file over via text for them to check. I sent the pregnancy test picture and their reactions were hilarious. Jenna was freaking out, but Nicole’s photo hadn’t come through yet and she was also freaking out but because she didn’t know why Jenna was. They make everything more exciting and fun, and this was no exception. I told them super early because I was dropping the ball left and right being so sick and they were surely confused. Also, I was honestly just stoked to have a positive test result. Like, YES my body CAN do this. That was a celebration in itself, after being worried something wasn’t right.
  • At 12 weeks, I am still super nauseated. This pregnancy so far is different in the sense that instead of being intensely sick in the mornings, I am just middle ground nauseated morning noon and night. The best thing I could do was watch Netflix and try and distract myself. I just finished Grand Hotel and it was the best gift and I need a support group now that it’s done. ¬†I have days where nothing stays down, and I have good days, too. I am starting to feel more like myself, things are funny again, (nothing is funny in your first trimester) and my energy is slowly coming back.em3I know I am so blessed, so fortunate and lucky to not only have the ability to do this, but to be able to share it with all of you. Your love and support these last several years has meant so much to me and I know Nicole and Jenna as well.

All my love,


Edit:¬†Sweater 40% off at Nordstrom and the softest sweater I own! I have the coordinating skirt (also 40% off!)¬†and love wearing them together and separate. Striped dress is Asos. Stools are in Nicole’s photo studio and are from Amazon (on sale for only $99, too!)

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Book Guide: BIG Kids

We have covered a lot of different kinds of books – catch them all here! But today is all about the bigger kids. That next step in reading to and with your kids when they’re ready for something more substantial and they have one million questions about the world. We always make sure to gift at least one book under the Christmas tree and here’s several we love that we’d recommend for 5 years and up.¬†big-kids-gift-guide

Home – a look into all kinds of places people all over the world call “Home” //¬†Diary of Time Traveler – a peek into 100 of History’s most famous people //¬†Once, an epic adventure for all the letters of the alphabet // Infographic Guide to Literature – digestible snippets to teach about all kinds of writing // Full Speed Ahead – A look into the mechanics of things that go. //¬†MAPS – interesting facts about every region all visually illustrated. //¬†This is the World – snippets of the best places around the globe //¬†World Atlas – Bringing the World to Life

color blocked ornaments

Another day another craft to get our kids through the longest wait of their lives – nine days to Christmas! Nothing we love more than a pop of color, a graphic shape, and a natural material. These colorblocked ornaments are super easy to whip up with kids or without!orn1All you need is painters tape, flat trim from the hardware store, unfinished wood craft circles, a drill bit to drill holes, string to tie and acrylic paint! We taped off all directions to create that graphic look but all are different so they keep your tree interesting. Find circles with pre-cut holes here.Colorblocked Ornaments You can whip up a whole tree full in an hour or so and the kids love to help, of course!Colorblocked Ornaments

Colorblocked Ornaments Colorblocked Ornaments Colorblocked Ornaments orn2

gift guide: bike + helmet

So many of you let us know you were on the hunt for a bike for one or more of your kids this Holiday and here’s what we’re suggesting this holiday. Priority Bikes are relatively new to the scene, with a crazy successful Kickstarter only just last year! Based in NYC you’ll see why we love these:Priority Bikes
Perhaps the best feature of the “Priority Start” bikes for kids are their tires don’t require air. This innovative style is so great for our kids who rarely want to stop to refill those tires, and who haven’t yet learned to avoid things that could cause a leak. We also tested them in a few different types of scenarios, snowy and dry ground and it did great in both!Priority BikesPriority BikesScreen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.15.07 AMThese bikes are beautiful, light weight, rust-proof and the seat comes with a handle so you can help them as they learn, and easily grab and store when they’re done. This style of bike comes in 4 great colors, too!prioritybikeAnother awesome feature is their 30 day no questions asked return policy. Makes the investment feel a lot less daunting when you have that backing it!Priority Bikes Priority Bikes What is a great bike without the proper helmet? We’ve loved Nutcase helmets since the beginning of time, their options are exactly what we want as parents, and kids think they’re cool too, how often do those stars align? Hayes is wearing an XS in the Little Nutty here and it fits perfectly.¬†Priority BikesHere are some of our favorites from the Little and Baby Nutty lines! Do you have a favorite?

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.47.04 AM

Living Proof

We were so excited when Living Proof asked us to come in to a salon where their products are carried to put them in the test. Jenna was the lucky girl chosen and of course brought a long her best girl Lolly and a camera to document her experience.livingproof1

We hadn’t heard much about the products before but now we’re hooked. Jenna is more of a naturalist, but she learned from the educated Stylist, Rachel, that when you use GOOD products your hair style lasts longer and is healthier. Two things we busy moms are always looking for! What’s super cool (and mind-blowing) about Living Proof is they’ve literally created a molecule that is incorporated in their products that promotes healthier and fuller volume hair. Pretty insane and you can read more about the science here.livingproof2¬†Rachel first started out by washing¬†Jenna’s¬†hair with Living Proof’s Restore¬†Shampoo and Conditioner. Going blonde can damage hair so it was the perfect solution to that problem! She also suggested using the Living Proof Hair Mask as a treatment to restore your hair once a week! Next up is this Blowout¬†Styling & Finishing spray¬†which incredibly protects your hair against up to 450 degree heat should your hair style ever require being on fire. ūüėČlivingproof3And because Jenna typically does her hair in waves¬†she wanted to try her blow-out straight so Rachel used Living Proof’s Straight product which acts as another heat protectant and shines up the hair for a perfect straight look.livingproof4Rachel¬†finished up the hair with the Control Hairspray which has a great hold but doesn’t feel sticky or crunchy!livingproof4

We hear you – “How hard is it to have great hair at the salon?” Not hard. So check back next week to see how Jenna is using the products at home to achieve killer results on her own!

Thank you to our sponsor Living Proof for introducing us to your beautiful products and inviting us to participate in the #yourbesthair initiative!