Green Mean Machines

Happy March, everyone! Today we have a recipe just in time for St. Patrick’s Day by Melissa from So Festive. My dad has made these shakes for us since I was little, using club soda, so let me vouch for their deliciousness! Welcome, Melissa! – Emily
St. Patrick's Day Smoothie

Hello again, Small Fry readers! It’s Mel from So Festive!, a blog started in honor of my mom who was the most festive person I know. She passed away from cancer, but I’m determined to keep her festiveness alive by sharing easy, simple and real ideas that will inspire anyone to be a little more festive. Because life is to be enjoyed, right?

Today I’m sharing a simple, ultra-festive drink for you and your kiddos to make for St. Patrick’s Day. My mom always called them Green Mean Machines, and the name fits them just perfectly.

Here’s how you can make your own Green Mean Machines.

St. Patrick's Day Smoothie Ingredients

What you need: lemon lime soda, lime sorbet, a blender, and thick straws. Okay, the thick straws are optional, but it’s more fun with them!

St. Patrick's Day Smoothie

Pour 8 oz of lemon lime soda into a blender. Then scoop 3 cups of lime sorbet into the blender and mix until thick and frothy. This is the ratio we prefer, but you can always add more or less soda if you want it thinner or thicker. You really can’t mess up your Green Mean Machines.

St. Patrick's Day Smoothie

St. Patrick's Day Smoothie

Then sip, sip, sip away!
St. Patrick's Day Smoothie
St. Patrick's Day Smoothie

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Black and White Deals for Girls

We hope you are all having an awesome weekend! We’re not going to lie after a week of dealing with one terrible host server, and then transferring over to new one, we lost count of the hiccups. Sometimes the best way to drown your sorrows is a little shopping session. Here’s a whole handful of awesome deals – most under $20 – for the little gal in your life. Our lack of girl babies is your gain!


Also, to try and make up for the chaos, we’ve extended “The BIG One” $850 in goods for mom and baby until Tuesday night (March 4th) to give those a chance to enter who were stopped by a crashed server. We can say more fervently then ever, thank you for being here!

1. Breton Stripe with Tiny Bow // 2. Balloon Graphic // 3. Wide Stripe Crew // 4. Glitter Tuxedo Pant // 5. Three Bow Tuxedo Shirt // 6. Pleated Tent Dress  // 7.Striped Drop-Waist Ruche Dress // 8.Tiered White Stripe Dress // 9. Peplum Mini Stripe Tee  // 10. Color Block Drop Waist Dress  // 11. Metallic Slip-ons // 12. Star Leggings // 13. White Flowers Dress // 14. Tiny Polka Dot 3/4 Sleeve

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FRYday : Nicole


I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months reflecting on family. Family is my favorite thing on the earth. In my world, family isn’t just blood. Of course, my children own the largest portion of my heart, but when I speak of family, that is inclusive of so many friends. Family has kept me afloat these last few years. I think I forget that other people around me have any kind of trials of their own, because they seem like such rockstars and they support me through some of the bumpiest roads.

FRYday : Nicole

I have a mom, and a sister that day in and day out, love me, love my kids, clean for me when I have let my house go, grocery shop for me when I’m practically Mother Hubbard. I have friends that constantly pick up my slack without saying a word, let me off the hook when I can’t make it to something they have planned. And all along, these people have a smile on their face. WOW. I am lucky. My kids are lucky! We have had the absence of someone that means the world to us, and somehow, the family around us has managed to almost fill those voids and mend those broken places in our hearts.

We feel hope from these people.
We feel strength from these people.
We feel SO MUCH love from these people.

I love these people.
I love family.

YOU are also a part of this family group I am so grateful for. You Small Fry readers mean more than you know to myself and Emily and Jenna. Wow. We are so grateful from where Small Fry has come, and is going. and it’s all because of you. Thank you for the love and kind words. It’s hard to juggle work, tough times, loved ones and still keep a clean house (so, we don’t.) We prioritize! And this happy piece of the internet we call Small Fry is one of our most prized possessions. Thank you for loving it as well.



Children’s Dental Health Month

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? This month has been so crazy we weren’t able to touch on it like we’d like, but maybe better late than never? Thanks to Firefly kid’s dental products for educating us on this important topic!

Dental Disease is the #1 illness for children missing school in the US. Isn’t that crazy? Here’s some things we’ve learned about it all:

Foaming Flouride Toothpaste + 1 Minute Timer Brush

Did you know the bacteria that causes cavities is contagious? When we’re born we do NOT carry this bacteria, but it is passed to us. It can be passed by sharing drinks, kissing, licking off a pacifier, etc. This bacteria is fed by acid (found in sugar) and then finds it’s way into a once protective biofilm called plaque. Without removing plaque properly, all of these factors play into forming a cavity.

So what should we do? Here’s a suggestions from Dr. Chris Cramer:

“Don’t let the bacteria set up shop in the first place! That starts with mom and dad either testing their levels of bacteria and/or getting on a bacteria reducing protocol that includes excellent home care. That means proper brushing from a very young age, starting with finger brushing as soon as the first tooth erupts. When kids get old enough to brush, make it fun and habit-forming in a good way. I like the Ready Go Brush and other light-up timer toothbrushes from FireFly because they’re colorful and entertaining. FireFly also has an innovative Fluoride Foam Toothpaste that kids absolutely love because they get to squirt it right into their mouths instead of onto the brush. Its foamy texture allows it to get to hard-to-reach places and flush out cavity-causing bacteria.”

We’ve been testing out these products from Firefly and are loving them! The 1 minute timer brush makes it so much easier to enforce an adequate brush session, and the fluoride foam is so much less mess then a typical toothpaste!

Paper Bouquet DIY

By Emily.

Spring Fever is real, and it has arrived at my house. Thank goodness for a couple high 50s/low 60 days that have gotten us out to the park and basking on the lawn. To celebrate Spring’s upcoming arrival, I had the boys make these cardboard tube bouquets! I saw the idea in a doctor’s waiting room magazine, and knew they would all love it. This is a true-blue kids craft, where they are in charge every step of the way, and they LOVED it! Here’s how you’ll do it:
Cardboard Bouquet Kids Craft

Start by saving up any empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls you have lying around. If you’re in a craft-jam like I was I had Callum unroll a half-used paper towel roll, which might as well have been a trip to DisneyLand, he was pumped! Another work around I used was to take craft paper and tape it into a tube, which is nice because then you can control the size!

Cardboard Bouquet Kids Craft

This next step is recommended for four year olds or older, and also using kid-safe scissors (these ones by Crayola are great.) Have your kids make even cuts about two inches into the tubes. Then have them bend the cuts back, creating the petals.

Cardboard Bouquet Kids Craft

Now they’re ready to paint! These bold kid’s paints are a Small Fry favorite. Why is it always Crayola? They just know what they’re doing, I guess. Paint each petal and let it dry completely.

Cardboard Bouquet Kids Craft

I am loving having these happy and bright flowers on my table! I could kill a cactus so I’m even happier for this no-pressure option. Also, these flowers are reminding me of a painting, help a sister out! Maybe by Klimt?

Cardboard Bouquet Kids Craft

Have extra paper towel rolls? Check out this Ocean Sounds Stick DIY!

And even more kid-led crafts:

GIANT Paper Airplanes // Colorblock Tees and Tanks // Cereal Box Jet-Packs

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