The Inspiralizer

By Jenna.

I recently found a girl after my own heart named Ali and she’s basically dedicated her life to spiralizing. What is that and is it even a word? Not sure but it’s a game changer, especially in healthy eating. So while you may be still pining after your white buttery noodles… you can have zoodles that come in a close second! Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.42.22 AMI make these with my marinara sauce & freaking good meat balls:

Directions: whisk one egg then add 1 lb organic ground beef, 1 teaspoon crushed garlic, 1 teaspoon paprika, 1/2 small onion minced, s and p and 1 T fresh parsley. Mix well. Roll in to happy little balls. Heat 1 T olive oil on medium heat in frying pan. Fry meatballs on both sides till they brown. This takes maybe a minute on each side. Take off pan and place on foiled cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.42.34 AMI also really love spiralizing my sweet potatoes for my regular morning breakfast hash. The potatoes cook so quickly and evenly! Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.42.43 AMAli has a TON of inspiration in her new cook book and on her blog. Get inspired by the inspiralizer, I promise you’ll love having it in your kitchen!


If you’re reading this we are in the air en route to New York City! We have been preparing for this weekend for so long it’s crazy that we’re finally here. We’ll be working our brains out throwing a party for the City Kid Pop Up‘s vendors with Munchkin, but you know we play as hard as we work, so we’ll be back next week to share every detail with you, and of course follow along on social media @smallfryblog!


Wearing: For those who were on the edge of their seats about my 90’s lip quandary… I finally figured it out. Line and fill your lip (angle the pencil so the wood and lead is flush against your lip) with Burgundy and then top with Whirl. The burgundy brings the red and the whirl brings that brown/gray. Bob’s your uncle.

Reading: Bringing “All the Light We Cannot See” for the flights this week. I’ve heard such good things, and it has a Pulitzer if you’re impressed by those types of things. 😉

Listening: Nicole and I have been talking non-stop about Ryan Adam’s 1989. Is he not a genius? I don’t even recognize those pop songs anymore!
Eating/Anticipating: Basically all I can think about is the food we’re going to consume this trip. I worked out everyday in preparation.
Watching: Empire is back, baby.


Wearing: These navy beauties!

Reading: Facebook. Guys I LOVE facebook! I know right?! How uncool of me, but seriously it keeps me so informed of the good, the bad, the ugly. Judge me, but I like it.

Watching: Portlandia. Season 2 on Netflix. This show KiLLS me dead. I love it and it makes me think I belong in Portland. 😂

Anticipating: NYC!!! Right now I’m on a six hour flight with my littlest sis (wish us luck) and on my way to play in the big city with my best girls. So excited!



Using: So this crazy looking sponge that looks like charcoal, is actually a crazy looking sponge that is charcoal! I use it exfoliate on nights I don’t use my favorite facial scrub. It’s gentler on my skin, is 100% natural, and leaves my skin feeling silky.

Wearing: I’ve never been a boyfriend Jean girl, but I’ve fallen in love, can’t take these off, and am wondering why I spent so many years in tight uncomfortable pants! // This fresh scent has been a staple for me for a few years now. No other scent leaves me feeling so fresh, finished and feminine!

Decorating: I have an abundance of glass trays around my home. They hold everything I don’t have a place for, and they make all those things look pretty! Whenever Nate Berkus releases a new one, I snag it quick.

Reading: My kids love to ask questions about where people live, how far away is Disneyland, can we walk to China, how many movies would we have to watch to drive to Canada. You know how it goes. This book has been one of the great teaching tools, and a saving grace for me. It’s real hard to explain geography to a 3 year old.

Listening/Surviving On: 1989 – Ryan Adams style.


Watercolor Nursery Sweets





By Nicole:

Inspired by my favorite food group, sugar, and my new favorite hobby, watercolor, comes todays post.  I would love to tell you these were for my nursery, but I don’t have one, nor have the need for one currently. So today, this is just me sharing  a project with you in hopes that we will all meet for donuts after. I give you, Watercolor Nursery Sweets.

watercolor4 watercolor2 watercolor3 watercolor5

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play it safe

As you all heard last weekend I took my boys to Old Navy‘s Play it Safe event in tandem with their huge kids + baby sale!
As hard as I try to impress safety on my kids hearing it from firefighters, police offers, doctors and nurses has a little bit better effect. 😉 Just wanted to share a bit from our experience if you’d like to see!Old Navy Sale

Old Navy brought in experts from so many incredible fields to teach the little ones (and parents too!) Like a local nutritionist to share how to be healthy and healthy snacks to enjoy. Our locations firefighters were actually called to an actual fire, which Dash and Sunny thought was super cool. Old Navy SaleOr any sports lovers dream (my Dash is completely obsessed with soccer lately so this one was his fave) a sports safety expert to teach them how to be active and smart while playing. Even the simple safety reminders like looking both ways when crossing the street, or stop drop and roll if you come across a flame. Old Navy Sale Even a local technology speaker to show us the ropes on being safe online and how to hand over the iPad or phone without worrying what they might run into. Old Navy Sale

And you all know I can’t pass up a good chance to shop. Here’s what we picked up from their awesome sale this week – so many 50% off goods!

Toddler OLD-NAVY

Backpack ($12!) Joggers // Beanie // Cap // Hoodie // Sneakers

and Big Boyon

Beanie // Denim shirt // Joggers // Jacket // Raglan // Sneakers

small fry favorite: fridababy

YOU GUYS. Have you seen fridababy products? If not you might be living under a rock or not going to Target, but let us enlighten you! Fridababy makes some of our VERY favorite products you had no idea would enrich your life so greatly. They are so innovative while still easy to use. Let’s break it down.frida

NoseFrida // Ever have a stuffed up baby that can not breathe and therefore cannot sleep so NO one is sleeping? Yeah this is your best friend. It’s a little bit weird at first, but trust us, mucous doesn’t stand a chance against it.

The Windi // Words can not express our love for this one. When Jenna had her third baby who had severe Colic, the women of Instagram spoke with fountains of advice, but The Windi was sung most loudly. You may be alarmed initially, but NOTHING gets out gas like your friend The Windi. Turns out they’re sort of tough to find in store which is a shame, but never fear you can get it over night basically on or Amazon. Or better yet buy this before you eat something your baby doesn’t like — cause this will save you.

The Buttwasher // Does just as it says it will. It’s a portable bidet that will leave your kiddos (or you for that matter) so fresh and so clean clean. Wiping is a constant battle at our house and not entirely super sanitary during the practice stage of potty training so this tool makes us confident that all is well down there :)

The Momwasher // This one is brand new and we’re obsessed. This is WAY better than the bottle they give you in the hospital. If you’re a man reading this you can stop now to save yourself. The bottle can be held upside down and has a narrow neck for easier aim… cause ya know… things are messy after a baby. You deserve more than a plastic bottle after what you’ve been through. Treat yourself to the mom washer!

Have you had any success using these innovative products? Leave your praise in the comments below!