new year new baby: nanit giveaway

New Year New Baby BannerMy baby is one and a half and I already feel like so many improvements have bene made to even the baby gear I bought for him not so long ago! I love being able to share the good news and if you need a monitoring system, Nanit has figured it out!! Also it’s 40% off until January 31st, so if you don’t like giveaways you can take advantage of one killer deal before it ends, too!Nanit Giveaway

First off, their insights are amazing!! So much of my brain space is taken up with my baby’s sleeping and eating schedule. This keeps track of all of that! When they wake up, how long it takes them to fall asleep. It tracks trends and patterns and of course you can save and send insights from 30 day archive, so it’s great to keep parents in the loop when they have childcare!Nanit Giveaway

They also send insights and tips to help your baby sleep better! Like reminders to put them down at the same time each night or to put them down awake. Letting you know if the room is too cold or hot. And so much more! It syncs to Alexa so you can ask your Amazon Echo for details from the Nanit as well without even opening the app! You can read up on all their amazing tips and how the y integrate into the app right here! With their guidance can you imagine how much easier healthy sleep habits will be?

First of all, it can easily be mounted right above their bed for the best view, or table side, too! Night vision, zoom, and the background audio plays even if your phone’s screen is off!

They have a gradually dimming nightlight so you can easily re-swaddle, find a binky or change a diaper without full blown lights.Nanit GiveawayIt monitors sound and motion, temperature and humidity so you can keep track of room conditions. Even better is the footage keeps streaming over Wi-Fi even if your internet connection goes down! Nanit Giveaway

Here’s what you can win!

1 Camera + Mount
1 Month of Nanit Insights
1 Multi-Stand

This is valued at $468! Amazing right? Just enter below and I’ll pick all our winners at the end of the week. Check back each day for something awesome to win!  


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A look back at New Year, New Baby

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prepping for a move

Sponsored by DYMO, all thoughts are my own!

I remember when I was a kid we’d go to Long Beach, California every Summer to stay with my grandparents. I remember opening up my Grandma Miki’s fridge and seeing little rectangles of yellow notepad paper taped to each shelf. Her perfect penmanship and cursive lettering wrote out for drinks, produce, dressings, and more. Her house was always so clean and organized, but still homey and livable. I would run my fingers over the labels and study all her ingredients. My grandpa would tell me to shut the fridge because I was “rolling quarters out the door!”  Something about that fridge made me feel at home and comfortable and also have a sense of respect for her. Like this unspoken conversation that everything had a perfect place with her and she wanted me to be in on the secret.    After I got married I realized just what this whole labeling system was all about. Do you know what will kill your organization faster than an unsupervised toddler? When you’re the only family member who knows what that system is. I realized no matter how much I love a system it is only worthwhile if it can be repeated again and again. Cue my obsession with a label maker! I am teaming up with DYMO to talk about the DYMO® LetraTag™ Handheld Personal Label Maker  to make sure that everyone in my family is in on the secret, too! I grabbed mine at my local Walmart and grabbed the white and clear to help me get ready to move!My husband and my kids will 100% of the time put something back “wrong” (at least wrong to me) if I don’t show them the system. So it was about a year into my marriage that I started labeling the heck out of everything. (cue multiple restocks of DYMO’s refill labels!Linen closets, drawers, file and medicine cabinets, and yes, the fridge. A few features I love about the LetraTag™: It comes with a magnetized holster so you can easily store it in a drawer, on the fridge, wall, or wherever you need it most. It also has a split paper backing so it’s so easy to remove the paper behind the label. If you’ve ever messed with the non-split kind you know how hard it is to try and peel off! For those with small kids: I love that this DYMO® LetraTag™ has a whole slew of symbols too so if you feel like you want to create a system but maybe your kids can’t read, this is an awesome alternative!

Even though we have a while before the big move I have been taking one project a week to really declutter and organize. Using the LetraTag™  to mark everything up super clearly and I am hoping to pack only with reusable bins! You can rent them from moving companies and I love that it’s more eco-friendly and sturdy, too! It might be more but at least I am saving money with the LetraTag right? It’s so affordable! I am hoping starting now will make it just a little bit easier when it comes time to really pack and also GET RID of the stuff that I know doesn’t need to come along with us. If you’re coming up on a move soon, I’m including the schedule I am following below!Dymo SymbolsSo starting now, which is about 4 months out from our move (we think!)  Start from the top and work your way down doing one of these things each week as you get closer to the big day!

★Research schools, after school activity teachers and lessons. Get on waiting lists and apply for programs.

★Put away too small clothing, pull out the next size up and collect all bins in one place. Donate everything you don’t want to pack. Label by size and gender.

★Sort, donate or pack away all seasonal clothing for each family member.

★Pack all seasonal sports or yard equipment. Label accordingly.

★Pack all books, music and other media that you don’t need for a bit.

★Sort, dejunk donate and pack any toys that have gone unused. Leave the key players out, pack the rest.

★Sort through, dejunk and pack files, and office supplies. Sort through cords and chargers and trash what doesn’t have a mate.

Hopefully this list will help me be extra organized and when it comes time to really pack up I won’t be wasting time sorting through things and dejunking. Everything will be already deemed essential and it can be packed up more seamlessly!

If organizing is on your New Year’s agenda, be sure and grab the DYMO® LetraTag  and refill labels at Walmart!




Cairn Co.

One of my favorite parts of Small Fry (and why I keep doing Bijou Market each year) is being able to help promote small businesses! I’ve started a few in my day and know just how much courage and determination and work goes into it. I don’t think I could count how many small businesses we’ve shared on Small Fry over the years, and I won’t ever stop!Cairn Co.Today is a fun one because it’s a long time friend from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! Candace and I went to school together for a handful of years and she has always had such a refined, classic taste. So when she told me she was launching an Amazon shop where she brings updated design to classics for kids I knew it would be so good! True story: I was obsessed with her penmanship and would try and copy it exactly. Her “a” was my personal favorite… #creeper.Cairn Co.She just launched and adding new products all the time but her Tooth Fairy Kit is so darling. As someone who has been wholly unprepared for the tooth fairy business (like digging in my couch cushions for quarters, or waking up in a cold sweat at 6 am, sending Russ in to put the money in and Cal looking him straight in the eye: “So you’re the tooth fairy, huh?” He literally tells everyone he has a “Dad Fairy.” #fail) I wish I would have had this years ago!Cairn Co.Anyway, keep your eye on Cairn Co. I am excited to see what Candace does with it! I’m giving away 15 sets on IG if you want to win head over there! This kit comes with this darling Tooth Pillow, A pad of notes from the tooth fairy and glitter dust to make everything magic and sparkly!Cairn Co.