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So happy to have Amy of Yummy Toddler Lunch back sharing another healthy lunch option with us! Amy has created an eBook, Yummy Toddler Lunch, filled with ideas for healthy packable lunches and is sharing one from her eBook below. This one is must have for back to school! Welcome back, Amy!

Super Easy School Lunch: Deconstructed Taco SaladTaco Salad Toddler Lunch
Whether you work, stay at home, or do some combination of both, chances are that there are days that you need to pack lunches for your kids. And while it can be a totally daunting prospect, I’ve found a few ways to make it a lot easier.

I was really overwhelmed when I started packing food for my girl to take to daycare at 14 months. Despite knowing how to feed her at home, it was more complicated to pack it all ahead of time and to trust that she would eat well even when I wasn’t there. And as she grew older and more aware of what the other little kids were eating, I felt pressure to make her lunches AWESOME to ensure that she’d eat them.

Looking back, I really over-thought things and made the whole process of packing lunches a lot harder than it needed to be. There is always some dynamic of peer pressure at the table, whether with other kids or parents, but overall, I’ve found that toddlers tend to behave really well when it comes to eating their lunch in a daycare setting. Since then, I’ve put together a collection of strategies in my Yummy Toddler Lunches ebook to help us all pack lunches that are wholesome and yummy, but that are super easy to assemble—like this deconstructed taco salad.

Taco Salad Toddler Lunch
Lunches don’t need to be fancy or complicated, especially for little kids. Simple finger foods are often the way to go. Many toddlers prefer to see what’s in their lunch, so the foods in this lunch are separated out. You can vary them according to what your kid likes, but here’s what’s pictured in this taco salad:

Produce: sliced cucumbers, sliced tomatoes, half of a plucot
Protein: black beans and cheese
Carbohydrate: sliced corn tortilla
Sauce/Dip: plain whole-milk yogurt and mild salsa

The beauty of this sort of assembled lunch is that even if your little one isn’t in the mood for one of the ingredients, they will still have plenty to eat. Plus, it takes just a few minutes to put together, so the prep work on your end is super quick and really painless. It’s also yummy served right out of the fridge, which is a bonus if your child’s center isn’t able to heat foods up.

Yummy Toddler Lunch eBook
I have 100 ideas for these sorts of simple lunches in the ebook, plus 15 toddler-approved recipes for snacks, dips, and simple sauces, all in an effort to make this part of parenthood a lot easier for all of us. Find out more about the Yummy Toddler Lunches ebook here. The lunch box pictured here is an Easy Lunchbox, which is sold in a set of 4 and makes packing lunches super easy.

we are small fry

Last month we had a couple weeks where we were all together, and we couldn’t help but get it documented! We used to take our close proximity for granted, but not anymore. We love our Small Fry family! We headed up to Silver Lake with our families and were so excited to have Hailey and Brad Devine of Haugen Creative come along. This film is the third (see #1 and #2 here on our YouTube channel  in our year long series with Ergo Baby and at this point it’s not hard coming up with fun adventures to show you all the versatility and ease this carrier provides. It just is part of our everyday with little Lolly girl. If you have a little one and you want them to be part of your world and your adventures, there’s just nothing better than an Ergo!

Check out our little hike below, we hope you like a little inside peek into our world:

get messy, get clean recap

Remember that event we shared with you last month with Target’s Made to Matter family? Several brands like Annie’s, EcoScraps and Mrs. Meyers all came together to showcase simple ways families can live a more green lifestyle. These brands have taught us so much over the last few years here at Small Fry and we love there down to Earth and educational approach. We had to share some photos from the event so you can see what we mean!

First of all, thank you to all who came and said hello to Emily and her family! We love meeting readers and were so thrilled to be at this event, those of you who went know just how great it was.bsd0oti35U0i9sJ7hANeCZw-UhtFGqoeBplihu4XfTE,VXF_Ekyzf6MmXWMWiT2TcOjWDmdLtHTTmGYMAFOapfU Kid Yoga (we have an awesome post on how to teach your kids yoga at home right here!)yqQQnovPDdxnQNawVhHFWJ2YIwHVPVJF7y54Eh5SggA,x_6b9A-mhknO2-ruHLsSoFU5IuejGATbV2n9DZWi8_Y  They had a whole animal rescue section where you could play, walk, and get familiar with local animals for adoption. OVnqEjQ4JVNWlSAAzf67xNwJC3GUgnjxNehaCbgnprg,ikA4pT8Fe_ZIOfwJA_O-dliRY06cnHc4HOqbwegAlYo-1DPlRU0kLPYfybJINB__a7F5UVMDvyNKF_s18PlG0qfs,OVvYNVOq9ToyG27zr4dRG7-Bbd-KRMHL-VWjK9qonbAOne of the hosts, EcoScraps was new-to-us and particularly inspiring. Two college aged kids at an all-you-can-eat-buffet noticed how much food was being wasted and decided to do something about it. They collect unused and wasted food from restaurants and stores and recycle it into dirt! This sustainable soil is one simple switch we can make to a more eco friendly lifestyle, and of course, sold at Target!E2nOczc2PlALdiBZfpa_MDphTPr6sXS-8V2HAQeXI1w,kOE50N9MzB07x7q1D2hZW24tNMqh5jtROBaUgSFXHNQ The boys loved painting their pots and planting their own seeds, obviously not the Frame brothers but you get the idea. 😉KqiZRNdzeo43KN4yfdVnT7UPLYd3RV-JloxpqiKGShc,6lpVu_5Y2Kra9-iPD6wleXBsFeXiPBHD05mtwUCMd_wMore gardening tips, which we loved. Sometimes we forget that no matter how big (or nonexistent) our yard is we can still cultivate and grow our own food in a small way!Ju7E6cwXiF9D7LLDf2utXOHRfnYv_NjQOlI2fQ2Y9pE,jyjTew8lIMrF2pSImfCzEBYsR6ULNTK9Gm9cPIrrfyQ P6UP7aDnOtdGlDP7lrowY-jZ0YCOzuSmrbDGumFRjdY,IeXsShHzbwjLrFU7DhtUhJzK55S67XtyC5lnKQSw56g


They had about 1,000 other things to do with face painting, bounce houses, stations across the giant yard filled with informative and fun things to try out, and of course food trucks galore! ve3UR7e79LFS0QbrXm0Ix4sjjOGIFQo4EYbk4eCTgWY,ZGbHdPk1MGlehzUunorCJfLbxPqHccIzojcga9YsHA0For us by far the favorite was the giant bubble station:dWRkuB-u0N1piBWBSwk_ix0TXmORogH4hPIRChQ7ZYg,7eak44i17ngQrnXCVxGUTXIefBzRFStrPe14J1iv1qU


qMVoFEWq8-_bxWjUfwmjRy4Ye2pkS7twf3pTSxigZBs,vx9JJi83REUG_zAPy9pSNH2e9-99TmlvM6lenzcIMEk emA9PyxsGZBJvCeHRhG0zvuSvJDcBhRzi9M4G9dgSko,4_jUWA_KeZL5sftBmj4EMsBdzbcX4-qau9adjlAiClA D9cNhAN7DqKokoYz7jyacNZgt0rvOiRCaJRDee1U8kk,dIBqp8gRC6ieJ_SmDq7JbM6H1TE00CTMiNU8vAbe-EUIt was nothing short of magic to watch and give a whirl. We love when brands pull together to create such a great time for the community and had to share the highlights! The start of a more eco-friendly lifestyle is just that – a start. Pick one new thing to try, switch out a product or two, sign up for a recycling bin. No effort is wasted in creating a more promising future for our families!

Here’s a list of brands that participated in this event, check them out at your local Target!

EcoScraps (sustainable soil)
Mrs. Meyers (green cleaning and beauty products)
Paddy’s Bathroom (all natural bath time products for kids!)
Freshpet (Natural pet food and treats)
Justin’s (nut butter and peanut butter cups)
Ella’s Kitchen (organic baby food)
Senda (Fair trade sports gear)
Angie’s Boom-Chikapop (Non GMO popcorn! The Caramel and Cheddar is our fave!)
KIND (Healthy snack bars and more)
Hyland’s (Homeopathic remedies, we love their teething tablets!)
Annie’s (Healthy foods kids love, sustainably cultivated)
Yes To Carrots (All natural beauty products!)

Beaching With Kids

By Jenna.

Since it’s been a year since I became a California Girl, I think I can confidently tell you I have going to the beach with kids pretty dialed. The beach is A TON of prep work but once you’re there the kids play for hours and it’s a dream come true so it’s always worth it. I’m going to share some tips and tricks of the trade! Also before we start, HOW DO MOMMY BLOGGERS DO IT?! Seriously I couldn’t get one normal picture of me hauling my stuff on to the beach. Sorry guys, I’m letting you down!! But you’ll get the point.beach1

1. I love these chairs. At first you’re like, no I’ll just buy the $10 chairs from Walgreens, but then after they bust after one time you’ll realize why you want these. They’re lightweight, easily folded and have cup holders and a  small cooler. They’re so light that even my kids can wear them (backpack straps!) as we walk to the beach. And well that’s why I had all these kids anyway — to put them to work! 😉

2. The MVP of my day is the Ergo carrier. Being able to have two hands is crucial and Lolly loves to be carried so much! It’s also how I get her to sleep at the beach, too!

3. Along with having large beach towels I like to have big blankets for when the kids are dry and want to just sit and eat or hang out. I love lightweight blankets like this and this. I also really love out Let’s Playground for the beach because it’s easily wipeable and doesn’t get hot!

4. Okay and how many times do I have to talk about the Hydro Flask before you buy one? You can have this sucker on the beach ALL DAY and the ice won’t melt. I bring a couple with me and keep filling them up with water to keep people hydrated. beach24. You’ll need a huge beach bag. The bigger the better of course. I love my Hayden Reis cause it’s wipeable and has tons of pockets. Wipeable being my middle name I guess.

5. Love love LOVE this beach tent. It’s SO perfect for babies and little kids when they need some shade covering…or you, if you’re the lucky girl who gets to take a nap! It’s so awesome. EASY to pop up and collapse, lightweight to carry and the perfect size. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.

6. Baby Powder. Yep you heard me right. This right here is any OCD mamma’s best friend. Dust this on the kids and the sand comes RIGHT off before piling them in the car. You’ve gotta have it, definitely worth the $1 :)


black + white, kickee style

Our dear friends at Kickee Pants have a special Small Fry sale going this weekend! For every black and white item – you know how we love our black and white – you can get 5 Kickee Points! All this credit is stored in your account and will credit to your next sale. Find all eligible items here.

You know how much we love Kickee, it’s all our kiddos wear and you won’t find anything softer around. We’ve converted everyone we know to Kickee and if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time!

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