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newborn essentials giveaway! [closed]

Congratulations to Megan H. for winning this giveaway! One of our most requested posts is our favorite products for new babies and new mamas. We are so happy to present it today, and even better, this entire $1000+ loot will go to one lucky reader! Keep reading to enter, but first here’s some info on why we love each of these products. 1. Candy Kirby Designs leggings [$38]: We’re just slightly obsessed with Candy Kirby. The designs are spot on and the soft jersey is unbeatable for your little one. We hardly get our newborns dressed out of sleep sacks (see … Read more

five for fifteen

Do you have a fifteen month old? We have two over here and they are little tornadoes, aren’t they? So curious, so sensory, and always on the go. Sometimes getting five minutes of relative stillness can mean the world to a mom, and here are five ideas that will do just that. Just grab a few household items and prepare to be amazed. Big thanks to our models Callum and Jude! Activity: Throw a few small toys in bowl of rice and give your little a shovel. Benefit(s): This is a great practice activity for hand eye coordination and perfecting … Read more

frozen yogurt dots

Frozen Yogurt Dots

Frozen Yogurt Dots! A quick and easy frozen treat that you can make yourself, here’s how we did it: We made several bowls of different brightly colored Greek yogurt sweetened with honey and put them each into their own sandwich bags to make the dots. We used artificial food coloring for these, but gave all natural dots a try on this post, check it out here! Snipping a small tip of one of the bottom corners on each bag, then squeezing gently, will get you the circular dots. We piped them onto a sheet pan lined with a Sil Pat … Read more

solly baby giveaway [closed]

Baby Wearing

Congratulations to Jessica L for winning this giveaway! It is now CLOSED, but please visit Solly Baby for more! One of our favorite things about the blog world is the ability to share favorite things, best practices, and little tips and tricks mothers use. There are a million ways to do just about anything when it comes to parenting, but sometimes it’s nice to hear what’s working for everyone else. We have our own list of favorites and we are excited to share them with you! We hope you will love the features as much as we do. We are huge fans … Read more

popsicles au natural

When your sweet baby is getting a new tooth, sometimes you’ll have no idea, but other times it’s all you hear about night and day. On those days, we all scramble to find things to help soothe their pain and here’s an all natural, yet totally effective option to add to the list! The benefits of barley water for children and adults is endless, but the key word we spotted in the list is that it is a natural anti-inflammatory. Part of the discomfort children feel when they are cutting a new tooth is that their gums are swollen and … Read more