5 Reasons to Go Full Tile

For the last topic I wanted to cover about our tile in our home I wanted to cover the most frequently ask question. Or maybe remark? In general people are very shocked to hear that we have tile EVERYWHERE, and we couldn’t be happier with it!:

You can see all our choices on a special Small Fry page on Marazzi’s site here!

Besides two places: the loft – which we did carpet (for sound absorption mostly slash against my will) and the toy room. The toy room is just sealed concrete for indoor scooter riding. #boymom

  1. THE ALTERNATIVES. We were pretty adamant about tile and that simply came from life experience and living with a slew of other types of floor covering. Our wood floors got absolutely beat up. You can only claim you’re going for a “weathered look” for so long. And you all know how I feel about carpet. I hate how it gets matted down and shows high traffic areas. I hate how it shows stains, and if you have pets? Oof, forget about it. I only have one carpeted room in my house and I feel like I have spent hours, invested in carpet cleaners, solutions, and old fashioned nagging to it looking semi-decent.Hoover SmartWash
  2. FLOODING. Having a basement and a well on our property, lots of groundwater and a history of flooding in our area made tile the absolute smartest choice for our basement as well. When we dug out our basement at the beginning of our build it filled with water. Our town is not incorporated with any city, we’re under County jurisdiction. So we don’t have gutters, sewers and snow run off is on the property owner to deal with. We had 1 day above fifty degrees this February and we didn’t know, but one of our basement windows was filling with run-off. By the time we realized (bless you Hayes) we had at least an inch of water in our bunk room. The window well looked like an aquarium, filled with water nearly to the top. The water leaked through the window and drywall and then down to the floor. We will need to replace the baseboards and do some drywall repair but guess what? That’s it! Floor is like new.Why Tile? || Small Fry
  3. KIDS. I’m not saying my kids are any harder on floors than another kid, but it sure feels like it. They’re constantly dragging furniture around for forts, running in with muddy boots, wrestling, jumping, spilling, stomping, scootering (not allowed but I know they still try to sneak them in — nanny cam!) Not to mention potty training, flu season, and anytime I pour them a glass of juice, ever. I am not necessarily any better. Stilettos, dropping dishes, rearranging furniture myself, we’re just really hard on our belongings. I can’t count how many times I’ve said or thought “so glad we have tile.” It cleans up right as rain every single time.5 Reasons To Go Full Tile
  4. DECOR. We of course want our kids to feel comfortable playing on the floor, and lounging, so we’re very big on rugs. But we haven’t had much if any carpet for several years before this, and it never stops them (or me) from playing on the floor. From a decor standpoint I love that I can bring in a new texture, color palette, and style with a rug. If I want to update a room it doesn’t feel like such a big investment to grab a new rug or swap with another room. If they get spilled on, they can easily be replaced. I love the freedom of knowing it’s temporary. Most of our rugs were under $150 and when compared with the cost of carpet and replacing carpet, it’s much more affordable over time!
  5. CLEANLINESS. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to take a mop over my floors and have them look brand new each time. The walls and baseboards might be showing signs of life, but the floors look so amazing still. Everyone comments on how it the Chateau Reserve doesn’t even feel like tile. It has a handscraped feel under foot. Has no slip to it and has that variety of wood but the hardiness of tile. It looks and feels amazing, but even more importantly I love knowing my floors are REALLY clean. They aren’t holding some bacteria, allergens, dust or some molecule way down some place I can’t reach. And my kids can get them clean, too!Why Tile? || Small Fry

We have so many different styles (see them all here!) of tile in our home, from ceramic, natural stone, trendy, classic, and of course the wood look tile that we loved enough to put it in 70% of our home. We were able to create variety, warmth, texture and style and it was all done exclusively Marazzi.

laundry with kids

I asked sort of jokingly when I could have my kids take over in the laundry department and was blown away at how many parents already have their kids doing a good chunk or ALL of it!! Way to go! It seemed like the average age is 10, some as young as 6 and lots around 12 like I was.

One mama was telling me how it has taught her kids to treat their clothing more respectfully, and they don’t just shove clothes in the hamper to get it off the floor because they know then THEY have to wash it! I am here for both of those outcomes!!laundry for kidsRight now my kids fold, hang and put away their clothes. If they want to earn extra money I have them sort socks, too! But what’s to say they couldn’t take it step further? Definitely going to add sorting, and starting loads to the list.Loved all the input I read and realized that really any age can participate! Whether it’s sorting whites and colors, transferring from the washer to the dryer, putting away small piles, etc etc. And then adding to their responsibilities from there! I felt like I had no choice in the matter which made me super upset when I was 12, but I think allowing them to have the choice to take on the responsibility for more rewards/allowance/privileges seems like a fair next step! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Just wanted to share a couple favorite laundry items that make it extra easy to pass off to your kids! Have any to add?

  1. 7th Generation Easy Dose detergent. This is my favorite invention of 2018, no lie. It is super concentrated and the bottle is probably 10 inches tall. Takes up NO room, is so easy to handle even for small kids, and works amazingly well! $.20 a load, too! I’ve had mine for a few months and between alternating the unscented and lavender bottles I’ve probably used a total 3/4ths of one. No waste, no mess no bulky bottles.
  2. Dryer Balls. If you’re trying to reduce the toxins in your household, start here first. So easy and you’re not sacrificing ANY effectiveness. Reusable wool balls that keep your laundry soft and look cute out on the shelf, too!

If you want PRETTY bottles for out on your shelf the Laundress in the place to be. Everything is gorgeous.

houseguest how-to

Sponsored by Quilted Northern®. All thoughts are my own!

So my sister and her family stayed with us for Thanksgiving, and our bunk room was put to full use! My older sister and I haven’t lived in the same state in 10+ years and if you’ve ever dealt with this, you know that I feel like I’m making up for lost time! All the missed playdates and sitter swapping and grocery store runs and nights out. I wanted her whole family to feel accommodated, of course, but especially her. I hoped that she’ feel pampered and that it’s a little bit of a vacation for her instead of a lot of work, like traveling with kids tends to be!

Houseguest How-ToSo, how about a grazing plate full of favorite shelf-stable snacks that you can store in their room for late night snack cravings? Plus plenty of Quilted Northern Ultra Plush® because who likes the walk of shame to ask the host where they can find an extra roll?One quick Walmart run (my closest grocery store and go-to!) and I had everything I needed.  Nuts and apples for healthy options. Chocolate-covered pretzels and foil-wrapped chocolates for a sweet treat. Nighttime teas like chamomile, peppermint or a pumpkin roobois that feel festive and timely this winter.Since her kids go down early (and so do mine God willing, ha!) I wanted to have some fun treatments to do with her! Nail polish, face masks, and peels—all found at Walmart as well! I love putting gel eye masks on ice for that extra refreshing kick and to help with tired under-eyes. I put ice in a bowl and then another bowl of the eye masks on top! You can also just keep the whole container in the fridge, but I like having a room-temperature option sometimes, too!

And don’t forget plenty of soft, fluffy towels and that 3-layered, cushiony Ultra Plush toilet paper to make everything feel luxe. Plus, their 4-in-1 Mega Roll is four times bigger than their regular roll so you can worry less about changing your toilet paper roll. Why Quilted Northern? They say it best: It’s just really nice toilet paper. Skimping on a tissue that feels like thin sandpaper is not an option for my best older sis! 😉

Anything I missed for next time? Let me know in the comments!


best of: cold + sinus

Poor Cal has had the worst sinus issues this week and I’ve been pulling out all the stops. He’s gotten better with each day so I didn’t worry about getting an antibiotic but here’s what I used to help things move along!

best of: cold + sinus

  1. Children’s ACF (Acute Cold + Flu) by Buried Treasure. I’ve sworn by this stuff for years but only recently found the kid’s formula. It tastes so much better but still has all the immune support you need, like elderberry, echinacea, vitamin C etc. I put this in my kids smoothies all year round to build their immune system and then up the doses when they’re sick too.
  2. Hylands Cold ‘n Mucus. Herbs and homeopathy to help break up mucus, soothe sore throats, help them fall asleep, but no sedatives or stimulants so their body can heal on it’s own. Read up on it here!
  3. Zarbee’s line is so great for helping sooth sore throats, quiet coughs and loosen mucus.
  4. Children’s Tylenol. You can alternate every 4 hours with Kid’s Ibuprofen – chewables are the best!. To help with aches and pains and the soreness from his cheeks. His popped ears were really causing him pain in his face! I find Ibuprophen works a lot better for some reason.
  5. Nose Frida + Saline Spray  — once kids are old enough to blow their nose its a whole different ball game, but until that day. Nose Frida is an absolute must have. It seems gross but their mucus never comes near you or is even airborne. But it works amazingly well and is so necessary when they can’t breathe!
  6. Maty’s Chest Rub. An all natural chest rub to help get those vapors into their nose. I add Eucalyptus oil to it when I want it to be stronger for the bigger kids.
  7. Eustachi. This thing is epically amazing and every parent needs one! When ears won’t pop this thing does the trick immediately. Take it on flights for sure, but so great for sinus issues when you can’t get the ears to clear.
  8. Smoothies – if you can’t get your kid to take vitamins, medicines, supplements, I work so much into their smoothies and they have no clue. Ha! I love these giant smoothie straws for easy drinking on the go, too! I cut them in half and stick them in the kid cups from restaurants! (In fact I always cut my straws in half for kids, way too long and then they don’t have to tip it so far to get a drink. Tip = spill.)

Any products to add? Just mentioning it that if Cal wasn’t progressing or getting better I would for sure have gotten him an antbiotic. But always glad to have natural or other remedies to try and help!




after school gratitude

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, gratitude is the solution to pretty much any problem! It’s become such an integral part of my happiness and outlook on life so when I see my kids being ungrateful it really makes me panic! I know they’re young, but I always want it to be a tool and skill they can call on to help them in good and hard times! Today I teamed up with Mott’s Sensibles to create an after school activity where we can enjoy some healthy snacks, too!

after school gratitudeThe new Mott’s Sensible juice from Walmart is 100% juice with 30% less sugar than the apple juice that i typically buy for my family. Because It’s 100% juice its sweetened only natural fruit. It’s also made with coconut water and a splash vegetable juice and my kids LOVE it!) and my kids love it — especially the Apple Raspberry flavor! You guys know, I am all about easy upgrades!I decided to try out my gratitude wall idea during meal times and right next to the kitchen table. Breakfast and dinner are some of the only times we’re all together and conversation can flow. We’ve done named the “Best and Hardest off the day” for years now, but I wanted to also add things we’re grateful for!  I’ve heard both my kids say defeatist things like “Why does this always happen to me?” I really want my kids to know that no matter what kind of day they have, it’s all in how you look at it!after school gratitudeSo as we’re sitting down and snacking I have a pad of post-its and a pen. The boys can jot down things that happened that day and stick them on the wall. Its been especially sweet as Russ has been working long after they go to bed and he can get a feel for their day even though they’re already asleep!after school gratitude Cal is getting pretty good at writing and sounding things out, but any young kids can draw pictures or you can scribe for them, too!after school gratitudeIs anyone surprised that we spilled no less than three times our activity together?If you need to kickstart a new tradition or reset family goals, I find that making an activity a friendly competition or having an incentive seems to help us. Like: whoever writes 5 post-its gets a treat after dinner. Or, getting them all their own color pad of notes and whoever has the most at the end of the week picks where you go to dinner, or a new, fun family activity. Just something to entice them to give it a try, right?After School Gratitude Do you guys have any other tips for helping kids start to think gratefully on their own? Here are a few of my favorite post-it notes from this week: #1 — Good friends #2 Cars & Trucks (written by Cal for Raleigh, because he knows how much Raleigh loves them!) #3 Apple Juice With Mom <3




stress + time management

My stress levels have been absolutely next level the last handful of months. And just when I think it can’t get worse, it seems to compound! When I think about it, I picture a person running from a tidal wave in a movie or something. I just know I gotta keep moving or I’m toast! Of course this is all assuming you can’t do anything to fix your situation, if you can — do that. For me I know it will be stressful until our house is done and Russ starts working again. It just is what it is! I wanted to share what is keeping me sane lately and won’t beg, but seriously, HELP! Would love to know what works for you guys!!stress management


I write everything last thing down. Things that reside only in my brain go there to die. It just causes problems so I have learned that writing it down is my insurance.  I have a week at a glance pad (Thimblepress makes my favorite!) and a month at a glance. I have alarms set for every school pick-up time including early-outs. If I have phone calls or any other events bound by a time, I set them all each morning while I lie in bed. If things come up after that point and I am home I tell Alexa to remind me to do things whenever else. When the pasta is done cooking, when to switch the laundry.

I work out at 6 am. Because I know I can and nothing gets in the way.

I clean my house on a zone schedule. I talked about this several years ago here. The zones change often but I have found it works for me! I know I have more motivation and energy on Mondays so those are a bigger cleaning day – the whole kitchen and main floors. Saturdays are the boys’ rooms and bathrooms because that is what their weekly chores are so I help them and focus on those things. In the middle days I have a day I rotate things like cleaning the fridge, vacuuming the stairs, etc. Laundry is my nemesis and my very last priority so often times Russ does it. It’s not ideal and I actually hate his method, but you will never hear me complain (at least to him! Ha!) He washes basically every item we own over the span of the weekend and then folds it all at once. I couldn’t be more grateful for this on the weeks I need it.

I work during nap time and at night. I keep up my eye on important things throughout the day, but try not to really settle into anything major until the kids are asleep or occupied. Luckily my older boys are really independent and Raleigh entertains himself pretty well. But I still feel guilty and this is the element I have to really have to give myself grace for. I won’t always feel so spread thin. Their mom won’t always be so crazed.


  1. It’s not forever. I tell myself this all the time. Don’t set fire to your life, your obligations,  your relationships during high-stress times. Just know it will get better and take…
  2. J.O.B. Just one bite. If I think about next week or next month I want to shrivel. I look at my block of time – say from now until Kindergarten pick up. I look at my list and pick a job that fits in that block of time and do that. One bite at a time.
  3. That list has things that need to happen over the span of the week (like planning my lesson for church) that I can plug in and things that need to happen that day (like a deadline for work.) Once I have that day’s items accounted for in my day’s schedule than I know where I can fit other weekly things in.
  4. Be okay that things WILL GET DONE. It might not be right now, but it will be soon. I walk passed sticky cabinets and know that come Monday those babies will be shining. And it’s okay that it’s not today.
  5. Exercise: I am in such better spirits on days I work out, it’s so important to me and I’m sure my family can feel the difference. It’s not all kinds of exercise, it’s very specific kinds, so I only do those. Being sore and stiff because of something that doesn’t give me other benefits seems like a misuse of time. At least right now!
  6. Vitamins: I take a combination dissolvable B Vitamin (for energy), Vitamin D, the symptoms of a Vitamin D deficiency are what got me started on it: tiredness, aches, pains, a general sense of not feeling well, muscle pain or stress fractures. It’s also the vitamin you get from sun exposure. Fish Oil (for brain and memory function) and Biotin (for hair and nails.)
  7. I’ve mentioned before I use CBD oil at night before I go to bed, helps me sleep so much better, but it does leave me tired in the morning. So I save that for really rough days and then take a Cortisol Blocker every day. Cortisol causes so many problems for me including belly fat so managing that is vital. Copaiba oil is actually really great, too. I have been surprised by how much I love it. I got it from Jenna @dailyessentialco.
  8. Breathing techniques — I’ve found that I shrug my shoulders and hold my breath when I am stressed. So I get tension headaches and am probably killing brain cells, too. Cool! I try really hard to focus on breathing in for 3 out for 4 seconds, or 6 + 7 if you can handle that. Instantly calms.
  9. Sleep. Someone is gonna hate me for this but I drink caffeine sparingly, like once a month or less. Caffeine exacerbates the symptoms of stress for me. It just makes it worse. If my body is dragging I give it what it wants: a break. I put a show on for my kids when the baby is napping and I go lay down. If I know I can’t make that happen I’ll drink half a can of something like Bai Bubbles. And still be up until 1 am. I make sleep a priority and go to bed at 9 pm if that’s what it takes. #lightweight
  10. Have something to look forward to. I know it’s unwise to live in the future, and I try not to do that. I really want to enjoy life with my family and my work no matter what. I’ve just found that having something I am really looking forward to each week helps me keep pushing forward. It could be lunch with friends, a movie date with Russ, a Sunday nap, or tickets to Hamilton (tonight!) When things feel really overwhelming I can have a focal point in the future that helps me.

Can’t wait to hear all your tips!! I know this comment section is super annoying to fill out, so I am collecting ideas on today’s Instagram post if that’s easier!! xoxo


cold care package

There is a nasty viral cold going around that poor Cal caught earlier this week. This is the first time he’s been sick since he was little and he’s moaning and crying and asking when he’s going to feel better and breaking my heart! His buddy from school heard he was sick and brough the sweetest little care package. It lifted his spirits so much and mine, too! So I wanted to recreate it today with Maty’s – which is an organic cough and cold line – that makes this amazing chest rub among other awesome things!Matys  Their Chest Rub caught my eye especially and I’ll tell you why. If you grab the leading vapor rub in stores (before I read up on this I had some too, no judgment here!) you will find a few key ingredients. Petroleum – a chemical that suffocates the skin and Hydrogenated Castor Oil – which is a chemically altered oil only one molecule away from plastic. Yikes! Maty’s never uses petroleum or hydrogenated oils This works just as good if not better, and is a lot better for these little bodies needing all their energy to fight off a virus!Matys

So here’s what I put it this care package today. It would make such a great gift for a fellow sickie and I am keeping a few things on hand for cold and flu season this year!

  1. Container – I love this acrylic holder because I know it can be reused which I love. Anything that doubles as a gift for mama is a plus since we all know how hard sick kids can be on a parent, too! (Container found here.)
  2. Maty’s Chest Rub and Baby Ointment. Chest Rub to help soothe coughs and congestion and the Ointment is great for chapped skin around the nose and lips. (This stuff is also incredible for diaper rash!)
  3. Fresh juice. Getting loads of vitamin C in is vital and fresh squeezed juice is packed with it! (Milk bottles found here.)
  4. Soup. Bone broth soup is a nice touch since it helps boost the immune system (and loads of other pluses!)
  5. Hot Water Bottle. This one is so cute and retro but if they get chilled (huggable with that cute sweater!) or feverish (put it on their feet!) it will come in handy!
  6. Tissues. Lots of them. I love this little house dispenser too.
  7. Cozy socks.
  8. A new movie or book. Or you could throw in a rental credit for their favorite streaming service!

We’re giving away goodies for your own care package for several winners on Instagram @smallfryblog so if you want to try it out head over to enter!! Check out a few more awesome products in their line-up. You can read the comparisons to other leading brands (for instance their cough syrup has double the immune boosters of other natural baby cough syrups.)Matys

Baby Ointment // Chest Rub // Nighttime Cough Syrup // Daytime Cough Syrup // Mucus Cough Syrup

DIY Internet Safety with Amazon Fire

Sponsored by Amazon.

Last year I wrote about something super important to me – internet safety for kids. It’s still one of Small Fry’s most visited posts and I hope it continues to be as the whole topic keeps me up at night! 😉 The internet is such a wonderful tool, but as we all know it can get dark, fast. Today I wanted to revisit that post and also add another awesome resource I have been testing out! You all know Amazon makes their own tablet starting at $99 for kids called Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, right? Well what I didn’t know is about their Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service, which we’ve been using with their tablet as a part of today’s sponsorship. It is incredible! The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet actually comes with a free year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service and is 30% off right now, so it’s a perfect time if you’re in the market! (They also do $20/month payments right in time for Christmas!)Fire Kids Edition + FreetimePart of my volunteer work at my church a while back was to help interested families get all their computers and devices protected and one thing I felt like was loud and clear across all the families I worked with was that it felt daunting which is why no one had attempted it on their own. So anytime I see a product come around that makes it easy I am all about it!Fire Kids Edition + FreetimeOkay so here’s what you need to know and why I think it’s excellent!

I know there is a lot of talk about what is good for kids and screen time, and even eliminating it, but I feel really strongly that they need to learn to manage their time (with my help) and employ healthy habits from the start, as it will always be a part of their lives. For better or for worse. Just wanted to get that out of the way! Fire Kids Edition + FreetimeFirst off with the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, I can create “Learn First” goals so they have to do educational things before they can start the other stuff. I can set a “Bedtime” where the it stays off no matter what until I choose (BEST!) and the settings can change on weekends and weekdays.Fire Kids Edition + FreetimeWe are strict one hour a day for screen time and so I can set timers to make sure we stick to that (let’s be honest, I forget all the time and they end up playing longer). Then, I love the Parent Dashboard so I can review exactly what was done during that hour. And that the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet notifies me of every game they download in my email. Most importantly, the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service profiles are set up to filter out anything that isn’t age appropriate. You won’t even see games or videos or options that don’t fit your specifications. I truly don’t even have to worry about what they’re taking in. Fire + FreetimeAs a lifelong Apple user, I was shocked to admit I preferred this tablet for my kids. Besides the fact that it is SO much less expensive. But ultimately it is the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited that swayed me. It is SO awesome.

It’s so important to find devices that have these features built right in, instead of something on your router, because as soon as you leave the house and access someone else’s Wifi, you no longer have those protections.

And I am glad we got in the swing of these good habits before school started and all I had to do was alter the time frames and and bedtimes a bit! If you pick one up, let me know how you like it!!


modern family photo ideas

So we’re gearing up for family photos again, t’s been only about 7-ish months, but everyone has already changed SO much. It’s been such a sweet time in our lives, Raleigh is at this amazing stage I can’t stand to forget and it. How often is too often? 😉
I have been collecting canvas enlargements of our family photos since the beginning of time and so they take up quite a bit of space. It’s hard to decorate with them and although I will always find a place, I am ready for something a little more minimal for now! Our wall is currently in the hallway on the top floor of our townhouse (beige on beige rentals for the win), right in between the boys and our room.gallerywall

But I caught a glimpse of friend Stacie’s (she owns the DARLING Alice & Ames shop) wall forever ago and never forgot it, check this amazingness out:

Modern Family Photo IdeasI love the oversized and intimate feeling. The candid moments, the levels and scale. It’s all so good! The set of 3 is so easy on the eyes, too!Modern Family Photo IdeasAnd wanted to collect a few more inspiration pics for any of you in the same boat. Modern Family Photo Ideasvia Design Milk

via Chris Loves Julia — this whole home reno is UNREAL!!Modern Family Photo IdeasThe reason why gallery walls get tiring is because they’re so busy! SO much for the eye to take in. Controlling the size and balancing the busy-ness with those large white mattes, and of course taking the actual photos black and white, has a calming effect to me. 10 Modern Family Photo IdeasVia Studio McGee

Another great use of black and white photos, uniform frames and major mattes to keep things feeling minimal!10 Modern Family Photo Ideasvia Curbly



favorite organization tips

School starts for us in three short weeks and I’ve started to crave that routine and schedule that having kids in school can bring! It will just be me and Raleigh each morning and he sleeps most of it so I can almost taste the productivity. Like an airplane oxygen mask, I can’t get my kids organized unless I am, so I wanted to share my favorite organizational tips and gear to help make it possible. While we’re at it here is some serious organization inspo from around the web.

Organization InspoTHE HOME EDIT

HOME: I am a firm believer that everything should have a place. This makes clean up harder than say chucking whatever is on the ground into a bin and pushing that bin into a closet (sounds amazing!) But tell myself knowing where stuff is saves me time and money overall, and I can find it quickly. I did this last year while I was pregnant and I went through every room and drawer and cupboard in my house one day at a time. I picked a spot for that day and decided what types of containers I’d need. Got rid of junk and I felt lighter than air afterward. Totally worth the time!

Organization Inspo


This is more a time and hassle saver, but Self Watering Pots from here on out. No need to feel bad I can’t remember to water. There are so many beautiful options now, you don’t even have to sacrifice style! // This past year I’ve found Amazon’s Echo “Alexa” so helpful for making my lists, timers, alarms, holding my spot for Audible and answering questions without pulling out my phone and falling down the rabbit hole. The less I use my phone the better for all! This is more of a sanity thing but when I feel myself in a down mood or getting triggered left and right. Irritable, quick to snap, I just tell her to turn on some music and start dancing around. It instantly brightens my mood and all the kids join in. Its such a quick reset for the day. Not that you can’t do it with other devices but that voice control option has been the difference for me! // Organization Inspo


Feeling like you’re running out of space? Sick of digging through cupboards for things you use every day? Over the door everything. The backsides of doors are wildly underused. Hang hats, your soap and sponges, hot hair tools (Raleigh loves to tug on cords and this keeps them secure) your ironing board (I’m so done unfolding that dang table!) And these are so pretty no matter where they’re stuck. Add them to your mudroom lockers, next to your computer desk, wherever your mail usually gets dropped. A great renter’s option as you can remove easily with no holes.Organization Inspo


I moved everyone except my shoes to the garage and it has made a world of difference. Russ nailed in some 2x4s and these organizers hang right over just like they would on a door! Since I can remember to bring mine all the way to my room, I get to be the exception. Ha. No shoes have any reason to cross the threshold and it has kept my house cleaner and the floors less cluttered. It makes getting out the door quicker because it’s all right there. // I also clean on zone schedule. I wrote about it here! And I do laundry by person or type (towels, linens) and you can find that info here.Organization Inspo


WORK: Google Calendar for long term planning and then weekly pads like this for right in front of my face (keyboard.) I’ve missed far too many deadlines because I wasn’t looking for them! // Genius Scan for getting documents singed and returned. // My bank has mobile deposits which has saved me an incredible amount of time. Maybe that seems stupid but if you don’t use it look into your bank’s options and never drive through that line again! // Package return…FIND A PLACE that takes all mail carrier returns. Local Print stores usually have package drop off and then you can leave USPS, UPS and FedEx all alt once without stopping to their drop-off points.

Organization Inspo

THE CREATIVITY EXCHANGE (they print labels for you!)

A planner that fits your needs is a must. I cycle through them like tissues (see my colleciton on Insta Story it’s embarrassing.) and so I was so excited to pledge with Golden Coil – get on the computer and order the EXACT planner pages for your needs. Meal planning, goal setting, planning by the hour. You can import your calendar dates and have them printed along with your addresses. Watch their Kickstarter to see it in action, they show it so much more beautifully than I can express! Pledge and get a planner for cheap!871c3648a9e16cdb3667242494ea55da_original