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david kind

To end our New Mom New Baby month we wanted to let you guys in on an awesome find that can take that one extra thing off of your list, a lifesaver really when you are at home overwhelmed with a new baby and maybe a few other little ones, too! As our only glasses wearer we sent Jenna in to be our guinea pig. “I got my first pair of glasses at the age of six years old. Those were the days of long appointments trying on every pair of glasses in the store to be sure to find … Read more

nursing tips from a lactation specialist

We’re excited to have Lindsey Shipley, Registered Nurse, IBCLC, certified lactation specialist here sharing her tips for breastfeeding!  For any expectant local mamas out there Lindsey holds monthly classes to help you prepare before and and trouble shoot any issues during and after! We also have Lindsey on our Facebook page today for a “Ask a Lactation Specialist” — head here to ask any questions! The Breastfeeding Journey All moms have been there. The excitement of getting the positive pregnancy test, ultrasound of your baby, finding out the gender, and registering at your favorite baby store. You go through the mood … Read more

first eye exam

By Emily. I started noticing my three-year-old Callum sitting too close to the TV, holding books and iPads inches from his face, squinting at people, and literally closing his eyes when he ran -as if keeping them open didn’t improve the situation at all. So, when LensCrafters reached out to see if we wanted to learn a bit more about healthy eye care I was ready to hear more! They invited Cal to get a good old eye exam and I asked one hundred questions while they worked. Nicole and Sunny came for moral support and her usual crazy amazing … Read more

eclectic nursery tips

We have a friend Jodee, of Harris Interior Design, who creates the most amazing spaces for every purpose, whether it’s a garden party, a reading nook, a space to cook together, or a place to lay your head, they are all thoughtful and inviting. Her little boy Richie’s nursery is no exception, and we’re so lucky to have her sharing her thought process for creating an eclectic nursery! Rug – West Elm THE VIBE I wanted the vibe of the nursery to be soft and soothing while he is so small and to be a bit of a clean canvas … Read more

our bedtime routines

Brought to you by Munchkin. We talked about sharing our bedtime routines last month and finally found a good excuse! Munchkin is one of those brands that we see every time we walk the aisles of Target, but didn’t realize just how innovative they are until we checked out all their products all at once. It’s such an impressive collection. We were happy to be able to incorporate them into our own bedtime routines and share how it all goes down with you today! First up, Nicole! Bedtime at our house is like anyone else’s, bananas. One saving grace however is … Read more

best inventions for kids

If you ever thought everything has already been invented, take a peek at Kickstarter or Go Fund Me. We see so many ingenious ideas and wanted to share some of the stand-outs we’ve spotted this year! Airfork One – We’ve seen a few version of this but Airfork One is the most thoughtful. No weird crevices or spots to have food get stuck, the fork prongs actually grab food, and it looks like a real airplane! Forget Me Knot Mittens – Another successful Kickstarter! These mittens are for adults but have a spot for your child to keep their hand warm knitted … Read more

fun cleaning jobs for kids

What age do you finally decide your kids are ready for more responsibility at home? It seems that at about four years old, they become really interested in acquiring new toys, special treats from the ice cream truck, etc. Which might also be the perfect time to implement small and easy jobs – not to take advantage of their wants and whims – but to instill a sense of privilege and earning special non-everyday things. One thing we’ve noticed a hundred times over, and lots of times on accident, is that kids find these types of jobs really fun. They’ll … Read more

Back to School Fashion Week: Picture Day!

Next up in our Back to School Fashion Week is our favorite finds for picture day! We did a little research across the web for the best Picture Day tips (at the bottom of this post!) and put them all together for you here! Whether you dress up or keep it casual, here are some great options that go along with what we’ve read! FOR BOYS: 1. For a more formal picture try this white button down, with a extra comfortable knit blazer, and a classic striped tie! 2. Going the other direction with something extra casual (but still picture appropriate!) … Read more

Manic Morning

By Nicole. Hi. I’m that mom that stops for donuts for breakfast on our way to school. Every morning. We don’t feel that bad about it either ;). Actually, I have a lot of mom guilt when it comes to the way I feed my kids. I’m recently divorced and and find eating out so much easier than cooking a meal for one adult (myself) and two kiddos who more than likely won’t eat it. So, eating out seems like the best option. Our trouble is we eat out the fast food way. Even for breakfast. That’s where Made To … Read more

Rethink, Restock

We’re back with our second assignment for the Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target™ six week challenge! For this week, Target sent us into their store to stock on options that are a little better for us. We all made picks based on our goals we made last week (see the post here!) and using the Made to Matter section made it all such a breeze. Jenna who is our resident label translator found so many awesome options to incorporate to help us reach our goals all day long! We snagged something for every meal and in between. Here are … Read more