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medicated vs. unmedicated childbirth

“Every delivery is different that’s why it’s so great to have options.” A few weeks ago I shared my WHY behind my unmedicated deliveries. I had so much great conversation behind the scenes after that, but one thing that was resoundingly clear is that many women don’t know what the pros and cons of delivery really are. How can they make an informed decision when the cold, hard, amazing, incredible truth isn’t plain to see? SO! I surveyed as many women as would oblige me, but they all had one thing in common: ALL had experienced both unmedicated AND medicated … Read more

New Baby Advice : Little Green Notebook

We are so excited to have Jenny from Little Green Notebook here sharing her new baby advice and the most unbelievably amazing birth story we’ve heard to date, just try to read it without your jaw dropping! Jenny is one of the most wise and savvy women we know in this industry (her DIYs and decor style are so great!) and of course her advice for mothers is the same way. 1. What is one thing you would go back to tell your new-mom self? I would tell my new-mom self to really commit to writing in my journal at … Read more

SF New Baby Advice : Sometimes Sweet

Welcome to New Baby week here on Small Fry! We’ve been working tirelessly to put together a killer week that both supports, informs and spoils any mama or mama-to-be that reads this blog. We hope that the stories encompass the myriad of ways that we as women find ourselves as mothers. Each story more special and unique and important as the next. It’s the great connector and something that instantly bonds those who have experienced it. Each day we’ll start the morning off with a favorite blogger’s birth story, a memory of when they had a new baby, and a … Read more