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We had a conversation about sleepovers the other day, and being friends since our early teenage years, things got nostalgic real fast. Jenna’s parents rarely allowed a sleepover, she can count on one hand how many times she had one as a kid. Her homework had to be all done, her parents had to know their parents, she had to come home by Saturday afternoon and never on a Sunday. Nicole, was the Sleepover Queen, but only if it was at her house. If she had to sleep at someone else’s home she always ended up calling her mom to come home in the middle of the night. Emily wasn’t usually allowed to, but would beg and beg for them, and then be so homesick she’d end up crying to go home, too.  Our experiences completely cloud our reasoning on the matter with our own kids. Isn’t it funny how that works? So here’s a quick and easy craft for your kid’s next Slumber Party – even if it ends up being just a homesick late night – there’s still lots of fun to be had!
Sleepover Party DIY | Small Fry
We loved the magic of the bokeh lens cover for cameras, so we wanted to try it out for a flash light. It’s the perfect activity for when you need those rowdy kids to start settling into their sleeping bags, even if they’re not ready just yet to go to sleep. Using thick black cardstock, trace your shape and then cut it out! You will hold the paper slightly away from the light, the farther back it goes the bigger the image becomes! Tip: Make sure you have a good black border (the bigger the better) so the light concentrates just through the image  you’ve cut out.
Sleepover Party DIY | Small Fry

Custom invite options here!

So we’d love to know, are you a sleep-over fan? A big homesick baby? Absolutely against it? What are the rules for your own children?

drive-in birthday party

Birthday parties can quickly become a real money pit, so when we see awesome themes and activities that don’t break the bank we just have to share! Our friend Andi, of Idaho-based Andi Marshall Photography pulled off the most darling Drive-In party for less than $50! Here’s how she did it:
kids, birthday, drive in, car, diy

Upon each guests arrival, they each got a box with all of their car’s sticker decals and tickets for buying treats at the concession stand. You can buy the printable PDF file here. They spent time decorating their cars and exchanging tickets for movie theater style confections.

kids, birthday, drive in, car, diy

They had five tickets each to spend on a variety of delights like: lemonade, popcorn, licorice, smarties and animal crackers. And Bonus! Pretty much mess-free.
kids, birthday, drive in, car, diyGuest then took their filled snack boxes back to their cars and watched the show (a 20 minute episode of Curious George.) Then after the screening, Olive opened presents and they sang and ate cake and ice cream. At just about one and a half hours long, the party was just long enough for kids to enjoy themselves and short enough to avoid those party melt-downs.
kids, birthday, drive in, car, diy
Here’s Olive the birthday girl!
kids party, drive in, diy, food


While the party required some preparation time in advance for cutting out the cardboard for the cars and the sticker decals, Andi loved how simple and smooth the party went from start to finish. Doesn’t it look so sweet! We’re sure it was a huge hit.
Head here for Andi’s photography, and darling Instagram account (those darling kids!) @andimarshall
Photo credit: Cindy Worwood
Sticker Decals designed by Spencer Marshall of Marshall Brand Advertising + Design
Need more birthday ideas? Here’ a Peach Picking First Birthday and Super Hero Training!

superhero training party

Photography by Small Fry contributor Cee Bee Photography.

Jenna’s oldest, Quinn, turned four a few weeks ago! To celebrate she threw such a fun Super Hero Training party.
Super Hero Training Party

A Super Hero must look the part! With capes for everyone, and masks for the kids to decorate, they were on their way to their official Super Hero title.

Super Hero Training Party 2 Super Hero Training Party 3 Super Hero Training Party 4

A Super Hero must be brave! An obstacle course filled with courageous tasks like crossing hot lava, feeding the dragon, and jumping over villains tested their dedication.

Super Hero Training Party 5 Super Hero Training Party 6 Super Hero Training Party 7

After such bravery, the civilians showered them with treats and awards to show or appreciation.

Super Hero Training Party 8

 Super Hero awards and cake toppers by One Charming Party.

Thanks to The Discovery Museum at Gateway Mall in SLC, UT for their amazing party coordinating skills. Not only do they have an incredible and fully-interactive kid’s museum, but they know how to train a super hero or two, as well! Get $20 off a year membership during the month of January!

Happy 4th Birthday Super Hero Quinn!

peach picking 1st birthday

There is something so special about a first birthday, and celebrating it is as much for the baby as it is for the parents. Our resident party genius Jenna, has the sweetest little boy, Jude. His family as long called him “Juder Pop” and combine all of that with peach season and the “Pop’s a Peach” theme was born.

Peach Picking Nicole

Peach Picking Emily

Jenna brought us out to Chappell Farms’ Peach Orchard so we could all pick our own peaches as a family.  If you want stress free decorating, let nature do its thing. Rows and rows of vibrant green trees with pops of orange and grassy floors created the most beautiful setting. Jenna added a few minimal touches like reclaimed wood tables decorated with white hydrangeas and peaches too, of course. The drink bar was perfectly refreshing for a warm Summer evening.

As if that wasn’t sweet enough, we celebrated Jude with a decadent chocolate cake.

Happy birthday, Jude, you really are quite a peach!