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mine + ours: books

By Emily. Kicking off a recurring book series today! I’ve been sharing my book recs on my Fryday posts for years so if you need a whole bunch you can read them all here. But today is all about books for you to enjoy as well as your little ones. With pros and cons and any reading suggestions I might have along the way. I should also note how I rate my books so we’re on the same page. EMILY FRAME RATING SYSTEM: 1-star book: I hated both the story, the writing, and everything in between. 2-star:  I either hated … Read more

FRYday : Jenna

My parents never yelled or hardly even raised a voice to me growing up. They’re both relatively very positive, sensible and calm people who treated us as adults most the time. As they were my first and most positive example of parenthood, I suppose I assumed that I would naturally take on a lot of their same parenting style. So when I began my journey in to parenting, I never could have considered the fact that I would have to face my inner demon…yelling. I can look at my role as Mom and be generally very proud of who I am … Read more

Small Fry Book Club

If you are friends with us on Facebook you know we’ve already been hatching a Small Fry book club and we’re so excited so many of you have already joined! We put up three books for everyone to vote on and the clear winner is Deliberate Motherhood: 12 Key Powers of Peace, Purpose, Order & Joy!    We’ll be reading a book each quarter so this first quarter is for September until December. We will keep you updated via the Small Fry Book Club group page on Facebook as to when we’ll be having the big group discussion! In the … Read more