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new traditions

In partnership with the Elf on the Shelf. I read somewhere, that in families, tradition gives children a sense of belonging. It made me cry. It is truly all one of my greatest hopes as a parent, to always create a place that my kids belong. I know so many of you are in the same boat, when you come from a split family it can feel like you don’t know where that is. Or maybe everyone in your family is spread far and wide and there’s not really a “home base.” Or maybe there is tension between a parent … Read more

rock the vote: christmas card

In partnership with Artifact Uprising. Use “SFB20” for 20% off your holiday card order! This lasts until November 27th, 2017. As much as I live for the element of surprise for our Christmas cards each year, I think this will be lots more fun! Today I am teaming up with Artifact Uprising to share my top 6 choices for Christmas Cards this year. Yep, I couldn’t even narrow it down to 2. I’ll show you all of them and then I’d love to hear which is your favorite! If you like the Poll option on Insta Stories I am putting … Read more

DIY Internet Safety with Amazon Fire

Sponsored by Amazon. Last year I wrote about something super important to me – internet safety for kids. It’s still one of Small Fry’s most visited posts and I hope it continues to be as the whole topic keeps me up at night! 😉 The internet is such a wonderful tool, but as we all know it can get dark, fast. Today I wanted to revisit that post and also add another awesome resource I have been testing out! You all know Amazon makes their own tablet starting at $99 for kids called Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet, right? Well … Read more

End of Year: Emily

This year FLEW by! We went around the table the other night at dinner and did our typical “best and hardest” where we all tell each other the best thing and the hardest thing that happened to us that day, except this time we did the entire year. Every single one of us said Raleigh for the best thing of 2016. He has been such a blessing to us all, and has brought so much joy and happiness. My friend Alison of the Alison Show said it best when she said her baby was proof that some people bless your … Read more